Commentary (English)Peter Brackley
Commentary (English)Trevor Brooking
Commentary (French)Stephane Guivarch
Commentary (French)Cyril Linette
Commentary (German)Wolff Christoph Fuss
Commentary (German)Hansi Kuepper
Commentary (Italian)Luca De Capitani
Commentary (Italian)Massimo Tecca
Commentary (Japanese)Jon Kabira
Commentary (Japanese)Tetsuo Nakanishi
Commentary (Spanish)Guillem Balague
Commentary (Spanish)Roberto Martinez
Commentary DesignerTatsumi Adachi
Commentary DesignerTakeshi Iwakiri
Commentary DesignerSayaka Yamaoka
Design DirectorHatsumi Naoya
Executive ProducerShinji Enomoto
Executive ProducerMichihiro Ishizuka
Game ProgrammingKen Gotou
Game ProgrammingRyuji Hagiwara
Game ProgrammingIppei
Game ProgrammingTadakatsu Izumi
Game ProgrammingYoshikatsu Sone
Game ProgrammingEiji Suzuki
Game ProgrammingSeabass Takatsuka
Game ProgrammingShin Tsuchiya
Graphic DesignMie Furuhashi
Graphic DesignKaori Hirata
Graphic DesignAtsunori Kato
Graphic DesignMina Morita
Graphic DesignYukiko Nishimura
Graphic DesignAiko Oono
Graphic DesignTakashi Shirae
Graphic DesignSeisuke Yasunaga
Menu ProgrammingManabu Furuya
Menu ProgrammingTetsuhiro Honjo
Menu ProgrammingIsuke
Menu ProgrammingHideo Kimura
Menu ProgrammingSatoshi Koyama
Menu ProgrammingTomoaki Miyagawa
Menu ProgrammingKenji Sakayanagi
Menu ProgrammingHideto Tamura
Menu ProgrammingMasaki Yoshino
Model DesignTakashi Iwamoto
Model DesignKazuya Kitamura
Model DesignShintaro Kumakawa
Model DesignKeiko Matsumoto
Model DesignNagai
Model DesignHatsumi Naoya
Model DesignKeiko Suwa
Model DesignKenta Takahashi
Model DesignTetsuya Takeda
Motion DesignYouz Fujishiro
Motion DesignTatsuya Ishida
Motion DesignKei Masuda
Motion DesignHitoshi Ohtomo
Motion DesignTakashi Onishi
Motion DesignSatoshi Gentem Suzuki
Motion DesignTatsuya Tanaka
Motion DesignShin'ichiro Yamazaki
Music ComposerNorikazu Miura
Opening MovieAkira Sawa
Opening MovieYoshinori Sekine
Opening MovieMakoto Toyama
ProducerSeabass Takatsuka
Program DirectorEiji Suzuki
Sound DirectorKosuke Soeda
Sound Effects CreatorTomoo Sekine
Sound Engineerimohore imai
Sound ProgrammerIshizu Hironami
Sound ProgrammerSatoru Nakata
Stadium Cup DesignAkiyoshi Chosokabe
Stadium Cup DesignHiromasa Kano
Stadium Cup DesignAkira Kosuge
Stadium Cup DesignMasaya Sato
Stadium Cup DesignHikasa Takeo
Stadium Cup DesignNayuta Tocashiki
Stadium Cup DesignMasayuki Watanabe
System ProgrammingNozomi Akimoto
System ProgrammingKeiichi Ikeda
System ProgrammingShinji Kimura
System ProgrammingKakichi Koji
System ProgrammingHidenori Komatsumoto
System ProgrammingKatsunori Onuki
System ProgrammingTeruhisa Sakamoto
System ProgrammingYasuyuki Satake
System ProgrammingMunemasa Toshikazu
System ProgrammingTadaaki Tsunashima
Voice Production & DirectionOlivier Deslandes
Voice Production & DirectionAndy Emery
Voice Production & DirectionSteven Parker


Data and credits for this game contributed by Scottie theNerd, Blueberry Buttface, Mookiethebold, odino, and oliist.

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