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Table of Contents

.) Introduction
.) About this Game
.) Characters
.) Getting to Know the Heroes Better
.) Final Weapons
.) X and Zero
.) Eternal Forest
.) Tails Clan
.) FAQ's
.) Contacting Me
.) Credits
.) Legal Things

.) Introduction

Hello and welcome to my sidequest FAQ! If you are wondering what's in the FAQ
just look at the table of contents. I'll list all of the above along with some
additional, general information about this game.

You probably already know that this is the first RPG Mega Man game so you are
probably wondering how this new system is going to work. In the about this game
section I will talk about its game engines and basics on how to play.

If you like my work and have some of the below games, than you can check them
out if you would like. Here is a list of my other work so far.

-Mega Man X5 Complete Walkthrough
-Wolverine Complete Character FAQ

Now if you do not mind, lets forget all of this for now and move on to the 
sidequest FAQ!

.) About this Game

You are probably wondering on how this game is going to work. As you know, this
is the first ever Mega Man RPG. But I bet you are saying in your head that 
normal RPG's like the great Final Fantasy series (yes I am a Final Fantasy fan)
for example have things like magic, swords, spears, elements, limit breaks and
all sorts of stuff like that. Well Mega Man X: Command Mission have those too.
But now it is more futuristic like.

In place of limit breaks or overdrives, this game has things called Action 
Triggers. Action Triggers are special moves that can be pretty useful in some
cases. Each character also has their own unique styles so try them all out.
These are your limit breaks. But these come across more often as these
Action Triggers use your magic meter. Magic? In a Mega Man game? Keep reading
to get a more in-depth explanation.

Now in place of your magic you have WE. Your WE meter stands for weapon 
energy. You get 25% of your WE back every turn. If you have 50% or more you 
can unleash your Action Trigger. The more WE you have, the better your Action
Trigger will be. But WE isn't only for your Action Triggers. You need We to use
sub-weapons. So use your WE wisely.

Instead of summons, well their aren't no summons in this game. Now to the 
Legend of Dragoon series. If you haven't played Legends of Dragoon then I guess
you do not know what Dragoons are. They are the special transformations that
improve you. In this game we have Hypers. Hypers are transformations that 
higher your stats dramatically and change how you look. These are key to 
success but you will have to remember to use these wisely.

This game also has things like poison and such. But again, since this is a 
Mega Man game they will have different names like virus and cryogenic. This 
also has a leveling up system. This is typical in RPG's and you should know 
that if your level goes up, so do your stats. And money is called zenny in this
game. This is your currency and this can be used to buy weapons, force metals
and other things.

Just think of this game as a typical RPG game. It has mostly all of the 
elements needed to be one too. And since this is an RPG you will need strategy
to win your way to the final fights. So do not think that attacking every turn
is key.

.) Characters

Here is the section to get to know the main characters of the game. As you know
most RPG's have many characters. This one too applies. A total of seven 
characters are playable and you will meet them and befriend them just like the
normal, typical RPG.


The main Character of the game and the all-rounder type. He has good, all-round
stats and his Hyper modes are great. His action trigger lacks in the 
usefulness department but he makes a great asset to the party. You start off
with him in the beginning and his weapon is his trusty X-Buster.


My personal favorite and the guy who I think is the best! He has great attack
and good speed. Although a good chunk of the game he isn't in your party, when
he is he should be in your party on the field. He has some the best weapons in
the game and once you get the Red Lotus Saber he'll be your strongest. He has
good hyper modes and action triggers too. He is playable for the first boss, 
fifth boss, and he stays after the sub-boss of chapter six.


A good guy he is. He has a good hyper but it only last for two turns. He has
a good and fun action trigger and has okay weapons. I wouldn't bother using
your build hypers on him as he isn't playable after chapter six. His weapon
is his decks of destroyable cards and is playable in chapter two an on.


This guy is tough. Not! Massimo is a strong character with good weapons. His
rare weapons have high attack power and make him useful. He is very slow and 
his accuracy is crappy. Especially against aerial enemies. He has a good hyper
that gives him a big boost on life and strength. His main weapons are his 
lances and he is playable in chapter three and on.


The thief of the gang. She is very fast and has okay weapons. They lack in 
power though. She has good force metals and a good hyper. If you want to use 
items like ones that take damage. I suggest turning hyper with her for five 
straight turns. Her weapons are her daggers and she is playable from chapter 
4 and on.


The baby of the group. LOL! Anyways, she is weak and not useful in the 
beginning of the game but once you get good at her action trigger you will be
getting a lot of health. She has good weapons like the kitty gloves which take
a lot at higher levels and in hyper mode. her weapons are her big gloves and
she is playable from chapter 4 and on.


The man from X7! Although I hate Axl I like him in this game. I like X7 too.
Anyways, his hyper is awesome, especially with bait, as it takes no damage
whatsoever to Axl. His action trigger is useful, especially is you use the
elemental advantages. His main weapons are his dual pistols and he is playable
from chapter 5 and on.

.) Getting to Know the Heroes Better

In this section I am going to list the characters hypers. I will list general
information on them, how they should be used, and advantages.


X is available at the start of the game and he starts with his X-buster. His
best weapon in the game is his X-Buster MK-III or his Turbo Buster. Again, he
has good overall stats and hypers. His action trigger is weak and shouldn't
be used often.

Hyper: X Fire

X Fire is X's first hyper. It is a fire based hyper. This means it will be 
more effective against ice based enemies. This includes bosses. His action
trigger can take a lot of damage if you have enough WE. I suggest saving this
hyper for bosses and not enemies. Since this is a fire based armor, fire based
attacks will give you life as your armor as a full resistance towards fire. 
This hyper has a total of six available turns at the start. I suggest not 
using any fire based force metals. Ice attacks will be hurting your armor more
so use ice resistance metals if you plan on using this hyper often.


Zero is available at the chapter one and five boss. After chapter sixes 
sub-boss he is in the party full-time. His best weapon is his Red Lotus Saber
by far. It has a three attack pattern, taking a lot of good overall damage. 
His action trigger is his command arts which can do good damage if you are good
at it.

Hyper: Black Zero

Ah, good old Black Zero is back! This hyper does not have an element based
armor but it does have its advantages. This armor increases Zero's attack 
power greatly. He will be taking loads of damage in this hyper. So weapons with
three attack patterns will do good. Use the Heat Haze force metal to attack
even more on a turn. This hyper begins with a capability of three turns.


Axl is available from chapter five and on. he has pretty good stats but X's 
statistics are still better along with his immunity. Axl's best weapon is his
Ancient Gun which will be helping you defeat bosses more quicker as the Ancient
Gun has a special effect on bosses. He also has a good action trigger which is
the DNA change which allows you to turn into a boss and attack.

Hyper: Stealth

I love this Hyper! It turns Axl invincible. Since he takes no damage on himself
he needs to provoke his enemies to attack him. If you deploy to the Vanallia
Desert you should have the Bait force metal. The bait force metal allows the
wearer to provoke enemies to attack them. You know what that means. This is
a great trick and should be used for bosses. The only bad thing is that this
hyper can only be used for two turns so use build hyper items to increase 


My second favorite character. He is available from chapter two and on. He has
a good and fun action trigger which can have its advantages. His best weapon
is Joker in terms of overall statistics. His stats are alright and I wouldn't
use build hypers and such on him as he will go away forever after chapter 

Hyper: Trickstar

This is basically Axl's hyper. It is the exact same thing. The problem is that
you won't be able to get bait until chapter seven. This hyper too has only two
turns available at the start. But I am not saying that his hyper is bad. I
suggest saving this hyper for bosses as this hyper raises Spider's statistics
greatly. Use the Trickstar with his action trigger for a good effect.


Although he isn't that good of a character I like him for some reason. Here is
why. His best weapon is either the Beast Lancer. This has great attack power.
I believe. He is available from chapter three and on. He has weak stats but 
his life and attack power are awesome. This guy is a tank!

Hyper: Glint Armor

This hyper isn't that bad. This armor raises both Massimo's health and strength
greatly making Massimo the ideal tank. It takes a while for this guy to be 
token down. A flaw is that his accuracy is bad. Especially against aerial
enemies. I suggest equipping Marino's Hawkeye force metal to have Massimo
guarantee to hit the enemies. Overall this hyper is alright and its
availability of turns is three.


Marino is the Yuffie of the game. She lacks in the attack department but her
strength is in her speed. Her best weapon is the Beam sword. She has a pretty
good action trigger and she is a pretty average character.

Hyper: Quick Silver

This hyper is effective. This armor increases Marino's speed so much that when
you use this you will probably get five turns straight. Since Marino's attack
power is weak I suggest buying items that damage enemies. If you get the right
element, you could be going for five turns unleashing these deadly items. I
suggest using this strategy against elemental bosses. This hyper has a
capability of staying for five turns.


Cinnamon is a good character. She is the healer of the bunch. She has a great
action trigger and her best weapons are the Kitty Gloves. These have a weak
attack power but these babies attack for five times!

Hyper: Iron Maiden

This hyper is awesome! Her attack power nearly doubles and with the Kitty 
gloves this is a death wish. With these things paired you'll be taking 
10,000+ attack! Other than that this hyper is pretty average. Cinnamon can be
in this form for _ turns.

.) Final Weapons

This is the section where I will tell you how to get the final weapons of each
character. I will also list there stats and such. Note that I will list them
on there ability in battle and not just there attack power.

Mega Man X
X-Buster MK-III

Attack: 110 | Armor: 30 | Shield: 30 | Weight: 20

This weapon has great attack power as you can see. This weapon is a dropped by
the Cannon Drivers in the final stage. This is very rarely dropped by them but
I luckily got from all those fights.

Red Lotus Saber

Attack: 80 | Armor: 0 | Shield: 0 | Weight: 0

Notice that the armor, shield and weight are zero? Well that all converts for
a three hit attack pattern! 4 Tails drops this after you defeat him.

Ancient Gun

Attack: 100 | Armor: 20 | Shield: 20 | Weight: 12

This weapon has good attack power and is dropped by Nine Tails after he is

Beast Lancer

Attack: 120 | Armor: 30 | Shield: 30 | Weight: 20

This weapon has the best attack power in the game. This weapon is a rare steal
from Depth Dragoon.

Beam Sword

Attack: 62 | Armor: 23 | Shield: 25 | Weight: 18

This weapon is her strongest and overall best. This is dropped by Colonel 


Attack: 21 | Armor: 21 | Shield: 21 | Weight: 21

This is Spiders prize possession and best overall weapon. This is found on the
first Eternal Forest path.

Kitty Gloves

Attack: 16 | Armor: 8 | Shield: 8 | Weight: 0

Best not in strength, but in five hit ability. This is bought in the secret
shop in Lagrano.

.) X and Zero

This section is dedicated to only X and Zero. So don't try to expect anything
on the other characters of the game. I will show all the things I know about
X and Zero's second hypers and such. Including in-depth locations and 

Ultimate Armor X

Yes its back, and with a new style too. This is an awesome hyper that comes
along with a great action trigger. This is a great asset to making boss battles
easier and faster.

Absolute Zero

A new addition and new look to Zero. He has amazing power and his action 
trigger will kill anyone! this guy makes bosses EASY!

I will list the Absolute Zero section first as to me, this is a definite 
recommended order.

Absolute Zero

To get the Absolute Zero you will need to follow these steps closely and
carefully. If you do these steps properly you should have the Absolute Zero
hyper when this is all over.

1.) Go to the hunter base and deploy any three mechaniloids you want. Send them
to the Melda Ore Plant. 

2.) Keep sending them until you get the Melda Key. 

3.) Prepare yourself and equip your best force metals and sub-weapons. I 
suggest stocking up in the shops with ice items and ice weapons.

4.) Go to the Melda Ore Plant and head through the door. Remember the door in
the beginning where you couldn't go in? Use the key on that one. You will then
meet the Duckbill Moles and engage in a battle.

Boss: Duckbill Mole x2
Strategy: Get out your strongest characters and equip the ice elemental weapons
on them. Have Marino out in your party too. Once it is her turn, use her 
Quicksilver hyper and use the best ice elemental items you got. These should be
taking extra damage as the Moles are fire based enemies. Once her pounding is
done, the Duckbill Mole should be close to dead. I suggest getting out Zero in
hyper mode and Axl in Stealth mode. Use bait with Axl and make sure to equip 
ice based sub-weapons to do a little damage each turn. You should also DNA 
change with him to Silver Horn to get good damage on them. One of them should 
be dead or almost dead by now. Use a gain hyper if you have one to get Marino
back to use the rest of the four items. Keep using your hypers with all the 
characters and you should be fine. 

Strategy from Joe Harden
Simply put Reverse Fire on your strongest person and have them attack.  If 
you don't use ice weapons on them, their attacks will be fire based.  Kamikaze 
Drill might not be, but they don't use it often enough to kill you.  Even if 
your other two members die, that one person will never die. 

5.) After the boss battle get the item in the room and you will get the 
Absolute Zero!

Ultimate Armor X

Again, to get the Ultimate Armor X follow these steps closely and carefully. If
you follow the steps closely you should be able to get the armor easily.

1.) Deploy to the Tianna POW Camp and keep sending mechaniloids until you get
the Tianna key.

2.) Go to Tianna and go to the maze parts. You can get some pretty good items

3.) Make sure that your hyper modes are full and you have damaging items.

4.) Check the doors and you will eventually end up in a room with three flower
girls. I'm sorry I meant, three tough flower girls. Here are the bosses.

Boss: Rafflesian and x2 Belladonnas
Strategy: Since you should have the Absolute Zero this battle should be easy!
Get Zero out and build his WE to 100%. Unleash his action trigger on Rafflesian
and she should be dead or almost dead. Remember, Absolute Zero is strong. If 
you don't have the Absolute Zero than you should unleash all of your hyper 
modes and get out Marino and use Quicksilver and the items. You should also use
bait with Axl's Stealth mode. Only attack Rafflesian as once she is dead this
battle will be a lot easier as the belladonnas are weak with out her. 

5.) After that get the item and you will have the Ultimate Armor X.

Once you have these hypers it will make the upcoming boss battles way easier.
But not too easy. There is still some challenge ahead. Second hypers sidequest
should now be complete!

.) Eternal Forest

If you are wondering what the eternal forest is than you have come the right
place. The etenral forest is a maze of 16 sections leading to 16 rooms. Each
containing items, tokens and money waiting to be found. The eternal forest is
located around the end of Gaudiles laboratory. I will show the pathways and the
items they lead too.

|L = Left     |
|R = Right    |
|z = Zenny    |

Pathway 1
Stuff: joker, cure one, tank energy

Pathway 2
Stuff: figure token, cure all, tank energy

Pathway 3
Stuff: backup, figure token, tank energy

Pathway 4
Stuff: backup, figure token, tank energy

Pathway 5
Stuff: build armor, 1000z, tank energy

Pathway 6
Stuff: build shield, tank energy, 1000z

Pathway 7
Stuff: build power, tank energy, 1000z

Pathway 8
Stuff: build speed, figure token, 1000z, tank energy

Pathway 9
Stuff: build life, tank energy, 1000z, figure token

Pathway 10
Stuff: build armor, figure token, tank energy, item capture, 1500z

Pathway 11
Stuff: build shield, figure token, get zenny+, tank energy, 1500z

Pathway 12
Stuff: build WE, figure token, get exp+, tank energy, 1500z

Pathway 13
Stuff: build shield, build armor, power charge, tank energy, 1500z

Pathway 14
Stuff: build speed, build power, turbo clock, 1500z, tank energy

Pathway 15
Stuff: build WE, cryogenic, bone key

Pathway 16
Stuff: build hyper, tank parts, stamina missile

Well, those are the eternal forest routes. You should have a lot of zenny and
a lot of new items. This sidequest will take a while by the way. I know it 
did for me.

.) Tails Clan

If you don't know who the Tails Clan members are than you have come to the 
right place. The Clan members are located at the bottom point of the central
tower. You must already have beaten the game to gat the key necessary to open
the door. I will list brief strategies as most of the fights are the same and
recommend the same strategy.

Bosses: One Tails, Two Tails and Three tails fight.
Make sure to have all your best weapons, health items and hypers ready. Use
Axl to use the bait trick and have Cinnamon out to get in to hyper mode and
use her kitty gloves. These gloves lower attack power every time they strike.
This should start to add up. Get Marion out and use her hyper and attack! Get
out X and Absolute Zero to use their action triggers and these bosses should be
out before you know it!

Bosses: Four Tails, Five Tails
For Four Tails, make sure to have full health. he will start off sending out
nasty attack which takes a lot. Just use your hypers and abuse them! Get out
Cinnamon and her kitty gloves, Axl and bait, Marino and her Quicksilver, and X
and Zero's second hypers. Do this on Five Tails too. But it might get 
frustrating as Five Tails can revive his friends. But don't worry you can take
them down.

Bosses: Six, Seven and Eight Tails
If you have Supra Force metals USE them NOW! These will help a lot. Have X and
Zero with generators to have them build their WE. Have Cinnamon out with her
kitty gloves and an energy field to build WE. Have X and Zero use their action
triggers in their second hypers. These guys should eventually die.

Boss: Nine Tails
Have the three characters with the most life to start off as Nine Tails will 
start and take a chunk out your life. Have Axl come in and use bait to draw in
Nine Tail' most powerful attack, Nine Fragments. Make sure to have some SFM for
this fight as you will definitely need it. Have X and Zero in their second 
hypers and save up their action triggers to take massive damage. Use healing
items and your sub-tanks if you need them. he should be dead in around 15 turns
or so.

And the Tails Clan has been defeated! This sidequest will take a while as you 
will probably need a couple of tries to finish these deadly bosses. But you
do get the benefit of some awesome items!

.) FAQ's

This is the section of common questions people have. I will also answer them 
and hopefully get these out of the way.

1. How or where do I get lots of money?

A: Go to the Gimialla mines and go to basement three. Make sure to have a zenny
plus sub-weapon too. Keep getting and battles and kill the gold and silver
mettaurs. They should be giving you lots of money.

2. How do I get the X-Buster MK-III when its a 1% drop rate?

A: You can try and get good lucks from the spinny enemies in chapter 7. They
drop good lucks. If you get a lot you can equip them to your characters 
getting a better drop rate.

3. I want a lot of experience. How or where can I get a lot?

A: Use exp+ sub-weapons and learning aids. If you have the right ingredients
you can get monopoly which is great for leveling up. For now, just go through
chapter 10 a couple of times and you will be getting a fair amount of exp.

4. Where can I get build items?

A: If you are looking for building items go through chapter 10 and kill the 
bosses. Each of them should be giving one build. one build per boss means you
can get five builds per run through. That's not that bad.

5. How do I get music/videos/sketches and other sky room stuff?

A: Deploy to every area until they are empty. Most of the sky room stuff is
found by deployment so I suggest deploying when ever you can. You can also
get good weapons and such.

6. How do I get Monopoly?

A: The ingredients for Monopoly is this. You will need: 1 Learning Aid
                                                       1 Cutting Edge
                                                       1 exp+
You will also need to be at least level 35 and you will need 99,999 force metal
energy. Once you have these you can create monopoly using the force metal 

.) Contacting Me

If you like my work, or not, you can e-mail me at my public e-mail address. I
will list some things that I like to see, and things I don't. So be prepared.

I like...
-Corrections and wrong information
-Strategies and such
-Things I could add to the FAQ
-Fan mail! :)

I hate...
-Questions that are in the FAQ
-Bad spelling mail
-Bad comments

And if you like my work and have one of these games you can go ahead and check
them out.

-Mega Man X5 Complete Walkthrough
-Complete Wolverine FAQ for X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse

Here is my public e-mail address.

.) Credits

I would like to thank Capcom for another great game!

Gamefaqs people for making the site!

I would like to thank Joe Harden for the great Duckbill Mole strategy!

My mom and dad!

My friend Metin for getting me into the Mega Man X series!

You for clicking and reading this guide.

And me for writing this guide to hopefully give you information you didn't 

.) Legal Things

Copyright 2006 Steve Sanchez

This guide is for personal use only. Please do not take this or parts of this
guide without my permission.
Thank you.
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.