No Skills Challenge Guide by Red-Baron234

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Kingdom Hearts 2 No Skills Challenge Guide (Version 1.0)
Started 1st July 2006
Author : Red-baron234 (Sylvanus)
E-Mail :
Copyright 2006 Jamie Winstanley

                 [1]Introduction & Copyright

I started thinking about doing a challenge for Kingdom Hearts 2 when
I completed it on Normal and Proud Mode and only died once or twice though
the main storyline. This kinda upset me because I remember how hard
Kingdom Heart 1 was. 

I came up with the idea of doing a runthough of the game without basic things
like Limits, Drives, Summons and such. I then just kept adding more rules
to the challenge and I got to the point where I couldn't remove anything else
without making it near impossible. Full Rules are listed below.

They will be alot of SPOILERS in this guide and I suggest you only try this
challenge if you completed Proud Mode.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
and a violation of copyright.


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[1] Introduction & Copyright

[2] Index

[3] Rules

[4] Walkthough
     [4.1] Fake Twilight Town
     [4.2] Twilight Town
     [4.3] Hollow Bastion
     [4.4] Land of Dragon
     [4.5] Beast Castle
     [4.6] Hollow Bastion / 100 Arce Wood
     [4.7] Olympus Coliseum
     [4.8] Disney Castle
     [4.9] Timeless River
     [4.10] Port Royal
     [4.11] Agrabah
     [4.12] Halloween Town
     [4.13] Twilight Town
     [4.14] Hollow Bastion War
     [4.15] Space Paranoids
     [4.16] Hollow Bastion War Cont....
     [4.17] Land of Dragons
     [4.18] Beast Castle
     [4.19] Olympus Coliseum
     [4.20] Port Royal
     [4.21] Agrabah
     [4.22] Halloween Town
     [4.23] Twilight Town
     [4.24] The World That Never Was

[5] Version History

[6] Questions and Answers

[7] Credit

                           [3] Rules

These are the rules you must follow while playing the game. I will give
examples and why it was included.

Rule 1

- Any Action or Support Abilities on Sora / Roxas and on any Party Member 
  must be unequipped.

  Why: Because the abilities in the game made it alot easier and took away
       from the challenge 

Rule 2

- No using any rank of the Cure Magic Spell.

  Why: I found when I went though the game I would retreat and wait for the
       mana to recover just for cure and I used little to no potions though
       the game since mana was free and I abused it.

Rule 3

- No Limits.

  Why: Because you are immune to all forms of attacks and you can deal
       alot of damage to enemy units without fear.

Rule 4

- No Drives.

  Why: Because these forms are very powerful and can deal alot of damage and
       with Sora having no abilities equipped, you will use these forms
       instead to defeat certain challenges but it can be done without them.

Rule 5

- No Summons.

  Why: Because it is another form of invurability if you use the commands
       with the abilities and I don't like it.

Rule 6

- No using King Mickey if you die.

  Why: Because King Mickey is a very strong charater you can control, also I
       believe once you been killed you shouldn't have a extra charater to
       come and save you and bring you back to life and then he goes away
       without getting involved with the story.

Rule 7

- No Forced Level Grinding and sticking to the choosen Storyline Path unless
  told otherwise.

  Why: Because it is a great source of increasing your charaters strength,
       defence, magic. This will make you too strong and make this challenge
       alot easier. I complete this challenge at level 47.

Rule 8

- No Button Bashing.
  Why: Because when I played though the game first time I button bashed alot.
       This game is very button bashie and I found that takes no skill. You
       can however button bash though the Gummi Ship levels if you wish.

  Example: You Basic air combo consits of only 3 attacks so you will only
           press the attack button 3 times and not hitting the button like
           mad to complete the combo.
  Example: This rule can be broken for certain reaction commands in the game
           such as when you have to Charge Cogsworth to defeat beast. I will
           tell you in the guide when and when not you can do this.

Rule 9

- Skip Pride lands

  Why: Because you can not unequip any of Lion Sora abilties which would
       make this challenge to easy. I completed the game without Pride Lands
       so you can as well.

What are we left with?

Well if you follow these rules, you are left with a game where you depend
mostly on items and having to learn how to evade enemy attacks and rations
healing items though out the game. You will also have little Munny though out
the whole game since you will have to restock with basic potions alot and
buy armor and new weapons for yourself and allied party members.

Lets Begin shall we. Select Proud mode and watch the cool intro movie.

                             [4] Walkthough

[4.1]Fake Twilight Town

Well the beginning of the game, not much to say here except for a few key
points during the 6 day peroid.

Day 1

When you reach the point where you have to select a weapon for the Seifer
fight, I suggest you pick up the [Regular club] since this will increase
your strength by +1 and you will not have many ways to increase your strength
though the whole game.

After the Fight with Seifer chase down the Dusk to the mansion and start
getting to use to hitting the Dusk twice with a combo then use the reaction
command Reversal and hit him twice again so the dusk can't even fight back.

Day 2

The reward for doing the mini-games and collecting enough munny for the
challenge is a AP+ reward. Since this is a no ability challenge, AP is useless
to us so just get the required 200 munny to carry on with the story.

Day 3

Well time for abit more action with more dusks attacking and a quite hard
boss on Proud Mode. Remember to get use to using the reactions command
reversal and you shouldn't have much problem with the basic Dusks.

When you get to the point where you select a weapon you have three choose of
level growth. It all depends on your playstyle now.

You could pick the [Sword] which will increase your Strength growth
which will be handy though out the game since they is little strength items
in this game. I choose this one when I attempted this challenge.

You could pick the [Shield] which will help increase your defence though the
game. Very handy early on and late on in the game since some of the basic
Heartless/Nobodies have some nasty combos which can remove all your health in
one attack. 
But remember they're alot of Armor Items in the game which will increases
your defence and can make this choose not worth it.

You could pick the [Staff] which will increase the effect of your magic skills
though out the game. This would be a good choose if it weren't for the no
ability rules since this would make you a deadly caster. I would not pick
this one for the challenge since it will mean you won't have the strength to
destroy things while you wait for the MP charge meter to restore.

Now make your way though the cool looking area killing things.

You will start to gain abilities for Roxas / Sora now from this point in the
game. DON'T Equip any abilities or you break a rule for the challenge.

It also at this point you should start to get Potions on your Quick Menu and
on auto reload, you will be depending on potions more now from this point in
the game.

Once you reach the end of the area you will encounter your first boss, the
Twilight Thorn.

Boss : Twilight Thorn

Quite a difficult boss on Proud mode if you just run in like mad and attack
without evading his attacks. You will be dead before you know it.

Get though the first part of the fight with the cool looking Reactions
commands to stun the Twilight Thorn and get your basic melee combos off on it.
Once he gets up you should retreat abit and get ready for two types of

He will ethier fire a kinda Black and White Beam but you can use the Reversal
Reaction Command to Dodge it and also get near his head so you can get a
ariel combo off.


He will charge the arena you are on and start throwing his arms everywhere so
get ready to jump over it. After this attack his goes in to a new stance and
he summons some basic nobodies the first time he goes in to this stance.

Bring the Nobodies to his Leg area away from his head so you can deal with
these now so that you can attack the head without Nobodies attacking you.
They also drop HP orbs to heal your self.

When you dealt with the Nobodies head back to the head and use the Reactions
command to avoid his Beam attack and hit his head with a melee combo and then
use the reactions command again to avoid another beam. Rinse and Repeat.
Use potions if you get low on health.

This is basicly the whole fight, keep doing this till he been destroyed. It
will be the end of Day 3.


Day 4

Time for Struggle matches and the introductions of Axel. I don't know why, but
I feel Axel is Reno Nobody from Final Fantasy 7 . :)

Anyway, struggle is quite easy to be honest, just learn to avoid and inflict
combos on to the enemy. Nothing too special really. Once you have defeated
Vivi (Love ViVi) and the nobodies it time for Axel.

Boss: Axel

Basic things you should remember, you don't have Ariel Recovery or Block this
time though playing this game so it is very possible to get juggled by Axel
if you don't learn to avoid his attacks.

My only advise I can give you in this fight is avoid his attacks from a
distances, keep moving and attack Axel when he dancing from side to side since
he will not attack back if you hit him here with a basic 3 hit combo. Once
you have hit him, back off and get ready to dodge his counter attack. Use
potions if you got any. Rinse and repeat and he should be defeated soon


After that it time for another cutscene, is it only me but I hate Diz in the
first part of the story. I wanted Axel to win. Anyway once you done this go
save and take part in the fight against Setzer, try and win this fight for 
the [Champion Belt], if you fail reset the game since you will need this early

Once you done that, it will be another cutscene and then the end of Day 4.

Day 5

Before you forget, equip the [Champion Belt] as soon as you get control of
Roxas again and then Head to Sunset Terrace and find the 2x[Potions] and
1x[Potion] in the area and also a 1x[Ability Ring] you can sell later on.

Take part in all the mini-games, shouldn't be much of a problem. End this day
and then we head to the last part of the introductions.

Day 6

The return of Axel, he really is not happy with the order to kill poor Roxas.
Let make him happy and not let him kill us shall we. Defeat the basic Dusks
in the enclosed area and then get ready for the Assassins to appear. Assassins
are quite a easy Nobody to defeat if you understand how they attack.

Learn to attack them when they're about to do thier 6 hit combo to parry thier
attack and it will pull them out of the ground, then just beat them up till
they're defeat. Simple really. Just be ready to activte the Reactions command
if it tries to Blow Up next to you.

Once they're defeated head to the mansions and head inside. Head to the side
room and defeat the Nobodies inside here and collect the 1x[Potion] and
the [Elven Bandana] and equip this for now instead of the champion belt. 
Defence is better at this point untill we get to the Axel fight where I 
suggest you re-equip the [Champion Belt] for Fire Resistances.

Defeat all the Nobodies in the Foyer area and collect the 2x[Potion] and the
1x[Hi Potion].

Head though the rest of the Mansion and follow the story up to the Computer
room and then prepare for the Axel Fight. Re-Equip the [Champion Belt] and 
have [Potions] ready in your Quick Menu. Save the [Hi-Potions] since we need
these for later challenges in the game.

Boss: Axel

Well this is the fight from the Trailers way back when KH2 was annouced and
was glad this fight was in here. Just a shame it so early on, I would of loved
to be able to fight Axel again later in the game. Oh well.

You get 2 Keyblades here and and near endless amount of Combos to your attacks
and you will be on offensive most of the fight, you are even given Scan for
this one fight. You will come to miss Scan soon enough.

Anyway, not much to say here, just keep on the offensive and use reactions
commands when you can. You shouldn't have to much of a problem to be honest.

Sucks really, I wanted to fight this fight with only the Kingdom Key.


Time to see a heart warming scene, you really sorry for Axel this point in the
game and hate Diz for forcing Axel to do this. Anyway once you done this it
time for the title screen and Diz being quite nasty to Roxas. Now it time
to pass the game over to Sora.

[4.2]Twilight Town

Well now that we control Sora, Donald and Goofy the first thing we need to do
is unequip any items on Donald and Goofy and remove all abilities equip on
Donald and Goofy. Non-Controlled allies will waste items no matter what so
it best you unequip them now and save them for your own personal use with

Whenever any new ally joins the team, remove Donald from the group and give
the new ally Donald spot since all other Party members have more Strength,
Defence and Health.

Whenever any new ally joins remove all thier abilities as well, they are
points where the ally joins and you go straight in to battle so remember to
remove the abilities. I will remind you during this guide.

Again remove any items on new ally members since they will waste them.

Now make your way though twilight town and collect all the items you can if
you wish to backtrack though the town once you seen the scene where you meet
the twilight town gang.

You can also buy Donald and Goofy new weapons here for 100 munny each and also
a [Shadow Ankel] armor for 150 munny. This is handy for the 1 armor and 20 
shadow resistances. 

Sell all AP plus items you get since you won't need them along with the
[Ability Ring] we found before. No need for these.

Once you done everything in town and make sure to equip new items
and de-equip ability and items, head to the stations and take part in
the fight with all the Nobodies. Simple fight really but beware because
they don't let you use the Reversal reactions command in this fight.

Once you done that, head inside the stations and collect the 3 treasures, if
you forgot to do something in town go do it now or you will not be able to
visit Twilight Town again.

Get on the train and head to Yen Sid tower and collect all the treasures when
climbing to the top of the tower. Just a quick note on the Heartless
Soilder, these are quick simple but be ready to activte the Cyclone Reaction
Command since it is a powerful attack and can hit multiple enemies.

Once you got to the top and gone though all the story scene, it time to head
to Hollow Bastions.

[4.3] Hollow Bastion

Well we landed in Hollow Bastion but nothing really new to buy here unless
you weren't able to afford anything when we were in Twilight Town before.
Make your way to Merlins House.

The best thing about Hollow Bastion is the defence system, it great for
throwing heartless and nobodies around. Take part in the little fight where
you see Yuffie again. Nothing special, defeat them and move on.

Once you got past the story in Merlins house head to the place where Leon is
and collect treasures along the way. Sell the [AP Boost] and [Drive Recovery]
since you will not need them. Every little helps in this game since heartless
don't drop alot of munny in this game.

Blizzard will be in your Menu Command now, helpful spell for hitting hard
enemies from a distances. You be using this alot early on.

I also should note if you haven't done already. Buy lots of potions, this
will be your main source of healing and I suggest you put them on auto-reload
on Sora.

Once you reach Leon you have to take part in a small event where you have to
defend a gate, don't ask me why we defend it. Nobodies seem to be able to
teleport anyway :P

My general advise is stick close to the gate and defeat any nobodies that
attack it, they normaly ignore you and go for the gate so you will only get
hit in thier wide range attacks.

Leon is also helping out here so it not to hard. They will also be a new
Nobody that attacks here called the Samurai. Just be careful not to get caught
in it combo attacks because it will more than likley kill you. If you get
the duel stance reactions command you can use it to defeat the Samurai and
deal alot of damage to anyone near that Samurai if you press "The End" button
when it appears in Sora menu.

After you finished defending the gate for some unexplained reason we get a 
cool scene where we see all that remains of Organization XIII minus Axel who 
off trying to bring Roxas back now. We also get Xigbar getting involved abit
and insulting and confusing Sora. I love Xigbar, he the only other person
I liked from Organizations XIII other than Axel and Roxas. I love the surfer
voice he has as well. 

For winning this event you get fire which is useful killing the weakest
heartless which like to attack in swarms or using it to juggle heartless in
too the air so you can do air combo.

After the scene we have two chooses of where to go, I suggest you head to
Land of the Dragon first instead of Beasts Castle.

[4.4] Land of the Dragon

I hate the land of dragon level for one and only thing. Morale. It a average
idea to the gameplay and I am happy it only did it in this part of the game
since I found it a nasty gameplay system.

More annoying in this challenge since we will not be able to equip abilities,
limits or drives to defeat the harder heartless.

Anyway when we land go to the moogle shop first and buy a [Abas Chain] if
you have the munny for it and equip it. Buy any potions if you require any
and then open synthesis options in the moogle

Well synthesis really depends on luck that X,Y,Z items drop from
Heartless / Nobodies. Drop off items and make stuff if you will think it will
help you in the near future like [Firaga Bangle] later on in the game
when alot of the harder heartless have fire abilities. I can't help you here
since it all depends if the item drops or not and we sticking to the rules
here so we can't grind heartless for X,Y,Z item. Just make what you think
will help you in the future.

Once Mulan has joined the party, remove here abilities and items and carry
on with the story. Morale can be a problem in abit since some heartless are
very good at keeping the player stun so I suggest you focus on the harder
targets with constant Physical combos and use Fire when getting swarmed by
lots of weak Shadow. Another note is the Nightwalkers are immune to Blizzard
so Fire and Physical attacks is the only thing that can destroy them.

The morale game is also a good chance to pratice your evasions skills as a
player since you do not want to be hit in this challenge espcially since
we not got any abilities.

Assult Riders
We also come across the first Heartless in this challenge which might as
well be mini-bosses. The Assult Riders. These Centaur like heartless with
massive spear will cause alot of problem to you since we don't have a few
important skills like Guard to tempory block thier attack and giving you a
chance to get a combo off and no ariel recovery when we get thrown in to the
air by them.

My General advise to defeat Assult Riders is to save your mana bars for
whenever these spawn and unload a full mana bar worth of Blizzard off on to
them and keep a distance. You must be ready to retreat when it charges and
get ready to get a Physical combo off him the second he comes out of the
Charge attack. You can also have a chance of getting a Ariel combo off on
them when they do a massive jump towards the players.

Good luck with these since this will be the one heartless which will test
players early on in this challenge.

Carry on with the mission that the Captain gives till you get the mission to
do the mountain trail. My best advise here is ignore the treasure because we
can come straight back here once we got though the mountain trail challenge.

The fun morale bar is back for this long challenge so keep killing heartless
and take potions when you need them. When we are about to reach the last
wall to exit the area, we have to deal with 2 x Assult Riders. Square Soft
must really hate us for putting these here :P

Anyway you have two chooses, you can ethier try and destroy the wall with a
reaction command and just run past the assult rider or you can be Brave and
defeat both the assult riders but they will be no reward :P

It is your choose, once you got to the village head to the save point for a
free restore of HP/MP then head back to the mountain trail to collect the
treasures now without the annoying morale bar there. Once you have collected
the treausres head back to the village and restock up on potions if you need
to and then we head to the cave. I would suggest you equip 2x[potion] and

Cave Challenge
Now this is a fun challenge in the cave, if we had a morale bar as well I
would cry :P Anyway we going to get swarmed by alot of basic shadows at the
start of the Cave event and have a assult rider attacking as well. What I
found best was moving away from the assult rider as much as possible and cast
Fire alot when you got alot of Shadows round you to destroy them. Keep doing
this till the shadows are destroyed.

Once the shadows are destroyed, attack the assult rider. But be ready for two
more assult riders to spawn once you destroyed the lone assult rider.
If your mana bar has not restored use your ether and then unload blizzard
on to one assult rider to destroy them or at least weaken it. Keep going
till you destroyed both.

Once you beaten the cave event head back to the village and equip potions 
again and then head up the mountain more for the massive heartless event. My
best advise for the massive heartless attack is to evade thier attacks and
use triangle commands when you can. Avoid the Bolt towers if you can since
thier Body slam attack is a right pain.

After you have survived the 1 minute challenge we get a cool looking scene
and after we have done that. Ping will now become Mulan. Once this happens
Unequip all her new abilities right away. Mulan is a better fighter than
Ping and she doesn't fall over all the time :P

Head back to the village and buy potions if you need to since this is the
last part where you can buy. Then it time to head to the palace, keep going
till we get to the Boss sections. Before you head up the Palace stairs we
will Prepare since this is very hard in this challenge.

Boss: Shan-Yu
Armor = Shadow Ankel
Items = Potions, Hi Pots if you having problems with this fight.
Party Member Battle Style = Target Attack
Party Items = Potions if you have them with Last hope.

Well this is 4th of the 5 top hardest fights in the game with the challenge I
had set. This fight is difficult for a number of factors. No limit on Mulan
now which was always helpful in this fight to inflict alot of damage to
the Normal Heartless that attack the gate and stunning them so they can't
attack it.

Mulan also had alot of powerful abilities as well which made her great for
killing the heartless while you dealt with Shan-Yu. But no ability challenge.

This is now basicly a 1 man fight in my eyes since Shan-Yu is always attacking
you and Goofy and Mulan will be just getting killed alot here so we need to
find a use for them.

We must keep Shan-Yu away from the gate because he can destroy the gate with
a basic attack combo, that is important, he will never attack it but the 3-4 
waves of heartless he summon will. They will do little damage to the gate 
but if you leave them for far too long, they will destroy it.

This is where the setup I put in comes in use. Target the heartless that are
attacking the gate and then move away abit from the gate and fight Shan-Yu
and avoid his attacks, Donald and Mulan will attack the heartless and
distract them while you distract Shan-Yu. You will attack the heartless when
you have pulled Shan-Yu away. Once you done that, run back to the gate and 
destroy the heartless you can, pick up the restore orbs for the gate. I find 
casting fire alot when they are all togerther helpful since it stuns them 
and also does good damage if cast alot.

Once Shan-Yu has come back move away again and rinse and repeat. Keep killing
the heartless till they stop spawning. Once this happens it time to kill

Move away from the gate as far as you can and then it time to unload attacks
on him. This is simple enough untill he gains a Dark Aura, time to run away
untill the dark aura has dissappered. While he has a Dark aura he does more
shadow damage and also is faster and has more range to his attacks.

Keep going till he defeated and well done. You defeated the first challenge
in the game so far.

Once you defeat Shan-Yu you get a new keyblade called the [Hidden Dragon]. 
This is going to be a useful keyblade though the game along with the basic
Kingdom Key. The hidden Dragon has MP rage, very useful for certain bosses
like Xigbar and Xaldin, but we need to get to that point first :P

Time to Leave land of Dragons and head too Beast Castle.

[4.5]Beast Castle

When you get to beast castle you will be forced in to a easy mass swarm of 
shadow battle. Just use fire to kill lots of them and then melee combos untill
Beast comes to beat up the heartless and hit you in the progress.

Once you regain control of the party you might want to set your Party members
battle style back to Technique. This is the one and only time you need to do
this in this walkthough.

You now have a choose of keyblades. You can ethier equip the [Hidden dragon] 
if you use alot of attack magic in combat but this requires you to get hit.
It has less strength which is never such a good thing early on. You also have
to get hit to restore magic so might not be good early on in the game when
we don't want to get hit :)

We got the [Kingdom Key] which has a defence ability which has a chance of
increasing your defence at critcal moments. IE when you are about to die.
I used this keyblade for most of the game since you will lack Defence until
later on and alot of enemy units will juggle you around and can take you from
100%-0% in 1 combo of attacks in Proud Mode.

You can also can remove the [Star Seeker] keyblade from valor now and equip
it on Sora if you do alot of air combos.

We can also buy a few new things from the moogle shop. Drop items off at the
moogle and Buy [Sardonyx Ring] for sora to increase his strength by 1. Restock
up on [Potions] as well if you need them.

Lets carry on with the main story and head to Belle room and then head out,
we get to meet the annoying heartless from KH1. The Big Body. We have a
advantage though, we have reactions commands. Just wait for him to waste a
attack on the party. Sneak Behind him and get a basic melee combo off and
then use reaction commands. Not hard. Just be careful when he gets low on HP.
It will get mad and start body sliding. Use the Guard reactions and the attack
reactions commands after that. Not hard.

Head to the dresser and play the mini-game where you have to press reaction
command quick (This is one point of the game you can button bash).

After that it time to prepare for the boss.

Boss: Thresholder and Possessors
Armor : Shadow Ankel
Items : Potions

Quite a simple fight really. Just beware of the Thresholder long range
on his arm attacks.

Wake up the Stone Statues on the side and pull them away from the Thresholder
and then destroy them. Once you done that go near him again and some Hookbats
will appear. Destroy them and then another bunch of Hookbats appear. Destroy
these and then we can attack the boss.

Best thing to do is jump in from the side of the room and then attack its
keyhole with as many combos as you can till the Possessors comes out. Once it
does just destroy it with a few air combos.

When the Possessors goes back inside he gains a new attack which it enjoys
using. Homing Shadow balls, this is where the Shadow Ankel helps, 20%
shadow resistances is very helpful here.

Just keep attacking the keyhole and avoid his shadow balls but it
is difficult. It will go down before he can kill you. Simple fight.


After the fight you have to escort all the servants to Beasts room, not hard.
Then its time for the easiest boss fight in the game. Beast.

Boss: Beast

This fight is to simple, use Cogsworths reactions command then 1 melee combo,
then reaction command then 1 melee combo. Rinse and repeat till you get to
the part where you have to Charge Cogsworths. (You may button bash here)


You get a new Armor slot from this fight so equip anything with high Defence.

Beast also joins your party, remove all his abilities and items.

Its time to face a new heartless which will cause you some problems. The
Lance Soilders. An annoying heartless who has alot of juggle ability including
one where he spins around alot and can take you from 100%-0% if you get caught
in the full attack of the spin.

It also has a useful AOE attack where you can actully grab hold of him and
fly around the room and do a slam to the ground and hurting any heartless

My best advise is kill the Lancers first since they will cause the most
problems if left alone.

Start heading to the entrance hall and before you enter the ball room we will
prepare for the boss.

Boss: Shadow Stalker
Armor = Shadow Ankel + High Defence Armor
Items = 3 Hi Potions

This boss is a shadow base heartless so this is why we will equip the [Shadow
Ankel] to at least absorb some of the shadow damage it will do. This boss
has 2 phases.

Phase 1
This Phase is when it is a floating ball, which will Possess cetrain objects
in the ballroom to attack you. All you need to do is learn to avoid each of
the attacks and then move in and get combos off on the Shadow Stalker. You
really shouldn't even get hit once in this part of the fight if you know all
his moves. Try not to use any of the [Hi Potions] in Phase 1.

Phase 2
Now the Shadow Stalker changes his form now and becomes a bigger threat to us.
We now have a invisible boss (Which can be targeted which is kinda silly).

The boss will now summon little Possossers from the ground to jump up at you.
This is quite hard to avoid if you trying to attack the Shadow Stalker so I
would use air combos to at least avoid a few. The [Shadow Ankel] will help
here at least.

If you get a combo off him which can stun him near the middle you might get
the reactions command to jump on top on him, then jump off him to the
lights above the ballroom and do alot of damage with reactions command.

When you done abit of damage to him, he will start doing these chain spinning
attacks which are very fast and clear alot of ground. My best suggestion is
hide behind the pillars and put them between you and him till he ends the
attack combo. Then once it finish run in and get a melee combo off him.

They is also a chance he might grab you and throw you towards one of the
pillars, if you are not quick enough with reaction commands it will hurt alot.
If you do get the reaction command off you will throw your key at him and
hurting him alot.

Use hi-pots when you think you lost alot of health. This fight is average to
hard. Depending how well you are with getting hits in on the boss since he
moves around fast.


Once we destroyed the Shadow Stalker this ends this chapter of Beast Castle
and you gain the Cure Magic.

DO NOT USE CURE MAGIC!!!! This is a big no no. This is a key rule so remove
it from the quick command menu now :P

[4.6] Hollow Bastions / 100 Acres Wood

You are now forced back to Hollow Bastions to take part in the 100 Acre Wood
story line and to retreive all the lost pages again. When ever you gain a new
page for 100 Acre Wood return it and collect the items in the new part of
the book. They is items in the book which give you more strength / defence
magic and such. 

While we are in Hollow Bastions buy a [Fire Bangle] and a [Abas Chain] if you
don't have one already. Then head to Olympus Coliseum.

[4.7] Olympus Coliseum

Once we land in the Underworld talk to the moogle and buy Goofy new weapon
the [Falling Staff] but not Donalds weapon since it only increases his magic
which is useless in this challenge. Restock up on potions as well.

Start making your way down though the Underworld and killing heartless on the
way down including the Dog like heartless which aren't to hard.

Once you have reach the Inner Chamber its time to prepare since from this
point on you will start from this locations if you fail the escape Hades
challenge. This event is the 5th hardest thing in the game in my eyes because
the Lack of Limits from Auron and also his awesome attack abilities he has.

Event: Escape Hades
Weapon = Kingdom Key
Armor = Abas Chain + Fire Bangle
Items = Potions x3

Lets start making are way up the Valley of the Dead killing heartless along
the way. Once you reached the last platform before Hades Chamber Door. Heal up
Sora here and re-equip the potions if need to.

Then enter Hades chamber. Hades is one of the best Disney Villians in my eyes,
just so much fun. He just has some great lines. Just beat him up, he 
can't be hurt till the event takes over.

Then Auron joins your party. While you have the menu up you MUST REMOVE all
Aurons abilities and items before you leave the menu because as soon as you
do you will be put in to combat.

Now the challenge begins. This part is very hard now since you will get
swarmed by many heartless and have Hades throwing Fireballs at you and just
be a real pain.

The thing that makes this hard is that we lost Auron main abilities that made
him so great at killing lots of heartless. My best advise is use reactions
commands with the Hook Bats / Lancers / Large Body. These will help you at
least destroy a few heartless.

Try and stay far away from Hades when you're dealing with heartless with 
combo attacks. This is a endurance fight and you must conserve your potions
here and rations them. The extra defence from armor will help you here along
with the Fire Resistances.

The last platform is the hardest and when I finally did this I had used all
my potions and would die from one more hit. This is a hard event if you
are not prepared and not good at evading.

Good Luck.


Once you get past this scene re-equip potions and buy more if you are running
low on potions. This is also a good time to save so you don't have to redo
this event.

Start making your way out of the underworld again and when you are about to
re-enter the Cave of the Dead it time to prepare for the next boss.

Boss: Cerberus 
Weapon = Star Seeker (We will be doing alot of air combos)
Armor = Abas Chain + Shadow Ankel
Items = Potions x3

Well this is quite a Easy - Meduim fight. Cerberus only has a few range of
attacks which are very easy to avoid if you understand how they work.

He Jumps around the arena causing shockwaves when he lands, this can be
jumped over quite easily. He also does a 180 degree turn on the spot if you
are not in front of him. This has a minor knockback and damage if you get
hit by the turn.

He also has a basic bite attack where he bites a few times then stops. This
is a good chance to get an air combo off on him. Once you have done one
air combo retreat and let him do another bite attack, then move back and do
another air combo. Rinse and repeat till he starts jumping / turning.

He also has a Dark base fireball attack which home in on Sora. Best thing to
do is just run around avoided him and then attack him once he finished
firing the Shadow Balls.

You Might also get a reactions command if you fight near the middle head 
where you can do alot of damage and stun him.

Use potions if you need to.


Once you are out the underworld do the basic Phil Mini-game and restock up
on potions when you head back to the underworld to rescue Meg. Then head
down the new Underworld cave entrance and start collecting all the treasures
around these parts before we head to Demyx.

They is a new heartless here Trick Ghosts which can be a pain because of
thier long range attack.

Demyx, well don't know what to say. He just plain wierd. To be like this he
must of been a strong hearted singer before coming a nobody because he just
doesn't fit in with Organization XIII.

Once you collected the treasure head to Demyx. Need no special equipment here.
Just use the "Wild Dance" command here to defeat Demyx water elements he
summons. Not hard really.

Then head in to the next room. Time to prepare. Just have potions on auto
reload on Sora and then head in to the boss area.

Boss: Pete

Well not really a hard boss fight this really. Only the swarm of heartless
which makes this fight hard. They're 2 phases to this fight.

Phase 1
You have to protect Meg from the heartless here, use reactions commands when
you can and once all the heartless are defeated start beating up Pete and
destroy any other heartless he summons. After awhile Herc comes and save you
and Meg. Not hard. To be honest we didn't even need Hercs help, Pete a wimp
anyway :P

Phase 2
Destroy all the heartless that are protecting Pete first since we only have
2 minutes to do this and it won't help if we have swarms of heartless
attacking us if we go straight for Pete. Once you defeated the heartless
start attacking Pete. He some time protect himself with a shield but use
Hercs Reaction Command "Pinball" to break him out of it.

Some times pete says "Get out of my Way", do as he said and be ready to
jump over him slam attack and carry on beating him up. Not a hard fight.

Just the time limit which makes it hard.


Once you defeated Pete you be back at the entrance of the underworld. Time to
prepare for the fight now against the Hydra.

Boss: Hydra
Weapon = Star Seeker
Armor = Abas Chain + Shadow Ankel
Items = Potions x 3

Another easy fight since it all depends mainly on reactions. Just start off
by attacking the head when it is lowered to the ground. Avoid it tail sweep
and lightning attack and when you have done enough damage to the 1 head you
will get a reaction command to destroy it. Not hard.

Then he create 3 heads this time which will pop out of the ground. Destroy
them like before. You will get the Great Pete Sound Sample of "Get on the 
Hydra back" Do what he says just to shut him up :P

After you have destroyed the 3 heads he spawns 8 heads. Joy.

Well same moves as before when he had 1 head as well as a couple of new moves.
He slam his head in to the ground like mad just to hit you, just jump to one
of the far corners and just keep jumping till this attack over.

He also summons shadow like attacks that can be avoided if you keep moving.

Hit the heads when lowered untill the reaction command Pegasus run open up,
this will let you inflict alot of damage to the Hydra or none if you are not
good at timing the reactions commands. No button bashing :P

If you are getting hit alot Meg is in one of the corners of the arena and
she give you HP / MP Orbs. Handy.

Just keep going untill you finally get him down to no HP use the reaction
command to destroy him.


We are rewarded two things now. Hero Crest keyblade which will make the last
attack in your air combo to do alot of damage. Had better strength than other
keyblade but loses magic. Just depends what you are finding more useful at
this point of the game.

We also gain Thunder now, a useful spell for one boss later in the game. But
I talk about that later. It also useful for throwing enemys in to the air and
needs little aiming other than a lock on. Now we only got Disney castle to
go to now

[4.8] Disney Castle

Once we head out to the Courtyard and then head round the area collecting the
treasures in the Courtyard and killing all the heartless here. You will meet
the Minute Bomb Heartless. A interesting heartless, you can active it bomb
style attack by casting fire and using the Reaction "Dodge roll" to destroy
that Bomb and anything near that bomb when it explodes. If you don't kill
it with the dodge roll it will respawn. Not hard but when being swarmed it
can be hard.

Once you have collected all the treasure chests, head to the Colonnade. This
is a unquie corridor. You will have a near endless amount of shadows attacking
you here. I would prefere we don't hang around here for long so keep killing
heartless while making you way to the Libary.

Once you made it to the libary pick up the Treasure Chest which have 100 Acre
Wood Page which you should return later on for a few nice items.

Talk to the moogle here and buy a [Dark Ankel] and equip it instead of the
[Shadow Ankel]. Restock up on potions as well.

Then save and escort the queen to the Corner Stone of Light.

I am adding a new rule for this section. You must destroy all heartless and
must not use the "Faith" Reaction Command. This will make this challenge
a bit more fun :)

My Best advise is just go on ahead and destroy any heartless in the Colonnade
before calling Minnie over. Equip the [Star Seeker] keyblade here, 
when we enter the throne room we will be playing a game of Hide and Seek :)

Since we are doing this without the "Faith" reactions command I suggest you
take Minnie to one of the corner of the room while defeat the Bolt Towers
along the way. Remember to keep jumping around and getting air combos off
on the head. Don't waste lightning on the heads since they're immune to

Use potions to restore when you can as well but remember to ration them, we
got alot of Bolt Towers to destroy. Once all have been destroyed head to
the Cornerstone of light and then Merlins place then Cornerstone of light
again. Silly waste of time :P

We also gained another accessories slot for escorting Minnie so equip another
Accessory with Strength on it.

[4.9] Timeless River

Ah timeless river, I always liked the look of this place. Kinda bring back
the good old days of disney. Anyway on with the challenge. Collect the items
at Cornerstone hill and then follow Past Pete. Collect the treasures in the 
area Past Pete is in then talk to him.

Time to beat up Past Pete, not to hard really. Use reactions commands when
they pop up and when you throw him in to the air, be ready to move back and
jump over his body slam shockwave when he lands. Simple enough.

Once you done that head back to Cornerstone hill and do the 4 mini-event
window sections. This be quite hard with all the new types of heartless we
have to face now. I go though each sections.

Building Site
This is quite hard because of the new heartless here called Hammer Frame,
quite nasty heartless because they have a fast spinning attack and also a
slam attack that creates a shockwave which you can get caught in if lots
of Hammer Frame are using this ability. The minute bombs can be handy here
since they can destroy a few Hammer Frame if you get the Dodge Roll Reaction
near the hammer frame.

During the fight you might go flying in to the air and get a new reactions
command where you spin around and deal alot of damage to heartless who get
caught in it.

You must do this quickly before the platform you are on falls apart from all
the weight on it.

Little Town
Another new heartless here called Aeroplanes which just look like classic
disney style heartless. These have a ground shooting attack and also a
flying spinning attack which can be hard to dodge. You also have a tower
in the center which has a reactions command so you can jump on it and stun
all the heartless in the area.

Destroy the heartless quickly because the heartless is trying to destroy the
town, if they do you fail.

Scene of Fire
Ah another new Heartless, the annoying Hot Rods. Quite simple at the start of
the fight, but once you removed alot of thier health they will do a charge
attack 3 times. While they are doing this they're immune to all attacks. 
When it about to come out of it 3rd charge attack just attack like mad and
hope you destroy it. If you don't be ready to dodge again.

Just got to destroy all the heartless before the building burns down.

Mickey's House
Just lots of flying heartless here, just destroy them before time runs out.

Once you have done all the windows of time. It time to find future Pete on
the boat. Poor Past Pete :(

Not much of a boss ethier, just rely on your reactions commands and damage
the cage. Need no abilities here :P

After you stop Future Pete from taking the Cornerstone of light its time for
a little restock of potions if you need to. Any keyblade you like really.

Boss : Future Pete

Well Future Pete likes to play on the defensive here. Throws lots of Marbles
around on the floor when he retreats and these can be jumped over. He also
rolls bowling ball at you which can be knockbacked at him.

Past Pete can also be used as a weapon here with Reaction commands.

When Future Pete says "Get out of my Way". Move back abit and be ready to
jump over his shockwave ability.

Each area has it own unquie feature when he keep changing the scene.

Nothing, just attack him.

Little Town
Avoid the towers since they will fire at you.

Scene of Fire
Flames will bounce towards you and Burn Past Pete so you can use reactions
commands to send him towards Future Pete.

Mickey's House
Will turn Past Pete in to a cannonball which you can use reactions commands
to send at Future Pete.

Building Site
When he does his shockwave attack he send everyone flying in to the air
including himself and you can use a spinning air Reactions command to hurt
him. Easy enough.

Use potions when needed. Simple fight really.


You get a new Keyblade called the Monochrome Keyblade which increases the
effects of items. Handy if you are using alot of potions up to this point
since it will increase the amount that heals you.

You also get Reflect magic, this spell is going to be your main spell for 
some of the end bosses.

Head back to Hollow Bastion and do the 100 Acre Wood part and get the defence
up and then restock up with Potions again and then Head to Port Royal.

Just a quick note, I skipped Atlantica because of 2 reasons. 

One because they destroyed a great world from the first Kingdom Hearts. 
I love the fighting part there but they removed it and replaced it with 
the second reason I hate Atlantica. 

Singing, I might be soft at heart but this ruins this world for me.

VGcats got it perfectly right.

You can only get a new rank of Blizzard, a Keyblade that improves Blizzard
and last but not least a new rank of Thunder.

If you really want to do it you may, but I skipped it.

[4.10] Port Royal 

Port Royal, what a great world. When I first heard about this world way back
I was so excited and was hoping they didn't screw up. They did a great job
and made it alot of fun and a challenge.

My General advise on equipment here is the [Hidden Dragon] Keyblade for MP
Rage and Instead of all Potions on auto reload. Have 1 item slot with [Ether]
on auto Reload since Magic is very important here espcially since we don't 
have Donalds Magic Abilities this time to help us.

Just a note on the Ghost Pirates Weaknesses.

Ice = Will Freeze the Pirate to the spot and will break out of it after 1-2
      combos, when you are using a combo on these make sure your combo
      knocks them in to the light and not in to the dark.

Thunder = Electrify them and causes them to walk slowly around and not being
          able to attack back. This is great when they're in the middle of a
          well lit area.

Fire = Causes the Pirates to Panic and run around like fools. Great for when
       you have alot of Pirates on you. Save for Panic Moments.

My general advise is Blizzard when against 1-2 Pirates, Thunder if more than
that and fire when getting zerged.

Generaly stick to the light areas if you can and also use reactions commands
when they pop up to do some damage to the Pirates and also avoid thier

Once you done the mini-scene with the pirates head to town and destroy all
the heartless here, not to difficulty. The cannon like heartless can be
a pain if you let them keep thier distances. Just attack them first is best.

Once you defeated all the heartless, collect all the treasures in the town 
then head to the Port to meet good old Captain Jack Sparrow. Not as cool
as the movie but still cool :)

Anyway when we get on the boat head to the captain Cabin and buy Donald and
Goofy new weapons the [Victory Bell] and the [Chain Gear]. Restock up on
potions if you need to and Unequip any abilities on Captian Jack and 
any items as well before you forget.

Then talk to Jack to take you to the Black Pearl, you be attack by pirates and
heartless. Just stick to areas where they is the most light so you can destroy
the pirates.

Once you landed on the island you lose Jack after such a sort time and then
must go and see whats happening on the island. When Will and Elizebeth come
running you must survive for a minute. Easy enough but when you got four
ghosts pirates all trying to gut you it can be hard. 

You can ethier play this 2 ways. 

You can plain avoid them and use Fire to keep them away.
Attack them to your hearts content for good experince.

After you survived a minute you have to head back to port royal. This involves
2 attacks from the ghost pirates. The first one is simple like the one before
on the boat.

The 2nd isn't since you have to keep the Gold from the pirates. If a pirate
gets hold of the gold you got to get it back within a minute. You can also
fire the Cannon at the black pearl but I don't know how this helps. :S

The Black Pearl is also firing at you and you can see where the cannon balls
will hit by the big white circles. This can hurt you and the pirates. After
you have defeat all the pirates in this event you will get locked away.

After Jack frees you, save the game and head up on to the deck. You got to
kick all the barrels off the boat before they explode. Ignore the heartless
and head straight for the barrel and any barrel about to explode should be
kicked straight away.

You gain a new item slot from this easy event. Nice :)

Time to Head back to the Isla de Muerta and make your way though the Isla
and explode the walls in Powder Tunnel to create more light to destroy the

Once you have destroyed everything in the Moonlight Nook area. Its time to
Prepare for a quite annoying but fun boss. Equip the following before entering
the boss room.

Boss: Barbossa and Illuminator
Weapon = Hidden Dragon
Armor = Anything with Best Defence
Items = 2xHi Potions / 1xMega Potions / 1xEther
Magic = Blizzard

Now this is quite a fun fight yet annoying if you can't control where
Barbossa goes. Blizzard will be your main source of control since Barbossa
is as weak to magic as his fellow pirates.

But Barbossa has the Illuminator turning the whole place to darkness so first
thing you should do is find the Illuminator as soon as he makes the whole
place dark.

When you destroy the Illuminator it is time for Barbossa. They're still
patches of darkness in the room where Barbossa can stand to be immune, 
be aware of that.

Barbossa has a nasty attack as well which can keep you constanly juggled.
He pulls his gun out and shoots at you throwing you back quite abit and then
he does a charge like combo attack with his sword. This is deadly and should
be avoided whenever possible.

The best thing you can do is when Barbossa is in the light is cast blizzard
then get a melee combo off on him. Make sure your finishing combo knocks him
back in to the light and not darkness.

Reapply Blizzard when he breaks free and keep going.

They is also 2 reactions commands in this fight, one where Sora steps on
Barbossa sword and stuns him, another when he is attacking Jack and you
can stop Barbossa and throw him in to the air. Both powerful reactions
commands that you should watch out for.

Note, if Captain Jack dies in this fight, the battle is over so be ready to
use the Mega Potions since it will require little aiming unlike a hi-potions.

This Fight is Meduim - Hard, depending on your control of Barbossa locations
and actully getting out of his powerful Juggle attacks.


Once you finished Barbossa you get the Follow the Wind Keyblade which has
the draw ability on it. Useful for one of the later boss fights.

Now you have two chooses. I would suggest Agrabah for now and leave Hallowen
Town till you completed Agrabah.

Equip any keyblade you like now and also make sure that all item slots are
now auto-reloading potions.

[4.11] Agrabah
Agrabah is quite a Fire and Ice base defence place. Lots of heartless here
alined with ethier of these principle elements. Once you defeated the 
Luna Bandits which like too zerg the player a small event will happen where
the Mighty Iago Destroys many heartless. Roar.

Once you are inside the shop like area talk to the moogle. I went to
Synthesis now and was able to make a [Firaga Bangle] here, if you can't make
it, buy a [Fira Bangle] instead along with a [Aegis Chain]. Equip these 2

Fire resistances is helpful here, espcially against the Big Bandits. These
are even harder than the orginal KH1 Big Bandits who were slower. These are
speed machine and will be throwing you around like a stuff doll and burning
you while in the progress :P

Restock on potions if you can and then head out in to Agrabah again and
collect all the treasures while no Heartless are around and then head to the
palace. Talk to Jasmine who has an annoying voice now. Then leave the palace
and see Aladdin.

Aladdin joins the party now so unequip all abilities on him and items.
Heartless will now appear now all over the area. Including the Silver Rock
heartless which like to cause explosions where they appear. You can use the
shift shot reaction command to throw them around and cause explosions for you.

Head to the Peddelers shop and then to the Cave of wonder. Just make you way
to the Falling Event challenge, collecting treaures along the way.

The falling event is quite a challenge and I actully killed the last heartless
with 1 second remaining :P

The 50 Heartless Battle may seem hard but it is alot of basic weak heartless
untill the last three. 3 Big Bandits. Man this is very hard, espcially in the
short amount of area we got to kill them. I would suggest unloading blizzard
on to one of the heartless and then finish it off. Then deal with the other
two. Use potions.

After you win this battle you head back to Agrabah.

Time to head to the Palace, before you enter the Palace grounds for the cool
cutscene with Genie we have to prepare.

Boss: Volcanic Lord and Blizzard Lord
Keyblade = Hero Crest
Armor = Firaga Bangle or Fira Bangle + Aegis Chain
Items = 4xPotions

Another easy fight really, just need to learn to use Reaction commands and
send them towards each other to do damage to each other. Destroying the mini
Fire / Ice heartless they spawn when you Shatter one of the Lords, they're
easy enough to kill.

You just need to learn how to avoid thier basic attacks which shouldn't be
hard compare to previous bosses. You will be by this point of the game
getting better at avoiding abilities now.


Once you have defeat these head to Halloween Town.

[4.12] Halloween Town

Yeah, the best world from KH1 is back and it is as fun as I remember. 
Halloween Town Mayor is brilliant :)

Anyway. Equip you best armor, no special Elemental Resistance needed here and
you can use any keyblade you like. Potions on Auto-Reload.

When Jack Skeleton joins the party, de-equip all his abilities and items.

Head in to Halloween town and see the Halloween Christmas, then follow the
story of the world. You now meet a classic KH1 heartless, the Wight Knight.
These heartless are simple enough if you can get them caught in chain
attacks. But they can also reach quite far with thier arms so be ready to
back off.

Keep making your way to christmas town killing the mole like heartless along
the way. No major challenge as of yet. Once you have gone though the Door
to Christmas town you should speak to the Moogle and create any Synthesis
items now. I was able to make a [Midnight Ankel] but it all depends on what
items you found so far. If you can't make it don't worry, we get a good
armor item when we head to Tron level later which increases Lightning and

Restock on [Potions] if you need them.

Now time for one of the most annoying Heartless in the game. Dam you 
Squaresoft XD

The Toybox heartless is one of the most annoying heartless in this challenge,
no ability to cross the distances and no abilities to counter or block
thier attacks. The key to the fight is just to unload your magic on to
these and hang back by the Merry-Go-Round so you can throw these heartless
around. This is the only spot where you will fight the Toy Box thank god :)

You might get a chance to get a air combo off on these with them jumping

After defeating these head inside, collect treasures and then back to 
Halloween town. You can ethier skip the toy soilders outside Santa Claus
House or you can kill them.

Make your way back to the Graveyard area in Halloween town and kill the
heartless in this area first. Once you have killed all the heartless here
it is time to prepare for quite a fun boss fight.

Boss: Prison Keeper
Weapon = Hero Crest for better finishing air combo or Star Seeker to add
         1 more combo to your air combo attacks.
Armor  = Mix of Fire and Defence.
Items  = 4 x potions

The Prison Keeper has 5 diffrent modes of attacks which I will explain below
and how to counter them. It will changes modes of attacks when he eats Lock, 
Shock and Barrel.

Normal Mode
He starts in this mode and will be knocked in to this mode every time he about
to change his form. If you are close by when he is about to eat one of the
kids, you might get a reaction command to jump inside him and deal damage to
him as well as stun him.

Lightning Rain (Blue Skin)
He will fly really up high and then spin around and fires balls of lightning
to the ground. You can avoid this by being under him or you can climb the
hill and jump off and do a Aerial Combo on him to bring him to the ground
so you can carry on doing combos till he fly back up.

Fire Spitter (Red Skin)
He will start spitting massive fireballs at you which can actully be hit
back at him if you time it right. This will stun him as well as damage him.
Run in after you done this.

Eat your face mode (Green Skin)
He will stay close to the ground following you and doing combo biting attacks.
You can avoid these just and attack back when he finished a combo or parry
if you are good with the Parry style attack.

All the above
This is the final stage of the fight where he gains all of the abilities from
above and starts using them all the time. You must be nearby at all times
ready to get combos in when you can.


After you have done this it time to head back to Santa Clause House in
Christmas Town. Once you are inside save before you enter the Factory floor
and we shall prepare for Oogie Boogie.

Boss: Oogie Boogie
Weapon = Any Keyblade really.
Armor  = Anything with high defence and any items with lightning resistances.
Items  = 4 x Potion

Oogie Boogie is a great villian, a complete nit wit but still a fun villian.
This fight is similar to the style of fight from KH1 but abit easier I would

You need to knock Presents in to Oogie little booth so it will fall apart
under the sheer weight.

This fight is more about evasion than damage since you only need to do this
3 times to win the fight. Just the diffence is he adds more abilities
after each time you have knocked him off it. Don't even need any skills for
this fight.

First Phase
He start sending presents out of the hole like thing and you can knock them
into his booth, he will also send a massive Gloved hand from above trying
to Crush you, can be avoided easy. After you knocked enough presents inside
his booth it will break.

This is when you start the damage on him, you can knock Oogie in to the spikes
at the back of the platform you are on for extra damage.

Be ready for when he becomes immune and get ready to do lots of jumps towards
the hole Oogie ran in too since the platform you are standing on will move
very fast and try and knock you in to the spikes.

Second Phase
Same as above but with 2 new abilities. He can now change which platform he
is above now so be ready to jump in to the holes and chase him down.

He will also send Oogie Gifts now which have heartless inside, this can be a
pain but the traps Oogie uses can destroy the heartless as well.

Keep going till Oogie falls down again and attack him.

Third Phase
Last part of the fight, he now does everything from above as well as create
lighting bolts which go down the platform on a set route. Can be avoided but
might be hard to with all the other attacks Oogie is using as well.

After he falls again just attack and he be as good as dead :)

Oogie has the best death scene every, well second because Axel death was best.


You get a extra item slot for defeating Oogie which is great for that one
extra healing item and Magnet. Magnet is going to be a main spell for the
rest of the game now, it is useful for gathering lots of enemys and also
let you get past some of the bigger enemies in the game Defence.

I suggest you equip it to your quick command bar.

NOTE: We are SKIPPING Prideland since we can not remove Lion Sora abilties.

Head to Twilight town now.

[4.13] Twilight Town

Well time to head back to Twilight Town to fight some Nobodies. Basic fight
as per normal. Lots of dusks, just use reaction command Reversal on the dusks
and keep killing them till The Berserkers Come.

Now the Berserker can be a problem if you do not use Magnet. It massive sword
can block alot of attacks which can be a problem when you are trying to get
alot of hits on it.

Using Magnet here will thrown them in to the air and you can get a air combo
off on them. If you get a full air combo off on them, they will drop thier

Go to the sword right away and use the Berserk Reaction command to jump
on the sword and then float around for abit. All the nobodies will be drawn
to the sword like a Magnet so requires little aiming. When you get the attack
reaction command use it and try and get the full range of reaction commands
off if you can.

Then just pick up the sword the Berserker dropped again and rinse and repeat.

These can be quick hard if more than one but you will be fine if you can
get them to drop thier swords.

Once finish here you get the Oathkeeper Keyblade and then a new story in
Hollow Bastion. Head there now.

[3.14] Hallow Bastion (The War)

Note: HBW = Hollow Bastion War

Now the next part of the story I call the The Hallow Bastion war, since this
is the biggest Epic scene in the game and loved every part of it first time
I went though it.

First thing we need to do is head to the Synthesis Moogle first and see if you
can make a [Blizzaga Armlet]. If you can't, head too the armor shop in town
and buy up some [Blizzara Armlet]. We want at least 38% Blizzard resistances
for the major Boss Battle in the HBW. Don't have to equip this gear yet but
it just so you know where you can get it and might as well get it out of the
way now.

Cloud is also here as well, the biggest Final Fantasy Emo charater, but you
got to love him in his Advent Children Clothes. Looks sharp.

Once you bought up to at least 38% Blizzard resistance head to Merlins house,
you will come across a new type of heartless which looks like is has a
spellbook it reads out of. It is immune to all magic except for Reflect and 

Head in to Merlins house and then move to the Castle itself. Two more new
heartless here. One is the Armored Knight Heartless with the awsome reaction
command "Rising Sun" which is deadly if you time it right (I hope none of
you are button bashing here :P).

Then we got the Morning Star Heartless, another heartless with a cool reaction
command "Bump + Meteor Strike". Quite hard if it juggles you but if you get
his health down and get this reaction command off you will hurt anything
nearby with this great reaction command.

Head to Ansem Study while collecting treasures along the way and killing
alot of heartless here. Once inside follow the story, it time to enter
the Best World in Kingdom Heart for Look and Style. Space Paranoid.

[4.15] Space Paranoids (HBW)

I love the look of Tron world and how they made it, they got all the colours
right and the look itself. When I saw Sora in his Tron suit for the first
time it was pure bliss. Anyway, play the mini game and then head outside
for the password and then back inside, play the cool Light Cycle game
and then we get to some fighting. Head to the Database.

Restock on [Potion] if you need them.

De-equip all of Tron's abilities here and items.

Strafer Heartless are simple enough, they do as it name implies. It Strafe
around the player and fires Lightning Rings at the player which can be hit
with the keyblade back at them. Might have problem reaching them without
abilities but these are easy enough.

Before you enter the Database equip the [Follow the Wind] keyblade for the
draw ability. Enter the database and start the event.

Best way to do this is to use Magnet near one of the panels when all 
of heartless are near it then use fire alot under them to juggle them in the
air and do alot of damage to them. Collect all the orbs that drop and freeze
the screen.

This can be quite hard and be prepared to use a few potions here because
we will get zerged alot here by Strafers.

After the event, unequip all of the new abilities that Tron has just learned
and then head to the Communications Room in the IO Tower.

We will meet in my view, the hardest heartless in the game. The Devestator,
we only have to face 1 of these during this whole challenge. These are
very nasty because of the insane amount of HP / strength it has and the
abilities it has to Juggle you. Using Reflect and Magnet will help you here.

Once in the Communications Room collect all the treasure in here including
the very nice armor item [GAIA BELT]. Has 3 defence which is great at this
point of the game and also shadow & lightning resistance. Great for the rest
of the game to have equipped.

Now it time to prepare for quite an annoying boss fight, before you leave
the IO tower do the following.

Boss: Hostile Program
Weapon = Follow the Wind
Armor  = Anything with Lightning + Defence
Items  = 5xPotions
Quick Menu Magic = Lightning

The Hostile Program is quite a hard boss because of it's pure evasion skills.
It will strafe around the room all the time and try and stay on the opposite
side of the room most of the time and it will be using alot of range attacks 
while it tries and keeps it distance from you.

This is where it gets hard since you're too busy evading it attacks and also
chasing it down and if you get hit by its attack it stun you and you have to
chase it down again. Argh XD

First thing you should do is get a lock on and then just use all your mana
on lightning on the Hostile Program so you can get some orbs for your
Freezing reaction command (Follow the Bar in the corner).

Keep doing this when your mana bar has regnerated.

After you have used all your mana you have to chase it down and avoid it
like homing attacks and then try and get some combos off on him. Collect the
orbs it drops. Are main source of dps will be From Freeze.

Once you get the "Freeze" reaction command use it when you are near so you 
can get as much time as you can to unload combos off on to him. Remember to
collect all the nice orbs it drops when it has become unfreezed.

Be ready to run to the middle so you can avoid any counter-attack it is about
to do when it comes out of unfreeze.

After you have taken it's health down by abit it will change it's attack 
pattern now. He will stop shooting homing missles now and will now create
two Star Wars like Light Sabers.

He now does 3 pattens of attacks with the light sabers. Each attack with the
sabers is a long chain of combo attack which if you get caught in you will
get juggled and you might die.

You must learn to avoid these attacks and go to the expose part where
it doesn't swing the lasers. Just be ready to to die here learning the 
patterns of the laser swings.

This fight is a endurance / evasion fight, it will take time and you must
learn to avoid its attacks.


After you have defeated this boss you get the [Photon Debugger] keyblade,
enchants your lightning attacks. Never needed to use the keyblade ever. Well
say good bye to Space Paranoids since this will be the last time you will
see it in this challenge.

[4.16] Hollow Bastion War Cont...
It is time to start the biggest and hardest battle scene and most rewarding 
story scenes in the game coming up ahead. Just a warning, the game will get
hard from this point onwards. You will die alot more often now and for stupid
reasons now and you will scream but you will be so happy when you defeat it.

First thing before we leave the area, Equip some Fire Resistance gear because
we meet two new heartless and nobodies. The Crimson Jazz heartless are
masters of fire spells and will be hounding you so much with fire bombs
and some nasty physical attacks. Just keep on them and use Magnet so you
can get some good combos on them, these are quite hard at this point of the

But the Crimson Jazz is not as annoying as the Dancer Nobody, these are
one of the most annoying Nobody in the game. If you can avoid them I suggest
you do because these things are just evil. You got no reaction attack
to counter them, they can juggle you and also have a special attack where
they glow and chase you for nearly 10-20 seconds and only way to stop them
chasing you is magnet. If they do reach you, you will get hurt alot.


After we defeated this Heartless/Nobody event leave the castle and then we
get the best Final Fantasy Villian makes his apperance.

SEPHIROTH - Do doo doo dooooooooo - SEPHIROTH - doooo dooo doo dooooooooo

I love that boss music. Best Final Fantasy music ever!

Ok before leaving this area, save the game and then we need to prepare for
the next part because it is DAM HARD. You will die here at least once, if you
do it first time, well done, but I doubt it because it so god dam hard. If
you know a easier way this can be done please send me a e-mail.

Mini-Event: Attack of the Dancers Nobodies
Weapon = Kingdom Key - Increases Defence when health is critcal.
Armor  = Equip anything with the Highest Defence
Items  = 5xElixirs
Quick Menu Commands = Elixirs & Magnet

You might think me quite mad here going in to this mini event with 5xElixirs
or at least your best Healing items for HP / MP. It is very hard this part
because they're so many dancers and you will have no break to rest here. You
may not use them all it just there to be used. I think I had 2 elixirs left
after the battle.

This event is split in to 3 Parts.

Just a quick note, MAGNET IS YOUR FRIEND.

Part 1
4x Dancers
Use magnet to gather them all up first and get a combo off on them while 
inside the Magnet, when magnet dissappers recast it again and another melee 
combo. Keep doing this till they're dead. You will be quite drained of mana
after this so start the MP charge when Part 2 starts.

Part 2
5xCreeper / 1xDancer
This is a round where you just charge the 1 lone dancer here and attack it 
with combos so it can't fight back and use any annoying abilities. The five
creepers aren't a major threat, you can ethier kill these now and go straight
to the part 3 or you can wait for your mana bar to regenerate for part 3.
I suggest you wait for your mana bar.

Part 3
6x Dancers
This is where it gets tricky now, we got 6 dancers now and it only takes one
of them to juggle you to death and then the other dancers join in and you
have got no chance of landing to the ground and if you do get back to the
ground they decide to play pass the sora around the area and kill you that

What I found was go to a corner and gather them with magnet, melee combo,
magnet, melee combo. Rinse and repeat and use elixirs when you have consumed
all your mana and carry on using the magnet and melee combos till they're
all dead.

You may think this was easy on your previous runs though the game but this
will really test your evasions skills here. Good luck.


After you done this, GO SAVE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

You have been warned :P

If you still not got any Blizzard resistance gear go to town now and buy them.
I suggest you get at least 38% resistance min. You should also check the
Synthesis Moogle as well to see if you can make any accessories which increase
your strength like the [Soilder Earing]

We will need it for the 2nd hardest boss in this whole entire challenge.

When you are ready, save and equip the gear listed below before you head to 

Boss: Demyx

Demyx, the wierd one from Organizations XIII. When I first saw this cool
scene and Sora called him a wimp I was in agreement, but when he calls you
a traitor in that voice, man you don't want to mess with him.

Demyx may seem like a fool but man he is going to destroy us a alot, try and
have the following equipment and items before you enter this area. I will
try and guide you though his abilities and when to attack him.

I died 10-20 times here to learn all his moves, when to attack and when to
evade. Hopefully you won't die as much but you may need to remember how this
boss fight works.

Weapon = Kingdom Keyblade for Defence

Armor  = Blizzard Resistance gear, min should be 38% and defence gear.

Accessories = Anything with the most strength

Items  = 5x Hi Potions. This will be your bread and butter potion for all
         bosses now so be ready to use these.

Quick Menu command = Thunder / Hi Potion


We must first handle the 50 Water elements in a 40 second period.
The "Wild Dance" Reaction command is useful here and if you get it going off
near to where Demyx is it will draw any of the new ones he summons in and you
will kill a few extra here in that time. This is the most simple part of the

It is also important you don't waste alot of potions during the first part
of this fight. We will need them later on since his melee attacks will
knock alot of health off Sora.

Try and stay near Demyx when you are near the end of the event.

When you defeated that event Demyx is stunned for around 5 seconds. You can 
get around 1 melee combo off on him before he regains control. Get ready
to back off here.

Be constantly moving, don't stop.

He has four major attacks during the 100% > 50% mark of the fight.

Attack One
He will Jumps in to the air and flys across the screen with 
water shooting up from where he just been. He will aim for Sora so just move 
to the side to avoid it. He will then land, DON'T ATTACK because he will
make water shoot up all around him. Just keep avoiding this attack till he
moves to one of his other three attacks.  

Attack Two 
It will be him playing his guitar towards you and kinda dancing and 
will say "Ain't it a Blast?". This is when you should just move away and let
him chase you. They is a reaction command which you can do called
"Show Stealer" but it is to risky. It can ethier damage him or you. Just
wait for him to finish playing it and then get 1-2 melee combos off on him.
Risk free.

If you do a melee attack on him while he still dancing you will get a
automatic lost of the reaction command and will take 1/3 of your total
health off.

Attack Three
It will be him just standing there waiting for you to charge him.
He will summon 1-3 water elements here as well and it tempting you to go in
and attack him dead on.
Don't rush in because if you do, he will fire loads of water balls at you.
Best way to reach him here is Strafe around him while moving towards him.
This will make the balls miss you and give you time to get close to use
the "Wild Dance" command on the water elements he just summoned and get
some damage off on him and stun him.
If you got a full "Wild Dance" combo off on him, you can then get 1 melee
combos off on him.
Attack 3 also involves him summoning water ball like mines near him and also
water ball rain which is hard to avoid but can be done some time. This is
why you have to keep moving.

Attack Four
It is the most famous one which will depend more on luck than 
anything. It is the "Dance water Dance" event where you have to kill
10 water elements in 10 seconds. This can destroy a good try you might
have on Demyx and I know how annoying it is, I had some really close long
fights where I felt he was on the last few hits and then I got this.

It doesn't even make sence why you lose if you don't kill them. Does the world
come to a end if you don't kill all these water elements in those 10 seconds.
Rant over.

My best advise to do this is to be near Demyx and get a single attack off 
on one of the water elements to get the "Wild Dance" reaction command and try
and aim it near Demyx. This will bring them all close and give you a couple
of seconds to destroy the last 1 or 2 water elements. It just luck base.
Again he will be stunned after this attack as well so you can get 1 melee
combos off on him.

After you have got him below 50% health he changes his attack Style abit.
He still uses Attack one / two and four from before but also has a few new
attacks. He will still use parts of attack three like make rain of waterballs
to appear above you.

Attack Five
He will now make water shoot out of the ground towards Sora chasing him down.
This is hard to avoid.

Attack Six
He Starts walking to Sora slowly and create a massive wall of water to be in
between Demyx and Sora. This can be avoided easy and is also will be are
main source of attack now.
Cast Lightning on him, this will throw him a little in to the air and when
he is landing, you can get 1 melee combos off on him. Once you done that
move back

Attack Seven
He Creates a Wall of Water behind Sora and Behind himself and these two
walls will slowly close in on Sora. Demyx will also be doing a powerful
attack combo inside these walls of water towards Sora. It is hard too avoid
this attack so just keep jumping in the air away from Demyx. It better getting
hit by the wall of water than the melee combo Demyx is doing.

These are all attacks and you will have to learn them all first hand. :P

Good luck with this fight, it is possible to do this with these rules I set.

You are rewarded with a new rank of Blizzard Spell now and a new armor slot,
well worth it from this fight. But I think the big smile on your face that
you defeated this boss in this challenge is reward enough.


After you have defeated the overdramtic Demyx, you get one of the most
scary scene I seen from Disney. 

It is the scene where first time though the game we thought they had killed
Goofy off. You ethier felt shocked, sad and then angry. You can even see
it in Mickey, Donald and Sora eyes and voice.

It something so simple but it gives the player such a reactions I would never
thought possible from a computer game.

If you didn't feel anything for this scene, you are a heartless :P

./clap Square & Disney

Time to make your way to the end of the area now, equip your normal gear
again and potions on auto-reload. Next few scene and fights are kinda a mini
reward in my eyes if you defeated Demyx.

Collect the treasures along the way including a new [Torn Page] for 100
acres wood. Return this later.

I was thinking about making the 1000 heartless battle no reactions commands 
but I think it be just more dull than anything else and I think if you just
done Demyx you don't need any more punishment :P

Anyway once you finished in the Hollow Bastion it time to revisit all the
worlds again. First up we do the easy on first.

[4.17] Land of the Dragon

We land in the burn out village and must climb the mountain to chase down the
black cloaked person. We know it Riku but anyway, once we climbed the mountain
we have to defeat Riku.

Boss: Dark Cloak Man (Riku)

Well not much to say about Riku's abilities, he holding out on you here really
in this fight. Just get a combo off on him once he finished one of his and
retreat. Rinse and Repeat. Use the reactions commands to make it abit easier.


Once you done this you have to head back down the mountain to the Palace.

If you need potions buy some in the burned out village and then head on down.

Heartless and Nobodies health have all gotten buffed now from this point in
the game and will be hitting you for alot more now. Things are starting to
get even harder.

Thankfully we have Gravity to give us a helping hand. The Assult Riders can
still be risky because the game is going to throw more of these at us now
which can make life annoying, espcially when you lack the mana to cast spells.

Once we head to the Palace courtyard you have to destroy a big group of
Assult Riders and Bolt Towers. Try and split 1 or 2 from the main group and
kill them before attacking the others.

When you get inside the palace we get to see Xigbar. Just watch Xigbar funny
escape running. Funny :)

The Sniper Nobodies can ethier be easy or hard. It depends how good you are
at doing the Reaction command "Laser Snipe". It can also be a pain when they
Phase in and out and hit you from behind and not giving you time to evade its
attack. Use potions if you need to and then enter the throne room once you
defeated the Nobodies.

Once in the Throne Room picked up all the treasures inside including a
[Torn Page] for 100 Acres Wood and a [Ogre Shield] for Goofy. This will be
his main weapon for the rest of the game now.

Before you head outside for the Final Boss in Land of dragon equip the

Boss: Storm Rider
Weapon = Any
Armor  = As much lightning resistance as possible.
Items  = Potions

Well the Storm Rider is quite a easy boss really, its weakness is its Horns
on its head. The storm riders main attack is just plain lightning. This is
where lots of lightning resistances will help.

The main way to damage the Storm Rider is to get on it back though doing
the reaction commands with the mini whirlwinds in the area and using "Ride
the Wind" to get on its back.

Then attack his head and his mini horns on his wings to just damage him. The
storm rider will try and knock you off his back by flying upside down so the
"Hold on" reaction command will like it says, hold on. Once he finished the
move to get you off its back you can let go and carry on hitting him.

If he does knock you off just learn to avoid his bomb style attacks and
lightning bolts and be ready to activte any "Ride the Wind" reactions commands
and also a reaction command where you strike at it stomach when he tries
to dive down to hit you.

It also has a attack where he encloses an area with shields and tries to hit
you with one massive lightning attack which can be avoided by just standing
near the shields he created. Not hard atoll.

This boss is simple really and you shouldn't have any problems, just another
endurance fight.


Once you have finished this, you will get a new rank of lightning which 
isn't to bad really. Great for throwing alot of heartless in the air from 
quite a distance. Now head to the next world.

[4.18] Beast Castle

Well when you land in Beast Castle I suggest you go to the save/moogle point
next and restock on potions if you are running low. Beast castle is going to
be quite difficult now because we facing a big bunch of hard nobodies and
heartless here.

I suggest you equip your best Fire Resistance and Defence gear now because 
they're alot of Crimson Jazz heartless here and they will be 1-2 of these 
attacking you at a time which can be a right pain.

We also get the new type of Nobody here which is the Dragoon. These Spear
wielding nobodies have a nasty habit of teleporting all over the place and
using very powerful attacks to juggle Sora.

Best attack to use is Magnet and then get air combos off on them. 

They is also a reaction command here which you can gain if you parry one of 
thier attacks. This will stun them and they will be like a light orb in the 
air with a reaction command called "Learn". If you use the reaction command 
it will turn your attack in to "Jump" which will teleport you above the 
targeted enemy and do alot of damage to them as well as a nasty shockwave.

Enter the ballroom area and time to destroy the Nobodies, try and use the
pillars in the ballroom to seperate the nobodies from each other so you can
attack them.

Once you beaten the nobodies head to The Beasts room and then back to the
entrances while beating countless heartless and nobodies. This is great fun
since it given you some of the most annoying enemies you can in groups and
they do alot of damage and have more Health.

Once you make it back to the entrance hall, you have to take part in another
Dragoon Nobody battle. This is no diffrence than before. Once you have done
this. Head to the Parlor and save and then we shall prepare for the 3rd
hardest boss in this challenge.

Boss: Xaldin
Weapon = Hidden Dragon (MP Rage)
Armor  = Anything with the Highest Defence
Items  = 5xHi Potions
Quick Menu Command = Reflect & Hi Potions

Well this fight depends alot on luck and evasion and your skills at getting
the "Learn/Jump" reaction commands down perfect. Xaldin has a nasty habit
of being hard to hit in this challenge because of his 7 spears of death and
his own type of "Aero" magic from KH1 which will keep killing your allies
here so they become next to useless here.

We will be depending on Reflect magic here to help us survive and dodge some
of Xaldin many attacks. I will go though each of Xaldin's attacks and how you
can dodge or counter them.

Reflect is good for doing damage as well to Xaldin and stunning him if any of
his attacks hit the reflect wall.

The "Learn / Jump" reaction command is also a major source of damage we can
do to Xaldin along with dodging his stronger attacks if you are lucky.

We go though his main attacks for 100%>50% of his health. 

Attack 1
Well not an attack, he creates a shield around himself. You can tell when he
is doing this since he say "Wind Guard Me". This shield will do minor damage
to allies and Sora in a certain radius of Xaldin body and will stun you. The
only way I found to destroy this is ethier Reflect magic explosion itself or
the "Jump" reaction command after you have "Learn" it. Your allies will die
to this all the time as soon as the fight starts :P

After 50% of Xaldins health has been taken off, he will use this as a
offensive weapon. He will cast a fresh Air shield then start teleporting
around Sora causing yourself to fly in to the air Stunned. What you need to
do is cast "Reflect" when you see him do his first teleport to destroy the
shield and also stun him for a air combo.

Attack 2
He will Force all his spear in like a 1 stab attack at Sora. You should cast
reflect here. Normally does this attack when quite close to Sora.
The "Learn" commands is a good warning on when he about to do this
attack. Here the order of what you should do if you get this attack at you.

Reflect > Learn > Jump > 1xAir Combo > Retreat

Attack 3
He will gather all his spears ready behind him to do a 180 degree attack with
his spears across the floor of the ground in Soras general directions. This
gives you time to actully jump over this attack and also get the
"Learn/Jump" reaction off on him as well and then a Air Combo before
retreating for your next attack on Xaldin.

This attack will change abit with the more health you take off Xaldin. He will
do more combos of this attack and will cover alot of ground if he carry on 
doing this. You best options is just jump over it or cast reflect if he does 
it alot.

Attack 4
Xaldin will dissapper in to the air and will start to throw many spears down
on to Sora over a long period of time and they will cause small shockwaves
when they hit the ground.

The best way to avoid this is run in any general directions and just jump
when they're about to land on the ground. A general signal this is about to
happen because of little wind things that are following Sora fly upwards.

This is also a chance to stack up to 9x"Jump" commands. Each spear he throws
down will give a learn command. This is great for getting many "Jump" attacks.
Build up as many as you can.

When he finished throwing all his spears to the ground, you will see them
circle around Sora and fly up in to the sky. He is about to land on top of
you with all his spears. Before he about to hit you, get a Lock on with R1
and then use all your jump commands.

This will be a great of source of damage to Xaldin and will be one of the main
factors of this fight.

This could mean a win or a losing attempt on Xaldin, it just depends if he
uses this attack.

After 50% of his health is left I suggest you save the last "Jump" command
just in case he tries to use his powerful attack combo when you finished
using all your jumps on him. This can remove you from the combo attack and 
also save you from alot of damage. 


After you taken a good 50% of his health off he changes some of his attacks
and gain a few new ones. He will still use all 4 of the attacks as mentions
above but with diffrent style.


Attack 5
He now gains a teleport ability so he can try and catch you off guard and use
any of his above attacks. You must be ready to cast reflect whenever he tries
to use any of his attacks.

Attack 6
He will fly abit in to the air out of reach and fire slow moving Air Balls
at Sora which have a homing ability. You can ethier avoid or actully hit
them to send them back to Xaldin but don't do any damage to him :S

Attack 7
Xaldin main attack at the last 50% mark is one of the most dangerous of
his attacks. He will get really mad and become immune to attacks and will
start doing a massive aoe attack with his spears in a long chain of combo

This will ethier kill you right out or nearly kill you. The best way to avoid
this is just keep running away from Xaldin when he turns white and hope you
will avoid his attack.

If you do get hit by this combo be ready to keep casting Reflect if you can
so you can escape his attack combo but it is rare and use a Hi Potions if you
only got 1/4 of your Health left.

After he has done this he teleport somewhere and then jump on to his spears
and will fly over the side to get ready to attack the whole bridge with a
wind like attack which can only be avoided with Reflect when it is about
to hit Sora.

When he does jump on to the spears to do the air beam attack get to one side
of the bridge area near the Gate or Door. When it about to hit, cast reflect 
to survive though it.

Now if you are by the Gate you should run to the Main Door in to the area and
the same if you are by the Main door you run to the Gate. This is important
since once you survived though the Wind like Beam attack Xaldin will jump
near to you and it best we put some distance between you and him for a reason.
He can repeat the whole of attack 7 again and we don't want that hitting you.

Just keep running and watch for what attack he does when he lands, he
ethier does attack 1 to recast his shield to teleport around or will do 
attack 7 again.

If your health is low use a Hi Potions because this is the point where you
don't want to be running around with low health.


These are all his attack patterns, you will be depending alot on him to use
certain attacks against you so you can actully hit him. Attack 2-3 is the
only safe point we can attack with air combos but must run away once you
done one air combo because of attack 7, we can't afford being hit by it.

Attack 4 is also helpful because it is a great source of damage on him
though out the fight.

Good luck with this fight because it is hard and is luck base.


After you defeat Xaldin you get rewarded with a new rank of "Reflect" which
is great for the rest of the game now.

I normally now from this point have on my quick menu command Reflect, Magnet,
X healing item and thunder.

Now head to Olympus Coliseum

[4.19] Olympus Coliseum

Just make you way though the storyline in Olympus Coliseum now, do the basic
thing of buying potions as normal and then go collect Auron statue and then 
you will be at the main entrance again. Now before we enter the arena again 
for the last time to fight hades you should prepare. 

Boss: Hades
Weapon = Strongest Weapon you have.
Armor  = Most fire resistant you can get.
Items  = Hi Potions

Well I wish hades was as hard as the orginal Kingdom Hearts fight because he
is easy but just takes time in this version. The problem with this fight
itself is that you maybe will only get 1-2 combo off on hades before he makes
himself immune to all attacks again.

This make the whole fight itself very long and a pain.

Main things you should be aware of is that he has a 4 hit combo attack and
he throws fireballs which can be knocked back and hurt him when he not immune.

Like I said he can become immune to all forms of attacks and the only way to
bring him out of this form of immunity is to knock one of the aura sphere
at hades.

Then you should run in and get 1-2 combos off on him and retreat. I wasted
alot of Hi-Potions in this fight thinking I could get some more combos off on

He also throws a big fire orb in the middle of the arena which drops little
bombs of fire on to the ground. Just avoid and you be fine.

Just endure and you will be fine. Not hard fight unless you try and charge in
all the time.


You are rewarded with the [Guardian Soul] keyblade. This is a great keyblade
to use because it increases the damage you do with reactions commands and
has some nice strength to it. I suggest you use this unless told otherwise.

[4.20] Port Royal

Well when you land in Port Royal, same setup as before. Equip 1xEther and
the rest potions on auto-reload. You can equip the [Hidden Dragon] keyblade
but it isn't needed as much as the first time though since they is less
pirates now.

Anyway head to town and use reactions and magic like before. Once you defeated
these pirates jump on the boat to find Will. You be ambushed once on the way
there and it will be mainly pirates and lancers soilders.

After you saved Will, Sora and the gang will face a Heartless that Luxord
has created.

Boss : Grim Reaper (Alive)
Well the grim reaper while alive is simple enough, just chase him down, cast
blizzard and air combo. When out of mana just keep doing air combos and
the grim reaper should die soon enough.

Be ready to avoid his main attack which is a spin attack.


Once you done that you be sent to the Ship Graveyard and this is where we
encounter more Pirates and Lance soilders and also are first Gambler nobody.

The Gambler nobodies are quite unquie type of heartless since if you play
thier 2 mini games you can get alot of munny off them. I think you can get
a good 500 munny if you keep playing thier mini games before they will be

But for now we should be killing them as quickly as possible since they will
dissapper if we don't kill.

Once you defeated the gambler you be forced back on to the Black Pearl, you
now should head back to the Pirate Graveyard and collect the [Meteor Staff]
for Donald since this has the [Lucky Lucky] ability on it. Quite handy.

Now go hunting the 3 other gamblers and get back the 3 cursed medallions.

Most of the time you ethier have to do a certain task to spawn the gambler in
each area but they're simple enough.

Once you collected all 4 pieces of the cursed medallion you be put back on to
the ship. Save now and prepare before you head back to Port Royal for quite
a fun fight.

Boss : Grim Reaper ( Undead )
Weapon = Hidden Dragon or Guardian Soul
Armor  = Shadow resistance and armor
Items  = 1xEther / Hi Potions.

Well this fight is alot more difficult now and is split in to 3 phases like
the Oggie Boggie fight before and each phase keeps the same abilities as the
previous stage and also will steal loads more gold from the chest.

The best spell to use here is Blizzard to stun him and drops a few coins or
lightning which forces him to drop lots of coins. It depends on what he doing
at this stage. Blizzard if you trying to close the distance and lightning
to get the coins off him.

Can be quite tricky conserving you mana in this fight so you can use melee
attacks to force him to drop Mana orbs. Handy when you are running low.

Also beware we don't have Donald's magic for this fight.

Phase 1
He sucks a few coins out, this is the easiest part of the fight since he only
uses his spinning attack here which can be avoided and they not many coins
to return to the chest. Best thing to do if he has any coins is just cast
lightning on him to force him to drop them all and then return them to the

Once you have restored all the coins he be back to his own self as the first
time we fought him. You should have no problems during this stage.

Phase 2
Now it gets abit more tricky, he takes around 400 coins out of the chest so
we must learn to avoid his spinning attack. It kinda the same as phase 1 but
he also uses an action to steal more coins from the chest. He has little
fire wisps flying around him and you must get right near him to use the
reactions command "Hinder" and then once you done "hinder" get ready to
use the "Loot Launch" reaction command to force him to drop lots of coins.

Phase 3
Same as Phase 1&2 but he takes a good 1000 coins out of the chest making this
a long Phase. He also gains a new attack where the 3 wisps that are always
following him grow massive and they start jumping around the arena doing lots
of damage to you if you can't get away.

Just learn to endure, use magic carefully and be ready to run in to use your
reactions commands.

Once he is alive again, just attack and he die very soon.


After you killed the Grim Reaper you get a new rank of Magnet, handy now for
pulling in the larger Heartless in the game and does abit of damage as well.

[4.21] Agrabah

Well Agrabah is under threat by Jafar and you must stop him, you must go where
Iago tells you to go and thats the desert ruins on carpet to fight Jafar.

Air combos are very important here since you be jumping around chasing targets
down on carpet, it is also important to have alot of fire resistance again
because they're more annoying crimson jazzes here as well. Joy.

Just follow the story, you shouldn't have to much trouble here and they is
quite alot of experiance here when you are doing the escape scene from the

They is also a Torn Page for 100 Arces wood inside the ruin so don't miss

Once you get back to the Agrabah entrance again after the ruin escape, keep
the fire resistance gear on and equip the strongest weapon you have which
I would assume is the [Guardian Soul] and head to the Palace.

Boss : Jafar
Weapon = Guardian Soul
Armor  = Fire resistance and Defence
Items  = Hi Potions

Come on Squaresoft, give me more hard bosses. Jafar is a complete joke as a
boss. He was alot harder in the orginal Kingdom Heart when he wasn't a Genie.
The Irony.

Anyway the main thing we be going for is his stomach, once you hit Jafar's
Stomach with 2-3 combo he learn over in pain. You now will get a reaction
command call "Roll Up" where you spin Jafar around and stun him and then
attack his head with as many attack combos as you can till he regain control

His main attack is to throw his fists around which miss you when you are by
his stomach. He also summons fireballs which don't hit for alot and also
controls buildings and tries and throw them at you.

All the above attacks are easy to avoid or just endure.

Anyway after you hurt Jafar he keep teleporting you to this really dark area
and will throw lots and lots of buildings at you, just avoid and wait for it
to end and then attack Jafar stomach again.

This is a dull, long fight which is really easy. I used one Hi-Potions for the
whole fight.


You are rewarded a new rank of fire which is helpful since we skipped 
Prideland, we missed out on one of the ranks of fire so this is a ok upgrade.
But I doubt you be using it as much as magnet and reflect more.

You also get the [Wishing Lamp] keyblade which is also handy for getting
the enemy to drop more orbs when they die.

[4.22] Halloween Town

Time to head back to Halloween town again and this time find and defeat the
toy thief.

Thing to note is this is the last time you come across the toy box heartless
again and also a new type of heartless which looks like a toy box but will
only appear in halloween town section.

The graveyard heartless can make himself immune by summoning ghosts to
protect him and will try and fly towards you to hurt you. Best thing to do
is avoid until he lands and use gravity and keep using lots of air combos
on them.

The toyboxes are back as well but we have gravity this time.

Once you land in Halloween town head to Santa House again. Buy potions if you
need to restock. Once you get inside Santa's house save and we will prepare
for a mini boss.

Boss: Lock, Shock and Barrel
Weapon = Guardian Soul
Armor  = Highest Defence
Items  = Potions

Well Lock, Shock and Barrel are as annoying as they were in the first Kingdom
Hearts battle but at least as not as difficult. You can't actully knock out
the children here but need to lock them up in Toy Boxes in the room
with reactions commands but I assume you already know how to do this if you
completed the game at least once.

Best thing to do is attack one of them and ignore the others and Lock it up
in the box when you knock them out.

Just be ready to spam potions here because these kids hit hard and fast and
you some times can't even see them attacking you because they're so small.

Anyway its not a hard fight just more annoying. You get a new item slot for
beating these.


Then we have to backtrack all the way to Halloween town to defeat some
heartless attacking there. It quite annoying how strong these graveyards and
toyboxes are really. 

Once you get back to Halloween town we have to get
all the presents back from the heartless here. After you defeated these its
back to Santa house, play the present mini game and once you finished it save
your game. 

Time to face a very hard boss, prepare with the stuff I describe below and
then speak to Santa to start the boss.

Boss: The Experiment
Weapon = Guardian Soul for attack power
Armor  = Highest Defence
Items  = Hi Potions
Magic  = Reflect

My first suggestion is to just have a few goes to remember how this boss works
since you might have a few problems here with out cure, air dodge and block
so we will have to depend on Reflect Magic here.

The Experiment has some nasty attack which can keep you juggled in the air
and just end up plain killing you. Its mainly his laser attack that will
cause you the problem here.

The thing which makes this boss hard is that he has lots of diffrent body
parts and that he uses them in so many diffrent combantions is hard to
describe each in here.

This is why I suggest you have a few goes so you can quickly remember how
this fight works.

The main attack you should be watching out for though really is the Head Laser
attack. This tends to be his most used attacks, it is very hard to avoid
and juggles you in to the air 1-3 times. I suggest when you see it using
this ability you should Cast Reflect.

The main thing you should do during the first part of the fight is get combos
off on it, retreat and let it use one of his attacks, then another attack

When you get though the first part of the fight he starts floating around
and he will use a stabbing attack which has quite a range and also hurts for

He also will split his body and his other body parts. His body will spin
towards you, this can also stun you which you got to be careful of, you can
cast reflect here if you think he is about to hit you.

When his body is spinning round you get a reaction command where you jump
on top of him and then throw it at the rest of the body. Keep doing this till
he reforms.

This is a tricky fight since he has alot of juggling attacks which can just
end up killing you straight away.

Good luck, once you defeated the experiment you get the [Decisive Pumpkin]
keyblade which increases the damage of your finishing ground combo and also
has more strength that the [Guardian soul]. I kept using the [Guardian soul]
but it is each to thier own,


Once we finished here head to Hollow Bastion, the item shop sells [Hi-Potions]
so I suggest you buy them if you low now since we need alot for the upcoming

Once you restocked head to Twilight Town.

[4.23] Twilight Town

Now once we landed in Twilight Town we going to get attacked by every single
type of nobody in the game except for the sorceror. All the Nobodies have
just had a Health / Strength boost as well so are quite dangerous.

If you come across any Dancer Nobodies just RUN AWAY. These things are just 
to hard to even try now. We lack too little strength to kill them now so 
just run away.

This will also be a great side area to grind money but not actully get any

The gamabler nobodies live in the underground tunnels in twilight town, if
you equip the [Wishing Lamp] keyblade and play the gamablers reaction command
mini games you can make alot of easy money nice and quick.

I suggest you go here and make 2000 munny and buy 20 [Hi Potions] from
Hollow Bastion since we will need these for the whole of the end of the game

Once you have gotten all the [Hi Potions] you need to head to the mansion
and take part in the battle with Mickey helping you here. This is simple but
be careful with the Samurai here because if you get caught in thier chain
combo attack they can juggle you and kill you.

Enter the Mansion and collect all the treasures in here and then head to the
computer room. I never understood why they ask you what the password here is.
I wonder if any player actully got it wrong :P

Anyway enter the computer world here and then to the Dark Realm. Its time
for one of the cool fights in the game. Kill the countless nobodies untill
Axel comes. Best advise is to stay close to Axel here because his range of
abilities here are so great at throwing nobodies around like no tomorrow.

After you killed enough Nobodies its time to say goodbye to the best KH
charater in my view. I have to say this is the first time I every felt sorry
for any charater to die in a video game and they did a great job square enix.

Anyway, you get the [Bond of Flames] keyblade which looks really cool, shame
it not got the best abilities on it. Anyway time to enter the last world of
the game.

[4.24] The World that Never Was

Time for the world that never was, equip what every you like here since all
that is here is endless shadow and neo shadows here. Keeping to the rules of
this challenge you will ignore all of them and keep moving and collecting
all the treasures along the way till we get to the scene where Sora and Roxas
have a fight.

This is my only problem with the whole game, they could of had a great boss
fight here but we only got a video scene here. Oh well nevermind. Once the
scene is over head to the next area which has a moogle and a save point. Stock
up on potions if you need to since we will be spamming them like mad in here.
Hi potions will be for all bosses.

Save your game and head in to the castle where we meet up with one of the
hardest nobodies. The Sorcerer nobodies here are quite evil because we are
going to get hit by thier cubes alot here. My general advise is to use magnet
and reflect here. You will die a few times trying to get though this first
room since the Sorcerers are great at juggling the players here.

Start making your way though the castle and when you get to the next save
point and moogle spot. This is the last Moogle point in the game so if you
haven't done I suggest you Systhesis alot of items you think might be useful
to you. Resistance gear isn't needed from this point.

They is also a [Cosmic Belt] here which is very good for this point in the 
game. This is time we prepare for the hardest boss in this whole challenge. 
Xigbar. Prepare with the following items below before you enter the next room.

Boss: Xigbar
Weapon = Hidden Dragon

Armor  = Highest Defence Gear

Accessories = Anything with Strength

Items  = 4 x Hi Potions / 2 x Elixirs

Donald and Goofy Items = All Potions on Last Resort

Quick Command = Reflect / Elixirs / Hi Potions

This is in my view in this challenge the end boss of the game. Xigbar is a
great charater and I am glad he was the hardest boss in this challenge because
I just find Xenmas a boring fight in all truth.

Just so you know, you will die alot here just remembering everything about
Xigbar and all his moves again. He will juggle, stun you so much and you will
die alot.

I will go though every single attack Xigbar has and how to counter or avoid
them but be prepare to die alot :)

First thing we should remember about Xigbar is that he has 3 round of lasers
before he reloads his 2 guns. This is the key to doing damage to him when
he reloading his guns. Remember how many rounds he has left and you will
have a easy time to chase him down.

Donald and Goofy also have some use here since they will absorb some of the
lasers and also heal your minor wounds early on and also the Hidden Dragon
Keyblade main use here is MP Rage so we can keep getting mana back to cast
more reflect. We also have 2 elixirs in this fight just in case you use all
your mana and are waiting on MP charge.

You should also be ready to get target lock on Xigbar as soon as he teleports 
to another area. We must keep a eye on him all the time. 

I go though all Xigbar attacks now.

Attack 1
Xigbar teleports on to the balcony area and will start to fire sniper rounds
at you. Just keep running in one general directions until you get the reaction
command "Warp Snipe" to fire it back at him. This is the easy part of the
fight and you should have no problems here. After you done this he teleport
back to the main platform.

Attack 2
Xigbar will start hanging upside down and fire rounds of lasers at Sora. These
can juggle / stun Sora alot here. Your main counter to this is actully to
get under Xigbar so that he can't even hit you there. You can also use reflect
here to absorb the lasers if you can't get under Xigbar in time or just run
to the side to avoid the lasers if you are to far away but I suggest you use
Reflect for now.

After he fired around three rounds of lasers at you, Xigbar will say something
and will start to reload his guns, this is when we get some air combos off
on Xigbar. After you got 1-2 combos off on him run away and keep moving.

He will also change this attack later on where he will teleport over Sora
and fire lasers straight down so just keep moving and you be fine. Moving
is the key here.

Keep counting how many rounds he has left before he reloads.

He will also walk around some times which is a great time to get a air combo
off on him if you can reach him in time before he fires at you again once he
finishes walking around. This will also be the only time you can actully
damage him near the end of the fight.

Attack 3
Xigbar teleports you to a diffrent area now which is a long platform and
Xigbar will be at one end of the platform and Sora will be on the other. 

Run to Xigbar and be ready to cast reflect on the lasers Xigbar fires at you 
and they will reflect back to him and have a chance to stun him. Keep running
but be ready to cast reflect again because he can come out of the stun without

Get a full Air combo off on him and you will be teleported back to the main
platform again.

Attack 4
Xigbar teleports you to a platform which is a Square platform which looks like
a giant window panel. 

Xigbar will attack you again like in Attack 2 but my general advise is to 
stay in the middle of the platform so you can reach Xigbar anywhere he is on
the platform when he reloading. Be ready to cast reflect. 

Get a air combo off on him and you will teleported back to the orginal 

Attack 5
Xigbar teleports you to a platform which is a Circle Square with a little
section on the other side which goes inwards.

Xigbar will attack you again like with Attack 2 again but will remain normally
in the little sections of the platform which goes inwards. We must reach the
inward section of the platform since this is where he will reload.

Again be ready to cast reflect while trying to get there if you think you
can't avoid his lasers. Keep moving in a small circle when you get to the
inwards section of the platform since Xigbar will try and fire lasers down on
Sora till he reloads.

Get a air combo off on him when he reloads to be teleported back to the 
orginal platform.

Attack 6
Xigbar will Charge up a powerful Massive White Laser which will bounce around
the arena which will home in on Sora after so many bounces and will also knock
a third of Sora health off and also juggle Sora.

They is also a "Warp Snipe" reaction command here which will let you bounce
the white lasers back at Xigbar but you really need to Button Bash to get this
thing to work so we will not do that.

What we are going to do is Jump in Front of Xigbar while he charging up this
Laser and Cast Reflect in front of him. This will destroy the laser, and also
the Reflect explosion itself will also hurt Xigbar.

This is the only other time we can actully hurt Xigbar in the last part of the
fight. He will also fire 2 of these white lasers and will charge them up
quicker so you must be ready to cast reflect quicker and be ready to cast it

Attack 7
After you knocked around 2/3 of Xigbar health he will start teleporting you
to a very small square platform. He will glow white here now and will fire
100's of lasers at you now in a pattern of attacks.

When you get teleported to the small platform, head to the left far corner
straight away and be ready to jump over his 360 degree laser attack.

Xigbar will teleport to the edge of the platform now and will go Anti
Clockwise around the platform and fire rounds of lasers at the platform.

You will follow him here anti-cloakwise staying behind him to avoid his lasers
here until he finishes going around the platform anti-cloakwise and teleport
above the platform.

He will now fire 100's of lasers from above at you now. You must keep going
around anti-clockwise here in a circle and you will hopefully avoid these
laser but if you do get hit you will get stunned and juggled and we don't
have the last chance ability to save us here so we MUST NOT GET HIT right 
from the start of this 100's of lasers or you will die.

After this attack he teleport you back to the normal platform again and be
ready to cast Hi-Potions if you need to here if you did get hit here.

Last 1/3 of Xigbar Health
That is all Xigbar attack above and during his last 3rd of his health he will
use Attack 7 first and then move back to Attack 6 and will fire 2xWhite Lasers
which we must destroy with reflect. 

If you don't you will more than likley die here because he will move back to 
Attack 2 again and you will be juggled like no tomorrow. You can just survive
but we must destroy these lasers since this will be the only source of damage
we will be able to do to Xigbar near the end because he will keep moving back
to attack 7 so quickly and will never reload his guns again now.

They is also a chance he will walk around the arena as well. You must try and
reach him and get as many air combos off on him before he moves to another
attack since this is a rare chance to get damage off on him. Use elixirs if
you need mana badly.

You must be at your best at evasion here because if your not you will not
endure the last 3rd of his health. This will be the longest part of the fight
since they is not enough time really to do more damage to him but it can be

Good luck on the hardest boss in this challenge.

If you do defeat Xigbar you get the final rank of the Magnet spell and a
pretty cool death scene.


Go save your game now so you don't forget and then we will head to Riku and
get a new Keyblade. [The Oblivion] I used from this point now for the cool
factor and it great strength but you can use any keyblade you like.

Head to Proof of Existence room and we will do Luxord.

Boss: Luxord
Well to be honest not much to say about Luxord. General advise is just not
attack him when you are transformed in to a dice or card. Play the Mini Games
when you can to remove alot from his time bar as well as force him to drop
alot of Health Orbs.

Compare this to Xigbar you will have no problem.


Once you finished this fight head to the save point and we will prepare for
a semi-meduim to hard fight.

Boss: Saix
Weapon = Guardian Soul
Armor  = High Defence
Items  = 5 x Hi Potions / 1 x Ether
Magic  = Reflect

Saix is quite a hard boss if you can not disarm him and let him stay in
berserk mode for the full durations.

When Saix is not in Berserk mode he has 2 attacks. A charge like attack which
is avoidable and a 2 chain melee swing attack. The melee chain attack we will
use to cast reflect to stun and disarm him.

We can now jump on the sword he was using and use the berserk command on him
now which is very handy to inflict alot of damage to him and also stun him
for quite a long time.

If you can time it well you can actully disarm him before he goes in to his
own berserk form and just jump on one of the swords he dropped when he starts
floating up. You can actully time the Berserk reaction command as soon as he
lands to use it against him and bringing him straight out of Berserk mode.

If you fail at doing that don't worry, general stay away from him as much as
possible while he is in berserk mode and Jump on any of the swords he has
thrown around to bring him out of berserk mode. He just very fast and has
massive wide range of attacks in berserk mode so it more about evasion and
trying to pick up one of the swords he thrown away without getting hit.

When you have inflicted enough damage to him, I would say around 2/3 of his
total health he gains a very long chain of attacks in berserk mode and his
berserk bar doesn't go down as quickly as it did so you. This new chain of
long attacks could kill you but since Saix is so nice to throw you so far in
the air you have a good chance of surviving this but be ready to pop a
Hi potion here.

Its a fun fight in all just beware the berserk mode and try and bring him out
of this mode as soon as possible.


When Saix is defeated we have opened the door to the next section of the 
Castle which Mickey and Diz magical walked though without a problem. Grumble.

Anyway we get a pretty long but coolcut scene in to the main story about
Roxas, Riku, Ansem, Xenmas and the working of the heart.

We also are rewarded with Riku joining the party now. I don't know why, but I
want hair like Riku, its pretty cool :P

Remove all abilities and items from Riku here and start making your way up
though the castle. Using Gravity here vs the Berserkers, Dancers and Sorcerors
is advised since these can still cause you a few problems but not as much as
they did when in twilight town.

After the scene where Maleficent and Pete appear to stop the near endless
amount of heartless its time we prepare for the most easy boss in the whole
of the World that never was which tbh should not be this one.

Boss: Xenmas Part 1
Weapon = Oblivion for cool factor
Armor  = Items with high Defence
Items  = 5 x Potions / 1 x Ether
Magic  = Reflect

Well Xenmas I did first time in this challenge and I only used 1 x Ether and
2 x Potion in this whole fight, that how simple it was really. I wished
Xenmas was as hard as in the Japanese only release of KH: Final Mix. You can
see the orginal fight at this link.

This is my really only problem with the whole game and the real reason I made
this challenge. They made Kingdom Hearts 2 easy compare to the first game
that was really hard so they could appel to younger players which tbh was
a real shame since thats why Kingdom Hearts 1 was so great.

Anyway on to Xenmas, first thing is the Showdown on the building. Get the 3rd
reaction command off and you will damage him for alot, nice cutscene for a
reactions and also stun him.

Xenmas only has grand total of 3 attacks when on the ground.

A 2 swing attack with his sabers that reflect counters.

A Long chain combo of swings with his sabers that can't actully kill Sora if
they all hit him and Sora is on full health.

An annoying force shield in front of him which hurts you and also knocks you
back, you know when he doing this when he shouts "GUARD". 

Thats it, now you see why I only used 2 potions and 1 ether for my first try
in this challenge.

You should not have any problems ethier.


After you defeated Xenmas for the first time, save the game and check your

You will need at least 1 x Mega Poitons / Mega Elixir here and also
around 9 x Hi Potions. It can be done without the Mega Potions / Mega Elixir
but it will make the last part of the whole chain of Xenmas fights easier. I
explain that later.

If you lack Hi Potions and munny, head back to Twilight Town to the tunnels 
and play the gambler nobodies reaction mini games to get some quick easy 
money and then head to Hollow Bastion to buy some Hi Potions. Visit the 
moogle as well to see if you can make any better defence or strength gear.

Once you are ready look at what I equip below before you enter the final boss

Boss: Xenmas Part 2-6
Weapon = Any, I used Oblivion for cool factor.

Armor  = Highest Defence you can get.

Accessories = Best Strength

Items  = 1 x Mega Potions or Mega Elixir + 5 x Hi Potions on auto reload

Magic  = Reflect + Magnet

Quick Menu commands = Hi Potions / Mega elixir or Mega Potion
                      Reflect / Magnet


First thing to get across, the only hard part of this long chain of boss
fights is the final one. The others are just minor stages to get here and are
to be honest quite simple because of thier easy patterns.

We will want to save the Mega Elixir or Mega Potion for the last part of the
fight as well so don't use it in the first parts of the fight.

I should also note if you do die, you will be restored to full health and mana
at the last point you reach, unlike the orginal Kingdom Hearts 1 where you die
and you have to do all the bosses again which to be honest Kingdom Hearts 2
should of done but I move away from the point.

First thing we have to do is get on to Xenmas wierd like creature. Simple
enough and no diffrent from previous play thoughs.

Hi Potions seem to reload as well after each part so you can actully have
5 x Hi Potions for each section as well, another flaw in the game in my view
since you can spam them but I bitch enough, lets get to the boss.

Part 2
This part you must destroy lots of those nobody like ships to send them in
to the laser cannon cores to destroy it. Simple enough since they only take
one hit each to go in to the cannon. They do have a sucide attack if you
leave them alive for too long but it is minor damage.

Jump between the cannons with reaction commands when they're about to fire
until you destroyed both and then jump to the next part of the fight.

Part 3
With are mighty jumping abilities we have to destroy a door to get futher up
which to be honest if they kept using these super jumps they wouldn't need to.


This part of the first has 3 mini parts as well. The first part is attack the
door till it gets it shield. 

Kill the nobodies that appear, should not be to difficult at this point since 
it is basic Creepers, Assassins and Berserkers and gravity will make mince 
meat out of them.

Destroy the door again when it loses it shield and then it gains it again.
Now the main body of this giant nobody will start to send its arms in to hurt
Sora and the others but can be avoided in the corner of the rooms and you can
deal with the nobodies here. Easy enough.

When the door isn't immune, destroy it for the last time. Move to the next 
part now.

Part 4
Finally Xenmas (Well I think it is Xenmas) on his little throne, the lazy
nobody. Wants a heart yet can't be bothered to get up to fight.

Anyway, the only special thing about this part is he will summon past weapons
of the previous bosses you faced in Kingdom Hearts 2. The only hard one is
Xaldin spears but this doesn't do as much damage as it did when you first
faced Xaldin.

He also wields a massive sword which he will swing alot, you can actully use
reflect though this.

If you get a full melee combo off on him it will stun him so you can get a
few more combos off on him before he restores. He will more than likley ethier
use "Guard" ability or try and swing his sword at you which again can be 
reflected though.

Not too difficult really, after you defeated this part we get a cool cutscene
where we finally see Roxas and Namine merge with Sora and Kari. Then its time
for the next part of the fight.

Part 5
I consider this the most annoying part of this whole fight since it is just
plain boring and nothing special and reminds me too much of the Gummi Ships.
Anyway use sora melee attack to knock the little exploding ships in to the
main boss. Use the laser to shoot things. Use your shield to absorb and charge
up the mega laser.

Nothing diffrent from previous play thoughs. I will let you button bash here
if you wish here just to get this boring and painful section over with
quickly if you hate this part as much as I do :P

Part 6
Back to Part 4 again but with a diffrents, we have remembered how to glide
and fly again from the first Kingdom Hearts again, how lucky. Main diffrence
is he summons giant snow flakes to fire lasers at you. Xenmas really likes
his lasers :P

He will also knock Sora right across the other side of the arena and this can
not be avoided even with Reflect. This part we have to fly to one of the
buildings that is floating and in the air and use the reactions commands to 
destroy Xenmas shield with the building.

He will fire even more lasers at you now which can be avoided with gliding
and spinning upwards in to the air or just plain dropping.

Once you land on to the main platform again its like Part 4 again but with
the platform tilting from side to side and the snow flake lasers of doom
hitting the main platform.

Xenmas likes to cast his best ability guard alot more here to annoy us but
just endure and keep getting combos off on him and use reflect to avoid his
sword swing attacks until he becomes immune and then we go flying again.

Do this around 2-3 times and we will move to the final and last part of the

After you defeated this part it time for the final part.

Xenmas Final Form

Finally this is what Xenmas should of been like right from the off go.

I wonder who would win in a 1v1. Xenmas or Ansem :P

Anyway thing you should know, this fight is split in to two main parts. The
first part is actully harder than the last part. The irony really.

Anyway the main thing to note is that you should not button bash atoll!!!

This will make the fight too easy and we doing this without button bashing :)
Another note, Riku can not die here atoll untill you control him.

Now to the fight.

Xenmas will teleport next to Sora and throw him high in to the air. Xenmas
will now follow with teleports and try and get alot of air combos off on Sora.
You can use the "Reversal" reaction command to avoid his attacks. Normally you
can get 2 x "Reversal" commands per air combo Xenmas tries to get off on you.

After awhile he let Sora land or cause a reaction command where Riku will save
you if you been trying to melee him when in the air.

Once you land its time for the first main part of the fight.

Xenmas will be teleporting around the room creating an image of himself with
the real him. We won't know which is which till he attacks from one of them.
He will normmally attack from the one closest to you. My main suggestion
is just run away in the general opposite direction of the 2 Xenmas Images.

He will normally attack with two 360 round kicks in your direction or come
out of the air spinning with his light sabers. You can avoid these normally
if you have been running away from both images before he attacks.

Once he finished ethier of the 2 attacks above, Xenmas will ethier walk to
you slowly or will fire a black and white style beam at Sora which gives Sora
the reversal command which will move Sora right behind Xenmas. The only
problem with this reaction command in the first part of the fight you don't
even have time to use the reversal command. It only up like a split second
unlike in the second part of the fight where it gives the player plenty of
time to use it.

My general advise is cast Reflect when he is casting it to survive though 
it and then run to Xenmas and be ready to cast reflect again if you don't have
time to reach him. Get as many melee combos off on him before he ethier

He might shout "Stay Back" or something like that, he will summon 2 dark
energy balls which will explode in the air and will hurt you for alot of
damage. Ethier run away or use reflect though it.

This is the hardest part of the fight in all truth since this part of the
game doesn't give the player time to get in and actully do damage to Xenmas.

Just keep going at it till he changes his attack pattern to firing alot of
lasers at Sora. This is the part of the fight where you can't get any damage
on Xenmas atoll.

We will be using reflect and are evasions skills alot here and using
Hi Potions alot here. This is quite a hard part since these lasers can juggle
the player around alot.

This last for a good time till Xenmas says "Can you spare a Heart". When you
hear that use [Mega Elixir] or [Mega Potions]. If you don't have any of these
two you got to use [Hi Potions] on Sora and Riku very quickly.

This is the part where Xenmas traps Sora and you gain control of Riku. You
must now reach Xenmas and free Sora before he kills Sora. We will be dealing
with Xenmas Image here who will try and keep Riku away by casting "Guard".

Use Riku Dark Aura here to stun Xenmas Image and then move abit, rinse and
repeat untill you can free Sora. Once you free Sora its time for the 2nd
part of the fight.

Xenmas will now teleport quite a distances away from Sora now and will use
his white/black laser beam alot more often now and it actully gives you time
to get the reversal command off on him now. This gives you a great chance
to do some nice damage to him before he dissappers and leaves a explosion
of white/black lasers everywhere.

This is easier than the first part of the fight, but he can still hurt you
so be careful. Keep going at it till you got Xenmas to his last part of his

He will then encase Sora and Riku in a big bubble of lasers. YOU MAY BUTTON
BASH here to get passed this part. Once this is over it time to see the cool
little fight and then just get a few air combos off on Xenmas and thats it.

You beaten the challenge, well done. :)



                         [5] Version History

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Guide is finished.

                        [6]Question & Answers

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I like to thanks Disney, Square Enix and Buena Vista Game for creating a
great game. It was well worth the wait and people on Gamefaqs, Gamespot and
Kingdom Hearts Ultimania forums for help and suggestions on this guide.

If you see any errors in this guide please e-mail me to tell me.