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Mega Man 7 US for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Boss Walkthrough / "FAQ"
By Desert Gunstar (aka Shadow2099)

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This document was completed in Wordpad on December 2, 2002.
This document has been updated on July 10, 2005 in order to contain
my current e-mail address and a small tip.

1. Introduction
2. Boss 'Strategies'-The Insidious Eight
3. Protoman and Bass
4. Wily's Abominations

This document is for those people who wish to be true to Megaman's powers
and totally ignore those 'powers' you attain after beating the crap out of an
enemy. Thus, it concentrates on the M. Buster weapon (Megaman's main weapon).
The focus is on the patterns of the major bosses. This describes the patterns
and try to offer a 'counter pattern'. Hopefully, you will be able to beat a boss
as quickly as you can, without using a special weapon. Be forewarned that this
can be a little complicated at times. Of course, if you're getting fustrated on
a boss, the suggested weapon to use is listed beside the boss name. If you wish,
you can e-mail me and ask for a movie of sorts or a clarification of a counter
pattern. You will have to master a few skills first. Timing is VERY important,
and will most likely be the only thing that will keep you from smashing a boss. 
Practice breaking your slide by pressing the direction opposite of where you're 
sliding. Encounter monsters and attempt to avoid them. An essential skill, but
unnecessary, is button mashing. You might need to tap repeatedly in order to
escape from trapping attacks, such as Freeze Man's leg freezer. You will also
want to get in as many attacks as possible in a small amount of time. Now, shall
we begin?

Boss 'Strategies' - The Insidious Eight
Freeze Man: J. Shield

Ah, this guy is always good for a warm up whenever I start up my game. The first
thing you should realize is that Freeze Man attempts to take defensive manuevers
by attempting to jump over your shots. You can simply slide under him or keep a
little distance and jump over him/it. Once Freeze Man hits a wall, his first
attack will usually start off with jumping into the air and freezing the ground
with a projectile. Make sure to jump over the freezing beam once the projectile
hits the ground. This will make the ground slippery, but this shouldn't affect
you if you're careful. Right after his floor freeze attack, Freeze Man will 
charge up and shoot ice up to the ceiling and form icicles which will drop. Once
he is moving again, slide under him (you're firing at him, aren't you?) to avoid
contact with FreezeMan. Now, you should notice that 2 icicles are falling before
the others. Quickly slide back once the icicles hit. When Freeze Man hits the
wall again, his next attack will be a pathetic ice block which you can jump over
or slide. This cycle will repeat until one of you is the victor. Make sure to
keep attacking! The best times to charge your weapon is when Freeze Man is about
to use his ground freeze or icicles.

Junk Man: T. Bolt
Easy peasy. Junk Man's initial attack will be to cause a shake which can throw
you off balance, leaving you susceptible to an attack. Simply avoid this by
jumping before Junk Man hits the ground, and counter-attack with a charge shot.
Now, right when the junk from the earthshake stops falling down, Junk Man will
start to gather junk into a big block and launch it at you. Junk Man is
invulnerable during this process, so simply avoid the attack by jumping over it,
and counter-attack as usual. Once Junk Man lands onto the junk block, a shield
will form around him. He will hop toward you once, then launch the junk shield 
at you. Slide under it if you have the space, or jump if you don't. If you get
hit by it, mash the control pad in all directions to get free. Now, Junk Man
will begin to jump twice toward one wall and then leap across the entire screen
while throwing a piece of scrap metal at your last position. Simply walk in one
direction or slide, while blasting Junk Man. You shouldn't have problems here,
I hope.

Burst Man: Freeze C.
You should know how to jump well. His initial attack is launching 3 colored
bubbles toward you, and then forming bubbles under you in order to throw you off
movement and get you crushed under those ceiling spikes. Laugh this off and toss
a charged shot at him, before he forms bubbles from under you. You should notice
that he is not strong enough to withstand your charged buster, and so he flys
back, dropping bombs on the ground in order to damage you. His only other attack
is shooting bubbles which will trap you. Once he is finished shooting bubbles at
you, he will advance toward you by jumping. Simply jump the bubbles and send a
charged shot at him when he is in the air, or you could shoot under the bubbles
if you've got the skill, or even destroy the bubbles altogether. If you get
trapped by a bubble, mash the control pad. There is not much that should damage
you. The bombs, while plentiful and hard-hitting, aren't much of a threat if you
time your jumps and stay in the safe areas. You should be fast enough to escape
the bubbles before they hit the ceiling. Most of your attacks should be focused
on charged bursts.

Cloud Man: D. Wrap
Time your jumps and slide to fight the wind. His initial attack is a lightning
bolt that fires directly at you. If it hits the ground, it will form energy
balls that split left and right. You should let Cloud Man charge his attack and
fire it at you while you're on the ground. Once the lightning bolt has launched,
jump over as high as you can, and you will most likely avoid the bolt and the
split. To get the timing right, Cloud Man harnesses a lightning bolt, holds it
for 2 seconds, then lets it rip. His second attack is a strong wind. Depending
on which side of the stage you are on and the direction of the wind, you will
have to fight the wind by sliding in order to avoid making contact with an enemy
or to keep on the stage. With the wind in place, Cloud Man will simply conduct
electricity and send it through the floor, which you can easliy avoid. Once the
wind stops, Cloud Man will hover in the air. This is an excellent chance to do
some damage, but make sure to slide under Cloud Man in order to avoid contact.
Once he hovers down to the ground, he will rise to the top again and begin his 
initial attack.

Turbo Man: Noise C.
Now you're dealing with timed jumps according to sound. Shouldn't be too hard to
do. Turbo Man's initial attack is to create a ring of fire around him and then
jump in the air and launch it at you. To avoid this, touch the opposite wall of
Turbo Man and slide once the fire ring has been thrown at you into the corner.
The fire ring will climb the wall and then break apart as it hits the ceiling.
The moment the fire ring breaks apart, slide away from Turbo Man into the little
space where the fire doesn't burn. Any sooner, and the flame will land where you
slide. Now, Turbo Man will begin to suck you in. You can either end this with a
charged shot, or pepper him with blasts while sliding away. Be forewarned that a
charged shot has a chance of not knocking Turbo Man back, so be careful when you
close in with one. Whatever the case, once the vacuum effect stops, Turbo Man
will transform into a car. Note that you cannot harm him when in this form. Now,
listen carefully. The moment you hear a 'rev' sound right after the squeak sound
stops, attempt to jump over him. Turbo Man will drive right under you. He will
repeat this or begin his attack cycle from his initial attack. Make sure to
attack in between Turbo Man's attacks.

Shade Man: W. Coil
You will need to use your slide technique for most of the battle. Shade Man's 
initial attacks will be to hover out of your attacking range, and swoop down for
the kill. From the moment Shade Man begins to move in a horizontal direction,
you will have 3 seconds before Shade Man attacks. To avoid this, you can either
slide away from Shade Man or simply walk away if you have the distance. Be sure
to counter-attack right after. Once Shade Man lands, he will shoot 2 wave beams
which will turn you to stone if you don't dodge them, and then 4 sound waves
shortly after. Simply jump the wave beams. Depending on your position after
jumping the wave beams, you will have to choose whether to jump the next attack
or slide under. Do not worry about the 2nd sound wave though, as it is not at
the same height as Mega Man. Now, you will notice that Shade Man will absorb his
sound waves and fire 2 bigger waves at you. Both can hit you at Mega Man's
height. You can slide or jump over the first wave, but make sure to slide under
the second one. Shade Man will begin his swoop-down attack again. If you are
going to nail him with a charge attack, make sure to do it right after a jump.

Spring Man: S. Claw
Kinda pathetic. His initial movement will be a hop toward the middle and then a
hover. While he is in the air, he will attack you twice with his arms. Slide in
order to avoid his attacks. Once Spring Man lands, he will take a moment and
charge up two spings. Take a moment yourself and fire a charged buster shot once
a spring comes toward you. Now, Spring Man will simply jump toward you. Get rid
of the second spring and slide under his jumps while keeping up an attack. Keep
your distance because if you don't, Spring Man will get you into a grapple and
smash you on the ceiling.

Slash Man: S. Wheel/Freeze C.
My favorite boss. Don't attempt to jump over Slash Man, because you'll most
likely get contact damage (it is possible, but you have to be overlapping his
sprite a bit). Slash Man will hop/jump oddly toward you in order to slash you
with his claws when he comes into close range. If you try to keep your distance,
Slash Man will most likely jump across the screen and try to hit you for contact
damage. When he attempts to slash you with his claws, he will stand for one
second, then attack with a claw swipe. You can either walk/slide away if you
have the distance, or jump it. You will have to get the timing right, since
there is no 'charge' frame or anything of the sort. Evade his hops and leaps by
sliding under. Once you hit Slash Man 2 or 3 times (charged blast or not), he
will leap up to the ceiling and start dropping red slime in random spots. The
best way to avoid this is by hugging a wall. If you get hit by slime, mash the
control pad. If you are hit directly, you will not be able to jump or shoot. If
you walk into the slime, you will not be able to move. After a while, Slash Man
will scale down a little and charge up a dive attack. The best way to avoid this
is to hug a wall for the duration of the slime attack, and depending on your
situation, slide, jump, or stay still. If you are hugging the wall opposite of
Slash Man's, 2 seconds from stopping scaling down the wall, Slash Man will dive
right for you. The moment he dives, jump over him. You will need to practise a
little before you have the right timing. If you are hugging the wall that Slash
Man is on, then stay still. Slash Man will dive down to the spot beside you,
resulting in no damge. Sometimes, Slash Man won't dive down and will simply drop
down the wall. This isn't a problem if you're on the wall opposite of Slash Man,
but if you are on his wall, your best bet to avoid damage is to have good
reflexes, slide away from the wall, and hope that there is no slime to block
your path. Be on your toes after Slash Man's dive attack, since he may jump
right to your position right after. Make sure to counter attack after avoiding
his dive attack.

Protoman and Bass
Protoman (if you know where to find him...): M. Buster
It takes about 30 uncharged pelts to take Protoman down. His attacks are random,
including his inital start. Protoman can stand and fire 3 fast projectiles, hop
and shoot 2 times and then do a spread shot, and dash toward a wall with his
shield. At a wall, he can simply fire 3 shots or charge up for about 2 seconds
and fire. Since Protoman was a prototype, Mega Man's charged buster blasts can
stop Protoman in his tracks. If you use a charge shot, Protoman will dash toward
a wall after recovering, which you can simply jump over. To avoid taking damage
from his triple pepper shots, you can either do 3 mini-jumps over the shots or
jump over two then quickly over the last one. The jump-jump-spread attack can be
stopped if you launch a charge shot before the spread, or if you want to avoid
the spread, slide under Proto when he is in the air and about to shoot his
spread shot. Protoman takes about 2 seconds to charge his weapon, but once his
lets his shield guard down, there is a split second right before his attack is
fired. You can stop it by countering with your own, or you can simply jump over
it and fire. Either way, you shouldn't have a problem with Protoman if you use
charged shots. Show him that you are the superior model!

Bass, round one: S. Adapter
Well, this will be easier to explain with the following diagram of the
room's elevation...


Bass can attack by pepper shots, charging shots, and the all-powerful contact 
damage. He only moves by jumping, and some jumps are higher than others. He will
usually attack when your height meets his. After hopping to one side of the
screen and back, Bass will charge a shot and will only fire it when he is on the
ground. Because of the 'randomness' of this battle, I can only offer you general
pointers. Keep your distance at all times, and try to get under his jumps while
moving away from him. Obviously, charge up when Bass charges, but make sure you
can avoid any contact damage. When Bass is attacking with a charge from platform
3, you can simply avoid it by waiting in platform 2, and counter with a shot of
your own. When you are on platform 4 and Bass is on 3, he will fire a shot. Most
of the time, this shot will skim over your head and deal no damage, so you can
concentrate evading his jump toward you. You will also be safe from an ordinary
shot if you are on platform 2 and he is on 4. Make sure to time your jumps so
that you can avoid Bass's hops and attacks. Nail Bass in the air with charged
shots or pepper barrages. Sometimes, when Bass is on the ground and is attacked
with a charge, he will jump straight up. Be careful, and slide under shots if
you can! You should be defensive as you are offensive.

Bass, round two: S. Adapter
Easier to get a perfect than Bass, round one. This time around, the pattern can
be countered with one of your own. His initial attack will be to dash attack you
with his jet. Bass will curve up and begin charging up. Once his charge is
complete, he will fire his hand that travels right to you, and compensates for
any movement you make. After landing, Bass will try to jump up to charge,
usually using a triple shot on the way up. Now, how to avoid all this... first,
notice that the room's gravitational pull is lessened, thus allowing for higher
jumps. To avoid Bass's initial attack, simply walk away from him and jump over
once Bass is about to make contact damage. Don't jump too high, since Bass will
curve around and attempt to hit you again. Bass will now be surrounded in a
green aura. This is a perfect time to nail him, so charge up as Bass charges. He
will charge for about 2 seconds and then fly down, either toward you or just
directly down. If he flys toward you, you will have to slide to the other side.
Once Bass reaches Mega Man's height, Bass will fire his hand. Simply jump as
high as you can to avoid it. If you had to slide to avoid contact damage, you
will have to combine that slide with a jump at the end. Either way, Bass will
attempt to get to the top, and will fire 3 shots at you while doing it.
Depending on your height, Bass may miss you completely, or nail you right in the
air. Now, Bass will drop down and use his initial attack. The highest height you
will ever have to go to is the first platform. You can follow Bass to the top if
you want, but you will most likely get wasted. Keep on the other side, and don't
let Bass touch you.

Wily's Abominations
Guts Tank: S. Claw for attack, S. Adapter for evade
Yup, it's a machine, and hence, you aim for the head (well, usually some vital
point). The Guts Tank has two attacks: a rock push and a claw grab. Guts will
jump and cause a shake, which will drop a rock from the ceiling. The best way
to avoid this is to hug the wall and jump straight up when Guts charges into the
rock. Jumping horizontally might cause damage, so be careful. Guts's second
attack will be to charge into you. Here, it is impossible to avoid this with the
M. Buster equipped. You will have to take damage, but you can lessen the blow if
you jump into Guts. Here, you may have to resort to another weapon.  You can use
the S. Claw to slash the rocks that drop and cause 2 capsules of damage, or use
the S. Adapter in order to actually evade Guts Tank's second attack. If you use
the S. Adapter, don't charge it up, as it will not work.

Turtle: W. Coil
Aim for the head when it sticks out from its shell. This Mechanical Turtle isn't
much. It will breathe flame, charge back and forth across the screen, breathe
flame some more, and then deploy 3 turtles. Simply jump over the flames when
they come and counter-attack. When the Turtle hides in its shell, slide under
to avoid damage. Now, after another fire breath attack, the shell will fly off
and 3 turtles will be deployed. The turtles' movement will depend upon the
number that is on the shell. If the number is 1, the turtles will simply walk
back and forth, and jump up. If the number is 2, the turtles will bounce around
the screen. If the number is 3, the turtles will submerge and rise from the
ground at your last position. Whatever the case, avoid them and attack as best
as you can. Remember, the inside of the shell will not give contact damage until
the Turtle's Shell returns. If you are using the P. Shield, you may notice that
Mega Man uses his right hand instead of his left. This will cause Mega Man's
shots to be lowered a few pixels, which is enough to blast the turtles before
they come out.

Flying Head: S. Claw
The eyes are its weakness, so concentrate your firepower there. This Flying Head
repeats 3 attacks over and over. It will launch a volley of fairly slow moving
missiles, and then a laser beam. After, it will charge forward for contact
damage, then backs off and shoots 2 bombs. The Flying Head isn't very hard if
you can outlast it. There are three things to take note of. First, the Head will
constantly chase you, so you have to keep moving to the right or suffer damage.
Second, charge shots will only cause 1 point of damage, so there is no point to
use it. Last, you can jump on top of the missiles in order to avoid the other
missiles more easily and to get in position for an attack. Right after the
missile barrage, the Flying Head will let a laser beam rip. Simply hug the right
side as best as you can to avoid it. This will also avoid the Head's charge to
the right. After the Head charges at you, it will back up and fire 2 bombs. You
can shoot them before they land or just get to a safe spot. Make sure to slide
if the Head somehow catches up to you.

Wily, Walker: T. Bolt
Where will you aim? At the metal parts, or the glass, where Wily is piloting his
machine? Wily will simply try to squish you. Slide under his spikes when it is
up high. Be careful when Wily re-appears, as he can land on either side. He may
launch 2 robots at you. These robots are easy to dodge, but take a lot of effort
to destroy. It is best to get a few shots in and then slide to the other side
before Wily accelerates toward you. Keep up an attack, and you'll scrap this

Wily, Saucer: W. Coil
The ultimate test. Will you be able to stand to the challenge of using the M.
Buster? I hope you have refined reflexes, rythem and timing. Oh, and you will
also need to charge all the time, since you can't cause damage with pea shots.
Wily will teleport to a random spot and fire 4 energy balls which will move
and stop in mid-air for a split second, then continue to move. These energy
balls have 3 different colours: blue, fire, and yellow. Yellow balls will simply
cause damage, but blue balls will freeze you, and red will set you on fire. Mash
the control pad if you are hit by these. If you cause damage to Wily, he will
add a lightning bolt attack at the the end of his energy ball attack. This
lightning bolt will spilt into energy balls when it makes contact with the
ground, which you can easily jump over. There may be countless ways to approach
this boss, but here is mine. I hope you will be able to understand. First, I
need a diagram to make things clear...


Okay, this is a diagram of locations that Wily roughly teleports in. 1, 2 and 3
are basically where Wily cannot be hit by a jump shot. 4, 5 and 6 are where Wily
can be hit. 7 and 8 are locations where Wily will be nearly touching the ground.
Always charge up while Wily is teleporting, and if you can hit Wily, do so. If
you can't, release the charge. If Wily is at...

Location 1:
Walk below the Saucer, but stand under the right side of the saucer. When the 
energy balls are launched, slide all the way to the right. Jump the energy balls
once you have slided as far as you can.

Location 2:
Pick a side, and stand under that side of that saucer. When the energy balls
appear, slide to the side opposite of where you where standing. Jump after you
have slided as far as you can.

Location 3:
Walk below the Saucer, but stand under the left side of the saucer. When the
energy balls appear, slide all the way to the left. Jump the energy balls once
you have slided as far as you can.

Location 4:
Stand one third of the stage from the right. When the energy balls are deployed
and are hanging on the four corners of the Saucer, do a small jump away from the
Saucer towards the right. As soon as you land, slide toward the Saucer, to the

Location 5:
This requires good timing. Walk directly below the Saucer. Wait for the energy
balls to appear. The moment you see the energy balls come for you, do a small
jump over the ball. Now, once you touch the ground, do a jump or a slide away 
from the Saucer as quick and far as you possibly can.

Location 6:
Stand one third of the stage from the left. When the energy balls deploy, do a
small jump away from the Saucer. As soon as you land, slide toward the Saucer.

Location 7:
Stand in the center. When you see the energy balls, do a small jump to the
right. Quickly execute a slide as you land, and then jump the energy balls as
soon as you stop sliding.

Location 8:
Stand in the center. When you see the energy balls, do a small jump to the left.
Quickly execute a slide as you land, then jump the energy balls as soon as you 
stop sliding.

There. Because of the precise timing, I cannot guarantee this will work. 
Good luck! It is possible to take Wily down without getting hit once.

***An extra tip from Robert Masters:

If you need a little extra edge, you can use the Freeze Cracker. It does the
same amount of damage but you can shoot diagonally upwards, so that you can
hit Wily even when he teleports to the top of the screen.***

That's all I have to say. Send me e-mail saying how worthless this was at

This document is copyrighted (c) by Desert Gunstar. Use as you like. Spread it
around if you're feeling bored one day and want to see how many people you can
get to read this POS, as long as nothing is modified, and no fee is charged.

Remember, the bigger the machine...the more parts they break. Don't let Wily's
gigantic creations get you down!