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=                                =
= The Bard's Tale Walkthrough    =
= by Sarah Lam                   =
=                                =
= Copyright 2004 Sarah Lam       =
= Submitted: 1 November 2004     =
= Mail me at: sarahlsy@gmail.com =
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Table of Contents

- [NOT] Notes
- [UPD] Updates
- [CON] Controls
- [TRE] Treasure Hunting
- [INT] Intro
- [WAL] Walkthrough
- [SID] Side Quests
- [ART] Artifacts
- [TUN] Tunes
- [TOK] Tokens
- [STO] Stores
- [CRE] Credits & Others

[NOT] Notes

This game FAQ is incomplete at the moment, as I am still in the midst of 
playing the game. However, if you have any questions that I can answer, feel
free to email me at sarahlsy@gmail.com

[UPD] Updates

Version 1.01 (November 1, 2004)

- Completed Intro & Chapter 1
- Added basic controls
- Added skeleton for three side quests
- Added Blackhammer Smithy's store

Version 1.02 (November 3, 2004)

- Completed Chapter 2 & 3
- Completed Ogun's Mum Side Quest and Bugbear Side Quest
- Added Tokens section

Version 1.03 (November 5, 2004)

- Completed Chapter 4 & 5
- Added Tunes sections

Version 1.04 (November 16, 2004)

- Completed Chapter 6 and 7
- Started Chapter 8

[CON] Controls

Circle - Defend
X - Attack
Square- Use/Action
Triangle - Jump

[TRE] Treasure Hunting

In this game, you can find treasure in chests around town. After you defeat 
enemies, they will also drop silver coins/items. Any items that you find
will automatically be converted to silver coins.

[INT] Intro

When you start a new game, the first step is to select the stats you wish for
your character.

|Generate your Character |

There are three levels of difficulty; Easy, Normal and olde School.

Easy        - All stats have 8 points
Normal      - All stats have 6 points
Olde School - All stats have 4 points

After you select the level of difficulty, you have 12 available points to 
allocate for the different stats. The following are the stats and their

The stronger the Bard is, the more damage he can inflict with melee weapons.

A high vitality will increase the Bard's health, making him more difficult to
defeat in battle.

Luck has a subtle effect on many aspects of the Bard's adventures.

A high dexterity allows the Bard to inflict greater damage with ranged weapons.

Shopkeepers will offer significant discounts to the Bard if he has high 

Rhythm allows the Bard to play magical tunes with greater skill, enhancing the
statistics of summoned creatures.

After you have assigned the points to the various stats, the next stage is to
choose a talent.

|Choose a Talent |

Two-Handed Weapons
Allows the Bard to equip and use Two-Handed weapons.

Dual Wield
Allows the Bard to fight with a dirk in one hand and a sword in the other.

Allows the Bard to equip and use a flail.

Shield Bash
The Bard will automatically bash with his shield after blocking, stunning his

Shield Charge
A powerful charging attack which stuns enemies. Used with the sword skill. Hold
and release the attack button to activate.

Power Shot
A powerful ranged shot which passes through its target. Used with the ranged 
skill. Hold and release the attack button to activate.

Critical Strike
Gives the Bard a chance to score a critical hit on his enemies, inflicting 
additional damage.

Treasure Hunter
The Bard gains bonus coins for any treasure he finds.

[WAL] Walkthrough

** The grey icon is always North in the map when I use directions **

** During the game, when you're having conversations with people, you nearly
   always have a choice between being snarky and nice. The situation may 
   improve based on your choice **

|Chapter 1: Houton |

As the game begins, the Bard enters the Drunken Rat Tavern. Mary, the owner of
the bar, asks you to kill the rats in the cellar. She offers you a meal and a
room for the night if you manage to kill the rats. Make your way to the room
behind Mary. There is a chest in the room which yields some treasure.

Go downstairs, and save your game at the save point. Go to the end of the 
passage, and you will see a tiny rat there. Kill it with one blow of your 
sword. Wasn't that easy? Well, before you start to relax, be warned, there's
a giant rat that's going to come out and attack you!

The giant rat will attack you with fire, and there's nothing you can do but 
go back upstairs. Everyone will start laughing at your miserable failure, and
Mary will extinguish the flames. She will also give you a better sword.

Make your way back downstairs, and you will meet a weird guy. He will teach
you a New Tune, the Thunder Spider. He'll also give you a short tutorial, if 
you want it. If not, just cancel the tutorial. The Thunder Spider acts 
somewhat like an aeon, if you have ever played the Final Fantasy series.
You summon it by playing a tune (watch the tutorial for instructions on how
to summon). During battle, you can give it commands such as Come to me, Stay, 
Attack, and Defend.

After watching the tutorial, go back and kill the fire-breathing rat! Summon
the Thunder Spider to help you, and the battle should be pretty easy. Go 
back to the tavern, and watch a cut scene between you and Mary. If you 
select the snarky mode, you discover that she likes a man with a quick tongue,
and provide you with the best room (right next to hers..hmm...).

OK, after you spend the night in the tavern, step outside and you will meet
the same guy who taught you the Thunder Spider. He asks you to find a Trow
in the Fairyhaunt Woods, who goes by the name of Bannafeet. He also gives you
a Caleigh Artifact and some Adderstones.

Take some time to get to know the surroundings of Houton. There are brochs
all over the place, most of them containing chests of treasure. 

To the west of the tavern, you will see a well and a puppy. If you're nice to
the puppy, it will follow you around. Later on, if you select the Dog Training
Talent, it can help you in battle. However, if you're snarky, it will run away.

Enter the broch to the south of the tavern. You'll meet Ogan's mum, she'll give
you a side quest; to tell Ogan that she loves him (SID2). Go a bit further 
south, and you'll enter Darraud's broch. He will give you a quest to kill the 
Bugbear (SID1).

To the west side of town, you will find the barrel maker's broch. Go outside
and smash the barrels just outside. He'll come out and stop you. Be nice to 
him, and he'll give you a quest, which will provide you with some extra cash 
on the side. He wants you to go around smashing other people's barrels, so 
that he can sell more of his barrels. The more barrels you smash, the more 
money he will pay you (SID3).

One of the more important places is the store (north of the tavern), where 
you can buy equipment from Seamus. However, all of the equipment is too 
expensive for you to afford at the moment.

After walking around for awhile, you will bump into an old man, who will 
scold you for walking and bumping into so many people. He will demand an
apology from you. If you choose the nice mode, you will gain 200 
experience points. However, if you're snarky to him, he will appear later 
on and give you 1430 experience points.

Once you've finished exploring the town, it's time to head to the 
Fairyhaunt Woods at the south part of the town.

|Fairyhaunt Woods |

There is a save point when you enter the woods. Find the Hunter and speak to 
him. He will tell you to get a bow so that you can hunt grouse. 

In this area, some of the tree stumps contain treasure. You will have to 
fight many wolves, so it is a good idea to summon your Thunder Spider. If
it gets damage, dismiss it, and then summon it again. By doing this, the
health of the Thunder Spider will be recovered. Try and gain as much 
experience as you can, as well as treasure. When you have enough money,
it might be a good idea to return to Houton so you can buy the Leather
Armor from Seamus (see [STO] Stores for more information).

There's a tree stump south of the Hunter. Go around the woods, fighting,
and gathering treasure. After you're done levelling up, find Bannafeet (he's
at the southwest part of the forest - or you can follow the yellow dot).
near some ruins and a save point. He will ask you to help him free Ketill
Swart from the Houton Forest jail first before giving you the tune. If 
you're nice to him, he will also show you a hidden entrance back to 
Houton so that you don't need to take the long way back. 

Make your way to Houton. Houton Forest is on the east side of town.

|Houton Forest|

Once you enter the forest, there is a save point nearby. Again, summon 
the Thunder Spider to help you deal with the Humal Trow's in the area.
Walk around fighting them to earn experience. To reach the jail, head 
towards the north, then east. However, if you want to collect treasure,
there are tree stumps further on. 

Once you reach the jail, the jailer will ask you for the password. 
Give him the password, and then enter the jail. Inside, you need to 
kill the guards.

After you have killed them, you see that there are three prisoners inside
the jail. However, all three of them claim to be Ketill Swart, as they 
all want to be set free. One of them comes up with the solution, to let 
them all go free! However, the sheriff has installed a security system,
where you have to hit the three switches in a certain order, otherwise,
the prisoners will die. The order I got is Switch 2, 1, 2, 3, 1, and 
finally Switch 2.

Once you have freed the prisoners, go outside and save your game again.
Go back to Houton. From there, make your way to Fairyhaunt Woods and find
Bannafeet again. He will teach you a new tune - Heroine, as a reward for
freeing Ketill Swart. Bannafeet will then disappear.

Return to Houton and you will meet the old cellar man. He tells you to 
find his brother Bodb in Kirkwell if you want to learn more magic. He will
also give you some Adderstones. You can now go to Kirkwell on the world map.

Head all the way to the north, and you will pass the sheriff's office. The 
sheriff will be standing outside. He's angry that you have released Ketill
Swart, and will order you to recapture him.

Ketill Swart is in Neversdale, which will now be unlocked on the world map.
This will end the first Chapter. If you want to continue to Chapter Two,
head for Neversdale. If you want to skip to Chapter Three, go to Kirkwell.

Leave Houton using the exit to the north. You can head to both Neversdale or
Kirkwall from here.

|Chapter 2: Neversdale |

When you exit Houton, Neversdale is on the north. There's a save point just
as you enter Neversdale. There are trows as well as wild boars in the area.
Wild boars charge at you and knock you down, so it's best to summon the
Heroine, as she is a long-range 'aeon'.

Defeat as many trows and wild boars as you can in order to gain experience.
There is a save point to the north, but you are unable to cross the river
at this point. To the west lies a tree stump with some silver. Make your 
way to the east, and there is a ferry there. 

Directly south of the ferry, is a tree stump with some silver. Now, return
to the ferry and talk to Chubnik. Be nice and pay him the 15 silver, 
otherwise you will have to pay a lot more later.

There is a save point after you cross the river. Head to the north, and
you'll see Ogun about to be killed by trolls. After the cut scene, they
will attack you instead, so you need to kill all of them. Loot Ogan's 
corpse and then pass on his mum's message. Three strange creatures will
appear and sing a song about Ogan.

Go west and then north. There's a stump containing Adderstones here. Now,
head west and you will find Ketill Swart's Hideout. There is a save point
nearby. Enter the Hideout and attack Ketill. After you have defeated him,
open the three chests to find an Eagle token, the Crone Tune and a Buckler.

Save your game before heading south. There are wild boars and Trow here. 
Try to isolate the enemies so that you do not have to fight them all at
one go. Alternate between the Crone (has the ability to heal you) and
the Heroine. After you defeat them, examine the tree stump to receive the
Badger Hide Gloves.

Return to Ketill's hideout and save your game. Now, head all the way to 
the west. There's a tree stump containing some treasure. Go to the south
now. When you reach the end of the path, you will meet Piskey, Chubnik's 
brother. He runs the ferry on this side of the river. If you were nice to 
Chubnik, Piskey will take you across for free! However, if you were 
snarky, he will charge you 100 silver.

Once you have crossed the river, save your game. You will have a meeting 
with Fnarf and his gang. Ketill wants you to free him so that he can help,
but if you untie him, he will run away, and you will have to hunt him down

When you have defeated Fnarf, exit south to the world map, and return to 
Houton. Talk to the sheriff and that will end Chapter 2. You can also go
to Ogan's Mum's broch and tell her about Ogan's death (see SID2).

When you're ready to leave, take the north exit out of Houton. Kirkwall is
to the north of Neversdale.

|Chapter 3: Kirkwall |

As soon as you enter Kirkwall, you will meet an ex-girlfriend. I don't think
it makes a difference whether you're nice or snarky to her. Both result in
her running off to find her father.

There's a save point to the west. Go further west and enter the Velvet 
Hammer store. Buy the Harp from the snobby shopkeeper, which will allow you
to summon to creatures at once. Next, enter the bar to the west. Summon your
rat and approach the woman standing at the bar. She will give you some silver
and experience when you dismiss the rat.

Go back to the save point and head north to search for Bodb. Standing near 
him are two guys who invite you to Finnstown, which will now be unlocked on
the world map. Select the snarky mode when you talk to Bodb, and he will 
lead you to a second Bodb. Continue being snarky to each Bodb you meet 
(there are FOUR Bodbs!) and finally they will lead you to a door, and 
start singing. This results in you learning a new tune - the Light Fairy.

Now that you have the Light Fairy, go into the two nearby store rooms 
towards the east. Summon the Light Fairy and the store rooms will be bright 
enough for you to search for more treasure. Make sure you smash all the 
barrels (remember the barrel maker in Houton?) One store room has the 
Falstone token and the other has another new tune - the Bodyguard.

Once you're done, enter the door which the Bodbs opened for you. Smash the 
barrels at the end of the passage to enter the Hidden Bluff. The last Bodb
(hopefuly) is standing near the entrance. Talk to him and he will bring you 
to the temple. If you're Snarky to him, he will give you some money.

Save your game and then enter the Temple of Caleigh. The Bodbs will then try
to summon Caleigh. Unfortunately, one of the Bodbs lost the bell, which is 
required to complete the summoning ritual. He lost it to Farmer Finn while

Go south to Finn's Farm, and search for a save point. Southeast of the save 
point, you can find the body of an ex-Chosen One. Loot his body for an Oak
Leaf Armor, and the 3 singing creatures will appear again. Once you're done,
go and talk to Farmer Finn. He likes it when you are snarky towards him. 
He will offer to give you the bell for free. His daughter (the 
ex-girlfriend!) will shop up, and you discover you are engaged to her! Go 
and find her ex-boyfriend, Connor, in Kirkwall town.

He's located in the bar, mourning over the loss of his girlfriend. If you're
nice to him, you can convince him to go back and win her back. Return to
Farmer Finn, and he will tell you to take the bell. It's around the neck
of his horse. However, the catch is, that this horse is a really mean horse!
Look for the horse in the circle of stones, and fight it. Summon the Heroine
and the Crone. You can distract the horse while the Heroine attacks from afar
and the Crone heals you. 

Once you have the bell, return to the temple so that the Bodbs can summon 
Caleigh. She will tell you that she needs a Lute which can be found from 
the Trow.

|Chapter 4: Highland Park |

Exit the temple and the Bodbs will show you the way to Highland Park. Save
your game and make your way north. You will have another meeting with Fnarf.
Defeat him and enter the gate that opens on the east side.

Look for a man named Mell standing near the gate, and he will show you the
way and help to break down the barriers if you are nice to him. Head towards
the barrier, and a 2 minute countdown timer will begin. Equip your bow and
summon the Heroine. You should have no trouble defeating the Trows before
the timer runs out. After you defeat them, Mell will deactivate the barrier
by throwing himself at it. Continue along the path doing the same thing 
three more times before you reach a save point.

Continue north along the path. There are no more barriers here, but you
will have to defeat the log-throwing trow. When you can't go north anymore,
look around for the body of an Ex-Chosen One. You will receive a new bow, 
and the three curious creatures will come out and sing another song.

There's a save point to the west, just before you hit all the barriers
again. This time, there are four barriers to break down. After the fourth
barrier, there is a tree stump at the end of the path, containing the
Vorpal Rat tune.

Continue along the path. When you reach the watery area, you will have
to defeat many, many, MANY trow. There's a save point to the west when
you finally manage to defeat the trow.

After saving your game, continue to the south. There are 6 more barriers
that you will have to deactivate with Mell's help.

After you have passed through all the barriers, you will meet Fnarf and 
have to battle him yet again. I had the Vorpal Rat here as well as the 
Crone. Use your bow to shoot Fnarf, make sure you don't get too close to 
him otherwise he will teleport. After you defeat Fnarf, you will receive
the Ornate Lute. 

There's a chest to the east containing treasure and Adderstones. Go 
through the gate and view the cut scene with Mell. He will then teach 
you the Mercenary tune.

Return to the Temple of Caleigh and she will ask you to go to a tower
which is located to the east of Kirkwall. You might want to buy the
Chainmail from the snobby shopkeeper in Kirkwall before leaving.

The Forest Tower is located to the east of Kirkwall.

|Chapter 5: Forest Tower |

Watch the cutscene. There's a save point on the left. Just ahead is a
large group of enemies. Try to isolate them so that you don't have to 
deal with them all at one go. Summon the Mercenary, so that he can attack
the wolves. Use your bow and attack from afar.

There is a chest to the left of the tower which contains some treasure 
and adderstones. 

Enter the tower and save your game. The plants in the tower regenerate
very fast, so try not to waste too much time fighting them. After you 
leave the save point, take northern path, where you can find the 
Upgraded Thunder Spider Tune.

Now, return to the save point, and take any one of the other paths (I 
took the south path, but they both join up again later). Shortly after 
the path curves to the west, keep your eyes out for another tree stump 
which contains the Trap Finder Tune. This summons will look out for traps
and alert you to them. 

Further down the path, you will find a save point. When the path splits
up, take the west junction. At the end of the road leading north, there
is a tree stump containing silver. Follow the path, then take the north
junction. Before the save point, there is a fork to the west containing 
a tree stump with more silver.

Now, enter the 2nd level of the Forest Tower after saving your game. 
Head east. When the path turns southwards, there's a stump containing
adderstones at the end of the path. Follow the paths until you reach
the save point just before the 3rd level.

Make your way to the 3rd level of the Forest Tower. Take the east path,
and you will find the Silver Tore token. Return to the save point and
take the other path. Follow the path until you reach a fork. Take the
west path to find a stump with a new weapon, Crannderg. 

Now, return and take the eastern path. To the east of the save point,
there's a stump containing some treasure. make your way to 
Herne's Chamber.

When you enter the chamber, make sure you have the Crone and Heroine 
summoned. Equip your bow and attack Herne. If you use a sword, or any
close range weapon, you will not be able to damage Herne much as he
will curl up into a ball, and then spread his hands, damaging you.
You will receive more adderstones and Herne's Amulet after you defeat him.

Caleigh will appear and instruct you to find Bodb in Kirkwell. You will 
also see a disturbing cut scene between Farmer Finn and his dead horse
as you leave the tower.

When you leave, you will notice that the plants have disappeared, and you
are now fighting robed men instead. As you exit the tower, a large group
will attack you. I find it easiest to summon Herne and he will take care
of most of them. Make your way towards Kirkwell now.

In Kirkwell, there are skeleton horses all over the place. Defeat them
while making your way to the west part of Kirkwell. Talk to Bodb, and he
will tell you how to get to the Mountain Pass just before he dies. Exit
Kirkwell and head to the Mountain Pass (north of Kirkwell).

|Chapter 6: The Mountain Pass |

As you enter, you will see the door to the Viking Tombs is shut. You are
unable to go west at the moment, as it is too cold for you to stand. Go
back to the entrance, and you will see a man standing north of the save
point. His name is Gower, and he does not seem to have a problem standing 
the cold, and he tells you it is due to the beer that he is drinking. 
Be nice to him and he will give you some for free.

However, after you drink the beer, you find out that Gower is actually a 
Trow. Unless you help him, you will be doomed to stay in this place forever!
He wants you to get the sword that will be his doom and hand it over to him.

Head to the west, and follow the path. There are several junctions from 
here, leading you to enemies and more treasure. Eventually, you will come 
to a chest which is sitting on some ice that looks like it can break at any
time. Open the chest on the ice block, it contains the Upgraded Mercenary 
tune. A man will appear and you will be set adrift onto the river.

As you float down the river, enemies will jump aboard and attack you. Have
the crone out to heal you at all times. You will reach a save point soon.
Follow the path, fighting enemies till you reach another save point. To the
east of the save point is another block of ice and another path leading to 
a tree stump containing silver and Adderstones.

Get onto the ice block and travel down the river fighting more enemies.
When you land, there is a group of trow to defeat. There's a save point
nearby, and a stump to the north of the save point containing Adderstones
and silver. Get onto the next ice block and travel down the river again.

When you reach land, defeat the trow awaiting you and save the game. The
sword is to the north, stuck in ice. Pull out the sword and the ice will
break, and you will fall down into the frozen tombs.

You awake in a strange darkened room. There is a save point up north.
The exit to the north and east are locked at the moment. Take the south
path where you meet Dolyn, who is trapped behind some ice. Talk to him,
be nice, and he will tell you that if you free him, he will reward you.

Take the west path until you reach a junction. To the south, there is a 
chest containing Adderstones and silver. The Raven stone is in the abandoned
camp. Now, head back to the first room that you fell into. The exit to the 
north is now open.

Follow the path till you come to many junctions. Only the west path is
open at the moment. Follow that path until you come to a room with a save
point and a locked door. Examine the dead Viking sitting on the throne twice
in order to unlock the door.

The viking has been banned from entering Valhalla until he has proven 
himself worthy. Be snarky to him, and he will unlock the door for you. Now,
he needs to kill 25 enemies.

Try and kill the enemies before Hrafn (the viking) takes them out, so that
you can continue down the paths to find treasure. Once he has killed 25 
enemies, you will automatically go back to the throne room. He has now
proven himself worthy, and can enter Valhalla. The Valkyrie will give you
a new Elemental tune as well as a Jewelled Flute, which enables you to
summon three summons now.

The Elemental has the ability to melt ice walls, as well as frozen Vikings.
Now, go back to the save point near the entrance and melt the ice walls to
the east. There is a chest containing a Kite Shield here.

Now, go back to the first room you landed in, and go south to free Dolyn.
Surprise, surprise, he isn't a human! He'll give you a Tree Stone once
you free him. With the Tree Stone, you can now unlock the north path and 
the east path. The north path contains a chest with the Gold Coronet 
Token and another chest with silver.

Now, take the east path. Go through the corridors until you come to a room
where Dolyn will leave your party and you will meet Gower, who wants his
sword. Be nice to him, and he will give you a Quicksilver broadsword and a
badge of the wind token. Save your game and exit.

|Chapter 7: Mountain Tower |

There is a save point to the left. A robed guy will meet you and a group
of trow. If you're nice, you fight the whole gang, whereas if you're snarky,
you will fight just the one guy.

Now, find your way to the entrance of the Mountain Tower. There is a save
point just inside, near the entrance. Make sure you have your summons ready,
as you'll have to fight several groups of enemies, each within a three minute
time limit.

If you can't handle the enemies, summon Herne to attack them, and Caleigh to
heal you. After defeating them, go to the northeast room to find a body 
containing the Upgraded Light Fairy Tune and the southwest room to find a
chest containing Adderstones and silver.

Now, go to the north. Fight battles with groups of knights, then turn west.
There is a save point here. The exit to the next level is just nearby.

For the second level, summon your Trap Finder to take care of traps. Certain
paths may require you to summon the Light Fairy to light up the roads. 

The path splits to two, east and south. Follow the east path, till you reach
a small room on the north. There's a chest containing Adderstones and 
treasure. Follow the path till it turns to the south. Open the door and head
south, till you reach a large group of enemies. You may need to summon Herne
here to deal with them.

After the battle, you can pull the lever on the right area, which will 
release a group of wild boar. Alternatively, take the left path, there is a
chest containing some treasure and Adderstones. If you go to the west all the
way, there is another chest containing some treasure (you'll need the Light
Fairy and the Trap Finder). 

Now, if you pulled the lever, you'll have to battle many wild boar and 
guards. It may be easier to retreat, then kill the enemies one by one when 
they come after you. Head all the way south till you reach a save point.

After you save your game, follow the path to the west. The path will soon
fork into to, one continuing to the west, and another to the north. Follow
the north path, and it will eventually lead you to a chest containing the 
Silver Horseshoe token. Continue along the path, and when it branches again,
take the north path. 

You will reach a save point, with a chest in the same area. Make your way to 
a room where there are some female guards. Talk to them, and if you're snarky,
one of them will tell you that they fear squeaky creatures. Summon the rat to
frighten them off. Now, go to the third level.

There is a save point on the third level. Defeat all the enemies in the south
chamber to gain experience, then go east. There's a chamber to the north
containing a chest with silver. Find your way into the square chamber to get
a new weapon and some Adderstones. Go south and follow the path as it turns to
the west. Enter the room with the save point to find a chest with some 
treasure. Continue along till you reach another room (the entrance is on the
east). There's a chest to the south of the room containing some items. Head 
to the north, and there's yet another room containing some treasure. Further 
on, you'll find another room just before the save point. There's a chest on
the right hand side. Now, save your game before entering Lugh's Chamber.

When you enter the chamber, keep far away from Lugh, as he can hurt you
pretty badly with his whirling blades. Use your bow and shoot at him from a
distance. When your summons die, re-summon them, until you run out of mana.
Then, summon your 3rd level Caleigh, and you will be invulnerable. Attack 
Lugh until he dies.

Princess Caleigh will now instruct you to go to a tavern in Dounby. You
get some Adderstones, Lugh's Amulet, the Knight Tune, and the Upgraded Trap
Finder Song.

As you leave the tower, you will be fighting robed guys. Summon the Knight 
to help you out, as he is pretty powerful. The Light Fairy is also pretty
useful, as he can blind the enemies for awhile, letting you make your attack. 

Make your way out of the tower. Once you're outside, the exit is to the south
of the save point, on the west.

|Chapter 8: Dounby |

East Dounby is just south of the tower. Head east past the junction, then
enter the sheriff's office (the white square to the south). Watch the cut
scene, and then you will gain some experience points. If you head all
the way to the east, you will exit Dounby and end up near Finnstown/Houton.

Take the south path before the sherrif's office. Head all the way south,
passing the junction to the Old City. Turn left and save your game at the
save point. Enter the Chateau d'Reynard and speak with Jean (begins the Fox
Brothers side quest). You have to be nice to them before you receive the 
quest. See (SID4 - Jean and Jacques side quest) for more details.

Once you complete the side quest, go south, then west into West Dounby. The 
new tune is pretty good in helping defeat the druids. There is a save point 
near the entrance of West Dounby. The first building is the kirk, where you
can make a donation.

The next building is the bar. Talk to the erler to enter the talent show. You
receive the Boots of Quickening Token for wininng. After leaving the bar, you
will be attacked by another group of enemies. Head north, then west, where 
another group awaits you. Keep going west, until you reach a save point. You
can buy new weapons and armor from the store right next to the save point.

Now, head east and take the junction to the north till you reach a save point.
Enter The Aiken Drum and speak to Dugan. He'll instruct you to find MacRath, 
caretaker of the Shadow Axe, which you'll need to get to the next tower. 
Greenlands will now be unlocked on the World Map. You will also receive some
Adderstones and experience.

While you're in the pub, you can summon the rat and approach one of the ladies.
She'll give you some silver and experience points for getting rid of the rat. 
Also, you can jam with the drunks to gain some experience.

After you exit the pub, if you head all the way to the east, you will enter
the Old City. There's a save point to the south of the entrance. You will not
be able to use your summons here, so be careful. There is a chest to the west,
where you will get the Upgraded Crone tune, some treasure and some Adderstones.

Take the south junction, then the east junction. The path will turn to the 
south soon. Head south all the way. You will reach a chamber with a few 
skeletal horses. There's a chest here containing the Brute Tune. Summon the
Trap Finder here, and he will find a hidden door on the right hand side of
the chamber. There's a chest here containing treasure and some Adderstones.

Now head north and then west. Follow the path till you come to a west junction.
Summon the trap finder when you are out of the anti-magic zone, and he will
find a secret path to the west containing Adderstones and treasure. Continue
down the path, and you will find a chest at the end containing a Silver Harp.

You can exit the Old City now, as you have found all the chests.

|Chapter 9: Finstown |

You can go to Finstown from Chapter 3 onwards, but it is best to level up 
quite a bit before entering Finstown. Finstown is located to the west of

Watch the cutscene, and you'll soon find that it's a trap. You need to fight a
large group of archers. You can summon the third level of Herne to take most of
them out. There is a save point to the west.

Head to the north, taking out groups of archers as you go along. The Heroine
is a good summons to have. When you reach the large area, head towards the 
east, there is a save point there.

You will meet two Vikings, and they will instruct you to go and meet their 
leader, Silkbeard.

When you enter Finstown, the pub is just to the north of the entrance. Summon
the rat, and you'll find that one of the Vikings is scared of rats! He'll 
reward you with the Mantle of Ossian token and some Experience Points.

Talk to Gregor at the bar, and he'll accuse you of freeing a dragon and 
allowing the Vikings to come in and run the town. Now, head towards Silkbeard's
headquarters on the north east side of the map.

When you enter his headquarters, he'll thank you for freeing the dragon, and
the Vikings will sing you a song. You can buy armor and weapons from Dirk,
who is standing on the right hand side of the room.

Now, exit the room, and head for the south east part of the map. Here you'll
find the Finstown Armory, which is guarded by two large Vikings. When you try
and enter, you'll be attacked by the Vikings. Defeat them, then try to enter
the armory again.

After you enter the armory, you'll have to defeat another two Viking. There's
a lot of loot in the room to the south, including Scalbach's mail, a Granite 
Flail, and Broonie's Cloak token.

Exit the armory, and head to the east. Talk to The Village Elder. Be nice, 
and they will offer to help you defeat the Vikings. Talk to the kid in the
cell, and be nice, and you'll gain some experience. Next, speak to the refugee
and she'll give you a new instrument: Finn's Lute.

Now, it will be much easier to defeat the Vikings that are roaming around.
Head to the north, killing them as you go along. You will meet Silkbeard and
some of his men, and enter into battle with them. You may need to summon a 
Level 3 Herne to finish of his bodyguards.

After defeating them, go back to Silkbeard's headquarters. To the north west
of the room, open the chests to get a two new tunes; Rogue, and Health Stealer.
Exit the town, and head to the world map through the forest.

|Chapter 9: Greenlands|

Watch the cut scene as you leave the West Dounby. Greenlands is to the west of
the town.

When you enter Greenalands, you will meet a group of Druids and Stromnes will 
be unlocked on the world map. They will summon a large bird that will kill your
dog (if you had recruited it earlier).

You now have to defeat the giant bird. Use your 3rd Level Caleigh, so that you
are invincible to attacks. When the bird comes down to the ground, attack it
with your sword. The Knocker is helpful in this battle.

Once you've defeated it, go to the south west corner. There is a tree stump
here containing Adderstones and silver. Enter Greenlands, the Northern Plains,
through the west exit.

There is a save point near the entrance. Head to the south, there's a tree 
stump with silver there. Head towards the yellow dot, and you'll meet a man,
who cannot speak clearly at all! A beast called the Nuckalewee will attack
you. It can drain your mana, so it might be difficult to summon. Use your
bow and attack the beast, it shouldn't be too hard to defeat it.

You need to head back to Dounby after defeating it, to find Dugan, who can
translate the guy's unintelligible talk. The Southern Plains are now
filled with different types of enemies. Luckily, these enemies also fight
amongst themselves, so you don't have to do too much.

Enter West Dounby and head for the Aiken Drum.

[SID] Side Quests

|SID1 - Bug Bear Quest |

Mission : Investigate the Bugbear cairn.

Go to Darraud's broch in Houton, he will give you a quest to kill the Bugbear. 
The Bugbear Cairn is also in Houton, but make sure you level up first, as the 
Bugbear is not an easy foe. Once you enter the cairn, keep your eyes peeled for
treasure chests. The Bugbear will jump out from holes in the walls now and 
then, but don't waste your time trying to kill it now.

Follow the passage until you come to a junction. The right junction brings you
to a chest which contains a better sword. When you reach the large chamber, 
summon the Heroine (I find that she's better compared to the others). Try and
distract the Bugbear while the Heroine shoots from afar.

After you defeat the Bugbear, take the treasure from the chest, and return
to Houton (use the other junction so that you can look for more treasure).
Go to Darraud's broch for a reward.

|SID2 - Ogan's Mum Quest |

Mission: Tell Ogan his mum says hello

You get this side quest when you visit Ogan's Mum's broch in Houton. She'll
ask you to tell Ogan she loves him. You'll only meet Ogan in Chapter 2, just
as he's about to be shot by trolls. Loot his body, and watch the great cut 
scene between the 3 singing creatures. When you return to Houton, go and
talk to his Mum. If you're nice, she will give you a new token; the Rabbit's

|SID3 - Barrel Maker Quest |

Mission: Break lots of barrels!

More information to come!

|SID4 - Jean and Jacques |

Mission: Find Donnan, get the money he owes Jean and Jacques.

Be nice to Jean and Jacques at East Dounby and then they will ask you to find 
Donnan and get the money he owes them. After that, they promise to give you a
new tune. Go north then east, and search for his broch (the one with the 
yellow dot). Talk to him, and he will tell you that Jean and Jacques are the 
ones that owe him money. You now have to go back and talk to them.

Go back and talk to the brothers. Be nice to them, and they will ask you to
find Caltir before they will give you the song. You will also gain some 
experience points. Go east from the save point to find Caltir's broch. Talk 
to her, and you'll find out that you've been fooled once again.

Return and talk to Jean and Jacques. They will eventually give you the Knocker
tune and some experience. Summon the Knocker while in the chateau, and you 
will get more experience.

[ART] Artifacts

You receive several artifacts during the game, each artifact has different 
abilities. When you use the artifact, you will use Adderstones (can be found
at different points in the game)


Found at: From old man in Houton

1 Adderstone: Heals whole party
2 Adderstones: Heals whole party, Bard takes 50% less damage
3 Adderstones: Heals whole party, Bard becomes invulnerable


Found at: After defeating Herne at Forest Tower

1 Adderstone: Enemies get entangled in roots
2 Adderstones: Enemies get entangled in roots, and others are poisoned
3 Adderstones: Enemies are killed, further enemies are poisoned


Found at: After defeating Lugh at Mountain Tower

1 Adderstone: Whirling blades around bard (like when fighting against Lugh)
2 Adderstones: Whirling blades and arrows
3 Adderstones: Whirling blades, arrows, and others

[TUN] Tune List

|Mercenary |

The Mercenary. Typical of his sort: crude, rude and very handy to have aorund 
in a fight.

|Knight |

A valiant Kinght, honest, brave, noble, nearly invincible in battle.

|Heroine |

The Heroine was deadly accurate with a crossbow and quite nimble in battle. 
The equal of most any man in combat.

|Elemental |

The Fire Elemental. A seething inferno of liquid fire, very effective at
burning things up and not much else.

|Thunder Spider |

Although fragile, the Thunder Spider could destroy most foes with a steady 
stream of lightning long before they were able to retaliate.

|Knocker |

Knockers are well known for their ingenuity in crafting fabulous devices
and this one was no exception. His lightning Rods could change the tide of
battle in an instant.

|Crone |

A study in contasts, although a seemingly vile old witch she was an expert 
in providing aid to those wounded in battle.

|Bodyguard |

The bodyguard was sworn to defend his charges from any and all manner of 
ranged attack.

|Trap Finder |

Once a daring finder of lost treasures, the explorer was still adept at 
finding secrets and uncovering traps, getting out of the way of them, 
however was a different matter

|Light Fairy |

The light fairy. A curious creature attracted by myusic, always happy to 
light the way when darkness closes in.

|Rat |

A common rat.

[TOK] Tokens

|Badger Hide Gloves |

Ability     : Strength + 1

Description : Heavy gloves made from the hide of a badger that imparted some of
              the animals strength and ferocity into the wearer.

Found at    : South of Ketill Swart's hideout at Neversdale Forest

|Rabbit's Foot |

Ability     : Luck + 1

Description : A common rabbits foot. Often thought to bring good luck.

Found at    : After completing Ogan's Mum's Quest (be nice)

|Silver Horseshoe |

Ability     : Luck + 2

Description : Horsehoes are repoted to provide protection from bad luck, 
	      sorceries, and the evil eye.

Found at    : Mountain Tower Level 3 

|Badge of the Wind |

Ability     : Dexterity + 1

Description : This small token was once worn by the legendary hero 
	      Fionnaoch. It was said to give its wearer added grace and

Found at    : End of Mountain Pass Chapter (be nice to Gower)

|Boots of Quickening |

Ability     : Dexterity + 2

Description : These boots once worn by the great highland warrior Duncan
	      MacClaidh were one pair in a set made for the mighty hero.
	      The rest have been lost to time and there is no doubt that
  	      there can be only one pair surviving to this day.

Found at    : Win Talent Show in West Dounby

|Silver Tore |

Ability     : Charisma + 1

Description : A finely wrought tore of silver, this magnificent piece is 
              certain to enhance the appearance of anyone who wears it.

Found at    : Forest Tower Level 3 (east of entry point)

|Gold Coronet |

Ability     : Charisma + 2

Description : A symbol of power and leadership, the wearer of this crown
	      found it easy to garner the respect of others.

Found at    : Mountain Pass

|Eagle Charm |

Ability     : Rhythm + 1

Description : This Charm was enchanted by the Trow Fnarf to aid him with his  
              poor musicianship.

Found at    : Chest in Ketill Swart's hideout

|Falstone |

Ability     : + 10% Experience

Description : A chip from the Lia Fail or 'stone of destiny' which is reputed 
              to foretell the coming of a King by roaring when he sets foot 
              upon it.

Found at    : One of the store rooms in Kirkwell

[STO] Stores

|Houton |

The Blackhammer Smithy 

Leather Armor		
Studded Armor		
Long Bow


Velvet Hammer Store


|West Dounby |

Dood's Store

Silver Dirk
Granite Flail
Lochaber Axe
Elderwood Bow
Blackthorn Bow

|Finstown |

White Bronze Chain Mail
White Bronze Targ Shield
Silver Dirk
Granite Flail
Lochaber Axe
Blackthorn great bow

[DON] Donations

During the game, in certain cities, you will be able to make donations to the
priests. You have a choice between small, medium and large donations. All of
the donations will heal 

Introduction - Movie
Song Unlocked - Beer Beer Beer
Art Unlocked - Art Gallery
Art Unlocked - Art Gallery 2

[CRE] Credits & Others

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