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Subject: Mega Man 7 FAQ v2.2 - EB found
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        Procyon Lotor present the:
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                F A Q   v1.2
      <a. k. a. Rock Man 7 FAQ, v2.2>
      *** Now with Versus Mode code ***

WHAT'S NEW: Correct Versus mode info (correct code, Treble's 3rd move)
            Hidden BGM in Shade Man's stage!!!  (See Shade Man)
            Location of Energy Balancer.

This FAQ was made possible by the following people:
Griffon: octavian@phantom.com
Ryouga: ryouga@delphi.com
Leet Wai Leong Simon: leetwail@iscs.nus.sg 
and of course, my self,
Procyon: procyon@netcom.com

        Welcome to the FAQ based on Mega Man 7.  The game was 
released a while ago as Rockman 7, and I have played both 
extensivly and I am here to share the goodies with all of you.
WARNING!  If you do not want to know much about the game before
you play it, DO NOT READ THIS NOW.  If you are playing the game
however, please dig in.  I hope I can help.  As usual, please direct
any information that is incorrect or missing to me at
procyon@netcom.com or sjjacobi@eniac.seas.upenn.edu.

Important note: This is NOT (I repeat, NOT) a sequal to the Mega/Rockman
X series.  This is a direct sequal to Mega Man 6!  There is no relation
to the Mega/Rockman in Mega/Rockman X aside from the fact that X is a
future timeline.  Mega/Rockman 7 can't jump off walls or dash or anything
else that Mega/Rockman X can perform.  Please see Procyon Lotor's Complete
Mega Man FAQ for more details.

The setup:
        Oddly enough, the boss setup is a little more like the GB
Mega Man games.  Fight only 4 bosses first, and a 2nd four later.
All items are found in boards (with the exception of the Energy
Balancer [or maybe not???]).  I'll go into detail about the items
in a moment.  Of course the bosses should be fought in a certain
order to take advantage of their weakness.
        There is now a new friend, a creation of Dr. Light's.  He is,
Auto a whimsical fellow who runs the SHOP with the help of Flip Top.
Thoughout the game you will find items that look like a cross between
a screw and a flashlight.  These are bolts.  They range in size,
the larger, the more valueable of course.  The shop does not reach it's
full potential until you find one of Eddie's mega bolts, which then
adds items and slashes prices.  To get to the shop, press SELECT on
the stage select screen.
        The most interesting thing about the game is that there is a
fellow throughout the game (who oddly looks a helluvalot like Zero!)
who has a cat/panther, just like you have Rush.  His name is Treble, 
and his panther is Bass.  When you encounter him in the Dr. Wily stages, 
the Rocket Punch does the most damage.

Rush Coil - Rush comes back in his good old form after a break from the
            coil scene in Mega Man 6.  You start the game with it.
Rush Jet  - Same story here.  You can control it up and down, but have
            no control over how fast it goes.  You must find this item
            in the Junk Man stage.  When you get to the long verticle
            climb with those invincible rollers moving back and forth
            on platforms, you will see a "100V AC" sign above a machine.
            Shoot this machine with Cloud Man's weapon and the platforms
            will start to move up and down, allowing you to grab the
            Rush Jet adaptor further up.
Rush Search - Found in Freeze Man's stage.  Rush will sniff the air.  If
              there is nothing of great importance, he will be content to
              dig in the ground until he can nose something up.  More
              often than not, it will be a peice of junk like a doll, a
              gameboy, a toy robot, teeth, or a boot.  Sometimes it will
              be something usefull, like energy.  At certain parts of the
              game, you can dig up Power Up Items, or super large version
              of energy capsules.  Rush Search will start barking madly
              if he detects a secret path nearby.  Listen to him.
S. Adaptor  - In the first four stages you must find the letters R, U, S,
              and H.  If you do, Rush will be able to act a lot like he
              did in Mega Man 6, and form a special suit for you.  The
              S. Adaptor combines both powers you use in Mega Man 6. He
              can jump in the air, and "air jump" again (very shortly)
              for an added boost.  Power him up and he will launch his
              arm just like he does in the Game Boy Mega Man 5.  The
              Rocket Punch is an add on to this adaptor.
              R - Burst Man: Easily found in the water part of the stage
              U - Cloud Man: Use the Freeze Cracker in the part of the
                  stage where you can only see the platforms if you are
                  close.  The rain will turn to snow, and the platforms
                  will be visible.  you will see a ladder high up.  Take
                  it up and proceed left.
              S - After the elevator, use the Freeze Cracker on the lava
                  where you see it falling down.  The ice will break and
                  you can Mega Slide under the platform.  Go down the
                  ladder and use the Freeze on the lava to the left.
              H - When you see a ladder going up, and down, go up, and
                  you'll see the letter.  Careful jumping on the ice
                  platforms.  Stay on for a second or more, and they
                  crack apart.  They will not come back until you leave
                  the stage.
Beat    - Use the Wheel Burner in Slash Man's stage towards the end.
          Use it on the trees where the snakes and bees are.  The last
          tree has a ladder hidden in it.  Take it up and you'll see
          poor Beat locked up in a cage.  Power up the Mega Buster and
          set him free.  Beat no longer smashes into everyone like he
          used to.  Much better, he rescues you if you fall into a pit.
          He can do this four times, until you buy more "Beats" at the
          shop.  You may not buy him until you set him free.
Exit    - Can be found at the very end of Freeze Man's stage.  Just use
          Rush Search a little ahead of the door the Freez Man.
Energy Balancer - Finally found with much thanks to Luc Miron 
                  (intelec@interax.net).  In Shade Man's stage, when you
                  face the pumpkin, you can actually kill him two ways,
                  one way by killing the inner pumpkin, and the other by
                  destroying the outer shell only.  Beating the inner shell
                  is the "normal" route, but beating the outer shell gives
                  you access to an alternative route.  Take the alternative
                  and you will find a handsome portrait of Dr. Wily inside.
                  Use Rush Search under the portrait, and you've got it.
Rocket Punch - A power up to the S. Adaptor.  It allows your fist to fly
               farther and gives it heat seeking ability.  It is found
               in Turbo Man's stage.  When you climb a long ladder, you'll
               see a roller on a Green-Yellow-Red platform to the left.
               Get to it (with the S. Adaptor) and use Rush Search there
               to dig it up.
Eddie's Screw - In Spring Man's stage, on the large board with all the
                springs, go to the top left corner.  Jump on the "Jack-in-
                the-box" so that when it comes out, it hits left and will
                bash the barrier to the left.  Enter there and you'll
                find the item that adds items in the shop and cuts prices
                in half.
Proto Man's Shield - This item alone eluded so many of the best Mega Man
                player for so long, but with the help of some friends,
                your's truely found it.  In order to get this shield, you
                must find Protoman in 2 designated areas, and then a final
                show down room.  The 1st of the 2 areas is the obvious room
                in Cloud Man's stage.  I don't think that needs expansion.
                The 2nd more hidden room is exactly one screen above where
                you get the Rocket Punch on Turbo Man's stage.  If you were
                to use Rush Search on the street lights above the Rocket
                Punch Street lights, Rush will face right and go nuts.  You
                must go through the ladder and the wall on the right.
                        Finally, you must now go to Shade Man's stage and
                enter the mysterious secret room.  If you met Protoman in
                the previous spots, he will test your strength here.  If you
                beat him, the Sheilds all yours.

Phew!  Lotsa items!  How about the bosses?  Let's see...

BURST MAN                               Bomb, Bomber, Bombest
Weakness - Burning Wheel                Weapon - Danger Wrap
The Danger Wrap forms a bubble around it's victim, and the bomb
inside explode.  If you press down, the bomb will simply drop to
the floor.

CLOUD MAN                               Watch your step
Weakness - Danger Wrap                  Weapon - Thunder Strike
Thunder Strike is a straight forward weapon.  It will illuminate
the darkness of in part of Shade Man's stage.

JUNK MAN                                Forgotten Factory
Weakness - Thunder Strike               Weapon - Junk Shield
This is a new type of shield.  It circle around and wears down as
it hits things.  You can run with it.  You may also fire off what's
left by pressing fire again.

FREEZE MAN                              Don't slip
Weakness - Junk Sheild                  Weapon - Freeze Cracker
Freeze Cracker fires across, and breaks up 6 ways if it hits a wall.

At this point, you will be sent to a museum of sorts.  You will see
many of Wily's old creations.  Among them are Snake Man, Blizzard Man,
Heat Man, Skull Man, Ring Man, and Pharaoh Man.  Listen to the music.
Can you name some of the stages they come from?  They are Guts Man,
Heat Man, and Snake Man.  You will see Dr. Wily exiting with Guts Man,
leaving you to fight a weird machine.  You must shoot it's head off
as it bounds around the room.  It's head is the only weak spot.

SLASH MAN                               Jurassic Jungle
Weakness - Freeze Cracker               Weapon - Slash Claw
The Slash Claw simply lashes out with a short range.

SPRING MAN                              Boyoyong Paradise
Weakness - Slash Claw                   Weapon - Wild Coil
One firing of the Wild Coil, sends a bouncing coil in both directions.
This weapon MAY be powered up.  Holding down fire releases a larger
coil that bounces higher and does more damage.

SHADE MAN                               Mystery, the Horror
Weakness - Wild Coil                    Weapon - Crush Noise
This is the most interesting weapon.  If you fire it, and it rebounds,
catch it.  You will be powered up, and you will fire off a larger
version that does more damage.
!!! Hidden BGM in Shade Man's stage !!!
        To get some very famous music from another Capcom game (I won't
name it, see if you can guess it yourself), press and hold B before you 
select Shade Man.  Enjoy!  Thanks Carlos Diaz (cdiaz@suntan.eng.usf.edu)
for the great info!

TURBO MAN                               Champ of the Roads
Weakness - Crush Noise                  Weapon - Bubrning Wheel
The Burning Wheel will continue to roll along the ground.  Can also be used
to illuminate the dark room in Shade Man's stage by lighting it next to a

You will now be up to the Dr. Wily stages.  I won't go into too much
detail here.  I will list the boss weaknesses.  Don't read this part if
you want to figure it out for yourself.
Stage 1 - Guts Man (Rebuilt):  Use the Slash Claw to bat the rocks that he
          knocks down back at him.
Stage 2 - Turtle:  When his head is exposed, use the Wild Coil on it.
Stage 3 - Japanese Mask: Crush Noise on his nose works best.
Stage 4 - Refight the 8 bosses.
          Dr. Wily has two forms, the first easy, and the second really
          really hard.  I will not go into how to fight him, but I
          HIGHLY suggest that you have 4 Energy Tanks, and one Super
          Tank.  You're gonna need it!

**************************** VERSUS MODE!!! *****************************
That's right, a limited version of a Street Fighter game is hidden in
Rockman 7!!!  When you beat the game, you get a special code:
Enetered normally, it is an ultimate code that gives you everything and
puts you in the ned of the game... BUT, if you hold down L and R when you
press Start, PRESTO!  Welcome to Versus Mode.  You can either play as
Mega Man, or Treble.  Here are some moves that can be done.  If you find
out ANY OTHERS please email me immediatly!
D = Down, F = Forward, U = Up
Mega Man (Rockman)                      Treble (Flute)
D-DF-F-Y = Rising Slash Shot            F-D-DF-Y = Rising Kick
D-D-B    = Slide Kick                   B-F-F-Y  = "Psycho Crusha"
U-U      = Invinsibilty Mode            U-U      = Invisibilty Mode
CHarge Y = Super Shot                   Charge Y = Super Shot

Again, if you find any other moves, PLEASE let me know.

Well, that's all.  This is the best Mega Man to date!  Hope this FAQ
has helped in any way.