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Sony PlayStation 2 System FAQ
By Space Ace version 7.5 December 10 2000
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Welcome to my PlayStation 2 System FAQ
This follows my Sega Dreamcast System FAQ
         And my Sega Dream Passport (Import) FAQ
         And my NFL2K Glitch FAQ

Update Guide
    March 24 - Updated game list and added Weekly Famitsu Ratings
    March 25 - Major Reformat and added News and Email Q and A Section.
    March 29 - Added Magic Box Chart comparing PSX games on PS2.
               Minor mods and fixed some errors.
    April 01 - Added PS2 Recall info(not April fools) and other small little
    April 08 - The Real World has attacked, but I have updated several areas.
               Until next time.
    April 11 - Major Update to News Section including
               the Macrovision disabling controversy andsome more glitch info.
    April 12 - Updated Famitsu Ratings - Updated more unplayable PSX games
               on PS2.
    April 14 - Added step by step information on how to change PS2 language
               settings to English and how to reinstall the DVD drivers.
    April 22 - Added Famitsu ratings for 3 games.
      May 22 - E3 info and concrete American launch info.
      June 3 - Little update.
      June 8 - More tinkering.
     June 17 - New weekly Famitsu ratings
     July 20 - Sorry for lack of updates this month, but my computer was
               hacked into and almost destroyed. Now I'm back with a new OS
               and I plan to get back to updating this FAQ more often.
               I gotta say that The Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty
               trailer is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen!
               Of course as it gets closer to the American PS2 coming out
               new info will be constant and this FAQ will once again be
               hopping with life...
     July 20 - Second Update- More American launch info and added early
               American launch games and accessories list.
   August 24 - Added Nintendo GameCube specs to the system comparison.
September 14 - Updated American launch games list and other areas.
September 21 - I finally pre-booked my American PS2...
September 27 - Major update in almost every area! Less than a month...
   October 3 - Updated.
  October 14 - Updated.
  October 26 - LAUNCH DAY!
 November 18 - Updated
 December 10 - I've been playing so many great games I havent updated for a
               while. I just can't wait for The Bouncer and Zone Of Enders.

1. American Launch Info:
   A: Complete American launch games list and Weekly Famitsu ratings.
   B: Games that are coming soon.
   C: Information Section
2. Japanese Launch Info: The complete launch
   A: Japanese launch games.
   B: Japanese PS2 Setup Guide:
    1. Voltage issues.
    2. Change system settings to English.
    3. Install DVD drivers.
    4. Codes to play American, British and Japanese DVD movies:
       The 3 confirmed codes.
3. Let The Games Begin: Weekly Famitsu Ratings and my impressions of
   the early Japanese PS2 games.
4. Play PSX games on PS2.
   A: The list of the unplayable PSX games.
   B: Chart showing improvements(or not)using
      Playstation 1 games on Playstation 2
5. PS2 Issues. Problems with the PS2(See also Email and News Section)
6. Email and News Q and A Section. PS2 comments and news from Emails
   and newsgroups.
7. Playstation 2 specs and comparison to all next-gen systems!
8. My Favorite games list.
9. Credits and thanks:

1. American Launch Info.
   At E3 Sony announced the American launch date as 10/26/00 and the
   price as $299.00. Some other important accessories available at
   launch or near launch are: Prices are EB(
   Dual Shock 2 Controller: 34.99
   8 MEG Memory Card: 34.99
   PS2 Multi-Tap: 34.99
   S-Video Cable: 9.99(Interact)
   RFU Adapter: 14.99(Interact)
   Wireless Remote Control: 19.99(Interact)
   Componant Video Cable: 9.99(Electro Source)

 A: The 25 American Launch Titles: and reviews from Famitsu of Japanese ver.
  1.  Armored Core - Agetec (33/40)
  2.  Dead Or Alive 2: Hardcore - Namco (34/40) for non Hardcore.
  3.  Dynasty Warriors 2 - Koei
  4.  ESPN International Track & Field
  5.  Eternal Ring - Agetec (25/40)
  6.  Evergrace - Agetec (28/40)
  7.  Fantavision - Sony (31/40)
  8.  Kessen - EA (33/40)
  9.  Madden 2001 - EA
  10. Midnight Club: Street Racing - Rockstar
  11. Moto GP - Namco
  12. NHL 2001 - EA
  13. Orphen - Activision (22/40)
  14. Ready 2 Rumble Boxing - Round 2 - Midway
  15. Ridge Racer 5 - Namco (36/40)
  16. Silent Scope - Konami
  17. Smuggler's Run - Rockstar
  18. Street Fighter EX3 - Capcom (32/40)
  19. Summoner - THQ
  20. Tekken Tag Tournament - Namco (38/40)
  21. Timesplitters - Eidos
  22. Unreal Tournament - Infogrames
  23. X Squad - EA
  24. SSX - EA
  25. Swing Away Golf - EA

These are the titles available at launch. This list has changed radically from
the last update. The reviews are for the Japanese versions of the games and are
a good marker for the American versions. The American version of Dead Or Alive
2 is a radically different version called Hardcore so the score could be as

B: Soon after launch titles(formerly launch titles)
 1. ESPN X-Games Snowboarding - Konami
 2. Knockout Kings 2001 - EA
 3. NFL Gameday 2001 - Sony
 4. Driving Emotion Type-S - Square (28/40)
 5. Silphead: The Lost Planet - Working Designs

C: Information Section: The old PS cords(S-Video and AV, Dual Shock
controllers, and Memory Card's work on the PS2. I haven't confirmed if the PS
link cable works yet. I am checking all my PS games for improvements...

2. The Japanese Launch.
The Playstation 2(PS2) was released in Japan on March 4th at a cost of 39.800
yen which is about $370.00 US. The system comes with:
1 PS2 console-The mother of all systems?
1 Analog Controller- With almost all analog buttons!
1 8M Memory Card- Be careful these are glitchy.
1 Power Cable- Remember the voltage difference for you importers.
1 AV Cable- This system has Component Output people!
1 Utilities Disk- The DVD drivers, not games demos!

And a very special surprise greeted people when they looked on the back of the
box it was a sticker that reads as follows: "This is notification that you, as
a purchaser of 'PlayStation2' console & 'PlayStation2' MEMORY CARD (8MB), are
prohibited to export these products without authorization by the Minister of
International Trade and Industry except under special circumstances which meet
the requirements of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law, as both
products are categorized as Export Control Goods. (as of 1999/6/18)."
Will this stop anyone from importing the system...I don't think it will stop to
many people from trying, though I have heard that some shipping companies have
been creepy about shipping anything that looks like it might be a Playstation
2. Anyway I know a lot of people who are getting or have already gotten their
systems. Though I will say that it seems to me that less people are importing
this system than the Sega Dreamcast at its launch. It might be because the
system is coming out here in only 6 months and people are willing to wait. Also
the cost of importing the system really varies: NCS( is selling
the system for $780.00 but I've seen them on eBay( for as low as
300.00!! The only problem with buying from a person who hasn't tested the
system is that the system has had some problems: Overheating(sound familiar
Dreamcast owners), glitchy memory cards, and DVD movie playback issues. If your
going to buy a system make sure it's been tested by a person otherwise you
could be getting a turkey. NCS has said they will test all Playstation 2's, the
same thing they did for the Japanese Dreamcast, which also had some early
problems. These glitches didn't stop the system from selling almost 1 Million
systems in a couple days.
Because of all the glitches however the launch was almost a disaster and now
the recall is official in a statement from Sony:
The utility CD-ROM disc that shipped with the PlayStation 2 will be recalled
after it came to light that the DVD (digital versatile disc) player software
contains a bug that allows users to override the region coding system. This
system is intended to prevent users watching discs other than those sold in the
region in which they live and is a vital part of the copyright-control system.
The problem became apparent when instructions on how to modify the software
began appearing on the Internet(and in this FAQ)
SCEI adds that it will exchange for no charge the utility discs, either by mail
or through any Seven-Eleven convenience store in Japan, and also work on making
hardware modifications that prevent the faulty software from being loaded into
future consoles.
The new software also fixes two other problems with the DVD software. They are
the occasional decrease in level of the analog audio output of the machine and
interruptions to the audio that sometimes occurs through the digital audio
output. Ouch!

 A. Japanese Launch Titles:
  1. A-Train 6- Artdink
  2. Den Sen Electric Lines - Sony
  3. Doukyu Billiards 2 - Ask
  4. Drum Mania - Konami
  5. Eternal Ring - From Software
  6. Kakinoki Shogi - Ascii Entertainment
  7. Kesson - KOEI
  8. Morita Shogi - Yuki Enterprise
  9. Popolocrois 3 - Sony
 10. Ridge Racer V - Namco
 11. Stepping Selection - Jaleco
 12. Street Fighter EX3 - Capcom
 13. Unison - Tecmo

 B. Japanese PS2 Setup Guide.
   Due to numerous questions on these issues I decided i should include
   parts of a step by step setup guide. A, B, and C of the following
   section are from:   I really feel this site to be
   the best PS2 site around. I recommend checking them out. More in
   depth information on these issues can also be found in News and
   Email section.

Since the Japanese PS2 runs on a Japanese power system, you may need a power
converter if you are using the system outside of the US or Japan. The United
States and Canada run on a similar power system to Japan, but European and
other foreign systems can zap the PS2 with twice as much voltage as it can
take, frying the system. Here's a list of worldwide voltage measurements:
United States and Canada: 110volts/30amps
Japan: 100v/30a
Most of Europe: 220v/30a
The voltage is what really counts… if you try to run it on a Euro power system,
you'll end up with a fried PS2. However, the American power system should be
able to run the PS2 just fine, since the 10-20 volt difference won't really
make a difference. Our PS2 runs fine on an American power system.
Once you have your PS2 plugged in to the wall, you'll have to plug it in to
your TV. Plug the AV output cord into the spot on the back of your system. The
PS2 comes with the standard red, white, and yellow AV cables, so if your PS2
works with those you can plug them right into your TV. If you need to plug the
PS2 in through a VCR, you will have trouble playing DVDs because of a kind of
protections called Macrovision. To play DVDs you'll need to plug it in directly
to the TV.
Once all the plugs are in place, just put your controller and memory card into
the slots, and flip the switch on the back of the system to turn it on. Use the
green reset button on the front of the system to reset it, and the blue button
to eject the disc.

Once you get your PS2 up and running, you'll need to decipher those Japanese
characters to actually use the system. Fortunately, Sony has included an option
to change the language on the system (not the games). Step-by-step instructions
to change the language and time on the system are as follows:
Turn on your PS2 with no disc inside.
When the opening screen shows up, choose the bottom option of the two.
You will see some Japanese text, then the time and date beneath it. Press UP
once to get to the language select option.
Press O to select this option, and select the choice to the right (English) by
pressing O (circle).
All the text should change to English. Now go back to the time and date set up,
and change it to your time zone.
You can also play around with the other options, but that's all you need to be
able to play the system properly.
Press X to get out of the configuration menu, and go into the Browser menu to
select a game to play or browse the memory card.

The drivers, or software programs that allow the PS2's DVD drive to boot up,
are located on the PS2's memory card, and are very easily deletable, especially
if you have a card that gets corrupted by saving Ridge Racer V data. We were
fortunate enough to get a functional memory card, but we ended up having to
reinstall the drivers in order to play American DVDs on our system. It's a bit
hard to decipher the Japanese utility disc, so we figured it out ourselves
(with no knowledge of Japanese, mind you) to make your lives a little easier.
Follow the step-by-step instructions below to have your DVD player up and
running in no time. Delete your DVD driver from the memory card, if it hasn't
already been accidentally deleted. Put your utility disc, which came in a small
blue case in your PS2's box, into your disc drive. When the utility disc loads
up, press O (circle) to proceed to the menu screen. Choose the last option, the
one with DVD in the text. Press O to select it. Now you're in the DVD manual.
Flip to the 4th page and press O to download the drivers to the memory card. 
You will be prompted to answer something in Japanese. Choose the option to the
left. You will be asked to confirm your selection, choose the option to the
left again. The download will now start, and will take a minute or so to
complete. When the download's done, you will see one line of Japanese and an
option to press X. Press X about 5 or 6 times in order to exit out of the
utility disc. When you're back into the PS2's browser mode, you should be able
to see the DVD driver on your memory card.
Insert a DVD disc and follow the directions to play region 1 DVDs
Enjoy the movie!        Thanks again to

One huge bonus for buying the system now is that with a simple code you can
play BOTH Region 1(U.S) and Region 2(Japan,U.K) DVD's. This is beyond belief
awesome, but of course Sony is already taking steps to fix this "problem". By
the way The Gaming Intelligence Agency( all three codes
should be entered when the PlayStation 2 DVD bootup sequence begins fading to
black. The buttons should be held until either the DVD movie starts up (1 line
of Japanese) or a "region failed" message appears (2 lines of Japanese). If you
get a region failed message, don't despair; just try again. The same disc will
work some times and not others.
  Code 1: The best code for playing region 1 DVD's is from the old Gamefan
Legend Nick Rox, he says to: Insert a first-generation PlayStation pad the kind
with no analog controller(hope you have one lying around if not you can
probably track one down at a second hand video game store)in Control Port 1 of
the PS2. Insert a region 1 DVD and Hold UP on the pad until the DVD menu
appears than Highlight the play icon and select it. He says this works 95% of
the time which is better than the other codes by far.
  Code 2: The next code comes from J.T. Kauffman The code is: hold down L1,
Circle, and Select. This code has worked with both the Dual Shock 1 and 2 with
about 40% accuracy.
  Code 3: The final code comes from Barubary and is: press in L3 (the left
analog stick) straight and hard. This code does not work with the Dual Shock 1,
but works with the Dual Shock 2 with about 60% accuracy. Thanks to the GIA for
all codes.
There is talk of a memory Card recall so that new drivers can be installed to
remove the Region 1 "glitch". Only morons would submit to this. Sadly all new
PS2's will be free of this easy option to play both regions...

3.  Let The Games Begin.
Weekly Famitsu ratings(4 reviewers give 1-10 rating for a possible 40 points).
If you don't know, Famitsu is the most respected Japanese videogame magazine
around, A combined score of 32 is considered pretty good by these guys,
anything from 33-37 is considered excellent, and 38-39 are contenders for game
of the year. 40 is a perfect game and is almost unheard of as only 2 games have
ever received 40 in the fifteen years of the magazine.  Tekken Tag Tournaments
score of 38/40 is the best score so far this year!. I also give my impressions
of the launch titles and other soon to be or already released titles:

 A6 A Reisha de Ikou 6(A-Train 6) - Artdink (28/40)
 Armored Core 2 - From Software (33/40)
 American Arcade Pinball - Astroll
 AllStar Pro Wrestling - Square (31/40)
 The Bouncer - Square (28/40)
 Bikkuri Mouse - SCE (29/40)
 Buchigire Kongou - Artdink (26/40)
 Crossfire Square - EA
 Dark Cloud - Sony
 Dead or Alive 2 - Tecmo (34/40) One of the prettier Dreamcast games
                                 ever seems to be visually unchanged for PS2.
                                 People have complained about this game not
                                 Anti-aliasing like the Dreamcast version.
 Den Sen Electric Lines - Sony
 Doukyu Billiards 2(Billiard Master 2) - Ask
 Dream Audition - Jaleco (28/40)
 Driving Emotion Type-S - Square (28/40)
 Drum Mania - Konami (32/40) Obligatory dance or beat game from Konami.
 Eikanko Koshien - Artdink (28/40)
 Eternal Ring - From Software (25/40) Amazing cinematic graphics.
 Evergrace - From Software (28/40)
 Fantavision - Sony-(31/40) Weird Galaga lock on type fireworks
                            game? Said to be a puzzle game, but I don't believe
 FIFA Soccer World Championship - EA Square (30/40)
 Gekikuukan Pro Baseball - Square
 Golf Paradise - T&E Soft (27/40) This company has a golf game at every system
                                  launch! Really they have, think about it.
 Gradius III & IV - Konami (28/40) Super Nintendo launch title Gradius 3was a
                                   because of major slowdown problems, this is
                                   the case with this version however.
 Gran Turismo 2000 - Sony
 G-Savior - Sunrise Interactive (27/40)
 Gun Griffon Blaze - Capcom (33/40)
 Hresvelgr - Gust (26/40)
 I.Q. Remix - Sony-(28/40)
 Jikkyou World Soccer 2000 by Konami (31/40)
 Kakinoki Shogi - Ascii
 Kessen - Koei (32/40) Best cut scenes I've seen yet on the system!
 Love Story - Enix (29/40)
 Magical Sports: Koushien 2000 - Mahou (22/40)
 Mahjong Taikai III - Koei
 Morita Shogi - Yuki Enterprise - No Japanese launch would be complete without
                                  least 3Shogi games.
 Popolocrois 3 - Sony
 Primal Image Vol.1 - Atlus Software (27/40)
 Ridge Racer V -  Namco (36/40)
 Rock n' Mega Stage - Jaleco (24/40)
 Scandle - SCE (31/40)
 Shin Sangoku Musou - Koei (31/40)
 Sky Surfer - Idea Factory (22/40)
 Snowboard Heaven - Capcom (27/40)
 Sorcerous Stabber Orphen - Kadokawa Shoten (22/40)
 Street Fighter EX3 - Capcom (32/40)
 Street Mahjong Trance Mashin 2 - Sunsoft - See Shogi...
 Stepping Selection - Jaleco (32/40)
 Surfroid The Legendary Surfer - ASCII (30/40)
 Tekken Tag Tournament - Namco (38/40) - No Anti-aliasing?
 TVDJ - SCE (31/40)
 Unison - Tecmo
 Velvet Fire - Dazu (25/40)
 Wild Wild Racing - Imagineer (29/40)
 X-Fire - SCEI (30/40)

4. Play PSX games on PS2:
One of the big questions about the Playstation 2 is: Can the Playstation 2 play
Playstation 1 games? The answer is YES! And it actually enhances some games by
adding 2 features which are selectable. The first is a speed setting which
allows you to switch between 33.8 Mhz or 37.5Mhz this can speed up load times
on some games. Although using the faster setting can also glitch out other
games so thankfully you can select the speed. The other is a Texture
Interpolation option which can clean up jagged edges and other problems with
textures in some games. Once again this glitches out some games which is why
they let you turn it on or off.

 A: Old PSX games that will not work on PS2 here is the list:
          (thanks to for this list)
  1. Not Treasure Hunter (Acty Art)
  2. Gradius Deluxe Pack (Konami)
  3. Aidoru Promotion -Suzuki Yumie- (Alyume)
  4. Toua Plan Shooting Battle (Banpresto)
  5. Oukyuu No Hihou: Tension (Vap)
  6. Wing Commander III (EA Square)
  7. Gallop Racer (Tecmo)
  8. Ongaku Tsukuuru: Kanadeeru 2 (Ascii)
  9. Monster Farm (Tecmo) - the Japanese version of Monster Rancher
 10. Dragonbeat (Map Japan)
 11. Susume! Kaizoku (Artdink)
 12. Tsuiridou Keiryu Kohen (Escot)
 13. Virtua Pachisuro V (Map Japan)
 14. Virtua Pachisuro EX (Map Japan)
 15. Konya Mo Senryobako! 2000 (Hearty Robin)
 16. Formula One 99 (SCE)
 17. Namco Museum Encore (Namco)
 18. Namco Museum Encore - Limited Edition (Namco)
 19. Namco Museum Encore - Playstation The Best (Namco)
 20. Densha Daisuki Purareru Ga Ippai (Tomy)

Note that some of these titles may actually play on the PS2 but there will be
some problems including glitchy FMV and other issues.

B: Chart showing improvements(or not)using
     Playstation 1 games on Playstation 2
Loading - indicates if the PS2 speeds up load times on PSX games and by how
Graphic - shows if texture interpolation helps or hinders old PSX games.
Special Thanks to( this chart they rock!
Magic Box Chart
Game title         - Game Loading - Graphic Changes
Ace Combat 3       - Same - Better texture, more details and depth
Chrono Trigger     - Faster - Improved mode 7 graphics
Chrono Cross       - Faster menus - Better opening movie better
                                    graphics, less jagged can
                                    see the character faces
Dew Prism          - Same - No broken lines in polygons
                            No polygon breakups
Front Mission 3    - Faster menus - Much better details
                                    on each character
Saga Frontier 2    - Same - No black lines between
                            characters and background
Vagrant Story      - Faster menus - Better texture and details
                                    less jagged polygons
Parasite Eve 2     - Slightly improved - Slightly better
                                         graphics and textures
Valkyrie Profile   - Same - Some characters look better
Tales of Phantasia - Same - More details in the Map screen
Star Ocean 2       - Same - More details in characters and maps
Final Fantasy VIII - Faster disc access - Improved textures, but
                                    there are minor popup problems
Xenogears          - Faster disc access - More depth in the 3D
                                      background, better texture
Final Fantasy V    - Faster menus - Not much difference
Gran Turismo 2     - Not much - Cured polygon breakup
                                problems, less jagged lines
XI Jumbo           - Much faster - Much cleaner graphics, like
                                   playing in VGA mode
Tekken 2           - Faster - Slightly improved texture quality
Tekken 3           - Little faster - Cured polygon breakup problems
Ridge Racer Revolution - Same - Much cleaner graphics
Tokimeki Memorial  - Same - Same, slightly inferior music quality
Tokimeki Memorial 2 - Same - No difference
Metal Gear Solid   - Same - More depth to the background
Ridge Racer Type 4 - Faster - Much better replay screen graphics
RayStorm           - Same - Not much difference
Einhander          - Faster - Not much difference
Street Fighter Alpha - Much faster
Same Favorite Dear - Much faster
Same Densha de Go! - Faster - Much better background texture
                              and depth
Armored Core       - Faster - Much better background texture
                              and depth
Bio Hazard         - Double loading speed - Cleaner graphics
                                            and texture

5. Issues: Problems with the PS2(See News Section for in depth info)
 A: The Modem issue:
Why is there is no Modem in the box? Well this is an interesting question, one
reason is that the network is just not set up yet so we'll have to wait till
sometime next year anyway. Another problem is that including a modem would
raise the cost of an already expensive system to probably $400US. So I think
it's not a mistake to ship without a modem in the box, especially because the
PS2 is Ethernet compatible(cable modem) and for gaming this connection is the
best way to go it's just way faster than phone lines!
 B: The Anti-aliasing issue:
A lot of people are claiming the Sega Dreamcast has better looking graphics
because it uses Anti-aliasing and the Playstation 2 either does not have it or
just doesn't do it as good. Ridge Racer 5(PS2) does have some jagged non crisp
edges and other oddities. In comparison  Sega GT(Dreamcast) and Sega Rally
2(Dreamcast) do not have any of these problems! I say wait and see the PS2 can
display far more Polygons than the Dreamcast, and in the end I'm sure this
Anti-alias controversy will go away, I mean this is first generation PS2
people! I just don't think Sony is that stupid to trade Polygons for

6. Email and News Q and A Section.
As I have done with my Sega Dreamcast FAQ and NFL2K Glitch FAQ, I would love to
hear from people who have imported the Playstation 2 and find out if they have
had any problems, and get any other opinions on the system. I will also monitor
the PS2 newsgroup for any relevant information as well. This kind of
information can really help people decide if they should import the system or
just wait till October, or even if the system is worth buying at all! I've not
gone out of my way to fix spelling errors in this section, but some unnecesary
swearing has been edited, sorry if this offends anyone. Special note sifting
through a.g.v.ps2 has been both a venomous and hilarious experience, the
lengths people go to both defend their favorite system and attack the opponent
system are rediculous. If your thinking about monitoring this group here is a
statement I found while examining the newsgroup:
From ?: After noticing a couple of the rather vile posts I have read on the net
it makes me wonder how these peoples minds ever became this disturbed or
litteralely DUMB! Maybe they owned a failed games console? Or maybe they dont
get enough attention at home?
In Response: Visit the Mac and PC.advocacy groups (on second thoughts,
don't...) if you think this newsgroup has it bad. There's nothing like a "my
computer is better than yours" argument to bring the troglodytes out of the
woodwork. Actually, strike that. There's nothing like a "my insert nation,
religion, ethnic grouping, sexual preference, anything else you might care to
think of is better than your <...>" argument to reveal just how far humanity
has risen above the apes ... i.e. not very far.
Kosovo, Northern Ireland, -- it's
hardwired into our genes. Seriously? How very sad. To me trolls are fairly
irrelevant, you can either vent off some anger at them or just ignore them, but
when they disguise themselves as other regs and insert themselves in ongoing
threads and you can`t help but read their
shit (you know who) then things just aren`t funny anymore.
Actually i think now that i may have seemed a bit mad recently but i`m was
vunerable at a very difficult time, and i just can`t be bothered with people
anymore, i`m outta here.

From Karim to (3-19-00)
When i do the tip to play zone 1 dvds it sometimes activates the
macrovision(the dvd is playing with a crappy picture)
Anyone knows what to do?

From Rob to (3-19-00)
I am having trouble using Dolby digital on the PS2, I can get pro-logic
but I get no sound when I select Dolby Digital. I am using a Sherwood
Newcastle 925 AMP connected to the PS2 via an optical cable. I have
tested Ridge Racer V and the PS2 boot up screen. I am not sure if
either of these have DD though, does anyone know? I have also tried A
US DVD and I don't get DD either. The only option I can find in the bios is to
turn Optical on (which it is). Has anyone got DD to work on their PS2 or know
what I have to do? Thanks for any help.
Responce: Have you enabled Dolby Digital in the PS2's system menu? Also, are
you sure that your amp is a Dolby Digital decoder?

From Cameron to (3-19-00)
When i play a ps2 game like street fighter the sound is just fine. Then i take
out the game and pop in a dvd and it plays fine too, but the sound level goes
WAY down, and i have to turn the volume up on my tv a whole lot! Then when i
take the dvd out i have to turn it way down again! Does anyone know why this
is, or if i need to set some dvd setting in the ps2? Thanks.

From Cameron to (3-20-00)
Do not move the PS2 while it's running a game. I had mine up on its side, and i
layed it down flat. Right after that Street Fighter EX3 locked up and i took
the cd out and there was a humongous circle scratch on it!!!!!! It wouldnt play

From Del to (3-22-00)
Hi guys, Just got my PS2, done the R1 DVD hack and can watch the majority of my
R1 films, but all the widescreen ones are stretched vertically. Now I've had a
look at the menu's and there seems an option on the DVD screen buts its stuck
on 16:9. Can this be changed??
Stever responds:
I found that from the dvd menu you can change the screen ratio from 16:9 but
only when the disc is stopped, it's under menu 7 on the dvd panel. It only
seemed to let me change it on some discs too, i tried a region 2 ntsc Leon
Integral, but that wouldn't let me change the ratio, possibly somthing to do
with it being an anamorphic disc, I was told by a dvd knolwedgeable friend.

From Harry to (3-25-00)
It's just funny to see that every Sony fan is now talking about
interlacing(because of the really dissappointing screenshots) , raw power being
not that important afterall (because PS2 is dwarfed by X-Box) and anti
aliassing(which PS2 clearly lacks and it shows) while just a year ago PS2 would
be so much better than DC because of the performance gap! Let's face it: the
PS2 game screenshot's of today look worse than a year ago when the game was
only 15% complete! Did it become worse overtime? Did they decide to scrap the
smooth anti aliassing and decided to go for the raw edges??? Just compare
GT2000's first released screenshots to the screenshots released recently! Next
to the state-of-the-art PS2 the "old" and "slow" DC currently looks just as
good. And why do all the DC screenshot's I have seen so far look stunning? To
be honest, every Soul Calibur screenshot kicks TTT ass. These are also
screenshots, why don't they get ugly because of interlacing??? So please don't
call me a troll, I consider myself a general game console fan which is a bit
disappointed with PS2 so far...(let's face it, it does not exactly live up to
the hype now, does it?).

From MP to (3-25-00)
As the drivers are stored on memory card, could an improved version be
released correcting the slight problems with the picture quality. Maybe
third party or something. I know expecting an excellent games machine and a
good DVD player is a bit much but If a third party company devoted more
resources to improving it then maybe we could get better quality playback?

From Jay to (3-25-00)
Yeah, the DC sucks. I only wish Sega GT could look nearly as cruddy as
GT2000. Sony screwed up with the PS2 by not allowing hardware anti-aliasing.
This is a HUGE screw up... as is the idea of not
releasing a modem. Sure they'll eventually have a cable modem, but how
many people in the country have cable modem access (or even the
ability to have it installed) compared to those that have a modem.
Gheeeesh... a 56K modem costs about $20 now. You'd think they'd throw
it in. Now don't go taking this as a complete PS2 bash (although I
know it does sound that way), I'm a HUGE fan of the PSX, but I think
Sony screwed up BIG on this. I'm still gonna get one, but don't go
saying the DC sucks because it FAR from does. Right now, the games
look better than PS2 games and almost all of them play excellent.
 -j. LOL, yeah well the advert "up to 6 billion players" has been banned here
because everyone who bought a DC thinking they can play on-line games found out
they coulnd't, Sega screwed up. Not only that, people in the UK will only be
able to play people in Europe from September, I don't know when they'll ever be
able to play anyone else, so no, Sega screwed up. Sony have done the sensible
thing not limiting themselves to a cruddy 56k modem, when they can have a cable
modem add-on.
S. Dilorio responds:
PS. Sega didn't screwed up with the online gaming..They will have it far before
sony...if sony ever will because of a hardware issue. Online DC games are
already starting to pop up..Not many but they are tests for the second part of
the network servers. (somethign sony hasn't even begun working on.) and in this
area the problem with dreamcast users are so many of us have Cable modems, one
company or another, and can't use with dreamcast yet...but soon. Luckly Because
of Win CE, it is easy to set up a free ISP to use with no need
to pay for Interent access with the dreamcast. FFVIII online will be available
soon to DC, so will Unreal Tournement, and Quake 3, to my suprise a port of
Raven softs Star Trek Voyager Elite force has ben announced for DC, which will
have online play. Have no idea when the ST voyager game will be released for
DC, but a nice project...

Tigermilk to (3-26-00)
When the first PS2 launch release list was released, I was lickin' my
chops. And as the weeks went on and the titles dwindled, there were
still a few titles that made me want to run out and get a PS2. I really
want to blow some cash on one, but so far it's hard to justify. The
only game out right now I'd be remotely interested in (RR5) doesn't sit
perfectly with me (I think the RR physics suck big time). I was desparately
looking forward to GT2000 and every release date list I see
has it TBA. Does anyone have a more firm date?
The good news is that the price of the console will continue to drop as
I wait for decent titles to show up, but after having bought an import
DC last year, I caught the import bug. I want the darn thing but there
just aren't any games out that interest me. Perhaps Driving Emotion-S,
but we don't know what to expect there. I'd settle for Squares
wrestling title, but even that is listed on IGN as Spring 2000!
I really want my GT2K!!!

From Vaipon to (3-26-00)
Just a thought on FSAA(Anti-alising) seeing as everyone seems to be slating RRV
for not including it. Remember how the PSX used pixel dithering on virtually
all of last years titles? This made the graphics look very grainy in some
places, but allowed stunning shooters like OmegaBoost, and adventures like
Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill to be made. It involved updating only certain
pixels on certain polygons with each frame update to minimise CPU load. It was
a tradeoff between visual definition and framerate, and in these cases
framerate was seen as the more important factor. Well, Full Screen Anti
Aliasing could be the same kinda thing in a couple of years. When programmers
are looking for ways of increasing dwindling framerates, one of the first
optimisations they will commit to is losing the FSAA. Gamers want 60fps, so
even though FSAA isn't being used by the console at the moment, I don't think
it will be used at the end of the PS2's life either. 60fps is more important
than visual definition, ask anyone who plays Quake 3 Arena multiplayer.

From Nospam to to (3-27-00)
Hi, This past weekend, I decided to try out my PS2's DVD playback ability. I
connected an optical cable between the PS2 and my DD/DTS receiver. I put in an
NTSC Region 1 DVD (with Dolby Digital) and played it. however, it would only
play back in PCM. I then put it in my "normal" DVD player, and it played back
in DD just fine. Thinking, maybe my cable or port were bad, I swapped optical
cables between my DVD player and the PS2, and also plugged it into the port
that the PS2 cable was using. Still, I got the same result. So, at least I know
that there is nothing wrong with my optical cables or inputs on the receiver. I
then tried some other Region 1 DD DVDs, but got the same result. Maybe
something is wrong with the Region 1 playback? Maybe my PS2 digital output is
bad? If anyone has any ideas or info about this,
please let me know. Thank-you in advance.
NOTE: I DID verify that the "Digital Output (Optical) setting in the
System Configuration, was set to "ON".
Also, in case anyone is compiling a list of known Region 1 DVD
incompatabilities, I have a potential title for you. I tried "A Life
Less Ordinary", and using the controller code, it gets to the PS2 DVD
player menu just fine. However, after moving the cursor to the "play
arrow" and selecting it, the following happens: The screen goes black
for a couple of seconds, and it takes me back to the PS2 DVD player
Greg responds:
Have you got Dolby Digital enabled in the menu? Also, is "A Life Less
Ordinary" a Paramount DVD because some Paramount DVDs have extra
region-coding protection that checks the region-coding when the DVD is
played. I had the same problem with South Park Movie which is a Paramount
protected DVD.
Nospam responds:
I only enabled the Digital Output in the main PS2 system
configuration. If I need to do this in the PS2 DVD player menu as
well, then I will need to be pointed to a translation section on a
website or FAQ. I checked out the hardware guide on that IGN PS2
site, but they did not have DVD player menu translations (unless I
missed it).

From Null to (3-27-00)
More PS2 Problems: MACROVISION
PlayStation2: PlayStation2 owners have discovered a second way to exploit the
console - the analog RGB output is now being used to illegally copy DVD content
to videotape.
According to the EE Times, this act circumvents the system's copy-protection
technology and the technique is already being discussed on Japanese websites.
Owners of the console have already been able to subvert a geographical code for
A company spokesman said that Sony installed in PlayStation2 appropriate means
of preventing any illegal analog-to-analog copying, by providing security
coding from Macrovision for all the system's output interface signals: RGB,
composite, component and S-Video. Sony worked with Macrovision, the Sony
spokesman said.
The issue is whether or not Sony has violated a DVD industry agreement that
prohibits DVD players from having an analog RGB interface. If so, Hollywood
studios could take some form of action against gaming giant.
SCE has acknowledged that problems with copy protection can arise from the use
of an analog RGB interface, but said the company did nothing wrong and that the
RGB interface on the PlayStation 2 complies with the DVD specs.
A Sony Picture Entertainment source said, "Although we have not received any
technical information about this issue yet, if the content is actually being
copied from PlayStation2, we need to discuss matters with Sony Computer
Entertainment to take effective measures."
Expect to hear more on this soon.

From Rubix to (3-27-00)
I want to hook up the PS2 i have using an RF modulator because DVD's
played through my VCR are corrupted by copy protection and my TV does
not have composite plugs.. obviously i have an import PS2 will a
regular PS RF modulator, work with the PS@? any help would be greatly
appreciated.... thanks
Hiryu responds:
Yep it does... I tried 2 NTSC -> PAL converters, one was designed
specifically for the PSX, worked without a problem.. picture was rather
crap tho'..:)

From Mark to (3-28-00)
Curious If I can run the PS2 in VGA thru my DTV like I do with my DreamCast.
Cameron responds:
I think there will eventually be a VGA adapter for the ps2 because it is
"supposed" to do something like 1280x1000 resolution which a tv obviouslycannot
do! And surely they will at least have one just because the DC does.

From TheHut to (3-30-00)
So sony "issued" a recall, which basically means "Look DVD consortium, what do
you want us to do? Go out in a van tracking down all PS2`s, boot the door down
and forcefully swap discs? This all we can do now get the hell off our backs"
Just who the HELL is going to willfully give up their only method of playing US
Even if you were selling you PS2 you could keep the disc and it`ll be worth a
fair few quid on it`s own soon. If i knew i could get hold of one i`d probably
buy a jap PS2 now as it looks like the UK ones will be well protected, and i
want my region 1 DVD`s!
Although can an import shop have one and take customers cards and copy the
driver to his mem cards to allow region 1 playback? If so then Sony may have
shot themselves in the foot with this one, virtually everyone will get it done.

From Ste Birmo to (4-3-00)
Okay, so it transpires Sony are just as fallible as the rest of us and are
themselves liable to the odd cockup. But so what, it's nothing disastrous and
ultimately it will not change a single thing. Poke fun by all means, but please
don't come in here and spout pure crap and expect us to swallow it.
So far, PlayStation2 has only been released in one territory and as is the case
with these things most of the games released with it appeal directly to that
particular market. So at this early stage only an idiot would criticise the
lack of decent games.
And as for those who believe Sony's subdued presence at the TGS was
because they have nothing to show, well, what can I say... ...WAKE UP!
I personally couldn't give a toss what any website(Gamefan) says, the fact is
Sony is holding back and will have the biggest presence of all at the biggest
show of all (and the one that counts ahead of its western launch) - E3.
Anyone who doesn't immediately realise this is not looking at the bigger
picture or is just a biased, blinkered, deluded fool.

From Walt to (4-4-00)
Driving Emotion Type-S replay stuttering
Is anyone else getting this problem on the replays? From some camera angles,
the replay stutters badly.

From Vaipon to (4-8-00)
I just pressed reset on my PS2, and instead of it rebooting, the screen just
stayed black! After some panicking, I pressed reset again and all was well.
Some guy on the RR5 GameFaqs forum says it has happened to him a few times.
Just wondered if anyone else has seen this problem, and whether it is a big
deal or not?
Roy Responds:
I had the same problem once. Seems an incident, hasn't happen again
and the PS2 seems to be working fine.
TheHut responds:
Doubt if it`s a biggie, it happens on my old playstation if i tap the reset
button lightly and quickly.

From Fred to (4-8-00)
I was wondering if its normal that the PS2 with a game in it spins extremely
fast. No slowdown at all. The whole PS2 is vibrating.
With RR5 its definetly everytime I play the game.
Vaipon responds:
Your Ridge 5 disc is probably very slightly warped. This is quite common
amongst CDs, and some are produced slightly warped or off balance. It's no big
deal when you're playing them in your audio CD player, but when the disc is
spinning at 24x then it amplifies the problem somewhat. I doubt it is doing any
actual harm to your PS2 as most fast drives are designed to cope with slightly
imperfect discs, however if the noise is getting on your nerves then you could
try and return the CD to your dealer and get it changed for another copy.

From Vaipon to (4-8-00)
Another boring query. When you press the triangle button and go into the
version menu on a PS2, and you press triangle again on the unit option, what
does the "Diagnosis" function do? Does anyone know, coz I can't seem to work it
out as it has no noticeable effect.
Greg responds:
This was discussed a while back (I found it first! Sorry, don't mean to
brag.) but nobody managed to do anything with it. My bet is that its
basically a debug mode that kicks in if an error occurs. However, since
there don't seem to be any errors it obviously doesn't kick in.

7. Playstation 2 specs and comparison to all next-gen systems!
So how does the PS2 compare to the other Next Gen systems?
Heh heh heh...check out the hilarious comparison of the
128-Bit PS2 vs. the alleged 64-Bit Atari Jaguar!!!
Make special note of the polygons per second battle.
The battle between the PS2 and Microsoft X-Box may be one to watch. Note: I
have read about the new Linux based system coming out named Indrema with specs
comparable to the X-Box. If it's legit I may add this system to the showdown.
The official site is (
The Ultimate System Showdown: 32-Bit and on!

System:              3DO Multiplayer
Japanese launch:     1994?
U.S.A launch:        October 1993
U.S.A launch Price:  $799.00
Format:              32-Bit CD system
CPU:                 ARM60 32-bit RISC
Graphics processor:  2 25MHZ 32bit Custom Risc
Clock speed:         25Mhz
RAM:                 2 Megabyte
Sound Processor:     16-Bit Stereo/44.1Khz
CD-ROM speed:        2X
Max game size:       650 Megabyte (per CD)
Controller ports:    1!
Save game type:      System
Memory card slots:   None?
Vibration type:      None
Mascot:              Gex
Best game:           Star Control 2!

System:              Atari Jaguar
Japanese launch:     Not Released?
U.S.A launch:        December 1993
U.S.A launch Price:  Atari Jaguar-$249.00/Jaguar CD-$149.99
Format:              32/64-Bit Cartridge System/optional Jaguar CD
CPU:                 32/16-bit Motorola 68000, 32/16-bit RISC DSP
                     64-bit OP and a 32-bit/64-bit GPU Risc
Graphics processor:  32-bit/64-bit Risc GPU
Clock speed:         26.6Mhz
MIPS:                26.6
Polygons per second: 10,000-yes ten thousand!
RAM:                 2 Megabyte
Sound processor:     16-Bit/44.1Khz
CD-ROM speed:        2X
Max game size:       6 Megabyte Per Cartridge (790Megabytes per CD)
Controller ports:    2
Save game type:      Cartridge
Memory card slots:   None
Vibration type:      None
Mascot:              None
Best game:           Alien vs. Predator

System:              Sega Saturn
Japanese launch:     11/22/1994
U.S.A launch:        5/11/1995
U.S.A launch Price:  $399.00
Format:              32bit/CD-ROM with a Cartridge Expansion
CPU:                 2 Hitachi 32bit RISC and Hitachi 32bit SHI
Graphics processor:  32-Bit VDP1 and 32-Bit VDP2
Clock speed:         28Mhz
MIPS:                25
Polygons per second: 200,000 with Textures/500,000 Flat Shaded
RAM:                 4 Megabyte (2 Meg Main/1.54 Meg Video)
Sound processor:     32 voice 16-Bit Stereo 113Mhz Yamaha68EC000
CD-ROM speed:        2X
Max game size:       650 Megabyte (per CD)
Controller ports:    2
Save game type:      Internal and Cartridge
Memory card slots:   1
Vibration type:      None
Mascot:              Nights
Best game:           Nights!

System:              Sony Playstation
Japanese launch:     12/3/1994
U.S.A launch:        9/9/1995
U.S.A launch Price:  $299.00
Format:              32bit/CD-ROM
CPU:                 32bit RISC R3000S
Graphics processor:  32-Bit GPU
Clock speed:         33.87MHz
MIPS:                30 Main Processor or 66 with Geometry Engine
Polygons per second: 360,000 Rendered in hardware/500,000 Textured
                     1.5 Million Flat Shaded
RAM:                 3 Megabyte (2 Megabyte Main/1 Megabyte video)
Sound processor:     16-Bit Stereo 24 Channel/44.1Khz
CD-ROM speed:        2X
Max game size:       650 Megabyte (per CD)
Controller ports:    2
Save game type:      Memory Card
Memory card slots:   2
Vibration type:      Dual Shock Controller
Mascot:              Lara Croft, Crash Bandicoot, and Sweet Tooth
Current best games:  Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill and the Final Fantasy's

System:              Nintendo 64
Japanese launch:     6/23/1996
U.S.A launch:        9/29/1996
U.S.A launch Price:  $249.00
Format:              Cartridge
CPU:                 64bit R4300 RISC
Clock speed:         93.75 MHz
Graphics processor:  62.5Mhz 64-bit RISC "Reality Immersion"
MIPS:                125 Mips
FLOPS:               100 Million
Polygons per second: 160,000 with all hardware features enabled
RAM:                 4 Megabyte or 8 Megabyte with the Expansion Pak
Sound processor:     16-Bit Stereo/44.1Khz
CD-ROM speed:        No loading!!!!!
Max game size:       256 megabit (so far)
Controller ports:    4
Save game type:      Cartridge or Controller pak
Memory card slots:   4 (controller)
Vibration type:      Rumble Pak
Mascot:              Mario
Current best game:   The Legend Of Zelda: The Ocarina Of Time

System:              Sega Dreamcast
Japanese launch:     11/20/1998
U.S.A launch:        9/9/1999
U.S.A launch Price:  $199.00
Format:              GD-ROM/Windows CE
CPU:                 128-Bit Hitachi SH4 RISC
Clock speed:         200MHz
Graphics processor:  NEC Power VR Second Generation
MIPS:                360 Mips
FLOPS:               1.4 Billion
Polygons per second: 3 Million
RAM:                 26 Megabyte (16MB main/8MB video/2 MB sound)
Sound processor:     64 Voice-Yamaha Super Intelligent Sound Processor
GD-ROM speed:        12X
Max game size:       1 Gigabyte(per CD)
Controller ports:    4
Save game type:      Visual Memory System
Memory card slots:   8 (controller)
Vibration type:      Jump Pack
Modem included:      Yes
Broadband/Ethernet:  Coming Soon
Mascot:              Sonic
Current best games:  Shenmue, Resident Evil: Code Veronica
                     and Ecco The Dolphin

System:              Sony Playstation 2
Japanese launch:     3/4/2000
U.S.A launch:        October 26 2000
U.S.A launch Price:  $299.00
Format:              CD-ROM(Playstation)and DVD-ROM(Playstation 2)
                     Is backwards compatible with Playstation 1!
CPU:                 128-Bit "Emotion Engine"
Graphics processor:  150Mhz GS
Clock speed:         294.912 MHz
Resolution:          1080x1224
Full anti-aliasing:  No
FLOPS:               6.2 Billion
Polygons per second: 75 Million, 20 Million with effects
RAM:                 32 Megabyte
Sound processor:     48 Channel/48Khz
DVD-ROM speed:       4X
CD-ROM speed:        24X
Max game size:       4.7 Gigabyte (per DVD)
Controller ports:    2
Save game type:      8MB Memory Card
Memory card slots:   2
Vibration type:      Dual Shock 2
Modem included:      Not in the box, but supported
Broadband/Ethernet:  Not yet, but supported
HDTV support:        Yes
Mascot:              Best game: SSX

System:              Nintendo GameCube
Japanese launch:     2001
U.S.A launch:        2001
U.S.A launch Price:  $199.00
Format:              Custom DVD
CPU:                 IBM Gekko Processor
Graphics processor:  ArtX Custom GP
Clock speed:         405MHz
Polygons per second: 12 Million
Full anti-aliasing:  Yes
RAM:                 40 Megabyte
Sound Processor:     64 Channel/48Khz
Controller ports:    4
Save game type:      Digicard
Memory card slots:   2
Modem included:      Yes
Broadband/Ethernet:  Yes
HDTV support:        Yes
Mascot:              Mario

System:              Microsoft X-Box
Japanese launch:     Late 2001
U.S.A launch:        Late 2001
U.S.A launch Price:  $300.00?
Format:              DVD/Windows 2000 Operating System
CPU:                 Intel Pentium III
Graphics processor:  Nvidia NV15 GPU
Clock speed:         733MHz
Resolution:          1920x1080
Polygons per second: 300 Million, 100 Million with effects
Full anti-aliasing:  Yes
RAM:                 64 Megabyte
Sound processor:     64 Voice BDL2 Processor
DVD-ROM speed:       5X
Max game size:       4.7 Gigabyte (per DVD)
Controller ports:    4
Save game type:      8GB Hard Drive
Memory card slots:   8MB Memory Card
Vibration type:      Unknown
Modem included:      No
Broadband/Ethernet:  Yes
HDTV support:        Yes
Mascot:              Bill Gates

8. My favorite games list.
I've noticed that when people buy a new system or look at a new system FAQ they
are often reminded about the systems they used to think were awesome and how
much better this new system is. I mean I can't believe that 20 years ago i used
to consider the Atari 2600 an "awesome" system. Now with games like Resident
Evil: Code Veronica and Ecco The Dolphin: Defender Of The Future it might be
easy to forget the past systems and games that were really cool. I am including
this list for the people who still play games on these systems, and for
nostalgia for everyone else. I got this idea when Gamefan ran some All Time
lists from several of their reviewers, and in the old days I had kept a list
myself, so here it is my video game history.
My Favorite Video Games 1980-2000
Mike Schwan 12-10-2000

Sega Master System
1.  Phantasy Star
2.  Wonderboy In Monsterland
3.  Miracle Warriors
4.  Y's: The Vanished Omen
5.  Golvellius: Valley Of Doom
6.  Wonderboy III: The Dragons Trap
7.  R-Type
8.  Space Harrier 3-D
9.  Shinobi
10. Zillion II: The Tri-Formation

Nintendo Entertainment System
1.  Bionic Commando
2.  The Legend Of Zelda
3.  Metal Gear
4.  Ghosts N' Goblins
5.  Super Mario Brothers 3
6.  Castlevania
7.  Mega Man
8.  Super Mario Brothers
9.  Castlevania 3
10. Metroid
11. Super Mario 2
12. Lifeforce
13. Blaster Master
14. Rygar
15. Contra

Sega Genesis/Sega CD/32X
1.  Ghouls N' Ghosts
2.  Strider
3.  Phantasy Star II
4.  Target: Earth
5.  Revenge Of Shinobi
6.  Sonic CD
7.  Castle Of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse
8.  Lunar: The Silver Star Story
9.  Gaiares
10. Castlevania: Bloodlines

NEC Turbo-Grafx 16/Turbo Duo PC Engine Super CD/Super-Grafx
1.  Dracula X
2.  Y's Books I & II
3.  Legendary Axe
4.  Ghouls N' Ghosts
5.  Might And Magic III: Isles Of Terra
6.  Shadow Of The Beast
7.  Y's Book IV: The Dawn Of Y's
8.  Cosmic Fantasy Story 2
9.  Valis II
10. Aldynes

Super Nintendo
1.  Final Fantasy 5
2.  Final Fantasy 6
3.  Super Ghouls N' Ghosts
4.  Super Mario World
5.  The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past
6.  F-Zero
7.  Street Fighter 2
8.  Final Fantasy 4
9.  Demon's Crest
10. Super Mario Kart

SNK Neo-Geo/Neo-Geo CD/Neo Geo MVS
1.  Garou: Mark Of The Wolves
2.  King Of Fighters 98
3.  Samurai Shodown II
4.  King Of Fighters 99
5.  League Bowling
6.  Samurai Shodown III
7.  Last Blade 2
8.  2020 Super Baseball
9.  Magician Lord
10. Samurai Shodown IV

3DO Multiplayer
1.  Star Control 2
2.  Alone In The Dark
3.  Super Street Fighter II Turbo
4.  Myst
5.  Dragon's Lair
6.  Night Trap
7.  Crash N' Burn
8.  Gex
9.  Escape From Monster Manor
10. Slayer

Atari Jaguar
1.  Alien Vs. Predator
2.  Tempest 2000
3.  Cybermorph
4.  Wolfensten 3D
5.  Doom

Sega Saturn
1.  Nights Into Dreams...
2.  Christmas Nights
3.  Virtua Fighter 2
4.  Panzer Dragoon Saga
5.  Shining Force 3
6.  Rayman
7.  Street Fighter Alpha 3
8.  Vampire Savior
9.  Shining The Holy Ark
10. Sega Rally Championship

Sony Playstation
1.  Final Fantasy 9
2.  Final Fantasy 8
3.  Metal Gear Solid
4.  Final Fantasy 7
5.  Wipeout 3
6.  Silent Hill
7.  Final Fantasy Tactics
8.  Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night
9.  Resident Evil 2
10. Chrono Cross
11. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
12. Wipeout XL
13. Medievil
14. Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver
15. Mega Man Legends

Nintendo 64
1.  The Legend Of Zelda: The Ocarina Of Time
2.  Super Mario 64
3.  Wave Race 64
4.  Wipeout 64
5.  The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask
6.  Donkey Kong 64
7.  Banjo-Kazooie
8.  Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
9.  Diddy Kong Racing
10. Pilotwings 64

Sega Dreamcast
1.  Shenmue
2.  Ecco The Dolphin: Defender Of The Future
3.  Virtua Fighter 3: Team Battle
4.  Resident Evil Code: Veronica
5.  Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
6.  Rayman 2: The Great Escape
7.  NFL2K1
8.  King Of Fighters 99: Dream Match
9.  SNK vs Capcom: Millennium Fight 2000
10. Seaman

Sony Playstation 2
1. SSX
2. Time Splitters
3. Madden 2001
4. Ridge Racer 5
5. Summoner

ALL TIME TOP 40 (1980-2000)
1.  Nights Into Dreams... (SAT)
2.  Shenmue (CAST)
3.  Final Fantasy 9 (PSX)
4.  Final Fantasy 8 (PSX)
5.  Metal Gear Solid (PSX)
6.  Final Fantasy 7 (PSX)
7.  SSX (PS2)
8.  Wipeout 3 (PSX)
9.  Star Control 2 (3DO)
10. The Legend Of Zelda: The Ocarina Of Time (N64)
11. Super Mario 64 (N64)
12. Silent Hill (PSX)
13. Ecco The Dolphin: Defender Of The Future (CAST)
14. Ghouls N' Ghosts (GEN)& (SGX)& (SAT) &(PSX)
15. Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX)
16. Strider (GEN)
17. Shadow Of The Beast (AMIGA)
18. Resident Evil Code: Veronica (CAST)
19. Final Fantasy 5 (SNES)
20. Final Fantasy 6 (SNES)
21. Dracula X (PCE)
22. Y's Books I& II (DUO)
23. Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night (PSX)
24. Super Ghouls N' Ghosts (SNES)
25. Wave Race (N64)
26. Phantasy Star 2 (GEN)
27. Bionic Commando (NES)
28. Phantasy Star (SMS)
29. Super Mario World (SNES)
30. Alone In The Dark (3DO)
31. Resident Evil 2 (PSX)
32. Chrono Cross (PSX)
33. The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past (SNES)
34. Final Fantasy 4 (SNES)
35. Target Earth (GEN)
36. F-Zero (SNES)
37. Revenge Of Shinobi (GEN)
38. Alien Vs. Predator (JAG)
39. Legendary Axe (TG16)
40. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PSX)

Top 10 Fighters
1. Virtua Fighter 3: Team Battle (CAST)
2. Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (CAST)
3. Garou: Mark Of The Wolves (Geo)
4. King Of Fighters Dream Match 99 (CAST)
5. Samurai Showdown 2 (GEO)
6. King Of Fighters 99: Evolution (Cast)
7. Last Blade 2 (Geo)
8. SNK vs Capcom: Millennium Fight 2000 (Cast)
9. Vampire Saviour (SAT)
10. Soul Calibur (CAST)

System Codes:
Sega Master System-SMS
Nintendo Entertainment System-NES
Sega Genesis-GEN
TurboGrafx 16-TG16
Turbo Duo-DUO
PC Engine-PCE
Super Grafx-SGX
Super Nintendo-SNES
Neo Geo-Geo
3DO Multiplayer-3DO
Atari Jaguar-JAG
Sega Saturn-SAT
Sony Playstation-PSX
Nintendo 64-N64
Sega Dreamcast-CAST
Sony Playstation 2-PS2
Notes: I must personally beat the game to be
included on the All-Time list, the only
exception is the impossible to beat Shadow
Of The Beast on the Amiga. I have beaten
the Genesis and Turbo-Duo versions of the
game though.

My favorite other system games are:
Atari 2600(This is old school!): Frogger
Mattel Intellivision: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Colecovision: Montezuma's Revenge
Commodore Amiga: Shadow Of The Beast
PC: Blade Runner
Nintendo Gameboy: Super Mario Land
Atari Lynx: Electrocop
Sega Game Gear: Castle Of Illusion
NEC PC-FX: Team Innocent
Arcade: Space Ace!

Other Awards:
Best Game of 70's: Pong -197X- (Arcade) I am
only 29 but I remember playing it in a bowling
alley and sitting down to do it at around the
time of the first Star Wars film in 1977.
I believe this was the only video game I played
in the 70's.

Best Game of 80's: Shadow Of The Beast -1989-
(AMIGA)The first game to totally blow my mind in
both music and graphics. This game ran at 50!
frames per second and had 128 colors on screen
with a ridiculous 13! layers of scrolling, plus
it offered ultra insane challenge! And has the
best original videogame soundtrack ever bar none!
The home videogame console versions were never
even close to being as good. The best console
version was probably on the TurboDuo it had nice
graphics and the music on this version is
shockingly good, the Duo versions only problem was
that it was just way to easy. The Atari Lynx
version really kicked ass as the graphics were
almost quite nice when compared to the Amiga
version but only on a smaller screen although
the music was very poor.

80's runner up: Phantasy Star 2 -1989- I beat this
game twice with all 8 characters, I loved it that
much! This game was hard as hell even with the
Walkthrough that came packaged with the game. Not
much by todays standards but I remember when their
was nothing better than this.

Best Game of 90's: Nights Into Dreams... -1996- (SAT)
This is the most played game by me ever and I have
been unable to improve my scores for some time.
This is one of those games that either you get it
or you don't! You really have to think of this
game as if it's a racing game, but you are also
able to do stunts. The highlight of Sonic
Adventure for me was the Nights Pinball game
and the sequel to Nights on Dreamcastis my number
one most wanted game.

90's Runner up: Final Fantasy 8 -1999- (PSX)
Best RPG ever, and easily the most underrated game
of all time. No RPG has ever been this deep and
this beautiful. At 4 Disks long casual gamers need
not apply, I've noticed that the learning curve in
this game is far longer than in Final Fantasy 7
but the rewards are so much infinitely greater in
FF8. The story is so epic that playing through
this game really is a wonderful emotional
experience. The music in this game also smashes
all previous RPG's and is some ways is the best
ever done for a videogame. People complained about
the unlimited use of summons, ya know what the
summons were useless, they do no damage and you
can't speed em'up! Junction Junction what's my
function, with some simple draw and junctioning
to Attack you will never want to summon again
well maybe 1 time each to see how amazing looking
they are! My 2nd time through this game I used no
summons and beat the game and the Mega-bastard
Omega! Also this game has the best ending in the
history of videogames ever, nothing else even
comes close, and is easily the most amazing thing
I have ever seen in a videogame!!! Easily Best RPG
of the 90's and Ever... I Don't see how FF9 can top
this although I am very happy that they are going
back to the Crystal system used in Final Fantasy 5
and Final Fantasy Tactics.

Best Games of 00's: Shenmue, Final Fantasy 9, Ecco
The Dolphin: Defender Of The Future(CAST), Resident
Evil Code : Veronica (CAST) and SSX. It's early!
The games I am really looking forward to in the
new Millennium are Metal Gear, Solid 2, Silent Hill 2,
Virtua Fighter X, Street Fighter 4, The Bouncer
Final Fantasy 10-18, Zone Of Enders and any sequels
to Ghosts n' Goblins, Resident Evil, Phantasy Star
Zelda and Mario. Last but not least of course my
most wanted: Nights 2.

Best of the Best:
Best Graphics -
Shenmue (CAST)
Ecco The Dolphin: Defender Of The Future (CAST)
Resident Evil Code: Veronica (CAST)
Rayman 2: The Great Escape (CAST)
Madden 2001 (PS2)

Best Music -
Shadow Of The Beast (AMIGA)&(GEN)&(DUO)&(LYNX)
Wipeout Series (PSX)&(SAT)&(N64)
Ecco The Dolphin Series (SCD) & (CAST)
Final Fantasy 8 (PSX)

Best Sound FX-
Resident Evil Code: Veronica (CAST)
Resident Evil Series 1-3 (PSX)&(SAT)&(N64)&(CAST)

Most Underrated -
Final Fantasy 8 (PSX)
Target: Earth (GEN)
Alien vs. Predator (JAG)

Most Challenging -
Target:Earth (GEN)
Shadow Of The Beast (AMIGA)&(GEN)
Ecco The Dolphin: Defender Of The Future (CAST)

Best Story -
Final Fantasy 8 (PSX)
Metal Gear Solid (PSX)
Silent Hill (PSX)
Star Control 2 (3DO)
Alone In The Dark (3DO)

Best Ending -
Final Fantasy 8
Metal Gear Solid

Best Voice Acting -
Metal Gear Solid
Star Control 2

Worst Voice Acting -
House Of The Dead (CAST) Goldman...
Resident Evil (PSX)
"Maybe you the master of unlocking can use it"

Worst Game -
Strip Janken (3DO) My friend bought this bum
in New York and set back gaming 15 years in the
process. Anyone remember the Porky's Videogame
for the Atari 2600? It was better! At least it was a
game, I will say that the girls in Strip Janken were
babes though. I believe this title was named Strip
Janken I am not 100% sure, it was definitely a
Japanese 3DO game though.

9. Credits and Thanks:
Anyone who knows more than me please Email me and help me out.
I could really use some help regarding the 3DO Multiplayer and the Atari
Jaguar, since they've been dead for so long I have had trouble finding specs
for all the categories, and the systems release dates.
Spec info and PS2 launch info gathered from Official Sony Playstation site,
Nintendo Power Source, Sega Hard Stuff, Next Generation Magazine, Next
Generation Online, I.G.N, CNN, Daily Radar, The Magic Box and Gamers Republic.
Atari Jaguar specs gleaned from above sources and: The Jaguar FAQ by Robert A.
Jung and The Jaguar Underground Documentation.
3DO specs gleaned from above mentioned sources and the 3D0 Today site.

Note: Some system specs gleaned using PSYCHIC POWERS!!!

Thanks to everyone who has sent EMAIL to me over the years.

And thanks for people not yelling at me for liking Godzilla Generations for
Dreamcast. What can I say I just love Gojira. Sometimes having Godzilla running
around smashing stuff is my bag baby.

Thanks to Vic for showing me the ways of Target:Earth

More Special thanks to Paul for recommending many of the import games on my
Favorite games list, his excellent import video game shop is
Raven Video Games  so go check em out!

Even more special thanks to GameFAQs for being the best website in the world.

Ultimate and Final Special thanks to the old Inner Circle of gamers consisting
of Chance, Travis, Jeff, and Myself. Without this group I would not have played
many of the games on my Top Games list.

This FAQ is a c2000 Merle Brothers Production TM. And may not reproduced
without my permission (Mike Schwan) under the penalty of death! "I want you all
to remember that I love