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|  THE WARRIORS                                                              |
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|  FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 - Written by Patt3rson                  |
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|  Final version, since January 9 2006 – Copyright Patt3rson                 |
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                                                           | ENGLISH VERSION |
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= C O N T E N T S =
1A – Copyright Notice
1B – Additions
1C – Preparations
\ 2 / GAME /
2A – Story
2B – Characters
2C - Controls
3A – New Blood
3B – Real Live Bunch
3C – Payback
3D – Blackout
3E – Real Heavy Rep
3F – Writer’s Block
3G – Adios Amigo
3H – Encore
3I – Payin’ The Cost
3J – Destroyed
3K – Boys In Blue
3L – Set Up
3M – All-City
3N – Desperate Dudes
3O – No Permits, No Parley
3P – Home Run
3Q – Friendly Faces
3R – Come Out To Play
3S – Roots
3T – The Best
3U – Heavy Muscle
3V – Scout’s Honor
3W – Sharp Dressed Man
3X - Heavy Bag, Push Ups, Sit Ups & Chin Ups
3Y - Turf Invasion
3Z - Robbin Hood
3a - Busted
3b - Flash Head
3c - Vigilante Justice
3d – Carny Compassion
3e – Deal With It
3f – Feed The Homeless
3g – Freedom
3h – Flash Point
3i – Armies Of The Night 
4A – Final Word
4B - Credits

= 1 = I N T R O D U C T I O N =
Writing FAQ’s and walkthroughs takes a lot of time and effort, so writers do a 
lot of work. Stealing work from others is unthinkable and one of the worst 
crimes you can commit in writing. It’s also punishable, because all files on 
the web are protected by international copyright law and usage without 
permission can be fought out in court.

The newest version of this file can be found on http://www.gamefaqs.com. For 
questions and remarks about this file, including the walkthrough, you can use 
the e-mail address below. Only serious questions of which the answer can’t be 
found in this file will be responded to.

This document may not be distributed or copied in parts or as a whole. This 
file may only be printed or saved for private use. For usage in other ways or 
on other locations written permission from the author has to be acquired. 
Permission can be asked using the below e-mail address, but is not guaranteed! 
If you find this file on another location than GameFAQs or NeoSeeker, please 
use the same address to let me know.

I translated this document from my Dutch walkthrough after that one was  
complete. Everything you see is new and the FAQ will not be updated anymore  
unless the Dutch FAQ is also updated.
This document is a translation of my other Dutch walkthrough. While 
translating I did not play the game anymore, so it is possible that some 
translations (Especially names for items, locations, etcetera!) are not 
entirely correct. Read the tips below before you start the game and use this 
walkthrough. These remarks contain valuable information about using this FAQ 
or the game.

The walkthrough was written while playing on the difficulty setting named 
Bopper. It might be possible that the walkthrough will be slightly different 
when playing on another difficulty setting, because locations of items, 
enemies and other aspects may differ. If you want to be able to follow the 
walkthrough closely, also choose the Bopper difficulty setting.

Money is quite important in this game. Sometimes you need it to complete 
certain goals, but usually it’s for common use like buying Flash or spray 
cans. Flash heals you, your health will increase when using it. Spray cans are 
necessary to spray over tags, which is quite often a part of a goal or bonus 
goal. To get money you can rob stores, mug people and steal radios from cars.

In The Warriors’ hangout, where you can select all available modes, there’s 
also a Game Stats option. Here you can monitor your progress within the game. 
A percentage is shown and with every level you can see whether you completed 
the demands for it or not. You can your score and also the required score if 
you didn’t have enough for that goal. It also indicates how many bonus goals 
there are in a level and how many of them you completed. The combination of 
your score and the bonus goals determines what you unlocked in each level. 
This document contains all the information you need to get a hundred percent.

To get the required score you’ll usually need to do more than just finish the 
level. You’ll get points for almost everything you do, some things will give 
you more than others. Fighting gives you little points per hit, but spraying 
over tags with one can without interruption will give you a lot. If you’re 
having trouble getting the required score, just destroy everything you can 
wreck and rob everything and everyone for extra points. By wrecking a lot of 
stuff you’ll also run into hidden items like Flash en spray cans. These and 
more visible items are by the way not always mentioned in the walkthrough.

When you get into a fight with the police it might be possible that they 
arrest you or other Warriors. They will put you in handcuffs and what happens 
then depends on the situation. If you get cuffed, other Warriors will try to 
get you free, but the game is just over if they are not available. If you’re 
walking around freely you can get other Warriors loose. That’s usually done by 
pressing a few buttons, but in some levels there are hidden keys scattered 
around which enable you to free someone immediately. If one of your colleagues 
runs out of health it will appear on screen, but then you can approach them 
and give them some Flash by pressing the left directional button.

= 2 = G A M E =
\ A / STORY /
The Warriors are a new gang and they’re trying to maintain an area in the 
south of New York, named Coney. They’re busy enlarging their numbers and 
reputation, lead by ex-Destroyer Cleon.

Cyrus, leader of the biggest gang in New York, the Riffs, organizes an 
important meeting and The Warriors are also invited. Cyrus gets shot and The 
Warriors are blamed for it.

What follows is a hard trip back to Coney, through enemy territories in which 
mad gangs are after them for their action. You need to bring them home safely 
and also try to find Cyrus’s real killers.
Cleon used to be a Destroyer together with Vermin, but they didn’t like it 
anymore and started The Warriors. That’s why he is The Warriors’ Warchief.

Cleon’s right hand and co-founder of The Warriors. Left the Destroyers 
together with clean after a deal gone wrong.

The newest member of The Warriors. Especially hired for this way of the spray 
can. He is the best tagger in New York.

The brute force behind The Warriors. Doesn’t really think about his actions 
and he’s always in for a good fight and nice female company.

A constant factor in The Warrior’s. Doesn’t come to the attention much but he 
knows what to do and is completely loyal.

Another Warrior standing more on the background. Gets his name from the hat he 
always wears.

Fox proved he is a lot tougher than he looks. First hired just as a scout, but 
he’s also pretty strong in fights.

Coming from the area of Harlem in New York, but he didn’t want to join the 
Boppers because of their cloths. He thinks a Warriors vest is way cooler.

A strong and leading character, Warchief if Cleon isn’t there. Comparable with 
Ajax in strength, but also a bit smarter and calmer.

First Orphan leader Sully’s girlfriend, but something grows between her and 
Swan after The Warriors take her.

The leader of the Riffs, the biggest gang in New York, and that makes him 
important. Has a vision that can change the future.

The backstabbing leader of the Rogues and Cyrus’ real killer. Doesn’t only 
irritates The Warriors but also his own gang members.

Virgil is the arrogant Destroyers leader, the gang Cleon used to be in. He and 
Virgil used to be friends.

The loser leader of the Orphans. Gets influenced by his girlfriend too often, 
he isn’t very undertaking himself.

The stuttering leader of the Hi-Hats. His trick to take out the gangs 
eventually results in his personal art gallery being destroyed.

The feared leader of the even more feared gang the Baseball Furies. With his 
length and double bat he is a force to be reckoned with.

The ghostly leader of the Savage Huns. Seems to have some mystical powers and 
also other moves than the standard enemies.
Below are all the buttons for the PlayStation controller. It’s possible that 
not all buttons have a function by default in the game! These are the default 
settings, it’s a possibility that they can be adjusted to your own liking! 
Check the manual or the menus to find out how.

Up                               - View current normal goal
Down                             - View current bonus goal
Left                             - Give Flash to ally
Right                            - Use Flash

Triangle                         - Interaction
Cross                            - Strong attack
Square                           - Weak attack
Circle                           - Grab

L1                               - Select enemy
L2                               - Run/release
R1                               - Defend
R2                               - Commands

L3                               - Center camera
Left Analog                      - Move character
R3                               - Zoom
Right Analog                     - Move camera

Start                            - Pause menu
Select                           - Information

= 3 = W A L K T R O U G H =
This is a training, just to get used to the controls and the battle system. As 
soon as you’re in control, walk over to the yellow marker using the left 
analogue stick. Another marker will appear behind you, so use the right 
analogue stick to rotate the camera and see it. Walk over to it and a bum will 
enter the area. You’ll have to practice a few basic moves on him, so press the 
buttons or combinations of them appearing at the bottom left of the screen. 
First you’ll execute a few normal blows, then while holding your opponent and 
then while sitting on top of him. Also perform the more powerful moves after 
that and after a while more bums will appear and you’ll have to fight them. 
Perform the mandatory attacks and some weapons will become available, walk 
over to them and pick up a bit with the triangle button. After doing the 
standard attacks, keep hitting the enemies hard to fill up your Rage meter. 
When it’s full, press L1 and R1 at the same time to activate it, after which 
you have to execute a few more attacks. If the last one proves to be a little 
hard to do, press the square and cross button at the same time and then keep 
hitting the cross button to finish the attack.

Now you have to take out the bums, so keep fighting them until you did enough 
damage. A few Warriors will come down to fight you and they’ll fight back more 
than the bums. Use the moves you learned to beat them, especially hitting 
behind you and tossing them around with the circle button works well to create 
some space. The fight will stop after fighting the Warriors long enough and 
doing enough damage. Then you’ll go out with Vermin, he’s going to teach you 
some of the Warriors’ activities. Break one of the shop’s windows and walk 
inside. In the back on the left there’s a showcase filled with valuable stuff, 
smash it and pick up the stuff with the triangle button. Then you have to 
steal a car radio. Approach the car, smash the window and press triangle to 
start stealing. Use the left analogue stick to unscrew the screws by moving it 
counter clockwise, the radio is yours when removing all four screws. The last 
goal is to mug someone else. Approach the man walking away from the phone 
booth and grab him with the circle button.

Press triangle to start mugging him, then move the left analogue stick in the 
direction where your controller starts to vibrate. Hold that position until 
the vibrating stops and then look for the position where the vibrating will 
start again. This will fill up the bar and when it’s full you’ll have 
successfully mugged someone. Get back to Vermin by standing in the red marker. 
Climb over both fences to follow Vermin, use triangle to do so. If you come up 
running you’ll jump over the fence, you’ll climb slower when just walking. Get 
onto the roof on the left after Vermin and step inside the yellow marker. Jump 
through the window ahead using the triangle button and get inside the marker 
again. Attempt another jump after Vermin, but now use L2 while running to go 
faster. Follow Vermin off of the roof and over the fence. You’ll have to crash 
through the boarding, do that by running into it with L2 and pressing the 
cross button when reaching the boarding. Behind it you’ll meet a dealer, 
approach him and buy some Flash from him by pressing triangle. Restore your 
own health by pressing the right directional button.
You’ll meet the Destroyers in an unpleasant way. When following them you 
suddenly control Cleon, the leader of The Warriors. You’ll have to issue the 
Let’s Go Command by pressing R2. Because there are no other commands you can 
release the button immediately to issue the command right away. Use the radar 
on the bottom right to find your way through the alleys to the next red 
marker, where you meet Ajax who will follow you from then on. Follow the route 
through the alleys and climb over the fence to meet Cowboy and Snow at the 
next red marker. They’ll get arrested, so you’ll have to free them. Walk 
around the block clockwise, climb over the fence and approach Cowboy and Snow, 
also visible on your radar. Press triangle when standing next to them and get 
them free by switching between L1 and R1 quickly. Then climb the fence next to 
the smoking grid and take a detour through the alleys to get to the red 
marker, there you’ll see Fox being chased by the police. Let Cleon issue the 
Hold Up command with R2 and the right analogue stick to leave your gang here.

Climb the stairs and stand inside the yellow marker. Pick up the bottle with 
the triangle button and aim with the right analogue stick so that the curve 
ends in the marker below, then press the cross button to throw the bottle and 
let Fox escape from the police. Issue the Mayhem command with Cleon, which 
will make your gang members riot. Approach the yellow marker yourself at the 
entrance of the store and press triangle. You can open the lock by stopping 
all the openings of the ring inside the red area. Press the cross button when 
that’s the case, but the next rings will move quicker every time. The shop 
will only open after stopping all the rings in the right position, after which 
you get inside and smash all the showcases and pick up the stuff if the other 
Warriors don’t do that for you. Open the back door after breaking open the 
lock and follow the obvious route to the next red marker. Cochise and Swan 
will join you here, then let Cleon issue the Wreck’em All command. Help your 
team out defeating the Destroyers. Try to take on one at a time by moving him 
from the group and the defeat hem before selecting a new enemy.
Climb the garbage so you can get onto the roof and stand inside the yellow 
marker. Press triangle to begin spraying. You have to move the cursor across 
the indicated yellow line with the left analogue stick to complete the image. 
If you move away from the line too much, Rembrandt will shake the can, which 
costs extra paint. You don’t have an unlimited supply of paint, so watch where 
you spray. As soon as your can is empty you’ll have to shake again, which 
costs time and is a disadvantage for you when facing enemies. Now you can 
finish it easily, after which you jump back down and run into the alley on the 
left. Three yellow circles with a W will appear on your radar, you can find 
more tags there and you need to spray them over. Two out of three is enough 
for the main goal, but you need all three of them for the bonus goal. The 
problem is that the remaining icon will disappear from your radar as soon as 
you finish two of the three tags. If you want to complete the bonus goal, 
you’ll need to know where the remaining tags are after finishing the main 
goal. In this case, first take down the two Destroyers, just order your 
friends to Wreck’em All and focus your attention on the tag on the boarding 
next to these Destroyers.

If you run out of paint, there’s a green spray can visible on your radar. A 
man is standing there and you can buy spray cans from him for five bucks a 
piece. If you run out of money, rob some people or break open stores or cars 
to steal some goods. A bit ahead there’s a laundry building, rob the woman 
inside for extra money and walk around it clockwise to find a tag and place 
your own on top of it. The third tag will now disappear from your radar, but 
you can find it by going back to the street and follow it left. The tag is on 
the boarding at the end of it. You might run into Destroyers or cops, so take 
them out if you do. Let your friends defend you by choosing the Watch My Back 
command before you spray over a tag. When all three tags are sprayed, return 
to where the paint seller also is to walk into the alley next to him. Five new 
tag spots will now appear on your radar, three of them are mandatory to spray 
over and two of them are for the bonus goal. Of course there are Destroyers 
walking around here, let your team handle them while you work on the tags. 
Walk straight ahead until you can’t go further and head right. The tag you 
have to spray is ahead and to the left.

Look out for people to mug, for extra paint you need to go back to the 
salesman in the previous area. Return to where you came through the fence into 
this area, but head right before getting there and up the stairs. Follow the 
roof and jump to the next one at the hole in the wall. Let yourself drop to 
the awning and spray over the tag there. Make your way back to the stairs you 
used to get up here and walk counter clockwise around the building to your 
left. You’ll walk straight into the third tag, spray over it to complete the 
standard goal. Before heading to the red marker, you need to find the two 
remaining tags to finish the bonus goal. Turn to the right and locate a Flash 
dealer in the corner. Buy some Flash from him if you need health. In front of 
him there’s a burning barrel near the corner of the building. Climb onto the 
small building to the right of that barrel and get up onto the platform from 
there, the fourth tag is on the wall there. Turn to the right and jump down, 
climb over the fence right in front of you en run around the block to your 
left counter clockwise. Your underneath a grid platform, you can get onto it 
using the container ahead against the wall. Then jump to the next platform 
from that one and then onto the roof of the building ahead. The Destroyers tag 
is on the wall right in front of you.

Spray over it and jump down, follow the route back to the red marker on your 
radar. In this new area six more tags will appear on your radar, three of them 
have to be painted over and the other three go with the bonus goal. While 
working on the tags, always look out for Destroyers and people, stores and 
cars to rob. To the right of the store right in front of you at the start is a 
paint seller. Walk around the store clockwise and climb the stairs behind it, 
between the store and a house. Upstairs the first tags is on the wall on the 
right. Paint it and drop to the left into the small square. First take out all 
the Destroyers and then place your tag on the house. Turn to the right and 
walk onto the street and follow it to the car on the left. Climb onto the 
garage on the other side of this car and follow the construction up to the tag 
on the wall. Spraying it will make the remaining tags disappear from your 
radar. Go back down and head back into the alley you just came from. Walk past 
the square on the right and climb the stairs ahead on the left. You can find 
the Destroyers tag upstairs in the back corner. You can jump from this roof 
over an opening onto another roof. Walk onto the ramp on the right and defeat 
the Destroyers up on this roof.

Opposite the wooden window there is an another part of the building you can 
jump to, there’s a tag on the other side of the extending block. Jump back to 
the previous roof after spraying it, then jump to the lower ledge for the last 
tag. Jump back to the ground, turn around and walk into the red marker on the 
right. Move into the dark area and you’ll get an explanation about how stealth 
works and how to take down scouts silently. Approach the marker and then the 
scout, select him with L1 and press the cross or square button to take him 
out. You need to lure the next scout away by throwing an object to the 
indicated location. Run to the other side quickly, wait for him to return to 
his spot and then slap him from behind him. Throw another bottle at the next 
spot, as far to the right as possible next to the truck. When the scout goes 
away to check it out, run to the dark area he was standing next to. Take him 
out when he returns. Run op the stairs and approach the big Destroyers tag. 
You’ll have to spray three layers and in another shape that you’re used to. If 
you need paint, pick it up from the box to the right of the tag. Take as much 
with you as possible when you’re done with the tag and get ready to escape. 
Descend the stairs you used to get up here and step into the right marker.
Follow the tunnel straight ahead and duck into the hallway leading away from 
the tracks. Climb the stairs to get out of the ground. There are two bonus 
goals available during your normal activities, one of them is to mug at least 
ten people. So make sure you mug enough of them during this first part, you 
can see how many you already robbed and when you’re done. Climb over the fence 
and walk into the jewel store right in front of your. You have two goals in 
this area, filling the bar by destroying things and collecting 350 dollars of 
loot. You can earn that by robbing stores, cars and people. Give the Mayhem 
command to the other Warriors, they’ll help you fill up the Destruction bar. 
Plunder the other store in this area and destroy everything, you’ll get a 
message telling you when to move to the next location. There’s an alley to the 
right of the music store, climb over the fence there and continue. There’s a 
stairs leading up in the corner. Climb it and locate the Flash dealer. On the 
wall to his left there’s a Moonrunners tag. There are seven in total and you 
need to spray over all of them to complete a bonus goal.

If you don’t have any paint right now, you’ll have to continue playing until 
you can buy it and then return here. So go downstairs and over the other 
fence. You’ll run into a wall with the next tag on it and behind the boarding 
on your left you can find a paint seller. Follow the alley opposite to him to 
the next street. In this new area you have to steal three car radios and 
continue with the destruction. Also spray over the tag on the broken down 
truck in front of you and then the one on the wall across from the Drug Store 
left of the car wreckage. Walk into the alley opposite to it and head right 
into the dead end block. Steal the radio from the car and then follow the 
alley heading the other way. Before standing in the red marker, first head 
right and up the stairs. Left on the wall is the fifth tag you have to spray. 
When standing in the red marker you’ll encounter a large group of policemen. 
Choose the Scatter command so that your Warriors don’t get busted, but by 
doing so they won’t be able to help you either.

Ahead there’s a Flash dealer, buy something if you want but eventually take 
the route to the left to end up on the street. Take the radio from the police 
car to finish that sub goal and make sure you do enough damage here to fill up 
the Destruction bar if you haven’t done so already. Continue to the farthest 
shop and head inside. There’s a smaller room to the right with a door you have 
to unlock by picking the lock. Follow the alley left and find tag number six 
on the right. It’s also possible to get here through the alley after climbing 
the fence left of the store. If you completed all the sub goals you’ll be told 
to return to Coney. Run through the streets into the direction of the yellow W 
on your radar. When you’re almost there you’ll find the last remaining tag in 
a turn to the left right in front of you. Climb over the fence to your left 
and step into the yellow marker. Descend to the red marker, where you will 
meet another enemy gang. Evade them as well as possible and run fast toward 
the red W on your radar to finish the level before getting hit too much.
After getting out of the train, walk down both stairs to get to the red marker 
and meet the Orphans. One of the sub goals is to wreck forty of them during 
the entire level. So start with that right away and smack down every Orphan 
you run into until he doesn’t get up again. A counter is there to tell you how 
money you currently have. The Orphans here will run away from you, so issue 
the Wreck’em All command and pursue them. Beat them up and search the area, 
you can find a few radios and rob a store. Next to that store there’s also a 
paint seller, so buy some spray cans from him. Approach the yellow marker 
after that, but first spray over the tag you can find to the left of it before 
stepping inside. Then climb the stairs and follow the route across the roofs. 
Climb over the railing at the end with triangle to get to the next red marker.

You’ll be attacked by a large group of Orphans, so beat them all up. Then 
enter the Clinic at the next red marker, but instead of you going in an Orphan 
will come outside. Follow him up some stairs, over some boarding and then over 
a fence. On this square, climb the container left of the alley leading to the 
street. More to the left there’s a tag on the back of a billboard on the next 
roof. When it sprayed, head back down and onto the next street. Take care of 
all the Orphans that stand in your way and also steal another car radio. Ahead 
there’s a small square where Jesse, the Orphan you’re chasing, is hiding. 
There’s also an Orphan tag there on the farthest wall, so spray it. The other 
Warriors will probably beat up Jesse, so get between them and grab him with 
the circle button and then interrogate him with triangle. It works the same as 
mugging someone, you’ll only get the required information after filling up the 
entire bar.

The next red marker will appear on your radar, so follow the street further up 
the hill. Run all the way to the top and take out all the Orphans. There’s a 
Flash dealer in the back left corner, head into the alley opposite to him and 
find another Orphan tag on the wall to the right. Climb over the next fence 
and walk into the red marker. After the ladies leave, more Orphans will appear 
so take them out and continue following the route to the next marker. Crash 
the Orphans’ party there, there are quite a lot and you have to take them all 
down. When that’s done, a woman will tell you where her boyfriend, the Orphans 
leader, is located. Spray over the tag before leaving, it’s placed on the wall 
of her house and it was visible during the cut scene. Walk back to the street 
the same way you got here and at the top of the hill you can find Frank’s 
Autobody. Get inside by standing inside the red marker. You’ll be attacked by 
Orphans, but your goal here is to demolish Sully’s car. So take down a few 
opponents and set your Warriors to Mayhem when it’s calm to complete the goal 
and also the level.
Before you can start this mission, Cleon asks you to finish the tag you 
started earlier. So head outside into Coney and climb the two fences to get 
there. If you’re short on paint, find some car radios or mug some people to 
get some money. Behind the truck with the tag is a paint seller, buy some 
extra cans if you need them. As soon as the tag is finished, all three layers 
of it, you can continue. Head up the stairs after getting from the subway and 
to the red marker ahead in the closed off area. You’re competing in a tag 
competition. You’ll have to spray a Warriors tag on the indicated spot 
consisting of five layers. So you need at least five spray cans to be able to 
do this. These cans will appear randomly on a few fixed locations in the area. 
As soon as one appears, a yellow W will show that on your radar. Make sure you 
get to the spray can first, but wait for another one if you can see the 
competition getting there sooner. Eventually you have to put layer per layer 
on the wall, you’ll win if you’re the fastest. Things turn out to be a trap, a 
bunch of clowns from the Hi-Hats will attack.

Go to the indicated spot at the yellow marker, press the button there with 
triangle. A timer will start, so spend that time hitting Hi-Hats. After the 
time expires a red marker will appear at the entrance of the elevator, stand 
inside it to go up with the rest of The Warriors. Chatterbox, the leader of 
the Hi-Hats, is standing here in a raised cage hanging from a hook. Along the 
side of the roof there are bricks, pick them up with triangle and throw them 
at the hook holding up the cage. The construction will collapse after three 
hits to the hook and Chatterbox will fall to the ground. The other Hi-Hats 
will come and chase you, so run with L2 pressed and follow the other Warriors. 
Make sure you’re able to hit triangle quickly, because sometimes you have to 
climb over a fence. Even more important is jumping from building to building, 
also done by pressing triangle at the right moment. If you’re able to complete 
this while obstacle course you’ll end up in Chatterbox’ gallery. You need to 
trash is completely. Place tags on the paintings to score points big if you 
can do it right, then order your Warriors to Mayhem to help break all the 
stuff. You need to empty the bar before time expires to finish the level.
On the other side of the street the Hurricanes are standing around there car 
unknowingly. Approach them and issue the Wreck’em All command to start the 
fight. Defeat all the Hurricanes and then give the Mayhem command to let The 
Warriors wreck the car. Help out a little, it’s a bonus goal to completely 
demolish this car. From the car, look into the direction you came from. To the 
right of the street there’s a small square with a Flash dealer there, but when 
you climb the container there you can also reach a Hurricanes tag and spray 
it. On the other side of the street, climb onto the shack on the left at the 
start of the alley, next to the bum. Climb the roof from there, turn around 
and make a run with L2 to reach the roof on the other side of the alley. Jump 
onto another awning in the back right, there’s a tag on the wall there. Return 
to the wrecked car and head into the alley behind it to reach a square. Buy 
some paint on the right if you need it and then crash through the boarding on 
the left. Climb onto the container on the left and you’ll find the third tag 
on the wall. Return to the square and crash through the boarding at the other 
side. Follow the alley left until you almost reach the next street. You can 
see the fourth tag on the wall on your right, a little higher than you, 
between a container and some stairs on the wall.

First climb the container and jump to the stairs from there, only from that 
spot can you place the tag. When reaching the next street you’ll fight more 
Hurricanes. Defeat the small groups while following the street more to the 
left. At the end of the street is an alley on the left with a Flash dealer and 
a spray can behind the container on the right. Next to the dealer is also the 
fifth tag on the wall. Walk into the alley on the other side of the street and 
follow it to the bar you need to be in. Defeat all the Hurricanes inside 
before you can continue. Sanchez will run and you’ll end up with only Ajax and 
Cochise. Run after Sanchez, he is the yellow W on your radar. Jump over fences 
and run over roofs and stairs to keep up with him. A lot further he will force 
you to fight some Hurricanes. You’ll be greatly outnumbered, so try to take an 
enemy out of the group and use heavy attacks and throw them around. If 
everyone is defeated, Sanchez will continue to run, through some alleys and a 
few buildings. In a busted building he’ll leave you to fight more Hurricanes. 
This time the space is bigger, so move away and take them out one by one.

In one of the corners you can climb up a few floors, tag number six is right 
in front of you on the wall upstairs. Follow Sanchez through the rest of the 
level and you’ll come to a building where you have to fight Diego. Tell 
Wreck’em all to the rest of The Warriors, the other two have joined you again. 
Exactly behind Diego’s starting position you can find the last Hurricanes tag 
on the wall, try to find some time during the fight to paint over it. Also try 
to throw stuff at Diego, the other Warriors are doing that already. Hit him 
every once in a while if you can hit him from behind. After doing some damage, 
his brother Vargas will join him. He’ll stay upstairs and throw stuff down at 
you, so run around avoiding it and bump into Diego every now and then. If you 
demolish the top part of the stairs you can pick up some Flash there, which 
can be useful in this fight. As soon as you did enough damage to Diego, Vargas 
will come down as well. Now it’s time to just run around like crazy with L2 
pressed and bump into one of the brothers every now and then with the cross 
button, while still watching out for stuff being thrown from above. First take 
out Diego, his health is probably the lowest right now. Point your attacks at 
Vargas when his brother goes down, when he hits the floor the level is over.
\ H / ENCORE /
Chatterbox is back with a lot of Hi-Hats. Try to work from a corner, so that 
you can’t get surrounded. Also give The Warriors the Watch My Back command, 
they will stay close to you and take on the Hi-Hats coming too close to you. 
If things calm down a but, take on the Hi-Hats standing behind the boxes 
throwing stuff around. As soon as you take out enough Hi-Hats, Chatterbox will 
continue on and you’ll be somewhere else. Set The Warriors to Wreck’em All and 
keep your distance a little. Single out an enemy after the fight has started 
and take care of him yourself. If all the enemies are defeated, find the 
entrance to an attraction in the back. Press the button next to the control 
panel and descend along the tracks. A bunch of carts will come up behind you, 
so keep hitting the cross button to keep ahead of them and enter the next 
area. Stay on this side of the tracks, wait for the Hi-Hats to come to you.

Fight from a corner and set The Warriors to Watch My Back again. Stay away 
from the sprayers in the floor, the gas coming out of it will blind you. The 
gate will only open after defeating all the Hi-Hats, then climb the tracks and 
head to the red marker. Here you’ll face Chatterbox personally, but first you 
need to take out his henchmen. There aren’t too many this time, so set The 
Warriors to Wreck’em All. When they’re done with the Hi-Hats they’ll start 
throwing stuff at Chatterbox, you need to do the same. After doing a bit of 
damage, Chatterbox will come down. Let The Warriors attack him while you keep 
throwing things at him. After doing some damage, Chatterbox will come down. 
Let The Warriors attack him while you keep hitting him with stuff. Only after 
a few of your team mates went down switch to running around with L2 pressed to 
bump into him with the cross button. If you can get him to stand still on the 
track it’s immediately over if he gets hit by a cart. If that doesn’t work, 
keep hitting him until his life runs out.
Pick up the sledgehammer leaning against the wall to the left of the exit. 
Next to the shop you’re in now there are three others that need to pay you 
protection money. They are indicated on your radar with a yellow W and they’re 
easy to reach by following the alleys on your radar. Talk to the owner inside 
and he’ll pay up. Return to the red marker next to Snow after visiting all 
stores. The Destroyers will appear and they’ll start destroying the stores, 
set The Warriors to Wreck’em All. The location of the store the Destroyers are 
trashing appears on your radar and a meter will appear on the right showing 
how the destruction is going. Your goal is to move from store to store to beat 
up the Destroyers there, until your notified of them trashing another one. 
Sometimes they’re inside two stores at the same time, two meters will appear 
on screen. Defend the store with the smallest meter first until it disappears 
and then quickly run to the next location you need to be at.

Eventually you’ll have protected the stores long enough and you need to 
regroup with the other Warriors at the red marker in the middle of the street. 
You’ll be set up by Virgil and attacked by quite a lot of Destroyers, you’ll 
only stay with Cleon and Swan. Put Swan to Wreck’em All and pick up a 
sledgehammer from the ground. First run up to the left car to find some Flash 
on the roof and then to the corner in the top left to find more Flash behind 
the boarding. Return to the fence and hit the lock with the sledgehammer. All 
the time Molotov cocktails will be thrown at you, try to evade them if you see 
them coming. If Swan goes down, make sure to give him some Flash because he is 
a good diversion while you’re working on the lock. About halfway there a cut 
scene appears and after that more cocktails will be thrown. Try to hit the 
lock in between them and you’re done when the fence gate opens.
Walk straight ahead and head to the fences ahead on the right onto a square. 
Left there’s s Destroyer placing a tag. Make sure to take him out, spraying 
over tags isn’t a bonus goal in this level but you can still do it for the 
points. Continue to follow the alley and make a half circle to the right at 
the street. There are some Destroyers standing to the right of the shop, take 
care of them and enter it. Put The Warriors to Mayhem so that they will wreck 
the store and help them out a little to get rid of the meter. About halfway 
there more Destroyers will enter the store, so switch back to Wreck’em All to 
take them out. Go outside after doing enough damage to the store and to the 
left to reach another store. There’s a Flash dealer to the left of the street. 
First take out the Destroyers outside, then set The Warriors to Mayhem and 
beat up the store. Switch back to Wreck’em All when the Destroyers show up and 
when they’re all defeated move over to the red marker at the other side of the 
street. You’ll notice a pimp with two hookers, approach them with Wreck’em All 
on and beat up all three of them. The pimp is the toughest, make use of your 
Rage meter to take care of things faster. When they’re all gone, pop open the 
trunk of the car they were standing at to find some Flash.

Follow the alleys to the next yellow W on your radar, there are some 
Destroyers there guarding stolen property. Beat up the Destroyers with 
Wreck’em All and switch to Mayhem to smash the goods quickly. When you reach 
the yellow marker, turn around and climb the building for some Flash. Try to 
find a weapon before you enter at the yellow marker, there are quite a few 
Destroyers inside. Put The Warriors to Wreck’em All and use your Rage to take 
care of the big group quicker. There’s a crazy guy running around behind the 
fence, it’s a bonus goal to take him out. On the right in the room there’s a 
box full of Molotov cocktails, use them to throw at him. Try to throw them 
over the fence or else through the opening in the middle. The bonus goal is 
completed if he goes down. Leave the building and run back through the alleys 
to the next red marker. Four yellow W’s will appear on your radar, they are 
Destroyer leaders. They move through the area, so it’s hard to predict where 
you can find them, but usually they stay around a particular spot. Just move 
along all the W’s and at least defeat the Destroyer with the yellow icon above 
his head.

Sometimes they are on a higher level, so that you need to climb up or take a 
detour. If The Warriors are set to Wreck’em All they will follow them anyway. 
After removing all four W’s from your radar a new red marker will appear near 
the Destroyers hideout. Go there and make your way through the alleys while 
handling the Destroyers. Flash is clearly visible on multiple locations, so 
pick it up if you can carry it. Eventually move up the stairs and defeat all 
the Destroyers on the walkway. The second part is only available after 
breaking some boxes blocking the way. When the walkway is clear of enemies, 
pick the lock on the gate ahead and break through the next doors to come a 
another red marker. The fight will start right away inside, so pick up a 
weapon as soon as possible and find a safe corner to avoid taking on too many 
Destroyers at once. There’s an item located in the room to the side, the story 
will continue after taking out all the Destroyers. You’ll leave a part of The 
Warriors behind and Cleon and Vermin will chase after Virgil’s accomplice. 
You’re not allowed to get seen, so keep your distance, but not too much or 
you’ll lose him. At the end of the walkway, don’t run off the stairs but jump 
over the railing instead.

Follow the man through the alleys, make sure you’re around a corner when he 
stops, the camera will usually take control so that you can see where to wait. 
Chase after him as soon as the man starts walking again, to finally find 
Virgil at the end at the red marker. Set Vermin to Wreck’em All and throw 
stuff at Virgil just like Vermin is doing. Virgil will do the same, so avoid 
his objects. If you do enough damage, Virgil will walk into the next room 
where he just walks around. He will hide in the dark though and give you a 
knee between the legs if you approach him and run away after that. So stay 
away from him and throw something at him if you spot him standing in the dark. 
After hitting him hard a few times he will continue to the next room, so 
follow him there. He’s more of a sport there and it’s a normal fight. Try to 
use L2 and the cross button to bump into him or to make him walk through the 
fire. Bottles are also available to throw at him and you can break them on 
Virgil’s head if you get close to him, after that they can be used as weapons 
to stab him when he’s on the ground. Let Vermin do a lot of the dirty work and 
make sure you stay away from the fire. The Destroyers are done for when Virgil 
is defeated.
Follow the platform and you’ll come to a group of Turnbull AC’s. You have to 
let one of them get hit by a train, so use the circle button to throw them out 
on the tracks. If you’re fast enough and toss the first one well, he might get 
hit by the first training coming up and that’s that. If that doesn’t work, 
keep fighting and throwing them until a next train hits them. You can also 
stand on the tracks yourself and fight there and move out of the way at the 
last moment. As soon as you’re able to throw a Turnbull AC in front of a 
train, three cops will come down. Start the fight by selecting Wreck’em All 
and take them out, then release any cuffed Warriors afterwards. At the 
platform, near the tunnel, the stairs is now available. So walk upstairs and 
make a half circle to the right into the park to buy some paint from the 
salesman in the back. Return back to the platform, turn around and walk into 
the small tunnel. There’s a Turnbull AC’s tag on the wall on the right which 
is part of the bonus goal along with two others in this level. Climb the 
stairs again and run to the left without stopping until just at the fence past 
the Fine Jewels store, which you can also rob for a lot of money and points.

Make sure you’re Warriors follow by setting them to Let’s Go. Run straight 
ahead from the other side of the fence and you’ll see the second Turnbull AC’s 
tag on the far wall. Return to the street after spraying it and follow it 
right. At the end there’s an alley on the left, climb over the fence there. 
There’s a Flash dealer in the corner, so steal some car radios or mug some 
people to get your hands on that stuff. Nearby is the red marker, with the 
third an final tag to spray over just left of it. Step inside the red marker, 
but the man won’t let you in unless you pay 75 dollars. If you have it, fine. 
If not, do your business robbing cars and people. Pay the 75 bucks at the red 
marker and the men will give you a hint. Return to the Fine Jewels store and 
break through the back door inside, outside there’s a box with the tool you’re 
looking for. It might be possible that someone else runs off with it, so 
defeat that enemy and eventually take back the tool to the starting point of 
the level, at the red marker. You’ll walk through a passage full of bums, 
leave them alone but do grab the Flash ahead and to the left. Almost at the 
end head up the ramp on the right.

Pay all the bums in the corner a dollar so that they will follow and fight for 
you, then continue on the route to the yellow marker. You’ll have to climb 
some obstacles to get over them, but on the other side a rather large group of 
Turnbull AC’s is waiting. Evade them until your friends are down there as well 
and then fight them. Break through the door at the yellow marker after that 
and descend into the ditch on the other side of the building. At the end of 
the ditch there’s a stairs on the right, go up there and follow the route 
until you see a cut scene and meet a leader of the Turnbull AC’s in a 
wheelchair. Enter the building and head up the stairs. There are windows on 
the left, but first go right into the hallway to find some Flash at the end. 
Then jump through one of the windows and down to get to the red marker. You’ll 
find Snow and Fox there and a lot more Warriors will show up and go inside 
with you. Stay near a wall and use it to smash opponents into it and set The 
Warriors to Watch My Back. Mind the bartender, he will throw bottles at you. 
When you defeat this first wave of enemies, continue to the dance floor where 
the gig is till going.

Set The Warriors to Wreck’em All and walk inside so that a heavy fight will 
start. After beating these guys, climb onto the stage to also take out the 
three band members. A conversation with the bartender will follow, after which 
you’re back outside again. Walk through the alleys and smash through the 
boarding. Buy some Flash from the dealer if you have room left and continue. 
Climb the stairs and jump over a railing at the end to the red marker. You’ll 
confront Birdie, the Turnbull AC leader you saw in a wheelchair earlier. Give 
The Warriors the Wreck’em All command so that they’ll throw things at Birdie. 
If Birdie is hidden from where you’re standing, take cover or he’ll hit you 
with his bullets. As soon as a Warriors hits him he will move over, so that 
you can throw something at his back. Do this until he hides again and do the 
same, until he emerges again. There are more objects downstairs and some 
Flash, but throwing is the easiest to do from above. Eventually Birdie will 
move to a ledge, then you only need to hit him once to defeat him. He will 
shoot a Warrior every now and then and they won’t keep appearing one after 
another, so you must defeat him before you’re the only Warrior left.
\ L / SET UP /
You’re in an alley next to a street. Let the other Warrior stay here by saying 
Hold Up. Turn around and move a little to the left ahead to get to a parked 
car, smash the window and steal the first car radio. Behind the car is a 
stairs leading down. Descend and continue straight ahead, but watch out for 
the scout at the stairs ahead. Walk into the dark area next to the stairs, hit 
him from behind when he returns. On this square there are also stairs leading 
up to a roof, walk into the alley to the right of those and watch out for the 
scout straight ahead. Hide in the dark next to the container when he’s gone 
and take him out from behind as soon as he stands still with his back to you. 
Climb the stairs and defeat the Jones Street Boy standing at the car here. 
Then take the radio from his car and buy as much paint as possible from the 
salesman next to the car. Climb over the fence to the right of the small 
stairs and wait until the scout is as far away as he will go. Climb the second 
fence and head downstairs on the left to stand in the dark there. Hit him from 
behind when the scout stands still below the stairs. Approach the square and 
take care of the Jones Street Boy next to the car, then take the radio from 
that car. On the other side of the square is another stairs, climb it and walk 
to the left past the car where you got the first radio from to return back to 
your starting position.

Now that all scouts are out of the way in this area and you have enough paint, 
it’s time to find some tags. Turn around from the starting position so that 
you’re looking into the area you just came from. Head right and the first tag 
is on the right on the wall. Turn around and walk through the hole in the 
boarding. Climb the stairs right in front of you onto the roof and follow it 
around the corner to the left. Ahead there’s a tag on the left wall. Turn 
around and jump over the gap. Walk straight on and just let yourself fall of 
the roof, the tag is on the wall right in front of you. When it is sprayed, 
head right and over the fence to the paint seller. Buy more cans if necessary 
and head up the stairs left of him. Follow the route down and turn right to 
end up at the fourth tag. Turn around and walk straight ahead onto the street. 
The first car on the left contains a radio, so smash the window and unscrew 
the radio. If someone gets alarmed and wants to call the cops, chase that 
person and take him or her out. Turn around and climb over the fence, there’s 
another car parked between the partying people with a radio inside. Steal it 
and turn around so that you can spray the fifth tag right away. Follow the 
alley further and just ahead you can climb up on the right at a gap in the 
railing. There’s Flash and paint up there, but there’s also a tag on the wall. 
Continue to follow the alley and climb over the fence. Immediately on the left 
you can climb the boxes to get onto the roof.

Grab the Flash and jump while running from there onto the next building. Let 
yourself drop to the ground in the enclosed area and steal the radio from the 
car on the left. A Jones Street Boy is talking to two cops here. Run past them 
and climb the stairs behind the building. To the right there’s the seventh tag 
on the wall, so climb over the railing and place your own W. Escape from this 
area by dropping to the street from the roof. On this street there are a few 
stores you can rob to get those 50 items. So break open a lock and steal the 
stuff inside, escape and hide in a dark place when the police arrives and wait 
for them to disappear. Make sure you have just below 50 items and then return 
to the starting point of the level, where Cochise is probably still waiting. 
Leave him behind again and walk into the other street by yourself. There’s a 
police car on the right and another car with a radio inside to steal on the 
left. If someone leaves to alarm the police, take out that person. At the end 
of the street where the Flower Shop is also located, climb over the fence. 
There’s a Jones Street Boys scout around the corner, don’t let him see you. 
Wait until he moves away from you and quickly hide in the dark spot opposite 
the car, then wait for him to return.

Select him with L1 and press square or the cross button when standing behind 
him to take him out. Then remove the car radio from the vehicle for your last 
one, which will complete the bonus goal. The owner will come outside with a 
large blade, just take care of him as usual. If you continue to follow the 
alley you can head up some stairs on the right. You can find some keys 
upstairs, but also jump from here to the next garage to reach Jones Street 
Boys tag number eight. Run to the end of the alley and find the stairs on the 
corner to the right. Climb it and go straight, jump to the ledge on the 
building to find the last tag on the wall to your left. Spray over it and the 
second bonus goal is completed. Return to the street and rob one of the stores 
to also finish the sub goal of collecting 50 items. Get back to Cochise and 
issue the Let’s Go command. The police car is located at the yellow marker, 
place some stolen goods in the trunk. Navigate through the alleys in the 
direction of the paint seller, climb the stairs there and you’ll get to the 
red marker. After the cut scene quickly jump to the balcony and head inside. 
First spray over the tag a little to the left on the wall and then approach 
all the furniture to plant stolen goods at four locations. Do it quickly and 
jump down outside when you’re done. Return to the staring position where the 
red marker to end the level can also be found now.
\ M / ALL-CITY /
Ahead there are a couple of boxes with spray cans, so pick up what you can 
carry and break through the boarding on the tracks. At the end of the tunnel 
you’ll see the red marker, but there’s also a Moonrunners tag on the left 
wall. This is one of the four tags you have to spray for the bonus goal. After 
standing inside the red marker, move to the indicated train where you have to 
spray large tag consisting of three sections. Turn around after doing that and 
climb onto the platform left of the tracks when standing on them. Follow the 
wall, drop down into the enclosed area and follow the wall further to find a 
Flash bottle and a spray can. Then return to the train you just tagged and 
walk along the other trains on the right. At the fence you’ll be attacked by 
Moonrunners, set Snow to Watch My Back or Wreck’em All to get them one by one. 
Follow the route further and head through the trains at the yellow marker to 
another red marker. More guards are on duty, so you need to reach their radio. 
In this train your radar is blue, so you can’t be seen here.

Wait until the guards are far away, watch your radar to find that out. Then 
run to the opposite building and open the double doors after picking the lock. 
Inside there are three keys for handcuffs on the right, grab them and get to 
the yellow marker. Storm at the only guard here and beat him up, then do the 
same to the radio. Use the pipe next to the guard’s chair on the ground to do 
that. In the corner more to the right there are more spray cans. Walk outside 
and head right, there are stairs leading up. Set Snow to Watch My Back and run 
upstairs as fast as you can, then inside and outside again and down the 
stairs. Make a half circle to the left and quickly place your tag over the 
Moonrunners tag on the wall. After walking upstairs just now a whole lot of 
Moonrunners are chasing you, but if you do it quickly and Snow does his own 
work you’ll have enough time to place the tag. Call Snow back to you by saying 
Let’s Go and then run away from the stairs along the wall. Behind the boarding 
there’s a dark area, just like at the tag. Run into it without anyone seeing 
it and wait until all the chaos is over. A good strategy is to let the 
Moonrunners run into the guards, so that you can escape.

If you see a chance, walk further and up the stairs, to drop down between the 
trains at the end of the walkway. Walk straight a bit and head left to see an 
old platform and building ahead on the right. Right on the platform you can 
walk to the back more, the third Moonrunners tag is on the wall there. Now 
it’s just a matter of reaching the yellow markers to place three sections of 
tags on the indicated trains, with Snow set to Watch My Back. Try to evade 
enemies while doing this, make sure the coast is clear before you start 
spraying. Sometimes though the Moonrunners will show up after starting, so get 
rid of them before continuing. Spray cans can be found a multiple locations, 
just like Flash and dark areas where you can hide to get rid of enemies. If 
you see scouts walking about alone, the orange dots on your radar, try to take 
them out. As soon as you sprayed all four tags a red marker will appear on a 
roof. Make your way through the trains towards that building, climb the stairs 
and meet Fox and Scopes on the roof. Fox will join you from here. There’s a 
white train to be seen in the direction you came from, jump on the roof and 
continue on the train.

Jump to the next train every time there’s a hole, sometimes with L2 pressed to 
be able to make it. At the end you’ll jump to a roof and the last Moonrunners 
tag that needs to be sprayed to finish the bonus goal is placed on the wall to 
the right there. Return to the building you came from the same way you got 
here, across the trains that is. Jump off before the end on the left. There 
are many guards walking around, so hide in the dark if they saw you and only 
enter the building at the yellow B when you’re sure nobody is chasing you. Set 
The Warriors to Watch My Back and spray the three sections of the tag on the 
train before leaving the building again. Evade the police or shake them off 
when seen and make your way to the next yellow W. You’ll only get there by 
taking a detour along some fences, the entrance is on the other side in that 
fence. Once inside, take shelter in one of the dark areas until the coast is 
clear to finish up the last three parts of the final tag. Then return to the 
roof where you met Fox and Scopes and run over the whole length of trains by 
jumping at the right moment. Jump into the lower area and climb out of it in 
the back left corner, then walk into the tunnel in which you started with both 
Warriors to finish the level.
By now all the gangs are on your tail and you’re currently on Turnbull AC 
turf. Wait until the bus with gang members passes by, you’re in the dark here 
so you can’t be seen. To the right on the wall is a tag of this gang, spray it 
over with the only spray can you have with you. Spray cans are hard to get in 
this level, so keep your eyes open to run into them. There are some crates 
behind the forklift truck for example and a spray can is located behind it if 
you smash the boxes. Follow the route into the alleys and take the sideway to 
the left. Mug the bums and find a spray can behind a half tent in the even 
smaller sideway. Follow the main route further, but find the spray can in a 
shack to the left right away with a bum in it as well. After picking it up, 
follow the alley to some fences and big stairs. You’ll run into the second 
Turnbull AC’s tag upstairs. Jump down ahead and get into the red marker. 
You’ll find Ajax and he’s getting attacked by a bunch of Turnbull AC’s. A 
crazy guy will come running at you with a blade, defeat him first and then 
take out the enemies around Ajax.

Left of the machine near the spot where you entered the area is another spray 
can. Exactly opposite from it is some Flash behind a few boxes. Then continue 
to the next red W and you’ll see a group of Turnbull AC’s. A scout is already 
standing with his back to you, so approach him, select him and strike him down 
from behind. In the direction he was facing there’s a tag of his gang on the 
boarding. Behind the container to the right is another spray can. Tell your 
Warriors to Hold Up and climb over the broken wall to the right of the house. 
Just past the house you can find some Flash next to it. Continue to the next 
building, there are quite a few scouts walking around ahead. First pay 
attention to the one walking just past the building on the right. When he 
walks away, which is visible on your radar, climb over the building and jump 
into the dark area between the boarding and the bulldozer. Wait until the 
scout stands still with his back to you and hit him. Return to the other side 
of the building and walk past it on the left when nobody sees you. Hide behind 
the stack on the left and climb over the fence and hide behind the wall on the 
right without getting seen. There are two more scouts behind the wall and a 
few more to the left.

Attempt a sprint to the left when nobody is looking and walk up the stairs. 
Stay in the dark and pick up the spray can next to the stairs. Wait until the 
scout stands still on the edge and take him out. Walk to the dark corner ahead 
and to the left when it’s safe and take out the next scout passing by. 
Continue in the direction he came from and follow the wall to your left. It’s 
a dead end, but there is a spray can in the dark area. Head back a little and 
step into the dark area on the side so that you can see three talking gang 
members. Grab an object and toss it as far away as possible from the fence 
they’re standing it, but close enough to make them go check it out. This point 
is important, because the rest of The Warriors has to follow you quickly now. 
Climb over the wall when the enemies are going to look and sprint towards the 
fence to jump over it quickly. Run towards the only enemy on the other side, 
at least your away from the scouts. He does have a blade, so take him out 
quickly by bashing him against the wall. The wall to the right of the red 
marker also holds the fourth Turnbull AC’s tag. Pick open the lock at the red 
W and head left along the trains.

You can mug the construction workers here, at the end there’s a Flash dealer 
and to the right of him behind the train is a spray can. Opposite the trains 
is an entrance to a warehouse with a lot of storage shelves. To the left is a 
dark area with some objects on the ground, use them to lure one or more 
Turnbull AC’s ahead towards you and take them out. If they all show up, first 
take out the guy with the blade and use his weapon against the rest. Continue 
to the yellow marker which will appear at the button and press it to open a 
hatch, after which you can continue to the red marker with the rest of The 
Warriors. After the cut scene you have to find the hole in the fence and jump 
down there. To the left is a Flash dealer, straight ahead is the fifth tag. 
Tell The Warriors to Hold Up and look for the scout behind the boarding to the 
right of the tag. If he walks away from the opening, run to the dark area on 
the other side. He will stand still there after a while so that you can grab 
him. Behind the fence right next to it is another scout, climb over the fence 
when he starts to walk away and stand in the dark on the left. Take out the 
guy when he stops next to you and walk to the entrance between the containers.

When the scout starts to move away, dive into the dark area on the right and 
grab the enemy when he returns. The scout ahead is harder to catch on his 
normal route, so throw a brick a bit back where you came from and take him out 
from behind quickly. Continue and look out for the scout walking along the 
next boarding. When he is on the left, quickly run past him into the dark, 
take him out from there when he passes by again. Call The Warriors together by 
saying Let’s Go and climb the stairs ahead. Break through the windows an start 
the fight, but set The Warriors to Watch My Back. It can get pretty crowded, 
especially when the Turnbull AC’s from downstairs show up. Try to use a lot of 
weapons and not to get surrounded. When the enemies are defeated you still 
have to wreck the place, it’s a bonus goal and a meter will show you how 
you’re doing. Next to the couch you’ll also find a spray can if you break all 
the stuff. In the side room on the left is the sixth tag on the wall and 
behind the boxes are Flash and a spray can. Walk back outside and follow the 
walkway to the right, through the building and outside again. Turn around and 
you can see the seventh Turnbull AC’s tag to the left of the exit.

At an opening in the fence you can descend the stairs and beat up the enemies 
with all The Warriors to save Vermin, who will join you afterwards. Tell your 
Warriors to Hold Up and continue on your own. Watch out for the bus full of 
Turnbull AC’s driving around and continue until you reach a fence. Wait for 
the scout to go the other way and climb the fence to quickly get to the dark. 
Move as far as possible and grab the man when he turns away from you, but only 
if the enemy bus isn’t there. Run to the crane, the building on the left has 
tag number eight on it on the other side. Spray it over after the familiar bus 
has passed you by. Make sure you move your Warriors to a dark area closer to 
you every once in a while. Continue along the walls until you reach sc out. 
When he moves to the right, run into the dark area behind him, take him out 
when he stops there. There’s another spray can behind the car wrecks ahead and 
to the left. Climb the wreckage next to the building to get to the roof and 
drop into the dark on the other side.

Take out the remaining scout, call your Warriors back to you and continue to 
the next yellow marker. There’s a Flash dealer on the right, in case you need 
him. Pick open the lock and run underneath the bridge. There’s a tag on the 
wall to the right, but two Warriors are getting beat up just ahead. Put The 
Warriors to Wreck’em All so that they join the fight already and then place 
the single to last tag yourself. The two Warriors will join you when all the 
enemies are defeated. Climb the large stairs and follow the route past a 
broken building and a crane to another stairs. Go up and to the right to go 
around the corner to the left. Crash through the window and spray over the 
last tag on the wall to the right. Return downstairs and walk underneath the 
constructions to the red marker. The Turnbull AC’s will show up in their bus 
and you have to run away from it. In the parts where you see more of the 
environment you need to crash through crates and climb over fences, so press 
the required button at the right time. You made if after jumping over the 
ledge, but in the next part you need to press the cross button very quickly to 
stay ahead of the bus and escape from the Turnbull AC’s.
Stuff will be thrown at you in this street, so don’t stand still for too long. 
Turn around and look for an alcove behind the car and phone booth to find a 
spray can. After picking it up, continue into the direction you were facing 
when you started. There’s a spray can to the left of the stairs and some Flash 
in a corner on the right of it. Walk up the stairs and spray over the Orphans 
tag before you head right and to the red marker. On the square Sully will show 
up with a few Orphans. Put your Warriors on Wreck’em All to rumble big time, 
but don’t think this is all because more enemies will jump over the wall 
later. As soon as the opponents are defeated you can pick up a spray can in a 
corner next to the barrel, use it to spray over the tag to the right of the 
alley with the red marker. When you step inside the police will come and 
arrest a few Warriors, after which only Swan and Snow are free. The locations 
of the other Warriors will show up on your radar as yellow W’s. Cochise is on 
the ground nearby and the cops are busy with other gang members.

So quickly run up to him and free him, then climb over the fence a little 
ahead and to the left and run around the corner to find Fox on the ground. 
Give him some Flash to revive him and tell all three Warriors to Let’s Go. 
There’s a red W on your radar, your Warriors will be safe there. Because 
there’s a big risk of them getting arrested again it’s a good idea to run up 
to the red W, run into the bushes and drop off the two Warriors at the red 
marker, Snow will stay to support you. Now you have to bring the remaining 
Warriors to this red marker one by one. So approach the rest of the yellow W’s 
to find a Warrior in different situations. Rembrandt is hiding in a dark 
corner, Ajax is fighting some other gang members and Vermin is arrested and on 
the street. Cowboy got knocked out in an alley, so you’ll have to revive him. 
Keep your eyes open for Flash and spray cans while searching, take your chance 
if you can grab a cop from the dark and take him out. Before you bring back 
the last Warrior you have to place some tags in this area. Close to the 
entrance at the bushes to the red marker is a store.

Rob it so that you have some money and then return to the dark spot at the 
beginning of the main street where you started this part of the level. Climb 
onto the platform next to it, grab the Flash from underneath the stairs and 
then climb it. Jump over to the next roof, a paint seller is standing on the 
left. It’s possible that he’ll rip you off, so just beat him up to get a spray 
can. Ahead there’s an isolated building with stairs leading to the roof and a 
billboard on top of it. The third tag is on that billboard. Look to the left 
from there and you can see the fourth one up on the wall of a building, in the 
alley you need to climb up twice to be able to spray over it. Then continue to 
the entrance at the bushes leading to the red marker. Stand with your back 
against them and walk left past the store. Climb over the fence around the 
corner and approach the stairs ahead. Go up, jump over to the other roof and 
place the fifth tag on the wall there. Also pick up the spray can on the 
ground left of it. Return to the secret entrance to the red marker and this 
time go left while facing it. The last tag is behind a dumpster on the wall. 
Spray it over an bring back the last Warriors to the red marker.
\ P / HOME RUN /
Run to the left as fast as possible with L2 pressed to escape from the 
Baseball Furies. Try to run on the street instead of the sidewalk, you won’t 
have any obstacles there. Keep an eye on the route on your radar so you know 
when to change directions. In the second part you’ll run towards the camera. 
Every time the camera moves up you have to jump a fence, so be prepared when 
that happens. In the next section you can move a bit more freely, but you do 
have to make some jumps if you don’t want to end up on the ground. If it does 
happen, just keep running to the left as always until reaching a new section 
in which you run away from the camera. Here you need to jump over fences 
again, but eventually you will fall down through the wooden floor. Quickly 
continue to run and approach the yellow marker, pick open the lock as fast as 
possible and follow the alley while jumping more fences. At the red marker the 
point of view ill change again, you’ll need to run towards the camera.

Hold L2 and run over the sidewalk like crazy until you reach the next part. 
The group is split up and Cowboy is taken down, you’re playing as Ajax and 
you’re facing a Baseball Fury. Try to take his bat from him quickly by bashing 
into him with L2 and the cross button or by throwing him around. Pick up his 
bat and attack him and the other two Furies that show up. Run around once in a 
while to get some more room and try to take them on one by one, always with a 
bat in your hands if possible. After defeating these three guys you’ll switch 
back to Swan who is still together with Snow. A Baseball Fury is running away 
from you, chase after him and defeat him to pick up his bat and take it to the 
next yellow marker. Set The Warriors to Watch My Back or Wreck’em All, 
whatever fits you best in this fight. There’s a huge amount of Baseball Furies 
present and new ones are coming all the time. Run around to keep them apart 
and try to fight them in small groups.

Still try to use their own bats against them and make good use of your Rage 
and other strong moves. Pick up the Flash battles that appear at defeated 
enemies once in a while and if you have a stock available you can choose to 
revive fallen Warriors again. Eventually new Furies will stop coming and you 
can defeat the remaining ones to be able to continue. Continue to the last red 
marker, where you’ll be attacked by more Baseball Furies. There are a few 
located on the ring around the square, they will throw balls at you. A group 
of other Furies is on the same level as you are, with bats. Their leader, 
Cobb, is also present, he’s the one with the skull face and the double bat. He 
is your target, take him out first and ignore the rest. Keep him selected with 
L1 and order to Wreck’em All, that will make all The Warriors go after Cobb. 
Keep circling around him to evade him and other Furies, eventually you find 
out he isn’t that hard to beat. Take out the remaining opponents after Cobb 
goes down.
In the corner to the left of the couch where Cochise is sitting is a woman you 
have to talk to. She’ll move away a bit, after which you walk up to her and 
press triangle to do a little dance. The doors she was blocking will open, 
walk inside to find some Flash. Do the same with the woman standing right of 
the couch, but you’ll kiss instead of dance. Go back inside, grab one of the 
bottles and throw it on the ground somewhere. The Lizzies turn out to be less 
nice than they look and their leader is now shooting at you. Set The Warriors 
to Wreck’em All and take shelter behind other obstacles so that those get hid 
by the bullets and not you. If all Lizzies are taken out The Warriors will 
start throwing objects at the leader, which gives her less time to shoot. 
Return to the door by take it apart piece by piece. After escaping through it 
with the other Warriors and you’ll eventually join the rest. In the cut scene 
The Warriors will hide in the restrooms. After a while the word Ambush will 
appear on screen, together with a triangle. So press triangle and you’ll take 
on a few Punks at once. Fight the ones carrying a knife and use it yourself so 
that you can do more damage with it. After some time you’ll see that the Punks 
are after Mercy. Take on the ones holding her so that her health stays up 
while the rest takes out the other Punks.
You’ll be chased by a couple of Rogues in a car, including Luther, the guy 
that shot Cyrus. You don’t have to move, you’ll run automatically by pressing 
the button on screen rapidly. It changes every time the camera changes as 
well, so see what button it is and switch to that one. Eventually all The 
Warriors are facing the Rogues on the beach and you’ll have a one on one fight 
with Luther. He isn’t very hard to beat. If you knock him down, try to keep 
him there by sitting on him and doing an strong attack, followed by a kick to 
be able to sit on him again. Luther will draw a gun after this personal fight 
and he’ll hide behind a fence ahead. He can fire his gun six times before 
reloading. Move away from the boat and hide behind one of the boardings closer 
to Luther. Pick up bottles and throw them at Luther. Don’t stand too far from 
the fences or Luther will be able to hit you, but if you stand too close the 
bottle will hit the fence.

Make sure you only throw when you’ll really hit him, so when the arc turns 
red. After hitting him a couple of times Luther will send out some Rogues, so 
return to the safety of the boat and take care of the enemies coming towards 
you. Continue throwing bottles after that. Try to do it quickly and with a 
good aim, because Luther will eventually destroy the fences where you hide 
behind and then you won’t have anything to take shelter behind. If Luther’s 
life bar is almost empty you’ll see a short cut scene in which Mercy says 
something and after that you’ll have a knife in your hand. Wait for Luther to 
reload and then walk out into the field, with a plain view of where he’s going 
to appear. Make sure you’re looking straight in that direction and press the 
cross and square button at the same time when Luther appears again. If the 
knife misses you will have to wait for another knife to appear. If you hit 
Luther it will all be over and the Rogues will get what they disserve. During 
the credits you can control the new leader of the Riffs and beat up Luther and 
the other Rogues.
\ S / ROOTS /
This mission will start when you stand inside the purple marker named 
Flashback A and press the triangle button. After receiving Virgil’s assignment 
you’ll be standing outside. Follow the walkway to the stairs, go down there 
and head the other way towards the red marker. LC will only continue the deal 
after the cops are gone. Multiple yellow W’s will appear on your radar, you 
have to cause chaos on those spots to make the police abandon their stakeout. 
So make your way along all the W’s and do what is asked of you there, like 
destroying police cars and fighting bums or workers. A Crime bar will fill up 
every time you do something not allowed and you need to fill it entirely. When 
that’s done you can return to LC, who will appear on your map with a red 
marker. After the police is gone he will give you the merchandise, after which 
the deal goes horribly wrong and you end up in a warehouse with dark areas and 
enemy scouts.

Leave Vermin behind here for a while. When the first scout ahead moves left 
run to the little room behind him. Grab the Flash, wait for him to walk back 
and take him out. Ahead there are two scouts, one in the back and one on the 
left. When the one farthest away moves left you can quickly make a half circle 
to the left around the shelves to the dark before the other scout turns around 
and stops next to the dark, take him out there. The last scout is walking 
around the shelves at the yellow marker. When he is at his farthest point and 
moves left, head in the small dark corner opposite the yellow marker. Take out 
the scout when he’s not facing you and pick open the lock at the yellow 
marker. Call Vermin back to you and hide in the dark at the bottom of the 
stairs in the next warehouse, climb over the obstacles there to another dark 
place. A scout is standing right in front of you, so grab an object and toss 
it in the direction where you came from.

Continue as soon as the scout leaves to check it out. Run forward and hide 
Vermin in the dark below the walkway. When the scout on that walkway moves 
away you can run to the next yellow marker. Quickly pick the lock and call 
Vermin while running up the stairs and every enemies still there to the red 
marker. Outside you will face Spider and Tiny, two strong enemies. Select 
Spider, the small one, with L1 and order Vermin to Wreck’em All and he’ll 
attack Spider too. Focus your attacks on him. He’s easy to throw around and 
you can sit on him to do strong combinations, the fastest way to beat him. As 
soon as he is defeated Tiny will change his fighting style. He will run 
around, trying to bump into you. Evade this attack and counter with fast and 
strong combinations in his back when he’s catching his breath. If you’re able 
to activate your Rage you can hit him a lot in quick succession. You’re done 
when both Spider and Tiny are defeated, you can see the confrontation with 
Virgil and the separation between Cleon and Vermin from the Destroyers.
\ T / THE BEST /
A competition is being held and the goal is to stand on top of the large pile 
as long as possible and be the first to score a hundred points. So quickly 
climb up after the start so that you’re the first one there. Try to grab 
enemies coming up right away and throw them away with the circle button, so 
that you stay on top as long as possible. The ones that have the yellow crown 
above their heads are currently in the lead, so it’s to your advantage to 
throw them down before the rest. On screen on the right you can see the scores 
and also your current position. You have to be the one to score the hundred 
points first or you’ll have to start all over again. When you did it, Cowboy 
and Swan have joined The Warriors. They have the right clothes after that, but 
the mission is not over yet. Walk to the street ahead and a bit to the right 
in front of you, remember the Destroyers tag on the wall there as part of a 
bonus goal. Cross the street a bit to the right into the alley, left of 
Feeler’s Funhouse. Go right and you’ll walk right into a paint seller. 
Remember his position, get some cash by mugging people and buy some cans from 
him. Then return to the tag near the start, on the right wall of Charlie’s 
Plumbing Store.

Move away from the fence and follow the alleys to the right. Behind the fences 
of the car dealer is the second tag on the wall to the left. Continue to 
follow the route and you can see the third tag right in front of you after 
going right and climbing over the fence. Return to the entrance of Charlie’s 
Plumbing Store. Right across the street is another alley, containing the 
fourth tag. You can find the fifth and final tag by continuing to go straight 
and then right to the paint seller. The tag is next to him on the wall. There 
are four yellow W’s on your radar, those are shops. You have to take them 
apart one by one, so destroy everything inside and breakable. Set Cowboy to 
Mayhem so that he helps out a little. The bar you see has to be emptied 
entirely so that the yellow W will disappear from your radar, then you can 
move to the next store. Every now and then some Destroyers will enter the 
store and you have to take them out before you continue. In the Meat Market 
it’s more a matter of taking out the people already inside, including the 
butcher and his employees. Eventually a red W will appear on your radar, 
regroup there with Cleon and Vermin. You’ll fight quite a lot of Destroyers. 
Use the walls to do a lot of damage and set The Warriors to Watch My Back or 
Wreck’em All depending on how things go. Approach the red marker after 
everyone is defeated.
The first part of this level is a long and rough fight. Ajax and Snow are 
fighting other Warriors to become members. Try to keep them off of you as long 
as possible and do a lot of damage, after some time and losing health Cleon 
will put a stop to the fighting. In a cut scene Ajax and Snow will lose their 
Warriors vests to some Destroyers. Approach the red marker and you’ll find 
three destroyers just before you get there. Defeat them and continue to the 
marker. In the shop you first need to beat up the regular Destroyers, save the 
stronger and more important one for last. Grab him and press triangle to 
interrogate him, it works the same as mugging. When you’re able to do this he 
will give you information and a next red marker will appear on your radar. 
This is behind the store, but don’t go right away. Pick up the Flash that 
appear after defeating this last enemy and the continue to the marker. Open 
the fence and follow the route while beating up multiple Destroyers along the 
way. Ahead at a square with a lot of boards and fences there’s a Flash dealer 
to the left, but follow the route to the right and through the area.

Jump over fences, break through boardings and fight more Destroyers to finally 
end up at the yellow W on your radar. Here’s the guy who stole your vests. 
First defeat the normal enemies and then grab the more important one to 
interrogate him as well. Beat him up after getting the information to 
continue, through the entrance at the yellow marker that appeared. Follow the 
long alley to the street, where there’s a red marker to the right and another 
store on the left. Wreck it first and take the stuff for a lot of points, 
evade the cops by going to the red marker at the Pawn Shop. The man won’t let 
you through, so destroy everything in the shop until he comes out of his cage. 
Steal his bat from him and kick his ass. The key he leaves behind can be used 
to open the door in the cage and move to another fight. Try to get your hands 
on the knife here and just take out his opponent.

Once outside a rather large group of Destroyers is chasing you. You can just 
finish the level by following the long route and reaching the red marker, but 
there are two bonus goals still to do in this level. You’ll have to defeat ten 
Destroyers from the large group and fifteen more after that. So run along the 
route to the pier, where there’s a small strip next to the ramp where you can 
fight the Destroyers better. They won’t come too close with too many at a time 
and you have a reasonable space. The best thing is that you can just jump over 
the railing if you want to take off. Use strong attacks but don’t use L1 to 
select specific enemies, you’ll keep targeting the same enemy with that and 
that’s not always possible. So keep swinging like crazy and pick up the Flash 
bottles if you see them, use them when required. Press the down directional 
arrow every now and then to see how your progress is going. When both bonus 
goals are completed, run to the red marker at the other end of the route as 
fast as possible.
Walk from under the ground using the stairs and make a half circle to the 
right to find the first stand you have to demolish. Just kick and hit it until 
it shows on the right of the screen that the first stall has been destroyed. 
Behind and to the left is also a Flash dealer. Follow the street in the other 
direction and you’ll meet the Savage Huns. Beat them up and follow the alley 
on the left to a paint seller. Purchase some stuff and continue, keep left at 
the intersection to get to the rear entrance of a kitchen. Immediately to the 
left is a tag on the wall you need to spray over, but first take out all the 
people attacking you in here. When the tag is sprayed also pick up the bottle 
of Flash at the counter up front. Leave the restaurant to the main street and 
continue to follow it. The two remaining stalls you have to demolish are along 
the route, so just smash them. It might be possible that the owner summons 
some Huns, so take them out as well if they show up. When the tree stalls are 
destroyed you can find the red marker at the end of the street at the fence. 
In the next area a group of Savage Huns is after you, but to be able to spray 
over tags you do have to defeat them.

So find a wall or, even better, a corner to get them one by one by smashing 
them into the wall and throwing them around. The previous area is still open, 
so if you need Flash you can return there to buy it. The same goes for paint. 
When the coast is clear, walk into the alley left of the building. In the 
corner is an extra Flash dealer, with next to him on the wall the first tag 
for the bonus goal. Return to the square and now take the right alley, where 
the second tag is on the wall to the right. Continue through the stacks on the 
left and the dumpster on the right and find the third tag on the wall right in 
front of you. If you head right you can find another paint seller, but return 
if you have enough paint and continue to the left of the alley leading back to 
the square to get to another street. To the right of the street is a ramp 
leading up to a gate, opposite the gate is tag number four on the wall. Follow 
the street a bit more and in the first bend to the right there’s a dark area 
on the inside of the corner with a stall to the left and the tag on the wall 
to the right.

A bit ahead a few Savage Huns are busy loading stuff into a van. Defeat them 
and enter the store, the tag can be found in the back left corner behind the 
counter. At the next turn in the street there’s a store to rob on the left, 
but eventually continue to the red marker. Opposite the marker is the last tag 
on the wall, so spray over it before stepping into the marker itself. You can 
see a man in a white suit and you need to follow him, you’re not allowed to 
get seen by him. Run towards the dark area ahead and to the left right at the 
start. When he stops at the next store, run to the dark area across from it. 
In the turn to the left you can hide in a corner on the right, from there you 
run along the wall to another dark area where you stay until the man 
continues. He’ll start a small scene at the next shop, run to the next dark 
area to the right behind him just before he gets there. Wait until both the 
man and the Savage Huns that show up to trash the store are gone again before 
you move to the next dark area. The man will stop at a shop opposite a dark 
area behind some boards, so wait there.

In the next section there aren’t any dark hiding spots anymore, so stay behind 
the man at the right distance. As soon as he makes his last transaction you 
can attack and defeat him and the other Savage Huns in this area. The man will 
drop the document when he goes down and you need to pick it up. Then you have 
to chase another man carrying something important, but now you have to run 
pretty quickly to keep up. He’ll bring you to his leader’s hideout, where more 
Savage Huns are on their way to attack you. Defeat both the ones upstairs and 
downstairs, when they’re all gone you have to face their leader named Ghost. 
Attack him with fast combinations and try to do much damage when he’s on the 
ground. Also try to smash him into walls and other stuff. The only thing you 
have to watch out for is his leg sweep which will make you fall to the ground. 
When he’s defeated the man you followed earlier will run away again, so run 
after him. He’ll stand still ahead to pick a lock, so take hem out there and 
pick up the object he leaves behind after being defeated. Then a few more 
Savage Huns will come and chase you. You can take them on for some extra 
points, but if you manage to open the lock quickly you can also just run to 
the end position.
Run straight and a bit to the right to find a couple of Boppers threatening a 
couple. Take them on and when they’re defeated there’ll be four hats laying on 
the ground in the area you fought in. Pick up the hats one by one so that the 
counter counts upwards and you tried four of the five required hats. Hats you 
already tried on will disappear, so you don’t need to pay attention to where 
you pick them up and where you put them down. Walk back in the direction of 
the starting position and head right into the narrow alley. You’ll walk 
straight to the first Boppers tag, one of ten connected to a bonus goal. To 
the left is a paint seller, so buy from him what you can and spray over the 
tag. Return to where you fought the Boppers, but now go left and climb up on 
the right to enter the wrecked building. Jump over the gap and turn to the 
right to see the second Boppers tag. Drop down and follow the route through 
the buildings to get to a hole in a fence which gives you access to the 
basketball court. Exactly on the other side is Boppers tag number three.

More to the left are three more Boppers, defeat them and pick up at least one 
hat to complete that sub goal. Walk around the wall, left on the other side of 
the fence is a Flash dealer. Go right and to the street, on the other side is 
the Roman Disco. To the left of it is another Flash dealer, walk past him and 
follow the alley to some Boppers around stairs. Get them out of the way and 
climb the stairs, on the platform you can find the fourth tag on the wall. 
Return to the front side of the Roman Disco and enter the building through the 
red marker. Grab a dance from the floor and toss him or her to the side to get 
the Boppers’ attention. To defeat the first group you can stand in the hallway 
behind you to take them on easily. When they’re all down, the boss and a few 
henchmen will come down. They can also be easily defeated from the hallway. 
The Bopper with the yellow W has to be saved for last and you have to grab him 
to interrogate him. He will mention Big Moe, after which you can leave the 
building through the yellow marker inside the hallway. Run through the alley 
to the left of the joint and head left between the boards.

Follow the route to the next street, where you’ll reach a branch just before 
you get there. Left on the wall is a Boppers tag, you can only reach it by 
climbing the dumpster. The other branch will bring you to a paint seller. Make 
sure you’re wearing a Boppers hat before standing inside the yellow marker. So 
find a Bopper in the street and take his hat to get inside. If you stand 
inside the marker without a hat you’ll be forced a hundred dollars to get 
inside. When you’re eventually inside a fight will start and there’s another 
person with a yellow W above his head involved. Take everyone else and 
interrogate him in the usual way to get more information about Big Moe. A 
yellow marker will appear at the exit, so leave the pool center there. Follow 
the alley further to two Boppers on your right, the sixth tag is on the wall 
just behind them. Over spraying over it you can continue to the third street, 
a pretty short one. Tag number seven is on the wall ahead of you a bit to the 
right. More to the left of it are stairs leading up, so go up there and cross 
over the square there. Descend into the ditch on the other side, the eighth 
tag is on the wall on the right.

At the other end of the ditch you first need to go left and up the stairs to 
walk between all the boards, to eventually reach a few Boppers along a wall 
that also contains tag number nine. Return to the ditch and cross to the other 
side in front of you, go up the ramp and just before you get to the red marker 
you can see the last tag on the boards to your right. Spray it over and step 
inside the red marker to enter the bar. In the back on the right is the woman 
you need, keep giving her money until she tells you where Big Moe is hanging 
out. Then you need to backtrack a little to the third street to find the 
entrance to the right club there. It can get rough inside, so it would be wise 
to obtain as much Flash as possible before going in. A Flash dealer is 
available more to the left of the entrance. Once inside you will face Big Moe 
on the dance floor. Hold L2 and try to bump in too him with the cross button 
just before you touch him. It might take a while to defeat him this way, but 
it is the safest. When Big Moe drops his hat you can pick it up, but 
eventually the fight will continue. After a while two women will also enter 
the dance floor and attack you, but keep focusing your attacks on Big Moe. 
Cochise will be a Warrior as soon as he goes down.
In The Warriors’ hangout there’s a punching bag hanging on the bottom floor. 
There are also two mats on the floor and a bit to the side is a bar placed 
between two pillars. You can practice some exercises here and try out 
different combinations. Press triangle to start the exercise you’re standing 
next to. If you select the Heavy Bag you can see what combo you need to 
perform. A new one will appear right after finishing it. On screen to the 
right you can see how much time you have left and how many reps of the total 
necessary you did. The other exercises ask you to press the cross button very 
fast, so that you finish the required amount of reps within the time limit. 
There are ten series for each exercise, every series will requite more reps or 
has a shorter time. If you gain rank five times for each exercise your combat 
stamina will increase, so getting his does less damage. If you reach rank ten 
on all exercises, the highest rank, your sprinting stamina will also increase 
and it will enable you to sprint for a longer time.
There are two exits to Coney from The Warriors’ hangout, one to the left of 
the pinball machine and one to the right. Head outside to the one on the right 
and meat a colleague at the bottom of the stairs with a purple W on him, it 
indicates that he has a bonus goal for you. Six to be exact and they’re all 
Turf Invasion missions. If you accept his goal, enemy troops will appear in 
Coney immediately, indicated on the radar with purple dots. You can also see 
white dots, those are other Warriors you can ask to join up by pressing 
triangle next to them. Then you can give them commands just like in the normal 
missions and you’ll have a better chance against the enemies with more men. 
Indicated on screen is how many gang members there are and how many you took 
down already, just like the time you have remaining to finish up the remaining 
enemies. If you complete the objective you can go back to the man how gave you 
the mission to take on the next group. First it will be the Vancourtland 
Rangers, then the Panzers and the Electric Eliminators after that. After 
defeating this series of groups you will always wear the Brass Knuckles. Then 
you can take on the next three groups. The Hurricanes, Satan’s Mothers and the 
Jones Street Boys will show up in that order. They will come with more people 
every time and they’re also harder to beat. The further you get, the more 
health your opponents have and the longer they stay on their feet. The later 
groups might also carry weapons, so take them from them and use them against 
them. If you defeat the final group you will also get the Steel-Toed Boots.
You’re told to collect some money for Rudy the bum before his train arrives, 
but it comes down to collecting 100 dollars before time runs out. So run 
through the streets of Coney looking for people to mug. Only pick the well 
dressed people, bums carry to little money. If you find a car with a radio, 
pull it out for extra money. You might get the police to follow you. Search 
for other Warriors, the white dots on your radar, and let them join you so 
that they can defend you during your activities if you set them to Watch My 
Back. Return to the man who gave you the mission with enough money and hand it 
to him to complete it. For finishing this mission you’ll get the so called 
Dealer Hints. It means you can give bums in the normal missions some money so 
that they will tell you where to find dealers.
\ a / BUSTED /
Your employer asks you to free his associates before his buyer shows up. 
Multiple purple W’s will appear on your radar, those are the associates. There 
is no police, it’s just a matter of freeing the arrested people quickly. So it 
comes down to pressing the buttons quickly to get them free and following a 
decent route to reach everyone as fast as possible. As soon as you free number 
five you’ll get the Cuff Key Powerup. You can use it to free arrested persons 
real quickly in the normal missions.
\ b / FLASH HEAD /
The man wants you to get him a rubber finger in a shop on the other side of 
Coney. You’ll take a Flash overdose, which will make everything blurry and you 
can’t see much clearly. Still, it’s easier than it looks to do what you have 
to do. As long as you walk straight the image is more clear, so try to move 
the camera as little as possible. Keep on eye on your radar, use it to decide 
when to change direction to get to the purple W. There’s a board on the wall 
to the right with some objects on them, grab one of the green objects because 
those are the required rubber fingers. Follow the some route back to the man 
who gave you the mission and give him the finger with triangle. This will 
allow you to carry a larger stash of Flash.
A nightshift guard is talking about a stalker you must find, but he doesn’t 
show up on your radar. That means you have to check out the entire map until 
you run into him by accident. He’s dressed like a skeleton and he has a purple 
W above his head, he does appear on the radar when you find him. As soon as 
you spot him you need to get him to the floor, for example by running up to 
him with L2 and pressing the square button. Get on him and use the left 
analogue stick to push it in the direction that will make it vibrate, so that 
your bar fills up quicker than the lower bar. If you manage to do that you’ll 
arrest him and you’re done, but if you can’t do it the stalker might escape 
and you’ll have to accept the mission again. This will unlock the Cuffs 
Powerup, which will allow you to arrest people yourself, and the Coney 
Just like in the previous goal a dressed up guy is walking around in Coney and 
you need to track him down. He will usually hang out near the alleys around 
The Warriors’ hangout. He wears a green monster suit and also a mask. He will 
attack you as soon as he sees you, just like his followers. Make sure you have 
the upper hand by recruiting more Warriors before starting your search. The 
goal is completed when the Apephibian and his crew are defeated, after which 
he is playable in Rumble Mode.
\ e / DEAL WITH IT /
You’ll get the task to root out a few fake dealers. You’ll have to visit a 
couple of dealers and a few of them will run away after giving them your 
money. If that happens you need to follow them, but if you’re fast you can 
prevent them from running away. Just punch them after giving the money, that 
will stop them when trying to run away. Turn around and head into the alley 
left of the building. On the other side is a Flash dealer. Go back out the way 
you got here and head right, go on until you can’t continue and head over to 
the left. There’s a second Flash dealer in the corner. Follow the alley 
further and you’ll find a paint seller next to the cars on the left. A second 
seller is located a bit further when going out of the alley to the left. Climb 
the fence there and head right. Follow the street through the road block and 
turn left at the intersection. There’s a weapon dealer in the corner. If you 
find all the fake dealers in time, weapon dealers will now also appear in the 
normal missions.
After accepting the mission at the bum a few purple W’s will appear on your 
radar. These are the locations of other bums and you have to give them what 
they like to eat. Head into the alley to the right of the bum who gave you the 
mission and find the next bum around the corner to the right. He wants 
chicken, you can find it in the Meat Marker, a bit ahead and to the left. Hand 
it to the bum and find the next one in the building across him. You have to 
get him a hotdog, ask one from the man next to the stand at the road block in 
the middle of the street. Return to the Meat Market where you found the 
chicken and pick up some salami. Go back outside and head right, until you’re 
forced to go into the alley more to the left at the end. The bum around the 
corner will gladly take your salami. Then run into the direction of The 
Warriors’ hangout quickly. Head right at the intersection to find an ice cream 
store on the right. Get an ice cream from the girl on the left and bring it to 
the bum hanging out around the hangout. Return to the same ice cream store and 
ask the right girl for a donut. Bring it to the only remaining bum still 
indicated on your radar. In the normal missions you can now pay random bums to 
fight for you.
\ g / FREEDOM /
A couple of Warriors got arrested and they’re cuffed on the street. They are 
indicated on your map, so head over to their area and take a close look at 
your radar to see where the cops are. This mission will get a lot more 
difficult if you have the police on your tail and there isn’t much time to 
hide and wait. So only approach Warriors far enough from the police and free 
them quickly. Move along all Warriors and you’ll easily make it. If you do get 
spotted, it might be possible that freed Warriors are arrested again, so 
you’ll need to get their cuffs off once more. Freed Warriors can also be left 
behind in dark areas if necessary, so that they won’t get caught again. The 
objective is only completed after freeing all The Warriors and losing all the 
cops if they were on your tail. From then on you can unlock handcuffs yourself 
if you have the required keys.
The man who gives you this mission would like to see you take Flash ten times 
in a row. So first you need to collect the money to be able to buy the stuff. 
Run through Coney to get radios from cars and to mug people, especially the 
well dressed ones. The Meat Marker, car dealer and the store in the outer 
corner of the map can also give you money. Talk to the owner of the shop to 
get protection money and break open the cash register for more money. If I’m 
not mistaking there are still Flash dealers indicated on your radar, but 
they’re not hard to find if that isn’t the case. Head over to a Flash dealer 
as soon as you get 200 dollars. Buy the maximum amount of Flash at a time, use 
everything and repeat his until you used Flash ten times in a row. From now on 
you’ll get a full Rage meter if you use Flash at full health.
If you finish all the normal story missions, this arcade game will appear in 
the middle of the hangout, but you’ll only be able to play it after finishing 
all the Flashback missions. It’s a side scrolling fighting game much like 
Double Dragon, but this time it’s in 3D and Swan is the main character. Mercy 
gets kidnapped by the Riffs and Swan is getting her back. The available moves 
are more or less the same as in the regular game, but a few special functions 
won’t really work. The combination of three punches with the square button is 
very effective, many opponents are defeated right away with that. It’s 
recommended to floor enemies as soon as possible, so you can pick your enemies 
if they’re in a large group. Smash objects like crates and barrels to find 
Flash inside them. You can’t use it when you want, your health will be filled 
up right away. The five Stages aren’t that hard really and they demand little 
explanation. The only tough situation is when facing Luther with a gun, if you 
don’t know what to do. First you need to pick up a bottle from the boxes below 
him and then walk back to throw it at Luther. He will shoot you, what will 
probably result in you dropping the bottle. Don’t aim manually at Luther, just 
turn to face him and press the cross button to assume the bottle will hit him. 
Three good hits will take out Luther. If you need Flash, demolish the 
tombstones to find it. You’re not done after defeating Masai, you still need 
to face Cyrus with Cleon.

= 4 = C O N C L U S I O N =
Unfortunately I never saw the movie, but I intend to do so after finishing 
this The Warriors game. The start is kind of disappointing and I didn’t even 
have much fun playing together, but when you get sucked into the dark 
atmosphere and get to know The Warriors a little better it all turns out to 
get better. The length of the game surprised me. I wanted to make this 
walkthrough quickly because of the GameFAQs bounty, but the length of the game 
didn’t really allowed that.
They don’t do much next to Grand Theft Auto, but if they do it they do it 
well. It’s a bit strange that they chose this license to work with, but they 
did the best they could with it.

His hundred percent completion checklist posted on the GameFAQs message board 
for this game has helped me a lot with keeping track of what I already did and 
what was still to come.

For hosting this document.

For hosting this document.