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I can't create bottlemail?

I have been in the weird dungeon and beat it. However after the dungeon it doesn't say anything about creating bottle mail even though i killed like 20 of them. I applied the failure title to the dungeon. Does this affect the outcome? P.S Ash Lvl 46+ vs monsters level 90

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Yes I did

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delerium_76 answered:

failure dungeon doesn't effect it at all. I did notice that sometimes even after you kill 20 of the class you want, a message saying so doesn't immediately show up when you go back to phantom isle, but the class does appear in the creation list. So check with the creation list first to make sure it's not already there.

Also, if you have alot of classes in your creation list, it doesn't always show them all at once, so cycle the list by exiting the creation list and going back in. That will make sure you see all the classes between the two cycles.

Lastly, if the bottlemail isn't in the list, chances are you didn't kill all 20 you need to unlock it, so create another weird dungeon and kill a few more.

If you risk completing the dungeon before you unlock the bottlemail, leave the dungeon before you kill off the last enemy. That way you can keep going back to the same level and kill more until you unlock the class. Doing that saves you the hassle of trying to create another weird dungeon.
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gildedtalon answered:

Did you check with marona?
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gildedtalon answered:

so you kill more than twenty and didn't get it. i personally never tried getting bottlemails. I only managed to beat second to the last extra boss in the game as the last will require massive grinding of your party
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gildedtalon answered:

Have you tried exiting phantom isle?
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GenJohnston999 answered:

Keep on killing those suckers! Maybe you didn't kill enough, or you didn't realize how many you really killed. Maybe beating a level where you kill the bottles helps?

I'm having a similar problem. My botlemails won't level past 100. It's very frustrating, as I can't really go too far without those dudes.
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