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Will there be Prince Of Persia 2008 and god of War on Ps2?


Dimon101 answered:

I doubt it..most game series are going to either DS or next gen systems. I am really hopping for AR Tonelico 3 to come to PS2, but the majority of ps2 RPGs are going to DS on portable...very bad trend for us who own ps2's and not the latter
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GAMEFROG1 answered:

PS2 is on the way out.So buy up your fav. games.Thats how they get us to spend more ! Just thank, 4-5 yrs, that high $ PS3 will be outdated ! Maby in 3yrs. I buy PS 1-2, GC, X-BOX games pretty often. I payed good money for my systems, and im not about to stop enjoying them now.
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