Question from KID3NIGMA19989

Asked: 3 years ago

Fury's mode?

Well i followed someones advice and they sed you have to beat the game on hardcore soldier mode to unlock unleash the fury mode but i juss beat the game for like the 100th time (not bragging) and it didnt work so i dont noe what i did wrong but maybe itz becuz i skipped a level with the complete mission your on cheat but any advice would help thanx!!!!!!!!!!

Accepted Answer

From: warrior6264 3 years ago

Just play the whole game through and dome use that cheat cuz it only completes the level it doesnt give u all bonus things

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Useing different cheats like rage cheat can help make it faster tho mand cmplete evrery thing and dont skip any thing cuz it needs to be 100% complete

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