FAQ/Walkthrough by abam

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                             TENCHU: FATAL SHADOWS
                             author: CrescentSlash
                        e-mail: crescentslash@yahoo.com
                                 version: 0.71
                          platform: SonyPlaystation 2


                               Table of Contents

     I.      Introduction 
     II.     Copyright Information
     III.    Version History
     IV.     Controls
     V.      Game Mechanics
           - Know your Enemy
           - Stealth Kill
           - Specials and Scrolls
           - Ranking System
           - Items
     VI.     Tips before playing
     VII.    Walkthrough
           - Mission 1:   Daughter of the Hagakure
           - Mission 2-1: Departures
             Mission 2-2: Determination
           - Mission 3-1: Secret Encounters
             Mission 3-2: The Geisha and the hired Blade
           - Mission 4:   I am Rin of the Beniya
           - Mission 5:   Fated Reunions
           - Mission 6-1: The blind Masseuse
             (more to come in future updates ^_^)
     VIII.   Extra Stuff
           - Specials
           - Gallery
           - Movies
           - Cutscenes
           - Unlockables
             (more to come in future updates ^_^)
     IX.   - Credits



     Hi, this is my walkthrough/guide/FAQ (whatever you wanna call it) for the
game called TENCHU: FATAL SHADOWS. Now let me just tell you that this is the
first time i've ever written a FAQ so for any comments/suggestions/corrections,
don't hestitate to e-mail me, you can find the address there on the top, but 
let me just assure you that i know what i'm going to talk about here all right?
And one more thing, at my age of 19, i'm already working which means i don't 
really have the time to respond to all of your e-mails. I'm going to focus all
of my spare time playing the game to check whatever i missed or to discover
something new and update the FAQ whenever possible. Oh... before i forget,
please place "TENCHU" on the subject line or else i won't even bother opening
the e-mail. Enjoy! ^_^



     I, Abraham "abam" Charvet, created and published this guide. This text 
file may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.



     February 18, 2005 version 0.50
     - the bare bones version of the walkthrough

     February 24, 2005 version 0.60
     - corrected typos and some terms
     - corrected the mission 1 secret (i accidentally placed
       it in mission 2)
     - updated the Walkthrough section, Items section, and Extra Stuff 
     - added an Attack sub-section under the Controls section
     - added Credits section

     February 26, 2005 version 0.65
     - corrected typos
     - added mission 2-2: Determination
     - updated Gallery section

     February 27, 2005 version 0.70
     - corrected more stuff ^_^
     - added mission 5: Fated Reunions and mission 6-1: The blind Masseuse

     February 27, 2005 version 0,71
     - forgot to include mission 5 and 6-1 on the Table of Contents ^_^




     Left Analog Stick (L3)  - moves AYAME / RIN
     Right Analog Stick (R3) - moves camera

     Square button (S)       - attack / stealth kill
     Cross button (X)        - jump / double jump / jump out from water
     Circle button (C)       - guard / cancel stealth kill animation
     Triangle button (T)     - use highlighted item

     L1 shoulder button      - look around
     L2 shoulder button      - toggle between items
     R1 shoulder button      - stealth / submerge / cancel throw / cancel aim
     R2 shoulder button      - strafe

     Start button            - pauses the game, allows you to go back to the
                               Item Select screen, Mission Select screen, Retry
                               or return to the Title screen
     Select button           - displays a map of the area


     stealth roll            - hold down R1 and toggle the L3 to any direction 
                               you want to roll to then press X 
                             - If you press X without holding the L3 to any 
                               direction, you'll roll and face your back 

     sidestep /              - hold down R2 and toggle the L3 to any direction
     lunge forward/backward    you want to sidestep or lunge to then press X
                             - If you press X without holding the L3 to any 
                               direction, you'll jump straight up and land 
                               facing the opposite direction

     wall jump               - double jump towards a wall then press X again to
                               jump off the wall

     wall stealth            - hold R1 and go towards a wall to press your
                               character's back on the wall


     note: U / D / 360 means up, down, and 360 degrees motion on L3

     S                       - slash
     S,S                     - double slash
     S,S,S                   - triple slash
     S,S,S,S                 - triple slash, spinning slash
     S,S,S,D+S               - triple slash, Crescent Moon technique
     S,S,D+S,D+S             - triple slash, cross slash
     S,S,S,S,D+S             - triple slash, spinning slash, spin kick
     360+S                   - helicopter kick
     360+S,T                 - helicopter kick, Long Claw technique
     strafe,U+X,S            - cross slash
     strafe,D+S              - heel drop (hits downed enemies)
     stealth,S               - uppercut slash
     X,S                     - jump slash (hits downed enemies)
     L3 towards target,C     - knee bash (throw)

     S                       - left elbow
     S,S                     - left elbow, right palm
     S,S,S                   - left elbow, right palm, heel kick
     S,S,S,D+S               - left elbow, right palm, heel kick, 
                               spinning slash
     S,S,D+S                 - left elbow, right palm, upwards slash
     S,S,D+S,S               - left elbow, right palm, upwards slash,
                               Death Drop technique
     360+S                   - spinning slash
     360+S,T                 - spinning slash, Long Claw technique
     strafe,U+X,S            - pierce attack
     strafe,D+S              - stomp (hits downed enemies)
     stealth,S               - rising kick
     X,S                     - jump slash (hits downed enemies)
     L3 towards target,C     - hip throw
     L3 towards target,C,
     360+C,D-U+C             - hip throw, Crimson technique
     L3 towards target,C,
     360+C,D-U+C,S           - hip throw, Crimson technique, Crimson Final




     Enemies have a set "patrol route" which means they would look around on a
particular spot, then walk away and look around again on a different spot and
come back. Certain things may cause an enemy to leave his/her route though, for
example, you were spotted or he/she saw the corpse of his/her buddy. What makes
this game hard is the fact that you don't actually have a radar, but rather,
a "KI-meter" which is located on the lower left corner of your screen. The
number that you can see on the KI-meter tells you how close you are to an
enemy, the higher the number, the closer you are. Let me just remind you that
the KI-meter would only react to the _closest_ enemy, so if there's more than
one enemy, be careful. Below is the list of enemy statii that you would see in
the game:

?  (green)  - enemy is in patrol/guard mode. He/she is not aware of your
              presence yet. Stealth kills can be performed if your target is in
              this status.

?  (yellow) - enemy shifts to search mode. He/she noticed something and would
              walk to that spot where he/she noticed something wrong. Stealth
              kills are still possible to perform in this enemy status. The
              enemy would return to patrol/guard mode after a few seconds and
              go back to his patrol route.

!? (purple) - enemy is in "heightened" status. He/she would draw out his
              weapon and search the area for any possible intruders. This
              usually occurs if they hear water splashing, they saw the
              corpse of a dead ally or something bumped into them ^_^ After a
              few seconds, they whould shift back to patrol/guard mode and 
              return to his patrol route. He/she won't react to the corpse of
              their ally if this is the second time they saw it, but would
              react again if they hear splashes or footsteps on water. 
              Performing a stealth kill is only possible if the enemy haven't
              completely drawn his/her weapon yet.

!! (red)    - enemy is in aggressive status. They would draw out their weapon,
              call for back-up if possible then charge at you and attack you.
              This status can only be fixed by killing the enemy or
              escaping and hiding. When your character manages to get out of
              their sight range, they would go to the purple "!?" and if they
              still cant see you, they would go back to their patrol route
              and return to the patrol/guard status. Stealth kills cannot be
              performed in this status.



     Just like the previous TENCHU games, the stealth kill that Ayame/Rin would
perform depends upon the direction from which they attacked the enemy, but new
to TENCHU: FATAL SHADOWS is the "black/white" (for Ayame) or "x-ray" and
"blood splat" (for Rin) stealth kills. In order to pull them off, you need to
press S at the same time the tiny orb above your character's health bar
flashes. Pressing S perfectly would cause a spell-like animation to appear on
your KI-meter to appear as well as the "black/white" or "x-ray" and "blood 
splat" animation alongside your stealth kill. Pressing S correctly would only
give the "black/white" or "x-ray" and "blood splat" animation to appear. Well
just to make it easier, let's call then "perfect stealth kill" and 
"good stealth kill" respectively okay?

     Another new feature for stealth kills is the ability to get rid of two
enemies at the same time, provided that they are standing close to each other.
This is harder to perform cause if you miss, you may only do the stealth kill
on one enemy and cause the other to be alerted or you may miss both and alert
them both too, but lemme say the animation is well worth the effort. Now, there
are times that an enemy will spot you because you watched the entire
animation of the stealth kill, you can cancel this by pressing the C button
(thanks goes to Ethan Tarr for reminding me about this).

     Here's the complete list of stealth kills you can unleash to any poor
enemy that comes your way:


     CROSSED BLADES   - press S at enemy's back
     SILENT SCREAM    - press S at enemy's right side
     SPINNING BLADES  - press S at enemy's left side
     SHATTERED STONE  - press S at enemy's front
     TWISTING FANGS   - press S while jumping towards enemy
     COILED SERPENT   - (double stealth kill) press S while in between 2
     RED PHOENIX      - (double stealth kill) press S while jumping in
                        between 2 enemies
     RED HAWK         - press S when Ayame and the enemy is at uneven ground


     MORTAL STRIKE    - press S at enemy's back
     WOLF FANG        - press S at enemy's right side
     SUNDRED PREY     - press S at enemy's left side
     WRITHING SNAKE   - press S at enemy's front
     FALLING ROCK     - press S while jumping towards enemy
     TWIN SERPENTS    - (double stealth kill) press S while in between 2
     FLYING DRAGON    - (double stealth kill) hit S while jumping in 
                        between 2 enemies
     BROKEN REED      - press S when Rin and the enemy is at uneven ground
     BOLA             - highlight the Bola item in your inventory, hold down
                        T, aim and release T.
                  note: if the enemy is in the purple "!?" or red "!!" status,
                        BOLA would only inflict some damage

     There's an alternative way of performing good stealth kills, if you're
having trouble pressing S at the right moment. When your character goes into
the animation of the stealth kill, wait for your character to slash her victim,
and just before her weapon comes in contact with the victim's body, press and
hold S for a bit. If you were good enough, it would lead to a good or perfect
stealth kill. Take Rin's Mortal Strike stealth kill for example, she turns
around first, aims her Natsume sword, then drives it at the victim's back.
Now you have to press and hold the S button between the aim and drive stage to
get a good stealth kill. I know its hard to understand but trust me, once you
get the hang of it, all of your stealth kills on a bad day would be good ones,
no regular stealth kills on your list.



     Everytime you perform a stealth kill, enemies would drop scrolls for you
to pick up and the number of scrolls you've earned would only take effect if
you succesfully complete a mission. Also, if you manage to execute the enemy
with a good or perfect stealth kill, their corpse would drop an extra scroll,
so let's say that an enemy ronin drops only one scroll normally, killing him
with a good or perfect stealth kill would make him drop two scrolls instead.
So it would be in your best interest to kill every enemy you encounter to
rack up your scroll collection.

     "Why do i need to collect scrolls?" you may ask. The reason is everytime
you reach a certain amount of scrolls for both Ayame and Rin, the game would
grant you a special move. Some special moves are for movement, others are for
stealth, and some are for attacks. These special moves would really make the
game much easier because it gives you a big advantage on any kind of situation.



     The game ranks you according to your perforamnce everytime you finish a
mission, and your rank determines how many items you would gain and if you
managed to unlock a special ninja item. Here's the criteria that determines
your rank:

    - Time: the length of time it took you to finish the game, but as i've
            said earlier, the game doesn't seem to mind how long it took you
            to finish the game, so no worries here.

    - Spotted: now this is very important, try to keep this at 0, or at
               least 1-2. But if you got spotted then you would need to
               stealth kill most or ALL of the enemies (if there are under
               12 enemies in that mission) on that particular mission to get
               the Grand Master or Assassin rank.

    - Special details: this is where the points of your stealth kills are
                       counted. Executing an enemy with a perfect or good
                       stealth kill would give bigger points compared to a
                       normal stealth kill. _Avoid_ killing enemies with
                       regular means (ex. killing them with a combo). But
                       its not only stealth kills who get counted here, look

      (press the right arrow in order to view your Special Details screen)

      Not Seen - (200 points) the enemy can go to the yellow "?" and purple
                 "!?", but the moment they go to "!!", say goodbye to this 
                 bonus and say hello to a mark on the Spotted criteria.

      No Items used - (100 points) you _cannot_ use _any_ item under _any_
                      circumstance to get this bonus, except the Grappling
                      Hook of course.

      No Damage - (50 points) finish the game without suffering a scratch
                  to get this bonus.

      Boss defeated - (20 points) kill the boss of the mission and you'll
                      see this bonus on your Special Details screen.

      All Stealth Kills - (50 points) if all of the enemies in the mission you 
                          completed were killed using a stealth kill, 
                          regardless if its normal, good, or perfect, then this
                          bonus should appear.
      Mayhem Time - if you got spotted and the enemy engaged you in a fight,
                    the game would gauge how long that specific fight took
                    and would deduct the corresponding points in your
                    Special Details screen.



     There are several items for Ayame/Rin to use, here's an incomplete list,
i'll update this section as soon as possible ^_^ And please take note that
there are items that only Ayame can use, the same goes for Rin, on with the


     description: restores health when injured.
     note: recovers your life gauge back to 100, no matter how much damage
           you received.

     description: none
     note: recovers up to 30 points of life when used. Enemies often drop 

     description: none
     note: recovers up to 60 points of life when used. You can pick this up
           on missions, but not that frequent.

     description: cures posion when imbibed. 
     note: pretty much self explanatory... ^_^

     description: increased attack power for a short time.
     note: increases your attack power from 20-30% and lasts about 15-20

     description: drains life in exchange for strength.
     note: Not really that useful if you'll ask me and i _never_ used it. 
           Why bother using this when you can use a Strength Potion or Amulet
           instead right?

     description: allows you to escape death once
     note: make sure to bring one of these on every mission that has a boss
           fight. You wouldn't want to die towards the end of the mission when
           you finally managed to get through that mission w/o being spotted
           am i correct?


     description: a deadly star-shaped weapon.
     note: deals good damage but not that accurate so use carefully.

     description: shoots 8 shurikens at once.
     note: much, much stronger compared to the shuriken and it hits 
           everything in front of you with a range of about 45 degrees. Good
           against 2 or more enemies.

     description: scatter on the ground to slow pursuers.
     note: Drop some when somebody's chasing you. It also deals a bit of 

     description: bomb that explodes upon contact.
     note: deals up to 50 points of damage. It is possible to hit more than
           one enemy with a single grenade. Be careful not to throw on an
           enemy that is right in front of you though or else your character
           would be caught inside the blast radius and be damaged. 
           Recommended in boss fights.

     description: launch at enemy, explode with R3 button.
     note: just like the grenade but it allows you to detonate it at your
           will. I use it just for fun.

     description: shoot a poisoned needle at your enemy.
     note: very very useful for enemies who are crowded together or for 
           enemies who stand on a single spot only.

     description: hold the T button to control this explosive.
     note: very useful if your target is around the corner and you need a
           weapon that is maneuvarable.

     SPINNER (Ayame only)
     description: explodes and causes damage to enemies.
     note: useless. Period.

     EXPLODING ARROW (Ayame only)
     description: arrows that explode upon contact.
     note: feeling like you're Legolas? Use this. Otherwise, don't.

     MINE (Ayame only)
     description: explodes when stepped on.
     note: Use this on enemies who patrol a lot.

     DOG-BONE (Ayame only) 
     description: calls Semimaru to aid you in battle.
     note: use this if you want to kill an enemy or boss quickly. Semimaru
           would attack the enemy who's focused on you and the moment
           Semimaru's attack connects, combo the enemy to death for maximum
           damage potential.

     BAMBOO GUN (Rin only)
     description: can kill enemies with one shot.
     note: you're aim has to be really good or else it wont kill the target.

     EXPLOSIVE BOX (Rin only)
     description: sends shrapnel into all nearby enemies.
     note: works like a Mine but much better than the Mine because of its
           effect range.

     CANNON (Rin only)
     description: a large and powerful weapon.
     note: can kill up to three enemies all in one shot if they're close
           enough to one another, think of this as Rin's shotgun. ^_^

     BOLA (Rin only)
     description: can stealth kill enemies from afar.
     note: This is only a medium range stealth kill weapon. It would kill
           the enemy automatically unless they're in the heightened status
           (the "!?" status) or red "!!" status.


     description: temporarily paralyzes whover eats it
     note: causes an enemy to be poisoned and be paralyzed for a few seconds
           the moment they eat it. Very useful if you want to lure the
           enemy out of his patrol route. This is the ultimate tool for
           setting up stealth kills or even double stealth kills if you
           managed to throw it in a very good spot.

     description: leave behind to lure guards.
     note: just imagine the Blowgun with a bell in the needle. Extremely
           useful for areas with more than two enemies. The moment you're
           enemies focus their attention on the bell, run like hell, they
           won't focus their attention on the bell for too long.

     description: distracts enemies.
     note: same as the Decoy Bell but much risky. Don't use it unless you've
           run out of Poison Rice or Decoy Bell

     SMOKE BOMB (Ayame only)
     description: causes smoke to aid your escape.
     note: reduces enemy's sight range. Handy if you're engaged in a fight and
           you want Ayame to escape, but Rin's Flaash Bomb is better in my

     FLASH BOMB (Rin only)
     description: blinds enemies in a nearby flash.
     note: use this to turn all enemies blind around Rin. Effective on a
           2-3 feet radius only i think.

     description: releases gas that knocks out enemies.
     note: the only remedy to pesky innocents or dogs. Very handy on any

     description: turns you invisible for a short while.
     note: lasts for about 12 seconds. Use sparingly and when you've
           exhausted all your options in getting past a difficult area. Try to
           stock up on these babies for the last bunch of missions, you'll
           need it.

     description: disguises you as an enemy for a short while.
     note: Perfect for setting up a double stealth kill. Comes in very
           limited quantities though so just like the Invisibilty spell, _use

     description: reduces damage taken from enemies.
     note: Also causes Ayame/Rin to look different. Very cool. Equip it on
           boss fights.

     description: increases attack power when carried.
     note: has the same effect as the Strength or Sacrifice Potion. Once you
           obtain this, you won't have to use any of the strength-
           enhancing potions because the Amulet would boost your strength
           for the entire duration of the mission.

     description: allows you to climb walls.
     note: if there's nothing for your character to climb on in order for you
           to stealth kill an enemy, bring this along and cling to the wall.
           Just make sure you're high enough not to be seen by the enemy.

     DECOY WHISTLE (Ayame only)
     description: mimic an animal call to fool guards.
     note: this is Ayame's version of Rin's Mimicry technique. Too bad it
           counts as an item.


     description: none
     note: you can only pick this up when you kill enemy archers. Each bow
           has 3 arrows in it, and each deals a considerable amount of damage,
           usually up to 30 points of damage, but if you'll take my advice, I
           really won't bother picking this up, you need room for health

     description: none
     note: kill an enemy who is wielding a spear and you have a good chance of
           picking this up. The Spear has very good range and high attack power
           but the problem with this weapon is its attack speed and
           recovery time. I never really used it since Ayame's daggers and
           Rin's sword are more than enough for me.

     description: none
     note: whenever you kill a monk (those guys whose heads are inside a 
           basket) in Flames of Passion/Sorrow, you have a chance of picking
           up one of these. I tried using it and it delivers good damage,
           but just like the spear, its so slow, so don't bother.


     For each mission that you finish, the game would award you with normal
items and special ninja items, and if you managed to get a very good rank, you
would unlock a special ninja item that's tied with that particular mission. So
if you ran out of Healing Potions, just try to finish any mission you've
mastered already and you'll get some Health Potions for you to stock again.




     Perch your character in a roof top or a corner and try to look around
and if possible, study their patrol routes. That way, you would know when to
strike AND where to strike. Never rush the enemy, most of the time, your target
has a buddy lurking nearby and if you try to stealth kill your target, then his
buddy would spot you or notice something wrong going on, and most of the time,
you don't have enough time to run because stealth kills take a long time to
finish (unless you cancel the animation). Also, you don't really have to worry
how much time you'd spend on a mission. The game doesn't seem to mind how long
it took for you to finish anyway. ^_^


     Always try to perform either one of these two to rack up points and
double your scroll drops. Sometimes, if you get spotted and finish the game,
you would be surprised that you would still get the "GRAND MASTER" (Ayame) or
"ASSASSIN" (Rin) rank, thanks to the points you've gained with your SPECIALS
DETAILS category when you finish a mission. In fact, i was able to get the
Grand Master rank in mission 5: Fated Reunions even though i was spotted 3x!
The reason behind it is: I scored enough good stealth kills and a handful of
perfect stealth kills to cover my Spotted stat.


     Play the missions that you've mastered and attained the rank of Grand
Master or Assassin over and over again to increase your item inventory as
well as learn Specials faster. If you just play one mission once and then move
on, you may have problems with the later missions because you simply don't have
enough items in your inventory to complete the mission, or you lack the
necessary special to finish it.


     Obtaining a rank of Grand Master/Assassin may be tough, especially
half-way through the game towards the end, but if you want to get the nifty
items like the Chameleon and/or Invisibility spell, then you'll have to replay
or finish the mission/s and get a Grand Master/Assassin rank. The game would
then allow you to get your bloody hands on special items that are not
obtainable in any other way. ^_^


     Using your STEALTH or STRAFE should be automatic in every mission. Both of
them allows you to advance to the enemy even if you're walking in water
UNDETECTED. For areas with lots of corners or tight spaces, STRAFE then use
your R3 to maneuver the camera around, it gives you control and allows you
to see what exactly lies beyond that corner, and oftentimes, its much better
than peeking.

     /LOOK UP/

     I can't stress this enough. Always try to look for high elevated areas.
Enemies that you encounter almost NEVER looks up. That way, you can go around
undetected, and it gives you a good view of the surroundings unlike peeking
on corners. Especially on missions with lots of houses. Oh, somebody's chasing
you? whip out your Grappling Hook and zip up to a roof.


     Just like in MGS, the enemies you face here have a "sight range", and
if you're not within that range, they won't go on "?", "!?", or "!!". Missions 
1-4's tenants have a sight range of about 60 in your KI-meter. Archers have
about 65. The thugs in Mission 7 and onwards have a sight range of around 
70-80 so be very careful.


     Some Stealth kills have longer animations compared to others, and i would
suggest that you avoid using them, especially on missions where there isn't a
lot of room or where there's more than two enemies. You can use them when
there's only one enemy left or pretty sure that the enemy is in an area where 
his buddies doesn't go to. Silent Scream (Ayame), Wolf Fang and Broken Reed 
(Rin) are the fastest stealth kills available for you to use. Take advantage of


     The Poison Rice is one of the items that you should never forget to bring.
All of the enemies would go after your treat the instant they lay their eyes
on it (that proves Jyuzuo never gives enough food for his posse ^_^). Throw it
on a spot where they'll see it. Wait for them to grab it and stealth kill the
hapless chap. This is the best method to lure enemies out of their patrol
routes because their status will stay on the green "?" and once they've set
their eyes on the snack, it seems like they don't see anything else.


     There are numerous areas in the game where killing everybody using a
stealth kill without being spotted is almost impossible. In situations like
these, use a Blowgun item. The Blowgun kills anybody with a single shot and 50%
of the time, the slain enemy would drop scrolls for you to pick-up, as if you
performed a stealth kill! With this strategy, you'll be a step closer to the
"Not Seen" bonus on your special details screen.

     /ROYAL RUMBLE!!!/

     Never engage on two-on-one fights or even more, because as you slash one
of the baddies, the other one would take the opportunity to attack and cancel
your combo. And if thing goes sour, they would perform a linked combo with one
another, giving you no time to guard nor even run away, which can lead to death


     If this is the first time you'll play a TENCHU game, then i _STRONGLY_
recommend that you play through the TUTORIAL first. Especially the stage where
it allows you to perform stealth kills on virtually blind enemies. Try to
perform all of the stealth kills here. I would also recommend you play through
the ATTACKING tutorial. This would help you get the hang out of attacking and
dodging/evading/rolling enemy attack, which would really come in handy later.
Completing the Tutorial also unlocks the Ninja Rebirth item in your inventory,
and trust me, you'll need it.



     Okay, before we continue, let me remind you that all of the information 
that you would see below were done on a "NORMAL" difficulty ranking. The moment
I master all of the missions, i shall follow up with a "HARD" difficulty
walkthough allright? And if you follow all of the instructions below, you
should be able to obtain a rank of GRAND MASTER or ASSASSIN. But of course, you
can play with your own style, its really up to you ^_^



     - go to the heart of the village
     - a new enemy awaits
     - strike at them from the shadows


     The moment the disc finishes loading up the mission, you would see a
female ninja walk away from you. Dispose of her in any way you wish. Now
proceed towards the river BUT DON'T RUN ON THE WATER. It would alert the male
ninja behind the fence of your presence. Now if you look to the right, there
should be a shrine in front of the waterfall with a HEALING POTION and a RICE
item in it. Grab it if you want then return to the first area, throw your
Grappling Hook and aim for the roof of the fence. Now go to stealth mode, and 
wait for an opportunity to stealth kill the male ninja. Run to the left.

     In this area, there are 2 ninjas, a male and a female. If you were fast 
enough, or you didn't cause any ruckus so far, then you would hear them
talking. Quickly go to the left (on the slope), face the ninjas straight and
double jump towards them (aim to land in between them) and hit S before you
land to perform a double stealth kill. Grab their drops and run towards the
left of the wooden structure and grab the FLASH BOMB in here. Make your way up
the wooden structure and down the ramp. Wall stealth on the left up to the very
edge. A female ninja would eventually show up here. When she's behind the
bamboo fence and you see the KI-meter going down, run after her and finish her.
Grab the drops quickly and carry the corpse to either the left or right behind
the burning houses. Now wall stealth and wait for the male ninja to appear.
The moment he turns his back to you, rush him and send him to heaven. Go up and
enter the next area.

     This area has 2 male ninjas, one who walks around and one who doesn't. Use
your stealth mode while staying on top of the ledge and double stealth kill 'em
when their backs are facing you. Head down to and carefully maneuver your
camera around here. Your Ki-meter should pick up the female ninja here just
outside the wooden log wall. Kill her using a stealth kill and head to the
area with a ramp. When you reach the ramp, head to the left and hang from the
edge. You should see two enemies here. The one that's right in front of you
should go to the left and the other one would make his way to the right. When
the enemy on the back heads to the right, run after the enemy on the left and
perform a stealth kill. Now use your Grappling Hook on the open space between
the bamboo fence and a female ninja would be patrolling the wood fence here.
Stealth kill her and grab the Smoke Bomb. Now there are two enemies here left,
a male ninja and can you remember the ronin in a blue dress that went to the
right earlier? He's still patrolling the ramp area. If you wish to grab a
couple of scrolls, then just head to the ramp area. You'll find the two of them
there. Wall stealth on the wood fence, wait for the ronin in blue dress to come
up and down then stealth kill him. As for the ninja, he faces the water most
of the time so just kill him and pick up a scroll or two. When you're all set,
enter the big house, doing so will trigger a cutscene, and a boss fight...


     /BOSS: RIN/

     pierce attack: Rin draws her sword out and lunges towards you with her
                    sword in a piercing attack fashion
     jump attack: Rin jumps towards you and slashes downwards 
     sword swing: Rin unsheathes her sword and swings it around horizontally
     3-hit combo: a punch, punch, kick combo
     hip throw: Rin grabs you and performs a hip throw

     Very easy, use this boss fight to get accustomed with the STRAFE +
SIDESTEP move as well as blocking. You can even have your fun with her by using
your Grappling Hook on the houses' roof and watch Rin as she frantically
searches for you below ^_^ To beat her, just STRAFE + SIDESTEP or block her
combos then unload your own reportoire to punish her. If Rin manages to block
your combo then most likely she would grab you and perform a hip throw.
She would also execute her jump attack or lunge attack when you have some space
between you and her. Rin's recovery speed from this attacks is so horrible so 
you may wanna just let Ayame hang back and wait for her to do her jump or
lunge attack then slice her up conveniently, provided that you managed to dodge
her. Guarding all the time won't do you any good, she'll hip throw you all the


     /ENEMIES/                 13x


     If you followed my walkthrough, you should've eliminated all of the
enemies on this mission. Doing this will unlock mission 2-2: Determination. Let
me remind you though that i was able to get the ASSASSIN ranking with two
enemies still alive and unlock mission 2-1: Departures instead. But if you're
trying to get a Grand Master rank here and you're not hungry for scrolls, then
you can leave a couple of enemies breathing, just to make it easier for you
and Rin. ^_^



     - escape from the village
     - make your way to the docks
     - swim across the water if necessary


     You now as play as Rin in this mission. The moment you gain control of 
Rin, run towards the left (don't worry about the female ninja, she won't see
you), climb over the fence, go to stealth and the moment the chatting ninjas
try to go on their patrol routes, go down and show them the price of killing
your fellow Hagakure ninjas. There's a Flash Bomb on the left fence waiting for
you and if you can remember where Ayame can perform her second double stealth
kill (2 male ninjas, mission 1), go back to that area and pick up a health

     Now go back to where you saw the female ninja, go to stealth mode and
stick to the bottom part of the stone ledge and perform any stealth kill when
she turns her back on you. Wall stealth on the left wall and you would see
another female ninja guarding the water. Now this female ninja won't turn her
back on you. Just wait for her to face the water straight and rush her and
perform a Wolf Fang stealth kill. Grab the Healing Potion and stealth roll
towards the water, but make sure the male ninja is not facing the water anymore
(i'm sure you've spotted him even before you killed the female ninja), swim
towards the other side. Hang onto the edge, wait for the male ninja to turn his
back again on you, then get rid of him. Now this area is tough, the male ninja
goes around the area except the archery range/stairs (this is where you came
from) and the ronin in blue gi just stays on the area behind the wooden wall.
What we need to do here is to lure the male ninja out of the sight range of
the ronin and behind the fence. I've tried stealth killing the ninja on
different timings while his back is turned on me and the ronin always saw me,
shoot. To lure him out of his patrol route, you can place a Poison Rice on the
stairs and stealth kill without any second thought (he's already out of the
sight range of the ronin) or just let him see you a bit (turn his status to 
"!"), run up the stairs, wait for him to go back to the "?" status then stealth
kill him. You may also wanna pick up some Rice on the left side of the archery
range as a snack. With the male ninja sleeping for eternity, you can dispose of
the ronin easily. Go up the stairs, pick up the item box (which usually
contains some Shurikens or Caltrops) then crawl your way to the next area.

     Wall stealth on the left wall, wait for the ronin's back, inhale, kill, 
exhale. Wall stealth again on the colored wall and wait for the female ninja to
appear. When she turns her back on you, run as fast as you can and execute a
stealth kill as quickly as possible because there is a male ninja patrolling
the bamboo area. If you're the cautious type, just drag the female ninja's body
a bit further from the male ninja to avoid alerting him. Go to stealth mode
once more, wait for the male ninja to walk towards the left and perform a
Sundred Prey stealth kill. Two more enemies and we're done. Go to the left and
search the bamboo trees for a Grenade and just stand on the fence near the
bridge. A ronin should eventually walk on the bridge. NOW HOLD YOUR HORSES!
When he faces the opposite direction, he will turn around again to face you
after a second, wait for him to look at your area for the second time and when
he walks away, that's when you stick Rin's sword in him. Once you're done with
the ronin, look on the right, a stationary female ninja is guarding the dock.
Once she looks away, dart to the lantern, crouch behind it, wait for the female
ninja to look away again then release her from her crappy job. After that, just
drop down and step on the wooden platform to end the mission.


     /ENEMIES/             13x



     - defeat all intruders
     - make your way to the docks
     - swim across the water if necessary

     If you were able to play mission 2-1: Departures, then you would certainly
notice that this mission has a different objective right from the start.
Basically, what you need to do here is to kill (stealth kill, normal kill,
item kill) each and every enemy that patrols in this mission. You have 13
targets to kill and it doesnt matter which one you kill first, there's no
particular order you need to follow. As soon as you send the last enemy to 
his/her resting place, the mission ends, succesfully. Let's begin:

     Collect a couple of Flash Bombs first by heading to the left, its behind
one of the bamboo fences then return to where you started. Make Rin crouch on
the lower part of the stone path because a male ninja will eventually come
to this area, stealth kill him the moment you get the chance. Follow the path
and turn right, then left. You'll be in a water area. Crouch then roll towards
the water to avoid alerting the guards nearby, swim across the water and jump 
out to the next area. This area is tough if you don't act quickly, right after
jumping out of the water, carefully drop the down the roof of the archery
range. Wait for the male ninjas chat to end, then get rid of them by performing
a double stealth kill. On the other side of the fence is a female ninja
wandering the area. You may go on top of the fence and perform the Falling
Rock stealth kill or peek through the wall and wait for her to walk away and
perform a stealth kill as you see fit. Run the flight of stairs and crawl to
proceed to the next area.

     Peek using the left wall before you turn around the bend. A ronin or
samurai guards this path. Once he shows his back, show him what it means to
mess up with the Beniya. Proceed and wall stealth the roofed fence, another
female ninja patrols this area. You may wanna move a couple of inches back to
avoid being detected. When she begins to walk away, kill her and drag her 
lifeless body away from the bamboo area. If you got into a fight earlier and
you need to patch Rin up, grab the Healing Potions that is right beside the
torch or whatever you call it then quickly hide on the alcove to your left.
A male ninja will search this area soon enough. Once Rin gets the chance to
kill him, don't hestitate. When you're done, head to the bamboo area and wait
by the fence near the wooden bridge. Wait for the male ninja to turn around to
your direction twice before you run after him and stealth kill him, otherwise,
he'll spot you for sure. On the other side of the bridge is a male ninja on
the elevated path and a female ninja on the bottom path, right beside the
river. You can kill the male ninja first or the female ninja, but it would be
much easier to go for the male ninja first then kill the female ninja using a
Falling Rock stealth kill. Now, you're done...


     /ENEMIES/             10x



     - find Jyuzou quickly
     - once found follow him
     - you must be as quiet as a shadow


     Okay this mission is really very tricky so follow my instructions if you
want to obtain the Grand Master rank, but i'm quite sure that there is still a
better way to finish this mission, but this this one works for me. Let's get
the ball rolling then:

     Quickly run to the left and around the water (do not, under any
circumstance, run on the water, it'll alert the enemies around you). You would
see a spearman walking away from you. Run after him and perform a quick stealth
kill because an archer is heading your way. Quickly pick up the corpse and
release it on the stairs. Now the archer may have noticed you while you 
were dragging the corpse of his buddy, just wall stealth and wait for him to
return to his patrol route. Sometimes, the archer may pass through the lantern
as if it weren't there. Don't worry about it. As long as you keep Ayame's
back pinned to the wall, he won't see you. Now go to where the archer was
patrolling and zip your way up to the roof of the house, the house right next
to the bridge. A spearman should be dilly dallying here and an archer should be
watching the surroundings from afar. Wait for the spearman to be behind the
bamboo fence from the archer's position then drop down and dispose of him. 
There's an item box (you'll get some Shurikens or Caltrops) here on the right 
of the big house, pick it up if you wish.

     Now face the archer while being behind the wall fence. On your left, there
should be a swordman wandering in the path between the houses and a female 
innocent as well just nearby. If you wanna get some scrolls, whip out your 
Grappling Hook and double jump from one house to another and wait for the
swordman to be in between the houses then slit his throat, otherwise, the 
innocent will spot you. Now let's go back to the bamboo fence, wait for the 
archer to walk and dash towards his position. You may have to hang first for a
while just to make sure he won't see you coz he turns around a lot. Perform
a stealth kill as you see fit. Go up to the roof of the house that's behind the
archer. You would see another bamboo fence to the left with 2 houses and 2 lazy
guards talking. Quickly make your way on the roof of the house and practice
your timing with executing a double stealth kill. When you're done, look at
your map and go to the door with the red x or shuriken-like mark.

     Here's where the fun part begins: Try to keep Jyuzou within 50-60 only in
your Ki-meter. If you go to close, he'll turn around and see you: _mission
failed_. If he goes too far still mission failed. Now follow the instructions
below and you would be able to follow him without being spotted:

     Follow Jyuzou along the straight path and grab some Smoke Bombs on the
left, now wait behind the big gate because Jyuzou would be turning back to
check. Wait for him to turn to the right and then left before following him.
There's some Healing Potions or health recovery items on the platform
surrounded by water, be careful if you're going to get them, if you 
accidentally drop down to the water, it'll alert Jyuzou and cut your mission
short. Once Jyuzou enters the wooden gates, hide on the wooden wall on the
left, otherwise, he'll spot you. After that, Jyuzou would walk around the
house, peek through the corner of the house and wait for him to walk the path
between the houses. Follow him and he'll proceed to the left to enter the
path between the houses again. Make sure he turns around twice before doing
anything to avoid getting spotted. When Jyuzou begins to walk away again, zip
up the roof of the house on the left (the house that only has one floor, not
the house with two floors) and follow Jyuzou. You should now be approaching the
dock area. Follow Jyuzou using the roof of houses, there are several guards in
this area. Jyuzou would be turning to the left, and then left again around the
roofed fence. Carefully jump towards the roofed fence and watch Jyuzou enter
the dock. Wait for him atop the stairs because he'll just look around the
dock and come back up again. Once he's back up again, he'll turn to his left
and proceed the path between the 2-storey house and a bamboo fence. Use your
trusty Grappling Hook and climb atop the roof of the 2-storey house and follow
Jyuzou (you may have to manually maneuver the camera in order for you to see
him). Jyuzou would turn to the right and then left to walk around the house
right next to the 2-storey house that you're in right now. Follow him by
jumping on to the roof of that house. Jyuzou would now be back on the path
right beside the bamboo fence. He'll turn to the right and go past the big
house. Wait for Jyuzou again on top of the roof of the small house which is in
front of the big house, he'll come back and enter the big house. Once Jyuzou
enters the big house (a cutscene should kick in), follow him and a boss fight
should trigger...




     pierce attack: Tatsukichi would just basically run straight at Ayame
                    with the dagger drawn in a piercing fashion. If you get
                    hit by this, Ayame would be posioned.

     Tatsukichi is one big push over. She only has one attack as far as i know
and a side-step would put Ayame out of harm's way. Tatsukichi can only eat 
a single combo before dying so right after you regain control of Ayame, run
straight at Tatsukichi and unload your fave combo. It should only take you
3-4 seconds to beat her... ^_^


     /ENEMIES/                 10x
     /INNOCENTS/               2x



     - go to Jyuzouís rendezvous
     - take advantage of the dark
     - do not kill any villagers


     When the disc finishes loading up, go around the water, and wait for an
opportunity to stealth kill the spearman on the bridge. Zip up the house on
the right of the bridge and execute a stealth kill on another spearman once
he's behind the bamboo fence, or else the archer would spot you on the higher
platform nearby. Proceed to the left and on the path between the houses
(beware, an innocent is lurking in this area) and zip up the roof of the lower
right house on your map. Drop down carefully near the water side of this house
and you would see a stationary swordman here. Stealth kill him when the coast
is clear (another swordman is patrolling here on the other side of the water).
Grab the swordman's drops and go back to the bamboo fence area. Stealth kill
the archer, and the swordman on the other side of the house which the archer
is guarding. Now, remember the patrolling swordman near the stationary 
swordman? You can perform a stealth kill easily by climbing atop the roof of
the house right beside your current position. And don't forget to pick up the
Healing Potion before exiting this area too.

     If you went through mission 3-1: Secret Encounters already, then you can
breathe easily because there's no more "follow-Jyuzou-w/o-being-spotted" here.
An innocent (looks like a nun to me) wanders the long straight path here.
Crouch behind the lamp posts and let her pazz by before proceeding. A swordman
should walk out of the wooden gate here. Wait for him to turn around, then,
you know the drill. From this point on, you can approach the big house through
the dock area or the residential area. An archer patrols the dock area, two
geishas wander the residential area as well as a swordman and a spearman guards
the entrance to the big house. I would recommend you to go up the roofed
fence or wall right beside the dock area. Then while standing up on the roofed
fence, zip your way up the 2-storey house and proceed to your destination
(bring up your map just in case you don't know where to go to). This is the
safest route you can take unless you want to pick up some scrolls from the
corpse of the geishas or the swordman nearby. Once you're ready, enter the big
house (just make sure the spearman patrolling nearby is facing the other
direction so that you won't get spotted) and face another boss...



     pierce attack: Tatsukichi would just basically run straight at Ayame
                    with the dagger drawn in a piercing fashion. If you get
                    hit by this, Ayame would be posioned.

     Tatsukichi is one big push over. She only has one attack as far as i know
and a side-step would put Ayame out of harm's way. Tatsukichi can only eat 
a single combo before dying so right after you regain control of Ayame, run
straight at Tatsukichi and unload your fave combo. It should only take you
3-4 seconds to beat her... ^_^


     /ENEMIES/                 12x
     /INNOCENTS/               2x



     - kill the bandit leader Katsuragi
     - be wary of the darkness below
     - there are many paths



     - escape from the dark cave
     - beware of the giant claw and fang
     - beware of blocked paths

     ITEMS RECOMMENDED: Blowgun, Poison Rice, Healing Potion



     arm swing: Kumagorou just swings either his left or right arm. If it hits,
                Ayame would receive about 10-20 points of damage.
     charged arm swing: Kumagorou raises his right arm towards the back for
                        2 seconds then swings it around him heavily. It can
                        send Ayame flying across the room if she gets hit.
                        Expect about 30-50 points of damage from this attack.
     head ram: Kumagorou circles his head around then rams twice. Each ram
               can deal up to 20 points of damage.
     earthquake: Kumagorou jumps up and then lands on his behind. If Ayame is
                 within range, she would lose her balance. This move does not
                 deal damage to Ayame.
     combo attack: Kumagorou stands up then walks forward while swinging his
                   arms alternately. Ayame can receive up to 40 points of
                   damage from this attack.

     You should've mastered the sidestep technique by now, and if you did,
Kumagorou won't even land a single blow on Ayame. I strongly suggest that you
combo Kumagorou to death from his behind when he missed Ayame with his head
ram and combo attack because this attacks are non-tracking, meaning, Kumagorou
would not follow Ayame's position once he starts the attack.


     Remember how mission 4: I am Rin of the Beniya worked? Then in this
mission, you would have to go the opposite way, and the guards and thugs here
are much stronger compared to those who Rin faced on mission 4. But 
nevertheless, we still have to tackle this mission in order to advance in the
game. Off we go:

     Go out of the Boss' room and if you need to replenish your health, then
grab the healing items inside the red box right outside the Boss' room. On
the first corner, wall stealth on the right side, peek, and wait for the male
ninja to appear and search. When he attempts to go back to his route, stealth
kill him with either the Spinning Blades or Crossed Blades stealth kill. 
Proceed and go down to the left. Now keep a good distance from this male ninja
because chances are, if you're too close, he'll spot you. Whip out your
Blowgun, aim for his head then blow away. Do not grab his drops yet though,
a masked merc is waiting on the left. Peek using the left wall and when he's
facing a different direction already, strafe or inch your way while in stealth
mode to prevent Ayame from making any noise. Be careful though because
sometimes, this guy turns around to your direction twice. Stealth kill him
when he's within range already. Grab his drops and don't let go of the strafe
or stealth button yet, go back to where the now-dead, stationary male ninja is
and wait on the right wall, on the tiny corner. Along the straight path 
another male ninja should be patrolling, and when he shows his back on you,
run as fast as you can after him and stealth kill him. You wouldn't want the
other male ninja around the corner to be alarmed when he sees the corpse of his
buddy lying nearby, so you may have to drag the corpse away from the corner
in order to prevent that. When you're done, peek on the right wall, and kill
the patrolling male ninja. 

     Bring the map up on your screen, look for the water and enter the water
to make Ayame cross over to the other side. If you didn't cause any ruckus
so far, then the male and female ninja guarding this area would be chatting.
Wait for the female ninja to go away before sending the male ninja to his
early grave. If the female ninja manages to reach her spot, then wait for her
to look on to the bridge, strafe/crouch towards her and kill her. Make your way
towards the bridge and pick up some stuff inside the item box if you want to.
Now slowly inch your way to the bridge by strafing or crawling but do not go 
too near the bridge, the stationary male ninja on the other side will spot
you or notice you. Wait for him to turn his back on Ayame, inch your way to the
bridge then dash towards him for the kill. Don't worry, you have enough time to
inch your way to the bridge, running across the bridge then executing him with
a stealth kill because he would do the silly look-around thing that all of
the enemies here you will encounter do. Jump across the gap (the gate is
already closed) and wait crouch atop the slope.

     A male ninja would come out of the path on the left. You may have to wait
for quite some time before he comes out but just wait. When he's facing the
other way, go for the ninja's jugular and kill him. Grab the drops and press
Ayame's back on the left wall, from where your last victim came out and wait
for the masked merc to turn around twice to your direction before killing him.
You may wanna use a Poison Rice item here to lure him out of the water area
nearby because there's a male ninja patrolling this area and if you weren't
quick enough, he would spot you for sure. After killing the masked merc, wait
for the male ninja nearby to go to heightened status and hide somewhere else.
When he attempts to go back to his patrol route, kill him swiftly, there are
two more guards lurking nearby, a masked merc and a kunoichi. The masked merc
can be skipped but not the kunoichi. Wait for the female kunoichi on the left
wall, and when the coast is clear, dispose of her. Proceed to where the
kunoichi came from and quickly throw a Poison Rice item on the base of the
slope. Run back up, crouch, wait for a male ninja to grab your bait, then klll
him. If you wanna play safe, you may want to use a Blowgun again to kill him.
Now drag the body of the male ninja you've just killed up the slope, drop 
his corpse down and go to stealth mode at the base of the slope. When the
masked merc nearby is walking away from you, quickly dart towards the cave on 
the right and pick up the item box in here. Follow the path and wait in the
middle path of the cave, a male ninja should come in on the other side of
the cave moments later. Stealth kill him quickly to avoid being spotted and 
carry the body and hide it inside the cave. Go back to where you entered the 
cave. Peek, wait for the masked merc to walk away from your position, then
kill him. Now go to where Rin started and this mission is over. ^_^


     /ENEMIES/                 16x


     If you managed to complete the mission _without ever_ being spotted, then
mission 6-2: What lurks in the Shadow would be available for you to play, but 
if somebody spotted you, then mission 6-1: The blind Masseuse is unlocked.
So basically, you'll have to play this mission twice so that you'll be
allowed to tackle both missions 6-1, and 6-2.



     - your target is the masseuse Nasu
     - many paths lead to him
     - search the manor thoroughly

     ITEMS RECCOMENDED: Blowgun or Poison Rice

     Just like what you saw at the loading screen, this mission can be tackled
in a variety of ways because its spacious, and the patrol routes of enemies
here are quite hard. Now i'm going to show you the long path, and the short
path. Read on:


     When you gain control of Rin, turn around and aim your Grappling Hook at
the roof of the lantern. Go up and then jump down the river. Do not worry,
there's nobody here so play and splash at the water all you want. When you're
ready, you may wanna pick up the item box (which contains some Smoke Bombs or
Grenades) right beside the hut. Swim to the left side of the river to enter
the next area of the game (you're almost half-way through this mission FYI).
Whip out your Grappling Hook again, make it connect to the bridge and prepare
to duke it out with...



     double slash: Ayame's standard double slash, deals around 8-12 points of
                   damage. Ayame uses this often just to see if she can
     triple slash: Ayame's standard triple slash, Rin can receive up to 18
                   points of damage from this attack. Ayame also uses this
                   attack to test Rin.
     triple slash+spinning slash: Ayame's standard combo. She will only
                                  perform this when the first 2-3 slashes
                                  manages to connect since she already knows
                                  Rin cannot block it anymore. 25-30 points
                                  of damage.
     cross slash: this is the attack that Ayame uses to close the gap between
                  her and Rin. 10-12 points of damage. When you see Ayame
                  perform a backflip, you can expect this attack coming or...
     shuriken throw: after a backflip, she'll throw a Shuriken at Rin. Rin
                     would most likely receive around 8-12 points of damage if
                     she gets hit by this.
     jump slash: she seldomly uses this move, but when she uses it, its
                 either a) Rin is lying down or b) Ayame wants to close the
     knee bash: Ayame would perform this grab if Rin just keeps on guarding.
                She can deal up to 14 points of damage with this attack.

     Ayame is very very quick and strong, and the only way for you to beat her
is to fight speed... with speed! Standing still and guarding won't do you any
good since Ayame will just grab you and bash her knee to the back of your
head. The best way for Rin to get a chance to retaliate is to keep
sidestepping and backstepping, hoping that Ayame would miss with her cross
slash attack or jump slash since it takes her almost a complete second before
she can recover from the execution of the said attacks. When Ayame rolls
backwards and performs a back flip, sidestep twice to either the left or the
right, a Shuriken is coming your way. Reduce Ayame's life to 30 or below, the
fight ends.


     After the fight, Rin would find herself in a new area. There are 4 
enemies here available for Rin to kill: a swordman that patrols the gate in
front of Rin, a geisha on the left side of the area, another geisha on the
right side, and a swordman on the left-most edge of the area. There's an
innocent too wandering near the right geisha patrol route so be very careful if
you're planning on killing her. Also, a Healing Potion is waiting for you on
the far right corner of this area. Pick it up if Rin sustained heavy damage.
If you're going to kill all the enemies here, i suggest you kill them in this
order: swordman (gate), geisha (left), geisha (right), and swordman (right-most
edge). If you don't want to, follow my instructions below:

     Crouch from your starting position and maneuver the camera in such a way
that you would see the swordman approaching your position. Wait for him to
turn back twice before sticking Rin's sword inside his body. Go to the left
and cling to the wall of the house and peek on the left. A geisha would be
wandering the fence. Wait for her to walk down the path and get out of Rin's
sight. Move to the left wall of the house, face it and use your Grappling Hook
to gain access to the roof. You cannot zip up to the roof of this house where
Rin peeked because of the spikes. If you wait long enough, the geisha you saw
earlier would be walking your previous position. Kill her if you're hungry
for scrolls. Bring up your map and proceed to the red mark by double-jumping
from one roof to the other. Crawl on one of the windows of the big house to
enter the manor.

     When the disc finishes loading up, you'll see a red box right out in the
open. Grab it if you have the extra space in your inventory. It usually
has some Caltrops or Shurikens. After that, make your way to the left and
drop down the hole. You should now be in a staircase. You now have the option
of sticking a needle on the geisha's neck that's about to search the base of
the staircase or lure her up a bit with a Poison Rice. Either way, be very
careful on how you kill her. You might alert the swordman just on the other 
side of your presence here. Be sure to carry the geisha's corpse higher on to
the staircase, to make sure that the swordman won't spot you. Now, be wary of
this swordman, he turns around to your position twice and there isn't much
room to commit a mistake here. There are 3 ways to kill him: 1) wait at the
bottom of the staircase, maneuver your camera where you can see him clearly
(strafing may be necessary) then rush him after his 2nd turn around 2) wait
for the swordman to completely walk away, crawl under the barrel and get
out on the other side then stealth kill him while he's looking at your
previous position or 3) wait for him to completely walk away and zip up the
wooden beams right above this room then kill him with a Falling Rock stealth
kill (there's a Healing Potion and an item here and i strongly recommend that
you pick up the HEaling Potion since a Boss fight is closing in). When you're
done, slowly walk towards the door and position your camera again so that
you can see the masked swordman clearly inside the wide open room. When he 
turns his back on you, that's your signal that he wants to be freed from his
job, you have enough time to rush him from your position (which is the door).
A regular swordman is also patrolling the upper level here. There's an item
(forgot what it is) waiting for Rin here. Kill the swordman if you wish to get
it. From this point on, you have 2 paths to choose from, the middle one and
the right one. Pick the middle one and you would finally face Nasu...



     combo: Nasu slashes quickly and if it least one slash manages to connect,
            he would execute the rest of the combo which can total up to a
            whopping 40 points of damage, depending upon how many slashes 
            Nasu managed to connect.
     pierce combo: you'll have an early warning, you'll hear Nasu say "come
                   here!" and perform a slash and he'll turn his back on you
                   with his walking stick poking out. If he hits Rin, he'll
                   actually grab you and slash Rin several times before
                   impaling her, so this actually acts like a throw. Rin
                   can receive up to 30+ points of damage because of this.
     counter-attack: Nasu will unsheathe only the half of his sword and stand
                     still. Attack him and he'll perform a counter attack.
                     This move is worth 20+ points of damage.
     jumping circling slash attack ^_^: Nasu would perform a tumbling jump then
                                        slash down with his sword. 10+ points
                                        of damage. 
     grab: if Rin guards for too long, Nasu would perform a different grab
           move and slash Rin again to pieces. But this is much weaker
           compared to his pierce combo.

     Nasu is very quick with his sword slashes so performing the Fange Guard
technique is very risky. Plus the room that you and Nasu would fight is very
small so there's no room to sidestep that much here. Basically, the best
time for Rin to attack is when he missed you with his pierce combo or he
tried to counter-attack you, in which case Rin should quickly position as fast
as she can at Nasu's back where his counter-attack move is non-effective.
Guard his attacks for a long period of time and he'll grab you, so be prepared
to press R1.


     Selecting the right path would lead you to a guard and he's quite
tricky because of where he stands. Rotate the camera where you can see him
clearly and dispose of him when the time is right. Once you picked up the
scrolls he leaves behind, go through the wooden doors, down the staircase and
follow the path. A cutscene should trigger and you won't have to fight Nasu.

     Regardless of whether you fought Nasu or not, press Rin's back
to the wall with what looks like a white wall with a kanji symbol on it and it
would grant you access to the next room. A geisha patrols this area so just 
crouch, wait for her to return to the stairs then kill her. When you're done,
go down and arund the bend to end this mission.

this section would be updated on the next version ^_^





     As you collect scrolls from slain enemies, you learn techniques that give
Ayame and Rin the "edge" over their enemies. In order for you to learn 
"specials", you must collect a certain amount of scrolls. The scrolls that you
collect are cumulative, meaning, the scrolls you collect from mission 1 would
add up to the total number of scrolls you collect in the entire game. Keep in
mind though that you must _finish_ the mission in order for Ayame and Rin to
"pocket" the scrolls they managed to pick up in a mission. Here's a a list of
specials that i was able to unlock (i'll update this) in my game:


     scrolls requirement: 10
     description: With this techinique, ninjas can jump toward a wall, then
                  continue to run up the wall and jump off the wall. It
                  requires great leg, stomach, and even back muscles to keep
                  balance and perfect this technique.
     note: not that useful, except in situations where you need to go up a roof

     scrolls requirement: 30
     description: At the end of a flurry of attacks, Ayame can unleash a 
                  devastating kick attack low to the ground. While this
                  technique is but one in Ayame's arsenal of attacks, its
                  high attack powermakes it one of her favorites.
     note: just like what the description says, it rocks. What's good about
           this move is that it has a high recovery speed, meaning, if the
           enemy was able to guard against it, you won't be open for a
           counter-attack that much. Also, if Ayame manages to connect with
           this move, you can follow up with a jump attack to deal extra

     scrolls requirement: 60
     description: Allows the ninja to see further than the naked eye. Legend
                  says that the ninja had eyes as acute as a hawk's. Whether
                  this was due to training or use of tools is now known, but
                  perhaps it was a special skill like this that gave them this
     note: with this technique, you can "snipe" enemies with any 
           long-distance range weapon, like a Blowgun, but please remember
           that all long distance weapons tend to lose its accuracy the
           longer the distance it travels because gravity takes its toll on
           the projectile. Use this to scout and to snipe enemies.

     scrolls requirement: 100
     description: This technique allows you to parry enemy attacks. It requires
                  speed and accuracy. Ayame has perfected this technique so
                  that it requires very little physical strength to turn away
                  even the strongest attacks. 
     note: this technique is very risky. If you guard to late, ouch. If you
           manage to pull this technique off however, quickly dash towards the
           enemy and unleash your fury, but in my game, i'd rather sidestep
           and roll than gamble my life with this move. 

     note: i was able to discover a good method of using this technique 
           recently. Let the enemy or boss perform a combo on you, guard the
           first attack, release the C button then hold the C button again
           and this technique will trigger around 80% of the time!

     scrolls requirement: 150
     description: Crouching low to the ground like a cheetah, a ninja can
                  launch into a great sprint. This technique is especially
                  useful in areas where there are many places to hide and many
                  corners to turn. This technique is practiced with weights
                  attached to one's leg.
     note: a very useful technique when crossing blind corners or areas with
           fences. Although the distance of the sprint is not that great, it
           should give you ample time to run normally away from enemies and
           avoid being spotted.

     scrolls requirement: 200
     description: By sitting close to the ground and putting herself under a 
                  state of hypnosis, a ninja can hear even the slightest
                  noise by picking up vibrations from the ground. It requires
                  great control over one's heartbeat and breathing to do this
     note: once you learn this, you won't get enough of it. This is your radar
           and its much _much_ reliable compared to your KI-meter because it
           would show each and every enemy that's within your hearing range.
           With this technique, you can study enemy patrol routes without
           the danger of being caught because you can do this even behind walls
           away from the ever searchful eyes of guards. One very important
           reminder though, if the enemy doesnt move, then you won't be able to
           pick them up on your radar, so you still have to look at your 
           KI-meter nevertheless.

     scrolls requirement: 250
     description: This tech allows ninjas to deflect any incoming projectiles.
                  It is thought that ninjas possibly possessed this skill, 
                  but it seems unlikely, as it would have been more effective 
                  to dodge arrows rather than stop and block.
     note: I strongly suggest you just dodge any incoming projectile. That's
           all i can say.

     scrolls requirement: 300
     description: A claw technique used in battle. Using the Grappling Hook,
                  this technique allows you to attack enemies after they have
                  been knocked back, though it requires much practice.
     note: hitting an enemy with Ayame's helicopter kick is really difficult
           (unless the target is cornered or Ayame is surrounded by enemies)
           so i don't think you would be able to put this technique into good

     scrolls requirement: 350
     description: In addition to the Hawk Eye technique, a ninja can further
                  train her eye so that she can strike at enemy pressure
                  points and vital organs with a Shuriken even at a great
     note: very useful technique if you're overflowing with Shurikens and 
           you're short of Blowguns. Aiming for the head is kind hard, if the
           enemy is so far, try to aim above the head and let gravity do its
           work to hit the head.

     scrolls requirement: 400
     description: This ninja technique allows the ninja to use hypnosis to
                  control the mind of her target. As long as the target is not
                  jarred out of the hypnosis by any strong stimuli, the target
                  will remain under her control.
     note: an indispensable technique on rooms or areas with more than 2
           enemies. Perform this technique on one enemy then quickly stealth
           kill the others and come back for the enemy who's still under
           hypnosis and stealth kill him as well.

     scrolls requirement: 450
     description: This technique allows you to stick to any ceiling and
                  observe enemy movements from below. Only a true ninja who has
                  undergone intense physical training has the discipline to
                  use this technique.
     note: you can only use this tecnique inside houses, never outdoors, but
           still, its quite handy, especially on Ayame's A Sister's Promise

     scrolls requirement: 500
     description: A great deal of a ninja's power comes from the manipulation
                  of people's senses. The False Wall technique allows a ninja
                  to blend into surrounding walls using sheets of cloth
                  painted in patterns to match those walls.
     note: one pf Ayame's best techniques in this game. You can virtually
           creep up to the enemy, use this technique and follow the enemy
           again as long as you like. This technique allows you to get past
           areas that are tough-as-hell especially if you don't have any
           Invisibility and Chameleon spells left in your inventory w/o ever
           being spotted.

     scrolls requirement: 550
     description: When surrounded by enemies, Ayame can spend a moment
                  focusing her inner energies, then lash out in a great attack,
                  striking all those nearby. In this game, Ayame has yet to
                  perfect this technique. She has perfected it since however.
     note: a very strong offensive technique, but the charge time and
           execution time really pulls down its effectiveness, but if you want
           to finish a boss or enemy with style, then i'd recommend this
           technique for you to try and enjoy.



     scrolls requirement: 10
     description: This technique allows you to parry enemy attacks. It
                  requires speed, accuracy , and strength. A ninja who
                  performs this technique incorrectly will put herself at a
                  disadvantag and possibly be even killed.
     note: this is Rin's version of Ayame's Swift Guard. So again, avoid using 
           this move, unless you're confident that you can pull it off.

     note: see 2nd note on Ayame's Swift Guard ^_^

     scrolls requirement: 30
     description: This tech allows ninjas to deflect any incoming projectiles.
                  It is thought that ninjas possibly possessed this skill, 
                  but it seems unlikely, as it would have been more effective 
                  to dodge arrows rather than stop and block.
     note: same as Ayame's. ^_^

     scrolls requirement: 60
     description: catching an enemy while in the air, this technique allows
                  Rin to drive them into the ground without a chance to
                  recover. With that amount of force that the enemy hits the 
                  ground, they are almost guaranteed not to survive.
     note: Its true that enemies won't survive this attack, but only those
           who patrol in missions 1-4. Bosses take about 30 points of damage
           from the combo + Death Drop. _Do not use this move_ if the enemy
           was able to block the upward-slash of Rin because when she lands,
           she's a sitting duck.

     scrolls requirement: 100
     description: With this techinique, ninjas can jump toward a wall, then
                  continue to run up the wall and jump off the wall. It
                  requires great leg, stomach, and even back muscles to keep
                  balance and perfect this technique.
     note: same as Ayame's. ^_^

     scrolls requirement: 150
     description: Allows the ninja to see further than the naked eye. Legend
                  says that the ninja had eyes as acute as a hawk's. Whether
                  this was due to training or use of tools is now known, but
                  perhaps it was a special skill like this that gave them this
     note: same as Ayame's. ^_^
     scrolls requirement: 200
     description: This technique was described in an ancient tome as such:
                  "To destroy the body that which supports it, destroy the
                  enemies bones, and he shall not move. But crush his skull,
                  and he shall not awaken
     note: just think of this technique like Nina from the Tekken series, in
           fact, performing this move requires timing, so you can't really
           execute the commands over and over again to make it work. This
           technique looks good and deals good damage.

     scrolls requirement: 250
     description: By applying pressure on a specific pressure point, a ninja
                  can temporarily shut down an enemy's nervous system, 
                  effectively paralyzing them for a short while. The victim
                  will not be able to see or hear for the duration of the
     note: use this on stationary enemies so that when they're paralyzed, you
           can run around and kill nearby enemies who're patrolling with ease.
           Be quick though, the duration of the paralysis ain't that long so
           try to study the patrol routes of the enemies first and determine
           the best time for you to perform this technique on one enemy and
           stealth kill the others.

     scrolls requirement: 300
     description: With this technique, a ninja is able to become onw with the
                  shadows and hide her form from suspicious eyes. While in
                  Shadow form, Rin can approach targets, even from the front,
                  and perform stealth kills with ease.
     note: if you thought the Invisibility spell's effectivity was too darn
           short, then wait till you try out Rin's Shadow technique.
           Be careful when you use this technique because executing this move
           would actually cause Rin to stand up (which gives the enemy a
           chance to spot you) then perform a backflip before the
           technique takes effect. And keep in mind that Rin can only stay in
           Shadow form for about 5-6 seconds, but that should be sufficient
           for Rin to set-up a stealth kill or get away from the ever-searchful
           eye of guards in the game.

     scrolls requirement: 350
     description: same as Ayame's ^_^
     note: Rin's spinning slash is actually faster in the execution dept.
           compared to Ayame's helicopter attack so Rin stands a better
           chance of using and performing this technique succesfully
           compared to Ayame.

     scrolls requirement: 400
     description: same as Ayame's ^_^
     note: same as Ayame's ^_^
     scrolls requirement: 450
     description: same as Ayame's ^_^
     note: same as Ayame's ^_^

     scrolls requirement: 500
     description: By mimicking the sound of an animal, a ninja can manipulate
                  the senses of anyone close enough to hear. This technique
                  is best used when Rin has accidentally made a sound, and 
                  guards have grown suspicious.
     note: Use this technique whenever the enemy's status is on the yellow "?"
           and they should go back to the green "?" status in a cinch.

     scrolls requirement: 550
     description: In the last stage of the Crimson attack, a master ninja can
                  crush her enemy's skull in such a way that nothing can ever
                  revive him. It is truly a fearsome technique.
     note: if you manage to perform this technique, then say hello to loads of
           damage. I always attempt to grab my enemy and send them to heaven
           using the hip throw+crimson+crimson final combo.



     As you complete missions and fulfill certain requirements, characters in
the game would appear in your Gallery screen. In my next update, i'll 
include the requirements of unlocking each one and try to complete my list as
well ^_^. On with the show:

     /RIN/                                                               1/20
     She is from a shinobi village that lies in the border of the kingdom
     called Hagakure. Since her village was destroyed, she has sought to avenge
     the deaths of her loved ones. She works as an assassin for hire for
     "Lady Razor" Ogin.

     how to unlock:
     you start the game with this unlocked already.

     /AYAME/                                                             2/20
     Initiated into the Azuma clan at the young age of 14. She was considered
     a prodigy. Normally very calm and level-headed, when anything comes
     between her and Princess Kiku (her younger sister figure), she is quick
     to anger.

     how to unlock:
     you start the game with this unlocked already.

     /TATSUKUCHI/                                                        3/20
     A Geisha at the village of Hakagoke. Hakagoke has been under control by
     Jyuzou ever since the Kuroya arrived. She is deeply in-love with Jyuzou
     and is willing to fight to the death in his name.

     how to unlock:
     beat Tatsukichi in mission 2-1: Departures or mission 2-1: Determination.

     /KUMAGOROU/                                                         4/20
     A bear living in Machizuki Cave. He was returning from a hunt to bring
     food to his mate and cub when he encounters Ayame who actually killed
     his father. Enraged, Kumagorou soon forgets his family and engages in

     how to unlock:
     beat Kumagorou in mission 5: Fated Reunions.

     /NASU/                                                              5/20
     Pretending to be a masseuse, he lies his way into the bedrooms of many
     unsuspecting women and then uses his technique to immobilize them. He is
     also quite the swordsman and carries a hiddensword in his walking stick.

     how to unlock:
     beat Nasu in mission 6-1: The Blind Masseuse or mission 6-2: What lurks
     in the Shadow.

     /SHINOGI/                                                           6/20
     An assassin for the Kuroya, it is his life goal to kill one thousand 
     people before he himself dies. He joined the Kuroya after meeting Jyuzou
     for he saw an opportunity to kill with abandon.

     how to unlock:
     beat Shinogi in mission 7-1: A Sister's Promise or mission 7-2: For whom
     the Bell tolls.

     /FUTABA/                                                            7/20
     The younger twin sister of Hitoha. Just like Rin, she too was born in
     Hagakure village. However, she proved loyal to Jyuzou, and betrayed her
     friends and family. She had always secretly considered Rin to be her
     rival and hated her deeply.

     how to unlock:
     beat Futaba and Hitoha in mission 10-1: Flames of Passion or mission 10-2:
     Flames of Sorrow.

     /HITOHA/                                                            8/20
     Just like Rin, he is from the Hagakure Village. Along with his twin
     sister, he followed Jyuzou and betrayed the rest of the village. His
     gauntlet is specially built to eject streams of fire at his enemies.

     how to unlock:
     beat Futaba and Hitoha in mission 10-1: Flames of Passion or mission 10-2:
     Flames of Sorrow.

     /RANZOU/                                                            9/20
     An assassin for the Kuroya. He is a twisted soul who derives pleasure
     from the pain of women. There are many of the Kuroya who look down on
     preying upon the weak, but Ranzou takes pride in his work.

     how to unlock:
     beat Ranzou in mission 11: A Dance of Swords.

     /SHOU/                                                             10/20
     An assassin for the Kuroya. He joined the Kuroya around the same time as
     Shinogi. He is a musician, and his "Shamisen" (a Japanese three-stringed
     guitar) hides a powerful gun within.

     how to unlock:
     beat Shou in mission 12-1 or 12-2: Tenchu Kurenai.

     /JYUZOU/                                                           11/20
     He is the leader of the Kuroya, and is responsible for the destruction of
     his hometown, Hagakure village. He was actually next in line to become
     the next leader of the Hagakure, but refused to live by the rules set
     before him.

     how to unlock:
     beat Jyuzou in mission 12-1 or 12-2: Tenchu Kurenai.

     Ad Art                                                             20/20
     (Rin in red background with cherry blossoms)

     how to unlock:
     beat the game in normal difficulty.


     (to be updated ^_^)



     (to be updated ^_^)




     Once you unlock this section, you can choose a costume that Ayame or Rin
would be wearing in the game or cutscene. Here's a complete list of the
costumes that you can unlock as well as a brief description of each costume:

     Blossom - this is Ayame's default costume, you start the game with this.
     Wrath   - finish the game once and you would unlock this costume. Its
               a black outfit which is almost the same as the Blossom costume.
               This is actually Ayame's costume in Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven
     Peony   - beat Jyuzou on the "A Dark Night" group with 23 minutes left
               on your clock and it would allow you to fight 2 Ayames at the
               same time. Beat the 2 Ayames and you would unlock this costume.
               This is basically a red outfit with Ayame's legs and arms
               revealed. (my fave costume ^_^)
     Indigo  - to unlock this costume, use the method indicated above. Its a
               black outfit which is pretty normal looking. This is the
               costume that Ayame was wearing in the first Tenchu game which
               was Stealth Assassins

     Majesty - Rin's default costume.
     Scarlet - finish the game once to unlock this. Its basically a blue
               outfit with a red, patterned scarf arround Rin's neck. Very
               cool looking.



     Beat the game once to unlock this slug-it-out, royal rumble mode inside
the Encyclopaedia menu. Basically, it asks you first which character you
wanna use, then you would be allowed to choose which group you wanna fight.
Now, the roster in that group would drop one by one to attack you and if you
don't kill them fast enough, you would be overwhelmed. Each group also has
a specific set of items to start with and depending upon the situation, you
can pick up some items on the duration of the match. Each group has a specific
length of time and to succesfully complete it, you must finish all the enemies
inside that group _or_ you let the time run out while still being alive. The
following is a description of each group and list of starting items:

     1. Requiem        - regular spearman/swordman/archer
        items          - 3x Smoke Bomb, 3x Grenade, 5x Healing Potion

     2. Ninja Hordes   - regular ninja with sword/claw, kunoichi
        items          - 3x Smoke Bomb, 4x Healing Potion

     3. Mercenaries    - masked mercenary w/ claw/sword, geisha
        items          - 3x Smoke Bomb, 3x Healing Potion

     4. Monk's Battle  - monk w/ staff/blowgun, bald monk (martial artist type)
        items          - 6x Anti-Poison, 3x Healing Potion

     5. Mercenaries 2  - masked swordman, bald monk (wrestler type),
                         and kunoichi with dark outfit
        items          - 3x Healing Potion

     6. New Requiem    - special spearman/swordman/archer
        items          - 3x Healing Potion

     7. A Dark Night   - all of the bosses in the game
        items          - 5x Healing Potion

        note: selecting the "A Dark Night" group would allow you to fight the
bosses one by one (except for the Attack Horde and Futaba/Hitoha) with 3
minutes each on the clock, if you manage to beat a boss under 3 minutes, let's
say 20 seconds, then 2 minutes and 40 seconds would carry over the next boss
that you would need to fight. If you manage to beat Jyuzou though with 23
minutes left in the clock (no more, no less), you would be facing 2 Ayame's
at the same time. Beat them and you unlock 2 costumes for Ayame. You can also
win here by letting the clock run out or beating Jyuzou.



     - urdrago@hotmail.com "Ethan Tarr" for reminding me on how to cancel
       the stealth kill animation, the first version was really rushed and
       if it wasn't for him, i would've forgotten about the cancel animation.

copyright 2005 by Abraham "CrescentSlash" Charvet