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"This console definitely deserves to be the bestseller of 6th gen!"

The PS2 undoubtedly outsells the other two consoles of this generation, and there's plenty of reasons behind it. In this review I will be talking about the many things that allowed this console to succeed.

Hardware 9.5/10
The hardware is a 64 bit processor with 143 megahertz and its graphical processor is 299 megahertz. One can argue that an Xbox or a Gamecube has much stronger processors than the PlayStation 2. I would like to say that the PS2's processor is 64 bit, the other ones are only 32 bit. Currently, Windows is 64 bit, so the PlayStation 2 was far ahead of its time.

Software 10/10
The PS2 can a single-layered DVD that can go up to 4.7 GB or a dual-layered DVD that can go up to 8.5 GB. That's a lot of memory for a game console, it also uses memory cards for saving. For gaming back then, the DVD is always the way to go.

Controls 5/5
Dualshock is definitely the best gaming controller around these days, it's a blessing that they haven't changed the design of the controls very much. You'll be playing games with ease because of the easy to use controls.

System Durability 5/5
The system durability is great, it's so much better than the Gamecube's. If you don't slam it, it definitely won't break, it won't be easily damaged internally either. Despite some people saying that it breaks easily, it certainly hasn't for me, and it looks like it never will.

Game Selection 10/10
There's games for both hardcore and casual gamers! Everybody would enjoy a wide variety of games, there won't be anybody who won't find a game they like on the PlayStation 2! The wide variety of games definitely makes this game the #1 seller of 6th generation!

System Capabilities 8/10
The PlayStation 2 actually isn't as powerful as the Xbox or the Gamecube, but it has a 64 bit processor instead of their 32 bit processors. Like the Xbox, we've seen that this console can easily play HD. This console can definitely perform a wide variety of functions and has DVD and CD playback. Sadly, we probably won't see any new tricks from this powerful console.

Overall 9.5/10
This console is right on the bubble from a 9 and a 10, I think it does have what it takes to have a perfect score, though. The major difference between this console and the other two consoles of this generation is the wide variety of games. Xbox is more aimed towards hardcore gamers and the Gamecube is more aimed towards casual gamers. This console has most of the 6th generation games and both hardcore and casual gamers would enjoy them.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/26/09

Game Release: PlayStation 2 Hardware (US, 10/26/00)

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