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My wanzer arm's left -24% acc. & right -30% acc., how does it affect my wanzer's acc. if it has a rifle on the left

I equip a rifle/bazooka on left hand of my wanzer that has a left arm 24% acc. and right hand -30% acc., how does it affect the acc. of my wanzer with rifle/bazooka?

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jasonred79 answered:

You get -24% accuracy from your arms. The non-main arm has NO AFFECT. Silly, ain't it? Has no affect on melee, missiles or AOE attacks either. Silly, ain't it?
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addition1 answered:

You actually get -6% accuracy from your arms. all you have to do is add the two numbers together and figure out what you get. i use a sniper team a lot and after a lot of research i have found that you need the best two arms together to get near perfect accuracy or you will miss about 33% of your shots.
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