Question from SweetSerenity22

How do I put codes into my gameshark 2?

I can't figure it out I haven't neededto input codes before can anyone help?


Pumster76 answered:

You follow the on-screen prompts. However, I don't recommend even bothering; GameShark 2 has a low reliability, and I have never gotten any official or unofficial codes to work with it. Buy a Pelican CodeBreaker if you want a usable product.
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mikeseanclifton answered:

Don't. It'll glitch the games and I speak from experience.
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nickandecho answered:

I have gameshark so this will be a breeze. i put in the code you want. which first you must slecet expert cheat mode. select the game by pressing X or go right on d-pad, or insert a game by pressing O and add. once in select the cheat with X or press O and add one. first name the cheat! when named press right on the d-pad to put in the code. good luck its a 16 digit code which you can find at the game spot web site sometimes. put it in and if there is an extra line of a code then press O and add the line. do not back space! press L1 to move all the way to the begining and put in the code. after you do this as many times as needed then select it! make sure the must be on code is put in if this is a new game. you need the must be on to use to cheat! once you select it press start and the question do you wanna start the game with the cheats on. press yes, this will automatacally save the game for you! do not swicth the game yet! after it saves press X when it says to and then press start again and the officially press yes and then wait for the disc to stop spinning. when it does open it and put in your game. press X, i press it twice for luck, maybe dont do. but the game will start and your cheat will work! if you failed then dont worry start gameshark over and then choose the cheat(s) and then press start. do this until the game works for you, it is a bit tricky. its fun after wards!
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