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Asked: 5 years ago

I really miss some of Playstation games, anyone could help me how to play Playstation games to PS2 console?

Is there any idea to convert PS1 games to PS2?

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Thanks DeltaBladeX,
so, if i still have PS1 Memory Card can i plug it unto PS2 and use for save my PS1 games??

Additional details - 5 years ago

Is there any problem occur if i run PS1 disc into PS2 console?? i heard some problem reganding optic lens, is it??

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You put the disc into a PS2 and it loads the PS1 game. Simple as that. Only possible problem is that PS1 games need a PS1 memory card.

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Yeah, just slot in that PS1 memory card and have fun. One possible problem is if you have a slim system, model number 75000+ (check the underside of the system for the slims model number) and a 3rd party PS1 memory card, expect it not to work. Sony blocks 3rd party PS1 memory cards on newer systems.

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As they get older, the PS2 laser can have problems with certain media, normally CDs (so PS1 games and blue PS2 discs) or DVD9s. Playing these discs won't really make much difference in the condition of the laser.

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