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 =-                             Mega Man (NES)                            -=

                    Written By: Ryan "MetroidMoo" Ammerman

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 <-                          table of contents                             ->

1) Version History
2) Story
3) Controls
4) Weapons
5) Walkthrough
      [5.1] Bomb Man's Stage
      [5.2] Guts Man's Stage
      [5.3] Cut Man's Stage
      [5.4] Elec Man's Stage
      [5.5] Ice Man's Stage
      [5.6] Fire Man's Stage
      [5.7] Dr. Wily's Fortress
6) Game Genie Codes
7) Contact/Legal Information


 =-   1)   VERSION HISTORY                                                -=
VERSION 2.01 - SEPTEMBER 26, 2004
  Updated e-mail address.

VERSION 2.0 - JULY 5, 2004
  Added the walkthrough section, and rewrote most of the guide.

VERSION 1.15 - NOVEMBER 2, 2003
  Revised the file's format, adjusted the number of characters per line, and
added/moved sections.

VERSION 1.05 - OCTOBER 14, 2002
  Updated contact information and made a few other changes.

VERSION 1.0 - JULY 16, 2002
  First and complete version of the guide.

 =-   2)   STORY                                                          -=
Mega Man's storyline, from the instruction manual...

  It's Mega Man versus the powerful leaders and fighting forces of Monstero-
polis--that strange multi-faceted land of robot-like Humanoids.  Brilliant
scientist Dr. Light conceived the construction of fully-operational human-like
experimental robots to perform specific everyday duties.  Dr. Light, and his
assistant Dr. Wily, encouraged with their very first near human robot--Mega
Man--proceeded to develop six additional Humanoids, all programmed to perform
prescribed rituals:

Cut Man: Designed to function as a lumberjack.  Powerful saw-toothed scissor-
         like instrument protrudes from head, capable of gnawing through
         giant forest timbers.

Ice Man: Impervious to chilling sub-zero temperatures, capable of human-like
         performances under extreme climatic conditions.

Guts Man: A bulldozing character capable of lifting and transporting huge
Bomb Man: A real "blaster" as a heavy duty laborer who uses intensely powerful
          explosives to clear lands for Dr. Light's construction projects.

Fire Man: Melts and molds metals with flamethrowing torch flaring from atop
          his head.

Elec Man: Dr. Light's electrifying creation planned for conducting electrical
          operations, even supervising nuclear power plants.

  But, with the exception of Mega Man, all of Dr. Light's near-human robot
experimentation went awry.  Assistant Dr. Wily turned disloyal, re-programming
Dr. Light's Humanoids, now bent on destroying opposition so Dr. Wily could
control the world and its resources.

  Resisting re-programming, Mega Man is chosen the defender of the universe
and its inhabitants.  Mega Man dares to single-handedly penetrate seven
separate empires of Monsteropolis, eliminating the leaders and followers of
these sovereignties.  Get ready for some very exciting challenges!

 =-   3)   CONTROLS                                                       -=
This section describes the basic controls.

D-Pad   ->  (Left/Right) Move Mega Man
           (Up/Down) Climb ladder

A       ->  Jump

B       ->  Fire weapon

Start   ->  Bring up menu

Select  ->  Pause

 =-   4)   WEAPONS                                                        -=
This section is a general overview of Mega Man's weapons.

Arm Cannon
Received From: N/A

  Mega Man's standard gun with unlimited ammunition.  A maximum of three shots
can be fired on the screen at a single time.

Hyper Bomb
Received From: Bomb Man

  A powerful, if unwieldy, weapon.  This throws a bomb a short distance.  It
detonates a few seconds afterwards.  The time it takes to do that can hinder
the usefulness of the Hyper Bomb.

Thunder Beam
Received From: Elec Man

  Very powerful stuff!  The Thunder Beam fires a three-way shot: up, down, and
forward.  The beam does a great deal of damage and uses only one notch of

Super Arm
Received From: Guts Man

  The Super Arm is used on rare occasions.  It grants Mega Man enough power
to lift those large blocks you encounter in some levels, and these blocks can
be thrown at enemies to harm them.

Ice Slasher
Received From: Ice Man

  Instead of destroying robots, the Ice Slasher freezes them in their tracks
for several seconds.  I found it to be helpful when dealing with those giant
jumping bots that take off about 25% of Mega Man's energy per hit.  The Ice
Slasher can also be used to freeze the flame pillars you encounter in certain

Rolling Cutter
Received From: Cut Man

  The Rolling Cutter is a boomerang. Because of that, you're able to score two
hits against foes if you aim it correctly.  However, the Rolling Cutter does
not do much damage.

Fire Storm
Received From: Fire Man

  The Fire Storm surrounds Mega Man with a fire shield and launches a fireball
in front of him.  Nothing special otherwise.

Magnet Beam
How to Obtain: In Elec Man's stage, there is a strange object barricaded by
               three blocks. Use the Super Arm to remove them, and grab the
               Magnet Beam.

  Pick this up as soon as possible!  The Magnet Beam is great for making some
levels, such as Ice Man's, much easier.  It creates a temporary platform Mega
Man can use to cross gaps or bypass obstacles.  The longer you hold down the
fire button, the longer the platform is.  Each use depletes two notches of
energy, regardless of the platform's size.

 =-   5)   WALKTHROUGH                                                    -=
This sections provides basic tips for the stages and bosses.

 <-   [5.1]   bomb man's stage                                             ->
  Advance over the first hill by shooting the jumping robots.  Be careful as
you hop the next series of gaps, for blue bombs fly out and scatter into four
explosive pieces.  Take the high ledges to avoid dealing with the ground
turrets, and then climb the ladder.

  Take your time while heading to the top here.  If you make a careless error,
Mega Man can be knocked down the ladder.  Collect the energy capsule if you
need it.  Sniper Joe ambushes the Blue Bomber up top!  Blast the robot when he
puts his shield down or jumps.  Your next obstacles are Bullet Bill-like flying
foes and more cannons that spray shots.  Do your best to avoid the Bullet
Bills, and take out the guns with your Arm Cannon.

  Eventually, you come across a set of spikes, and to make things worse, the
robots attack you by firing several shots in all directions.  Unlike other
Mega Man games, Mega Man dies instantly if he lands on spikes, regardless if
he was hit beforehand or not.  Ascend the ladder, and fall into the small
opening where Sniper Joe is standing.  Only attack him when he leaps into the
air.  Grab the extra life, and continue on.

  Yet another Sniper Joe guards the gate leading to Bomb Man.  Inside, Mega
Man must head down while avoiding enemies that travel from side to side.  If
you do not mind taking a hit, you could fall against the right wall, but if
not, then be patient and wait until the time is right to move.

Bomb Man
Weapon Used: Arm Cannon
Weapon Received: Hyper Bomb

  Of course, this Robot Master loves to throw bombs all over the place.  As
long as Mega Man remains a certain distance away from Bomb Man, he begins to
throw a series of explosives.  These bombs are very dangerous because the
explosion radius is rather large and makes it difficult to avoid.  To counter
this problem, always position Mega Man in Bomb Man's face.

  While the boss jumps about, blast him with the Arm Cannon.  Unfortunately,
he may leap far enough from you to start tossing bombs, so you do have to deal
with them at some point.  Either run from the explosion, or give it your best
to jump out of the way.

 <-   [5.2]   guts man's stage                                             ->
  Here is the very first stage that introduced those loveable Mets!  Defeat
them when they tilt their helmets, and then hitch a ride on the platform when
it comes by.  Examine the rails for any breaks.  Whenever the platform runs
over a gap in the track, it flips down, sending Mega Man into the abyss if he
does not jump at the right moment.

  With that ordeal out of the way, collect the large energy capsule, and fight
a group of Pickax Joes.  Try to stay to the left as you start falling to gain
energy capsules and an extra life.  A giant red robot patrols at the bottom,
and running into it removes nearly half of Mega Man's total energy.  Simply
wait until it does a high jump, run underneath, and enter the gate to uncover
more Mets.

Guts Man
Weapon Used: Hyper Bomb
Weapon Received: Super Arm

  The two-ton Guts Man only moves by randomly jumping around and causing the
entire screen to shake.  Poor Mega Man can be knocked on his rear if he is
standing on the ground during a quake, and there is little you can do to fix
this problem.  Aside from jumping, Guts Man throws giant boulders that split
into four smaller pieces upon contact.

  Because the Hyper Bomb does not instantly detonate, hitting Guts Man with it
may be a challenge.  Your best bet is to just throw in his general direction
and pray that he runs into the explosion, and if you are lucky, he may jump
right on top of it.

 <-   [5.3]   cut man's stage                                              ->
  Cut Man's area begins with battles against some of the flying 'bots you
encountered in the last stage.  Then ascend the ladders, and dodge the bullets
from several cannons.  At the top, watch out for the blades that fly out of
the machine!  Continue past the tiny hopping robots.

  Next, you must travel through a series of screens involving foes that either
move left/right or up/down.  Just wait for the right time, and take each robot
out one by one, if necessary.  Be sure to collect the large energy capsule
located after the second blade machine, and then head down.  Like before, do
not let Mega Man take a hit and be knocked onto a spike pit.  You can find the
usual red robot at the very bottom, ahead of Cut Man's gate.

Cut Man
Weapon Used: Super Arm
Weapon Received: Rolling Cutter

  Cut Man's attack pattern consists of hopping like mad around the room while
tossing his Rolling Cutter at Mega Man.  His blade operates as a boomerang
would, so you may have to jump twice to dodge it.  Naturally, the two blocks
stashed in Cut Man's lair are not just there for decoration, which means you
should be equipped with the Super Arm.  A hit from one block depletes half of
this boss's energy.  However, missing Cut Man even once means you must switch
to the Arm Cannon to finish the job.

 <-   [5.4]   elec man's stage                                             ->
  This stage is practically a tower, so Mega Man is going to climbing many,
many ladders here!  The floor robots on the first screen speed up if the Blue
Bomber happens to be standing in their territory, but a successful hit from
the Hyper Bomb puts them out of commission.  An alternative is to shoot one
with the Arm Cannon, which temporarily freezes it in place.  You should also
keep an eye out for bricks with blue circles because most of them send out
electric currents to fry Mega Man!

  Dealing with the green robots while on the ladders is a bit on the tricky
side, so you might consider shooting them from the platform.  You CAN fight
on the ladder, but taking a hit knocks Mega Man down a screen.  Once you reach
the outside, I would recommend you ignore the large energy capsule because if
you cannot time your jumps well enough, Mega Man ends up losing a life.  When
the path splits, choose the right ladder.  It is slightly easier but not by
much.  Use the Super Arm to dig out the Magnet Beam from the blocks.  The
remainder of the level presents nothing new.

Elec Man
Weapon Used: Rolling Cutter
Weapon Received: Thunder Beam

  For whatever reason, Elec Man is extremely fast, which means you may end up
taking more damage from colliding with him than from his Thunder Beam.  But,
his Thunder Beam itself inflicts much more harm, so that is not really a bad
thing.  It only takes three hits from the Rolling Cutter to send Elec Man to
the junkyard, and if you can manage to pull it off, a single blade can hit
the Robot Master twice.  This fight ends very quickly!

 <-   [5.5]   ice man's stage                                              ->
  As you encounter the green robots near the outset, be sure to shoot them at
the head because if you do not, the robot's upper torso detaches and flies
around the screen.  Penguin 'bots harass Mega Man while he is in the water,
and they operate just like the Bullet Bills, minus the explosion part.  Take
the energy capsule before leaping down the hole.

  More disappearing blocks!  However, since you have the Magnet Beam from Elec
Man's stage (well, hopefully you do!), simply use that to climb up to the top
of the wall.  Repeat the same after you head down the gap.  This saves you a
lot of time and aggravation.  The next obstacle is a tricky one.  Mega Man
must hop from platform to platform without getting shot, and naturally, taking
a hit sends our hero into the unknown.  There is a weapon energy capsule along
the way, so you may wish to equip the Magnet Beam to help you out.  Take the
extra life, and bypass the usual red robot at the bottom.

Ice Man
Weapon Used: Thunder Beam
Weapon Received: Ice Slasher

  Ice Man may be a midget of a Robot Master, but do not let that fool you!
His Ice Slasher weapon kills Mega Man with only three hits!  Ice Man staggers
three shots starting from the top and repeats it again from the bottom.  Mega
Man should stay on the ground and jump at the right moment to slip through the
icy blasts.  Fortunately for you, the Thunder Beam also defeats Ice Man in
three hits.  If you can fire it quick enough from the very beginning, you can
take him out before his attacks even reach Mega Man!

 <-   [5.6]   fire man's stage                                             ->
  Take out the cannons by the entrance, and head past the fire pillar and the
falling flame heads.  You encounter many of those in this stage, so you better
get used to them!  Snatch the energy capsule before climbing up, if you
actually need it.  Here, ignore the energy, and use the ladders to reach the
top.  Create platforms with Magnet Beam, and take advantage of them to evade
the fiery traps.

  At the bottom, Mega Man is faced with dodging pillars and heads, all over a
giant pit!  I would suggest equipping Thunder Beam to eliminate any enemies
that are falling directly on top of Mega Man's metal head.  The following
screen presents a new fire obstacle that can be easily bypassed with Magnet
Beam, so do that, and battle a few more Bullet Bills to reach Fire Man.

Fire Man
Weapon Used: Ice Slasher
Weapon Received: Fire Storm

  Dancing with Fire Man is definitely not an thing easy to do.  He launches a
volley of Fire Storm rounds, and for each one he shoots, a tiny flame appears
under Mega Man's feet.  Because his rate of fire seems to be entirely random,
you might be able to jump fast enough to dodge them, forcing you to take
damage.  Continuously fire Ice Slasher at Fire Man, and you should be fine.

 <-   [5.7]   dr. wily's fortress                            [ stage i ]   ->
  Apparently Capcom wants to drive the player crazy and forces you to go past
three of those giant jumping machines, and if you are careless, you might not
even make it into the actual fortress!  Inside, hit the pillars with the Ice
Slasher to freeze them and use them to climb up to the top.  Do not bother
with the energy capsule found there, and descend the ladder into a room with
Bullet Bills.  Needless to say, being hit will probably knock Mega Man onto
the spikes.

  The next screen presents the wandering platforms from Ice Man's home.
Either use these platforms, or make your own with Magnet Beam.  To get through
the high columns, equip Magnet Beam (surprising, eh?).  If you happen to need
more energy for it, keep going up and down the ladder, and the weapon energy
capsules from the previous screen reappear.  Advance to the boss.

Rock Monster/Yellow Devil
Weapon Used: Thunder Beam

  This monstrosity is perhaps one of the most well-known Mega Man bosses
and for good reason!  Fighting him is very difficult, so you may be in trouble
if you do not enter the room with full health, and with no E-Tanks in this
game, you MUST do your best to avoid taking damage.

  Unlike his Mega Man 3 counterpart, the original Yellow Devil moves much
faster when moving by piece by piece.  Remember the order in which the pieces
move is always the same.  If you do happen to take a hit, immediately move
Mega Man behind the remaining pieces that are in the process of moving to the
opposite side.  By doing this, you do not need to worry losing energy care-

  When the boss completely reassembles himself, an eye appears and fires a
shot at Mega Man before vanishing again.  You must hit this eye with the
Thunder Beam.  Unfortunately, you can only hit it once per transition, but if
you do not mind bending the rules a little...  As soon as the beam collides
with the eye, press Select to pause the game.  Wait a second or so, unpause,
then pause it again, and repeat.  If you do it correctly, the Yellow Devil
takes multiple hits from one Thunder Beam, and you can possibly defeat it with
only a couple shots!

 <-   [5.7]   dr. wily's fortress                           [ stage ii ]   ->
  Be cautious as you take on the robots located in the first screen, since it
is very easy to be knocked off a ledge.  A hidden gap is found before the two
small weapon energy capsules, and it takes Mega Man to a rematch with Cut Man.
Unfortunately, there are no boulders to throw here!  But you can switch to the
Fire Storm or the Arm Cannon to deal some decent damage to Cut Man.  Fall down
the left part of the room once he is eliminated.

  Trash a few cannons outside, and then battle a second time against Elec Man.
After leaving his lair, more shrapnel bombs greet Mega Man from below, so take
your time when moving through here.  Climb down the ladder, and reach the
extra life with the Magnet Beam.  If you have trouble dealing with the side-
stepping enemies, blast them using the Thunder Beam, and continue on to...

Mega Clone
Weapon Used: Arm Cannon, Thunder Beam, or Fire Storm

  The good news here is that if you happen to die during the fight, you start
only one screen away from this room!  The bad news is this boss uses whatever
weapon you currently have equipped.  While the Arm Cannon may be the easiest
to attack with, Thunder Beam and Fire Storm inflict slightly more damage to
the Mega Man clone.  As with the last stage boss, you may want to take advan-
tage of the Thunder Beam's Select trick.

 <-   [5.7]   dr. wily's fortress                          [ stage iii ]   ->
  The third stage of Dr. Wily's castle begins with a series of the same robots
you battled against in the last level.  Again, the Thunder Beam is helpful in
destroying them.  When Mega Man reaches the bottom, a wall of water floods the
passage and forces you to press forward against penguins and Bullet Bills.
Eventually you run into the boss room.  Rather short, don't you think?

Bubble Bots
Weapon Used: Arm Cannon & Super Arm

  This fight involves several robots encased in bubbles that travel in a
clockwise manner while blasting Mega Man.  Once one machine is destroyed,
another one appears out of one of the three openings.  Rather than immediately
throwing the boulders, equip your Arm Cannon, and use that against your foes.
As time moves on, the robots become extremely fast, so it would be wise to
toss the boulders to instantly destroy them.

 <-   [5.7]   dr. wily's fortress                           [ stage iv ]   ->
  Things may seem relatively peaceful at the start, but then a wave of green
machines pop out of the top and bottom sides.  Ascend the ladder while hitting
any foes that try to knock you down.  At the top, throw away the top two
blocks, and give the weapon energy to your lowest weapon.  Funnily enough, if
you continue a short ways to the right and backtrack, the energy capsule may
reappear, thus making it simple to refill your entire inventory.

  Cut a path through the several cannons, and hitch a ride on the moving rail
platform.  On two small blocks are an extra life and a bizarre item.  Collect
this ninja star object to recover all life and weapon energy.  Step into the
teleporter to battle Bomb Man, Fire Man, Ice Man, and Guts Man (in that order)
once more.  Dr. Wily can be found only a short distance away...

Dr. Wily's Ship (First Form)
Weapon Used: Fire Storm

  For the first battle ever against Wily, you figured maybe it would be just
a little challenging.  The cannon on the scientist's ship repeatedly fires
single shots that arc towards Mega Man's current position.  Your best bet to
avoiding the fire is to travel back and forth.  In the meantime, hit the
cannon with Fire Storm, and if you want to inflict extra pain, fire it while
Mega Man is directly beside the ship in the air.  The Fire Storm's shield
counts as several hits, removing as much as half of its total life!

Dr. Wily's Ship (Second Form)
Weapon Used: Rolling Cutter or Thunder Beam

  Dr. Wily attempts to throw in a twist by attacking with shots that move in
a swirly motion.  Yeehaw.  Your target is the tiny gem on the ship's front.
All of your weapons deal the same amount of damage, so there really is no
weakness for this particular boss.  You can, however, score multiple hits by
using either the Rolling Cutter or the Thunder Beam.  Naturally, the Select
glitch works even better.

               ~~ Fight, Mega Man!  For everlasting peace! ~~

 =-   6)   GAME GENIE CODES                                               -=
This section contains codes used for the Game Genie cheating device.

OZSKPZVK -- Infinite lives
SZKZGZSA -- Infinite energy
TAOOYTGA -- Mega jump

 =-   7)   CONTACT / LEGAL INFORMATION                                    -=
Copyright Information
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  Any characters, names, or other objects are copyright their respective
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company involved with this game.

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