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Who is the best warrior(your opinion)?

One of my favorites in Snow.

Accepted Answer

Hawkcam1996 answered:

My favorite three are :
1.Cleon-because he's just plain cool
2.Swan-he's a serious guy and can take charge
3.Ajax-he is a tough guy
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janeluke answered:

I like swan,cleon and vermin
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staticz313 answered:

Ajax,Cleon and Snow
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SmackTalk1446 answered:

My Favorite :

1.Cleon = Because He Is Solid, Tough, And Warlord Of Warriors, Too bad he is dead

2. Ajax = Because He is the Muscle in The Warriors

3.Rembrant = Not Because He is Tough, but the Talent, He loves to tag
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Sonicspeed64 answered:

I'd have to say either Cleon or Swan.
Cleon because he's the heart of the Warriors and probably the most skillful.
Swan because you can't top this guy once it comes to intelligence.
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anassb71992 answered:

Ajax cochise vermin cleon
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