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              Echo Night: Beyond Demo Walkthrough
              For PS2
              Final Version
              Copyright 2004 YuGiOhFm2002 & YuGiOhAngel
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              First Created : 8/3/04
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Table of Contents

I. Legal Info

II. Introduction

III. Controls

IV. Walkthrough

===I. Legal info=============================================================
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permission from me. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part
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II. Introduction

This Demo/game is from Issue 84 of OPM (with Burnout 3 as the picture on the
DvD). This is mainly to help those that might be unsure of what to do in the
demo. Only email if you have questions regarding this Demo walkthrough.

III. Controls

                L1 & L2                         R1 & R2
                   |                               |
                   v                               v
                  _____            ||            _____
                 /  L  |           ||           |  R  \
               _/      |___________||___________|      \_
              /    _    \                      /    ^    \
             /    | |    \   Select   Start   /    /_\    \
Directional |   _  v  _   \   ___            /  __      _  |
   Pad ---> |  |_>   <_|  |  |___|    |::>   | |  |    / \ |
 (D-Pad)    |      ^     /____    ___    _____\|__|    \_/ |
             \    |_|   / __  \  |___|  /  __  \    \/    / 
              \        / /  \  \_______/  /  \  \   /\   /
              /\______/ |    | |       | |    |  \______/\
             /       /\  \__/ /        \  \__/   /\       \
            /       /  \     /          \       /  \       \
           /       /    \___/            \_____/    \       \
          /       /       ^                 ^        \       \
         /       /        |                 |         \       \
         \      / Left Analog Stick  Right Analog Stick\      /
          \____/         (L3)              (R3)         \____/

D-Pad/Left Analog Stick = Move Character
Triangle = Change Setting of Searchlight
Square = Item Menu
Circle = Dash/Move Faster
X - Use things/Talk to ghost
Select = Menu
Start = Pause
L2 = Look up
R2 = Look Down
L1 = Strafe Left
R1 = Strafe Right

IV. Walkthrough

(Note: This is a timed demo as in if you leave it sit for too long it will
exit the demo or if you don't complete what needs to be done in x amount of
minutes it will exit the demo. I will just be giving directions as to how to
get through to the end of the demo before it ends the demo for you.)

1. Go straight and talk to the ghost (X) that is standing against the wall.

2. Look down and pick up (X) the Video Disc.

3. Go into the "Residential Area" door that is near the ghost.

(Note: You can skip down to step 7 if you want. I put step 4 through 6 to
just give you an idea how you are suppose to find the ID Card.)

4. Quickly go into room "101" the first door on your right.


4a. There is a video machine in the left corner of this room if you want to
watch your video disc on it (Square). You don't need to do this now as you
will need to watch it a bit later.

5. Use the big Monitor Console to your right. Choose Room "102" Use the
Second Camera and you will see a ID Card on the bunk bed to your right.
You can also use the camera in the hall to see the ghost that is walking
in this hallway.

6. Exit out of the Camera computer (Circle) and leave this room the way
you came in.

7. Quickly go into the room "102" door on your right.

8. Go into the door straight ahead to find the bunk beds you saw with the
cameras. Look up on the Top bunk of the left bed and you will find the
"Employee ID Card".

9. Leave this room the way you came in and go to your right. To your right
you will see a Card Reader with a red light. Use your ID Card (Square) when
you are in front of it.


10. The Fog has now disappeared and the ghost will no longer chase after you.
Turn to your right and go into the room "105" that is to your right.

11. Talk to the little girl ghost this will stop you from being scared of

12. Go over to the Video monitor player in the corner. Use the "Video Disc"
on it.


13. Leave the room you are in to go back out to the Hallway.


Congratulations you have now completed the Echo Night: Beyond Demo.

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