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Can a codebreaker (like a gameshark) wrek you ps2 or ps2 games?

I used it and it wreked my gta 3 game and made my thik ps2 consol slow for two days. I really don't know what happend and I have not used it sense.

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bungiefan answered:

It can only mess up your save files. Your console and game discs are read-only, so they can't be altered by a device that only edits RAM. Only data that gets saved to a memory card can be damaged, everything else is erased when you reboot the console.
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DeltaBladeX answered:

It can do nothing of the sort. When using a cheat disc, it changes values in the RAM of your PS2 so your health won't change or you have $1000000. Nothing that can affect the disc and it is wiped the instant the system resets so nothing permanent for the system. The only way the game or system could get damaged is if you did something while changing the disc which is no more dangerous when using a cheat disc than doing it the rest of the time you use the PS2.
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BattleDON answered:

No... it cannot damage your game discs.
Only your game save files.
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Rengadewite444 answered:

No.But it can mess up your saves.It also voids your warrenty.
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DarkSlimy answered:

The demage to the game might be a problem with the lens, or the drive has scratched the game disc, a problem with the lens might make reading games harder so it might be what you called "slow", or maybe it is, again, a problem with the disc, either way, it is in no way supposed to be caused by any sort of a gameshark.
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Adam_plmr answered:

No but if you are playing any games you must have the games master code on at all times otherwise the codes you activate wil not work at all at least with a codebreaker disc. Some codes will cause certain games to crash but that is only due to having too many codes active at one time. Other than that whether you use a gameshark or codebreaker disc you should have any problems unless the disc is really scrathed real bad if that is the case the only thing you can do is get a new disc .
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itwizz answered:

If you're not careful cheating WILL wreck your save so I do NOT recommend using them.

This has now been answered so please close it.
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gengar77 answered:

The damage problems with the old cheat devices was exclusive to the cartridge based systems. They were
unapproved hardware and often did not fit properly, bending the tines of the cartidge, the system, or both.
Todays devices are purely software based and are usually approved for use by manufacturers. Less reputable
ones, I suppose, could mess up your hard drive in a virus-like fashion, but nothing of the sort could ruin the game
itself. Games are not printed on CD-RW. They are hard-written and permanent. Besides, I don't know of any PS2
that can burn a disk, which would be required to change the data anyway. If something like that happened, I'm
inclined to say the fault lies solely with the user.
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Jhardy821 answered:

Nope sorry its a problem with your console or ur game is to scratched or something but all those cheat discs can do is mess up game save files
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Nukey_Shay answered:

Just for the record...I've been using Gameshark, Action Replay, and Codebreaker discs for years and I have YET to experience a corrupted save file. There's no question that inputting incorrect codes (or codes of an ==incorrect format==) can corrupt a save file...but it's no reason to avoid using cheating discs so long as you are careful. On the upside, they allow you to backup important save data safely to your computer via the USB ports, load imported games, play region-locked DVD's, etc. So there is a lot you miss out by avoiding using them.
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Jonez5 answered:

If you have lots of save data and your console is still in warrenty don't get it but if you have hardly any data and you have no warrenty it should be ok but would'nt it be safer and less hasle to just get cheats from a pc and print them??
hope this helps
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