Question from Hawkcam1996

Are they going to make a part 2 to this game?

This was my favorite game before CoD:WaW and if they make a part 2 I think it will go back up to my favorite game. And I've waited a long time to find out so....are they going to make a part 2?

Hawkcam1996 provided additional details:

Well Wgen will it be made (out in stores)

skaterf12345 asked for clarification:

I hope they do! go to the forums section and check out my idea here for the warriors 2

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KID3NIGMA19989 answered:

Well no not exactly i mean they might make a new one but i dnt think they are gonna sell it becuz if they are then i shud have come out alredy cuz the first warriors came out in 2005 so............. you get where im goin
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Bladerunner2 answered:

Yes it is called The Warriors 2:Street Rumble
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