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                               ECHO NIGHT BEYOND

This unofficial guide is copyrightę2006 James Andrew. This guide can only be
used on websites to which I have given my prior permission.

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If you have any questions, praises or criticisms of my guide, feel free to
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=VERSION HISTORY===============================================================

Version 1.2 - 12/01/06 - A few more corrections, and I've cleared up the
                         Alternative Endings section, it was a bit of a mess

Version 1.1 - 10/08/06 - Added a new chapter to the guide. Also corrected a few
                         spelling/grammar mistakes.

Version 1.0 - 09/30/06 - Walkthrough and Battery Locations are now complete,
                         I've also added an Alternative Endings section.

Version 0.8 - 09/27/06 - Now three-quarters of the way through the walkthrough,
                         I've also added to the Battery Locations section.

Version 0.5 - 09/23/06 - Game Basics is finished, and the walkthrough is
                         halfway complete, yet to start writing out battery


Chapter One
 Game Basics
  i. button configuration
  ii. main menu
  iii. items
  iv. syringes
  v. batteries
  vi. light
  vii. ghosts
  viii. the fog
  ix. monitor rooms
  x. recordings

Chapter Two

Chapter Three
 Alternative Endings

Chapter Four
 Battery Locations

Chapter Five
 Book Locations/Information

=CHAPTER ONE===================================================================
 Game Basics

 i. Button Configuration

The button configuration I used in this game is TYPE A, it is as follows:

X - Talk, pick up item
Circle - Run
Square - Open Item Menu
Triangle - Turn light on/off
L1 - Side step left
R1 - Side step right
R3 - Reset vision
Left Analogue Stick - Move
Right Analogue Stick - Look Up/down
Start - Pause Game
Select - Open Main Menu

 ii. Main Menu

Press Select to bring up your Main Menu. From here, you have four options to
choose from:
 ITEMS: Here you can view the items you have collected throughout the game. If
you find any books or documents, you can read them by pressing the triangle
 MAPS: Here you can view the area you are currently in and press triangle to
zoom in and square to zoom out.
 NOTES: Here you can view Character Information, Location Information and
Recordings (see below).
 SYSTEM: This is where you can change your Sound, Screen or Controller
settings, or you can load your game or quit your current game.

 iii. Items

There are two ways to view your items, one is through the main menu, and the
other is by simply pressing the square button. You start the game with three
items - a Promise Ring, A Photo of Claudia and a medical kit containing one 
syringe. To give an item to a ghost stand directly in front of them (or by the
side if you can't by the front), access the Item Menu and push X.

 iv. Syringes

When you approach a ghost, your heartbeat will begin to rise, and if your
heartbeat goes over 300/M, its game over. But you can prevent this from
happening by using a syringe to bring your heartbeat back down to normal,
however, this is only temporary, as your heartbeat will begin to rise almost
immediately again after taking the syringe so make sure you get out of the area
and away from that ghost!

 v. Batteries

Batteries are used to re-charge your head light. When your lights are running
out of power you will see a message come up on the screen saying LOW BATTERY.
You can find batteries in almost every area of the game.

 vi. Light

Your light can be activated with the triangle button, you can push it again for
a brighter light and push it a third time to turn your light off. If you are in
a bright area there is no need to have your light on as this will waste battery

 vii. Ghosts

Yep, this is what the game is about. Every time you go near a ghost your heart
rate will rise, but if there is no fog (The fog makes them evil!) then your
heartbeat will not go over 139/M. As soon as you talk to a ghost your heartbeat
will drop back down to normal. Your normal heartbeat is 79-80/M.

 viii. The Fog

BEWARE OF THE FOG. When you confront a ghost in the fog your heartbeat will 
rise, and it will rise fast, if your heartbeat goes over 300/M you're finished.
Another down side is that as your heartbeat rises you will begin to black out,
and seeing where you are going becomes very difficult. My only advice is to run,
and get the hell outta there!

 ix. Monitor Rooms

During the game you will come across many Monitor Rooms, here you can use the
surveillance cameras to investigate different areas of the facility, even those
covered in fog. Use the triangle button to zoom in and the square button to
zoom out. In the walkthrough will be explained what you can see and find
through the cameras.

 x. Recordings

When using the cameras you may sometimes notice a green footprint, handprint,
shadow etc... these are where you will find recordings. If you zoom in on them
you can view past events that occurred when everyone in this facility was still
alive. They can be helpful when trying to figure out your next move in the 

=CHAPTER TWO===================================================================
                                 W A R N I N G


As you regain consciousness, you will see a message in front of you saying COME
TO THE FACILITY. Walk towards the front of the Passenger Cabin (the direction 
all the chairs are facing) and talk to the android on your left. Then look 
behind you (the front row of seats) and you will find a Flask. Pick it up. Now
turn towards the back of the cabin.

In the next area, go up the stairs to your left and when you reach the top you
will find a ghost blocking the passage way. Talk to him, and then talk to him a
second time and will ask for his drink. Access the Item Menu and select 
the Flask. He will then warn you of the fog and disappear. Continue on to the 

Continue through the lounge, ignore the door directly in front of you and turn
to the right, here you will see a second door. Enter it.

Next, in the Crew's Passage, turn right and walk down the hallway, you'll 
eventually come across an elevator. Use it to go down. When you come out of
the elevator, turn left and walk through the door and into the Crew Boarding
Area. Here, you'll notice a switch on your left. Press X to switch it to OPEN,
Then just to the right of the switch and Press X again to open the hatch.

Enter the hatch and you will see a door right in front of you, but just to the
right of the door, you'll see your first save point (it's red with a white 
stripe down the middle). Save your game then enter the door.

You have just entered the Water Filtration Plant. Walk down the stairs, turn
left and enter the door. In front of you, you'll see a bridge (and a lot of
fog, what could that mean?). Slowly walk across the bridge and... G-G-GHOST!
Your heartbeat will begin to rise, but all you have to do is turn away and
hold the circle button to run to the other side of the bridge and enter the
door. Phew... close one.

You will now find yourself in the Water Filtration Hallway. In front of you is
a walkway that runs on a conveyor belt, but it isn't working. Move onto the 
walkway on your right and walk to the other end of the hallway. There will be a
scene here as you walk towards the ghost (don't worry, no fog here) he will 
introduce himself as Nikolai. He is blocking the passage to the next area. Next
to the wall on the left you'll see a Host Radio, pick it up. Then show the 
ghost the photograph of Claudia and he will let you through.

Next is the Rest Area. There's an escalator in front of you, but it's not
operating so you'll have to walk up it (so lazy). If you walk up the right side
you'll find a couch blocking the way forward so use the left one. When you
reach the top enter the Monitor Room on your left (see map).
                                /           |_
                   WORK AREA   /             _ -CENTRAL HALL 
                           \ \/    _________|  
                           \      /
                   ______  /     /
                  |      |_|    |
                  |       _     |
                  |______| |    |
                    /      |  --|-ESCALATOR
          MONITOR ROOM     |    |
                           |    |
                           |    |


Water Filtration Plant:
   Here you can see the ghost that attacked you on the bridge, he's saying 
   "don't leave me".
Filtration Plant Hallway:
   Not much here, you can see Nikolai on camera 2.
Rest Area:
   On camera 3 you can see your first RECORDING, on the floor in front of the
   Monitor Room (where you are). You can see two green lines, zoom in on them
   and you'll see a past event that took place here.
Work Area Hallway:
   You currently don't have access to this area but if you go to camera 2 and
   zoom in on the right walkway, a message will come up saying: There is 
   something on the ground. Make a mental note of this.

Once you've finished playing around with the cameras, exit the room and at the
far end in front of you, you'll see the Central Hall doorway.

So you've come to the Central Hall, it's a large area, if you go left you'll 
find a studio, to your right you'll find a battery, get it if you need to 
recharge your light. But for now just go straight ahead. When you come to the 
centre you'll see a large sphere, go around it and move on to the Energy Area.

When you enter the Energy Area, there will be a scene with an android, he'll
invite you back to his room (it's the studio), check it out if want, if not 
just continue on ahead.

This is the Observatory Hallway, on your right is an escalator leading nowhere 
(you'll need to go here much later on). To the left is the Energy Area Hallway,
this is where you have to go next but before you do that, take a look at the 
blue screen in front of you, it's broken but you can tell it says 2044/08/13
-remember this.

In the Energy Area Hallway you'll notice another walkway that's not operating
(when will we see a working one!). Walk straight ahead until you come to the
Power Transfer Room. And Enter.

Now turn left and walk up the steps. You'll see a ghost on the floor in front 
of you. he's going on about some girl called Carol. Ignore him for now and turn
left into the Control Room.

There's some sort of Solar Panel Activation System or something in front of 
you, press X to access it. It'll ask you to enter the date - do you remember 
the numbers on the blue screen, that's what you have to put in. Once you've 
done that, a message will come up saying POWER ON.

Exit the room, you'll notice the ghost on the floor is no longer there, but he 
has left a Video Disk, pick it up. Now go down the steps and straight ahead to 
where it says Battery Room. When you've entered this room move on to the Monitor
Room in front of you. 


Observatory Hallway:
   Nothing here, how boring.
Energy Area Hallway:
   What's that! The Conveyor Belts are working! Hoorah!
Power Transfer Room:
   If you haven't already grabbed the book on the desk, you can see it on 
   camera 2.     
Solar Panel Control Room:
   As we now know, the date is 2044/08/13. I wonder if there really will be a
   colony on the moon by the year 2044... hmm.
Battery Room Hallway:
   On camera 2, you can see that the door to the Battery Room requires a Level
   2 Card Key so you can't enter yet... but you can take a peek...
Battery Room:
   On camera 1, on the stairs to the left there are two green footprints. Yep,
   your second RECORDING, zoom in to watch.

Now exit the room and backtrack to the Central Hall - it's a lot brighter now
that the power is back on. You will now notice you now have access to the 
Residential Area. Go to the centre of the Central Hall and go down the 
escalator on your right side. At the bottom you will see the same ghost you saw
in the Power Transfer Room. He's still calling out for Carol, so let's find 
her. Enter the door to the left of the ghost.

There's a lot of fog here so be careful. Walk forward and enter the first door 
on your right. You may get attacked by Carol, the ghost that resides here so be

The room you have just entered is a Monitor Room:


Main Residential Hallway:
   First use Camera 1 to look at the door you have just entered (Room 101) and
   on the sign next to the door you will see a green handprint, it's another
   RECORDING, zoom in to see Nikolai's last moments. You can use Cameras 2, 3
   and 4 to track the movements of Carol - she will wonder up and down the
   corridor entering the rooms 103, 102, 105 and 106 in that order. Also use
   Camera 4 to view the ventilation system (you can identify it by the red
   light on the wall).
Room 102:
   Go to Camera 2 and look at the top bunk bed on the right. A message will 
   come up saying there is something on the bed.
Room 103:
   On the table in the middle of the room you can see a green handprint, zoom 
   in to watch another RECORDING.
Room 105:
   Some spooky music playing here. Zoom in to the back of the room and you will
   see a television screen - this is important later on.
Room 106:
   You can use Camera 1 to zoom in on the far end of the wall where you will 
   see something written in red but it cannot be read through the camera.
Elevator Lobby:
   Not much here, you can see a battery by the blocked doorway.
Renovation Area: 
   Go to Camera 2 and zoom in on the green shadow to watch a RECORDING. Also
   you will need to get that Yellow Canister later on.

                      ENTER FROM HERE
                           |   |
                          _|   |_
                 ROOM 101-_     _-ROOM 104
             (MONITOR ROOM)|   | (NOT ACCESSIBLE)
                          _|   |_
                 ROOM 102-_     _-ROOM 105
         (GET ID CARD HERE)|   | (CAROL'S ROOM)
                          _*   |_
                 ROOM 103-_     _- ROOM 106     KEY:
                           |   |                * VENTILATION SYSTEM

Now you will need to get the Employee ID Card - the item you saw on top of the
bunk bed, it's in Room 102 so you need to use the cameras to watch the ghost, 
when she enters Room 105, exit the Monitor Room and run to Room 102, avoiding
the ghost. Head to the back of the room, to the bedroom and pick up the ID 

When you come out of Room 102, turn right and you should see a red light on the
right wall, this is the ventilation system, use your Employee ID Card to
activate it. If you run into Carol here, turn back and get out of the
Residential Area. Alternatively, you can use the cameras to time your run to
the ventilation system.

The fog has now cleared so head to Room 105 and talk to Carol inside. After
that, go to the Video Playback Machine at the back of the room and insert the
Video Disk. You will then watch a short movie of Carol and her Papa. Carol will
then exit the room but don't follow her just yet, first take a look at the
closet (second one across from the bedroom) and on the shelf above the shirts,
at the very top, you will find a Letterhead Paper - you will need this later.

Exit Room 105, and watch the scene where Father and Daughter get reunited, when
they disappear, you can pick up the Hair Clip left behind by Carol.

Now go back to the Central Hall, you may have to run up the escalator as it's
moving in the opposite direction (nothing wrong with a bit of exercise). When
you get to the top, you will see Nikolai just to the right of the sphere, give
him Carol's Hair Clip and he'll give you an Elevator Card Key.

Now head back to the Residential Area, and to the far end of where the Elevator
Lobby is.

When you enter the Elevator Lobby, your heartbeat will begin to rise and
because of the fog, it will go over 139/M. Exit the room and then re-enter,
this time you should be fine. Walk over to the elevator, it's slightly to the
right and push the call button. Once inside the elevator, use the Elevator Card
Key on the Control Panel and choose Floor B1.

When you come out of the elevator, turn right and enter the door that says
Research Area.

As soon as you enter the Research Area your heartbeat will begin to rise, you
will hear a child's laughter and then two handprints will appear across your
face, but it's nothing to worry about (seriously) as your heartbeat will not
go above 139/M. Now walk down the hallway and enter the second door on your
right (Men's Restroom).

Walk to the end of the Men's Restroom and open the cupboard, inside there is a
Glass Cleaner, take it and exit the room.

Now go to the Lady's Restroom, the next one across from the Men's, and walk
over to the mirror, you'll find it above the sinks to your left. Use the Glass
Cleaner on the mirror. After a scene, head back out to the hallway.

Walk to the centre of the hallway and talk to young Jacob Pollucs, he'll tell 
you about his two sisters, they're in the Vegetable Plant. Go through the door
to the left of Jacob and you should find yourself in the Vegetable Plant 
Passageway. From here, the door on your left is a Monitor Room, enter it.


Freight Elevator:
   Every time time you enter this elevator your heartbeat rises to 139/M, I've
   never figured out why that is.
Control Passage:
   On Camera 2 you can see a ghost leaning against the wall, she's crying a 
   lot. If you look below her right foot you can see a RECORDING.
Elevator Lobby B1:
   There are two plant pots here blocking the way to the Control Passage, so
   you can't help that sobbing ghost just yet.
Research Area Hallway:
   Here you can see young Jacob. He looks sad, you'd better help him.
Vegetable Plant Passageway:
   You can watch another RECORDING, just zoom in on the panel that has come 
   loose on the wall.
Vegetable Plant:
   Here you can see two ghosts (Jacob's sisters) wondering through the Plant. 
   There is also a lot of fog here. Also on camera 2 you can see a stuffed 
   animal toy.
Cultivation Control Room:
   On Camera 1 you can see the ventilation system for the Vegetable Plant, it's
   just to the right of the door. 

Again take a look at camera 1 in the Vegetable Plant and look at the ghost 
closest to the camera, as soon as she turns right (sometimes left) quickly exit
the Monitor Room and hold the circle button to run to the Vegetable plant:

                         |   |_
                         |    _-MONITOR ROOM
                         |   |
                   |     |   |     |
                   |    *|AA |     |
                   |_    | A |    _|
                     |   | A |   |
                    _|   | B |   |_            KEY:
                   |     | B |     |           A - GHOST A 
                   |     | BB|*    |           B - GHOST B
                   |_____|___|_____|           * - RUN THROUGH THE PLANT WHEN 
                         |   |                     THE GHOSTS REACH THIS POINT

If you run into either of the two girls, turn back, exit the Vegetable Plant 
and try again. When you reach the Cultivation Control Room, swipe your Employee
ID Card through the ventilation system, it's to the right of the entrance.

Just to the left of the door is a green box, press X to open it, inside there 
is a Greenhouse Key, take it. Also, while you're here, take a look at the small
orange burner to the left of the computer and remember it, as you will need to
use this later on.

Go back to the Vegetable Plant and talk to the two girls (they are by the door
in which you first entered). They will tell you they are looking for something,
remember the stuffed animal toy you saw from the Monitor Room?

Go to the left side of the room from which you first entered, you will see a 
large greenhouse with nine trays inside, the top-middle tray is jammed so you
need to go to the right of the greenhouse and press the switch. Go to the 
Control Panel in front of the greenhouse and insert the Greenhouse Key.

On the panel in front of you there are 8 green buttons, corresponding to the 8
trays in the greenhouse. There is also a white button corresponding to the 
empty slot. You can move any of the trays that are adjacent to the empty slot.
The stuffed animal is in the top-left tray, you need to get it to the 
bottom-right and press the blue button to get it out.

Here is my method for doing it:

   1. Move the middle-right tray down.
   2. Move the middle tray to the right.
   3. Move the middle-left tray to the right.
   4. Move the top-left tray (with the toy) down.
   5. Move the top-middle tray to the left.
   6. Move the middle tray up.
   7. Move the middle-left tray (with the toy) to the right.
   8. Move the top-left tray down.
   9. Move the top-middle tray to the left.
   10. Move the top-right tray to the left.
   11. Move the middle-right tray up.
   12. Move the middle tray (with the toy) to the right.
   13. Move the bottom-middle tray up.
   14. Move the bottom-right tray to the left.
   15. Move the middle-right tray (with the toy) down.

Now press the large blue button at the bottom of the control panel to get it 
out and then show it to the girls. When they disappear, head to the Research 
Area Hallway and give the toy to Jacob, there, that cheered him up. When he 
disappears he will drop a Level 1 Card Key, pick it up.

Now go to the door to the right of where Jacob was, the one that says Food 
Storage, and use the Level 1 Card Key to enter. In this next area, look to your
left and you will see the next Monitor Room.


Food Storage Passageway:
   No ghosts, no recordings, nothing. Let's move on.
Food Storage Warehouse:
   On camera 3, you'll see a ghost and just to the right of him is a 
   ventilation system, but it's blocked off by some boxes. Also on camera 1 
   zoom in on the right conveyor belt to view a RECORDING.
Fisheries Station:
   Move the Camera. Ha Ha - a ghost will start to angrily shake the camera, he
   will do this whenever you move cameras 1-3. On camera 2 (Don't move it!), 
   you'll see a message come up saying There is something on the bottom. Also
   on camera 4 there is a ghost trying to get out of the water.
Fisheries Control Room:
   Move camera 1 to the right - you'll see the ventilation system for the 
   Fisheries Station.
Gravity Training Room:
   On camera 1, just below the seats to the right, you'll see a RECORDING.
Gravity Control Room:
   Go to camera 2, there is another RECORDING on the keyboard at the
   workstation. Also below the recording you'll see something on the floor (the
   cat dropped it).

Now save your game, the next part's tricky. Exit the Monitor Room and turn left
to enter the Food Storage Warehouse.

Oh, fog. The ghost you hear is placed behind the large piece of equipment in
the middle of the room. Around the room you'll find many Food Storage
Containers, if you walk up to these and press X, they will sound an alarm and
the ghost will come to investigate.
          |             *    |
          |         A        |
          |       _______    |________
          |     _|       |_______     |     KEY:
          |    |_         _______|    |     A - GHOST
          |      |__\____|            |     + - FOOD STORAGE CONTAINER
          |        + \                |     * - VENTILATION SYSTEM
          |___________\_______   _____|
                       \      | |
                    CONVEYOR BELT

The alarm that you have to set off is shown on the map by the +, the ghost will
say "who's there?" and investigate. At this point, you should count to about 5
seconds then run clockwise around the conveyor belt and head straight to the
ventilation system, when you get there, press X to open the box blocking it
then use the Employee ID Card to clear the fog. Talk to the ghost - he's by the
right conveyor belt, then to the right of this same conveyor belt, there is a
control switch, press it, then you'll see a blue can move down the conveyor
belt, pick it up.

Now head back to the Monitor Room and use the cameras for the Fisheries 
Station, the one with the angry ghost (he's actually a priest). Go to camera 2
and move it, wait till the ghost starts shaking the camera, then run out of the
monitor room and head towards the Fisheries Station (you might want to use your
Level 1 Card Key to open the door before you do this).

When you enter the Fisheries Station the priest will be facing camera 2, so he
won't be able to see you. Turn right, then left and walk (don't run) straight
ahead till you get to the Control Room.

You're now in the Fisheries Control Room, so first things first, swipe your ID
Card through the ventilation system - it's to the right of where you first 
entered. To the left of the ventilation system is the Holding Tank Control 
System, press X to access it then enter the password "DACE" (it's written on
the board behind you).

Now go back out to the Fisheries Station, you'll find that the priest has 
disappeared, but the other ghost is still struggling to get out of the water.
Now head to the second tank you passed when you first entered here, and go to
the control valve and press X. Now go back to the first tank, inside you'll 
find an amulet, pick it up and head back to the tank where the ghost was.

Go inside the tank, use the right analogue stick to look down and press X to go
down the ladder, the ghost is in the right corner, talk to him, then give him 
the amulet. When he disappears, he'll drop a Chocolate Coin, pick it up.

When you head back out to the Research Area hallway, you'll see a ghost with
red hair, you cannot talk to him, but you'll be seeing much more of him later

Now head back to the Elevator Lobby and use your Level 1 Card Key to access the
door that says Gravity Training Room. You should remember the recording when
you saw something roll under the seats, so press X to lift the chairs up, and
pick up the Chocolate Coin. Now move onto the door on your right.

In the Control Room, you should remember another recording - the one with the
cat, he lost his collar, look below the Control System and pick it up. Then
access the Gravitation Control System in front of you, you'll see a ghost
floating in zero gravity, choose the option "stop", to bring him back down to
earth. Now go back to the Gravity Training Room and go through the door on your
left from where you first came in.

Talk to the ghost (he's very rude), then give him the two Chocolate Coins, next
look behind the ghost and you will find a red Chocolate Coin, give him this one
as well. Next give him the drink you found in the Food Storage Warehouse. He
will then tell you that Claudia has gone to the Work Area, when he disappears
he'll drop a Level 2 Card Key, pick it up, and then pick up the Can Opener and
head back to the Food Storage Warehouse.

Once you get to the warehouse, give the Can Opener to Biggs Covellin (stand to
his left), he will then use it but find it is not what he is looking for, and
leave the room. Now pick up the Fuel Canister he dropped. You know what you
have to do now - heat the food up, remember where you saw the burner, it's in
the Cultivation Control Room (where you got the Greenhouse Key), head back 
there now.

The orange burner is to the left of the computer, access your Item Menu and
select Fuel Canister. Once it has finished heating up, pick up the Emergency
Food Rations and go back to the Elevator Lobby.

When you get there, you'll find that the plant pots blocking the doorway to the
Control Passage have been moved, so you're now free to enter this area, inside
you'll find Biggs again, give him the Food Rations then follow him down the
passage and just as you turn left, you'll see an Earring on the floor, pick it
up. Then walk past Biggs and talk to his wife, Ali, then give her the Earring.
The two of them will disappear, then go back to the elevator and then back up
to Floor 1.

Now that you have a Level 2 Card key, it might be wise to go to the Battery
Room (remember the ghost who was calling out for Victor).

Go to the Battery Room (on your way there, you'll encounter a ghost in the
Energy Area Hallway, so exit then re-enter), then go to the Monitor Room and
look at camera 1 in the Battery Room. When the ghost reaches the stairs on the
right side, exit the Monitor Room and enter the Battery Room (use the Level 2
Card Key).

When you get there, follow him up the stairs (but don't get too close), turn
left and then in the middle of the Battery Room, you'll see a Control Panel,
press X to access it. On the screen you'll see a line and a dot moving back and
forth across the screen, there is also a rectangle on the right. When the line
is pointing directly at the rectangle and the dot is directly above the 
rectangle, hit the X button. If you take too long to do this, you'll hear the
ghost walking up the stairs to the right. When you hear this, exit the Control
Panel and move anti-clockwise around the Battery Room to avoid running into the
ghost. When you get the chance, try again at the Control Panel.

When you've succeeded with it, move left and then go down the stairs, and in
front of you should be a ventilation system, use your ID Card to clear the fog.

Now talk to the ghost, he's by the Battery Storage Bank in the centre of the 
room, then give him the Vehicle Battery, he'll insert the battery in the
machine and disappear. Now take the battery out of the machine (it's now
recharged) and head back to the Central Hall and then through the door that
says Work Area.

Remember what the ghost in the Gravity Training Room told you - Claudia has
gone to the Work Area, that's your next destination. Head back to the Central
Hall and then through the door that says Work Area.

When you get to the Rest Area, you'll see Claudia heading towards the Work Area
Hallway, follow her, and use your Level 2 Key Card to access the Work Area
Hallway. Then move onto the right walkway, when you reach the end your heart
rate will begin to rise as there is a ghost here (and fog). So turn back and
exit the area, then re-enter, now the ghost won't be here. This time when you
get to the end of the walkway, pick up the Filtration Plant Key (it's making
a lot of noise) and move on.

Welcome to the Oxygen Production Plant. There's an alarm going off, and a lot
of fog, but no ghosts so move forward, then turn right and go through the door
in front of you. When you get to the other side of the door, you will be will
be attacked by a ghost. Just do the same as before, quickly exit the room,
then re-enter, you'll be fine.

The area you have just entered is the Electrolysis Extraction. The door to your
left is the next Monitor Room:


Electrolysis Extraction:
   On camera 1, there is a RECORDING on the wall to the right, and if you
   follow the two large pipes to the left, you'll see a Repair Tape in between
   the two pipes.
Processing Plant:
   On camera 3 you'll see a sleepy ghost who is constantly being woken by the
   sound of some large machinery.
Material Storage Room:
   Turn the camera to the right and you'll see two ghosts, on the floor in
   front of them is a RECORDING.

Now exit the Monitor Room, turn left and head towards the processing plant,
make sure you grab the repair tape in between the two large pipes.

In the Processing Plant, there is a ventilation system, but your Employee ID
Card will not work on it, so you'll have to get past the ghost in the fog.
Every so often he is woken by the sound of machinery, when this happens, wait
for him to start snoring again, then run towards the door he is facing (There's
a red light on it). The ghost may wake up while you're waiting for the door to
open, hit X when the red light turns blue to enter the air lock. Then pass
through the Air Lock to enter the Lunar Surface.

Boy, you move frustratingly slow out here. You can press the circle button to
jump to go faster, but beware you don't drop down any holes. Move forward then
jump over the first hole, to your left is a ghost, talk to him. Then continue
moving forward until you come to a door, enter it.

This is the second Air Lock room, continue on towards the next area.

Now walk down the stairs and into the fog, you'll encounter a ghost (it's the
priest again), quickly move left to enter the Monitor Room.


Main Entrance:
   If you move camera 3 to the right, you'll see the priest banging his fist on
   the Monitor Room door. Of course, as before, moving any camera will anger
   him, and he'll walk up to the camera and shake it. Also on camera 3, you can
   see a RECORDING by the altar.
Mine Elevator:
   Go to camera 2 and turn it to the right, you'll see the ventilation system.
   Also on camera 1, you'll see the control panel for the elevator.
Regolith Mine:
   On camera 2, you'll see a woman kneeling down in a graveyard.

Be sure to save your game here as this part is tricky. Move camera 1 so that
the priest walks up to it and starts to shake it, as soon as he does this,
exit the Monitor Room, turn left and run towards the Mine Elevator Room. Now on
the left is the elevator call button, push it. While you are waiting for the
elevator to come up, the priest will come through the door to attack you, go up
to this same door and pass through it, then run back to the Monitor Room.

If you go to camera 1 of the Mine Elevator Room, you will see that the elevator
has arrived. You now need to repeat the same again, use camera 1 to bring the
priest to the camera, then run towards the Mine Elevator.

When you get to the elevator, flip the switch on the left to take you down.
When you get to the bottom, you will find the ventilation system to the right
side of the door in front of you. Swipe your Employee ID Card through it. Now
go through the door to the Air Lock, and move on towards the Regolith Mine.

Head forward until you come to a ladder, climb down, then turn left and
continue on until you come to another ladder, use it to go up. When you reach
the top, you'll see a graveyard, and just as you pass the first two rows of
tombstones, you'll see a ghost kneeling down on the floor, talk to her, then
look in the direction in which she is facing, you'll see a passageway up the
cliff, go there.

When you reach the top, you'll see a lift coming towards you. Walk onto it, and
it will take you forward. Below the lift, you'll notice a second one, you will
need to get down there so time your jump well. Here's how I did it:

                           |      CLIFF       |
                                    |   ______
                         ___________|__|  /   |-LIFT B   
                                    |  |_/____|
                                |      O|           KEY:
                                |_______|           O - YOU
                                    |               / - DIRECTION TO JUMP
                                  LIFT A

 - Stand on the back of the lift as it goes forward, turn around and look down.
 - When Lift A stops, you'll see Lift B moving across to the right below. When
   Lift B stops, position yourself so that you're facing Lift B.
 - When Lift A starts to move again, press circle to jump onto Lift B.
 - Lift B will then take you forward, stand on the edge of Lift B and you'll
   eventually see a platform, do not jump as soon as you see it.
 - Go straight past the platform, until Lift B stops, it will then turn back.
   Look down, and jump onto the platform, just after it comes into sight.

Now pick up the Tie Pin and go down the broken ladder and backtrack to the
Lunar Surface. The Tie Pin belongs to the ghost in the graveyard, but if you
try to give it to her, she'll say she doesn't need it anymore.

When you get to the Lunar Surface, take a left and head around the building
you've just come out of. Head right the way around, until you come to a slope,
go up it, then when you get between the two large boulders, look down and
position yourself so that you can jump onto the surface below.

Continue forward, then jump over another gap in the ground. In front of you,
you'll see a thick layer of ice blocking the entrance to a basement - from
there, turn right, go up another slope, until you see a door on your left that
says Garage. Enter.

When you've entered the Garage, on your right you'll see a disassembled Lunar
Rover, but the door is locked. So head through the door on your left.

Go through the Air Lock, then turn right and continue down the hallway, until
you come to a Monitor Room.


   On camera 1, you'll see a green handprint to the left of the box on the
   wall, zoom in to watch this RECORDING. If you go to camera 3 and zoom in on
   this same box, you'll see a number written on top of it - 1028 - remember
Garage Passageway:
   On camera 1, there's a map of the area just in case you get lost, but that
   shouldn't happen if you use my guide.
Oxygen Production Plant:
   On camera 1, there's a RECORDING on the railing, just below the oxygen leak.
   Also on camera 4, look just opposite the work lift - there's the ventilation
Oxygen Control Room:
   There is another RECORDING on the table. Also take note of two things here -
   The spaceman toy on the table and the ghost, he's looking inside the locker.

Now exit the Monitor Room and enter the Oxygen Production Plant. On your left
is the door to the Control Room - Do Not go here, as that is where the ghost
is. Instead, go up the ladder in front of you, when you reach the top, look
above you and find the oxygen leak that you saw in the Monitor Room, use the
Repair Tape.

The ghost from the Control Room will now climb up the ladder to investigate why
the alarm has stopped sounding, go clockwise around the platform and go down
the ladder. If the ghost comes after you, do not get hasty, as you will fall
down to the bottom. Instead take your time as the ghost will not go after you
once you start climbing down the ladder.

When you reach the bottom, go into the Control Room and take a look at the
spaceman toy on the table, it will mention that a baby was born on the 24th of
May - you will need to remember this later. Next look inside the bin to the
right of the table, you will find a Bent Employee ID Card inside.

Now go back to the Oxygen Production Plant, and take a left, and use the work
lift to go up to the next level. Head straight forward, until you see an
extremely hot piece of equipment (water evaporates within a micro-second on
it), and use the Bent Employee ID Card here. Pick it back up, then go back to
the work lift, and use the your newly acquired Executive ID Card on the 
ventilation system, it's slightly to the left of where you came out of the work

Now go back up the ladder, talk to the ghost, when he disappears, he'll drop a
Level 3 Card Key. Pick it up and go back to the Garage.

When you get to the garage, go to the key storage box on the wall to your left
and enter the number on top of the box (1028), then enter the password - the
day in which the baby was born (0524), and get the Lunar Rover Key inside it.
Next go over to the lunar rover, insert the key and pick up the Vehicle Battery
inside the Lunar Rover.

Now backtrack to the Central Hall, and use the right escalator to take you down
to the door that says Space Port. Use your Level 3 Card Key to enter it. On
your left, you'll see the Crew's Room. Enter it.

In front of you is a Remote Control Operating System. Press X to access it. On
the screen you'll see a ghost on the right side, choose the only option there,
which is Start the Linear. Now you'll see the ghost get up from her seat and
walk to the back of the Linear Transport.

Now exit the Crew's Room, turn left and go through the ticketing gate, then
turn left again to enter the Linear Transport. After a scene with the ghost
Natalia Riskaya, walk to the back of the Linear Transport and on your left
you'll see a Communication Link (it has a blue screen), go to it, press X, then
turn and go through the door behind you.

You've just entered the ticketing Gate (Port), the room on the left is a
Monitor Room.


Crew's Room: 
   Not much here. You can see the Natalia operating the Linear Transport.
Ticketing Gate (Hall):
   Just below the right ticketing gate is a recording.
Ticketing Gate (Port):
   The ventilation system is broken, though that shouldn't matter as there is
   no fog here.
Worker's Passage:
   Go to camera 2, and just inside the locker you'll see a RECORDING. Also to
   the right on camera 3 is a ventilation system (this one should work). To the
   left on camera 4 is another ventilation system, while to the right...yes,
   it's the priest again, but moving the camera doesn't seem to annoy him
Central Accessway:
   On camera 2 is a ghost, and to the left of her is the ventilation system for
   this area. Also on camera 3 you'll see the Control Panel for the walkway.
Space Port Lobby:
   On camera 1, to the right of the pillar is a RECORDING. Also, wonder where
   that music is coming from?

Now save your game and exit the Monitor Room. Then go to the Worker's Passage.

                       SPACE PORT LOBBY                            
                            _| |_
                           |     |
                           |  A  |
                           |+   _|
                           |»   *|
                           |     |
                           |     |
                           |     |              KEY:
                          _|     |              A - PRIEST (GHOST)
           TICKETING GATE-_      |              * - VENTILATION SYSTEM 1
               (PORT)      |_____|              + - VENTILATION SYSTEM 2

Turn left, turn your light off and walk down the right side of the passage
(where your footsteps don't make so much noise). Get as close as you can to the
ventilation system before the ghost sees you, then run towards it and quickly
use your ID Card to activate it. As soon as you've done that, turn around and
run out of the Worker's Passage.

You can breathe now. But it isn't over yet, you now have to activate the other
ventilation system shown on the map by the +. When your heartbeat recovers, go
back into the Worker's Passage and repeat the same as before - go down the
right side, and when the priest sees you, run towards the second ventilation
system and swipe your ID Card through it. It's tricky, and you may need a
syringe to do this.

When the fog clears, you'll hear a banging sound. Go to the window on the right
of the passage, and there you'll see a ghost. He has drawn a map on the window
and is pointing towards a locker (you saw a Music Box stored in there during a
recording), but if you go to this locker, you'll find it's empty. So for now
continue on towards the Space Port Lobby.

Now take a left, you'll see a map on the left wall, walk past it and then
you'll see a door. This is the entrance to the Central Accessway.

When you enter, in front of you, you'll see an walkway that it is not 
operating - this is where the ghost is so do not go here, instead, turn left
and you'll see a Walkway Control Panel. Go to it and push X.

The ghost will now go after her bag and move away from the ventilation system,
this will give you the chance to clear the fog out of this area. Just swipe
your Executive ID Card through the ventilation system.

Now walk down the walkway, until you come to the old lady, and talk to her.
She'll tell you that she wants you to help her find her little Ruthie (this is
the cat you've seen in the previous recordings). To the right of the ghost is a
bag, use the key on the Collar to open this bag and take the Bell that you'll
find inside. Now move on to the Space Port Lobby.

Continue through the Space Port Lobby, then through the ticketing gate and on
towards the Shuttle Boarding Gate. Walk through this passage, then you'll come
to the cabin of the shuttle. The door on your left is a Cockpit (it's also a
Monitor Room). Access the computers on your right of the Cockpit to view the


Decompression Room:
   There's a Control Panel here, though it doesn't seem to do anything.
   Go to camera 2, and zoom in on the top-left of the table, there you'll see a
   cat (or rather, a cat that's lost all 9 of it's lives). Apart from that,
   there's not really much to see in this Monitor Room.

Now exit the Cockpit and make your way to the sleeping quarters of the Cabin.
When you open the door, you'll hear a cat's meow, walk past the table to your
right and walk to the end of the room and look to your right. With your light
on, you'll be able to see the outline of the cat. Go to your Item Menu and
select the Bell. The cat will now follow you wherever you go.

Now go back to the Space Port Lobby. There'll be a scene hear where the cat
will run forward and knock a Music Box out from underneath the couch, go to the
red Music Box and pick it up. Then move on towards the Central Accessway.

Follow the cat down the right walkway and talk to the old lady, now happy that
she's been reunited with her little Ruthie, she'll disappear and drop a
Pendant. Pick it up.

Now go to the Worker's Passage, to where you saw the ghost outside the window.
To the left of the ghost is a Miniature Air Lock, press X to open it then
insert the Music Box. Once that has been done, go back to the Crew's Room
(where Natalia Riskaya was).

When you get to the Crew's Passage, talk to Natalia (stand to her right) and 
give her the Pendant. Now show her the Host Radio (the one you got from 
Nikolai), she'll tell you the only person who can fix it is Khristina, she's
in the Material Storage Room. Talk to Natalia again and she will give you a 
Cigar. To get there, you will need to go back to the Rest Area, then move on to
the Work Area, when you've past the Oxygen Production Plant and Electrolysis
Extraction, you'll come to the Processing Plant.

First thing you need to do here is clear the fog, so use your Executive ID Card
on the ventilation system, it's to the right of where you come down the steps.
Wake up the sleeping ghost, then show him the Host Radio and then give him the
Cigar. He'll now go to the Material Storage Room so follow him there.

In the Material Storage Room you'll find three ghosts, go to the one on the 
right and give her the Host Radio. Once they've communicated with their
commander, they'll disappear. Pick up the Host Radio. The commander said he was
in a rest area, it's now time to pay him a visit.

Now go to the Observatory Hallway, you'll see the commander on the first couch
to the left. Talk to him, then give him the Host Radio. After he has 
communicated with Natalia, he'll ask you a favour - to find his Pocket Watch
and give it to Natalia. He'll give you a Level 4 Card Key to help you, now head
towards the Residential Area.

Move on towards the Elevator Lobby, and to the right of the elevator is a
locked door. Use your Level 4 Card Key to open it and enter the Dispensary 
(Guard Room).

In front of you is a reception desk, go to the right of the desk to enter the
room behind it. Here, you'll here the sound of somebody typing on a keyboard.
Go to the computer in the right corner of the room and talk to the ghost there.
Then look behind you and you'll see a familiar looking Control Panel - it's a
Monitoring Room.


Patient Ward:
   On camera 1, you'll see a RECORDING just to the bottom left of the door.
   While on camera 3, you'll see a prisoner in his cell, and just to the right
   of him is another RECORDING.
Operating Room:
   There is a green handprint on the wall where you'll see a notice sign. Zoom
   in for this RECORDING.

Now enter the Patient Ward through the door to the right of the reception desk,
and head straight down to the Operating Room. Now go to the computer, and
insert the Letterhead Paper into the Printer (get the Letterhead Paper from the
cupboard in Room 105 if you haven't already done so). Now press X to access the
computer screen and choose to print out the Release Permit on the Letterhead
Paper, now pick up the Official Release Permit.

Now go back to the Dispensary and give the Release Permit to the ghost at the
computer. If you give him a release permit on a plain piece of paper, he'll 
just reject it.

The prisoner can now be released, so go back to the Patient Ward and open the
second door on your left. Talk to the prisoner and he'll give you a Laboratory
Key. When the prisoner disappears, look to the ground and you'll see the Pocket
Watch that the commander asked you to get. Pick it up.

Now go back to the Elevator Lobby and go through the door to the left of the
elevator, this is the Renovation Area. At the back of the room, you'll see a
Yellow Canister - make sure you grab it. Now use the Laboratory Key to enter
the Laboratory (bit too simple, innit?).

A lot of fog here, but that can be sorted out easily, use your Executive ID
Card on the ventilation System, it's to the right of where you first entered
this room. Now go to the table in the left corner and pick up the Electronic
Organizer. Go to your main menu, select Items, then select the Electronic 
Organizer you've just picked up. Press the triangle button to read it, pay
close attention to the last page:


   ORB, the secret lies
   in these colours.

Now enter through the door to the right of the table and go to the Control
Panel that has six different colours on it. It will ask you to insert a
passcode (ORB), it's not too difficult to figure it out - just enter Orange,
Red and Blue. Now open the locker and inside you'll find a Red Chemical

Now go back to the Laboratory and there will be a scene here, after that, go 
back to the Central Hall, and then to the Space Port. Then go to the Crew's 
Room on your left and talk to Natalia, then give her the Pocket Watch.

You will now need to go to the Lunar Surface (remember there was a ghost there,
leaning against a rock and calling out for Alan), when you get to the Lunar
Surface, talk to the ghost to trigger a scene, and then move on to the Main 
Entrance to the Regolith Mine.

When you get there, you'll see the priest (for the first time he's not
surrounded by fog) praying by the altar. Talk to him and he'll give you his
Rosary and disappear.

Now head out of the Regolith Mine and go back to the Lunar Surface. Once there,
you may remember seeing a thick layer of ice blocking the way to a basement,
it's to the far left of the entrance to the Garage. Go to it and use the yellow
and red chemicals to melt the ice. Now enter the Oxygen Storage Access.

Move on towards the Oxygen Storage Area and talk to the two ghosts there. Give
the Rosary to the woman on the left. The man will then tell you to go to the
Observatory. Pick up the Observatory Key, but before you go there, why not
check out the game's very last Monitor Room.


Lunar Surface:
   On camera 2, zoom in on the entrance to the Oxygen Storage Area to see the
   game's very last RECORDING.
Oxygen Storage Access:
   Just some stairs, and...that's about it.
Oxygen Storage Area:
   If you look to the interior of the room, you'll see the frozen corpse of the
   priest. Interesting.

The game is now nearly complete, and there's only one more thing left to do -
go to the Observatory to see Claudia.

Go back to the Observatory Hallway and go up the escalator on your right. When
you get to the top, go through the door to enter the Observatory Foyer. On your
left you'll see a door, use the Observatory Key to open it.

Claudia will offer you an item:

   If you accept it, you'll see Ending 1.
   If you don't, you'll see Ending 2.

=CHAPTER THREE=================================================================

 Alternative Endings

There are two additional endings in this game, to get them you will need to
free every ghost in the facility and then obtain a letter to Claudia.

In this section, I will tell you how to free all the ghosts that were not
covered in the main walkthrough:

Go to the Water Filtration Plant, which was the first place where you were
attacked in the game, but you will now find that the fog has cleared out of the
area. Go across the bridge until you come to the centre, there you will see a
Control Panel. Insert the Filtration Plant Key, then press X in front of the
Control Panel and the bridge will move.

Move towards the door on your left, and inside the room you will see a corpse,
and standing next to it is his ghost. Talk to him, hear his sad story, then
he'll disappear.

Go back out to the bridge and use the Control Panel to move it back to where it
was, then turn left from the Control Panel, and go back to the shuttle where 
the game first began. Head through the Crew's Passage, ignoring the elevator,
and go to the Generator Room. When you enter this room, you'll see the
shuttle's backup generator on the right side. Now walk up to where the red
light is, and insert the Vehicle Battery.

Now use the elevator to go up to the Passenger Cabin and go through the door on
your right to enter the VIP Passenger Cabin. After that, enter the door on your
left where you'll see a dead man hanging off the bed, below him is a 
Passenger's Letter, pick it up, and head to the Graveyard in the Regolith Mine
(I know... it's a long way).

When you finally get there, go to the woman in the middle of the graveyard and
give her the Passenger's Letter, when she's taken a look at it, give her the 
Tie Pin. She'll then learn that her husband did love her after all and
disappear. A Happy Ending.

All the ghosts should now have been freed in the game, so that just leaves

Whenever you go to the studio in the Central Hall, you'll see paintings of all
the ghosts you have freed in the game. When the whole wall has been painted
over (all the way around), you can now get the alternative endings.

Go to the Observatory Hallway, and you will see the android, he'll invite you
back to his room. Go to the studio, and you'll see a Master Key on the table,
take it, and go to the Residential Area.

Now go to the Elevator Lobby and enter the elevator. Use the Master Key on the
Control Panel, and then go to floor B2. You'll come out into the Underground
Passage, walk straight ahead, until you come to a door, enter it.

You're now in the Director's Office, in front of you is a mummified body of a
man. On the table next to him are two items, the first is a letter to Claudia,
and the second is a Platinum Ring. Pick up the two items and leave the area.

Go back to the Observatory Hallway and go up the escalator on your right. When
you get to the top, go through the door to enter the Observatory Foyer. On your
left you'll see a door, use the Observatory Key to open it.
Claudia will offer you an item:

   If you accept it, you'll see Ending 3
   If you don't, you'll see Ending 4

=CHAPTER FOUR==================================================================

 Battery Locations

This chapter contains the locations of all the batteries in the game:

01: When you first enter the Central Hall, turn right and follow the path 
    around, you'll eventually see a battery laying on the ground.

02: Look on the second couch to your left in the Observatory Hallway.

03: As you first enter the Main Residential Hallway, you'll see a battery on
    the floor just as you pass Room 101 (The Monitor Room).

04: Look to your left just as you enter the Elevator Lobby, you'll see a stack
    of crates blocking the doorway, on top of them is a battery.

05: Just to the right of the Ladies Restroom entrance.

06: Inside the Ladies Restroom, open the cupboard and you'll see a battery on 
    the floor.

07: In the Vegetable Plant, go to the greenhouse on the right side of the room,
    and you'll see a broken Control Device, on top of it is a battery.

08/09: At the back of the Cultivation Room, there are 3 lockers, in the middle
    and right lockers are two batteries.

10: Just inside the cupboard in the Food Storage Warehouse.

11: In the Fisheries Station, underneath the floor between the two tanks.

12: Look inside the locker to the left of the computer in the Fisheries Control

13: On the upper level of the Oxygen Production Plant, next to the Work Lift.

14: On the left side of the Air Lock between the Processing Plant and the Lunar

15: In the Main Entrance to the Regolith Mine, on the table to the right of the
    Monitor Room door.

16: When you first enter the Regolith Mine, climb down the ladder then walk
    straight past the second ladder and continue forward until you come to a 
    battery on the ground.

17: Look to the left of the ghost in the graveyard, and you'll see a battery.

18: Just next to the disassembled Lunar Rover.

19/20: In the left locker of the Oxygen Control Room, you'll find two batteries
    on the bottom shelf.

21: In the Water filtration Plant, look to the right of where the mummified 
    corpse is.

22: When you're in the Battery room, turn left from the Control Panel, then 
    turn right, and you'll see it on the floor.

23/24/25/26: There are four batteries in a locker, below the spacesuits in the
    Ticketing Room (Hall).

27: Just as you enter the Worker's Passage, look to the pile of containers in
    front of you, on top of them is a battery.

28: On top of a box at the far end of the Material Storage Room.

29: There is a battery in a cabinet to the right of the Monitoring System in 
    the Dispensary.

30: In the first cell on your left in the Patient Ward.


=CHAPTER FIVE==================================================================

 Book Locations/Information

This chapter contains the locations of all the books in the game and what you
would find written inside them. Most of this section is copied from the game
and is therefore not my own work.

Monthly Report:

 Where to find: In the Power Transfer Room, on a desk to the right of where the
ghost is sitting on the floor.

 It says:

Power outages and blackouts are becoming a daily occurence. The equipment is
too old to be reliable any longer. A thorough inspection of all equipment is
scheduled for next month.

Inspection of all power-related equipment revealed faulty wiring as the main
cause of the recent power outages. We'll ask the director to contact 
headquarters regarding the problem, but they'll probably just tell us to focus
on mining efforts. In the meantime, we're looking into system modifications
that will hopefully prevent future outages.

A strange fog has been appearing in different areas of the facility. The 
problem seems to be tied to the ventilation system and the person in charge of
the work area, Mr Dato, has expressed his concern. Other than this, oxygen
shortage problems that plagued the facility since it's inception appear to have
been solved and mining operations are going well.

The fog continues to fill the facility, but doesn't seem to have any impact on
oxygen levels. A report regarding the situation has been sent to headquarters
by the director, but their response was just to push ahead with mining
operations. I have a bad feeling about what will happen if things remain as
they are.

Leather Diary:

 Where to find: Look to the right of the monitor room door in the main entrance
to the Regolith Mine and you find it on a shelf.

 It says:

I purchased some things for the upcoming trip, and as usual, it's me who has to
take care of all the packing. It was silly of me to think he might lend a hand.
We're heading out to the space port tomorrow, hopefully without too much of our
usual quarrelling.

Even on this trip nothing has changed, he is preoccupied with his reading and
we've barely spoken to one another. I'm not going to expect anything from him
anymore. Why did I marry someone like him? If only we could go back twenty
years and start over. One more week until we go home.

I'm so tired. My head is throbbing and the rest of my body aches terribly.
Something happened to the shuttle and it crashed. I drifted in and out of 
consciousness for a few days. My husband is nowhere to be seen.

I'm inside the lunar facility where the shuttle crashed. Physically, I'm
feeling better, but my husband is still inside the shuttle. The door to our
room won't open. I regret having argued with him recently. Perhaps he has
already passed away. Why did this terrible thing have to happen?

This entire facility is deserted, I don't think there is any hope of rescue. We
buried the dead in the graveyard. The door to the cabin still won't open and
there been any responses to my calls. I've settled myself in a small area that
leads down to the cemetery. I think I will pray for the deceased...

All the food is gone and I'm very lonely. He was selfish until the end...leaving
me all alone here. There seems to be little point in holding onto the gift I
bought for him. I'll get rid of it tomorrow.

Daily Report:

 Where to find: In the Oxygen Control Room, it's located on the chair in front of
the desk.

 It says:

My promotion to executive employee went through today and I just received my
new ID Card. The card is made from a soft "form memory" alloy and is a garish
golden colour. You'd think something like this wouldn't be necessary in a work
environment where everyone needs to be ready to fill in whenever they are
needed, but that's corporate wisdom for you.

Much has happened since the accident; a new type of mineral was discovered,
oxygen production levels have increased dramatically, and a strange fog is
spreading throughout the facility. There hasn't been any time to rest, I hope
things will quiet down soon.

The search to uncover the cause of the fog continues, but no leads have been
found so far. There were reports of fog in the space port today and some people
claimed to have seen ghosts. Everyone is exhausted, but headquarters is still
insisting that mining operations go ahead as scheduled.

When I last spoke with a colleague back on Earth, he told me that the director
had been in contact with headquarters regarding their pressure to meet mining
production quotas to the exclusion of all else. The director has worked
tirelessly on this project, but hasn't seemed himself lately. There are reports
of him wandering about the facility clasping the stone and muttering to

My executive employee status was revoked today. Mining operation delays, as
well as my lack of success in locating the fog's source were given as the
reasons. Oddly enough, I am actually relieved. I've discarded my executive
employee ID Card and am now just a normal worker again. My first job now is to
see what can be don about the fog accuminating in the space port.

Purple Diary:

 Where to find: When you first enter the Space Port Lobby, go to the pillar in
the centre of the room and you will see a purple book on the couch.

 It says:

It's been five years since he passed away, yet people are still after the
inheritance. Just today, a young man stopped by claiming to be a distant
relative. He was so persistent that I had to call the authorities. Ruthie is my
only family now. Tomorrow we leave on our space trip. I know they hope
something will happen to me.

The shuttle crash has left us stranded on the moon. I'm convinced it was the
greedy people after my inheritance who schemed up this nefarious little
"accident". They must have hoped to collect the insurance money. The other
passengers seem nice enough, but I can't trust anyone. Ruthie and I must find
somewhere safe to take refuge.

Ruthie and I made it into the space port lobby, we should be safe here. She is
such a dear and I'm glad she has finally calmed down. The music box I
discovered on the way here plays a song that was my late husband's favourite.
Just listening to it has helped me relax.

Crew Logbook:

 Where to find: When you enter the sleeping quarters of the shuttle, look to the
table on the right (Where you first see the cat from the monitor room) and it'll
be on the table.

 It says:

2044/6/8 Khristina Pegma
We leave to explore sector five today.
The crew list is as follows:
- Sergei Descloizo
- Nikolai Ivanov
- Khristina Pegma
- Dimitri Euxen
- Natalia Riskaya
- Igor Hinggan

6/14/2044   Igor Hinggan
So far everything is going according to schedule. Our present course is clear
of debris, so the crew took time off to compete in a 10k run on a treadmill.
Descloizo bested the rest of the crew and came in first. We'll continue
training until our scheduled stop in sector three tomorrow.

6/19/2044   Dimitri Euxen
Exploration of sector three complete.
Nothing special to report.

6/20/2044 Natalia Riskaya
We're running dangerously low on fuel. This is all my fault, if only I had
checked the gauges more thoroughly. We're trying to come up with a solution

6/22/2044 Nikolai Ivanov
We've located a building on the moon's surface. According to our records it is
a corporate outpost, but it appears to have been deserted. We may be able to
obtain fuel for the shuttle here. The decision to search the building was
reached after discussing it with the commander. Tomorrow we go inside.

Letter to Claudia:

 Where to find: Go to the studio to get the Master Key, then head to the
elevator in the Residential Area, insert the Master Key in the control panel
and take the lift down to Floor B2. Walk through the Underground Passage until
you come to the Director's Office. On the table next to the corpse is the
Letter to Claudia. You will need to get this item to view Endings 3 and 4.

 It says:

My Dearest Claudia,

It has been a while since I last wrote to you. I hope things are well. We
continue to face new challenges here everyday, but I'm determined to see it
through. As you know, building a Lunar Facility was a dream both my father and
I shared. I have every intension of making sure this project is a success.

I realize my leaving just before the wedding was abrupt, and must have hurt you
terribly, but as soon as everything is in order here I will come for you
straight away. Please be patient just a little while longer my dear. I will
write to you again soon.
                      Richard Osmond

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