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How much does the phat ps2 cost nowadays?

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Someguy1212 answered:

in the US a Used one goes for about $30-$50, News ones are near impossible to find. Slim ones go for used for about $100, but New are $129.99
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DJ183 answered:

Today a PS2 costs about $190 (Aus). If you are American then i don't no. Sorry.
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thoul answered:

The slim model PS2 is the only one sold new in the USA now. It goes for around $129. If you're referring the the older, thicker model, those would be sold only used (unless you're lucky enough to locate one in the box at some out of the way gaming store). The price would vary from dealer to dealer.
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Glacoras answered:

Slim model is only sold in the UK (and I think everywhere else). It costs about 80 IIRC. It is cheaper than buying any next-gen console
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FallenGuardrian answered:

Yea it lot cheaper than next gen gaming console it cost around $100 for big ps2 try get series 90000 ps2 i think
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