Low Level Challenge Guide by CElliotNeal

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Kingdom Hearts 2

Low level speed run By Sonic Dude

Created 4/23/06  Finished: 8/15/06 (6 days before school) Wanted to finish 5/29
(Day before birthday) Lazy me.


This Guide can be used only for Personal uses and cannot be used for your own
site unless you ask for permession. Re produce it and using it for your own
is allowed If you wish. It can't by used on other websites.If so you have
violated the copyright.

This is my first guide. I hope some find it useful! I am not the best speller!

What it contains

This guide is made for a low level and speed run game. It could be played on
any difficulty you want but the guide will be based on the proud difficulty.
I would turn off any attack abilities as you don't want your partners to
destroy any enemies for any unwanted exp.(If you are doing a low level game)
It will be displayed like this

Items to find:
My time to complete:
Overall difficulty:

difficulty:Example 3/5 my thought 2->5 Can
range from that. It can be just a number like

Keyblade used: If I say same it means same as the last battle one I used

Level ups: 1-->7 (Example) level after like (32)

The walk through(Space here)

Extra note
Table of contents

I: Information
II: The walkthrough
Just follow the flow (Ctrl+F)
III: Questions? Answers?
IIII: What credits?
I: Information

The low level run:You can spent your time watching the scenes and not rushing.
You can take time to plan out your next move.

The speed run: You skip every scene and take the quick way out of some fights
that causes your level to be some what low.

The low level speed run:You will skip every scene and take the quick way out
of some fights. You will evade every enemy that you come across to get the
lowest level possible with the lowest time too. This is what I am making
The guide off of. I collected all of the items.

-Small note: Kingdom key is not the weakest key blade.

-And lowest level to fight Sephrioth is level 34/35

-Collect all the money dropped from required fight unless you can visit
Port Royal the second time.

-No attack abilities for other characters but you can use their limits
(You don't have to)
II: The walkthrough

Remember this is based off of a low level speed run, not just one.

The introduction Roxas' Twilight town

Items to find: Potion(9) Hi-potion(5)

Ability ring Elven bandanna

My time to complete: 1:14

Overal Difficulty: 3/5

After the scenes You choose a weapon. I chose the middle one that is 
defence+1. Then you beat up Seifer. Easy enough. Chase the nobody to the 
mansion gate. A boss battle starts!
Difficulty 1/5

Attack 2 times then use reversal repeat. 11 hits and it's down if you don't 
use a finisher.
Gain 1200 munny to get ap+2. Use the letter delivery to get the munny as it's
the fastest way. I picked the shield at the next dusk fight. Boss fight next!
3 Dusks
Difficulty would be 4/5 (You can't die)
Key blade:Kingdom key
Level ups: none

Jump combos can be pulled off quicker remember this If they float in the air
they will slash down several putting the hurt on you. Pick up the munny 

Get bonus:Aerial recovery
Pick up the potion on your way up timing your jump to evade the dusks if 
theyare slideing on the ground after you.Boss fight time!
Twilight thorn
Difficulty 2->5
Key blade:The only one Kingdom key
Level ups:none (1)

Begin with Key counter,Lunarsalt,then break raid. When you get up you should
be able to land 3 full air combos then 2 hits. Jump the slideing arm and use
reversal twice to do a three hit combo. Three of these then he will sweep over
the floor. It hurts if you get hit by it! He will stick his body underground 
and shoot electricity at you. This is what decides the difficulty of the 
battle you can stay back moving from side to side to evade the enemies or go 
up and use air combos but take major damage. I stayed back. After the attack 
he will shoot electricity but will move this time. Don't move! Use reversal 
over and over until you get close to him to do a combo. Repeat until he does 
the electricity move another time. Now he should do the reaction command stuff.
After he should do a new attack by floating in the middle like a snake. Run 
around like one direction and when it seems like it's done do go up until he 
does this huge attack after. A few more reversals and combos and he should be 
dead Before another move other than the reversals to get to him.

Get bonus:Guard
Extra Note don't kill any of the creepers!
Earn enough monney to buy 16 potions (1 to make your items full) Then do it 4
more times.(Letter delievery) Struggle battles now to do. Easy enough. Boss
fight next!
Difficulty 2->4
Key blade: Still kingdom key
Level ups: 1->2

Not to hard. Use the quick aerial attacks. I almost died because I didn't want
to use a potion.
Difficulty 2->3
Key blade:kingdom key
Level ups: None (2)

He will try to dodge your attacks by jumping to the side then later attacking
you. you should use air attacks as usual here as he will get out of your weak
attacks so you need to get to the finisher faster. When he gets down he is
about to charge atyou so go stop him. When he says don't make me mad back off
and move away from him. That is about it.

Extra note: 
I made a topic About how the music sounded diffrent here.
Get the championship belt (Did anyone miss this and got the medal instead?)
Go to central station the take the train to go for the six wonders.

Wonder one
Check the back wall!
Difficulty 0->1
Key blade:kingdom key
Run up and use the reaction command hit.

Wonder 2
Beat up the Vivi clones!
Difficulty 1->2
Key blade: kingdom key
Hit each clone once to beat them. it is 13(14?) clones.

Wonder 3
Beat shadow Roxas!
Difficulty 1->3 
Key blade:Kingdom key
He can do a 3 hit combo without hiting anything so watch out. It takes a
while to bring him down.

Wonder 4
Stop that bag!
Difficulty 1->2
Use the reaction command jump about 4 times then it's over.

Wonder 5
Head to sunset hill.
A scene. Skip it If you are on a speed run.

Wonder 6
Head to the mansion!
A scene. Skip it if on a speed run.

No levels on the wonders

Next day Axel comes another time. Get beat up to avoid exp. Go to the white
room at the mansion after the Axel scene and skip the scene. Boss battles
coming up after you skip the scene where he destroyes the machine.
4 Dusks and 2 Assassins
Difficulty 2->4
Key blade:kingdom key
Level ups: None 2 exp away from level 3

Use jump attacks on the Dusks over and over until there are 2 left. Get ready
as when you kill another one the Assassins will appear. Ignore them for now and
kill the last Dusk. Now you have to get the Assassins from the ground. Attack
them when they raise their arms to do their sweeping attack. It should deflect
and bring it out of the ground. Three combos the get near it but not close
enough to have it swipe at you. It will then charge at you selfdestructing for
massive damage. I do not know how to evade it. Do this with the other one and
the fight ends.

Axel round 2
Difficulty 2->4
Key blade:kingdom key
Level ups:no exp in this fight

Axel is about the same difficulty as last time only he fights back more often
now. Don't run up after the fight starts as you will get burned. Instead wait
and attack him after that with a ground combo to use the reaction command
Overtaker. Follow it up with clear Light reaction command. He will be stuned so
use a ground combo on him then an air one. He will warp so be prepared to use
the reaction command Burst edge. He will warp another time but you can't use 
it. Instead you have to attack him after He does the attack. In the combo you 
are doing his health should be on the last bar. Use burst edge on his new
shockwave attack bringing him almost to half health but he will be less than
half if you follow it up with a air combo. After attacking once he will glow
with fire saying,"You won't forget this!"Just back off and avoid his frenzy.
He sets the area on fire a warp to attack you but you should use Burst edge
then instead of using overtaker I let him land almost and used a ground to air
combo.He should be finished.

Get Bonus:Max HP increase
Head through the last room after this one and you are now playing as Sora.
Sora's twilight town first visit

Items to find:Potion(5) Hi-potion(4) Ether(2) Mythril Shard(7) Tent(2)
Ap boost Tower map

My time to complete: 14 minutes Total 1:28

Overal Difficulty: 2/5

Collect items as you go along Be sure to go back to the forest to get the 3
items. Event fight!
Let The Dusks attack you until your health gets low and the match ends.
(Before king scene)Event match next!
Let the heartless attack you until the match ends from low health.
(After pete scene)
Defeat all the heartless (1)
Difficulty 2
Key blade: You know (KK)
Level ups: The first heartless you kill level 3

Ground combos as Air combos can get you hit. You can't skip this battle so
destroy them.
Defeat all the heartless (2)
Difficulty 3
Key blade: Sigh
Level up: None (3)

Attack the new enemy(Soldier) once the use the reaction command Cyclone.
Keep doing this or just beat them up. Their attacks are damageing.
Just talk to Yen and don't read the book.New Keyblade,New suit,New Form!
Time to head to the next world!
Radi...err Hollow bastion First visit

Items to find: Drive recovery, Ap boost, Hi-potion, Mythril Shard, Tent

My time to complete: 8 minutes Total 1:28

Overal difficulty:4/5

Get the elixir from the moogle and head on to the next scene. Event Battle!
Difficulty 1
Key blade:...
Level ups: none (3)

Easy enough.Just let them attack you until you health gets low.
Collect the items in this area. Boss Battle(Well...)next!
Guard the door by destroying the heartless!
Difficulty 4/5
Key blade:Think about it if you have too.
Level ups: 3 (6)

Dusks and Samurais. Loads of them that you have to kill. Samurais are the
things that you have to worry about though as they don't let up in their
attacks so hit them before they can get close with blizzard. Jump attacks

Get bonus:Fire elemet

This concludes this visit to Hollow Bastion. Twilight town is gone.Next open up
the 2 paths. Go the The Land of the Dragons.
The Land of the Dragons

Items to find: Hi -potion(5) Ether(2) Mythril shard(3) Ap boost(2) Recovery
recipie Encampment and Village area maps

My time to complete: 50 minutes Total 1:18

Overal difficulty: 4/5

Skip the scene and grab the three items around you then buy the abas chain and
equip it on sora. Event battle!
Difficulty 2->4
Key blade: ....
Level ups: 1 (7)

Run up and use fire on the shadows later a new enemy appears called the
Nightwalker. I hate these things! Use air combos on them quick. Don't let up 
and they will fall. Or you can do what I did and use valor to devistate them.
You get a map after you skip the scene.Skip the scene then you need to choose
missions. First take off Ping's items if you want to (I did)Follow my order or
choose the order you want. Event battle!
The Suprise attack!
Difficulty 4/5
Key blade: Heh.
Level ups: 1 after the last heartless (8)

Hard. 4 Nightwalkers that you use air combos on then some Shadows to fire up.
Then another Nightwalker to cause trouble. Ground combos/fire for Shadows. Air
combo only for the Nightwalkers.
The ambush
Difficulty 3/5
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (8)

Shadows to fire then nightwalkers to air combo. Then a new enemy the assault
rider appears all tall and mighty. He is strong so hit him from a distance with
blizzard and be prepared to guard his long range thrust. Two nightwalkers and a
Assault rider.Kill the Nightwalkers first. Then drive to destroy the assault
rider with your drive still on then leave the world then reenter.
The search
Difficulty 5/5
Key blade: same
Level ups: 1 (9)

Find the eight heartless hiding arround. Time is the real issue but when the
nightwalkers come out you are in for it. Don't drive if you have it!I you want
equip Donald thunder but I didn't for the challenge.

Get Bonus:(Not a real one) Ap boost
Get to the checkpoint!
Difficulty 1->3
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (9)

Go up and use the reaction command rockshatter then another time to break
through. Do this 2 more times up the hill skiping the items. Go back and get
them after the event.
Defeat all the heartless
Difficulty 2->4
Key blade: Same
Level ups: none (9)

You and Ping only. Fire on Shadows then blizzard on the Assault riders
(3 of them)

Get bonus:Slide dash(Sora) Max HP and Hyper healing(Ping)
Rapid thunders and bolt towers
Difficulty 1->2
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (9)

Just run around Until time runs out. Jump to evade bolt tower attacks.Speed 
trap but no aero blade.
Note! I leveld up valor to max by leaving the snow area to fight a lone Assault
rider to almost kill him but the leaving and coming back. head to the imperial
city for a event!
Imperial city Rush!
Difficulty 2
Key blade: same
Level ups: 1 (10)

3 NightWalkers and 2 bolt towers at the start. No morale bar so take your time.
Use the bolt reversal command.
Have Valor form charged up as the real boss fight begins!
Shan-yu (The gates)
Difficulty 3
Key blade: same
Level ups:none (10)

Quite often if hou or he guards an attack you can use press a few times then
takedown for some small damage. You can't worry about the heartless but just
collect the orbs the beat up on Shan-yu. Use valor here. When he gets an dark
aura around him get ready to time a guard and if you succeed then use presses
and a takedown for more damage. The heartless were killed because of partners.
He is at moderate difficulty.

Get Bonus:Aerial sweep and hp increase(Sora) Hp increase (Donald and Mulan)
Goofy turbo(Goofy)

You get the hiddin dragon keyblade. Next! Open up(But don't go to) Olympus
coliseum. Beast's Castle is your next destination.
Beast's castle 

Items to find: Hi -potion(4)  Mythril shard(6) Ap boost(3) Tent(3) Drive
recovery, Mega-potion, Mega recipie, Castle and basement maps

My time to complete:1:38 Total 2:56 Including Phantom storm and 100 Acre Woods

Overal difficulty:4/5

When you first arive get beat up by the shadows to end the fight. Courtyard to
get some items then Belle's Room. Now head to West hall(Go back a little to
collect a few items without leaving this area) To the Wardrobe minigame. Get
ready for a tough fight!
Thresholder and Possessor
Difficulty 5
Key blade: Hidden dragon
Level ups:none

Extremely tough! Even though they will probably die don't aim for the Gargoyles
and hit the main enemy with air combos evading attacks to the best of your
ability. Potion when your health is around 40% or else. You should get the
release reaction before dieing.(I was in valor with no potions) Deal half
damage to the possessor then time to start over. I died soon after starting the
process the second time but I got Mickey(100% Chance). I jumped away to the top
far away from him and filled up the drive guage. Before using it I used all of
Micky's mp for pearl then went down to attack to find it summoning hook bats
so I revived sora.Then I used bat cry on the boss. Air attacks then release the
boss and attack to finish him off.

Extra note: I heard you can block the dark orbs. That's what made the battle 
hard for me.I should have tried it.

Get Bonus:Upper slash(Sora) Donald fire(Donald) Hp increase (Goofy)
Lantern minigame on your way.Event Battle!
Enraged beast
Difficulty 1->3
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (10)

Use the reaction command wake up then use a combo. Repeat but sometimes it 
takes more than one wake up. Beast's attacks are medium dammaging. 
Charge at the end of the battle then another wake up.

Get Bonus: Armor slot(Sora) Hp increase (Donald) Defender(Goofy)
If your using beast turn off auto limit! Boss battle next after belle's room. 
At the ballroom.
Shadow stalker
Difficulty 1->3
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (10)

Run to a side at the start to evade the lightning attack. Then get ready to hit
the chandelier with Beast's limit. Then release the spirit and start attacking.
He will try to appear under you so after a few seconds jump to evade it. He
will go in a pillar so attack that one and release. Follow the pattern untill
you win. Next form!
Dark thorn
Difficulty 2->4
Key blade: same
Level ups: None (10)

Twin howl him then jump attacks. Watch out for The dark flying things. Step
vault,catch,then pendulum round to make it visible. If you get grabbed then be
prepared to use the reaction command slingshot. I brought in Goofy to use valor
when it was on it's last health bar but got anti and killed him with it.
              Sora                Donald/Beast  Goofy
Hp increase and retaliating slash/Hp increase/Item slot
You got cure! Hundred acre woods next! Get beat up in the heartless fight for
the book. Got the baseball charm after 100 Acre woods. Olympus coliseum now!
Olympus coliseum

Items to find:Hi-potion(3) Ether(2) Mythril Shard(5) Mythril stone(2) Tent(1)
Power boost(1) Ap boost(4) Underworld and Caverns maps

My time to complete:34 minutes  3:32 Total

Overal Difficulty:4/5

Talk to Meg. Then go to the cave of the undead.Then vally of the undead. Event
Attack Hades a few times to end the battle now it's time to run away!
Run Away!
Difficulty 5/5 (6/5 potential)
Key blade: Same
Level ups: 1 (11)

You have to beat every group to move on.Do not feel the heat as it hurts!>_<
(1/3 health about)

1st group: 4 hook bats and 3 shadows Bat cry then air attacks even on shadows.

2nd group: 4 shadows and 2 lance soilders(Watch out for them) Use lance tug
right away or prepare to die. This spining attack hurts really bad also.
Blizzard (Keep a little to use cure and even more blizzards because of mp rage)
from afar Level up here.

3rd group:2 shadows 2 lance soldiers 2 hook bats Use lance tug and bat cry to
help out a lot.

4th group:1 hook bat 2 lance soldiers 1 large body Do the same as group 3 only
beware of the fat body as he can kill you without even hearing the beep sound.
When it's health gets low it will slide at your party. Use the reaction guard,
kickback then full swing to follow it up. Run through the exit!(I died right
here runing to the exit by feeling heat.>_>) Go further back to find...
Difficulty 2->4
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (11)

If you attack from afar with blizzard you should keep a little mp to cure. Air
combos but you don't really have a choice though. If you get caught between the
heads use the reaction commands Evade,jump,then dog paddle. Use aerial combos
when it is down on the ground. When his health starts to drop and you are far
away from it it will start shooting fireballs at you. That does not mean he 
will not do it when you are close though! All attacks except the shockwave 
can be guarded.
              Sora        Auron
Get Bonus: Dodge slash  Hp increase
Do the practice and maniac trainings to get aerial spiral. And it's time to get
the olympus stone. Head to the underworld caverns. Next 2 screnes an event
battle happens!
Difficulty 1
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (11)

Go to where most of the water clones(?) are and attack using wild dance any
chance you get. Starting with 1:20:00 I had 39:31 left.
                Sora   Donald      Goofy
Get bonus: HP increase/ Mp rage/ Hp increase
Unlock the area for an event!
Protect Meg!
Difficulty 1
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (11)

Run around until time runs for the next event. Don't worry she will survive. 
The real fight starts after this!
Pete (Time limit)
Difficulty 3->5
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (11)

Hard. The trick ghost are annoying and I want to kill them! When pete puts up
an aura shield go up and use the reaction command pinball to stop it. When he 
is summoning a huge rock go the Herc and do an aura guard reaction as you can't
dodge it and it does too much damage. I finished the fight with 35:63 left.
               Sora           Donald      Goofy
Get bonus: Trinity limit  Hp increase Hyper Healing
Difficulty 2->4
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (11)

Start by jumping over his 2 tail sweeps. Then jump on the back of his head a
beat it down with valor form. Then it will do that small jumping creatures
attack like Dark Thorn. Evade the tail sweeps another time. The attack the head
by being on top of it. Tail sweep for the third time. Then flames will appear 
out of nowhere right on you so keep moving. When it brings it's head down 
attack once then move away from the flames. When it's hp is gone use the 
reaction command vanquish To destroy the head. You hear Phil now. Attack a head
then vanquish it. Phil will then talk and do what he says. to use the reaction
command Phil one two then urinator. Collect the orbs if you need to. Then go
attack one of the remaining two heads. When the last one gets up use the
reaction commands a second time so it can't fight back. Vanquish this one then
the the main fight continues only it has 6 heads. It's attacks with its heads 
by slaming them into the ground. Pegasus run and attack reaction commands to 
do quite some damage. Other than that its other attacks are just faster. Drain 
All its hp to use vanquish for victory.
                 Sora                Donald      Goofy
Get Bonus:Hp increase and thunder/Armor slot/Hp increase
You get hero's crest after the fight.Disney castle as you head on.
Disney Castle and Timless river

Items to find:Hi-potion (3) Ether (1) Mythril Shard (3) Mythril stone (2)
Ap boost(2) Drive recovery, Torn pages, Star recipe, Cornerstone hill map

My time to complete:31 minutes  4:03 total

Overal Difficulty:2.5/5

Out in the courtyard collect the items but run from the enemies. Event with
the queen.
To the door!
Difficulty 1
Key blade: same
Level ups: 1 (12)

Call over reaction command to get to the door. She kills the enemies tothing 
you can do about that. A bolt tower and a shadow were left after I finished 
this event.
To the throne!
Difficulty 2.5
Key blade: same
Level ups: 1 (13)

This is where our exp may differ as I can't make out how many I killed but I 
did have 169 to level 14. Ok you need to call her but to where you can run and
she will follow for a short time. Using faith when they get close so she 
dosen't kill them. That will kill them later though.

Get bonus: Accessory slot and auto summon(Sora)Go to hollow bastion to Merlin
then come back to Disney Castle.
Timeless River

Go to the pier to fight pete.
Difficulty 1
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (13)

Air combos then time your jump when he is about to hit the ground to avoid the
shockwave. I'd used Valor when he was at 1/4th health to get a little exp. Now
for the scenes!
Scene one Building site
Difficulty 4
Key blade: same
Level ups: 1 (14)

Hammer frames are strong so watch out. I used air combos to evade some waves
and to keep attacking. Trinity limit at the start of the battle. Then you 
should be able to use air slash to destroy them. Minuse bombs will come. If you 
hurt them enough they will put a timer on and jump to explode on you.It causes
massive dammage. My mayhem bar was at the peak because I was trying to get them
to explode for no exp. If that works though. I'm not sure.
Scene two Lilliput
Difficulty 3
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (14)

Thunder and air combos on the Aeroplanes while thunder and any combos you want
on the Hammer Frames. Use stomp bomb on the tower if you need a little time for
something like a potion. 
Scene three Scene of fire
Difficulty 3.5->5 (6/5 potential)
Key blade: same
Level ups: 1 (15)

Fire on the many Shadows. Try to get a many as you can get caught in. Then 
finish them with a combo. A new insane enemy called a hot rod appears before 
you. These cars can punch twice taking over half your health and when their 
health gets low they will race at you three times while being invincible to 
physical attacks but here is what you do. You run away casting thunder until 
their health is almost halfway then you use trinity limit. It should kill 
them and that ends the fight.I got a level from killing them.
Micky's house
Difficulty 2
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (15)

Get a full combo on the black thing to stop it then destroy the rapid thunders.
Lots and lots of them. Don't forget aero blade after speed trap.
Find pete at the waterways to do an event!
Cornerstone saving!
Difficulty 2
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (15)

Our ps2 is messed up and I had no music in this fight.Anyway use juggle parry
on the objects he sends at you then overhand. You can thunder in between to
reduce the times you have to do this. When he loses his hp run to the other
side and grab on reaction command to atart attacking the bow to get the corners
tone out. The hang on reaction command appears from time to time so use it to
continue attacking. If you fail minutebombs will come so don't.
             Sora          Donald             Goofy
Get bonus:Slapshot/Fantaisa and Auto limit/Hp increase
Go to the Wharf to conclude timeless river.
Pete (Evil Pete)
Difficulty 2.5
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (15)

Long fight.You could stay back and guard the exploding balls Pete throws at you
and use the reaction commands to the good Pete. Or you could attack him. When
using combos after about three back off or he will guard hitting you and
yelling "Get out or my way!" Then a shockwave you jump over. When you try to 
get close he may back up throwing these small balls at you. You want to be 
careful at Lilliput with the towers you don't want to get close to. He changes
areas when his health hits a certian point. Use trinity limit throughout the 
battle and at the last scene juggle him with air blade for massive damage.
                  Sora            Donald      Goofy
Get bonus:Hp increase Reflect/Hp increase/Goofy tornado
You get the Monocrome keyblade after the battle and wisdom form.Back to OC
Pain an panic cup I am not covering but trinity limit with ethers and comet and
comet rain on Leon and Yuffie. This is for the lucky ring to equip. Finish
floating island then to Port royal.
Port Royal

Items to find:Ether (4) Mythril Stone (1) Mythril Gem (1) Mythril Shard (3)
AP Boost(3) Mega-Potion Isla de Muerta and Naval Map,

My time to complete: 46 minutes    4:49 Total

Overal Difficulty:3.5/5

Undead pirates
Difficulty 0
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (15)

Just let them attack you until you health gets low. that ends the fight. Then
the next fight do the same.
Difficulty 2
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (15)

Some shadows,soilders,and cannon guns. I used valor then trinity limit but
before valor I just used thunder until I was out of mp. A few more attacks and
the fight was over.
Go through collecting items then head through the exit. Talk to Will to get on
the ship. Talk to Jack then you need to run inside to evade killing the
heartless for unwanted exp. Then go back up and talk to him and choose for a
second time the Black pearl to start an event when going two areas forward on
the island.
Survive until time runs out!
Difficulty 2->3
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (15) 

Run around using the return fire command when it comes up. It will not kill 
them alone without you attacking themsome first. Their attacks hurt so watch 
out. I used comet when I was sure it would not hurt them to stall time with
Choose Port Royal once then run inside. Save then choose it a second time to
start an event.
Ship Battle!
Difficulty 4->5
Key blade: same
Level ups: 1 (16)

You have to protect the medallion. If one of then gets their hand on it you 
have sixty seconds to destroy them. Magic works wonders as it freezes them 
(blizzard) or stuns them (lightning). Their attacks still hurt and you have a 
ship aiming at you. Trouble starts when one gets the medallion from you 
because you have to fight no matter what condition you are in. And their 
attacks can do half health. With no second chance you have to be very careful.
Hidden dragon with blizzard works well. Cannon fire from time to time to stop 
the ship from shooting at you. You have to destroy all of the pirates to end 
the event.
              Sora     Donald  Goofy
Get bonus:HP increased/Draw/Same as Sora
Burning barrels
Difficulty 2
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (16)

Go over to the barrels and use the reaction command launch. Use it on the ones
the air pirates are going to first to make sure it dosen't explode.
             Sora     Donald       Goofy        Jack
Get Bonus:Item slot/Hp increase/Second chance/Hp increase
Go through the island to fight a boss.
Difficulty 4->5
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (16)

I had blizzard on shortcut instead of thunder. Find the llluminator heartless
and destroy it then find Barbossa. I suggest blizzard then a combo until you 
are almost out of mp then comet to wisdom form. If you ever hear him say once a
gain Jack use reaction command twin counter near Jack(Or else you lose)then 
sonic dive. There is a chance to use the land reaction command then Reverse 
blade.(I finished the fight with this)He can bring out The heartless again if 
he wants.
        Sora               Donald/Jack             Goofy
Max drive+1 Aerial finish/Hp increased/Teamwork(Yay!) Auto limit
Follow the wind is your prize now ancient highway and broken highway to do.
After that go to Agrabah.
Agrabah first visit

Items to find:Hi-Potion (4) Mythril Shard (5) Mythril Stone(3) Mythril Gem,
Drive Recovery AP Boost(5) Mega-Ether Serenity Shard Skill Ring Lamp Charm
Cave of Wonders and Halloween town Map

My time to complete: 58 minutes 5:27 Total(Including the 2 gummi ship paths and
First part of H Town.)

Overal Difficulty:2.5/5

When you land an event takes place
Luna bandits
Difficulty 0
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (16)

I killed one without thinking but after that I let them beat me up ending the
fight. Head to the palace then it's off to the cave of wonders after the shop
before it.
Angry equipment!
Difficulty 0
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (16)

Keep pressing the reaction command Go,Abu! and jump. The hits don't matter. 
Then when he gets there use the reaction set the jewel!To end the event.
       Sora/Goofy/Aladin   Donald
Get Bonus: Hp increase/Donald blizzard
Next room to the chasm of challenges.
Chasm of challenges
Difficulty 3
Key blade: same
Level ups: 1 (17)

Small cubes and things I killed with wisdom and shot at the big heartless. Then
used quick play with trickster to gain enough drive to go back into wisdom form
to thunder the fortunetellers. I finished with six seconds and fifty six
milliseconds. Beware that if you fail this you must restart so that means you
have to load your game to lose that extra exp.
Go inside then you end up going out to fight.
50 heartless
Difficulty 3
Key blade: same
Level ups: 1 (18)

I hate silver rocks but anyway shirt shot them. When the cubes come out turn
wisdom for some wisdom exp but keep some mp. Then use quick play to fill up the
drive another time. Use it on the fat heartless.That ends the fight
   Every one but Goofy     Goofy
Get Bonus:Hp increase/Auto healing
If you still had wisdom activated leave the world and I went to halloween town.
(I do not know why I thought I was finished here)Then go back to Agrabah to the
treasure room. Then go to the palace for the boss fight.
Volcanic and Blizzard lords
Difficulty 2
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (18)

Firagun the volcanic lord twice then go and knocksmash then valor. (I got anti)
When out use knocksmash again if nothing happened to Goofy.(Burning of frozen)
They switch throughout the battle. Use Blizzagun like Firagun to stop attacks.
Your partners will be useless even more in this fight than others. Just takes
some time. Try not to attack the heartlesswhen they change.
             Sora       Donald     Goofy      Aladin
Get Bonus:Explosion/Hp increase/Armor slot/Hp increase

You get the lamp charm with the Wishing lamp keyblade. Time to go back to
twilight town!
Twilight town second visit

Time to complete: 6 minutes 5:33 Total

Overall difficulty 4.5 (I guess)

Go to where the struggle battles took place for and event fight.
Defeat the Nobodies!
Difficulty 4->5 (6/5 Potential)
Key blade: same
Level ups: 1 (19)

You start off against some dusks so I suggest you attack twice then reversal
repeat. Be careful because 4 hits and you are dead. Explosion can work nicely
also on the dusks. When one is left heal to max health. If cure wait until your
mp is back. I used a potion instead. Start the second wave of dusks with knock
smash then you should see a new enemy called a berserker. They are strong so
watch out. They can leap at you so keep moving. When the berserker's sword(?)
goes up in the air run away. After it stopes that it will take a wack at you 
but you should be far away by now. Then you will see it shine blue and trying 
to float over you This move really hurts like half of your health so you should
drive right before it comes down into wisdom form. The back away taking regular
shots at the berserker (Dusks can still be around) reflecting if it tries to
land on you with that shining blue move. When you manage to kill this berserker
then three(No fair) more come.(One drew it sword to its hand thus knocking out
Goofy >_>.) Use knock smash if Goofy is up otherwise run to the best of your
ability. After a KS they will start their sword stuff so use and ether and run.
I do not know how to evade the shining move with no mp or drive so I got hit 
sending me into critical and I retaliated using KS one more time thus gaining 
a level and ending the fight.
Go to the station plaza for an event ending by giving you the oathkeeper. Now
on to Halloween town.
Halloween town first visit

Items to find:Hi-Potion (3) Ether Mega-Potion, Mythril Shard, Mythril Stone (3)
Mythril Gem AP Boost (2) Halloween Town and Christmas Town Maps

My time to complete: 23 minutes 5:56 total 

Overal difficulty: 3

I started in the lab due to comeing here for an unknown reason before finishing
Agrabah. When you leave the lab and event starts!
Defeat the heartless
Difficulty 0
Key blade: Oathkeeper
Level ups: none (19)

Winged knights. If you run up you will get slashed for almost one half of your
health so do it then let them hit you some more ending the fight.
Head to the tree in the hinterlands then head to the town for a fight.
Heartless battle
Difficulty 3
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (19)

I went for the items then attacked the driller moles then the toy soldier.
Driller mole will not leave you alone going down into the ground like that so
destroy then first. The toy soilder likes fighting from a distance and if you
get closer it will pop out of the box and shoot at you for massive damage. If
you try to go even further up(For you button mashers) it will come out with a
pumpkin head with claws and hit you in a combot even if you were hitting it
first. So just stay backand use thunder. You can always spin the object for
some stuff and a little damage. I used wisdom and had to leave the world from
Santas' place to keep my drive gauge up.
Head to Santas' then his workshop to the graveyard and make a V turn around the
corner there where the mythril shard is to start a miniboss battle.
Prison keeper
Difficulty 3
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (19)

The prison keeper starts with barrel (It always has for me anyway) and it uses
a biting attack. It's easy to dodge but will cause a lot of damage when you get
hit by it. Interupt it with some air combos and keep them going until it loses
a bar and a half then it tries to change stats so use inside combo reaction to
stop it. It went Shock before next but this time it was Lock. Lock is the
one you would want most of the time. He throws fireballs that you can deflect
with guard thus hurting it and stunning that is just asking for an air combo.
When it backs away guard and repeat. When it changes to it's third form (Shock
who is the hardest and most annoying)Use knocksmash from the top of the hill
the go up and attack over and over until it uses all three forms at once use
knock smash twice and drive into valor for some valor exp and to finish the
boss off.
        All but Donald      Donald
Get Bonus Hp increase/Hyper healing
Head to santas' workshop to start the boss fight.
Oogie Boogie
Difficulty 3
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (19)

You are on a moving platform that makes you hit spikes if you stop for too long
so don't You have to use the reaction command Fore! 12 (I counted) times to
knock him down. Go to town with knocksmash and watch him fly around. He will
leave in the middle of it though. When he makes it up there quickly prepare to
run and jump forward because the platform will move really fast and you don't
want to get spiked. When he says I'll squash you flat be prepared for an
punching glove to come down several times causing great damage. When he says
that's right away you go start moving from side to side to. When he says I hope
you like the boogie gifts I sent you you have to switch areas to evade extra
exp from killing them.

Extra note:Watch out for those Emerald blues viruses (Wind creatures)
                 Sora        Donald/Jack  Goofy
Get bonuses: Item slot/magnet/ Max hp/once more
Time for the Pride lands. Go through sunlight storm first

Items to find:Hi-Potion (4) Ether (2) Mega-Ether AP Boost (3) Tent Mythril
Shard (2) Mythril Stone (6) Mythril Gem Serenity Stone Torn Pages Savannah,
Pride Rock, and Oasis Maps

My time to complete: 29 minutes  6:25 total

Overall difficulty: 4

Collect the few items and head to the next screne for a fight!
Living Bones x2
Difficulty 2->5 
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (19)

No once more so be careful. The way to make this easier is to use magnet then
attack them a few times then repeat. Then aerial attacks if they are not
finished off. The match could get hectic if you don't finish them off quickly.
Their bites and spins hurt too much so be careful. Use rodeo and grand cross
reactions if you want.
Make your way to pride rock then go back to the savannah to find a diffrent
area to go to called the Wildbeast valley. Continue going forward to find the
Wastelands. Wastelands is a small area but is dangerous. Dash through 
collecting items quickly. Jungle is small also.Go to the north west to find 
the oasis and Simba. Back to the jungle for another event.To the oasis to earn
the circle of life keyblade. Head back to the savannah for another event that 
leaves you at pride rock. Go in the king's den to start an event battle.
Three hyenas Shenzi,Banzai,and ed
Difficulty 2->4 
Key blade: Circle of life
Level ups: none (19)

Don't underestimate them as they can rack up the damage meter and put the hurt
on you quickly. Ground combos work well be be prepared to move away from their
counteratack as it deals a lot of damage.(Half health) Call over Timon and
Pumbaa before the hyenas charge at them. Use magnet a few times if you can't
catch them. Can be a difficult battle.
           Sora/donald    Goofy
Get bonus: Hp increase/lucky lucky
Head through the king's den to start a boss fight!
Difficulty 4
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (19)

A hard fight as most of his attacks hit for over half health with multiple hits
and you don't have once more. You can stay back shooting blizzard but I would
not do it. If Scar pins you press the relese reaction or you take lots of hits.
In fact it might be enough to kill you. When he uses the fire powerup stay 
still and when he is about to go over you combo him. Repeat. For the lightning
move just stay back as that is too dangerous to get close. For the dark power 
move you can dash out of the way but I reccomend reflect instead as this dash 
could kill you. Don't be near him when he starts it as that could kil you also.
             Sora                 Donald   Goofy/Simba
Get bonus: Mp increase and fira/fire boost/hp increase
To Hollow Bastion!
Hollow Bastion second visit

Items to find: Hi-Potion, Mythril Stone, Mythril gem, Mythril Crystal,
AP Boost(3) Moon and Skill Recipies Castle Perimeter Map(SP) Mythril Stone,
Mythril gem, Mythril crystal,  Drive Recovery Mega-Potion, AP Boost,Tent,
Gaia Belt, Ukelele Charm,(HB) Pit Cell and I/O Tower Maps

My time to complete: 2 hours and 6 minutes  8:31 total

Overall difficulty: 3.5

When heading to the next area skip the scene with Cloud. Then head to Merlin's
house to skip the scene there. Head to the Bailey,skip the scene,The head to 
the Restoration Site. Use the skateboard to get to the Postern where you skip
another scene. Now to the Corridors and another scene needs to be skipped.
Through the Corridorsis Ansem's Study and an even to skip. Skip the next event
with Leon and the computer further in the room to now be in Space Paranoids.
Space Paranoid first visit

Hit the door enough collecting the orbs then you use the reaction command
Freeze (Thought it would be release)Head to the canyon go in the center of the
inside part and use the reaction command access computer. An event happens 
after you skip the scene.
Real parts!
Difficulty 1
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (19) >_>

Keep your eye on the red box. You can run around with it or just turn your view
to find it. After they stop go and hit it. Very easy. I'm not sure what happens 
if you run out of time.

skip event then head back to the pit cell.
Use the reaction command access computer and select research lab to go back
then skip the scene. Not required but if you want to go to land of dragons for
some wisdom training. Train master to max at land of dragons by exploding the
fireworks and you don't need exp to do it.
Okay this is not required but is good. I have wisdom at level two only fighting
required battles exactly at 20 exp and you should want it at level 4. I leveled
it up to 3 with rapid thrusters and shadows at Lod's ridge and cave. You may be
complaining about I'm fighting monsters out of battle that is required so here
is the exp chart.

level 36:108057 and Level 37:119887 level 36 to 37=11830 
(By the way 5 exp to level 20 when I left.)

Changing rapid thrusters exp from 4 to 5 like shadows you get 85 x 5=425exp not
much of a matter huh? After I leveled it to level 3 I leveled master with the
fireworks right at that area letting wisdom go off as I don't want to kill
anymore enemies so I use drive recovery to drive and get master to level 5 with
no exp on Sora. Return to Space Paranoids and skip the scenes for a minigame.
Light cycle
Difficulty 1

Use the square button charge on the enemies. After five it's over. Skip the
scene and now it's time for an event.
Race to the exit
Difficulty 3

Running into walls hurt badly so you need to charge the guys and move around
the corner fast. If youtime your moves around the corner then you can destroy
them. At the end used the guard button to evade damage if you are about to die.
Head to the data space and access the computer for an event fight!
Freeze the monitors
Difficulty 3.5
Key blade: follow the wind
Level ups: 1 (20)

Weaken them af much as you can and transform into wisdom to get wisdom exp. You
have two minutes so hurry up. You don't want to kill more than you have to so
collect all the orbs you can. It helps to have follow the wind equipped. Time
limit is a little strict this way.
         Every one but:    Donald
Get bonus: hp increase/thunder boost
Head to the I/O Tower Communications room and pick up the items after the scene
and equip the gaia belt. Go back a room for the boss fight.
Hostile program
Difficulty 3.5
Key blade: Oathkeeper (follow the wind is a good choice)
Level ups: none (20)

This boss likes to make you back away so I would take off Sora's air finish due
to speed and the boss doesn't care if he is getting hit and will still move. 
For the small diamond like objects aerial dodge out of the way/to the boss to 
evade them. Quick air combos are good. When you collect enough orbs try to get 
him coming around to you and time your freeze to have more time to attack him.
Attack with knocksmash for quite a bit of damage. Aerial dodge the lazers and
machine gun shots toward him to get in attacks for more orbs. Don't mess with
him when he is charging around. If you use any form use master for the draw or
valor for some exp when it is frozen as valor can't really get close. Slightlly
annoying while still being a fun fight.
             Sora's               Donald/Tron   Goofy
Drive gauge+1 and horizontal slash/Hp increase/Jackpot
Skip the scene after the fight and leave the computer. Go to land of dragons.
okay 59 kills to level up wisdom. 295 exp take away 1 for each rapid thruster
kill instead. Get cracken and head to H bastion.(if you trained wisdom)
Access the computer when you get back (Get out of S paranoids if you don't
level up wisdom) then head to the corridors for a nobody/heartless battle.
Difficulty 4.5
Key blade: Oathkeeper
Level ups: 1 (21)

Everything can damage you badly specially dancers. Make use of reflect for
everything. Rising sun also.Knocksmash helps on dancers. Got some valor exp
here.Crimson jazz are annoying and tough so watch out. Pretty hard
Head further back a screen to the restoration site and skip the scene for
another fight.
Creepers and Dancers
Difficulty 4.5
Key blade: same 
Level ups: 1  (22)

Killed 4 dancers in anti form reducing exp by 1192. Reflect including the
dancers charge attack. but don't mess up as you get punished for it badly. Air
combos with anti if you get it or even drive in the battle. Still hard to beat.
After the fight skip the scenes and head to the castle gate (hole to the right)
from the bailey to start a boss fight.
Difficulty 2
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (22)

Cool song. The fight starts with his 'dance water dance' only under diffrent
conditions. Use regular attacks combined with wild dance reaction command to
get rid of 50 forms in 40 seconds. 13:39 left on my clock. Knocksmash him. Now
for his long range bubbles attack that shoots forward at you quickrun to the
side or aerial dodge. Reflect if you don't have them. For the water  bubbles
above move to a side with quick run or just regular running. If you don't time
well you will get hit so you could just reflect. When you get you mp back (mp
haste) he will probably create some more water clones that you have to defeat
one every second for 10 second or you lose the match. Pretty easy and I don't
see what's so hard about this. I had 3:45 left to spare. When he says "Common,
kick to the beat" start moving toward him but not close enough to get smacked.
Then jump over on top of him and aerial dodge and attack at the peak to evade
to attack and start a combo. When he sends the streams at you quick run/aerial
dodge out to a side or reflect. (reflect's safest) another knocksmash
then I used two ethers then a show stealer reaction command to a knocksmash
which he did that "kick to the beat" attack. Finished him with a combo after
that.Easy to beat but hard to no heal.
              Sora                   Donald        Goofy
 Armor slot and blizzard element/ Blizzard bost/ hp increase
Skip the scen and exit you menu to start event fight chains. It's nice to know
that if you lose anywhere before the break you have to fight Demyx over.
Helper Yuffie
Difficulty 2
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (22)

She actually helps well. Use rising sun and that's about it for this one. Move
forward for the next fight
Leon's help
Difficulty 2.5
Key blade: same
Level ups: 1 (23)

A little harder because of moirning stars. Magnent them and combo. Rising sun
again help a lot. If you chose the shield you learn reaction boost with perfect
timing. Move forward for the next fight
Tifa's help
Difficulty 3.5
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (23)

Hardest fight in the seris due to the morning stars.Rising sun to take out the
morning stars easier. Watch out as their attacks are very strong and can
take you out quickly. Move further for the last fight in the series.
Cloud's help
Difficulty 1.5
Key blade: same
Level ups: 1 (24)

Easier even with the cramped space a Cloud is pretty strong. Later in the fight
(quick fight though) Cloud will start flying and destroy heartless after 
heartless. You could just run around and watch as he can take care of them. 
Just watch out for the morning stars.
You got cura. Collect the items save and go to the great maw for a fight.
1000 heartless
Difficulty 1->3  
Key blade: circle of life
Level ups: 5 (29)

The fight took over 50 minutes when I used no reaction commands. With reaction
commands it's very easy. Do what you will. Take your pick it doesn't matter. I 
did it without sparkle ray or rising sun.

Get bonus:Guard break=Sora
Skip scenes and time to go to the land of dragons again.Now time to second 
visit the worlds.
Land of Dragons second visit

Items to find: ap boost(2) mythril crystal, orichalcum, ogre shield, queen
recipe, torn pages, palace map

My time to complete: 32 minutes  9:00 total

Overall difficulty: 3

When you first arive head up to the ridge for a cutscene to skip. Go further to
the summit for a boss battle.
Mysterious man
Difficulty 3.5
Key blade: oathkeeper
Level ups: none (29)

The battle has two annoying factors. 1 the boss doesn't get stunned by your
attacks at all and 2 there are rapid thrusters That try to give you exp so you
have to watch out for them as much as possible. You can sit back using thunder
then trinity when your mp is low or do the same with reflect. If you plan on
regular attacks keep them as quick as possible. This bosses attacks hurt so
watch out. The battle ends when he has about 1 bar of health.
Head to the imperial square and skip the scene for a fight.
Heartless battle
Difficulty 3.5
Key blade: same
Level ups: 1 (30)

Assault riders and bolt towers. You could stay back and use magic with the bolt
reversal reaction command. I suggest knocksmash. Then you could drive to refill
your mp. If you go anti kill as many of them as you can.
Head forward in the antechchamber to the mysterious man to start a battle.
Nobody battle
Difficulty 2.5->4
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (30)

They are very strong and two shots from the snipers can kill you. Reflect works
wonders here if you are close to them. If your magic ever gets low use
knocksmash if Goofy is even alive. Quite easy but they can really get on your
bad side if you let them.
Collect all the items in the throne room an head back out to palace gate for
the conclusion of this world. Unequip explosion.
Storm rider
Difficulty 2.5
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (30)

Not really hard but just a very long fight. You start on it's back so use the
reaction command hold on and let go before you get zapped by it's lightning.
Now you want to attack the two spikes on both sides of it's upper body
(sholders) with guard break as explosion doesn't work well. When the second
one is almost down move behind it with your target on the horns and use
knocksmash. It should fall to the ground while your using it. It will be weak
to attacks then but after it raises it's head a second time move away or be
blown away. I may charge over you droping bomb in a straight line so hop in a
tornado and bust up to get on its back. Other than that it can slide down at 
you then you use vertigo toss after you slide first. That allows extra attacks.
If it shoots lightning at you (four at once) guard it then guard the second 
set. It can get down on the bridge and create electric walls that close in on 
you so you have minimal moving space and charges a beam. When it's charging 
don't touch the horn or you get hurt. Hit it with something else like being 
close and using reflect so the shield touches the horn but not you. It charges
twice. Then gets back up. That's pretty much it.
              Sora        Donald/Mulan    Goofy
Get bonus:Thunder element/hp increase/tornado fusion
Now you go to port royal considering your going to have trouble with Xaldin.
Maybe. (Meh he is easy)
Port royal second visit

Items to find: ap boost, high drive recovery, mythril crystal, orihalcum,
meteor staff, king recipe

My time to complete: 25 minutes 9:25 Total

Overall difficulty: 2

Go down to the harbor to start a fight.
The undead priates
Difficulty 1.5
Key blade: same
Level ups: 1 (31)

Easy as they are weak agianst magic. Unload thunder or blizzard on them then
knocksmash if you don't want to use an ether before you run out of mp.
Go to the black pearl and head to Isla de Muerta. Always go back into the ship
when you are ambushed. When you choose to go there agian a cutscen will happen.
Skip it and go out to the deck for a mini boss fight.
Grim reaper first time
Difficulty 1
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (31)

It doesn't really fight back. Knocksmash the combo it. Find it over and over
keep comboing it. You should leave this fight without a scratch.
                Sora      Donald/Jack Goofy
Get bonuses: Summon boost/hp increase/draw
Your at the ship graveyard. Collect the items as you make your way through.
Two screens ahead at the seadrift keep there is an event battle.
Nobody theif
Difficulty 1
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (31)

Just beat up the nobody for the medallion. Collect the items first though. You
can get money for items with it by playing its games with the reaction command.
Head back to the seadrift keep to get another medallion. Head further back in 
to the seadrifts row and get the medallion from this one. Head to the Isla. You
have two choices. Get the nobody in the second room that is hiding somewhere in
the closed off areas with boxes or go to the back and just beat one up. Take
your pick. Oh, don't try getting that one in ten seconds or beating up the
undead pirates for it to come out.(third area) Have blizzard or thunder on a
shortcut with a couple ethers. After you collect the 4th a boss battle starts.
Grim reaper second time
Difficulty 3  Annoying factor 4/5
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (31)

I hope you got alot of ethers on hand. You should have on as many draws a you
can. (That's not much) He is invincible until you get all those medallions in
the chest and the only way to do that is by magic and reaction commands.
Blizzard and thunder work well on him. If you attack him when he is invincible
it will drop mp slowly so an ether when you are about to run out is good.
Sometimes he will steal them out of the chest. You need to get close and use 
the reaction command hinder then loot launch. Knocksmash when he can be hurt
otherwise just regular attacks work well enough. When he is almost dead he will
steal all of them and do a massive jumping around attack. Takes awhile to get
it all back. I finished the fight in anti form. A very annoying battle. With 
the wind attack even more annoying.
           Sora     Donald   Goofy/Jack
Get bonus:Magnet/Flare force/hp increase
Time to head to Halloween town for the second time.
Halloween town second visit

Items to find: None

My time to complete: 13 minutes  9:38 Total

Overall difficulty:3.5

Head up to the gift making room for a mini boss fight.
Lock,Shock,and Barrel
Difficulty 2  
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (31)

You have to capture them in the boxes. They last longer when knocked out so
beat them up with ground combos and knocksmash. Then find boxes to trap them 
in. Annoying fight as they scurry around everywhere.
             Sora     Donald/Jack   Goofy
Get Bonus: item slot/ hp increase/auto change
Head to the town to and event battle.
Presents for heartless
Difficulty 4  
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (31)

Hard as you need to get the presents without getting hit for least exp. When
you get hit you drop a present and that usually makes you kill another
heartless making more exp so weaken the starting heartless some then use
knocksmash before those houses come and get your presents then you have to
Head back to where you fought those three and make presents. An easy way to do
this is hold left shooting like crazy reload the hold right and do the same
thing. Repeat and dont worry about them knocking the boxes out.Tell Santa you
are ready and head out to boss.
Difficulty 4  
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (31)

One of the harder bosses. Start with knocksmash. Then use aerial attacks and 
the finisher should stop his moves from going off. It will soon split up and 
it's torso will spin at you. Use guard then the reaction command kickspring to
 keep it away. Keep repeating until it gets itself together. Use knocksmash 
agian then it will split up again. Use the guard/kickspring strat to evade 
damage. I drived into valor and let him eat combos when it got back together. 
Then it split up so I reverted cured and it connected its body back so I used 
air combos from the side as it shot at the distance with that other face. Went
apart agian then I drived to recover mp and reverted. Went on and ended with 
me in valor.
              Sora       Donald   Sora/Goofy/Jack
Get bonus:Finishing leap/jackpot/hp increase
Head to Agrabah now.
Agrabah Second visit

Items to find: Torn pages and the Ruins map

My time to complete: 32 minutes  10:00 Total

Overall difficulty:3.5

Head to the palace walls then to the sandswept ruins. Now you chase jafar and
stop him from casting spells. Hit him with afinisher then follow him up to the
top of the tower and beat up the heartless (I don't consider this one an event
but I got to level 32 up there on top the tower.) Now you need to find the
switches to trigger. One is down below the tower where your at,second is to the
left most area that is closest to the tower you were just at, and the third is
high in the sky above a building near the entrance. It's fire,blizzard,then
thunder in the order I listed the three above.Now you have to race back to the
tower and make it inside before time runs out.Collect the two items and head up
and to the left around to the right and skip the scene.
Flying event
difficulty 1
Key blade: same
Level ups none (32)

Just find corners to sit in. Let them fly past you. The kills can't be evaded.
Talk to the pedeler before the palace walls to start the boss fight.
difficulty 4
Key blade: Decisve Pumpkin
Level ups none (32)

Quite hard. Watch out for the flying building parts he shoots at you.Attack his
stomach with ground combos if you got the weapon I used equipped. Use three
ground combos on his head before the reaction command roll up and spin burst.
Now you can get another three combos in. Repeat until he starts using flame
balls and lightning at you. You then get close to his stomach and use reflect.
You will most likely get hit after but it's a trade off. Whenever he says I
will destroy it all heal and move around in the diffrent area before you get
smacked with objects. Use and ether after if your mp is not back yet. Repeat
this until he goes down. His you'll never escape does no harm so don't worry.

Get bonus:Fire element=Sora
With the wishing lamp in hand Head to 100 acre woods.
100 acre woods All visits

Items to find: ap boost(6) mythril stone, mythril gem, mythril crystal,1
defense and magic boost,cosmic and draw rings,Style and guard recipe,orihalcum
(2) 100 acre wood map.

My time to complete: 33 minutes  10:33 Total

Overall difficulty:0

Play the minigames.After you get the orihalcum+ time to go to pride lands.
Pride lands second visit

Items to find: You visited all areas last time so none

My time to complete: 17 minutes  10:50 Total

Overall difficulty:3

Skip the scene and go in the king's den for another scene to skip netting you
the running tackle ability. Now see the monkey at stone hollow (Forgot his 
name. Head out to the elephant graveyard for a event battle.
Three hyenas Shenzi,Banzai,and ed
Difficulty 1(not really)
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (32)

They don't even fight back so just combo them but try to keep them on the
ground. They jump away after a combo so stay on them. I find the roar finisher
cool and fun to use.(square at the last hit in a combo) But do what ever you
like. Running tackle works well at stoping them after you catch up with dash.
Finish them off with thunder for an easy hit.
                   Sora     Donald/Simba Goofy
Get bonuses: Accessory slot/hp increase/mp rage
Now that that is over head to the oasis and skip the event to end up at pride
rock. Head out to the Savannah to end Pride Lands.(Already?)
Ground shaker
Difficulty 3
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (32)
Battle starts with you almost out of control and you have to use the reaction
commands jump several times then end it with fend to knock it down. Now go to a
side of its head and start attacking I like to jump then use square as much as
possible and end with and X finisher. Repeat until it gets up. Now run forward
and use the reaction command leap twice to reach the back of it. The thing on
top is the real enemy. The aerial square attack works well still and can knock
his face off allowing more attacks to be done. To evade the lightning get down
far on one side quickly. To evade his invisible combo rush either do the same
as the lightning or use reflect as couple of times. When you are forced to get
off and you see flames coming down a straight line got attack the head like at
the start but knowing when to back away to evade the flames or use reflect and
continue the assault. When it starts running around the place you have to start
the reaction command sequence like at the start of the match with the jumps and
fend. After the second fend attack the head again.Now jump up on it's back and
finish the boss off. It doesn't have any new attacks this second time one the
back but doesn't need them.
          Simba/Sora      Sora
Get bonus:Hp increase/thunder element
Time to head out to Beast's castle.
Beast's Castle second visit

Items to find: You visited all areas last time so none

My time to complete: 23 minutes  11:13 Total

Overall difficulty:2.5

Okay for the sake of some I came here as late a possible because of the people
saying Xaldin is hard so you can have a little more of a chance of beating if
he is hard for you. I usually come here after land of dragons because I have no
problem with him. Anyway on with the guide. Talk to beast and skip to a nobody
Dragons and Dusks
Difficulty 2.5
Key blade: same
Level ups: none (32)

Not too hard. Reflect works well here. Take care of the dusks with regular
combos or reflect. Then use air combos on the Dragons(Things with lance)
Reflect their version of jump or move and jump out of the way.(Aerial dodge if
you have it or quick run.)I killed the last dragon in anti shaving off 455 exp
which is like that wisdom training long ago exp. Oh yeah use learn if you want.
Head to beast's room,skip the scene and head right back in and skip this for
rumbling rose and a map. Head back to the entrance hall for another event 
Dragons and Dusks
Difficulty 2.5 
Key blade: Circle of life (I don't know why.)
Level ups: none (32)

Almost the same as the other fight but the song did change for the better.
Three dragons,then a few dusks, then three more dragons. Follow the strat from
the other fight you just did and you should be fine.
Head out to the courtyard to finish off Beast's Castle for good with a boss
Difficulty 2->5?
Key blade: Circle of life (I don't know why I didn't change it.)
Level ups: none (32)

Awesom music! Anyway he is pretty easy if you know what you are doing. Start
with a knocksmash. Don't worry about your mp. Now he should start his winds
move. Now move away a little. If he is walking toward you let him and when you
see him pull back guard to block the thrust and catch him off guard. While he 
is off guard stock up on jumps. Let them loose but keep two before he fully
recovers. He may thrust at you again so repeat. If he goes in the air to do 
that lightning attack(?) run away from him. You can cross over quickly and run 
to the other end of the bridge between his short bursts with quick run or 
aerial dodge. Now his health should be lowering. If he sends out that slow shot
thing run the other way. Now if he says winds and starts teleporting to you 
time your reflect or aerial dodge so his winds that surround him don't hit you
on contact. If he doesn't say winds before teleporting several times toward you
he is going to thrust so guard and stock up on jumps. Keep two. Chances are he
will do his invincible combo so guard it, aerial dodge away, or quick run away.
To block that fates of dispair or whatever wind attack time a jump if you have
one (why you saved 1) to go over it or be around the middle of the bridge and
reflect once or twice to come out without a scratch. He usually does it agian
(The full invincible combo) right after he gets back on the bridge so that's
why I wanted you to save two jumps for the second wind attack. No new actions 
so repeat until dead. Another tip is if you havo no mp or jumps drive to evade 
the wind move or go all the way to the right on the bridge to take less damage.
         Sora/Goofy/Beast   Donald      Sora
Get bonuses:Hp increase/auto healing/reflect element
Olympus collisuem is next.
Olympus Collisuem second visit

Items to find: You visited all areas last time so none

My time to complete: 10 minutes  11:23 Total

Overall difficulty:2

Talk to pain to do the hades cup fights. 
Hades cup matches
Difficulty 2
Key blade: Decisive pumpkin
Level ups: 1 (33)

First one use thunder some then knocksmash. For the second one you need to make
the minute bombs explode(?) or you get exp. I'm not to sure on this so if they
explode and you get exp then just kill them all. Master forms thunder works 
well here.
Head to the cave of the dead entrance and skip the event.Talk to Auron and head
through the cave of the dead to hades'chamber. The skateboard helps for go
faster. Skip the scene for a fight.
Nobody battle
Difficulty 2
Key blade:same
Level ups:none (33)

Reflect works nicely but I like to use master's disaster finisher more. Just
beat them up. Magnet with master's air combos work well also. It's your choice.
With Auron's statue in hand go to pain and head to the match and skip the
scenes.You now fight Hades.
Difficulty impossible
Key blade:same
Level ups:none (33)
Hit him a few times and the match will end.
Skip the scene and the real match begins.
Difficulty 2.5
Key blade:same
Level ups:none (33)

Hades' attacks hurt but he is stil easy. Hit him out of berserk with an aura
sphere or the reaction command to launch it. Then use knocksmash. Repeat if you
want with ethers or use combos until your mp comes back. Either way try to keep
him out of berserk to stop that giant ball in the center causing flame spots on
the ground like the volcano lord. I would try to get as many ground combos
because of my weapon but Hades floats so that doesn't happen often.No need to
drive or anything.
            Sora                      Donald     Goofy/Auron
Mp increase and counterguard(yes!)/Accessory slot/Hp increase
Things are winding down. Head to Hollow bastion. For Space Paranoids second
visit really.
Hollow Bastion

Head to Merlin's but you get in a fight.
Space enemies
Difficulty too difficult! >_>
Key blade:same
Level ups:none (33)

Get beat up by the enemies so the match ends.
Skip the scene and head all the way to the computer room because we got to find
it.(Shadow the Hedgehog joke) Collect the Gullwing keyblade along the way. Skip
the scene when there and go to the right to collect the cosmic chain. Access t
he computer and skip the scene and start a fight with the computer.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Space paranoids  33 minutes++++++++++++++++
                                    11:56 Total   Difficulty 3
Devastators and Magnum loaders
Difficulty 3
Key blade:same
Level ups: 1 (34)

Kill the purple things(devastators) with thunder and knocksmash when your mp is
low. Use quick blade when you get the chance on the magnum loaders. Regular
combos work on the magnum loaders but not really on the Devastators.
Head to the I/O Tower halway and skip the scenes for another fight.
Devastators and Strafers
Difficulty 3
Key blade:same
Level ups:none (34)

I killed four Strafers in anti 1240 exp shaved. Use the same strategy for the
Devastators as the earlier fight. Just use regular ground combos on the
strafers. Master combos in the air work good.
Head to the I/O Tower communications room. Skip the scenes and head to
Simulation hanger. Get through there and depart on the solar Sailer Simulation
for a fight.
Devastators, Strafers, and Magnum loaders
Difficulty 4
Key blade:same
Level ups:1 (35) (Okay I did another run on the game and stayed level 34 here)

Time limit on your hands. Use Tron's at first to get rid of the first set of
enemies. Concentrate on lone strafters with combos then magnum loaders come.
Drive and revert for mp. Attack regularly until the message comes that there is
too much weight and use knocksmash. Use ethers to get you mp back. When two
devastators come use knocksmash once more but be fast as the weight is rapidly
               Sora/Goofy   Tron          Donald
Get bonuses: Hp increase/magic increase/Mp hastera
Collect the four items Central computer core map,cosmic arts,ap boost and a
orihalcum+. Head further in to start the boss battle.
Sark and Strafters
Difficulty 1
Key blade:same
Level ups:none (35) (On other run still 34 allowing me to fight sephiroth at
level 34 after this.)

Sinister shadows song. I used knocksmash on Sark. The strafters get in the way
and get killed. Use zone guard and disk strike after to go back at him. Just
combo him and it will soon be over.
Sark and MCP
Difficulty 3
Key blade:same
Level ups:none (35)

Start by attacking Sark's legs until he collapses. He will not just stand there
as he will use lightning that you should reflect to cause even more damage to
them. Then hit him on the head. Repeat until he goes down. Now break the walls
down,(wrestling.:p) okay one of them only and have tron in the party to use
charge reaction for damage. Keep pressing until you see the walls starting to
stop bouncing around as they will come down and you will get hit by a lazer.
Evade the lazer and wait untill the attack stops. Find the opening quickly
before he says eliminate all threats and spins the blocks protect himself. I
make several openings because of that. Do not delete when Sark is up as the 
disk he throws takes like half health. Later in the match Sark will say going
somewhere and create a wall. Go to it and use the reaction commands climb then
needle dive to instantly knock out Sark. Keep it up and MCP will go down.
Have auto change on Tron to be able to swith him in at any time instead of 
having him ko'ed.
        Sora/Donald/Tron     Sora           Goofy
Get bounses:Hp increase/Reflect element/accessory slot
Now that that's done Finish A of the D gummi ship mission. To got to Twilight 
Twilight town fourth visit(?)

Items to find: Gah! 17 10 combinding sunset terrace and The underground later
to get but seven you get while completing what you have to do.

My time to complete: 28 minutes  12:24 Total

Overall difficulty:2

Head to the mansion and skip the scene for a fight.
Difficulty 2
Key blade:same
Level ups:1 (36)

Mickey help you out here. I recommend master combos or master's thunder. If not
you could just use ground combos until they submit. You an use knocksmash if
you want to.
               Sora/Goofy   Donald
Get bonuses: Hp increase/lucky lucky
Inside the mansion  go to the upper right(Collect the items first around and in
the lower left room.) then drop down and go in where Roxas broke the machine.
Talk to Pence and choose the second option. After you went further in and got
the Ultima recipe. Head through where you fought Axel the secon time with Roxas
and go into that small distorsion(?) for event fights.
Difficulty 2
Key blade:same
Level ups:none (36)

Only dusks.Use reflect or Combos to defeat them.
Assassins and Dusks with the help of Axel
Difficulty 3
Key blade:same
Level ups:none (36) 
(35 on my other game I said at the level when fighting Sark)

Defeat the Dusks like before and now you need to get the assassins to self
destruct giving no exp from them There is like 6 of them and 860x6=5160 exp to
shave thus stoping you from reaching level 37 maybe.

Get Bonus Mp increase=Sora
End of twilight town now at The world that never was.
The world that never was only visit

Items to find:Ap boost(3) Mythril stone(3) Mythril gem(2) Mythril crystal(4)
Orihalcum(4) Orihalcum+, Cosmic belt, Dark city map

My time to complete: Somewhat unknown includes atlantica and other side visits.

Overall difficulty:3

You are at the level you should be at the final door. Head to twilight view
collecting items along the way and save. Proceed to the next boss in the next
room after you skip the scene.
Difficulty 4
Key blade:same
Level ups:none (36)

The third hardest boss for me. Start the battle running from the first three or
so shots then use the reaction break. Xigbar shoots at you quick and you should
guard or aerial dodge to him and combo him. Sometimes he will still shoot you
for some damage. When he says heads up that means his hands appear near you and
you should jump and aerial dodge. If he makes a big shot(he is going to) time a
reflect instead of warp snipe because that leaves you open. The reflect seems 
to absorb it and still send out the damaging shield so be close to him to cause
a little more damage to him. He changes the field several times. Hit him with a
finisher to change it back but only if it stuns him. I hate the  one where it's
a square and and little strip in between which you have to get around to.
There is a long strip and a square dice like one with four holes in it. Quickly
get a finisher to change it back. He likes to warp over your head a shoot down
at you in three short bursts so watch out. When you get him down to  2 and a
half bars and he says now this is getting intresting the battle just got
harder. He shoots two big shots in a row and quicker so do your best to reflect
them. For his invincible attack stay in place when it warps you, jump over his
shots while he shoots on the platform in a circle, (Jump and aerial dodge in
place.) now he is going to appear in the upper left corner(If you didn't change
your view.) So you jump forward and aerial dodge to the upper left where he was
shooting from but a little to the right. Now keep going around to the left with
him but staying back to not get shot. When he warps on the platform saying
let's see how you dance start running in a circle making sure not to run into
your teammates causing you to get caught up in the storm of shots for massive
damage. If you do this right though you can get through with no scratches on
you. That's pretty much as much as I can help you. This fight is long and hard.
Good luck!
                 Sora        Donald     Goofy
Get bonuses:Magnet element/Item slot/Hp increase
Head further in to proof of existance and save.Head to Luxord now.
Difficulty 2
Key blade:same
Level ups:none (36)

Start by keeping your distance away from him until you turn back. When you turn
back you should flip his cards with the reaction command. Okay. When he says a
challenge is it move closer and use the reaction command play game. An easy way
to do this is to go down one to the second command part that is usually magic
and wait until it goes around to the third time. When he says hearts move away
and jump as he will jump over behind you so you catch him in the air with a
combo and move from the spinning cards. When he starts the three look closelly
game take your time and choose the right one. It gets harder and harder for the
third time but is still easy. When his time goes down to reads(around there) t
he screen grows darker and he says look whos on top of the game. Start jumping
and aerial dodging to evade his scatter and such. When he calls Sora behind 
giant cards another minigame happens. You have to get four O marks down the 
row. If you succeed (you should) thunder him to finish him off.

Get bonus Hp increase=Sora
Save your game and head in the other room to a fight with Saix.
Difficulty 2
Key blade:same
Level ups:none (36)

Easy. In fact very easy.He starts in berserk. Let him start attacking then run
away a little and move to the side a little to evade the third hit in that 
series. Grab his dropped weapon with berserk command and move away from him.
When the triangle/reaction command button appears move toward him and use 
Eclipse before his attack goes off then magma storm reaction after a few hits
to knock him out of berserk. Now move sort of close to him and reflect his 
attack. Hit him with 2-3 combos depending if you have fenrir but without it 
only do two.(Assuming no combo plus are on) Then guard his charge move. 
Now reflect his slow combo again and and hit him with two more combos or so. 
If his bar is almost full and he is about to break out of your combo Grab the 
weapon before he transforms So when he drops to the ground in berserk you can 
knock him right out of it instantly.Repeat until dead.
               Sora       Donald      Goofy
Get Bonuses:Drive guage/hp increase/item slot
Head further in to fight Xemnas
Difficulty 2
Key blade:same
Level ups:none (36)

As easy a Saix. Go up to the building to make the invitation to nothingness
dissapear(The health drain) with the reaction command face down. When they get
close in slow motion waith for finish to appear and choose that reaction
command as it's the best out of the three. When he is stunned hit him with
combos until he warps down away from you. Follow him and hit him if he doesn't
warp. If he warps then jump and aerial dodge over his two hit move and hit him
with an air combo. He can use that guard move before it. Other than that When 
he twirls them around in a long combo move away as you should still be in the 
air and guard it several times(five) when he comes near. The alternative to 
jumping is to just time your guards. One of the first fights I got a no hit on
even though I got a little lucky.

Get bonus: Mp increase=Sora
Head to atlantica
Atlantica only visit
Items to find:All automatic

Now head to hollow bastion/Radiant garden.
Head to sephiroth. If you don't know where that is it's at he is further than 
the 1000 heartless battle.
Difficulty 2->5
Key blade:same
Level ups:none (36) (34 on a other save because I fought him right after SP)

Difficulty depends on you and your growth abilities. You should at least have
level 2 aerial dodge. Start the battle with guard so stop flash and it's 13
hits. Hit him with one combo. Guard once and counterguard and finish the combo.
Repeat until he says know your place (4 and a half bars gone) then hit him with
another combo instead of the usual one combo. He will warp. Now he can teleport
and hit you in the air. To counter this aerial recovery and lock back on while
comboing him. While after you hit the ground run toward him and use slide 
dashes ability to get another combo and he will warp agian. To stop his shadow
flare move(the orbs) use reflect. To dodge Firaga wall aerial dodge away or 
quick run away.You can get in a reflect by knowing then the wall will end and 
run into it almost and use reflect.If you get they off you can do two combos 
off him. Jump and aerial dodge to him to stop heartless angel anytime it 
happens. When you take him down to four and a half bars of health he 
transforms(sort of) and is even more dangerous.He has a charge attack that 
knocks you in the air a little and can kill you even when once more is equipped
so reflect it of jump. He uses meteo as the match goes on. You evade it by 
jumping side to side with aerial dodge. He does flash after this so use block 
or reflect to evade the damage. Keep it up and you'll win. 

A little note: Sephiroth doesn't have a set pattern the whole match. It's only
the first four and a half bars. You can predict and sort of make him do a move
but not know what he is going to do for sure. Also take of slapshot.

Get bonus:Drive guage power up=Sora
Tell cloud where he is and go back there to get Fenrir. Now head back to The
World that Never was.
The world that never was continued 1st visit

Head through the door to kingdom hearts for the last battle.
Xemnas part one
Difficulty 2
Key blade:Rumbling rose
Level ups:1 (37)

Move forward and use the reaction command slicer. Go to the next area. Move
forward and use the reaction escablade then several sky scrapers to the next
area. Now hit every enemy that appears and use the reaction command stunt
dodge to evade the cores shot.Repeat on both sides once more to get to the next
area. Now you need to attack the door or destroy enemies then attack the door.
Assassins,creepers, and berserkers. Master's thunder and disaster work well. Or
reflect. Knocksmash and ethers work well on the door.Now you are fighting him 
on a throne. Sesson with riku is good. I got final form here and finished the 
fight in it. Reflect on his guard move but not too close those.Reflect his 
swipe at you or there is massive damage.Knocksmash is okay but Cosmo boost 
will not hit much in fact maybe once. Easy. 

You could just stand in front and reflect for an easy win.
Skip scenes for the next fight.
Ship battle part two
Difficulty 4
Key blade:Rumbling rose
Level ups:1 (38)

You got to work with your one fragile life bar. You should move around in
squares shooting lazers and when you get up to the exploding enemies hit them
with your finisher hits of your combo. Use megalaser when Both sets are out.
(The ones that explode and the ones that shoot at you.)Not much else advice
for this one.
Skip scenes for next fight.
Throne part three
Difficulty 2
Key blade:Rumbling rose
Level ups:none (38)

Reflect on his guard move but not too close those. Reflect his swipe at you or
you take massive damage. Knocksmash is okay but Cosmo boost will not hit much
in fact maybe once. Once you take his health down to four bars(3 down there and
on full one on top) he will blast you of all the way back. You can use reflect
to stop yourself from getting blasted back but you cant hurt him so let it
happen. To evade lasers glide straight for him. To evade buildings repeaditly
jump or let yourself fall. For the somewhat homing lasers you let yourself fall
or jump in a circle in sound with the louder sound. (every second sound) If you
don't understand jusp let yourself drop to evade it. Now you are supposed to
get close to a building and use riding shot and Meteor rain reaction commands.
After that he will do the Homing laser thing I was just talking about. After
that go and glide to him and treat the battle like before only a little more
cautious of the lasers on the florr that sorta follow where you are at. Still
easy. Thunder can finish him from very far awar and can be a source of damage.
Skip the next scens for the final boss fight.
Xemnas white suit version part four
Difficulty 3.5
Key blade:Rumbling rose (You can't change it in the final boss rush.)
Level ups:none (38)

Start with a lot of reversals. Keep doing it as his attacks hurt a lot if you
get hit by them. (most) After you make it down he will have a clone of himself
and try to confuse you so you get hit by his two kicks(high damage) of his
spinning saber attack(fatal and can kill without once more.) Other than that
use reversal on his lightning attack to get in a combo before he moves.Later he
starts using the red lasers from the match before. You can guard them or use
reflect to stop damage. There is also aerial dodge. At times he will have one
clone out and they will be looking at you. They will shoot after a little while
so be prepared for it. A little later he will zap Sora and you now have to
control Riku and get to Sora to save him. Use the square button for dark aura 
of ten to keep the clone away as you move forward. Get to sora and save him 
with the reaction command rescue. At about 3/4th left of his last bar you get 
covered in a dome of lasers. Press triangle and X (not mash) with a little but
not much speed to make it through the attack. After the mini scene use thunder,
session, or whatever to finish him off.

Extra note: You can reflect the begining move to do damage but you take some 
and trigger a mini event where you have to use the reaction command block. Also
reflecting the red shots can hurt him if timed good.

Congrats you beat the game a a low level! Enjoy the ending! Any questions?

My Battle Report

Proud Mode
88% of Journal
5% of Gummi ships
Heald part members: 74 times
Saved by mickey: 1 times(ha times) Beast's castle mini boss
Most used form Valor: 54 times
Anti form: 10 times
Most used summon: Chicken little 0 times(Stich works on Demyx?)

Q: How do I get money without killing enemies?

A: At Port Royal's ship graveyard gamble with the nobodies there. From the save
point go to the next room. Go back if they are not there or if you get turned 
in to a card or dice.

Q: Any other ways?

A: There is always Twilight town minigames..

Q: You should have went to Beast's castle first. Then you wouldn't say Xaldin
is easy.

A: I usually do but for the sake of others who find him one of the most
difficult I fought him as late as I can so you could be at the highest low
level at that part of the game. That wasn't a question by the way.

Q: You mentioned how you had another save lower leveled. How?

A: Anti form can do wonders to your exp.:P

I think that's about it  of this section..

I would like to thank my mom for the ps2 and the replacement ps2 to play the
game on. Also for provideing me with tapes so I could get accurate information.

Uh that's it I guess...