Post-Game Strategy Guide by CarbunkleFlux

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                                      -Phantom Brave-
                                 -Post-Game Strategy Guide-
                                     by CarbunkleFlux




     -TO DO LIST (VH1-1)
       -HEALER (RQ2-1)
       -BOTTLEMAILS (RQ2-2)
       -DUNGEONMONK (RQ2-3)
       -FUSIONIST (RQ2-4)
       -TITLIST (RQ2-5)
       -MERCHANT (RQ2-6)
       -A LEVEL CAP OF AT LEAST 3000 (RQ2-9)
       -EXP RISER (RQ3-1)
       -QUICK ATTACK (RQ3-2)
       -HEALING BIRTH (RQ3-3)
       -HEALING STEPS (RQ3-4)
       -RETURN (RQ3-5)
       -PHYSICAL (RQ4-1)
       -ENERGY (RQ4-2)
       -MAGIC (RQ4-3)
       -NATURE (RQ4-4)
       -TIME/SPACE (RQ4-5)
       -SUPPORT (RQ4-6)
       -HEALING (RQ4-7)
       -STANDARD SP GAIN (LV4-1)
     -EX MAP 4: REMATCH (EX4)


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the others?  Try pressing Alt+F and then the section ID of the section
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* - The charts are important enough to get their own section in the
Table of Contents, even though they're actually lumped into other sections.  
If you're looking for these charts specifically, please use the section ID.




I noticed on Phantom Brave's message board that there are is a -lot- of
confusion about the post-game and how it should be approached.  Phantom
Brave can also be played in about umpteen billion different ways, so that
certainly doesn't help matters when somebody is just starting the post-game.

If you're looking for tips for leveling during the plot, you'll find it here,
but be warned: 


It's the 'Post-Game Strategy Guide' for a reason.  I'll be approaching this
FAQ as if you had already completed the main plot of Phantom Brave; and know
the Confine system as well as how to use a fusionist and titlist properly.  I
will leave the leveling and fusion strategies spoiler-free for the sake of
convenience, though.

I will also note that I am going to be very general.  There are god knows how
many different class, weapon and skill combinations that it would be impossible
to take them all into account.  I can only make general recommendations at best
and if they don't help you, then you might be on your own.

Any questions?  Thoughts?  Suggestions?

Please E-mail me at



>PASSIVE SKILL refers to a skill that works simply by being on the Phantom.
It can not be used otherwise.  Note that the effects of PASSIVE SKILLs are
not available for a character if he simply equips a weapon with the PASSIVE
SKILLs on it.
 -Examples: Chartreuse, Quick Attack, Solemn Vow.

>ACTION SKILL refers to a skill that can used.  It's usually an attack of some
kind, but there are ACTION SKILLs that heal, cure and cause status.
 -Examples: Strike, Heal, Ice, Flower Faeries, Elegant Slash

>BENEFICIARY refers to the Phantom, character or item that is on the receiving
end of the fusion.  If you're going to be fusing a Witch to a Fighter, the
fighter is known as the BENEFICIARY.

>MATERIAL is the other half of the fusion relationship; the one who is fused
and disappears when the process is finished.  Using the above example, the
Witch is the MATERIAL.

>FIELD EFFECT or FIELD PROTECTION is a Protection effect such as 
'Strengthen + 30%'.  You won't see it often, but it'll be references.

>ATTACK STAT is the stat that your Phantom's action skills depend on most.
For example, if you have your Phantom using a lot of action skills that depend
on ATK for their damage, then that Phantom's ATTACK STAT is 'ATK'.




-8/26/06: Version 1.35 Teensier Update
 >Slight revision to clarify something in Section (EX 0)

-8/26/06: Version 1.34 Teensy Update
 >Slight revision to Section (EX 10)
 >Change of email address.

-7/21/05: Version 1.33 Small Update!
 >Revisions to Sections (RQ 3-4), (LV 5), (EX 7)
 >Error and typo fixes.
 >New subsection to (RQ 3), the recommended skill, Return!
 >Added "EXP Punch" to the Recommended Skills in section (RQ 4-5)

-7/10/05: Version 1.3 Update!
 >Included a helpful tip about keeping an extra merchant at level 127 for cheap
title-farming from PokeEiyuu.
 >Added not one, but TWO new charts!  Rearranged the Section IDs for the charts
so that they remain identified based on their location in the FAQ.  Also made
revisions to some charts.
 >Spellchecked the guide and fixed grammar errors.
 >Added a new sub-section to the Transmigration section (LV 6) that deals with
transmigration through Phantom recreation.
 >Revisions to Sections (RQ 4-1), (LV 4-2), (LV 4-3), (LV 5), (FU 1), (FU 5),
(EX 6), (EX 8) and (EX 10).
 >Added the To Do List sub-section below (VH 1-1).
-7/6/05: Version 1.0 Finally Finished!
 >Look!  Look!  I finished a guide!  Now, all my updates are going to be
additions and addendums from here ^_^.
 >Fix to dungeonmonk's level in Section (RQ 2-3).



 >More in-depth testing of the level requirements for a random dungeon to meet
to be able to increase a title's stats.
 >Walkthrough to snag Pringer's Remote while still adhering to the bare minimum
requirements to finish the map otherwise.
 >Section  (LV4-2) appears to be inaccurate.  Some testing is required to figure
out exactly how SP is transferred; it's possible that the SP EXP is directly
transferred but it's a wonder whether or not proficiency affects the process.
It probably does, but I'll test first.






Welcome to your hell.  No, seriously.  I'm not going to mince words or
sugar-coat it.  Phantom Brave's post game is very long and tedious.  Your
enjoyment during this period will depend on how much you -really- like 
number-crunching.  The matter is, if you're just playing for the story and
don't like to bolster your levels- you might as well not bother.  There is
very little plot worth mentioning in the post-game and what plot there is
isn't exactly presented in the most interesting fashion.  If you're playing
for the tactical value, then you might just get your wish as long as you 
don't overpower your Phantoms; but I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were 

Completists, Perfectionists and Powergamers?  You'll be right at home ^_^.




Okay, to everyone who didn't leave after my scary speech: Let's talk



I should not have to say why you need a Healer.  You just do.  Plain and
simple.  She does not need to gain levels for her services.



You're going to need some bottlemails to farm items from random dungeons, as
their Steal stat is 70, the highest of any other unit.  Mind you, there -are-
a few ways around this, but that honestly depends on how long you'd like to
spend crawling through random dungeons building up a title that boosts Steal
by at least 25-50.  I'd recommend against trying to make another kind of
Phantom your item stealer, all things honest.

Bottlemails are easily obtained.  If you don't have one already, you can get
your first through this series of steps:

 1. Make a stack of at least four or five trees on top of the Giant Tree
    next to Marona's house.
 2. Jump to the top of the stack.
 3. Once on top, just jump up.

You should get a small pop-up window that will say that you recruited your
first Bottlemail (Though it will refer to him or her by name).  Good job!

Unfortunately, this does not open them up for Creation.  To do that, you'll
need to kill 20 of them and they are only found in random dungeons with enemy
type 'Weird'.  Getting this rare type when creating dungeons is not dependant
on DungeonMonk level.  It is obtained entirely randomly.  There isn't much I
can say to help you get it faster.  Just keep creating dungeons until you
finally get one with Weird enemies.  Thankfully, Prinnies are in Weird
dungeons too- so if you like the cute lil penguins, it was doubly worth
the trouble ^_^.

Once you can make bottlemails, keep in mind you'll need at least three.  Item
farming is a tiresome process, so you're going to want to take as much stuff
home with you in one run as you possibly can.

Your target level for these bottlemails is 1250.  At that level, they will be
able to steal most standard level 9999 items.  They probably won't be able to
steal the rare weapons and items that are found occasionally in random dungeons
as well as the hands of random dungeon bosses at that level and it's honestly
not necessary.  If you want that stuff, though, then your target level for
them should be much higher (as well as having a good +Steal title).



If the section above did not already tell you this, I will remind you: You're
going to need a DungeonMonk and you're going to need him high level.  At level
800, he'll be able to create level 9000 dungeons.  Sadly, he cannot make
anything higher level than that nor can you place titles on the dungeons to
bolster them to 9999 at that point- but it suits our purposes just fine.

I would also recommend giving him the skill Quick Attack.  Unless he happens to
be one of your primary fighters, chances are he isn't going to get a turn right
away after being confined.  This is a Very Bad Thing.  Quick Attack ensures
that scenario does not happen.



That said, you will need a Fusionist.  Why?  To fuse stuff, of course.  The
only way your weapons are getting anywhere near the stat requirements for EX
Map 9 is if you fuse stuff to them.  You're also going to need your fusionist
to be high level, because the mana cost tends to inflate when you fuse high
level items together using a low-level fusionist.

For our purposes: level 2000 should keep the price reasonable.  It will most
certainly help if you go higher than that- but you don't absolutely need to.



>You are going to need a Titlist.  I should not have to say why, but I think I
will anyway: boosting your weapons' stats quickly requires the use of the title
'Failure'.  If you can't put titles on your weapons, needless to say you won't
be using the Failure title for an awful lot.  Titlists do not need to gain 
levels for their services.



A Merchant is not required, but it sure makes raising a weapon's Equip% easier.
The reason for this is that a merchant is always selling items around her
current experience level.  So if you level a merchant up quite high; you can
get some nice, high level items to save you a farming trip or two.

At the same time, though, it can also be useful to keep a spare merchant that
hovers around or is at level 127 (You can use some creative fusion to make it
her level cap so you don't have to worry about divvying up her kills).  Why?
Because that's when all of the possible item types and titles that she can sell
become available and at the cheapest rate possible.  This can make her a much
faster source not only for buying items solely for their Equip%, but also for
farming the better titles.



>If you are going to be using unarmed Phantoms, you will most definitely need 
at least two or three Changebooks or Eggs per each unarmed Phantom you'll be
using.  Why?  To transmigrate them.  The one and only way an unarmed Phantom
will EVER stand up to the EX Maps is through the art of transmigration and good
old powerleveling.



While this isn't a REQUIREMENT per-se, it will make your life a whooooole lot
easier if you didn't use any of the special weapons to tackle the post-game.
That means no Snakish, no Heliotrope, no Shiva, no Catnip Cane, no Secret Bk.
None of that stuff.  How do you know if you're wielding a special weapon?
Simple: Just check to see if you can put a title on it.  If you can't, then you
most certainly have a special weapon.

As for why?  If you can't put a title on it, then of course- that nullifies any
of your hopes and dreams of placing the Failure title on it for super fast stat
boosting fusion.  You know what this means?  Pure hell.  You will spend hours
upon hours getting, say, the Heliotrope up to the strength required to finish
the final EX Map.  A process which takes about an hour or two with all
conditions properly met on a normal weapon.

Think about that.



If you're confused about what this means, then read further.

Even though your levels can go up to 9999, their level cap starts out at 100
upon creation.  What this means, is a fresh, young Phantom cannot exceed level
100 no matter how much experience s/he accumulates.  However will you increase 
it?  Well, by fusion of course!  When fusing the level of the material is
added directly to the level cap of the beneficiary.  Here's an example:

Say we have a Fighter at level 100 and an Old Man whose current level cap is
100.  You'd like to get the old man past 100.  Well, there's hope!  If you were
to fuse the fighter (the material) to the old man (the beneficiary), the old
man's level cap would increase by 100 and become 200.  Hallelujah!  Now that
old man can attain his lifelong dream of reaching level 200!

You can, of course, fuse to your characters until their level cap is 9999 if 
you really want to; but for the purposes of the EX-Maps, all you really need
for the easiest time is to be level 3000 or so; exceeding that level isn't 
really necessary at all.




Whether you intend to tackle the post-game with a one-man wrecking crew or with
a crack team of Phantoms, it's highly recommended that you look into fusing the 
following skills to each Phantom you intend to use.

The only way to level a passive skill is through fusion.  All this means,
though, is that you simply have to create a Phantom that comes with the skill
you're trying to level and then fuse that Phantom's skill to your target

Here's a handy guide for you to gauge how many times you have to fuse a skill
to your target Phantom for that skill to reach level 99.  Most passive skills
come at levels 10, 20 or 30 on creation; so I won't take any others into 

 -11 times for a lvl 30 skill
 -22 times for a lvl 20 skill
 -77 times for a lvl 10 skill

Naturally, you're going to want to create Phantoms with the skills at level 30
at any time.  I will be sure to list the Phantoms that have the skill on them 
at creation and what level they start with it at, though.



This skill boosts the Phantom's experience by a direct percentage of its level.
At level 2, it'll give you 2% extra experience.  At level 99, it practically
doubles your experience gain.  Needless to say, you'll want this at 99.

This skill can be found on:
Amazon (Level 10)
Dungeonmonk (Level 20)
Putty (Level 10)



Quick Attack is an expensive, but amazingly worthwhile skill that allows your
Phantom to act right after confining.  It works the same whether it's level 1
or level 99, so I'd just work on getting it to level 1 and leaving it at that.

This skill is especially important to fuse to your Bottlemails- since that is
one less turn they have to wait to receive.  Everyone else doesn't really HAVE
to have this skill; but it'd sure help a whole lot nonetheless.

Don't fuse this to Marona- she gets first turn when the battle starts anyway.

This skill can be found on:
Ash (level 1)
Fenrir (level 1)
Archer (level 1)
Werewolf (level 1)



Healing Birth is a skill that allows a Phantom to heal a certain amount of HP
right when it's confined.  Level 99 is the only time this skill is honestly
worthwhile- as when it's level 99, it will heal the Phantom for his current
HP.  Naturally, its usefulness also depends on your experience level; since
your character will always be confined with their natural (that is,
unequipped) max HP.

This skill is useless to Marona, seeing as she can't be Confined, so I'd
suggest against wasting your time fusing it to her.

This skill can be found on:
Mystic (level 20)
Lizard Man (level 10)



Healing Steps regenerates a percentage of your Phantom's max HP every time
it receives its turn.  This skill depends on your max HP, so if you have a
high max HP, it could be worthwhile even at level 10 (Where it regenerates
10% of your max HP a turn).  At level 99, though, it will max out your HP
every single turn.  Sadly, it's kind of a pain to get it that high since
your options are limited to two Phantoms that start with it at level 10.
All things honest, you don't really NEED this skill to finish the post-
game, but it can REALLY help.  So it's worth the trouble.

This skill can be found on:
Knight (level 10)
Behemoth (level 10)



Return's function is quite simple; using it will allow you to escape from
a random dungeon, for a price.  If you have a dungeonmonk, you probably
already have this skill, but sometimes you just need someone else with
this skill to fall back on juuuuust in case your dungeonmonk ends up dead
or you're in a REALLY tight spot.  The major problem with this, though,
is that you incur 10x the base cost for using Return if the dungeonmonk
isn't the one using it.  However, money is no object post-game; and I'd
rather spend an arm and a leg than potentially lose a few hours of
dungeon progress :\.

Recommended characters/Phantoms for your back-up Return are bottlemails
(since I've had many a time where Marona was mysteriously killed and the
poor little guys were left to fend for themselves and fail), Marona (Due
to her getting first turn on EVERY dungeon floor; quick escape!) and Ash
(If you happen to be using him).

By the way, Return's cost does not depend on its level.  Rather, it
depends on the current level of the dungeon.  So I wouldn't bother to
try leveling the skill, as you'll only waste your mana.

This skill can be found on:
Dungeonmonk (level 1)





This section is basically a guideline.  It contains the skills I feel will be
most useful during your post-game adventures.  Naturally, I'm going to overlook
a lot of skills.  This is either due to A: Lack of experimentation with them or
B: It does well, but there are far more useful skills out there.

Do not feel you're limited to these skills.  This is a recommendation, not a
mandate.  I'm sure if you got powerful enough, you could finish off EX-Map 9
with Angle Slash if you really wanted to.  However, I'm going to assume you
have at least one or two of these skills in the guides for the EX-Maps them-



>Ground Breaker (Knives, Swords): [ATK] I personally prefer this skill to the
 other cheap line-clearer: Berserker.  Why?  Because it isn't that much more
 expensive and you get the added bonus of a much better range.  The trade-off
 is that it doesn't knock away like Berserker does, but that depends on how
 much you really care about that.

>Hurricane Slash (Raphael, Swords, Hammers): [ATK] This is one of the only
 skills in the game that can disarm your opponent.  It's very handy for 

>Heliotrope (Heliotrope): [ATK] Raphael's signature move is quite a powerful
 single target attack for what it costs.  There are much better skills out 
 there, but I honestly can't complain about it.

>King of Beasts (Fenrir, Manticore, Sabre Kitty, Cerberus, Behemoth): [ATK] 
 This is a massively powerful multi-hit skill that hits a single enemy.  You've
 seen its amazing cheapness in the main game, now put that cheapness to work
 for you!

>Winged Slayer (Title: Oni): [ATK] This is one of the most expensive skills in
 this game, but it also happens to be one of the widest range skills, too.
 Its power can certainly be useful to one who is attacking the EX-Maps.

>Brain Steurgon (Fishes): [ATK] One of the cheapest Ice skills in the game.
 This has seen more application in random dungeons than during the actual 
 EX-Maps, but it was very helpful none the less.

>InvisiSlash (Spirit Sword, Title: Gen.): [ATK] Remember NightSever from
 Disgaea?  It recieved a name change, but regardless- it's back.  It's just as
 overly powerful as ever, too.

>Calamity Drive (Axes, Title: Lord): [ATK] This obscenely powerful skill takes 
 a LOT (and I mean a LOT LOT LOT) of SP to perform, but its damage is amazingly
 worth it.

>Power Launcher (Rocks): [DEF] For any DEF-based Phantom, this skill is an
 essential.  It not only is three hits of pure pain, but it also knocks the
 target quite far away.

>Dud (Bombs): [ATK] This hilarious bomb skill is actually one of the better
 single-target long range skills out there.  Its only downside is that it has
 the irritating side-effect of causing Gamble status, which makes it so every
 hit either Misses or does their full HP in damage.  This isn't so much a
 big problem in the EX-Maps themselves, but it could cause a lot of trouble in
 a random dungeon run.

>Flying Bomb (Ash, Owl Sentry, Owl Knight, Putty Monk): [ATK] This skill isn't
 awfully powerful compared to some of the others, but it's quite handy if you
 need to get an enemy far away from you- and fast.

>Delayed Strike (Knives, Swords, Dark Wpns): [SPD] There are better overall 
 moves out there for a SPD-based Phantom, but this wind-elemental skill is 
 great for exploiting weaknesses.

>Good Shot! (Pillars): [HP] One of the better HP-based skills out there, this
 one is great because of its damage output and amazingly far knock back.  HP
 skills overall tend to be more difficult to keep useful than others; so the
 knock back is its primary boon.



>Deadly Fan (Spears): [ATK] This is one of the longest, widest range skills in
 the Energy family.  It also happens to be Wind element, but that usually 
 doesn't stop it from clearing away massive groups with ease.

>Crescent Slash (Knives, Swords): [ATK] This wide-range Fire skill is even 
 handy to unarmed Phantoms!  Whether you simply want to exploit an elemental
 weakness or hit a lot of things at once, it will do.  It's also kind of cheap
 in SP.

>Burgundy (Soul Saber): [HP] Like the other HP skills, this is difficult to 
 keep useful due to its reliance on your current HP.  It's a great long range
 and wide range skill for your unarmed Phantoms, though.

>Frigid Edge (Knives, Swords): [ATK] In my humble opinion, this is one of the
 best single target Ice skills in the game.  It knocks the enemy away a little,
 but I think the damage outshines that aspect.

>Water Grenade (Bombs): [ATK] This is an extremely nice Ice elemental area
 attack.  Keep its tendency to disarm the user in mind when you use it, though.

>Gigaton Bomb (Bombs, Title: Atomic): [ATK] This is an awesome non-elemental
 area attack for your bombs.  When you don't need to worry about exploiting
 elemental weaknesses, this is the skill to use.  Just beware of its SP cost.

>Gale-o-tine (Dead Trees): [ATK] Who'd have thought one of the best single-
 target Wind skills came from a dead tree?  It also looks very cool.

>Sandstorm (Bricks): [ATK] This is the other best single-target Wind skill.
 Not only does it look cool, but its damage is obscene.

>Dimension Slash (DivineSwds, Title: Legend): [ATK] Depending on how much you
 clear long random dungeons you will either never, ever come across this skill
 or have many Legend titles waiting to be placed on items for fusion.  If you
 do find it, keep it.  Treasure it.  It is the single strongest multi-hit
 attack with the longest range and widest area of them all.  It is a god among
 action skills.

>Chi Chopper (Swords): [ATK] This is a fairly decent wide-range skill.  It came 
 in handy for me during the final EX-Map, anyway.

>Rising Dragon (Ash): [ATK] For what it costs, this is an awesome single-target
 skill.  It's honestly all Ash really needs...

>SuiSlime (Any Slime Type + Bomb): [HP] Want your blob bomb to make more than
 two Big Bangs?  A healthy amount of SP, a support Phantom with Revive and a
 decent SPD are all you really need...

>Spear Storm (Spears, Title: Mighty): [ATK] This is an amazingly expensive 
 skill, but it is also amazingly worth it. 

>Rock Bomb (Rocks): [DEF] If you don't mind disarming your Phantom upon using
 it, this skill is quite the crowd clearer.  You can also use it to exploit
 Fire weaknesses.

>Ogre Stomp (Rocks): [DEF] Don't rocks have a lot of great skills? ^_^  This is
 another such example.  One DEF-based, multi-hit single target attack coming
 right at ya!


-MAGIC (RQ4-3)

>Omega Fire (Witch, Owl Ninja, Owl Sage, Ghost, Putty Mage, Cerberus, Merman,
 Shade): [INT] Naturally.  It's Omega Fire.

>Omega Ice (Witch, Owl Ninja, Owl Sage, Ghost, Putty Mage, Cerberus, Merman,
 Shade): [INT] Naturally.  It's Omega Ice.

>Omega Wind (Witch, Owl Ninja, Owl Sage, Ghost, Putty Mage, Cerberus, Merman,
 Shade): [INT] Naturally.  It's Omega Wind.

>Omega Thunder (Title: Plasma): [INT] Naturally.  It's Omega Thunder.

>Wind Advisory (Signs): [INT] If you don't mind disarming yourself after its
 use, this can be a very damaging Wind skill.



>Burning Refuse (Weeds, Manticores): [INT] For any magic-user using Nature
 skills, this fire skill will work wonders.  It will even work unarmed!

>Wrathquake (Rocks, Title: Violent): [DEF] Despite the pain to get your Rock
 user with enough SP to use this skill, it's quite useful.



>Pandora (Treasure Chests): [INT] This is one of the better single-target chest
 skills.  It usually does the most damage of all the chest skills, at that.
 Just beware during your random dungeon runs that it happens to cause the Dazed
 Status occasionally.  Dazed is rare, but it also happens to make it so that
 the enemy with this status on it doesn't give any experience when killed x_x.

>Warp Attack (Staves): [INT] I like this skill.  It's a nice, cheap long range
 single-target attack.

>Galaxy Beam (Title: Galaxy): [INT] It's an Ice-skill, but its range is
 monstrous to say the least.  With enough Time/Space SP, you could level the
 entire area with this skill alone.

>Pyramid Power (Staves): [INT] This is the weaker, cheaper alternative to 
 Galaxy Beam.  Its range isn't nearly as awesome either, but it does the job

>Speed Up (Title: Speedy, Astral): [None] While buffer spells aren't as useful
 in Phantom Brave as they are in Disgaea or La Pucelle, they will still help a
 whole lot when your stats get really up there.

>Comet Shower (Catnip Cane): [INT] This skill has a really nice range on it.
 And its damage can get pretty darn high to boot.  It's worth stealing the cane
 from Myao for this.

>Super Nova (Baal): [INT] Another excellent, wide-range INT-based skill!  This
 makes Baal the perfect candidate for destroying the Remote in EX-Map 10.

>EXP Punch (Blacksmith): [ATK] This skill is a helpful leveling aid for your
 bottlemails early on in the post-game before they have enough SP to use Mega
 Bonus consistently.  Though you're probably going to want a weapon on the
 bottlemail using it if you want any kind of decent damage done.

>Mega Bonus (Merchant): [ATK] It isn't that this skill is any good (though with
 high ATK it can be decent, I guess), but rather that this skill can make a
 helpful leveling aid for your Phantoms.  It boosts both EXP and money gained
 from killing any and all enemies that it hits (and it's cumulative up to
 1000%!  Though I honestly don't see anyone hanging around a single floor using
 solely Mega Bonus for that long), so it shouldn't be hard to see how this can
 benefit you in a Lv.9999 random dungeon with Many Giant enemies and a +55% EXP



>Espoir (Staves, Healer, Marona, Whisp): [None] This isn't absolutely
 necessary, but I have fallen many times to status effects that showed up out
 of nowhere in random dungeon runs, so keep it handy :\.

>Immortal Light (Crystals): [RES] This skill is expensive, but it's one of the
 big guns of the Support family.  It's worth using, for sure.

>Ancient Mist (Vases): [RES] This is another hard-hitter from the Support 
 family.  Its range is nice, too.

>Braveheart (Staves): [None] While buffer spells aren't as useful in Phantom
 Brave as they are in Disgaea or La Pucelle, they will still help a whole lot
 when your stats get really up there.

>Shield (Staves): [None] While buffer spells aren't as useful in Phantom Brave
 as they are in Disgaea or La Pucelle, they will still help a whole lot when
 your stats get really up there.

>Diamondize (Rocks): [None] This is basically Braveheart + Shield in one skill.
 If you feel confident in your Rock-user's survival, let him take a turn off to
 use this on himself...

>Heaven Drop (Water Cans): [RES] This is like Espoir + Heal and is quite cheap.
 I'd keep it handy, just in case something goes terribly wrong during those
 random dungeon runs.

>Fire Prison (Vases): [RES] This is one of the best Fire skills that the
 Support family has to offer.



>Revive (Marona, Healer, Putty Shaman, Owl Sage, Staves, Title: Revive, 
 Immortl): [RES] Do I even have to say why Revive is necessary?  Most of your
 foes in the EX-Maps can and WILL kill you outright with any of their attacks.
 I'd keep this on at least two or three of your Phantoms.

>Giga Heal (Owl Sage, Healer, Mermaid, Blob, Putty Shaman, Staves): [RES] Omega
 Heal costs a bit too much SP to be as useful as Giga Heal; so that's why I
 recommended Giga Heal over it.

>Wrath of Heaven (Title: Revive): [RES] Honestly, I think it's far too
 expensive SP-wise to be useful in the post-game, but the sheer damage and
 range simply can't be ignored.

>Holy Arrows (Flonne): [RES] This is another of the Healing family's hard-
 hitters.  Flonne is great with Healing skills, so get her SP up there and
 complement this with Wrath of Heaven.






A Failure Dungeon is simply a high level dungeon that you place a Failure
title on to weaken all of the monsters within.  The Failure title has a 
tendency to decrease experience by 100%; so, seeing as it's affecting every
monster you come across, the primary way to level with this trick is to
Confine your Phantoms to high level items and rake in the bonus EXP.

The art of putting the Failure title on random dungeons is very profound.
It will impress and awe you in the main game as you level up to heights not
yet foreseen.  However, it will disappoint you massively if you try to use
it to level during the post-game.  Once you hit level 200, your characters
will start barely managing level ups from one floor of a Failure dungeon.

Naturally, for our purposes, this is not acceptable.

Failure Dungeons do have other, far more useful applications than gaining
experience, however.  I'll detail these applications in Section [FU3].




For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, let me give you Carbs'
good old primer.  The 3-2 Trick is referring to map 3-2 (the second map in
Monetopia) where a pair of Scrabbits have a field effect that levels them up
once for every turn they receive.  They won't move unless a Phantom or Marona 
happens to be in range, so you could theoretically let them level up to 9999
and kill them to rack in the experience and bordeaux.

Of course, you'll need a way to actually be able to pierce their godlike def-
enses.  The easiest way to accomplish this is to get a titlist with Big Bang.
Big Bang does damage based on your current HP and ignores defense, so a few
levels and that Titlist will be able to smash the Scrabbits with ease.

So, why shouldn't you use this obviously awesome trick?
Let me count the ways...

1. It will take at least 30 minutes or longer for those Scrabbits to get to
their desired level.  By that time, you'd have gained many levels simply
fighting high level monsters that you can handle.  This is the same case
whether you're just hitting 3-2 for the first time or preparing for the
final EX Map.

2. The godly amount of bordeaux, which is the prime reason most do this trick,
is amazingly piddly.  Bordeaux is only ever a problem in the early-game and by
standard progression, you soon get enough bordeaux to buy Marona's island about
50 times over.  Post-game?  You'd have to intentionally waste your bordeaux and
not complete a single map to ever see 0 BOR again X_x.

Suffice to say: the 3-2 trick is not a good moneymaker, either.

So, what it all amounts to is that the 3-2 trick is a complete waste of your
time.  The hours you'll spend waiting on Scrabbits to level up is much better
spent doing a variety of things to actually help your case against the EX Maps.




So, now that I've made it clear how NOT to approach leveling in preparation for
the post-game, it's time to delve into how you should.

It's actually a simple matter.  First, you're going to want Exp. Riser on all
of the Phantoms you intend to use.  If you read section [RQ3-1], you should 
already know this and be on your way to that goal.  Once you have that
requirement met, start to gauge what monsters you Phantoms can and can't
handle.  Then you can start to create your leveling dungeons.

The keys to making a dungeon give the most EXP for your kill are to ensure the
title on the dungeon boosts EXP and also to ensure that the enemy type is
Giants.  Why?  Giants tend to give more exp than any other enemy type and
asides from Fenrirs, Manticores and Cerberus', most are quite slow.  You'll
want to create a dungeon that meets both of those requirements if you can. 

At the end of the main game, your dungeonmonk will usually be able to manage at
least a +10% EXP title when creating a new dungeon.  When that dungeonmonk hits
level 1600 or so, however, accept nothing less than +55% EXP (the maximum they
can give a dungeon's title).

Why use the default titles and not simply slap on a pre-existing title with an
EXP bonus on it?  Because pre-existing titles tend to boost stats a lot more
readily than the default titles the dungeonmonk places on the dungeons.  You
don't want to make this any harder on yourself than it has to be, especially
when fresh out of the main game.

Once you've got your dungeon ready, simply barrel your way through it as much
as you possibly can.  If you start to have trouble, stop at that floor and use
Return.  Use that floor to level your Phantoms, only clearing the map when
you're certain you can handle going higher.

You'll also want to create a few dungeons with such titles that have a low
floor count.  Why?  To strip those titles off of the dungeon at minimal
strength.  This way, if your current leveling dungeon gets far too strong
because the dungeon's title has gotten too powerful, you can simply replace it
with a relatively clean one and resume leveling.

Assuming your weapons are keeping up with your characters (See Sections [FU3]
and [FU4]), it shouldn't take too long to be able to handle level 9000+
dungeons.  As soon as they become easily doable, I recommend switching to them

The goal you're aiming for is to be able to handle level 9999 dungeons with
Many Giants enemies and a title with a +55% EXP Boost.  That is the best
leveling ground you'll have for the entire game.  Keep that dungeon handy.





SP isn't nearly as important as simply meeting the stat requirements, but
you'll have a much easier time handling the EX-Maps if you can use those
awesome moves of yours more than once.  Thankfully, leveling SP is easy.

You can gain SP of any type by simply using an action skill of that respective
type.  You will NOT gain more SP at a time if you use more expensive action
skills, but you WILL gain more SP at a time if the skill manages to kill and if
the target was your Phantom's level or higher.

Naturally, the fastest way to gain SP is to use your cheapest action skills
against the strongest enemies you can handle.

However, that still won't mean much if your proficiency for the target SP type
is C or lower.  When that occurs, you'll have to take advantage of fusion to
raise your Phantom's SP faster.

Interested?  Read on.



Fusion happens to have the wonderful, free side-effect of increasing the SP of
the beneficiary if the material has higher SP.  Note that this will occur
regardless of the proficiency of either Phantom.  All that matters is their SP

The effect is basically a copy-over; if the material has 60 SP in a certain type
and the beneficiary has 30 SP in that type, a fusion will result in the
beneficiary having 60 SP in that type.

Not clear enough?  Let's try an example:

Say you want to give an old man 100 Physical SP.  They have an F Proficiency in
that type, so naturally gaining this SP is going to be a pain in the rear end.

But wait!  Fighters happen to have an A in Physical SP proficiency!  This means
that they'll gain SP a LOT faster than your old man would.  You can use this
faster SP gain to your advantage.  Create a fresh fighter and hand him your best
weapon.  Now have him go to town in your current leveling dungeon until he has
our target amount of SP (100, just to remind you).

Now, fuse our strapping young fighter to our old man.  You don't have to select
anything to fuse over or use any mana at all in this process.  The 100 Physical
SP from the fighter is copied directly to the old man; so if his max Physical
SP was below 100 before, it is now an even 100.

And you saved god knows how much time in the process, too!

To save you some time and experimentation, I'll helpfully include a chart of the
Phantom classes with the highest proficiency in each SP category:



PHYSICAL   : Golem (S), Knight (S)
ENERGY     : Dragon (S)
MAGIC      : Witch (A), Ghost (A), Putty Mage (A), Mermaid (A), Blob (A)
NATURE     : Saber Kitty (A), Scrabbit (A), Fusionist (A)
TIME/SPACE : Prinny (S), Putty (A), BottleMail (A)
SUPPORT    : BottleMail (A)
HEALING    : Amazon (A), Owl Sage (A), Healer (A), Whisp (A), Putty Shaman (A)



Action skills, unlike SP, are a pain in the rear end to level.  Their
importance is a bit minimal in the scheme of things, but it sure helps your
position to be able to smash a boss with a level 99 Gale-o-tine, doesn't it?

The fastest way to level action skills is through fusion, much like leveling a
Passive Skill.  In your item farming adventures, every nuance of which will be
detailed in Section [FU2], you may come across weapons that have skills much
higher leveled than you'll usually find on them.  By fusing these high level
skills to a beneficiary with that skill, you raise the beneficiary's version
of those skills' level phenomenally.

Like common sense would dictate, however, these skills will only appear at such
obscene levels on items IF THAT ITEM NATURALLY GETS THAT SKILL and if it is NOT
searching for rocks so you can bump Dodge Rock to level 99 or items with the
Revive title on them so you can get a level 99 Wrath of Heaven; neither case
will occur no matter how much you try.




In order to unlock a few of the later EX-Maps, you're going to need to complete
at least three random dungeons.  Since you're going to have to do that anyway,
why not go all the way and power up some titles for your weaponry while you

Powering up a title is done simply by assigning it to a random dungeon through
your titlist and then finishing that random dungeon.  When you finish the
dungeon, the powered up title will be returned to you and you're now free to
assign it to another dungeon for more powering up or just to assign it to a
weapon or Phantom and reap the benefits right away.

If you're looking to max out a title, it's a bit more complex.

So, let's make this clear: You'll need to go through a minimum of two 99 floor
random dungeons to max out your title.  If you want to max out GUARD, STEAL and
MV, that changes to three 99 floor random dungeons.

Your first run with that title will probably bring its stat bonuses to the 60%
range regardless of what the actual make up of the dungeon you went through
was.  During your second run, though, a whole slew of problems could occur
depending on the make-up of your dungeon.  For example, the title could suffer
a severe loss in its stat bonus' over the course of the first few floors.
That's if you're especially unlucky.

Essentially, the growth of the title will depend on the CURRENT level of the
dungeon (that is, the level it is currently on).  There is a specific cap on
the title's growth depending on the dungeon's current level.  So if your title
happens to be stronger than the cap on the current level of the dungeon, then
your title will start to lose stats until it reaches the cap.

The general consensus is that, in order to max out the stat bonus' and GUARD,
the current level of the dungeon needs to be at least 900 or higher.
STEAL AND MV require the dungeon to be level 5929, in contrast and tend to
increase very slowly.  GUARD, STEAL and MV, in my experience, have never
decreased, but they usually simply won't increase more often than not if the
dungeon does not meet the requirements (Unlike the stat bonus', which will
decrease to meet the cap of that level). Of course, level 9999 across the
board will raise a title just about anywhere you want it to go ^_^.

Now, you STILL might be able to max the title out after a decrease in the same
dungeon you got the decrease in if the dungeon is 99 floors long (I've managed
to max out a title after a decrease in the same dungeon before), but depending
on the severity of the decrease in your stat bonus', it probably isn't likely.

There is, sadly, another problem.  As your title gets stronger, so do the
enemies in the random dungeon.  Ensure that you can handle the stronger foes
before you go through with boosting that title's bonuses.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your EXP and BONUS boosts are static.
They will never increase no matter how many random dungeons you plow through
with that title on it.

You don't need to get anywhere near maxing out your title's stat bonuses, but
should you want to try, you'll need to go through at least two 99-floor random
dungeons to do it; and that's not even counting an attempt to max out STEAL,
GUARD and MV (Move).  The maximums for each stat boost are as follows:

Stats + 100%
GUARD + 100
STEAL + 120
MV + 50

A weapon with a maxed title is naturally quite powerful; if you want an
especially easy time leveling, I'd max out at least one title and put it on a
weapon to create a universal 'leveling' weapon.





Transmigration in Phantom Brave is a large pain in the rear end, but at least
one transmigration can make your Phantom five times stronger than they would be
fresh from creation.  It's also an absolute essential to someone who wants to
use Unarmed Phantoms in the post-game.

To perform Transmigration, you're going to need a Changebook or an Egg.  You
can find your first Changebook by jumping from the Giant Tree next to Marona's
house.  Your first Egg can be found in map 7-6 (When you fight Walnut in the
Island of Evil).  Finally, when you go back to 7-6 in a later Episode, you'll
be able to find your second Changebook there.

If you intend to transmigrate all of your Phantoms, however, that won't be
enough.  You can find more Changebooks and Eggs randomly in the hands of random
dungeon bosses.  The dungeon you create for this purpose must have 11 or more
floors and have a level of 25 or higher.  Leave on the second-to-last floor and
then save your game.  Now revisit the dungeon.  If the final floor is not a
'Beat The Boss!', 'Self-Styled God' or 'Join Forces!  Defeat <Enemy>!' floor
with the boss wielding a Changebook or Egg, just reset and try again until it
is.  Once you have the desired scenario, steal the Changebook/Egg with a

Now that you have your Changebook and/or Egg, let's discuss the intricacies of

In order to actually transmigrate, you have to kill the Phantom you want to
transmigrate and then destroy the body.  Once you do that, go to the healer and
choose to revive him/her.  Select the Changebook or Egg for this process and
then select 'Yes' when it asks if you wish to revive them.  You'll return to
the creation screen with your Phantom now at level 1 and stats reset to their
base, but this time you have a whole lot of bonus EXP to divvy up between your
Phantom's stats.

Sadly, the Changebook/Egg you use in this process disappears.
See what I mean? :\

The good news, though, is that transmigration is cumulative.  The levels you
had prior to transmigration and the level of the Changebook/Egg you used to
perform the transmigration are stored in the character's total level; so by
simply leveling them up and/or transmigrating again with a higher level
Changebook, you can acquire more bonus EXP to divvy up into your stats.

So, now that I have explained transmigration in the most confusing manner
possible, let's take a step back and quickly overview what, exactly, happens
every time you transmigrate one of your Phantoms:

1. Your current level + the level of the Changebook/Egg is added to the total
level, which is stored on the Phantom.

2. The Phantom's total level is used to calculate the number of bonus EXP you
obtain for this transmigration.

3. Your Phantom's current level is reset to 1- and their stats are reset to
their base values (without any bonus EXP allocated). The only exceptions are
the elemental resistances, which remain constant between each consecutive
transmigrations and the skill levels, which remain untouched.

Now, the maximum EXP you can receive during transmigration is 300 and you can
put up to 100 EXP in a single stat.  Keeping this in mind, an ideal
transmigration for an unarmed Phantom during the post-game would give you at
least 200 points; you'll probably accomplish this within two consecutive
transmigrations, depending on the level of the Changebook/Egg you use for each
transmigration and how much you level your Phantom between them.  You'll want
to put 100 points into both your attack stat (ATK, INT, whatever) and your SPD.
Any leftover points should go into your Phantom's HP.  If HP is the attack
stat, then feel free to bump up anything you want (I heartily recommend
increasing elemental resistances).  It won't hurt XD.

Once you have 100 points in these stats, your Unarmed Phantoms should now be
fully capable of taking on EX-Map 10 as long as you level them up nice and
high.  That says something more if they happen to be using a weapon, too.

It's far from being required, though.  You can beat the EX-Maps without
touching transmigration at all (If you're not using Unarmed Phantoms, that is)
as long as you meet the stat requirements necessary to beat them.  It sure is a
nice, big helping hand, though ^_^.



There is also another, more time-consuming way to accomplish "transmigration" of
your Phantoms that doesn't require a Changebook or an Egg.  You'll notice that,
on the Phantom creation menu, you can add bonus EXP to your new Phantom at the
cost of bordeaux by pressing up or down while they're selected.  So, essentially
you recreate your Phantom with more bonus EXP, then fuse your old Phantom to the
new one, choosing to carry all skills over.  Voila!  Instant transmigration!  Of
course, you'll have to fuse them some more to bring the max level back to
whatever you had it to on your old Phantom, but that's easy.

So, let us delve into the intricacies of this method:

The amount of bonus EXP you can add to your new Phantoms is determined entirely
by your current highest level Phantom of the same class as the one that you're
trying to create.

Say you have a Lv.100 Valkyrie.  If you were to create a new Valkyrie at that
point, you could allocate up to 26 bonus EXP to divvy up between that new
Valkyrie's stats.

The maximum bonus EXP you can allocate upon creation is 206, which is the ideal
transmigration that I mentioned in the last section.  So, what's the problem
with this method then?  For one, it requires far more leveling.  In order to
reach that maximum of 206, you would need one Phantom of that same class at
level 9999.  If you can level to 9999, then you honestly don't need to
transmigrate your Phantoms x_x.

And before it even comes up: No, having multiple of the same class around does
not give you more bonus EXP upon creation of a new Phantom of that class.  When
you have more than one of that class, it instead simply checks for the highest
level Phantom of that class.  Here's another example for clarity:

If you had a Lv.100 Valkyrie, a Lv.60 Valkyrie and a Lv.20 Valkyrie, you would
Still only be able to allocate up to 26 bonus EXP for a new Valkyrie upon
creation.  Why?  Because it is only looking at the highest level Valkyrie of
the three, which happens to be 100 as in the last example.

So yeah, this method isn't entirely a bed of roses.  It can also get very, VERY
expensive as you allocate more bonus EXP to your new Phantom.  This is the
post-game, though.  Bordeaux isn't an issue.

So, if you're having a hard time finding Changebooks/Eggs and looking for a
quick fix to get your Phantoms much stronger?  Then this method is certainly
available to you.  I'd perform a real transmigration if you want your unarmed
Phantoms to play with the big boys in EX-Maps 9 and 10 within any reasonable
amount of time, though.





The key to unlocking the fastest possible stat-increasing fusion for your
weapons happens to be one of the worst titles in the game.  You see, how stat-
increasing through fusion normally works is: If the beneficiary's stats are
lower than or equal to the material's, then the beneficiary's stats will
increase when you choose to do that via fusion.

The Failure title happens to decrease all stats by 80%.

So, by fusing with the Failure title on the beneficiary; the beneficiary is
actually considered weaker than it normally would be without the title.  This
means that the beneficiary will actually get a GREATER stat boost as a result
of the fusion.  Of course, you have to remember to put your old title back on
once you're done fusing ^_^.

Another boon of Failure fusion (since it makes the beneficiary considered
weaker than it actually is for the fusion) is that weaker items can boost your
stats for a much longer time than they would if the beneficiary did not have
the Failure title on it.

The Failure title can mean the difference between taking a few hours and taking
MANY hours getting one weapon up to snuff for EX-Map 10.  I'd treat it well and
keep plenty on hand.



Naturally, you're going to need a whole lot of items to fuse to your weapons.
Whether simply to transfer the mana over or as fodder to boost your weapons'
stats.  The best possible way to accomplish this, oddly enough, is by creating
high level dungeons, placing the Failure title on them and then taking
advantage of the weak enemies to confine your bottlemails to what you'd like
to take home, at your own leisure.

The sooner your bottlemails are able to steal from level 9999 dungeons, the
sooner you should move on to farm from them.

So, once you're out there item farming- what items should you grab?  That
honestly depends on the purpose of the farming trip.  Usually, as a rule, I
confine my bottlemails to the items that have the most mana on them.  They
aren't likely to be the strongest items availiable, but their mana is the real

You'll also want to equip one of your bottlemails with a weapon that has a VERY
high SPD stat.  Make sure this is the first one you confine.  As for why, it
makes it easier for them to waste them turns so they can take the weapon home.
On each bottlemail's final turn, simply toss the high SPD weapon over to the
next.  You'll farm quickly and efficiently that way- as well as minimize the
chances that the enemy will get a stray turn and ruin your plans.

Here's a chart detailing what level your Bottlemail needs to be to be able to
steal from certain level dungeons.



100              : 500
500              : 1000
1000             : 4000+
1250             : 9999 (Most items)


As a final note, there is absolutely no way to tell outside of the dungeon what
items will be inside.  The dungeon name nor title have any correlation to the
item types within or how often they appear.  The only way to find out is to
dive into a few floors yourself and see.



If your Phantoms are using weapons, then fusion is how they're probably going 
to meet the stat-requirements for the EX-Maps.  When starting out the post-game
(on average, you'd probably be level 60-70), your bottlemails will most likely
be able to farm from level 300+ random dungeons.  That sure sounds like a good
enough starting place to me!

Don't worry about fusing specific weapon and item types just yet- whatever you
find on your farming trips will usually boost your weapon's stats by a bundle
anyway if you're Failure fusing (and I should HOPE you are x_x).  However, as
a general recommendation- if you can find a dungeon that has primarily Weeds, 
use that dungeon for your farming and fusion.  Boost its levels by applying
high rank titles (which should be available on items from a level 127 or
higher Merhcant; look for titles like 'Excel', 'Love', 'Dream', 'Rainbw',
'MyHero', etc) to it and then reapply the Failure title when you're ready to
start farming again.

If your bottlemails can't yet steal from that dungeon, hand them your strongest
weapon and let them level up for a while.  It won't take much leveling for that
problem to be remedied.

Another general recommendation is to farm high rank titles to place on your
materials so you can maximize the stat boosts during fusion.  Rank 4, 5 or 6
titles will work nicely for this purpose as they tend to boost stats all
around.  Here is a chart that tells you what level a merchant will be selling
items with titles of the specified rank on it:



31               : 4 ('Great!', 'NewTyp', 'Classy', 'Excel', 'Doki', etc) 
71               : 5 ('Best', 'TheTop', 'GradeA', 'Super', etc)
127              : 6 ('Techno', 'Master', 'Omni', 'Unique', etc)



Once you're ready to tackle EX-Map 7, 9 and 10 it's time to REALLY start paying
attention to your fusion.  By EX-Map 7, your bottlemails will probably be
farming from level 2000+ dungeons; I'd work on going higher.  Level your
bottlemails and dungeonmonk to at least 1000 or so then start your farming at
level 4000+ dungeons.

Weeds alone aren't going to cut it any more.  To reach the stat requirements
for EX-Map 9 and 10, you're going to have to start paying attention to what you
fuse to your weapons.  Have your dungeonmonk create new, high level dungeons
with a variety of items.  Here is a chart of what materials to search out for
the highest stat-boosts:



NOTE: I am purposely not including the random dungeon rares or boss weapons.
Those will obviously raise everything pretty well.


Best: Stumps, Bread
Average: Trees, Seeds, Fish, Crates, Barrels



Best: Axes, Dark Wpns, Bricks
Average: Swords, Spears, Cacti, Maces, Pillars, Fish



Best: Rocks, Crates
Average: Pillars, Crystals, Skulls, Signs, Trolleys, Pots, Phonographs



Best: Books, Staves (Healing), Staves (Support), Skulls, Signs, Water Cans
Average: Trees, Flowers, Sunflowers, Bricks, Vases, Treasures Chests, Seeds,
         Pots, Phonographs



Best: Crystals
Average: Bones, Vases, Bread, Dead Trees, Driftwood, Weeds (Misc. Weed),
         Books (Lithogrph), Staves.



Best: Weeds, Trolleys, Starfish
Average: Knives, Dark Wpns, Treasure Chests, Pillars(!)


As SOON as you can start to steal from level 9999 random dungeons, switch to
them.  The items from level 9999 random dungeons are the best you can possibly
find to fuse as materials.  You will most certainly need to be able to farm
from level 9999 dungeons if you want to handle EX-Map 10, that's for sure.

Your dungeonmonk should be able to create level 9000 dungeons (which is the
closest he can get to 9999, sadly) when he's around level 800 or higher.  
Try to get him up to those levels as soon as you're able to.

There's only one other thing to note as you continue your trek up to the
880K-1.2 mil mark for your respective attack stats.  Once you hit 850K, you
start to hit a wall.  Your weapon's stats will stop increasing by an
exponential amount.

If you still need to fuse higher, you'll have to engage in the art of creating
your own super materials to fuse to your weapons.  This is accomplished by
simply taking something you farmed and Failure fusing a lot of other materials
to it.  Once your fusion will net your weapon a decent enough stat boost, fuse
it to your weapon and repeat the process.  You shouldn't have to do this for
too long to reach the stats required to beat EX-Map 10; unless you intend to
solo it.



Finally, fusion comes full circle with Equip%s.  Let me give you an
explanation on what Equip% is:

The Equip% is essentially the modifier to the item's stats that determines how
much of those stats is actually given to the equipper.  For example, say a
Mushroom has 30,000 HP.  The Equip% for HP is 30%.  So the amount of HP you'd 
get when equipping the Mushroom is 9000, which is 30% of 30,000.

Notice the huge problem there; you're not getting the most out of your weapon's
stats at all.  Thankfully, Equip% can be raised through fusion.  Unfortunately,
it is also one of the single most frustrating aspects of a weapon to raise to
a fairly high value.  Like everything else in Fusion, your beneficiary's Equip% 
will only rise by 5% if the material's Equip% is higher than or equal to it.
The exception is if the material is a combo item, which simply makes it rise by
10% instead.  This still only applies if its Equip% is higher than or equal to
that of the beneficiary's, however.  

Due to the above complications, none the less, it is best to worry about
getting your attack stat's Equip% to somewhere around the 75-80% vicinity and
simply leave it at that.  The only exceptions are HP and ATK; and that's
because of the wonderful Bread and Dark Wpns that make it possible to raise
those two stats' Equip% to 105 without engaging in any complex fusion.

Here's a chart of which items have the highest Equip%s for each stat and thus,
should be chosen as Materials when you intend to raise them:



NOTE: I am not including any rare item from random dungeons or special item.

HP: Bread (100%)
ATK: Dark Wpn (100%)
DEF: Mace [Hammer] (80%), Rock [Rock] (85%)
INT: Book [Must-Read] (70%), Skull (80%), Bomb (80%)
RES: Book [Lithogrph] (60%), Staff [Starstaff] (60%) 
SPD: Trolley (90%), Weed [Weed] (70%)


If, for some masochistic reason, you want to attempt to raise your Equip%s
higher than these materials will allow, you have to create your own super
material.  Much like when fusing to boost stats past 850K, only this is with 
Equip%s, so it's much more of a pain.

Say, you want to raise the RES Equip% on a sword to 70.  Provided you have your
Sword's RES Equip% already at 65, you'd need to create your very own custom
Lithograph with 65 RES Equip% on it.

To do that, you'd simply need two Lithographs.  Fuse them together and it
should raise the beneficiary's Equip% to 65.  Now you can fuse it to your
sword and its Equip% will rise to 70.

Unfortunately, it gets more and more complex as you go.  Just to raise that
same Sword's RES Equip% to 75, you'd need four Lithographs.  Fuse one pair
together to make one Lithograph with a 65 RES Equip% and then fuse another
pair to make another Lithograph with 65 RES Equip%.  Now fuse THOSE two
together to get a Lithograph with 70 RES Equip%, which you can then fuse to
your Sword so it can have 75 RES Equip%.

Is your head reeling?  Mine certainly is.  Going any farther than that is a
task of pure tedium and confusion; it's best that once the above materials on
the chart stop raising your Equip%; that you don't try to go farther.  If you
intend to: god speed.  You will need it.





Where: The location that the EX Map will take place.
When: When this EX-Map is unlocked.
Additional Reqs: If there's anything else you need to do to unlock it, I'll
 note it here for you.
Rewards: What do you get when completing the EX Map?

 Lv.??? Enemy Name : Title (Will not be here if the enemy has no title or
                            if it has a generic title.)

Stat Requirements:
 Here I'll detail a very general stat requirement based on the enemy's stats.
 This is a very flexible requirement, meaning that your actual experience will
 depend on what team you've got and how you have it set up.

 For example; if you're going to be solo-ing the battle with Marona, this stat
 requirement won't cut it at all.

 This stat requirement is meant to be a guideline for your Phantoms to meet so
 that the fight becomes possible to beat. It is represented as a general range,
 with minimum values and maximum values. So if I say you need 6-8000 ATK, it 
 means that it becomes possible around 6000ish and that you should probably go
 try the map. If your party is overwhelmed, then it's recommended to boost
 your stats further to try again. Depending on your phantom setup, you may
 need only minimum requirements, a mix of phantoms meeting the requirements
 or might need to even surpass them (as is the case in a solo game). Don't use
 these requirements as a law that says you should only meet the maximum (such 
 as in EX10, where it states 880k-1.2mil. That's a very wide and forgiving
 range, so don't think you absolutely need 1.2mil to win). Try the fight once 
 you're somewhere in that recommended range and you might be surprised.

 If your setup still can't deal with the monsters, then there's no shame in
 boosting your stats even higher to handle it. Leveling, fusing and otherwise
 raising your stats can only help matters.

 As a sidenote; if some skills will make this fight less of a pain, I'll be
 sure to detail those skills for you.

 This is a VERY general strategy that should net you victory.  Like the stat
 requirements, the amount of success you'll have will depend on your own
 team's setup.  This strategy may simply not work for some setups at all.

 Again, this is meant to be a guideline.  If it's not working for you, try to
 experiment and see if another approach won't make it much easier for you.

 I'll try to take some variations into account, but there's only so much I can
 do when there's so much that can vary.




Where: Verdant Guardiana
When: After Beating The Game
Additional Reqs: None
Rewards: Nothing!

 Lv.150 Laharl : Title: Weak

Stat Requirements:
 You should be able to handle this map right after you finish the game.

 Look!  It's Laharl!  And he's all by himself!
 To be honest, Sulphur was much, much worse than this. The major thing to 
 note is that you don't want more than one Phantom to get hit by Overlord's
 Wrath.  This can be accomplished by just not bunching your Phantoms up.
 Otherwise, the best strategy available to you is to simply gang up on him
 and pummel the crap out of him with your best skills.  If, for some reason,
 that isn't working; you can grab some of the rocks lying around.  Their
 Dodge Rock will do 500+ damage to him; so about 10-12 of those will send
 his Weak self reeling back to his castle.




Where: Overlord's Castle
When: After Beating EX-MAP 1
Additional Reqs: None
Rewards: Recruit Flonne
         Recruit Etna

 Lv.180 Flonne
 Lv.180 Etna
 Lv.150 Prinny x 3

Stat Requirements:
 This is also quite doable after you finish the game, but with a lot of
 difficulty.  I'd recommend hitting level 100 with all of the Phantoms
 you intend to use before you tackle this.  It will also help to boost
 your weapons to level 100 too; but they should already be close enough
 to 100 if you've been keeping them up to date level-wise.

 You might also want some wide area attacks.  Crescent Slash, Winged Slayer,
 Geo Slash, Galaxy Beam, Ancient Mist, stuff like that. 

 The Damage 10% on every freaking thing seems like it'd be a huge problem,
 but it actually doesn't affect you all that much.  Flonne's Heal 20% effect
 however is going to be a big problem.  First things first, rush forward
 and confine your big physical fighters to the first two Potted Plants; then
 your mages to the first two Flowers.  Confine your healers to the farthest
 flowers from Etna, Flonne and the Prinnies that you can.

 Use your wide area attacks to damage the Prinnies.  You should aim to kill
 outright- as the Heal 20% stands a good chance of nullifying most of your
 hard earned damage.  The annoying field effects are being generated
 by Etna and Flonne's books; so when attacking either one, be sure to check
 the elemental weakness of the book so you can exploit it.  The faster you
 disarm them, the easier this fight will be.




Where: Overlord's Castle
When: After Beating EX-MAP 2
Additional Reqs: None
Rewards: Nothing!

 Lv.250 Laharl : Title: Blah
 Lv.180 Flonne
 Lv.180 Etna
 Lv.150 Prinny x 3

Stat Requirements:
 Your attack stat should be around the 6-8000 range.  Your SPD should be hover
 around 2000 or higher if you want to keep up with Laharl, though.

 Like with EX-Map 2, ensure that you have some wide-range skills to take out
 those Prinnies as quickly as possible with.  It also wouldn't hurt to be able
 to hit the Overlord and his Vassals all at once, either.

 Like last time, Etna's book is generating Damage 10% to the entire freaking
 map and Flonne's book is generating Heal 20% for her team.  Frankly, you
 really don't need either one in effect.  So they have to go.  This fight
 should be approached just like the last: Confine your big fighters to the
 front rocks and mages to the front pots while your healers go in the pots
 farthest away from the carnage.  Like before, aim to kill outright.  Abuse the
 elemental weaknesses of the books to take them out of commission and be sure
 that Etna and Flonne follow suit.  Once 'Harlie is all by himself, it's just a
 matter of keeping your characters from bunching up so he can't Overlord's
 Wrath them all at once.

 You can make this fight much easier by taking that sword out of his hands.
 You can accomplish this much the same way you did the books; or you can try
 using Hurricane Slash to do it.  Don't let your guard down when it's out of
 commission, though; Laharl is still far from a pushover without his weapon.




Where: Overlord's Castle
When: After Beating EX-Map 3
Additional Reqs: None
Rewards: Recruit Laharl

 Lv.400 Laharl : Title: SlfMade
 Lv.270 Prinny x 3

Stat Requirements:
 Your attack stat should break 8K and hover around the 9-11K range.  A SPD
 of at least 3000 is necessary to keep up with Laharl.  I also suggest you
 Level your Phantoms to 250 to boost your natural HP so Healing Birth has
 a more prominent effect.

 Like the last two fights, I cannot stress the importance of skills that hit
 a wide area.  Bring your Crescent Slashes, Deadly Fans and Wrathquakes.

 It all comes full circle here.  No more irritating field effects, no more
 cheap spell casting.  It's just you, Laharl and yet another trio of Prinnies
 wielding crystals.  Laharl has rearranged his castle's item setup again, it
 seems- and this time the confinement choices are much more favorable for you.
 Approach this fight just like the previous two, except that Fighters should
 go in the Weeds and mages/healers go in the Crystals.  Your first order of
 business should be to clear the third wheels, which is amazingly easy.  Use
 ATK or DEF-based skills that hit a wide area such as Crescent Slash, Winged 
 Slayer, Deadly Fan and Wrathquake to finish them all in one blow (or at
 least two of them at a time).  Once the fodder is out of the way, it's time
 to worry about Laharl.

 Like before, that sword in his hands needs to go right now.  Assault him
 with the sword's elemental weakness and that should be done in a snap.  From
 there, it's clear sailing; just be sure not to let yourself be put into a
 position where more than one Phantom is destroyed by Overlord's Wrath x_x.




Where: Monetopia
When: After Beating EX-Map 4
Additional Reqs: None
Rewards: Recruit Mid-Boss

 Lv.450 Mid-Boss
 Lv.450 Prinny x 3

Stat Requirements:
 Your attack stat should elegantly hover around the 12-14K range, while your
 SPD remains fashionably 4500-5000 to keep up with the Dark Adonis.  He is
 expecting company, so be sure to greet them with skills such as Crescent
 Slash, Chi Chopper, Deadly Fan or perhaps Overlord's Wrath.

 Wow, unlike Laharl and his vassals, Mid-Boss practically hands you victory
 on a platter with the Attack + 40% protection on the first six confinement
 items and the Defense + 40% protection on the last six.  In fact, it makes the
 same approach that worked so beautifully the last three EX-Maps work even
 better, since your fighters and mages will be going up front and healers in
 the back.

 Unfortunately, there is the slight issue of his 20% Speed Boost coming from a
 few pillars on opposite sides, but that shouldn't hurt matters too much if
 you've met the SPD requirement and have Quick Attack.

 So, what are you waiting for?  Smash his Prinny Company quite unceremoniously
 with your wide-range action skills and then focus on getting rid of that
 awful axe he has equipped.  Once he's disarmed, go to town on him- but take
 care in the position your Phantoms are in.  It'd be a shame if you get behind
 on your Revival just because Adonic Shot 'one-shot'ed two or more Phantoms.




Where: Island of Evil
When: After Beating EX-Map 5
Additional Reqs: Clear one random dungeon that has 30+ floors and is level 300+
 on the final floor.
Rewards: Obtain Soul Saber

 Lv.500 Sienna

Stat Requirements:
 You should be able to finish this map right away after you clear EX-Map 5.  If
 you're having trouble, level your Phantoms to 400 or so to boost their natural
 HP for Healing Birth.

 I should really, honestly hope that you took my advice and put Healing Birth
 to level 99 on your Phantom team.  If you didn't, shame on you.  Shame, shame.
 Because Sienna is generating a field effect of Damage 30% to every single
 item on the map; and if your weapon is boosting your HP and you don't have
 Healing Birth to fill some of this gap, this protection has a chance of
 killing your Phantoms outright just as they take their first turn.

 This is actually one of the EX-Maps I strongly suggest skipping over for now
 to unlock and finish EX-Map 8.  Why?  Because Sienna is wielding a Soul Saber.
 While she DOES give you one at the very end, that one honestly blows.  This is
 your only chance to steal a decent Soul Saber all to yourself and also to get
 the possibility of putting the rare Burgundy skill on not one, but TWO of your

 If your Bottlemails are at least level 486, expect to nab the Soul Saber 
 with ease.  The easiest process that doesn't require you to disarm her with
 Hurricane Slash involves two bottlemails with Quick Attack and Marona to get
 one turn for every one of Sienna's.  Confine one bottlemail that can steal
 from her to the closest item available.  On its Quick Attack, the Bottlemail
 should waltz over, grab her Soul Saber and toss it to the ground, then
 immediately pick up Sienna herself.  Sienna will get her turn at this point
 and stomp on the head of your poor bottlemail, rendering it dead.  Now confine
 the level 486+ bottle to the Soul Saber and revive the bottle beneath Sienna.

 You might want to confine another of your Phantoms at this point so they can
 toss a high SPD weapon to the stealing bottlemail so its turns can pass
 quickly and you can get to fighting Sienna.  Keep the bottlemail beneath
 Sienna alive so you don't have to worry about her ruining your plans with a
 well-timed Omega Thunder.

 Once the Soul Saber is yours, confine your team and beat the ever living crap
 out of your landlord with anything and everything available.  It won't be
 hard, trust me.  Just keep conscious of the HP of your Phantoms.




Where: Island of Evil
When: After Beating EX-Maps 1-6
Additional Reqs: None
Rewards: Nothing O_o.

 Lv.2000 EX-Sulphur

Stat Requirements:
 Your attack stat should be around 40-60K at the very least.  15K SPD should
 be sufficient to keep up with Sulphy, but you should probably have around 25K
 SPD to keep the fight going smoothly.  Tip the scales in your favor with
 Quick Attack if you're having trouble.  Also, now's the time to level your
 Phantoms to 1000 to increase Healing Birth's effect.

 Okay, we have some good news and some bad news.

 The good news is that Sulphur no longer has crystals scattered across the
 battlefield generating Invincibility protection for him.

 The bad news is that he now has four items generating protection that doubles
 all of his stats.

 Your first turn should be devoted entirely to AT LEAST getting rid of the
 Defense x 2 and Speed x 2 protections- but you start next to all four of them, 
 so honestly; what's a little extra effort in favor of an easier battle?
 Confine some of your hard hitters in all of the items on the lower rung that
 aren't generating the field effect- and confine the rest of your team on the
 bottom right portion of the ring of items.  If you have Quick Attack on these
 Phantoms- have them start to approach Sulphur, but be absolutely sure to keep
 them spread out so Sulphur can't Terminate them.  As soon as the Phantoms
 confined near the protection items get their turn, have them destroy those
 items.  Once Sulphur's stat-boosts are gone, it's time to go medieval on him.
 If you have at least two healers out asides from Marona, it'll be a cinch to
 keep everyone on their feet.  If not, keep the healer and Marona -far- -away-
 from the battle.  Do not allow them to become appealing targets for Sulphur,
 or you're screwed.




Where: Forestia
When: After Unlocking EX-Map 6
Additional Reqs: Clear one random dungeon that has 50+ floors and is level 500+
 on the final floor.
Rewards: Recruit Myao

 Lv.1000 Myao
 Lv.900 Funguy x 2 : Title: Robber

Stat Requirements:
 If you can clear EX-Map 6, then you can most certainly clear EX-Map 8.  I'd
 bump your SPD up to maybe 5000 simply to make Myao less of a pain, but it's
 honestly not necessary.  If you have trouble, then level your Phantoms to
 around 500 or so to fill in the gaps in your natural stats.  This is, of
 course, if you simply wish to beat her.  If you want her Catnip Cane, then
 I'd suggest bumping the levels of your bottlemails up to 786 or higher.

 This is too much of a cinch to be EX-Map 8; and it doesn't exactly do much
 to help you prepare for Baal and Pringer X.  Like Sienna, Myao is holding a
 special weapon that, more importantly, has an awesome action skill on it.
 Getting the Catnip Cane thankfully requires a similar strategy with the same
 core ingredients (two Quick Attack Bottlemails that can steal it and one [1]
 Marona capable of a 1:1 ratio between her turns and Myao's) but is much more
 of a pain, due to the lack of confinement objects and Myao's Omega spells.

 So, let's get this party started.  Myao, at the moment, is waaay too far
 away and will tag you with an Omega Spell if you close in on her.  So back
 Marona southeast a bit and let her advance for a turn.  Once she's a bit
 closer, it's time to confine your bottlemail and let it do its thing of
 grabbing the cane, tossing it towards Marona and then grabbing Myao.  Have
 Marona confine a bottlemail to steal and a Phantom to toss a high SPD
 weapon on it and it should be yours in no time.  It goes without saying,
 of course, to Revive the bottlemail beneath Myao's heels repeatedly to
 keep her incarcerated until you snatch your prize.

 Once it's gone, bring out your team and send Myao packing with your best
 skills.  Ensure that you don't bunch up your Phantoms, of course, so that
 her Omega spells aren't a problem.

 As for the Funguys, they probably won't even get a turn over the course
 of the entire fight and they're not required at all to finish the map.




Where: Baal Castle (Bottom-right corner of map.  Notice the huge tower that
 appeared on the very right side of the map?  It's at the base of that.)
When: After Unlocking EX Map 6 and 8
Additional Reqs: Clear one random dungeon that has 99 floors and is level 1000+
 on the final floor.
Rewards: Recruit Baal

 Lv.4000 Baal : Title: SuprOL

Stat Requirements:
 Your attack stat should be around the 220K-350K range.  In addition, you'll
 also need at least 30-40K speed to keep up with him.  Also- it would be a
 very good idea to level your Phantoms to 2000 so their Healing Birth can
 come in handy and their natural stats can help fill in any gaps.

 You might want more than one person able to Revive too.

 Oh, me!  Oh, my!  Oh, Funguy!
 Baal just has all the luck.  Unfortunately, yours ain't great either- since
 predictably, an attack from Baal will kill most characters (except maybe a
 Rock user that had Shield cast on him) outright and he also happens to have
 a souped-up version of Overlord's Wrath called Super Nova.

 A good way to prevent Baal from getting first strike on your Phantoms with
 this supremely annoying skill is (This is recommended ONLY if Baal is getting
 one turn for every one of Marona's.  If Baal has two turns till Marona moves
 next, don't even try it.  He'll kill you.) to move Marona as far to the left
 as you can on her first turn; then wait in that spot.  When Baal takes his 
 turn, he'll happily waltz over to attempt to hit Marona and stop short of
 range.  Now you can confine all of your Phantoms.

 Fighters should go in the rocks, mages and healers should go into the 
 SpiriTrees.  It's recommended that you have more than one Healer out if Marona
 isn't filling that role herself.  Keep your Phantoms spread out to avoid a
 Super Nova, taking special care to keep Marona out of its range and simply go
 to town on him with your strongest attacks.  Baal will be dead before you know
 it and unpredictably, he'll also be on your team.

 Something especially funny: if you have a Blob with Quick Attack, Big Bang
 (lv99) and Parting Gift (lv99); you can effectively instagib Baal.  If you're
 interested; read on.

 Take this Blob and level it to 2200 or so- then buy a new Blob with 100 EXP
 (Press up or down when selecting the blob in the character list while creating
 Phantoms to add EXP).  Put all 100 EXP into its HP.  Now, fuse the old blob to
 the new one, making sure all skills transfer over; then level the new one up to
 1500 or so.  That blob's HP will be amazingly high, so much so that if you were
 to toss Marona's weapon next to Baal and confine the Blob to it, the blasts 
 from Big Bang and Parting Gift will either leave Baal dead or one hit short of 




Where: Baal Castle
When: After Beating EX-MAP 9
Additional Reqs: None
Rewards: Nothing, d00d!

 Lv.6000 Pringer X

Stat Requirements:
 Your attack stat should be in the 880K-1.2mil range.  I know, that looks
 like an awful lot, but it's the range that Pringer X starts to be able to
 really take damage at.  If you're relying on Braveheart you can do less, but
 using Braveheart will take up turns, which will make this fight harder on you 
 than it needs to be.  Your SPD should be in the 390K-420K range if you want 
 to merely keep up with him.  I'd suggest 600K-800K SPD and/or leveling 
 your Phantoms to 3000 if he's really kicking them around, though.

 Required is a decent Confine item.  30% or so to all stats is just fine
 for our purposes.  Equip it on Marona.  The Phantom you intend to
 confine to this item has a special purpose: destroying Pringer's remote. 
 Make SURE s/he has Quick Attack, some long range or really wide range skill
 and a very good move range.  I usually make Baal this particular Phantom,
 due to Super Nova.  Put Marona's weapon on him/her too, so s/he can toss
 it back to Marona when s/he's finished with his/her role.

 Also make sure you have at least one Healer capable of reviving besides
 Marona.  It will make a world of difference.

 There was once a time when I thought you had to have more than 5 million
 attack power on one weapon to take out Pringer.  Needless to say, I have
 become wiser since then and realize that four Phantoms (not including Marona
 and the Remote-destroying Phantom) with the above stat requirements are 
 really all that's necessary.  You shouldn't have any trouble at all as long
 as you, at least fleetingly, follow this strategy.  If you're soloing, 
 though- I'd get that SPD and attack stat WAY up there.  You just won't 
 survive otherwise.

 The biggest problem here is the Remote that's giving Pringer X an irritating
 Invincibility field effect.  That has got to go.  So, what are you waiting
 for?  Have Marona walk to the edge of her range near Pringer; but off to the
 right side a bit towards the Remote.  Have her toss her special confinement
 item as far as she can- but still within her confine range.  Now confine
 your Remote-destroying Phantom described in the stat-requirements to it.

 There are four more objects in your confine range.  Confine your hard hitters
 to these items; ensuring you confine the fighters to the rocks and the mages
 and healers to the SpiriTrees.  Make SURE there is at least one healer out
 and that it is NOT Marona.  Marona stands a good chance of getting killed
 right before or right after the Remote is destroyed due to her compromising
 position; so someone needs to be around to revive her.

 As soon as your Remote-destroyer gets his first turn, waltz up to the Remote
 and use your ranged attack to destroy it.  If you have any move left after-
 ward, then head southeast a little to prepare him/her to toss the weapon
 back to Marona.

 When Pringer X finally takes his first turn- he won't do anything.
 Congratulations!  You've just cleared the hardest portion of the fight!  But
 don't pat yourself on the back just yet, you still have to kill the dumb

 It's best to assume that if Pringer X attacks, somebody will die.  Unlike
 Baal, there isn't even a halfway fleeting chance that you will survive.  You
 should do what you can to minimize casualties by keeping your Phantoms spread
 out.  If Pringer kills more than one Phantom with Pringer Beam, you stand a
 good chance of being totally screwed; so don't let that scenario come to pass.

 Play a hit and run game, abuse wide-range attacks to hit Pringer X from far
 away.  Your healer should be keeping up with the revival- but ensure she's not
 close enough to be an appealing target for him.  If multiple Phantoms are in
 range for Pringer Beam and it's unavoidable that he will get his next turn
 before they can move away- have one of your Phantoms pick his robotic rear
 up and let Pringer waste his turn by stomping on their head (which WILL kill
 that Phantom regardless).  I purposely keep a level 1 Phantom with Quick 
 Attack handy for this purpose and it really helps.

 3 million plus HP later and Pringer X is scrap metal.  Congratulations!
 You've just finished Phantom Brave in its entirety ^_^.  Give yourself a
 round of applause!  Pat yourself on the back!  Throw a huge party!
 Do SOMETHING, anyway!




This is just the section where I thank people for giving me the input I need
to make this guide more comprehensive and overall more useful.

I thank:
 -Nippon Ichi for making the awesome strategy game that I poured 80 hours of
my life into XD.
 -The Phantom Brave message boards for a few tidbits of info as well as just
being awesome.
 -Wiggy for the DungeonMonk and dungeon item information in general, some of
the bottlemail information I didn't already have down (such as the STEAL stat)
and various others bits of information.
 -PokeEiyuu practically deserves his own section for the amount of help he's
given me.  Seriously!  His updates and corrections are the entire driving force
behind the 1.3 update!  He gave me many level requirements and caps as well as
reminded me of various things I overlooked.  I also appreciate very much his
going through 1.3 itself to point out various inconsistences and errors.
Thanks, PokeEiyuu!
 -NyekoBug since his findings spurred some additions to my Recommended
Materials for Equip% Raising Chart.
 -AnimalLeaderIsGreat for reminding me to add a section about the level cap XD.
 -Kingpet, whose e-mail pointed out Return and helped me decide to add Return
as a recommended skill.




The information in this guide is taken directly from Nippon Ichi Software's 
Phantom Brave.  I claim no ownership of the game nor any of its content.  
I also claim no affiliation with Nippon Ichi Software whatsoever.  This guide 
is copyright John Peron and I give permission for anybody to use and post it 
freely on any site for any non-commercial purpose, provided due credit is 
given to me.