Oichi by TornadoKirby

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Samurai Warriors- Character FAQ
Character FAQ for Oichi
Version 1.0
Made by TornadoKirby

Table of Contents
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Update History
2. Biography of Oichi
3. Oichiís Story Flow
4. Story Mode Levels
4.1. The Battle of Okehazama
4.2. Siege of Inabayama Castle-Field
4.3. Siege of Inabayama Castle- Castle
4.4. The Battle of Anegawa
4.5. Azuchi Infiltration (A path)
4.6. Betrayal at Honnouji (A path)
4.7. Siege of Azuchi Castle- Field (B path)
4.8. Siege of Azuchi Castle- Castle (B path)
4.9. Battle of Honnouji (B path)
5. Endings
6. Weapons
7. Unlocking Oichiís Fifth Weapon
8. Oichiís Stats
9. Attacks
9.1. Attack Combos
9.2. Musou
9.3. Horse Attacks
10. Skill Chart
11. Oichiís Costumes
12. Credits/Special Thanks
13. Copyright and Contact Info.

1.1. Introduction

Hey! This is my guide for Lady Oichi.  I decided to write one on Oichi because 
she is a cool character but there is no FAQ on her on GameFaqs.  This is my 
first FAQ contribution on GameFaqs and I hope it will be of some help to fans 
of the game Samurai Warriors.

1.2. Update History

1.00- Submitted FAQ, got accepted.

1.20- Added Update History, fixed a couple bugs, added last two missions in
Battle of Okehazama that I forgot, fixed Section 9.3 a bit.

2. Biography of Oichi

Oichi was born in 1583.  She was the sister of Oda Nobunaga renowned
for her beauty.  Oichi was married to Shibata Katsuie in 1557.  During 
Nobunagaís conquest of Mino in 1567, he made Shibata and Oichi divorce so Oichi
could be a wife of Asai Nagamasa, who is the lord of the North Omi Province.  
Oichi and Nagamasa had one son together named Manjumaru and three daughters.  
Later on though, in 1570 Nagamasa betrayed Nobunaga and went to war with him on
behalf of the Asakura family. The Asakura were destroyed and the fighting 
continued. Nagamasaís Odani Castle was surrounded.  Nobunaga requested that his
sister be returned to him. Nagamasa allowed this and sent out Oichi and her 
three daughters. Nagamasa and Manjumaru then perished, leaving Oichi to be 
shuffled back to Katsuie. In 1583, after Nobunagaís death, Shibata Katsuie and
Toyotomi Hideyoshi went to war over ruling land. Katsuieís army perished at 
Shizugatake in northern Omi, and the general was not at the battle and 
committed suicide.  He pleaded Oichi to take her daughters and flee but to 
no avail.  Oichi sent her daughters into Hideyoshiís care, but stayed herself 
to die with Katsuie as his castle was engulfed in flames.

3. Oichiís Story Flow

After the third mission, her story mode splits into two paths.The top path is 
the A path, and the bottom path is the B path.

4. Story Mode Levels
For the story mode levels, I will state the missions in each level and give you
tips on each. Here are the levels in Oichiís Story mode.

4.1. Battle of Okehazama

Attack the Imagawa Outposts!

There is a horse near your starting position.  Get on the horse and go to the 
two locations.  There is a Defense Captain at the east outpost and Tadatsugu 
Sakai at the west outpost. Beat both to get the mission complete message.

Eliminate the Enemies Near the Zenshouji Fortress

Go to the location to the north and fight Ujimoto Katsurayama west of the 
fortress and some of his Rider Captains and Strike Ninjas and any other 
enemies. Defeat them for the mission complete message.

Attack the Imagawa Main Camp From the Mountain Pass

Go through the mountain pass on the eastern part of the map and attack the 
Imagawa camp. You will follow Nobunaga Oda. This will also activate two 
missions along the way, and Iíll explain that next. You will get mission 
complete message when you reach the X at the camp. If you defeat Yoshimoto 
here,  you end the battle, but if you complete the other mission you get more 
Exp. Itís better to complete the other missions in my opinion.

Eliminate Hanzo Hattori

This mission is activated during the Attack of Imagawa Camp from Mountain Pass
mission.  You should eliminate him quickly to fulfill the Imagawa Camp mission.
When you eliminate him youíll get the mission complete message.

Eliminate Tadakatsu Honda

This mission is activated after you complete the Imagawa Camp mission. 
You will see Tadakatsuís location.  Go to it and eliminate Tadakatsu Honda.  
If you eliminate Tadakatsu quickly, Ieyasu Tokugawa may join you.  Eliminating 
Tadakatsu gets you the mission complete message.

Eliminate All Imagawa Officers

Eliminate all the officers at the locations.  Theyíre not very hard, but 
sometimes you may be fighting four at a time.  After that go to the Imagawa 
main camp and defeat Yoshimoto to complete this level.

Eliminate The Imagawa Army's Elite Officers

You will get this mission if you fail to complete the Zenshouji Fortress 
mission (meaning Hideyoshi Hashiba dies).  Defeat all the Imagawa officers to 
complete this mission.

Do not let Hanzo Hattori Overtake You!

This mission will be activated during mission 7 by defeating 5 or more elite
officers and going to the west side of the map. I suggest you ride a horse for
this mission because Hanzo runs pretty fast and you will need to beat him to
the Imagawa Main Camp. You just have to get to the camp, you don't need to 
defeat Hanzo. When you get to the camp you will complete this mission

4.2. Siege of Inabayama Castle- Field

Defeat Bokuzen Ujiieís Unit at Sunomata

Travel to the north and youíll get to Sunomata. Youíll have to run around the 
camp to the right to find the entrance. Eliminate Bokuzen and go straight 
toward the lumber storage area in the southwest corner of the map.

Defeat Morinariís Unit at the West Lumber Storage

Go on the path across the bridge to reach the lumber yard. Morinari has a big 
army so take out some of the soldiers and then eliminate Morinari. This will 
get you the mission complete message.

Guard the Siege Ramp

The siege ramp is over to the east, but it also travels north. Get a little 
ahead of the ramp to defeat enemies.  When the ramp is set, defeat Ittetsu 
Inaba and the Reserve Captain there too. This will secure the ramp and you 
completed this mission.

Defeat All Saito Officers

When all the Saito gates open, the officers will start attacking. When you 
eliminate all the officers, travel north on the eastern edge. You will get an 
order to eliminate Yoshitatsu Saito. When you defeat him, you will complete 
both missions.

4.3. Siege of Inabayama Castle-Castle

Before I tell you the missions for this level, I will tell you about castle 
levels. Castle levels involve getting to the highest floor or sub-level by 
finding the set of stairs with is marked by a blue dot on the map.  There are 
various traps in castle levels such as spike floors, dropping floors, snares, 
axe pendulums, and razor walls. If you ever see double doors, you can break 
them to enter new rooms.  Ninja troops drop lots of good items so be sure to 
defeat them for some health. There are also officers to defeat in castle 
levels. Onto the missions:

Eliminate Ranmaru Mori

Ranmaru Mori is on the first floor of this level. He has a big army so defeat 
some of his soldiers and then eliminate him as well. Once you defeat him find 
the set of stairs to Floor 2.

Infiltrate Floor 2

On Floor 2 there are various officers to defeat. The two main ones you have to 
defeat are Hanbei Takenaka and Mitsuhide Akechi. Hanbei Takenaka is found past
a hall of spiked walls (run straight through it, donít stop or youíll get 
hurt!). Mitsuhide Akechi is found right in front of the stairs to Floor 3. 
Defeat him to go to Floor 3.

Eliminate Yoshitatsu Saito

On Floor 4 you will fight Yoshitatsu Saito and Tatsuoki Saito. You only need to
defeat Yoshitatsu Saito to complete the mission. Once you eliminate Yoshitatsu
you will complete this level.

4.4. The Battle of Anegawa

This is a turn point in Oichiís Story Mode. If you complete the mission 
"Eliminate Nobunaga Oda" you go to the A path (See Section 3 for more details)
if it is not successful you go to the B path.

Eliminate Ieyasu Tokugawa and Stop the Enemy Advance

When the mission is ordered, go to Tokugawaís location and simply eliminate 
him. This will also stop the enemy advance and you will complete this mission.

Prevent Keiji Maeda From Entering the Main Camp

Keiji is on the southern part of the map. Be careful of the dead end at the 
southwest corner. Go east to prevent confusion and eliminate Keiji Maeda.

Eliminate Noh

Oichi will mention asking Noh if she should defeat her brother. Noh is on the 
southeastern part of the map, but it doesnít show the location with a blue 
circle. Pay attention to when Oichi talks and remember the location of Noh 
because itís only there for a few seconds. Once you find Noh, eliminate her 
and you will complete this mission.

Prevent the Enemy From Entering the Main Camp

Oda will send out three armies to attack the main camp. Start at the armies to
the north, with the first one being Ittetsuís army, followed soon by Ujiieís 
army. Eliminate both the northern armies and go south to fight Andoís army, and
if you still havenít beaten Mitsuhide Akechi, eliminate him as well if you'd 

Eliminate Nobunaga Oda

For this mission to succeed you must beat him in two minutes. His camp is at 
the southwest corner of the map. He is guarded by Ranmaru Mori and a 
good-sized army. Defeat him in two minutes, or if you donít still defeat 
him anyway, you will still complete the level.

4.5. Azuchi Infiltration (A path)

Defeat the Mino Three

There are pendulum blades in this level, somersault by pressing the R2 button 
to dodge them.  Once you get past the pendulum blades you will soon enter a 
big area. This is where the Mino Three are. Defeat the three officers: Ittetsu 
Inaba, Bokuzen Ujiie, and Morinari Ando. Once you defeat the Mino Three head 
for the staircase to the next floor.

Infiltrate Floor 2

This is a very easy floor to get through. Defeat fire ninjas on this level for 
life. Once you find the staircase go up them to get to the harder Floor 3.

Defeat the Mino Three (Again!)

The Mino Three are located by the staircase which can be accessed by going up 
the circular stairway in a large chamber up north. Once you defeat the Mino 
Three yet again, the stairs are accessible and you can go up to Floor 4.

Infiltrate Floor 4

This floor is occupied by the Shibata army and Tsuneoki Ikeda. Defeat Ikeda 
and fight through the Shibata army and get to Floor 5.

Eliminate Keiji Maeda

Go through a set of double doors and you will find Keiji Maeda. Eliminate him 
and go through another series of double doors to find the staircase.

Eliminate Mitsuhide Akechi

On the last floor, which is Floor 6, you must defeat Mitsuhide Akechi. When 
you defeat him, you will complete this castle level.

4.6. Betrayal at Honnouji

Defeat Hidemitsu Akechi and Thwart the Fire Attack

Go south from where you start and go to the eastern edge of the map. You will 
soon get this mission. Go to the blue X and defeat Hidemitsu Akechi to stop the
fire attack.

Rescue Nobunaga Oda from Honnouji

Hurry north to Honnouji and go through the outer south gate. Approach Nobunaga 
and you will complete this mission.

Rescue Ranmaru Mori

Approach Ranmaru Mori past the main hallís south gate. You can help him fight 
the Akechi Army but all you need to do is approach him.

Rescue Noh

Find Lady Noh a bit north of Nobunagaís location. Approach her and you will 
complete this mission. If you are too late she will side with the enemy and 
then you will have to eliminate her.

Help Nobunaga Oda Escape to the Southeast

You will run into enemy armies along the way. Defeat them and continue onward 
to the southeast. The escape point in the southeast is sealed so now you must 
go to the northwest instead. When you run into enemy officers, defeat them. 
You can also go off away from Nobunaga and go ahead and defeat Mitsuhide 
Akechi, Nobunaga will be fine. Once you defeat Mitsuhide you have completed 
Oichiís Story Mode via the A path!

4.7. Siege of Azuchi Castle- Field (B path)

Eliminate the Enemy Ambush Party

Proceed north from the starting point until Oichi is inside the gate. The gate
will then close and am ambush party will attack. Defeat the Fire Ninja first 
because his grenades hurt. Then defeat the muskets and everyone else. The gate
will open up and you will complete this mission.

Eliminate Mitsuhide Akechi

When Akechi arrives, travel to the north to fight him. Hit him off his horse 
and defeat him to complete this mission.

Defeat the Mino Three

Go north from Akechiís location through the newly opened gate to fight the 
Mino Three. Defeat the three officers to complete this mission.

Wipe Out the Hashiba Musket Unit

Move through the gate that opened when you defeat the Mino Three. There are 
three large musket units to fight. Fight the easternmost unit, and then when 
they are eliminated a gate will open, allowing you to move westward. Defeat 
the second unit and a gate will open to the third one. When you defeat all 
three units you complete the mission.

Defeat Hideyoshi Hashiba

If you fail to defeat the musket units then you can defeat Hideyoshi Hashiba 
instead. Defeat him to complete this mission. If you donít complete it in time 
then you will move on to the next mission which Iíll explain next.

Defeat Keiji Maeda

When you receive the mission, go to the northwest to find him. This is a tough
battle so use good combo attacks and you should win. When you defeat him, you 
complete this mission. If you fail to defeat him, this level comes to an end.

Defeat Ranmaru Mori

Before fighting Mori go to Nagamasa Azaiís location and help him fight the 
Shibata army to clear the first gate.  Once you clear the gate you can fight 
Ranmaru Mori. He is up north a bit near the mapís edge. When you defeat him 
the mission is cleared and the north gate opens.  You can find some helpful 
power-ups by defeating Ranmaruís soldiers.

Defeat Nobunaga Oda

There is a Defense Captain protecting the gate to Nobunaga Odaís main camp. 
Defeat him and the gate will open.  Donít spend too much time defeating Odaís 
soldiers and spend more time defeating Nobunaga. When you defeat Nobunaga you 
will go inside the Azuchi Castle.

4.8. Siege of Azuchi Castle- Castle (B path)

Defeat Mitsuhide Akechi

Again, in this level you will go through the hall of pendulum blades. Remember
to somersault to evade the pendulum blades.  Ninjas in this level drop life 
power-ups too, so defeat all the ninjas you see to find them.  Once you reach 
the staircase, you will have to fight Mitsuhide Akechi before going to the 
second floor.  Once you defeat him, go to the second floor.

Floor 2

There is really nothing much to do in this floor.  Destroy all the doors you 
see and defeat all the Kyouden ninjas here too.  Find the staircase and reach 
the third floor.

Defeat Ranmaru Mori

On this floor, you will find musket units. Defeat them for power-ups also.  
Ranmaru has a large army so be careful. Eventually, you will run into a large 
chamber with a circular staircase. Run up the staircase, and you will find 
Ranmaru Mori and the stairs to the next floor.  Defeat Ranmaru and you will 
be able to go to Floor 4.

Floor 4

There is one officer on this floor, but you donít have to defeat him.  Be sure
to defeat the musket units on this floor for power-ups. It helps!  Kazimasu 
Takigawa is the officer on this floor and he is near the staircase to Floor 5.

Defeat Hideyoshi Hashiba

This is a pretty small floor, but Hideyoshi is on this floor.  He is close
to the stairs to Floor 6. Defeat him and his army and turn left to find the
staircase to the final floor.

Defeat Nobunaga Oda

Nobunaga is a powerful man with powerful attacks. Attack him airborne, and use 
charge and musou attacks to defeat him.  He only has a little squad protecting
him so defeat them if you want.  After you defeat him you will win this level.

4.9. The Battle at Honnouji

Eliminate Mitsuhide Akechi

Go north from your starting position to the second intersection to the left to 
find Mitsuhide.  This is an easy fight against him, but he is retreating so 
defeat him quickly.

Thwart Nagamasa Azaiís Fire Attack

After defeating Mitsuhide, go to Nagamasaís location and approach him to stop 
the fire attack.  This will complete this mission, but remember to get there 
quickly.  (By the way, depending on if you complete mission 1 or not. This 
mission will have a different name in the vault. So there are 2 different 
missions in this same mission I suppose, lol.)

Eliminate Hideyoshi Hashiba and Ieyasu Tokugawa

If you do not stop Nagamasaís fire attack, you have to defeat Hideyoshi and 
Ieyasu.  Go to the west side of the city to find Hideyoshi.  Defeat him 
quickly and go to Ieyasuís location east of the city.  A horse is recommended 
for this mission, or if Oichi on your game is fast, don't worry about having a 
horse. Once you reach Ieyasu, defeat him and you will complete this mission.

Eliminate Hanzo Hattori

You must defeat Mitsuhide, Ieyasu, and Hideyoshi during the missions to have 
Hanzo appear.  Hanzo arrives near Ieyasuís location. Hanzo is a fast enemy, 
so you need to be a fast attacker when facing him.  Defeat Hanzo and you will 
complete this mission.

Eliminate Noh

Noh is the final mission for this battle, but she can be hard to get to.  Go 
around the eastern edge of the map and go north of Honnouji.  Defeat Ittetsu 
Inaba to open the north side of Honnouji.  Defeat Nagahide Niwa to open the 
west gate, and defeat Ranmaru Mori to open the south gate. Any other officers 
are optional to defeat.  Once youíve done that you can battle Noh.  Noh has a 
large army, but she isnít hard to defeat.  Defeat Noh and you have completed 
Oichiís Story Mode via the B path!

5. Endings

Oichi has two different endings:

Ending A: Hand in Hand- complete Oichiís Story Mode via the A path to get 
this ending.

Ending B: Requiem for the Fallen- complete Oichiís Story Mode via the B path
to get this ending.

6. Weapons

Oichi uses a weapon called a kendama. Itís a Japanese toy and it has a 
trick to it too.  If you spin it, and pop it up, itíll land straight on the 
spike! Just a little bit of info. I got from my cousin! Here are her weapons:

Base Attack: 12

Base Attack: 22

Base Attack: 29

Base Attack: 40

Base Attack: 45
Lightning Element
Attack +44
Defense +39
Ranged Attack +39
Musou +40

7. Unlocking Oichiís Fifth Weapon

In The Battle of Anegawa, clear mission 1 through 4 without losing any allied 
officers. Make sure the difficulty is on Hard and you have completed Oichi's 
Story Mode. Check section 4.4 for details on the missions you must accomplish.
After that, a supply unit will be found along the southwest and will move 
north. Defeat the supply unit and pick up the weapon he drops, and you will 
have Oichiís fifth weapon.

8. Oichiís Stats


             Starting   Maximum
Attack	        44	146

Defense	        60	186

Ranged Attack	56	186

Ranged Defense	86	200

Mounted Attack	44	142

Mounted Defense	56	180

Speed	        125	195

Jump	        165	195

Evade	        160	190

9. Attacks

Of course, Oichi here attacks with a kendama.  Her weapon has a good range 
that is better than most characters.  But she has very low attack power 
(lowest in the game, by the way!) She has good defensive and speed stats 
though, so she is still a very good character.

9.1. Attack Combos

SSSSSSSS- She swings her kendama in all sorts of directions and has good 
range at the end of the combo.  It is somewhat hard to hit enemies on the 
last attack.

T- Charges up and starts running while spinning her kendama in front of her.  
Good for running through crowds but has mediocre attack power.

ST- Swings her kendama upward then downward and then shoots out a pink cloud 
at the enemy.  I hate this attack because it is slow.

SST- Swings her kendama diagonally then back, and then jumps three times and 
swings her kendama at her side when she jumps.  This is one of the better 
charge attacks in crowds.

SSST- Spins her kendama 360 degrees multiple times and then does a flip 
similar to Da Qiaoís from Dynasty Warriors 3 and 4^^.  If you press the 
triangle button repeatedly too much, then she will fall and get dizzy.

XS- Punches out her kendama in front of her.

XT- Jumps on the ground and creates a small shockwave.

Deadlock- Hits enemy four times with kendama.  Very effective on Hard and 
Chaos mode.

Deflect (L1-T) - Forward attack with kendama. Trips and falls on her face, 
she's so clumsy!

9.2. Musou

Musou- Spins around her kendama above her head and walks slowly.  
This has good range and is good in crowds, but it is very, very, very, very, 
very weak.  I recommend pressing Circle not holding it when doing her musou, 
then do her SSST or SST attack and it will do a better amount of damage.

True Musou- Like I said, do her SSST attack and since doing True Musou the 
musou power is double and the enemies are engulfed in flames, this will be 
very useful.  She also does her T motion at the end of the True Musou.

9.3. Horse Attacks

T- The horse jumps and makes a shockwave, or it kind of does a bucking motion 
and creates a shockwave.

ST- Oichi trails the kendama behind her and the horse.

SST- Oichi does a quick motion outward with her kendama.

SSST- Oichi does a long attack outward with her kendama.  This covers a lot 
of range!

SSSSSSSS- Swings her kendama repeatedly to her right.

Musou- Swings her kendama over her head to the right

True Musou- Same as her musou except more powerful and engulfs the enemy in 

10. Stat Chart

Might-   Reach-- Guts

         Vitality-- Frenzy-- Resist

         Rage-- Precision

         Vigor-- Pressure

Prowess-  Drive-- Mastery

          Acclaim-- Parry

          Rally-- Pierce

          Potence-- Cavalier

Guard-  Counter-- Block

        Discern-- Grace

        Fitness-- Celerity-- Resilience

        Fortitude-- Focus

Element-  Kesa- Giri  Ward  Element Shot

          Blast-- Domino-- Blazon

          Shock-- Domino-- Flurry


11. Oichiís Costumes

You can unlock Oichiís second costume by completing her Story Mode.  
Her second costume looks like a fox-thing, itís pretty funny looking, but 
suits her sort-of.

12. Credits/Special Thanks

Hereís where I thank people who have helped contribute to this FAQ.
Iíd like to thank:

- Koei and Omega Force for making this game.
- http://www.samurai-archives.com/women.html for the great biography of Oichi 
  and for using it as a reference for my biography of Oichi.
- Echang, for making those wonderful FAQs that I used for reference.
- People on the board that answered my announcement and cheered me on while I 
  was making this FAQ.
- Me, for getting this game.
- Oichi, for being a cool character in both the game and real life.
- Gamefaqs for having the coolest FAQ website ever!
- My cousin for the info. on kendamas in real life.

13. Copyright and Contact Info.

Copyright 2004 TornadoKirby

This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on 
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
and a violation of copyright. 

If you have any questions, comments, or any suggestions please contact me at 
my email: GoldPhalanx@aol.com or GcubeTyler@aol.com. Or on my AIM screenname: 
GoldPhalanx or GCubeTyler. Thank you for reading this FAQ and hopefully I will
write another one in the near future!