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----------------------------------- [ MEGAMAN 7 ] -----------------------------
---------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]---------------------------
---------------------- [ Super Nintendo Entertainment System ]-----------------

Table of Contents
-Cast of Characters


Wily has finally been brought to justice and locked up in a jail cell. All
seemed well until it turned out that Dr. Wily had created 4 robots prior to his
capture and after 6 months without a word from Dr. Wily. The robots activate and
search for him. They eventually find him and get ready to break him out of


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"The world's pulse raced with excitement! Everyone truly believed the conniving
Dr. Wily had been stopped for good and imprisoned by the valiant Mega Man.
Reporters jockeyed with cameramen for snapshots as the infamous Doctor hung his
head while being dragged away in handcuffs. Dr. Wily would soon be behind bars.
Or would he?

Dr. Wily was ready for anything. He had known his dastardly plans would end in
failure some day, so after six months without contact his laboratory sprung to
life. Monitors whirred into action, lights flashed and the lab control panel
booted up. In no time four hidden robots emerged. The robots then began a
rampage in search of their master. Wily had done it again. Nothing would get in
their way!

The world's racing pulse turned to nervous fear as a city was pummeled. Wasn't
Dr. Wily in jail? Why was this still happening. The four robots took no heed to
the great robot creator named Dr. Light. Mega Man found Dr. Light and the canine
cyborg Rush fallen in the streets.

"Dr. Light? Are you O.K.?" Mega Man shouted.

"Mega Man! We have no time," replied Dr. Light. "Dr. Wily is using his robots to
cover up his escape. You must go! Follow his spaceship!!!"

Mega Man, Dr. Light and Rush looked on in horror as Dr. Wily's spaceship shot
out of the prison. Dr. Wily was on the loose!"


Buster Shot and most weapons: press B (A in MMAC)
Mega Buster: Hold B (A), then release it
Jump: Press A (B in MMAC)
Slide: Hold Down and press A (added B)
Climb ladders: Up or Down when overlapping one to grab then use up or down to

() =serial number/order of creation

Megaman (001) - Known as Rockman in Japan. This blue bomber is the hero of the
series. Originally made for housekeeping, Rock (as he was called) volunteered to
become a fighter when Dr. Wily took control of 6 of the original 8 robots made
by Dr.Light/Right

Debut Appearance: Megaman 1 (1987)

Roll (002) - The only female robot ever made, she is referred to as Megaman's
sister. She plays a very minor role until Megaman 8.

Debut Appearance: Megaman 1 (1987)

Protoman (000): Known as Blues in Japan. He is the first creation of Dr.
Light/Right. He first started off as an enemy of Megaman using the alias of
Breakman. He later teamed up with his brother Megaman from Megaman 4 on.

Debut Appearance: Megaman 3 (1990)

Dr. Thomas Light/Right - created Megaman, Roll. Protoman, Rush, and the Megaman
1 Bosses. As the games go by, he upgrades Megaman more and more. He even creates
X (who has his own series called Megaman X).

Debut Appearance: Megaman 1 (1987)

Dr. Albert Wily - he is one mad scientist. He creates the bosses from Megaman 2
on. He used to be a good guy then got jealous of Wily and reprogrammed 6 of the
original 8 robots (7 out of 9 original robots if you count Protoman). Try, try,
try as he might, he can never defeat Megaman.

Debut Appearance: Megaman 1 (1987)

Rush - Megaman's robodog companion. He can become a trampoline, submarine, jet,
and later on, he becomes a bloodhound and gives you new powers. Where would
Megaman be without him? That's a rhetorical question BTW.

Debut Appearance: Megaman 3 (1990)

Fliptop - Also known as Eddie. He gives you useful items to use in battle. In
the NES games, he appears in-between stages. For Megaman 7, you can use him as
an item. For Megaman 8, he fights alongside you in the flying stages.

Debut Appearance: Megaman 4 (1991)

Auto - known as Rightot in Japan. He takes whatever bolts you find and bring to
his shop then converts them into items. He fights alongside you in the flying
stages in Megaman 8.

Debut Appearance: Megaman 7 (1995)

Bass - known as Forte in Japan. He was created by Dr. Wily to be Megaman's arch
rival. He can never beat Megaman either. He has a robodog sidekick too named

Debut Appearance: Megaman 7 (1995)

Treble - known as Gospel in Japan. He is Bass's robodog companion made to rival

Debut Appearance: Megaman 7 (1995)


Mad Grinder
First boss of the game who you will see at the beginning of the title cutscene.
It attacks by trying to crush Megaman throws its mohawk like a spinning blade
that returns back like a boomerang.

Metall FX
The Metalls for this game. They are invincible while hiding underneath their
helmets and raise them up to shoot at you.

Bunby Tank
Modern version of the Bunby Helis with a mix of Crazy Razy (both from Megaman 1)
as it's body has a different hitzone than it's head. It will shoot bullets at
you and if you kill the body, the head will become...

Bunby Top
The head part of the Bunby Tank. If you killed the head first then the whole
tank dies, otherwise the head attacks you.

Swim Metall DX
Metall whom appear in the water and swim towards Megaman while shooting.

Underwater robot fish that serve only as an obstacle.

Newer version of Megaman 3's Mecha Kero. They hop at Megaman in hopes to damage

Newer version of Megaman 3's Peterchy. It's bigger and takes longer steps.

Spiral Gabyoall
This version of the Gabyoall moves back and forth but skids to a stop when it
gets to a ledge then goes the opposite direction.

Underwater mines that explode if you touch them.

Count Bomb NEO
There are 2 versions of them. The first one is similar to those from Megaman 6
and the other one travels in a certain direction before exploding thus used as
a means of temporary transport.

Driver Cannon
Newer version of the Screwdriver from the First Megaman that shoots in multiple

Looks like a circus ball with eyes that hovers with a propeller and it shoots in
a 3-way arch.

Miniboss of Burstman and Wily 3 stage. It shoots bubbles and fireballs at you.
It will sometimes try to ram into Megaman.

Sniper Joe 01
Sniper Joe has gotten remodled. He still protects himself with his shield but he
will only shoot once a time or jump.

Tel Tel
Two of them appear in the game in Cloudman's stage. The first one will changes
the stage from sunny to rainy. The second one will change the stage from rainy
to snowy if shot with a Freeze Cracker.

Just like Pipi from Megaman 2, they carry eggs but these eggs are much bigger.
When they drop the eggs, they'll hatch when they hit the ground and send out...

These bunch of birds home in on Megaman after hatching.

Upgraded version of Megaman 2's Matasaburo. It can blow Megaman away from it or
suck him towards it.

They just serve as obstacles in the way as they fly through the air.

Kaminari Kogoro
They are like the Upndown from Megaman 4. They wait for Megaman to hop over a
pit so they can come out and knock him into it.

A bunch of robotic birds that fly in a random pattern line. If you kill the 1st
bird in the line, the others will fly forward aimlessly.

Heli Metall
They copter down from the top and shoot in two directions.

An upgraded version of the Foot Holder from Megaman 1. It can be used for means
of transport.

Dust Crusher
Found in Junkman's stage. It will try to attack Megaman when in range/

Frisk Cannon
Shoots mortar shots at Megaman wherever he stands.

Gockroach S
Cockroaches that attack by flying towards Megaman. They attack in numbers.

Gockroach S Nest
Spawns the Gockroaches.

Bomb Sleigh
The sled comes riding in and launches all the bomb heads in it and they explode
on contact with the ground.

Icicle Teck
Walks along the ceiling, When Megaman is below, they drop icicles on him.

True Shield Attacker
Moves back and forth while protected from one side but vulnerable from the other

Shirokumachine GTV
Poplar Bear that serves as a miniboss throughout Iceman's stage. Throws ice ball
projectiles at Megaman and can rain icicles on him too.

King Gojulus
A T-Rex robot that chases after Megaman before fighting him. It will spit fire
or try to step on him.

Derusu Bee
They will only attack if you shoot their hives.

A stegosaurus robot that shoots missiles when its back is turned to Megaman.

Dinosaur that hatches from eggs and go after Megaman.

Not really an enemy. They are used for means of transport in Slashman's stage.

A clown robot that is the boss of the Robot Museum. It hops around and if hit
with a powerful shot, it loses its head and it bounces around.

Spring monsters that only springs towards Megaman.

Tom Daddy
Slinky robot that is an upgraded version of the Tom Boy from Megaman 4.

Astro Zombieg
Coffins up and they spawn from them and go after Megaman. They fall apart as
they move.

Batton M48
The new version of the Batton family that protect themselves when their wings
are closed.

Crow robots that spit bullets where Megaman stands.

Gilliam Knight
Carries a lance and charges at Megaman while inside or when it's dark. They turn
into werewolves and require more damage to kill while the moon is out.

Poses as the helmet of knights in the background and attack Megaman and throws
a boomerange cutter.

VAN Pookin
Midboss of Shademan's stage. Opens up it's shell to reveal another one that will
open up and spit a bullet. The outer shell is invincible. Defeat the middle one
to go right. Defeat the inner one with Thunder Bolt to go down.

Sisi Truck + Sisi Rocket
You ride on the back of it then when you reach it's head part. It becomes a mini
boss that spits Sisi Rockets at you.

A cone robot that hops up and down and spits bullets.

Trio the Wheel
A head with 3 tires as its body. Will shoot a section of its body with spikes
attached at Megaman. After all 3 tires are shot, the head will attack directly.

Truck Joe
First miniboss of Turboman's stage, it will try to run Megaman over with spikes
on the front of the Tractor. Hit it with Noise Crush to drive him crazy and make
him clear his head.

Turbo Roader
A wheel that comes around and spins nonstop. Similar to the wheels from MegamanX


Freezeman (049)
Freezeman is hard to beat if you don't have a Junk Shield. His attacks are:
Icicles that rain from the ceiling, an ice ball that can freeze you in an ice
cube or stick you to the ground and a charge attack. Slide past the icicles,
jump over his charges, and slide under his ice ball and jump to avoid being
stuck on the ground. The Junk Shield will really make him feel pain.

Junkman (050)
His attacks consist of leaping through the air and tossing a piece of trash at
you which you can slide away from. He also can cause an earthquake that can stun
you but not knock you on your ass like Gutsman did in Megaman 1. Junk will also
rain from the ceiling after the Earthquake. Another attack consists of him coll-
ecting garbage into one big block then shoving it at you but you can hop over
it. That's not all though. He'll spin into the air and come down and destroy the
block and create his Junk Shield which you can shoot some junk away before he
shoots his shield at you. With Thunder Bolts, he'll only use the first attack
during the whole fight. All you have to do is zap him to make him attack, then
slide away, zap him again, and repeat the pattern and that's it.

Burstman (051)
Burstman arrives in a bubble then begins to fight. His attacks are bubbles that
bounce you around, bombs that come out when you hit him with a big shot, and the
Dranger Wrap which can lead to instant death upon the spikes above. His primary
weakness is the Scorch Wheel but you don't have it yet since you fight 4 bosses
instead of 8 at the beginning. However, you can use Freeze Cracker as a weakness
against him too.

Cloudman (052)
Watch out when fighting this guy. Much similar to Storm Eagle in Megaman X, his
battleground has pits on both sides. His options are absorbing an electric bolt
through the lightning blots on his head then shooting it at you. Be sure to hop
when he gets ready to fire because when the bolt hits the floor, it will split
in two directions. He will also cause a wind that will either push you away or
pull you towards him. Be sure to slide in the opposite direction without falling
to your doom. His 3rd attack is just to charge at you. You can avoid this by
sliding under him. The Danger Wrap works best against him. It will encase him in
the bubble and float him into the air and pop along with the bomb exploding on

Springman (053)
This guy cracks me up. He'll appear bouncing in then his energy fills up. One
quick note, never use Thunder Bolts on him or he'll form some type of vacuum in
the shape of a hypnowheel and suck you towards him. If you're too close to him,
he'll grab you and jump into the air with you and slam you into the ceiling.
He'll also send out Wild Coils witch are easily avoidable by slide when their
airborne. His last attack is hopping into the air and punching at your location
twice. It's best to be under him when he does this to avoid him better. With
Slash Claws, he'll only use that last attack mentioned so slash him and counter
his punch attacks by slashing him when he comes down.

Slashman (054)
Oh look it's jungle boy. He looks like a guy with a lion's mane he hops around
the room with claws extended and if he is close, he'll swipe at you with Slash
Claws. Freeze his ass with Freeze Crackers. He'll be frozen then he'll break out
and head towards the ceiling and drop eggs off red paint. They'll either stop
you from moving if they miss but you stand on the red mush or keep you from
jumping and sliding if one egg lands on you. Move left and right to free your-
self. Scorch Wheel also works as a weakness against him.

Shademan (055)
Shademan has come and he wants to drink your "blood". He totally looks like a
bat and his stage is reminicisent of Ghouls n Ghosts series which is why his
alternate music is that of a level Ghouls n Ghosts. His attacks include a swoop
sttack where he saps your energy until you break out or he drinks enough. He'll
also send two beams that turn you to stone then he sends two Noise Crushes at
you which you must avoid twice and when he catches them, he'll shoot two bigger
Noise Crushes. Take him out with Spring Coils (Prefareably charged). Do not use
his own weapon on him. He will shoot massive Noise Crushes like crazy.

Turboman (056)
Start your engines as last but not least we talk about Turboman. No not that
silly toy from the movie "Jingle All The Way", we mean the robot that looks
like a race car with arms and legs. His main attack is the Scorch Wheel. It
saps your energy if it burns your energy. Hitting him with a Noise Crush will
freak  him out and he'll become a race car and try to run you over. Hitting him
with the Thunder Bolt makes him do this like crazy.

Gutsman G
Upgraded version of Gutsman, doesn't knock Megaman on his ass like before. Can
throw him into the ceiling or throw rocks at him.

Gameriser + Spotaro
Big turtles that send little ones (Spotaro) to do it's dirty work and sometimes
spit flames at him that burn.

Chases Megaman as he attacks.

Wily Machine 7
Wily claims this machine was incomplete so it only moves and jumps while the
mini ones attack.

Wily Capsule
Toughest Wily boss ever. Shoots red burning balls, blue freezing balls, or
yellow electric balls that do more damage but no extra effects. Wily can shoot
an electric ball that splits when it hits the ground.


Life up - small one gives 2 bars of life and the big one gives 10 bars
Weapon up - same as above except for weapons
1-up - Extra life
Energy Tank - a cylinder with an E on it. When low on life fill yourself up. You
can hold up to 4 tanks
Weapon tank - a cylinder with a W on it. Refills all your weapon energy. You can
only hold up to 4 tanks

S-Tank - you can only hold one of these. These refill your life and weapon

Small Bolts - worth two bolts and can be used to purchase items in the auto shop

Large Bolts - worth 5 bolts for the Auto Shop

Mega Bolts - Found in Shademan, Turboman, Springman, Cloudman, and Junkman's
stages. These are worth 100 Bolts for the Auto Shop.


Shademan: before fighting Protoman for the Proto shield, use Rush Search on the
second step

Turboman: You'll probably find this one yourself. After the 2nd Protoman meeting
and the Rocket Punch location, Rush Search on the blue X.

Springman: Bounce your way onto a floating platform and use Rush Search in that

Cloudman: Before the first meeting with Protoman, climb the ladder that leads to
a life-up and dig where it used to be.

Junkman: After hoping across the falling trash, Rush Search under the first

Beat - Found in Slashman's stage. Use the Scorch Wheel on the last tree in the
forest and a ladder shows up. Rush Coil to it then climb up. Now free Beat by
shooting the cage.

Beat's Whistle - These are bought from the Auto Shop. Enables Beat to save you
if you fall down a hole

Exit - Found at the end of Freezeman's stage or bought in Auto's Shop. Try to
have Rush did on the left edge of the top platform. This allows you to exit a
stage if you defeated the boss already and returned to the stage.

Auto's Bolt - Found in Springman's stage. At the place where there are jack-in-
the-boxes that change direction by jumping on them, make your way to the top
left and have the box point left to destroy a wall. Give it to Auto to cut the
prices of shop items in half.

Energy Balancer - Found in Shademan's stage. Defeat the Pumpkin's outer shell
and then dig under a Wily picture. This allows you to collect weapon energy from
weapon-ups for the weapon with the lowest energy while you are not using any

Letters - collect all four for a Super Adapter

R - obtained in Burstman stage. It's in plain view. Let the water pick you up
and float to it and jump out of the water.

U - obtained in Cloudman's stage. It is recommended that you get the Freeze
Cracker first so you can shoot the weather bot while it's raining and the rain
will turn to snow and allow you to see the hidden platforms. At one point you'll
need a Rush Coil to reach a ladder and head left to get the U.

S - obtained in Junkman's stage. This time you really need the Freeze Cracker.
At one point with falling lava, freeze the lava fall and it will break and allow
you to obtain the S.

H - obtained in Freezeman's stage. There is a point where you see a ladder which
you can only reach with the Rush Coil. Climb that ladder and run across the
platforms as fast as you can to get the H.

S. Adapter - after getting all 4 letters, you'll have this in your inventory.
Now you will be able to fly around on a jet pack while in midair. This part is
similar to the jet adapter in Megaman 6. Megaman can also shoot a missile that
travels a short distance before it comes back to him

Rocket Punch - Found in Turboman's stage. Before the 2nd Meeting with Protoman,
kill the tire robot on the first platform (bottom line) then with the Super
Adapter, fly to the platform with lights on it and use a Rush Search. Allows you
to shoot a homing missile at enemies and fly further with the S. Adapter

Super Life-Up
Found in Springman's stage. At a point where you come across 3 steps and a
ladder, have Rush search on the second step. This gives you more life than the
large life-up.

Proto Shield - Found by finding Protoman in Cloudman's then Turboman's stage
then defeating him in Shademan's stage. Use Rush Coil on the ladder after the
Sniper Joe and climb up. Protoman gives you a hint on finding Beat. Then in
Turboman's stage, climb up a ladder where you see two platforms with tire robots
on them. Climb past the first ladder and keep an eye on a grey object sticking
from the wall, climb past it and hug the right wall and jump to pass through a
false wall. Finally, in Shademan's stage, fight the pumpkin boss and Thunder
Bolt the inner core to reveal a hidden floor below and kill the Sniper Joe and
run through a false wall on the right to fight Protoman and get his shield. This
protects you from enemy bullets.

Freeze Cracker - obtained from Freezeman. This will allow you to freeze enemies
in their tracks

Junk Shield - obtained from Junkman. You can protected yourself from certain
enemies as the shield surrounds you and you can shoot it out in three directions
at the enemies

Danger Wrap - obtained from Burstman. Sends a bomb encased in a bubble that can
encase an enemy along with the bomb and explode upon contact with a solid object
but if you hold down, you'll lay down a mine.

Thunder Bolt - obtained from Cloudman. Sends a huge ball of electricity that
split upon contact with a wall and can be used to light up dark areas.

Wild Coil - obtained from Springman. Sends two springs out in different
directions and can be charged up to make the springs bounce higher.

Slash Claw - obtained from Slashman. This allows Megaman to take a swipe at
enemies close to him. He can also cut down certain objects too.

Noise Cracker - obtained from Shademan. Sends out a purple sidewinder tornado
that can bounce off walls.  Catch the rebound and you can fire a huge sidewinder
tornado for serious damage.

Scorch Wheel - obtained from Turboman. Four fireballs surround you then circle
towards the enemy. It can burn grass and light up candles too.

Rush Coil - you have this at the beginning of the game. This allows you to reach
high places.

Rush Jet - can be bought or found in Junkman's stage. Use Thunder Bolt on the AC
box and get on the upward moving platform then jump left onto the ladder quickly
or you're dead. Climb up and Rush Coil to the next ladder and get the Rush Jet.
This allows Megaman to fly or chasms and to high places. Megaman has no
horizontal control so trying to turn back will only make Rush slow down

Rush Search - found in Freezeman's stage. After beating the Sniper Joe, head
right and jump on a platform and run across the rest to get the Rush Search.
This allows Rush to sniff the air then dig up helpful items or worthless pieces
of shit. If it's very useful, he'll bark. Rush also barks if there is a secret
area nearby.

Here is what Rush can dig up


Small bolt
Large bolt
Small life pellet
Large life pellet
Small weapon pellet
Large weapon pellet
Extra Life
Energy Balancer
Exit Adaptor
Mega Bolt
Mega Life Pellet
Rocket Punch Adaptor

Pieces of Crap
Apple Core
Bag of Chips
Ball & Chain
Banana Peel
Broken Sunglasses
Crushed Soda Can
Dead Fish
Dog Bone
Expensive Watch
Game Boy
Girl Dolly
Green Toy Robot
Old Black Boot
Open Tuna Can
Orange Watering Can


1-Up = 20 bolts
Exit = 200 bolts
E-Tank = 60 bolts
W-Tank = 100 bolts
Beat's Whistle = 80


                                   Intro Stage
                           Boss: Mad Grinder and Bass

Enemies: Metall FX, Bunby Tank + Bunby Top

The stage starts off with Megaman riding in a truck with Roll and driven by Auto
and the truck stops at a break in the road and they can go no further. Auto
gives Megaman a helmet that is not fitting to Megaman, then gives him his real
helmet and off Megaman goes to save the day. Megaman runs into a hurt Dr. Light
with Rush standing next to him. Megaman offers to bring Roll back but Dr. Light
refuses and shows Megaman the robots helping Dr. Wily escape. Dr. Wily is now
free and does his trademark eyebrow wiggle. Now the adventure begins. Take out
the Bunby Tanks and Metall FXs and head right for a scene with a Mad Grinder
robot running over three Metall FXs.

Watch out for its stomps and the blade it throws at you and circles back to him
while you shoot charged shots back at him. It's a tough battle but you will
probably prevail. Head right along the cracked walls and dead robots and get
ready to fight Bass for the first time. Relax, he will not kill you. After
taking a lot of damage, he'll stop and you two will chat. He claims that he and
his dog/wolf Treble had been trying to stop Wily while Megaman was gone and says
that Megaman is too weak to stop Wily and should sit out before he teleports
away. But if you last long enough, he'll compliment you and says you won't need
his help and off he goes. Megaman will teleport away as well.

The boss fight system is now changed. Now you challenge four bosses as with the
Gameboy games then fight the other four after you beat the other four. Since the
robots names aren't displayed here are the robots you face to begin.

	Cloudman			Junkman

                            Weakness: Freeze Cracker
                                      Scorch Wheel
                               Get: Danger Wrap

Enemies: Bunby Tank + Bunby Top, Swim Metall DX, Kintot, Kerone, Petaforth,
Spiral Gabyoall. CFN-24, Count Bomb NEO, Driver Cannon, Tripropellan, Kanigance

Run right and kill the Bunby Tanks then step on the time bomb platforms to get
rid of them then activate the top Count Bomb NEO afterwards. Ignore the one up
since you can't reach it yet (unless you got the Rush Jet) and keep falling to
the right and jump the moment the Count Bomb Neo says 0 before you jump to avoid
the explosion for an E-Tank then activate the Count Bomb NEO to the left to get
out. Activate two more of them to drop down into the water. Shoot the CFN-24s
and Kintots as you move right and drop down. Get the life up and drop down to
the left. Head left and kill the Swim Metall DXs and enter a bubble gate to face
a crab mini-boss called a Kanigance. Watch out for the bubbles it shoots as well
as its fireballs as you fire back your shots. At one point, Kanigance will rise
and charge at you but you can slide under and then slide back to avoid its
return to its original position. Be careful not to jump to high or the spikes
above will kill you. Afterwards, you will begin to float up and maneuver through
the CFN-24s and end up on dry land.

The water will rise and fall as you go. To clear the spikes, don't jump, just
walk off when the water is high and you can just float to safety. At the end,
let the water pick you and you can jump for the ladder and climb. In this area,
wait for the blocks to appear. One block will help you get atop the tube and
another will appear to help you reach another block and that last one will help
you reach the ladder for you to climb.

Hop across the blocks and be sure to watch out for a block that appears above
you on the way. The best way to clear this area is to take the first two blocks,
wait then hop on the high block and you're home free. Drop down then kill the
Kerones and continue falling. Let the water carry you through and watch out for
spikes. To get the R, let the water pick you up and float to it and jump to get
the R. Now head right, and kill all Kintot and Swim Metall DXs and climb the
ladder. Kill the Petaforth and enter the gate where Burstman awaits you.

Burstman will shoot harmless bubbles then after you hit him with a Buster shot,
he'll drop 4 bombs which explode then send 3 Danger Wraps at you. If one catches
you then shoot your way out or the bubble will send you to the spikes above and
kill you. If you avoid the Danger Wraps, they'll float up and pop and leave the
bomb behind. It's a long battle but with this knowledge, you'll survive it. His
weakness is the Scorch Wheel but you won't have it yet because you can't fight
Turboman at this time. If you have the Freeze Cracker, that'll be sufficient
enough. They do the same amount of damage to him.


                            Weakness: Danger Wrap
                               Get: Thunder Bolt

Enemies: Bunby Tank + Bunby Top, Petaforth, Sniper Joe 01, Tel Tel, Delupipi,
Boufooh, Gobots, Kaminari Kogoro, Tsuranattori, Tripropellan, Copipi

Run right and deal with the group of Tsuranattoris by killing the first one and
the others will fly forward aimlessly. As you hop across the pits, watch out for
Kaminari Kogoros coming out the pit. During the rain, they'll discharge light-
ning straight down. The Tel Tel will change the stage from sunny to rainy. Climb
the ladder, Rush Coil to the 1-Up and head right. Kill those Kaminari Kogoros I
mentioned earlier that are now discharging lightning and the Tsuranattori and
Petaforths. Climb the ladder and head right Kill the Tripropellans and move
through the flying clouds. You'll eventually slide through a crack and will be
on a floor barely visible and has gaps in it. Kill the Delupipis that drop big
eggs that send Copipis at you as well as some Gobots. Try to keep an eye on a
barely visible platform which you need Rush Coil to reach. Once up there, climb
the ladder, get the 1-up, head left and Rush Coil to the left at the edge to
land on a barely visible platform and move your way to the left to the U. With
the Freeze Cracker, visibility would not be an issue if you used it on the 2nd
Tel Tel you passed up earlier as the rain becomes snow. Now head back through
the original path and climb up and kill the Sniper Joe 01.

The right ladder leads to a life-up. Get that and kill the Sniper Joe 01 and
climb the left ladder and kill the Bunby Tank and Rush Coil up the ladder. You
will meet up with Protoman. He gives you a "long time no see" greeting then
tells you something special about your weapons being able to discover hidden
areas and gives you one hint being using Scorch Wheel in the woods before he
leaves. Climb back down and continue right. Climb up the ladder and get the
bolt and climb the ladder on the left. Run right and kill the Delupipis and the
eggs before they fall. The Boufoohs are tricky. They can blow you away or pull
you in so don't fall. You have just reached the gate to Cloudman's Lair.

As soon as you enter, the platform behind you falls off. Cloudman gears up for
the fight. With Danger Wrap, the only attack that he'll use is the one where he
absorbs lightning and shoots it at you. Wait for him to fire before you dodge
then hit him with a Danger Wrap and he'll be encased in a bubble that floats him
up and pops on him and he'll fall to the ground. He'll rise up and start flash-
ing before he does his bolt attack again. Repeat the pattern for an easy


                            Weakness: Thunder Bolt
                               Get: Junk Shield

Enemies: Tripropellan, Metall FX, Heli Metall, Properide, Spiral Gabyoall,
Dust Crusher, Frisk Cannon, Bunby Tank + Bunby Top, Gockroach S + Nest

Head right and kill the Tripropellan, Metall FXs, Gockroach Ss and their nests.
Go down and kill some More Gockroach Ss + Nests then head through a gate and
you go down an elevator with Waves of Heli Metalls shooting down at you in two
directions. Once the elevator stops, head right and Kill the Gockroach Ss +
nests and be wary of the lava as you climb up. Avoid the Spiral Gabyoalls and
drop down and use Thunder Bolt on the AC sign below. It's best to shoot it from
the right side so you can reach the ladder better. Climb up and let the platform
boost you up to a ladder but jump off quickly or you'll get smashed. Get the
Rush Jet and head back down. Climb the right ladder and climb to the top. Go up
the ladder and head right across the Properides and watch out for Dust Crushers.
Climb down and kill the enemies and prepare to fight Junkman.

Like Cloudman, Junkman uses one attack if you use the right weapon which is
Thunder Bolt in this case. Blast him, slide away from his weapon, repeat.


                            Weakness: Junk Shield
                                      Scorch Wheel
                               Get: Freeze Cracker

Enemies: Bomb Sleigh, Driver Cannon, Icicle Teck, Petaforth, Sniper Joe 01,
Spiral Gabyoall, True Shield Attacker, Shirokumachine GTV

Watch out because this stage is slippery. Run right and kill the Petaforth then
kill a Shirokumachine GTV by shooting then jumping over the snow flakes it toss
at you. Climb the ladders, kill another one in which you are safe down below
then head right and kill the True Shield Attackers. Climb up and head right and
avoid the icicles being dropped but be sure to use the last two as stepping
stones over the spikes. Get past the True Shield Attackers and Rush Coil to the
ladder and climb up before the floor breaks. If you fail to make it to the H by
the floors, then use the Rush Jet instead. Climb back down and head down the
ladder below you and drop 2 screens, kill a Sniper Joe 01, fall down and head
right. Rush Coil to the ledge then Rush Jet to the end to get the Rush Search.
Drop down and watch out for the Spiral Gabyoalls and the Driver Cannon and kill
the Shirokumachine GTV at the end who also drops icicles upon you too. Climb the
ladder, and head right while killing the Bomb Sleighs. Before fighting Freezeman
get on the lower step and turn around and use Rush Search. Rush will bark before
digging up an Exit. Now head right and onto Freezeman you go.

Just fill up on your E-Tank and use Junk Shield on him by getting close. He'll
die before you do so just take whatever he dishes out at you.


You are now back at your home base asking with Dr. Light about Bass. Dr. Light
considers Bass not to be a threat or an enemy then there is a scene on the
screen behind them. It seems that Dr. Wily is attacking the robot museum and off
you go. At the museum, run right and you'll see display cases of Snakeman,
Blizzardman, Pharaohman, and Heatman but alas one is missing. While you here,
catch the remixes of Gutsman's, Heatman's, and Snakeman's theme in one shot. Now
enter the gate and you'll see Ringman and Skullman in the back but you also see
Dr. Wily taking Gutsman away. A clown robot named Mash drops down and jumps and
spins at you. Use Danger Wrap to make the head come off and attack the fallen
head till Mash retrieves it. Hang in there till victory is won. Now Dr. Light
sends you back into battle where four more robots join the fray.


                            Weakness: Freeze Cracker
                                      Scorch Wheel
                               Get: Slash Claw

Enemies: King Gojulus, Derusu Bee, Gobots, Kerone, Sniper Joe 01, Stegorus,
Spiral Gabyoall, Tamagodon, Technodon, Tsuranattori

His music is a remix of Waveman (MM5) and Quickman (MM2) put together. When you
start, you already got a major enemy to deal with. That enemy is a Stegorus and
you have to shoot it in the head to kill it. Get up close and shoot it as much
as you can while avoiding the spinning spikes it sends at you. If you fail to
kill it quick enough, it will turn around (actually the head and tail switch
places) and walk the other way and shoot missiles at you before switching the
head and tail again. Now you must hop through a series of logs that appear and
fall down the waterfall. First it's a single log, three logs, and then two logs.
The best time to jump is the moment the previous log hits the bottom so when you
come down, you'll land on the log the moment it appears. After the two-log set,
the Tsuranattori line appears. Just kill one to make the rest go away. You'll
meet another Stegorus. Climb the ladders and watch out for the spiral Gabyoall
in between them. Kill the Gobots then hop on top of the Technodon and ride it
till you see another then hop onto it. Ride that till you get to a platform then
hop back on as it runs under the platform and use your S. Adapter to get the E-
Tank and climb either ladder and kill the Sniper Joe 01 and climb the ladder. To
get that E-Tank, wait for the Technodon to turn back and run the other way and
hop to it as it hops. Now that we've climb the ladder, head right and OH NO!

Here comes King Gojulus on your tail. Run all the way right and wait for it to
come to you and shoot its jaw. The bullets it shoots at you will sail over your
head if you stay grounded. When he moves funny, he will blow fire. The Junk
Shield works best on King Gojulus. After you kill it, continue right and climb
the ladder. Don't shoot the hives or you'll have Derusu Bees to pester you.
Shoot the Kerones though. On the last tree (we don't have the Scorch Wheel yet
but when you do obtain it, this will be the place where you would use it to get
to Beat.) At the end of the path are some dinosaur eggs that hatch and little
dinosaurs called Tamagodons attack you then you'll reach the gate to Slashman.

It takes 5-6 hits to kill Slashman with the Freeze Cracker but it's hard to get
a hit in. The best time to hit him is when jumps then nail him when he lands.
After a hit, he hops to the top and drops eggs that can hinder your jumping and
sliding ability and/or hinder you mobility period. Just stay away from Slashman
as much as possible and you'll come out okay. He also falls to the Scorch Wheel.


                            Weakness: Slash Claw
                               Get: Spring Coil

Enemies: Coil'n, Frisk Cannon, Petaforth, Sniper Joe 01, Spiral Gabyoall, Tom

Spring to the bolt, then drop down one screen and move right. Kill the Coil'n
Frisk Cannons then kill the Petaforth and get the weapon-up and life-up and drop
down. Get the 1-up on the way. At the bottom, kill the Tom Daddies as you head
right. Go down and kill more Tom Daddies and avoid the Spiral Gabyoalls. Before
you climb the ladder, have rush dig on the second step and he'll pull out a
gigantic life-up. Climb the ladder and spring onto the platform and have Rush
dig. He'll dig up a mega bolt. Head right now and instead of dropping down use
your Super Adapter to climb up the upper left side till you reach the top. Jump
on the block till the arrows face left and the jack-in-the-box will blow out the
wall. You'll find Auto's screw inside. Be wary of the spikes though. Leave then
drop down and head right to a ladder. Kill any enemies in the way. Head right
and kill the two Sniper Joe 01s and get ready to fight Springman.

Springman attacks include Wild Coil, Slamming you into the ceiling, and leaping
into the air and throwing punches at you. If you use the Slash Claw, he'll only
use the latter attack which you can easily avoid. Never and I mean never use
Thunder Bolt on this guy or else he'll suck you in towards him and slam you into
the ceiling when you're in range. 7 hits will kill him. If you got Noise Crush,
you can time it to shoot when you enter the boss room. It will bounce back and
forth as Springman enters. If you are lucky it will kill him in one shot as he's
starting to gather his energy.


                            Weakness: Spring Coil
                               Get: Noise Crush

Enemies: Astro Zombieg, Batton M48, Cyorown, Gilliam Knight, Ragger, Sniper Joe
01, True Shield Attacker, VAN Pookin, Protoman

If you want to use the Ghouls n Ghosts music, hold B and select Shademan. At
the beginning, the stage is all dark then Megaman looks back and the sky
brightens up. Kill the Cyorown, then head right and kill the Astro Zombiegs and
climb down the ladder.  Kill another Astro Zombieg and climb down. As you go
right, some of the armor will have Ragger fall out the head and attack you. Kill
them and climb the ladders while killing the Cyorowns. Head right and kill the
Batton M48s while avoid the smashers. Enter the gate to fight the Van Pookin.
There are two paths depending on if you kill the inner or outer shell.

Van Pookin hops at you three times then opens up and the inner shell spits green
bullets at you. You can use Thunder Bolt on the inner shell.

Path 1 (inner shell)

Van Pookin open the path below and you can drop down an kill the Sniper Joe 01.
There's a fake wall behind the Sniper Joe 01 that leads to Protoman but he won't
be there yet but the room before him has a hidden megabolt under the second
Go back and kill Sniper Joe 01 again and head down the ladder. Kill the Gilliam
Knights and climb down into a dark room which can be lit up by a Scorch Wheel on
the candles which we lack or a Thunder Bolt which lights the scenery
Enter the gate and you will go up an elevator and fight off two sets of Astro
Zombiegs and head right after the elevator stops a third time. You will come
across a hurt Bass (which is bullcrap) and you prompt him to go over to you lab.
Big mistake Megaman. Enter the gate and fight Shademan.

Path 2 (outer shell)

Van Pookin breaks the wall on the right. Kill the Astro Zombiegs and climb the
ladder. Kill the Gilliam Knights and go right and use Rush Coil to get the 1-up
then head back left and kill the Gilliam Knights again as you go up 3 ladders.
There is a Gilliam Knight in wolf mode at the top of the third ladder. The moon
will go behind the clouds and darken the screen thus turn the wolf back into a
knight. Go right to take care of another one before the moon comes back and go
down the ladders. Kill the True Shield Attackers and use Rush Search under the
Wily Picture for an Energy Balancer. You meet a "hurt" Bass and off you go to
fight Shademan.

Shademan is real tricky. He can fly into the air and swoop down on you and suck
your life points, use a ray that turns you to stone, or use 2 Noise Crushes that
you must avoid three times total. The Wild Coil works best on him especially


                            Weakness: Noise Crush
                               Get: Scorch Wheel

Enemies:  Sisi Truck, Baccone, Gobots, Sniper Joe 01, Trio the Wheel, Truck Joe,
Turbo Roader, Sisi Rocket

At the beginning, you'll be chased be a Truck Joe. Fortunately, you have the
Noise Crush. Hit him once and he'll stop to clear his head of sound then drive
on. What out for the Turbo Roaders as you move along. 4 Noise Crushes will kill
Truck Joe. Kill the Baccones and climb the ladder and kill the Sniper Joe 01
and climb another ladder. There are tires being transported above that can
bounce you around. Kill the Baccones and time your jump so you won't get bounced
into the spikes. Hop over the hidden pit which won't kill you but you'll have to
work your way back up. Time another jump to avoid being bounced onto the next
set of spikes and watch out for the Trio the Wheels as you head for the ladder.
Put your Super Adapter suit on and climb the ladder. Kill the Trio the Wheel and
jet to the platform and get the life up then turn around and use Rush Search and
you'll get a Super Arm. Climb back up the ladder. And kill another Trio the
Wheel. When you get to the part of the ladder where a grey object in the back-
ground is showing jump of the ladder to the right and you'll go through a fake
wall. Protoman will meet you and ask if you collected the RUSH parts, then he'll
say cool and tell you that the armor is too bulky to slide in and says he'll see
you again if you survive. Head out and climb the ladder. Use Rush Search on the
Blue X to get a mega bolt then climb up the ladders. Things get tricky as you
make your way through fire pillars. Keep an eye on the colors of the furnace.

Blue = safe, yellow = warning, red = about to fire then all red = burn.

The Freeze Cracker helps a little as it freezes the fire like Ice Slasher did
the fire pillars in Megaman 1. Then you'll go through a scene that is similar to
Quickman's stage in Megaman 2 except you'll be dodging fire beams that instantly
kill you. Make it past that and you're on a truck. Head right and kill the
enemies and you'll go against the front of the Sisi Truck which has eyes and a
mouth. Just keep shooting no matter what and soon Sisi truck will die. Blast
through more enemies to face Turboman.

Turboman has a deadly Scorch Wheel but he'll never use it because if you hit him
with a Noise Crush especially a super one, he'll go crazy and turn into a race
car and zoom at you. Be sure to hop over him. 5 maximum Noise Crushes anmd he's
back in the pit.


Megaman returns to the lab and finds out Bass had gone berserk after being
repaired and trashed the lab and stole the parts for new enhancements. Dr. Wily
then reveals that he made Bass and Treble to counter Megaman and Rush.


                              Dr. Wily Stage 1
                            Boss: Gutsman G
                           Weakness: Slash Claw

Enemies: Tsuranattori, Frisk Cannon, Kaminari Kogoro, Delupipi, Copipi, Boufooh,
Trio the Wheel, Tripropeller, Gobots, Bass, Gockroach Ss + nests,

You'll blow through Tsuranattoris and Frisk Cannons and have to be wary of the
Kaminari Kogoros coming out the pits. You'll soon reach a series of foot holders
that turn off the lights if you're standing on them but turn them on when you
jump off. To make matters worse, they spin and dump you if you're on the light
part of the track. Jump on and off constantly so you can see the track and make
your way to the upper right dnd then climb the ladder. Kill the Boufooh and the
Delupipi and jump constantly because the floor you stand on darkens the screen.
Make it to the ladder and climb down. The path here consists of more light dim-
ming floors and foot holders and annoying Gobots till you climb up.

More of the same till you make it to the ladder. Grab the E-Tank if needed then
head right to face Bass. Bass can be a pain in the ass. Use Thunder Bolts for an
easier fight or you can use the Super Adapter punches. Avoid his shots if you
can. Defeating him results in Bass vowing revenge before he leaves. Kill the
Gockroach Ss + Nests and you'll reach the gate.

You will fight Gutsman G and he's tougher this time. He attacks by causing an
earthquake which won't knock you on your keister this time but make a rock fall
down and shove it at you. He will also charge at you and grab you and toss you
into the ceiling. OUCH! Use the Slash Claws in this tough fight to win. You can
also damage him by using the Slash Claw to slash the blocks back at him if you
manage to hit it first.


                              Dr. Wily Stage 2
                            Boss: Gameriser
                           Weakness: Wild Coil
                                     Danger Wrap'd Spotaros.

Enemies: Bomb Sleigh, Driver Cannon, True Shield Attacker, Sniper Joe 01, Super
Bass, Trio the Wheel, Kerone, Spiral Gabyoall, Batton M48, Tripropeller, Spotaro

Head right and avoid the gunfire from the Driver Cannons. Watch out for the Bomb
Sleigh then climb the ladder. Take out the Sniper Joe 01s and True Shield Attac-
kers and climb the ladder, kill more of them and make a big jump to the ladder
and climb up. Kill the Sniper Joe 01s and get the 1-up. Climb the right ladder
for a safer trek. Stay on the ladder and kill the Sniper Joe 01 and maneuver
through the treadmills to the ladder on the top-left. Climb up and head right.
You'll confront Bass again and he'll use a Super Adapter. One good strategy I
found is to hit him will Freeze Crackers, Thunder Bolts or Noise Crushes or even
the Super Adapter Fist. His first attack is to torpedo at you and loop in almost
a circle then he'll flame up and shoot his Rocket Punch at you. Then he'll jump
around shooting at you. Then land and repeat his pattern. Avoid his torpedo
attack by jumping onto the platform above you. The gravity is lighter in this
room so you'll jump higher than normal. Anyway, when you jump over the torpedo
and land on the platform just inside to the middle, he'll fly over you and then
charge up his fist. Get a quick shot in and head for the bottom quickly and leap
to avoid the rocket punch. Just be sure not to be caught under the platform.
When he's almost defeated, he'll fire charged Buster shots without charging too.
14 hits with the above weapons or 7 with the fist will be enough to beat him.

After the fight, head right and avoid the Trio the Wheels and climb the ladder.
Kill the Kerones as you reach for the ladder. Use the springs for a boost. Climb
up and take out the Trio the Wheel and grab the little life-ups and head right
and climb the ladder. Make your way up the path while avoiding the flame pillars
and I suggest using the Freeze Crackers here to freeze the fire at some parts.
Here's the best path, hop back and forth up the first 3 side furnaces then hop
left onto the vertical furnace then hop right onto the next side furnace. From
there, slide down onto the lower side furnace and freeze the fire from the furn-
ace you slid off of. Use the fire to climb onto the downward pointing furnace.
Hop onto the side furnace to the right when the one above it pulls back it fire
then shoot the fire from that same furnace when it comes back, then hop right
and get the life-up when safe and hop back down and hop to the left furnaces
when safe and hop right. At the top, stand in the middle and shoot a Freeze
Cracker at the wall so the pieces will hit the pillar on the left side when it
is up then use it to reach the ladder. Avoid the Batton M48s and Spiral Gabyoall
and climb the ladder. Kill the Tripropellers then hop to the ladder quickly and
climb. Enter the gate and you'll fight a robotic turtle called Gameriser.

Jump to avoid his flames because you'll gradually lose energy if burned. Slide
under the turtle when it charges. Gameriser will retreat and send small turtles
called Spotaros that perform 3 actions based on the number on the shell. Walk at
you, spin at you or dig then pop up and spin around. Use Danger Wrap on the
turtles. Trap the first turtle and sometimes the second turtle will run into it
and the 2 will die and for the third, trap it in a bubble when it's preferably
airborne and keep it close to you. When the main turtle comes back. Jump at the
bubble in a downward angle and the main turtle will feel the pain when it gets
smacked by the explosion. All that took was 4 hits. Now that was brutal, no?


                              Dr. Wily Stage 3
                            Boss: HannyaNED˛
                           Weakness: Slash Claw
                                     Noise Crush

Enemies: Frisk Cannon, Sniper Joe 01, Metall FXs, Tripropeller, Spiral Gabyoall,
True Shield Attacker, Coil'n, Count Bomb NEO, Stegorus, Tsuranattori, Kanigance

Climb the right ladder at the beginning and kill all Frisk Cannons and use the
Super Adapter to help make it to the ladder at the top. You can't slide with the
adapter on so switch suits and slide to the right. The floor is slightly invis-
ible so keep an eye on where there is no floor. When you see an opening in the
floor and a Metall FX standing in the air, leap for the Metall FX and you're
safe. Kill the Tripropeller and climb the ladders up and down and head right and
climb another ladder. Kill the Sniper Joe 01 and climb up. The platforms have
numbers on them that move forward and counts down. You now have two paths: up or

Path 1 (down)
Fall through the spikes without touching them then kill the enemies and head
right and kill the Kanigance like you did in Burstman's stage. As you rise up,
avoid the spikes but stay away from the very left side or else you're fukked
because the spikes will trap you there. At the top climb the ladder and head
right. You'll get a E-Tank on the way to the gate.

Path 2 (up)

Rush Jet to the ladder then climb up, then let's cheat here. Use you're Super
Adapter to climb some blocks that try to trap you on the bottom block simply by
ignoring the bottom block and boosting up just in case. Grab the Tanks and fall
down carefully. Kill the stegorus and drop down and enter the gate.

This boss chases you down. Don't worry because the Noise Crushers will help you.
Avoid the missiles if possible then shoot the boss when you can. You also have a
laser and a dive attack to worry about. Stay away from the former by staying
right and jumping at the last moment. Same for the latter then stay in between
the exploding balls it drops. It won't be long till it's history.


                              Dr. Wily Stage 4
                            Boss: Wily Machine 7
                                  Wily Capsule
                           Weakness: Thunder Bolt (WM7), Spring Coil

Enemies: Freezeman, Junkman, Turboman, Shademan, Slashman, Cloudman, Springman,

Gather the bolts and 1-up and W-Tank what every you want and enter the
teleporter. As usual, you face all bosses again. Here's how they appear. Use
Scorch Wheel on Burstman.

Freezeman	Slashman
Junkman	        Cloudman
Turboman	Springman
Shademan	Burstman

Just beat them as usual. After you're done, fill up on Freeze Crackers, Wild
Coils and Thunder Bolts for this tough fight ahead. For the first robot, use
Thunder Bolts on Wily when you get a chance. The machine either hops or sends
two skull robots and walks slowly and speeds up afterwards before jumping off
screen. The pattern is simple. The next robot is the one you should really worry
about. It takes 28 hits total to beat him with any weapon but the Wild Coil
charged will help reduce that. The boss vanishes and reappears in random spots
(gee, where have we seen that before?) and he will send four balls that home in
on you. They are a pain to avoid, a real pain. It's better to get hit by the
yellow ones because the blue freezes and leaves you open and the red burns.
Thunder bolting him before he attacks will prevent him from sending out the four
balls and just use the lighting attack only. Use your E-Tanks and hang in there
and he's yours for the kill. You just beat Megaman 7. Pat yourself on the back
because that Wily was a pain.

Everything - 1415 5585 7823 6251
Battle Mode - 1415 5585 7823 6251 Hold L&R


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more up to speed information.

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