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My PS2 doesn't read DVD's?

I'm having a problem running games on my PS2 slim. I've opened it up, vacuumed the dust, oiled and de-oiled the rod which rotates to make the lens move up and down. I've checked reading after each different attempt, and I found that it reads CD's but not DVD's. The lens is as clean as can be, but I suspect low lens voltage. It is a SCPH-70012. Note that this problem started with slow loading time, and then disc read errors occurred after I inserted a collectors edition cheating disc which I found lying around my house, just to check it out.

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The only reason I posted is because I wanted to know how I can fix my PS2 by myself. Any fool would know that he can send it for repair. If anyone is trying to tell me to send my PS2 for repair, don't bother posting.

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Where I live the PS2 was never officially released. The PS3 was though. So I never had a warranty in the first place. Note that it is three years old and I had sent it for repair 3 times already. First the entire mother board was shorted out, then the next two times ICU's were burned out. I was just wondering if this has anything to do with the current problem at hand. And I doubt I will get a PS2 for 20$ here. That would be 1000 in my currency. I paid 1600 to get it fixed for the ICU burnouts. And now I'm not that rich.

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DeltaBladeX answered:

Given that its a model 70000, its one of the early model slims and would have had a warranty for years now. Unfortunately, all my experience with fixing systems is with original model PS2s. I can only suggest searching YouTube for some tutorial videos. I've seen someone post a link for it on the boards a year or two ago so there should be one somewhere there.
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itwizz answered:

Your PS2 Is broken so send it to your local reputable independent Console repairers for repair.
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itwizz answered:

Trying to fix it yourself will void any warranty you have left and make the problem worse especially if you don't know what you're doing so just send it to a PROPER repair shop at least that way you get a 6 month warranty with the repair, compared to the measly 28-30 days you get with a shop bought, self installed part!

You can always buy a new one as 2nd hand they are dirt cheap, in fact I saw one for 20 the other day which is an absolute bargain!
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