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Asked: 5 years ago

Anyway to turn up the volume on the PS2?

I connected my PS2 to a VGA Box and connected my ViewSonic screen to the box, but I can barely hear anything. The screen's volume is maxed already, so I was wondering, if it is possible to increase PS2 volume? So Far I've had no luck.

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I have never heard of a way to increase PS2 volume. there are no known switches on it unless they are hidden rather well. The only other thing I can think of might be a loose connection or checking the speakers if that is what you have :-(

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There must be something wrong in your connection.

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You can check the game options, and put it all on max
plus, try to move the connections a bit see if it gets better
and try connecting it with a plug to your earphones or
other speakers around, that way you can make sure that the
cable is working

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Most likely it's the cable or your TV speakers.

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Maybe the cables are outdated. Maybe you need a new sound box, screen or PS2. Other than that, maybe the box and screens aren't even close to compatible. You should consider researching their compatibility options.

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