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Can't Find Any AR Max or Gameshark Codes?

Does Anyone Know Where to Find Them for This Game I Know There Must Be Some!


LoriTheGorey answered:

No, there aren't any cheats or codes for this game. Sorry.
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phoenixambrose3 answered:

This might be one of those games that are very difficult to design codes that actually do anything. The coding changes based on many, many variables and don't make a code cracking person's job any easier. Maybe if there was an idea of what codes people want? I know I want a code to make all the enemies and competing dogs/animals during a hunt not move. That way, I have absolute control of the fight and don't have to worry about being attacked or points being taken. I don't need infinite gift points, but it would be nice. Maybe a code to duplicate items held... such as dropping an item, only to still have it in the player's hand. Just some ideas about codes to ask for if the opportunity arises or someone experienced in these things happens to see. This is a fun game, codes or not. Might be more fun with, however...
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Reinfell answered:

Hmm...Its Easy Play this Game u ust need a Boar to raise yours farm and u can get inf sausage from ur boar meat..u can trade sausage into chicken meat...Here the Best Way to become Rich man...
Male Boar>Boar Meat>Sausage>Chicken Meat>Daikon>Boar Food {Eated By Pig} Voila Its Finish...
Male Boar>Boar Meat>Sausage>Rabbit Meat>Dog Food {Eated By Dog}
Male Boar>Boar Meat>Sausage >Marmot Meat>Dog Food {Eated By Dog}

If u Have Virgin Female Boar Make Her Pregnant then give him a food...step by step u can get many daikon by Trade boar with boar meat...
Make Some Honey Moon Spot >.< Boar its hard to making baby XD...{Sory for my rudeness}
sory for my idea if u all already know that...Voila Thx
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