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========Mega Man 7 Guide========

by Tim
: http://megaman.retrofaction.com
: tim@megaman-network.com

 1. Introduction
 2. Boss Weaknesses / Recommended Order 
 3. Power-Up Uses and Locations 
 4. City stage
 5. Burst Man's stage
 6. Cloud Man's stage
 7. Junk Man's stage
 8. Freeze Man's stage
 9. Robot Museum stage
 10. Slash Man's stage
 11. Spring Man's stage 
 12. Shade Man's stage
 13. Turbo Man's stage
 14. Dr. Wily's Castle, stage 1
 15. Dr. Wily's Castle, stage 2
 16. Dr. Wily's Castle, stage 3
 17. Final stage
 18. Boss Weapons
 19. The Proto Shield
 20. Secrets and Tips
 21. Legal

1. Introduction:
Welcome to the official Mega Man Network guide for Mega Man 7, the seventh installment
in the Classic Series. Refer to the index above for an easy reference guide, and go to
http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmc/guides to find guides for all of the other games in
the Classic Mega Man series. Happy gaming.

2. Boss Weaknesses / Recommended Order:
-Burst Man ---------- Mega Buster / Scorch Wheel
-Cloud Man ---------- Danger Wrap
-Junk Man ----------- Thunder Bolt
-Freeze Man --------- Junk Shield
-Slash Man ---------- Freeze Cracker
-Spring Man --------- Slash Claw
-Shade Man ---------- Super Adapter
-Turbo Man ---------- Noise Crush

3. Power-Up Uses and Locations:
Power-Up          Use              Location
Beat - Rescues you from falling - Found in Slash Man's stage.
RUSH Plates - Form the Super Adapter - Found in the stages of:
                                       Burst Man  (R)
                                       Cloud Man  (U)
                                       Junk Man   (S)
                                       Freeze Man (H)
Rush Coil - Standard springboard - Start game with it.
Rush Search - Rush digs up items - Found in Freeze Man's stage.
Rush Jet - Rush becomes a jetboard - Found in Junk Man's stage.
Super Adapter - Enhanced armor with flying ability - Collect the Rush Plates.
Proto Shield - Defend against frontward attacks - Defeat Protoman.
Energy Balancer - Refills weapons according to energy level - Found in Shade Man's stage.
Rocket Punch - Increase distance of Super Adapter attack - Found in Turbo Man's stage.
Hyper Bolt - Reduce Auto's prices, buy more items - Found in Spring Man's stage.
Escape Unit - Exit a completed stage - Found in Freeze Man's stage.
Beat Whistle - Saves you from a pit; 4 Max - Found at Big Eddie's.
Energy Tank - Refill your life; 4 Max - Random; bought at Big Eddie's.
Weapon Tank - Refill a weapon meter; 4 Max - Random; bought at Big Eddie's.
Super Tank - Refill everything; 1 Max - Random; bought at Big Eddie's.

4. City Stage:
This stage starts off with a dialogue sequence between Auto, Roll, and Mega Man. Once
the car ride finishes and you meet up with Dr. Light, Wily will escape from prison and
you'll begin the chase. The remainder of the level itself is very straightforward. As
you progress, you'll fight a few Mets and some other rolling enemies. Once you take
those out, it's onto the first mini-boss fight, the Mad Grinder.

Mad Grinder Strategy
This is really simple. When you're able to move, the Grinder will jump into the air.
Jump as it lands so you don't get stunned, and fire a charged Mega Buster shot into 
its head. Then move in close to avoid the spinning sawblade, and just maneuver around
its other attacks until you beat it. About five charged shots to the head will bring
it down.

After the Grinder has been put down, just hop across the few pitfalls until you meet up
with Bass.

Bass Strategy
Either way, you can't lose. Who "wins" the fight just determines if Bass comments on 
your strength or your wimpiness, basically. Anyway, four charged shots (or rapid-firing) 
will be enough to defeat Bass this time around. He only hops up and down, occasionally 
stopping to fire at you. Defeat him to clear the introductory stage.

5. Burst Man's Stage:
You'll start off moving to the right. Deal with the few rolling enemies in your path
and you'll reach some time bombs. Stand on them and jump off before the counter reaches
"0" to avoid any damage, and proceed on your way. When you get to the group of three
stacked diagonally, only activate the uppermost one. When it blows, head through the
opening you created and down the shaft, staying to the right. Activate the next two
bombs as you go down and you'll reach an Energy Tank. Continue activating bombs until
you reach the watery section below.
Down here, you'll encounter some fish enemies and floating mines. Destroy the mines
from a distance and the fish with charged Mega Buster shots, and continue on through to
the drop at the bottom. As you drop, grab the large energy refill and continue on your
way. At the very bottom, you'll find groups of AquaMets. Wait until they stop their
flipper animation and destroy them as they float down. Head through this short section
to reach a gate. Head on through.

Crab Mecha Strategy
Rapid-firing works best in this situation, since you can pretty much destroy the stuff
it throws at you without having to dodge. Its attacks consist of shooting bubbles and
energy bolts at you. Shoot the bubbles and jump over the bolts as they come; if you
time it right, you'll jump over the first two and the third will go diagonally (sort of
like dodging Dr. Doppler's attack in Mega Man X3). The last attack is a ramming one,
during which the Mecha is invulnerable. When you see it lift off the ground, slide under
it as it flies across the screen, then slide under it again as it returns to its side
of the room. Keep pounding it with rapid fire until you destroy it.

After beating the mini-boss, the ceiling will give way, and you'll float up a mine and
spike infested shaft. Maneuver in between the mines and don't touch the spikes to reach
the top. Once out of the water, it gets slightly trickier. The water level rises and
falls in a pattern, and you must use the tide to cross the next couple of sections. For
best results, wait until the water is at its peak before attempting to cross any spike-
filled area. at the end, use Rush Coil to bounce up to the ladder, where you'll locate
a really easy set of disappearing blocks. There's only three, and you should get the
hang of it. If not, brave the sliding robot and use Rush Coil to bounce up to the 
ladder. Head up top to another easy set of disappearing blocks. Cross this set and fall
down the shaft at the bottom. Take out the two hopping robots and continue on down to
another watery section. Use the same tactic as before of floating across the water over
the spike sections until you see a small ledge above you.

"R" Rush Plate
You'll see this one in plain sight above you. Wait until the water lifts you up, then 
leap out and up to the small ledge to claim the circuit plate.

Drop back down and cross the remainder of this area, dealing with the mines, fish, and
AquaMets until you reach the ladder at the end. Climb it, deal with the Sidewalker in
the next room, and head on to the boss gate.

Burst Man Strategy
Burst Man requires a bit of fancy fingerwork if you're just using the Mega Buster. Start
off by getting a charged shot in, then work on weaving in between his three Danger Wrap
bombs (jump in between them). Once past all three, shoot him again with a charged shot,
and avoid any bombs on the ground. The battle will proceed like this for awhile, with
Burst Man occasionally gaining ground as he tries to hop across the room. After a third
of his meter is gone, he'll start firing bubbles at you that impede your progress in
avoiding his Danger Wrap attack. Quickly destroy these and keep firing at him. After 
he's down another third, he'll start creating bubble platforms that emerge from the
ground and accelerate towards the spike-lined ceiling, all at the same time firing the
bubbles and Danger Wrap. Keep a very close eye on what you have to dodge while firing
charged shots to stun and interrupt his attacks, and you should escape relatively un-
Later on, in the rematch battle, you can use the Freeze Cracker to attack him since it
rebounds, or the Scorch Wheel to set him ablaze, but you're really better off using the
Mega Buster.

6. Cloud Man's Stage:
You start off in the clouds, naturally. Head to the right while avoiding the bird
formations (shoot the first one to make the rest of them miss you), and cross the few
platforms. After a short while, robots will start flying out of the pits, so be care-
ful and look before jumping. At the end of this section, you'll meet another robot
bobbing up and down. Shoot it to make it flip up and start raining, or wait until its
high in the air, then slide off the edge of the platform and you can continue on with
clear skies. Head up the ladder to the upper level, and note the second of the bobbing
weather makers*. Then slide under the obstruction to land on a ledge beneath you. Destroy
the Sidewalker and deal with more of the bird formations and robots flying out of pits. 
Eventually, you'll reach a section similar to Air Man's stage in Mega Man 2 - the part 
where you ride the cloud platforms. Defeat the floating cannons and leap to each of the 
cloud platforms as you come in range, then proceed back to solid ground. The next part
is done over invisible ledges (or they're snowed over if you used the Freeze Cracker on
the second weather drone).

"U" Rush Plate
This one also requires the Freeze Cracker; when you encounter the second weather drone
after the first ladder, shoot it with the Cracker to make it start snowing. The snow
will reveal these ledges and allow you to access them. When you reach the area where
a ledge is high above you, use Rush Coil to bounce up to the ledge, then climb up the
ladder. Now either leap from ledge to ledge or use Rush Jet to fly across the area to
claim the Circuit Plate at the end.

After you finish this short section, ascend the platforms to the next level and back 
inside. Destroy the Sniper Joe inside and take the right-hand ladder if you need a 
quick energy refill, then head up the left-hand one to find some more rolling missile
launchers. As you defeat the second one, switch to Rush Coil.

Protoman Room # 1
Use Rush Coil to reach the ladder high up and climb it. Run to the other side where that
familiar whistle chimes and Protoman drops in to give you some advice about burning 
down trees in the forest...

Drop back down and head up the next few ladders to get back outside. In this final
stretch you have to deal with some Bomb Birds and giant fans that try to push you off
ledges. Defeat them from a distance, and destroy the Bomb Bird eggs to claim lots of
Bolts, and cross to the end to reach the boss gate.

Cloud Man Strategy
This Robot Master is a cinch with the Danger Wrap. As soon as the battle starts, let
him rise into the air, then fire off a Danger Wrap bomb so it rises and encases Cloud
Man in the bubble. It'll destroy his cloud, and send him crashing to the platform. The
whole attack takes off roughly a tenth of his life (about 4 or 5 units of energy). But
be careful of Cloud Man's retaliatory attack - he'll charge a powerful bolt of light-
ning and fire it on your location. The best way to avoid this is to watch as he starts
charging it up, and jump the second you see it. After that, encase him in another 
Danger Wrap and repeat the process until he's dead.

7. Junk Man's Stage:
As you start off in this factory stage, head to the right, jump over the pitfall and
avoid the fire from the Mets above you. Destroy any mechanical cockroaches in your way
and fall down the ladder. Defeat another roach nest and head into the elevator shaft.
In here, many flying Mets will attack you as they fly down - shoot them for Bolts and
other refills. Once the elevator stops, head out the right side and cross the first
molten steel pit. Deal with a few more cockroaches until you reach the river of molten
steel falling down the wall. The path branches here, so I'll write a walkthrough for
both parts.

****Path Branch 1 - Acquiring Rush Jet****
Jump up and over the molten river and take out the cockroach nest. Head back to solid 
ground and climb the ladder. Here, use the Thunder Bolt to activate the circuit box and 
start the chain platforms moving again. Ride the left-most ones, using the ladders if 
you feel safer. There's one section at the top where you reach a completely solid floor. 

Rush Jet Adapter
Wait here for the left-hand chain platform to catch up to you, then ride it up to the 
ladder at the top. Wait for the platform to pass you, then slide to claim the upgrade.
Drop back down to the solid platform to continue.

Climb up the right-hand ladder and quickly slide to the left side to avoid getting
crushed by the chain platforms and head into the next section. Cross the junk pits and
avoid the snake monster. At the end, you'll be able to continue onto another room with
platforms. The paths reconnect here, so the walkthrough will pick up again after the
description of the second path branch.

****Path Branch 2 - Acquiring Rush Plate**** 

"S" Rush Plate
Unfortunately, you'll need the Freeze Cracker for this one, so you can't get it on your
first pass (unless you change the order up a bit and fight Freeze Man first). Anyway,
use the Freeze Cracker to freeze the molten steel river and shatter it, then use the
newly-revealed passageway to reach a ladder. At the bottom, freeze another molten river
to your left to claim the Circuit Plate.

Once you've gotten the Circuit Plate, head back out and use Rush Jet (or hop across the 
sinking platforms if you don't have it) to cross the molten pit, then climb the ladder 
at the end. Head into the elevator, where more flying Mets will attack. At the top, 
climb the next two sets of ladders to reach an exit that you must slide to use. From 
here, the path reconnects, so the walkthrough will pick up below.

Remember, this is where the two paths reconnect, so everything until the boss gate will
be the same from here on out. This next section consists of riding platforms across a
large pit. If you're brave, you can try using Rush Jet to cross (if you have it), though
it's not recommended. Shoot the junk that lands atop each of the floating platforms and
then jump to each one. The ride takes a bit, but you'll eventually be able to jump back
to solid ground. Climb down the ladder, fight a Cannon enemy and two of the rotating
Cannons on the lower floor, and proceed into the next area to reach the boss gate.

Junk Man Strategy
Junk Man is incredibly easy. Start the battle off by shocking him with a Thunder Bolt,
then immediately slide as he leaps to the other side of the room. Sliding away also
allows you to dodge the piece of junk he throws down. As soon as he lands, fry him with
another Thunder Bolt and repeat the process until Junk Man explodes.

8. Freeze Man's Stage:
Freeze Man's stage is full of icy and slippery surfaces, so it's a good idea to watch
where you're going so you don't inadvertently slide into a pit or spike trap. Start
off by heading to the right up the few platforms. Along the way, you'll fight a giant
polar bear. Jump over the ice crystals while pounding it with the Mega Buster to kill
it, then move on. At the edge of the platform, do a running jump off the ice ledge to
land on an upper platform (or take the lower route and up the ladder, it doesn't really
matter), and climb up top to face another polar bear. Defeat it and move on into the
ice cave.
In here, quickly slide across the first patches of ice until you reach the spike pits
that look impossible to cross. Wait for the ceiling crawlers to drop their ice spikes,
then use the spikes as small ledges to cross the pits. At the end, you'll fight some 
robots that fly back and forth; shoot them when their backs are turned to defeat them.
After those two, you'll encounter a branch in the path.

"H" Rush Plate
Use Rush Coil to bounce up to the ice ledge and climb the ladder. Move quickly so the
ledges don't crumble underneath you. You'll see the Circuit Plate at the top, but you
have to do some quick and long jumping to reach it. Start by leaping left, then leap
to the ice ledge diagonally above you, then immediately turn and leap to the left once
more to land on the ledge holding the Circuit Plate.

Drop back down and climb down the ladder. Destroy the Sniper Joe as you work down. Once
you reach the very bottom, you'll move right until you encounter a large broken platform

Rush Search Adapter
Stay on the edge and jump to the platform in front of you, then activate Rush Jet and 
let him fly you across to where the Adapter sits on the far ledge. 

Now just drop down or use Rush Jet to cross back to the other side and start making
your way across the bottom section (heck, use Rush Jet again if you want to), then 
cross a few more platform sections until you reach another polar bear. Attack this one
the same as the last two, except watch out for his ice spike attack in which he drops
ice spikes from the ceiling. After he's defeated, claim the Energy Tank that he was
guarding, and climb up the ladder. The final stretch consists of sleds flying at you
with little Bob-omb creatures riding them. Shoot the sleds to make the bombs fly off
harmlessly, and head on past the next few of them.

Escape Unit
Use Rush Search a few Mega Man-widths to the left of the gate leading to Freeze Man to
dig this item up and add it to your arsenal.

Now just head on through the boss gate to challenge Freeze Man. 

Freeze Man Strategy
Freeze Man is almost as easy as Cloud Man. For the most part, Freeze Man merely runs
around the perimeter of the room, occasionally jumping so he can try to hit you with
his Freeze Cracker. Stay in close and just waste him with the Junk Shield to deal fast
and massive damage. Using this strategy will destroy Freeze Man in roughly 15 seconds.

9. Robot Museum Stage:
As you touch down, just head to the right until you reach the boss gate. Say hi to past
defeated friends as you go by. Once inside the door, you'll see Dr. Wily in the process
of stealing Guts Man (what is it with Wily and Guts Man anyway...). After that, Wily's
Clown mecha will challenge you.

Clown Robot Strategy
The Clown jumps around quite a bit and tries to land on you. The best strategy is to
fire a charged Mega Buster shot at the head to knock it loose, then switch to your
Danger Wrap and fire away at the head while the body bounces around aimlessly. Once the
Clown finds its head and reattaches it, merely repeat the strategy until you win. 
Beating this robot unlocks the second half of the game.

10. Slash Man's Stage:
Likely where resident MMN staffer Slash Raptor would feel most at home, Slash Man's
level takes place in a place reminiscent of Jurassic Park. As you start off, you'll 
have to tangle with a stegosaurus robot - shoot its head to cause damage. After you get
rid of it, head right to deal with some falling logs over waterfalls. The objective
should be to land on each log as it rises over the top of the fall to safely cross. 
You'll cross three sets before reaching solid ground again. Jump to the platforms to
avoid a fight with another stegosaurus, and climb the ladder. Avoid the robot at the
next junction and use the Super Adapter to fly to the left-hand ladder, and head right
once you reach the top. Keep the S. Adapter equipped as you hop onto the dinosaur's
back (velociraptor?). Stay on its back as it carries you safely across the spike traps,
and remember to jump off when necessary. At the end, jump to the ledge, and use the
Super Adapter to fly to the right to reach an Energy Tank, then head back left and
climb the ladders to the top. Immediately following, you'll be confronted by Slash Man's
pet, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. 

T-Rex Strategy
This mini-boss isn't too tough. Run away from it until you reach a set of platforms
at the end. Once there, climb up them and use Lightning Bolts on the Rex to fell him.
Try to have full life as the Rex will charge you occasionally and cause some damage.
Other than this, jump if the Rex's fireballs come at you, and keep hitting him. The PU 
Fist enhancement to the Super Adapter seemed to work fairly well, too.

Once you've put the Rex down, climb the ladder at the end to get to the forest section.
Deal with the miscellaneous robots, but avoid damaging the beehives at all costs - it's
quite distracting to have bee swarms constantly attacking you. Stop just before entering
the base complex.

You'll need the Scorch Wheel; once you have it from Turbo Man, use it to burn the last
tree in this section to reveal a hidden ladder. Climb up and shoot Beat's cage with your
Mega Buster to free him. Now you can get Beat Whistles from Auto, and use Beat to save
you from lethal plunges.

Continue on through the remainder of this level, stopping only to shoot the dinosaurs
if they hatch from their eggs, otherwise ignore them. You'll eventually reach the boss

Slash Man Strategy
Slash Man is another easy Robot Master to beat, although his quick-on-the-draw style of
fighting can throw less experienced players off. As he starts off leaping across the
room, turn him into a rather comical ice block by hitting him with the Freeze Cracker.
When he breaks out, he'll leap into the ceiling, and start dropping bubbles of red goo.
If you get hit by one, you'll be blinded; if you get stuck in one, you won't be able to
move, so either way you're going to get hit by Slash Man's diving attack. The best way
to avoid it completely is to run back and forth across the room. If you happen to see
one of the red blobs heading towards you, slide out of the way. Repeat this process of
freezing and dodging his diving attacks to beat him.

11. Spring Man's Stage:
Happy bouncy fun awaits here...or not, depending on if you get dizzy or not. Remember
that by holding down the Jump button, you'll soar to new heights. Drop down and head
to the right, defeating the coil-like robots in your path. Use the springs to leap
over the spike traps, and destroy the cannons in your path, as well. Head into the
next section and start making your way down through the spring-infested halls below.
Drop down the tunnel at the bottom and just follow the straight path through all the
enemies and springs to reach a ladder at the end. Climb up and head right to reach a
huge room. Head up to the upper level, and stop before the first boxer block.

Hyper Bolt
Take the path leading the upper-left area, and hop on the boxer block to cause the
fist to punch the wall away and gain access to a new room. Once inside, just use the
Super Adapter to fly to the Hyper Bolt. With this, you'll get a wider selection and
reduced prices at Auto's.

Head back down and try to stick to the upper areas of the room; the ladder you need is
at the far right. Use the Super Adapter to fly across some chasms if it's easier for 
you to cross, and use the trampolines to reach the ladder at the far end. Climb up
and work your way around to the boss gate.

Spring Man Strategy
Spring Man is so easy you can beat him without taking so much as a single hit. Start
the fight off by hitting him as he bounces across the room with the Slash Claw. As he
recovers, he'll bounce again, then bounce once more high in the air. As he does so,
he'll throw out one of his arm coils. Slide to avoid it, then immediately slide the
opposite direction to avoid the second arm coil. As he lands, whip him again with a
Slash Claw attack, and then simply repeat the process all over again until he has been
put down.

12. Shade Man's Stage:
The stage begins outside the cathedral, full of little birds and zombies rising from
the dead. Spooky. Head to the right, shooting down the zombies as you go, and drop down
the tunnel at the end. Grab the Bolt if you so desire, and climb down the ladder. The
next section has some little knight heads that drop down every two statues, so deal
with them and move on. The next part of the level has you fighting some more black 
birds as you ascend upwards. Eliminate them with the Mega Buster to reach the top,
where you have to contend with Bubble Bats and spiked chain platforms. Wait until the
platforms have come down and are on the way back up before attempting to cross, and
shoot the Bats out of the air from a distance. Before long, you'll reach a gate leading
to the stage mini-boss.

Giant Pumpkin Strategy
Now, here is where the stage can branch paths. Depending on how you defeat this mini-
boss, you can take one of two paths. The pumpkin has two shells, a purple outer one
and an orange inner one. Defeat the purple one to head right, and the orange one to 
head down. Either one is vulnerable to Mega Buster fire, so just avoid the pumpkin as
it hops around (sliding under its final jump is a good idea), then pepper it with
fire of your own to defeat it. Make sure to aim carefully to make sure you destroy the
desired shell.

****Path Branch 1: Destroyed the Inner Shell****
A hole will open in the floor. Drop down and defeat the Sniper Joe, then head through
the invisible wall to the right.

Protoman Room # 3 / Proto Shield
This is where you'll fight Protoman, but only if you've visited the other two rooms
in a single game sitting first. So only come here after you've visited him in Cloud
and Turbo Man's stages. Once here, Protoman will automatically appear to challenge you.

Protoman Strategy
Protoman is quite predictable, though his attacks can eat chunks off your life meter
if you're not fast enough to avoid him. Protoman mostly spends his time dash-ramming
you and firing his Arm Cannon. He will almost always block your shots, so you must
be careful only to shoot when he's firing or jumping. His final attack is to charge his
Proto Buster to fire off a huge blast that can be easily dodged. Keep pounding away at
Protoman and you'll teach him who "Father made stronger", and Protoman will surrender
his Shield to you. See the appropriate section for more detail on this new weapon.

After you've gotten the Shield (or not, depending on if you fought Protoman), head down
the ladder and progress through the next few downward-leading sections until you reach
a totally dark room. You'll have to cross semi-invisible platforms, so use the Thunder
Bolt to illuminate sections or Rush Jet to cross with ease. At the end, enter an ele-
vator section and start riding up. On your ascent, you'll stop at various levels to
battle zombies - just eliminate them with the Slash Claw. Once you finally reach the
top, the paths will reconnect, so the trip will be the same.

****Path Branch 2: Destroyed Outer Shell****
Exit through the gate to the right and grab the powerups as you climb up the ensuing
ladders. At the top, deal with a Treble-like robot, and start winding through a section
that now leads downward. Midway through, you'll reach a portrait of Dr. Wily.

Energy Balancer
Use Rush Search right below the portrait to dig up this handy item. Rush's digging is
a bit fine-tuned, so it may take more than one attempt.

Head past here, climb down the ladder, and fall through the tunnel to reach the point
where the path split reconnects.

Remember, the paths reconnect here, so the trip is the same from here on out. Proceed
to the right through the remainder of the cathedral and you'll run into an injured
Bass. A short conversation ensues as Mega Man insists that Bass is a valuable ally
(Pbthh...) and that Dr. Light will be glad to help fix him. After Bass and Treble tele-
port away, head to the right to reach the boss gate.

Shade Man Strategy
Shade Man has a bit of an odd pattern that you must avoid. The Wild Coil works best,
and you can charge it up for better effect, however, dodging all of his swooping attacks
sometimes proves difficult. Try the Super Adapter instead; if equipped with the PU
Fist upgrade, you'll deal equivalent damage, and be able to soar over his swoops, as
well as have the added bonus of a seeking fist. Keep pounding Shade Man, but be wary
that if he does grab you, he'll refill his own life meter by draining yours.

13. Turbo Man's Stage:
This stage starts off outside. Head to the right, while firing at the Joe driving the
giant mechatruck. Destroy it to move on. Inside the hanger, destroy the cones as you
head up. At the top, you'll have to cross a hazardous section filled with spike traps,
enemies, and tires moving along the ceiling that can shove you to an untimely doom.
The best way to get through is to stand on the edge of each section and leap just as
the tires pass by overhead. After you get through here, you'll wind up in a vertical
section with stoplight ledges. Climb to the second one, defeat the enemies there, and
use the Super Adapter to fly to the ledge.

Rocket Punch Upgrade
Land on the second stoplight ledge and have Rush Search dig this item up. With it,
the fist attack on the Super Adapter can seek out enemies and fly farther.

Protoman Room # 2
Keep heading upwards, and climb into the next screen. Then fall down and *through* the
right hand wall. As you fall through, Protoman will appear to inquire as to whether
or not you've found the parts for the Super Adapter.

Exit out and continue heading back upwards. The next section is a tough part with some
fire jets that can cause serious damage if you're not careful. Just slide through the
section until you reach the end. The next part is a quick vertical drop similar to
Quick Man's stage; except here you have to contend with fire blasts instead of insta-
kill Force Beams. Still, slide quickly to make it through, and fall onto the cargo
truck at the bottom. Make your way right until you reach the face, then pelt away at
the eyes will avoiding the missiles that fly at you. Eventually, you'll destroy the
truck, and it's a simple trek to the right to reach the boss gate.

Turbo Man Strategy
Another Robot Master with a bit of a tough pattern to predict, Turbo Man is fast on the
draw, and deals massive amounts of collision damage. The Noise Crush is the optimum
weapon for this fight, but you'll want to increase its effectiveness by using the trick
for it described below by bouncing it off the wall behind you, absorbing the wave, then
firing the enhanced shot off at Turbo Man. Doing so will stun him and keep him from 
using his assorted attacks (if he gets off a Scorch Wheel, you'll burn for several
seconds). Once he's stunned, count to four or carefully listen for the screeching tires
sound, then leap out of the way as Turbo Man accelerates across the room in his race-
car form. Turn and repeat, using an Energy Tank if need be (practice so you don't have
to, though; in the final stage, you'll want all the energy you can possesss).

14. Dr. Wily's Castle, Stage 1:
The game starts getting tougher around this point. From the start, head across the
top of the bridge until you get inside the fortress. Make your way inside, dealing
with the multitudes of cannon enemies. Eventually you'll reach a section with rotating
platforms. Bypass this part by taking the ground path and use the Super Adapter to
fly up to the high wall. Climb the two ladders and you'll reach a part where the 
lights wink on and off. Not a good sign...on top of that you have Fanmachines trying
to pull you or push you away. Attack from a distance, and head on into the next
section. Slide to get the energy refill, and climb down the ladder. Hang on the rungs
to kill the tire thrower, then fly up and over the large obstruction and fall down
the tunnel. For the next section, I will illustrate a "cheating" method. You will face
more spinning platforms, as well as more on and off light sections. Use the spinning
ledges to get to the first piece of solid ground, eliminate the floating cannon, and
simply use Rush Jet to fly to the other side. Have a Beat Whistle in reserve in case
you get knocked out of the sky near the end, and climb up the ladder at the end. Now,
the next part is a bit more complex. You have to ascend vertically while dealing with
the spinning platforms. From the first one, wait until it starts moving horizontally,
then use the Super Adapter to fly up and over to the right to reach the solid ledge.
Keep jumping to trigger the lights and map out a path to the ladder above you. It can
get tough, but with practice, you'll make it up. Climb up the ladder at the top and
head to the right to reach the boss gate.

Gutsdozer mk-II Strategy
Wily has stolen GutsMan from the Robot Museum and modified him into a new form of the
Gutsdozer. You'll mainly want to watch out for the two main attacks, as well as speed
through the battle since the ceiling is collapsing the entire time. Gutsdozer's first
attack is to chunk slabs of rock at you. Stand about midway across the room and use
the Slash Claw to swipe them back at Gutsdozer. Keep doing this and you won't have to
deal with his secondary grabbing attack too much. Supplement your attacks with the
Mega Buster or the Wild Coil (charged) and you'll put Gutsman out of commission once

15. Dr. Wily's Castle, Stage 2:
As you start off here, head to the right and climb the ladder at the end. Head up and
right to reach a small vertical section. Climb the ladders to reach the top, then use
the Super Adapter to fly over a pit just a hair too long for you to jump over (or use
Rush Jet). Climb up the right hand ladder for an energy pickup, and head up the next
ladder. Head right some more to reach a gate, where you'll run into Bass. Now punish
him for lying to you.

Bass & Treble Strategy
So, Bass has acquired the parts for the Super Adapter, eh? Counter his attacks by 
using your own friendly version of it, and this fight will be a piece of cake. Have 
one or two Energy Tanks in case Bass lands some cheap shots, and use the Rocket Punch
upgrade to help your fist seek Bass out. Keep flying upwards while consistently firing
and you'll defeat Bass before long.

After you've put down Bass, exit out to the right, and start ascending the spike filled
vertical corridor. Immediately following is yet another large vertical one, so hop 
up the various platforms to reach the ladder at the top. Climb up, go up another ladder,
and head through another platforms-over-spike traps section, and up the last ladder to
reach the boss gate.

Mecha Turtle Strategy
Use the Wild Coil here, and charge it up. When the Turtle pokes its head out from its
carapace, fire off the charged springs to damage it. Watch out for the Turtle when it
flies at you, and slide under it to dodge. Shoot down the miniature turtles with your
Mega Buster or Slash Claw so they're not a real annoyance, and finally, jump (or use the
Super Adapter to fly around) when the Turtle starts breathing fire. All in all, not too
hard of a battle, but have an Energy Tank on hand, just in case.

16. Dr. Wily's Castle, Stage 3:
This level is hellish, to be sure. It's mostly vertical, so you'll have to deal with
many aerial threats here. Start off going up by climbing the various ladders to reach
the top. Head to the right across the suspended platforms and into another ladder-
filled vertical corridor. Climb up, leap across a few more pitfalls and climb up some
more. At the top of this next section, proceed to the right to reach a very mean set
of disappearing blocks. Try using Rush Jet to make your life easier. Once you've
finished this section, the path can split.

****Path Branch 1: Upper Path****
Use the Super Adapter to reach the upper (easier) path. Proceed up and across another
set of disappearing blocks, and grab the nearby pickups. Drop down to face a smaller
version of the Mecha Turtle, like the ones found in Slash Man's stage. Defeat it and
drop down the tunnel he was guarding, and you'll land right in front of the boss gate.

****Path Branch 2: Lower Path****
This path is much tougher, and resembles one of the Castle stages from Mega Man 2, in
a sense. As you drop down the pit, you'll have to thread a very nasty drop through a
spike-lined corridor. Try to stay directly center and you won't have to dodge all that
much. At the bottom, head left for a 1-Up, and then go to the right. Leap across the
pit of spikes and into the next room, where you'll face a reincarnation of the Crab
mini-boss from Burst Man's stage. Defeat it as you did before, and, as before, the 
ceiling spikes will get blown away, and you'll float to the top. Watch yourself very
carefully here as the spikes are rather close together. Start from the right and as you
reach the upside down "U" arrangement, start floating left to safely make it to the
top. At the top, just climb the ladder and head right to reach the boss gate.

Ninja Mask Strategy
This is a major pain of a boss. Have all four Energy Tanks in case you need to use
them, and make sure you can rapidly swap weapons. Fire at the head with the Mega Buster
or Wild Coil when not right up next to it, and ride the missiles it shoots to get up
in its face and hack away with the Slash Claw. The Mask will often fire a dangerous
laser attack; slide all the way right to dodge it, and just keep moving so as not to
get trampled by the Mask as it tries to run you down. Alternate methods of beating
this monstrosity are to use the Junk Shield when right up close (you don't have to be
as close as with the S. Claw), and using Rocket Punch and Super Adapter to score some

17. Final Stage:
Here it is: the final level. It helps to have all possible energy reserves filled, as
the battles ahead are very tough. (Use the Ultimate Password shown below if you think 
it'll help - this level is hard even after using it). You'll start off in the teleport 
room. It's larger than others, but you use an elevator to reach the various Robot 
Masters. The diagram goes like this:

			Freeze Man	Slash Man

			Junk Man	Cloud Man

			Turbo Man	Spring Man
			Shade Man	Burst Man

Once you have conquered the Robot Masters a second time, you'll warp to the final area.
Collect the nearby powerups, and drop down to the first battle with Wily.

Dr. Wily Strategy, Phase 1
This form is intentionally easy, probably to lure you into a false sense of security.
Anyway, you must strike Wily's Skullpod in the eyes to deal damage, and avoid it as
it hops/leaps/bounces across the room. The Skull Stilters he drops complicates this
just a bit, but Wily does have an ever-so-slight pattern. Wily tends to drop on whatever
side you are standing on, so if you stand to the left side, you can usually just cause
him to bounce across the room (and thus, just slide under him), though he will break
this every now and then. Practice here until you can get through taking only 1 or 2
hits to save as much power for the last fight.

Dr. Wily Strategy, Phase 2
OK, now it gets *extremely* tough. You *will* need all four Energy Tanks, 1 Super Tank,
and possibly all four Weapon Tanks to refill your weapons as you go. Wily chooses the
disappearing routine again, but this time he appears at random and is very nasty with
his elemental attacks. He has three - Fire, Ice, and Thunder. Fire will set you aflame
and burn you for several seconds, Ice will encase you in an ice block (after which you
will get hit by Wily's incoming hail of fire), and Thunder will just stun you momentar-
ily. If you cannot avoid them, you must try to get hit by Thunder as it cause the least
amount of damage, and strike Wily with the Freeze Cracker when he appears (remember,
it's directional), or the Wild Coil (Charge it up), or fly around using the Super 
Adapter to hit him mid-air. Of the three, Freeze Cracker is the most reliable. Try to
remember that you can sometimes slide in between the element orbs, and then you must
jump the energy bullets that come down and travel along the floor. If you can success-
fully dodge him while inflicting damage of your own, you will emerge victorious.

18. Boss Weapons:
- Danger Wrap - Mega Man will fire bubble-encased bombs, or alternately can encase
  enemies in the bubbles. Pretty handy for some situations.
- Thunder Bolt - Mega Man fires off bolts of electricity that stun some enemies, and can
  activate some machinery types.
- Junk Shield - Another typical shield, circlets of junk surround Mega Man. As before,
  he can fire it off early, or it can fire itself off in diagonal directions after 
  absorbing too much damage.
- Freeze Cracker - A handy multi-directional weapon, Mega Man fires an ice shot that
  naturally freezes things. Its handiness comes in that it can fire in six directions.
- Slash Claw - A very short-range weapon, Mega Man creates a short burst of energy with
  his fist.
- Wild Coil - Mega Man tosses out springs to either side of him. He can charge this
  weapon like he does his Mega Buster to make the springs larger and bounce higher.
- Noise Crush - Mega Man fires off a sonic wave that can disorient a few robot enemies.
  An added use is that Mega Man can absorb a wave if he fires it at a wall, and then
  fire off a larger shot.
- Scorch Wheel - So unlike its name, Mega Man fires off a circle of flaming orbs. It
  can set some things aflame, and burn other objects.

19. The Proto Shield:
You can acquire this sub-weapon by completing the requirements mentioned in the stage
walkthroughs (find Protoman in each of his three rooms, then defeat him in Shade Man's
level). Once you have it, you can use it as an alternate weapon of sorts, though there
are a few things you may want to know first.
1. Mega Man can only block attacks from the front. Ideally, it would protect his back
   while he's running, but we can't be perfect, now can we?
2. Mega Man cannot charge his Buster while using it, only fire normal shots.
3. Some enemies don't get blocked by the shield, and pass right through it. Some type
   of collision glitch, I'd imagine.
So, in short, is it worth getting? Sure. But is it worth using? That might be another

20. Secrets and Tips:
1. Password to Wily's Castle (all items except Proto Shield): 7853-5856-2245-7515.
2. Password that makes all eight Robot Masters available from start: 1755-8187-6486-2322.
   Note: Using this will give invalid passwords until the initial four are beaten.
3. Press SELECT on the Stage Select Screen to visit Big Eddie's and buy powerups.
4. Easy Bolt Pick-Ups:
   Go to Cloud Man's stage and stop before the last section leading to the boss gate. 
   Just past the part leading outside will be a regenerating Bomb Bird. Shoot the egg it
   drops as it hits the ground, collect all the pick-ups, then scroll back to the left 
   and repeat. Within about 10 minutes I had refilled all my meters, gotten 9 lives, and
   999 Bolts.
5. Using Rush Search in various places will occasionally net giant versions of large
   energy capsules or Bolts. The Ultra Energy ones refill your whole meter, and the
   giant Bolts are worth 100 units of the currency. Keep Rush's nose peeled.
6. Special Alternate Music: 
   Before beating Shade Man, press and hold B when selecting him, and you'll get a 
   different "Chosen" theme as well as a new stage tune. Both new tracks are remixed 
   from another Capcom title, "Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts".
7. A few of the Master Weapons have alternate uses to them. Try testing them out to 
   get different effects. Here's a list of some of the more useful ones:
   - Freeze Cracker - You can fire this in 4 directions, and also freeze lava rivers.
   - Thunder Bolt - Electrically charge dead machinery and power it up.
   - Danger Wrap - Encase enemies in the bubble and then blow them up (!).
   - Scorch Wheel - Set stuff on fire.
   - Wild Coil - Charge it up for a larger shot.
   - Noise Crush - Fire it at a wall, let Mega Man absorb the rebound, and then press B 
     again to fire a much larger wave.
8. Ultimate Password:
   Generally given as a reward for beating the game, this password will give you every 
   item in the book: 4 Energy Tanks, 4 Weapon Tanks, 1 Super Tank, every single upgrade 
   to your suit, plus the Proto Shield, and on top of that, it'll start you off at 
   Wily's Castle, Stage 4: 1415-5585-7823-6251. Don't get cocky, I'll quote Slash Raptor
   here by saying "there's something to be said about a game where you can get a PW that
   gives you every item and starts you on the last level, and you still be in for a 
   challenge with the boss". Alternately, hold L and R as you press Start to activate 
   the next trick in the list.
9. Special "Street Fighter" Bonus Mode:
   Enter the above password and press L and R while pressing Start to initiate a bonus 
   mode in which you can control either Mega Man or Bass and simulate another famous 
   Capcom franchise, Street Fighter. A couple of notes here:
   - The game is only 2 player, meaning you must have 2 controllers. There is no option
     to fight a computer opponent.
   - A few of the old Street Fighter combos work in this game, but I've found a lot of
     them to be random and finicky. The Hadoken (below) seems to be the only one that
     ever works reliably.
   - Input the Hadoken sequence (Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Fire) and Mega Man will
     execute a quick Slash Claw-ish attack, and Bass will do an oddly animated Rising
     Kick move.
   - Mega Man can essentially Charge Kick his opponent by hitting Down twice in rapid
     succession in order for it to work.
   - If playing as Bass, you can make him air-dash by pressing Left or Right while he's
     in mid-jump.
   - Press Up twice for a "faintwarp" move in which your character flickers for a few
     moments. Like in the actual games, this move will grant you brief invincibility
     as if you had been hit.

21. Legal:
This guide must always be shown in full form with credit given to the author, and a link
and credit must be given to Mega Man Network (http://megaman.retrofaction.com/). All 
associated characters and games are copyright to Capcom.