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Mega Man 7: Battle Mode & Strategy Guide (SNES, included in 'Megaman 
Anniversary Collection' for GCN, Xbox and PS2)

Version: 1.47

By HeoandReo (Herb S. W. Richardson) (


9-05-07: Started Guide

17-05-07: Version 1.0 complete.

24-05-07: Welp, my first version came up. And I realized I forgot an entire 
'sectionette'! AAAAAGGGHH!!! Aside from that, I add little extra tidbits 
here and there. Put my email in other places to add extra infringement 

24-06-07: Added 2 more strategies, Tier List.

9-1-08: Added a new site to those who may host the guide.

22-1-08: Added another site to those who may host my guide.

As of current, only these sites may host my guide: + affiliates + affiliates + affiliates + affiliates + affiliates

If I find this guide somewhere else, or someone points me to another place 
that has my guide, I will quite pleasantly ask you to remove it from their 
site at once. Then I will pleasantly ask again if I get a resounding 'No.' If 
not, then I will seek legal action somehow. Not like anyone would want to 
steal a crappy minigame guide, but you never know.

Stealing from my guide doesn't mean that even words like 'I' or 'they' count. 
It also doesn't mean using the same strategy or following the same route. But 
it does constitute if another guide borrows my advice, word-for-word. I will 
proceed to do what I stated above, and again, if not, I'll provide legal 
action somehow.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
	1a. Introduction
	1b. Controls
	1c. Differences between versions

2. Usable Characters and Special Moves
	2a. Megaman
	2b. Bass

3. Strategies and Tactics (More to be added)
	3a. Berserker (Offense)
	3b. Hawk (Offense)
	3c. Coward (Defense)
	3d. Cherry-Picker (Defense)
	3e. Keep-Away (Defense)
	3f. Combo Master (Offense)
	3g. Sneak (Offense)
	3h. Charger (Offense)

3.5. Character & Strategy Tier List

4. Credits
	4a. People who I give props to

1. Introduction

1a. Introduction

So you've had your fun with Mega Man 7, eh? You've experimented with all the 
weapons, know how to get everything, and can probably beat the game in its 
entirety with your eyes closed. Okay, maybe you can't, but hey, a man can 

So now you're bored to death of skimming through Burst Man's chemical ocean, 
and maybe you feel sick of beating the Robot Masters with new weapons to 
'see what it's like.' Anyway, when you beat the game, you'll get a code you 
can enter to activate Battle Mode when you hold L & R(SNES), X & Y(Gamecube), 
X & B(Xbox), or Circle and Square (PS2) at the same time. Or if you're lazy 
and/or impatient, just check in the Cheats section. C'mon, it's not 
that excruciatingly hard. They have those for a reason. Sheesh.

Eh, I'll stop being rude. For now, at least. So pop in your game, and give 
Battle Mode a shot. At least this guide'll have a use now.

Fine, I'll be nice. The password... is...


There. You happy?

1b. Controls

Jump: B(SNES, Gamecube), A(Xbox), X(PS2)
Shoot: Y(SNES), A(Gamecube), X(Xbox), Square(PS2)
Move: Control/Digital Pad (All versions)

1c. Differences Between Versions

Well, the pictures of Megaman running from Wily's base, as well as the 
pictures of the Robot Masters are stupidly omitted from the ending in MMAC. 
The music also appears to be missing bass sound, and is therefore literally 
half-assed, but eh, could be just my version.


2. Usable Characters and Special Moves

2a. Megaman

Our favourite little Blue Bomber is back, except he's decided to either go 
against Bass or himself in a heart-to-heart talk... er... fight. Dr. Light's 
most famous creation, Megaman has saved the earth from the evil Dr. Wily time 
and time again, absorbing the powers of evil robots a la Kirby. Except now, 
all he gets is his trusty arm cannon, as well as some special moves. Fight, 
Megaman! For everlasting peace!

Costume 1: Light blue suit, blue helmet, gloves, boots & underpants.
Costume 2: Whitish-grey suit, red helmet, gloves, boots & underpants.

Special Moves:
Slide: (Down twice, Jump) Kills opponent in 9-10 hits. 3 damage.

The Slide is a staple of Megaman, from 3 onwards. This time, it does damage. 
This baby can allow you to dodge normal shots, and you can move quickly into 
your opponent. It doesn't allow you to dodge charged shots, though. 4/5.

Slash Claw: (Down-Forward, Fire) Kills opponent in 9-10 hits. 3 damage.

Megaman's 'anti-air' attack. It does good damage, but it's not really good, 
because it moves just ahead of Megaman for about a half-stage length before 
it goes up. Very situational. 2.5/5.

Evasion Beam: (Up twice) Allows Megaman to dodge shots. No damage.

Another staple of the game. This baby allows you to dodge any damage for a 
few seconds. You can do it in the air, and while charging, too! Its only 
con is that you can still easily get caught in a shot in the lag created from 
de-activating it. 4/5.


2b. Bass

Megaman's persistant rival, introduced in this game. Created with a 
mysterious substance, called 'Bassnium', he can equal Megaman's power. In a 
way, he's a bit of a duplicate. Despite his failing to ultimately defeat 
Megaman again and again, I gotta admit, I admire his determination to do so. 
Sometimes, he's actually helped Megaman, and sometimes he'll fight evil, too. 
But he never, ever does so for the benefit of mankind. Just to fight Megaman 
again. He's obsessed. So now's his chance to finally defeat Megaman (Or an 
evil twin of himself) in a one-on-one all-out brawl!

Costume 1: Grey suit, black armour and underpants, yellow headpiece.
Costume 2: Grey suit, black armour and underpants, purple headpiece.

Special Moves:
Air Dash: (Forward twice, Fire in air) Kills opponent in 7-8 hits. 4 damage.

Bass can Air Dash for massive damage here. I think it gives him some 
temporary invincibility. It makes him move forward a fair amount. If you're 
really skilled, you can do one close to the ground to rush into your enemy. 
However, it has a bit of lag afterwards. It's worth it, though. 4.5/5.

Flying Kick: (Forward, Down-'Down-Forward', Fire) Kills opponent in 9-10 hits.
3 damage.

What comes up must come down. In this case, Bass gets an awesome move 
balanced out with a kinda crappy one. Bass's 'anti-air' attack. It's a little 
difficult for a first-timer to do, though, and it has bad range. It's good 
for kicks (Ha ha ha I made a funny) for a victory dance. 2/5.

Evasion Beam: (Up twice) Allows Bass to dodge shots. No damage.

Another staple of the game. This baby allows you to dodge any damage for a 
few seconds. You can do it in the air, and while charging, too! Its only 
con is that you can still easily get caught in a shot in the lag created from 
de-activating it. 4/5.


There are subtle differences in the character's shots and evasion. Bass is 
slightly bigger, so he can get hit easier. Bass's shots are also bigger, but 
a little slower than Megaman's, in my experience.


3. Strategies and Tactics

If you have any other usable thing to do, send it o'er and you'll be thanked 
be it works!

3a. Berserker (Offense)

My sister's personal favourite tactic, this basically consists of firing 
normal shots repeatedly at the opponent. Despite it sounding simple, it is 
strangely effective, and can do a hefty amount of damage in a short time if 
you're not careful.

Character it's best for: Both

Taking Advantage: Rush down to your opponent quickly, either with a Slide or 
Air Dash. This is a good start, as these attacks can do a fair amount of 
hurt to the other android. Then, ignore everything else and pepper them with 
normal shots. You can only shoot 1 at a time, so take advantage of the fact 
your opponent absorbs your shots. You'll probably take a fair amount of 
damage, but being a berserker is good for annoying your opponent or if you 
don't have much life to spare, and want to go down fighting. Try to get them 
in either corner, as it is very, very difficult to escape from there.

Countering: Quite simply, you can shoot back to try to stun the opponent. 
That can work on occasions. Also, make do with invincibility given when 
you've been shot enough, as the basic stuns don't offer enough invincibility 
to escape or even move. If you do escape, run the heck away, and prepare a 
charged shot, or if you have health to spare, run over to them and make them 
see how it feels! HUH?!?! HOW DO YA LIKE THAT, PUNK!


3b. Hawk (Offense)

The Hawk is the master of the skies. You attack from the air, either with 
charged shots or special moves. Since Megaman has no special attacks usable 
in the air, Bass is probably your best bet for this strategy, which is doubly 
good, as Bass's Air Dash is the most powerful attack here.

Character it's best for: Bass

Taking Advantage: Jump around, doing Air Dashes, or other shots, depending on 
the character. It's best if you jump onto the highest platform and strike 
your opponent as you descend. Bass can control the air by doing frequent Air 
Dashes to prevent falling and to deal heavy damage.

Countering: You think the 'anti-air' moves I mention are good? Hahahahahayou-
makemelaughhahahahaha. Well, you can still do the normal and charged shots to 
deal fair damage to the enemy. You can try an anti-air if you want, but you'd 
better practice with those moves before doing anything drastic.


3c. Coward (Defense)

This guy just runs away. Both characters can do this via the Slide and the 
Air Dash, but they have different purposes in this context. Nonetheless, I 
think this is self-explanitory.

Character it's best for: Megaman on ground, Bass in air

Taking Advantage: Stay as far away from your opponent as you can. Slide and 
Air Dash as needed.

Countering: If it's Megaman, just deal some charged shots at him. Megaman's 
Slide can't avoid those, for some reason. If it's Bass, wait until he gets 
into range where you can get him. If he uses the Air Dash, get the heck out 
of the way until he's done. Then shoot him. If they're jumping, it's easy to 
time unless they beam for defense.


3d. Cherry-Picker (Defense)

As my friend Stewart says, a cherry-picker, as he calls it, is a person or 
player who just stays in an area and does pretty much nothing but prepare. 
(In my words, a staller) In this game, the upper platforms are a viable 
'cherry-picking' area, as you can just jump or beam to avoid shots and charge 
a shot in safety. That'll make for an annoying and long match.

Character it's best for: Both

Taking Advantage: This is similar to the 'Coward' strategy, except 
aforementioned coward stays in one place. Anyway, jump everywhere, between 
platforms, onto and from them, and any and everywhere. Throw in a few Slides 
and Air Dashes for good measure. Charge a few shots and fire, also.

Countering: Since they're going to do mostly jumping, you have to search for 
a jumping pattern, and shoot as needed. It's all in the timing.


3e. Keep-Away (Defense)

Just shoot stuff to keep the opponent as far away from you as possible. This 
seems like a clone of the 'Coward' strategy, except you shoot at them, too.

Character it's best for: Both

Taking Advantage: Do everything it says for Coward, except shoot more and 

Countering: Do everything it says for Coward, except be prepared to dodge 
more shots and attacks.


3f. Combo Master (Offense)

This is a strategy which involves doing attacks in tandem with shots to 
'combo' your opponent. And while you can't really combo in the likes of say, 
Street Fighter, you can at least do some solid damage. I tend to find Megaman 
easier to combo with, due to his Slide being fairly versatile and quick.

Character it's best for: Megaman

Taking Advantage: Experiment with attacks and charge shots to quickly stun 
your opponent and deal damage. My personal favourite is having Megaman Slide 
and then unleash a charged shot on the unwitting opponent. Bass can also do 
something similar with the Air Dash, I think, except you can't use a charged 

Countering: Put on a charged shot and practice your moves to get in the way 
of a combo-happy player. Megaman for some reason or another, isn't guarded 
from the Charge Shot when sliding, and Bass can just be avoided with his Air 
Dash and promptly pummelled.


3g. Sneak (Offense)

You've gotta be a sneaky sneaker to use this best. The Sneak is like the Spy, 
or the Assassin. He launches small shots or charged ones at inoppurtune times 
at you, and he's difficult to nail due to his frequent moving target status. 
This is a fairly good strategy, as you can smack your opponent and they can't 
do jack back.

Character it's best for: Both, but Megaman's shots are slightly faster.

Taking Advantage: This particular strategy can irritate an opponent very much.
 Basically, you jump pretty much anywhere, while charging, and release as 
needed. It can also be used to strike the nuisance Cherry-Pickers by charging 
and releasing mid-jump to a platform or to hit fallers.

How to Counter: Jump. A lot. And keep moving. That way, there is no 
definitive place where the Sneak may hit you often. Counter with shots of 
your own. It may be too dangerous to go up close, so don't bother with that.


3h. Charger (Offense)

This it the basic guy who charges his shots and fires. He'll jump, he'll 
evade, and he's send Charge Shots to your jugular. However, this is a very 
simple and basic strategy, and while good for scoring early damage, is easily 

Character it's best for: Both.

Taking Advantage: Very simple. Hold Fire, release. Jump around. Ook, ook.

How to Counter: Do same thing. Hold Fire, release. Also jump around. Ook, ook.
 Nonetheless, it is still pretty easy to counter with pretty much anything. 
Just be careful when they jump and fire.


3.5 Character & Strategy Tier List

Character Tiers:

Both are about the same, but Megaman's combo-ability, speed, and size win him 
out here.

Strategy Tiers:

Berserker Megaman/Bass
Combo Master Megaman
Hawk Bass
Cherry Picker
Combo Master Bass
Keep Away
Coward Bass
Coward Megaman

Ultimately, the Berserker strategy is annoying, but very usable, and difficult
 for most to escape. Megaman can combo fairly well, while Bass controls the 
skies, while doing as much as possible to avoid your opponent does nada.


4. People who I give props to

Me, for writing this, heehee!
My friends Landon and Brian, for inspiring me to get the Anniversary 
Collection, and Landon again for creating the 'Sneak' tactic.
My sister, for providing the Berserker fighting style.
DBean and TantrumBull, for providing controls for the PS2 and Xbox versions, 
Stewart, for introducing to me the term; 'cherry-picker'
841 Nagger, Monkey, 2m 50cm Man, and Helpers F and M, among others, for 
making Megaman 7.
And of course, Capcom all staff.


And remember! In case you find this guide somewhere else, it belongs to 
HeoandReo (, and may only be used on GameFAQs, 
GameSpot, Neoseeker, Supercheats and their affiliates.

This guide copyright HeoandReo( I'm just 
keeping check of copyrights!) 2007, Megaman 7 copyright of Capcom 1995, 
Megaman Anniversary Collection copyright of Capcom 2004-2005.