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"Kindom hearts is pretty good"

Kingdom hearts is pretty good except for right at the beginning when you have to waste an hour or two playing as Roxas when you never get to play as him again in the entire game. The Roxas part is very pointless in my opinion except for the few unfortunate enough not to have played the game before. Most people would figure out how to play on there own anyway. They could have just made the intro start with Sora instead of Roxas which would have at least made sence.

In all I thought the graphics were really good, overall very realistic much like most of the other square enixes games. They are a little bit better then the first game Kingdom Hearts especially the movie scenes which are very realistic.

MUSIC: 10/10
I give the music a 10 because it is all pretty good and most if not all of the songs fit the levels. Some of the songs are better then the songs from the first game but most of the songs are about the same except that some of the songs for the first game don't fit the levels.

STORY: 9/10
The overall story was pretty awesome except for the wasted part of the game with Roxas, as ive already stated. It was ok for length(can beat it in less then 20 hours if not going for 100%) although it could have been a little longer. The nobodies through a new twist in to the game but the original heartless are still better. The nobodies are pretty good except that they took away most of the heartless storyline. Organization thirteen was probably my favorite addition to the series.

I really liked the combat system and how in this game unlike the first game you use the right analog stick to look around, which is really nice considering haw in the first game you had to use L2 and R2 or was it L1 and R1, oh well I cant remember its been a couple a months since I played it but you get the point.

Great game and as ive already stated twice now the Roxas part sucks and that's the only reason im rating this a 9. It is better then the first game especially because the synthesizing take way longer then in the first game and is much harder. Also the optional boss sepharoth is pretty awesome especially because he is such a hard challenge.

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 05/05/08

Game Release: Kingdom Hearts II (US, 03/28/06)

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