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Asked: 5 years ago

What is the best way to clean a ps2 game disc?

Just wondering so I can properlly take care of my games.

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First of all, the best thing to do is to use a <B>SLIGHTLY</B> damp cloth, something that isn't very wet, to clean the underside. Don't touch the top of the disc, as that's where the data is. And make sure to clean from the center out, not in circles.

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Use clean and soft cloth then wipe from the center to the edge straightly not in circular. That's for every disk. But I recommend you to clean whenever your disk have a dirt, just don't rub your disk too often while it's clean as sometimes result in scratch only. Good luck.

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Lol don't use a cloth just get a disk cleaning divice i got one and when ever my game gets stuk i clean and it works again simple

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A dry Kleenex or dry paper towel.If there are tough stains,lightly scratch the disc with the kleenex or pt.

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Get a disc cleaning device, don't use anything with chemicals, they will make the scratch worse, unless it's made for discs, they have machines you can buy to remove scratches or you could just buy a new copy of the game.

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