Question from nikosdaf1

Asked: 3 years ago

My playstation2 reads nothing,no cd,no dvd no games ?

each and every game i put in my ps2 receives this message ' the disc could not be read',then i try with dvds or cds ,i tried cleaning the lens ...same thing :S ,i can t have all my game discs broken...
i have ps2 slim....
whatever cd i put in or dvd ,it doesn t read it,no matter what it is,it reads nothing....what can i do?

sr about my English,I m Greek....

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From: DeltaBladeX 3 years ago

If you can't play any games, I really think its the system at fault, not the games. If doing what you can for the lens doesn't fix the problem, you really have no choice but to buy a new system.

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