Question from ShadowRavenZ

How do i get saskue's charkra to 0 when i am fighting him in "curse mark out of control?"

Help plz!


reborn_Xtreme answered:

Choose your character Neji. Then, use the Lvl. 2 Ultimate Jutsu. He will activate Byakugan. While the Byakugan is on, keep attacking Sasuke until he's dead. Don't let Sasuke recovers any chakra.
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kobrahawk1210 answered:

Use Hyuuga Neji or Hyuuga Hinata and use Byakugan no Jutsu. Attack Sasuke until his chakra is at 0 then finish him off.
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selphielover answered:

Use Neji's Level 2 Super, and then attack the opponent to drain their chakra. If they ever gain enough chakra back, repeat the super, and keep attacking.
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