Question from akennedybsu

Asked: 3 years ago

How do I use the other warriors beside Cleon to do the push ups, chin ups, heavy bag, and the sit ups workouts?

Alright, I've just started playing the game and I just got to the Warriors hideout. I was automatically given Cleon to control. I went to the workout area and completed all of the workouts for Cleon. How do I change characters to use the other Warriors on the workouts?

Accepted Answer

From: KID3NIGMA19989 3 years ago

All u have 2 do is get to different levels and then u will have control of numerously different warriors but the only people u cannot take charge in is the new bloods. I have da game and it is awesome and i have played and beat the games numerous tymes and i have got to say that that is one of the best PS2 games that has ever been made.

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