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Technical Help Answers
<<<<<<I need help!!!!>>>>>>? 1
Answers from someone who helped make PS2 or someone who knows all about the system? 2
Any help identifying a mystery cable? 1
Anyway to switch left/right anologue controls in a game? 5
BULLY: Why do I keep getting the "Please insert the game disc and close the disc tray/disc cover to continue" 2
Can a codebreaker (like a gameshark) wrek you ps2 or ps2 games? 11
Can i just leave my ps2 slim in standby mode overnight? 1
Can i plug a network modem or linker linking to a modem into the PS2 to play net games? 3
Can I use a game save from a Platinum version on the Original version? 1
Can i view contents of a Memory stick, such as Cruzer or Kingston, with the PS2? 1
Controller freaking out? 1
Disk read problems? 2
Do 3rd party PS1 memory cards (with mulitple pages) work on the PS2? 2
Does Action Replay let u change the controls of a game? 2
Does Air vent clog-up stop certain games from working? 1
Does AR Lite Version support AR Max codes? 4
Does Final Fantasy VII-IX work on a ps2 slim? 3
Does Kinetic Combat(pal version) for eyetoy have a 60hz setting? 1
Every game I have s?topped working! 1
Final Fantasy I to IV? 4
Game download?? 1
Gameshark? 2
GTA triple pack save files? 1
Help Fast?!! 1
Help Fast?!!! 2
Help witherror? 1
How can i clean the optic of big PS2? 1
How can I get my slim PS2 to read dual layer games again? 3
How do I access the memory cache (not memory card) on the PS2? 1
How do I get a working multitap for my white slim ps2? 1
How do I place downloaded files from this site into my PS2 Memory Card? 1
How do I play import games on my PS2? 2
How do i play jap games on american ps2? 2
How do I remove the Parental Block on my PS2? 1
How do i reset the machine back to stock settings? 1
How do you fix older ps2 to play dual layer dvd-9 format games? 3
How do you make the Guitar Hero: World Tour drum set quieter without disrupting the sensitivity? 1
How do you unlock Hard Time Attack in Shadow of the Colossus? 1
How long does it last? 1
How to get Savegames to my memorycard? 2
I have promblem running disc? 1
Im look in for a game can i get some help? 1
Is dust could be a great threat on your PS2? 2
Is internet can be accessed on PS2? Or Network there is dead? 2
Is the playstation 2 region locked? 4
Is there a method so that i can play ps1 games on my slim ps2 ?? 1
Is there a way to recover an overwritten save? 1
Is there still games you can play on multiplayer over the internet? 1
Laser adjustment in fat ps2. Where should the laser be? 1
Manually putting Action Replay MAX codes in doesn't work? 2
My controller won't work for Kingdom Hearts (Suggestions?) 1
My Fat PS2 1P controller slot doesn't work. Can anyone help? 1
My fat PS2 plays one PSX game, but not another. Help? 1
My game wont work, plz help? 2
My games sometimes slow down or hung espesialy finalfantasy IIX? 1
My Playstation won't read discs? 2
My playstation2 reads nothing,no cd,no dvd no games ? 1
My PS2 doesn't read anymore disks? 8
My PS2 doesn't read DVD's? 3
My ps2 killed me? 4
My PS2 no longer reads PS2 games? 1
My ps2 slim Multitap? 1
My PS2 stopped playing PS2 Games??? 1
My PS2 turned off in the middle of the game. What do I do? 1
My PS2 won't read disks? 5
My R3 button stopped working in both ports on my PS2 slim. How do I fix this??? 1
None of my games work except for blue back discs, why? 2
Playstation-ers,I NEED HELP!?!?!?!?! 1
Please help? 2
Problem on my old ps2? 1
Problem on my ps2? 2
PS2 Rock Band equipment? 1
PSOne GameShark usage on PS2? 2
Reverse Combatibility? 1
Should I use a PS1 Gameshark or a PS2 Gameshark if I'm playing a PS1 game on a PS2??? 1
Specific game can't access memory card? 1
Tales of the abyss PS2 glitch? 1
Test question - disk read problems? 2
Weird Rumbling noise- Why can't I use my system? 1
What happens if you remove the memory card or restart the console while it is saving? 3
What is the best way to clean a ps2 game disc? 5
Whats the best way to fix scratched disks? 2
Which games require a first party memory card to save? 3
Why are PSX games interlacing through PS2 component video? 3
Why did my blasted PS2 gave up on me for no reason? 3
Why does my ps2 can't read ps1 games ?? 1
Why Does My Ps2 Keep Telling Me Its Reading Disc Or Disc Tray Is Open(While Its Closed)? 1
Why does my ps2 make a strange noise like a hard drive? 1
Why does my PS2 suddenly only play PS1 games? 11
Why does my slim ps2 keep telling me disc cannot be read ? 1
Why does the game keep telling me "Disc Not Read"? 1
Why does the game starts making strange noise and dont load my game? 2
Why does the system shut off when warm? 1
Why is my PS2 not reading any discs? 1
Why isn't my PS2 detecting the memory card? 1
Why isn't my system reading? 1
Why my ps2 don't get games but it get movies? 1
Why will my Slim PS2 not read any discs? 1
Why, all of the sudden, doesn't my PS2 (the 'new' thin one) work? 1
Why??? 1
Won't read certain games? 1

Other Help Answers
''God of War 2'' ps2,how to enter the mini game? 1
3D games? 1
A PS2 game where you can use a toaster as a weapon? 1
Best game enhancer ? 1
Best game of PS2 ? 1
Bleach in english? 1
Can a playstation 2 gameshark work with playstation one games? 1
Can I connect my PS2 wirelessly to internet? 1
Can I get the back to the future car on Grand Theft Auto Vice City for ps2?- if I can please tell me how? 3
Can I play a UK Metal Slug Anthology game on a PS2 slim AUS? 1
Can I Save PSone Games on my PS2? If Yes, Then How? 2
can I use my American PS2 in S. Korea? 1
Can I use the USB outlets on my PS2 to connect to my Mac OS X PC and play on the computer screen?\ 1
Can it work on ps2? 3
Can Regular Action Replay be run on the Action Replay Max? 1
Can someone help me find a game I remember playing on a demo more than 5 years ago? 1
Can you instal skin mods on the PS2 version of GTA San Andreas, or just on the PC version? 1
Can you use a broadband usb dongle to on online with the ps2? 1
Can't play psx game ? 2
Changing region ? 1
Default Wrestlers in smackdown here comes the pain ? 2
Disc help please? 1
Do Japanese games work on European PS2? 4
Do Playstation 2 memory cards work with PS1 games? 1
Do PS1 games on the PS2 makes the unit wear out faster? 2
Do they still make games for PS2? 1
Does Rock Band instruments work with the Band Hero game on PS2? 2
Final Fantasy 13? 1
Final fantasy XI and XII, why on the games list are there so many different ones? 1
Format disk? 1
Game Pics.? 1
Game saves off this site? 1
Game Saves? 1
getting replacement copies of software you have already bought but disk got damaged?I 1
Godammit MC ( I need PS2 doctor ) ? 3
Gonna buy a ps2 this may and i want to know few important facts? 1
Good fighting game? 2
Good Multiplayer RPG game? 1
Gta Vice City Stroies and Gta Liberty stroies? 1
Help me find a game? 1
Hod do i create a cbc for the Codebreaker? 2
How can I transfer ps2 save files from my usb stick to memory card?heeelp! 2
How did my PS2 suddenly stopped reading discs? 2
How do I buy games for PS2 ? 2
How Do i copy and write ps2 dvd for backup purpose? 2
How do I delete corrupted data from my memory card? 4
How do I get a bony grunty in .Hack Mutation? 1
How do i get the Genreal Lee on Grand Theft Auto? 1
How do I put game saves on my PS2? 1
How Do I use .MAX files? 1
How do I use gamesaves on gamefaqs? 1
How do you change the language on a ps 2 from a different language to English? 1
How do you connect a Playstation 2 to the Internet? 2
How do you do a code search w/ a Ps2 Pelican Universal Control? 1
How do you put save game files on ur ps2? 1
How do you save your game on metal gear solid 2? 1
How do you unlock a special team like Dummies, Receivers and Kickers? 1
How many hours? 1
How much does the phat ps2 cost nowadays? 5
How to Fix the colors? 1
How to transfer/back up PS2 save game to PC? 1
How to turn into hulk in san andreas? 2
I am having a problem with the enemy health bar please can anyone help me? 1
I need help please,,,? 1
I need to find a game please help? 2
I need to find a game? 1
If i buy the system from europe can i play games that i ordered from the u.s ? 1
If you buy a video game from the UK, will it play on your video game console bought in the US? 1
Im using my PS2 to play PSone games, Will my PSone codebreaker work? 2
Internet with modem? 1
Is it possible ? 1
IS it true!!!!!!?????? 1
Is PS2 online still available? 2
Is the Play Station 2 dead? 1
Is the playstation 2 has come to its end? 3
Is there any cheats to unlock every place in gta san andreas? 1
Is there any way to sort files on a Memory Card? 1
Is this menu exist ? 1
Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories I need help on Halloween Town? 1
Language problem in clock tower 3 in ps 2? 1
Memory Card? 2
Metal gear solid sons of liberty ? 2
Need name of game? 1
Playing PS1 Games? 4
Playstation 2 vs. Xbox 360 arcade??? 3
PS1, PS2 and PS3? 3
PS2 CD Copy? 1
Ps2 games? 1
PS2 reading CD problem? 3
Ps2 Slim heating? 1
Samurai Games? 1
Should I buy it??? 1
The most awarded game? 1
Toma?what game is that? 2
Two "Civil War" games? 1
U.S. Memory Card for japanese games? 1
Undeletable corrupt file ? 1
USB ports???? 2
VCDable? 1
What are ps2 games like final fantasy and kingdom hearts? 5
What are the best games to get on ps2? 10
What do I need to import a Japanese PS2 to UK/Ireland? 1
What game does have sex scenes (uncesored) for this platform? 2
What games support 4 players ? 2
What Games? 1
What is " resurfaced disc " ? 1
What is an RPG? 1
What is the "Cars" game worth? 1
What is the difference between (CodeBreaker Save, SharkPort 2, Save X-Port Save and Max Drive Save) ? 1
What kind of stuff must we have to clean the optic playstation 2? 1
What was the last officially released game for this system for any region or each region? 1
What's a good choice for a DDR pad? 1
What's causes a slim PS2 to shut down like this? 3
What's the best multitap to buy? 1
What's the difference between a phat PS2 and a slimline? 4
What's the difference? 1
Whats with the Codebreaker and Action Max gamsaves? 1
When will ps2 production end? 1
When will the ps2 be discontinued? 1
Where can you get code breakers? 1
Where dose Helena like to eat in gta San Andreas? 2
Which Final Fantasy games are available for which consoles? 1
Which hitman game should i get for my ps2? 1
While playing games the System won't stop Ticking.? 2
White Cubes!!!? 3
Why are the cars in all grand theft auto games not real? 3
Why has my PS2 stopped playing DVDs? 1
Why is the Your System Configuration file on any Memory Card not deleteing? 1
Why there is no gta4 in ps2? 2
Will kingdom hearts birth by sleep be released in PS2? 3
Will NTSC games work on my european PS2? 1
Will resident evil 5 and other games be relased on ps2? 2
Will there be more game realeses on 2009??? 3
Xbox 360 games work on a PS2? 4

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