---------------------THE RED STAR--------------------------


This is my first contribution to GameFAQs: a move/combo list for "The Red Star"
for PS2. It is NOT a complete guide, does NOT contain walkthroughs of all the
missions or bosses, and will never be updated to contain either of the above.
Please do not email me asking for such.

That being said, what this guide DOES contain is a list of the possible melee
combinations which you can pull off with the three playable characters.
Pressing SELECT during a mission pulls up a list of moves and gives some hints
as to how they can be linked up. However, hints are sometimes not enough, and
once Maya is unlocked you discover that for some obscure reason they actually
skipped her list. With this guide you should be able to play each character to
their potential, right up to the bosses. At that point you're on your own :P
(I think it's better this way; the game doesn't have any frustrating puzzles
or what not, and anything I do tell you will only diminish the challenge.)
So here we go.

============ MAYA ============

(Note: Maya is unlocked for play once you complete the game with either of the
other two characters.)

(Note 2: Maya's moves are NOT shown in the moves list, and are never revealed,
as far as I can tell.)

-- Moves --

--(1) [R1 + Forward + SQUARE]

Maya projects a ball of energy some distance in front of her. This ball
doesn't actually hit anything, and sits there until you press one of the

(1a) [SQUARE]
The ball of energy comes back to Maya, hitting and juggling enemies in its
path. You can hit these juggling enemies again with melee hits.

(1b) [R1 + Forward + SQUARE]
The ball of energy becomes a missile and shoots forwards, hitting enemies in
its path.

(1c) [X]
The ball disappears instantly. Use this if you misaimed or are in trouble.

--(2) [R1 + Back + SQUARE]

Maya chops in front of her with both hands. This is a melee hit, and can
only be followed up by:

(2a) [R1 + Forward + SQUARE]
Maya projects a hovering shield in front of her. This shield hits enemies in
melee, as well as reflecting projectiles shot at you. These reflected
projectiles actually hit the enemy. Very very useful for bosses if you can
pull it off quickly and consistently. The shield also traps enemies in place
while hitting them (except bosses and certain enemies), so you can join in
and hit 'em some more! :D

-- Combos --


Maya's standard melee combo. If you have at least one full protocol meter,
she actually hits the enemy a lot more times with each button press.


Do (1), then wait till there are enemies close to the ball of energy before
doing (1a). Then juggle the flying enemies with [SQUARE].


Maya's most advanced melee combo. Start off with her standard 2x[SQuARE]
combo, then quickly do (2)->(2a). (2a) won't actually connect as a
combination, but it'll put up the shield pretty much right where the enemy
lands after (2). When he gets up and comes towards you again, he'll get
trapped in the shield, at which point you can pull off (1)->(1b) or
(1)->(1a)->2x[SQuARE], or even a standard 2x[SQUARE]. And no, you can't have
two shields up at once :P (Unless you're playing coop and you're both
playing Maya! :D)

=========== MAKITA =============

--(1) [R1 + Forward + SQUARE]

Makita charges forward a short distance and hits the enemy. She's immune to
most projectiles while charging, so it's a good opener if the enemy is just
a bit too far away and setting up for a nasty attack. Once you hit them you
can do the following:

(1a) 4x[SQUARE]
Standard melee combo. Best way to prolong the combo. Make sure you only
press up to four times, coz the fifth press will send the enemy flying and
end the combo.

(1b) [R1 + Forward + SQUARE]->4x[SQUARE]
Makita keeps on charging forward in the same direction, hitting the enemy
multiple times. Doesn't do that much damage to be honest.

(1c) [R1 + Back + SQUARE]
Is actually (2), explained below.

--(2) [R1 + Back + SQUARE]

Makita knocks the enemy up in the air and jumps up after them. You can also
keep hitting mid-air afterwards. Followed up by:

(2a) 4x[SQUARE]
Standard melee combo.

(2b) [R1 + Forward + SQUARE]
Makita slams the enemy down to the ground. Lots of damage, but slow, so only
do it if you have a lot of room and time.

(2c) [R1 + Back + SQUARE]
Makita cuts up the enemy with a quick two hit combo. Quick and decent damage.

-- Combos --


Makita's standard melee combo.

--4x[SQUARE]->(1)->(1a)->(2)->(2a)->(2b or 2c)

Makita's most advanced combo. The key is to only press [SQUARE] four times
and NOT five times. Note here that you don't have to press the buttons that
fast, you have quite a bit of time to press your next button and continue
the combo. Yes it is fun to button mash but sometimes it's more fun to pull
off a sweet ass combo :D.
Also note that this combo is very flexible, and you should try to be aware
of what's happening around you as you're going through it. For example, if
you open with 4x[SQUARE]->(1) and you see a guy getting ready to shoot you
a bit further in front of you, you can chuck in (1b) instead of (1a) as your
next step so you plow right into him, or maybe chuck in (2) to get in the
air and avoid all his shots. Opening with (1) is also a good way to get
around the screen quickly.

============ KYUZO ==============

--(1) [R1 + Forward + SQUARE] (hold down SQUARE to charge)

Kyuzo thrusts his weapon forward, hitting enemies and impaling one of them
if they're close enough. Hold down [SQUARE] to increase power and distance
(not in the middle of a combo). You can move around very slowly with the
enemy impaled, and change direction. Followed up by:

(1a) [SQUARE]
Kyuzo smashes the enemy down to the ground. Can be done three times.

(1b) [Any Direction + tap SQUARE]
Kyuzo kicks the enemy in the direction pressed. Knocks down enemies in its
path. Good crowd control and decent damage to impaled enemy.

(1c) [Any Direction + hold SQUARE]
Kyuzo spins and throws the enemy away in the direction pressed. Knocks down
enemies caught in the spin and the throw path. Very good crowd control and
good damage to impaled enemy.

--(2) [R1 + Back + SQUARE] (hold down SQUARE to charge)

Kyuzo knocks the enemy up in the air. Hold down [SQuARE] to increase power
(not in the middle of a combo). Followed up by:

(2a) [SQUARE]
Impales the enemy, just as if you did a (1). Followed up by (1a, b or c).

(2b) [R1 + Forward + SQUARE]
Slams the enemy down to the ground. High damage, but also very slow.

(2c) [R1 + Back + SQUARE]
Knocks the enemy away. Decent damage, quicker than (2b), and knocks enemies
down in its path.

-- Combos --


Kyuzo's standard melee combo.

--(1)->2x(1a)->(1b or 1c)

Charge straight into an enemy, smack him a few times then knock down
oncoming enemies. Hold down [SQuARE] if they're a bit further away, but make
sure Kyuzo's facing the right direction! :P Also make sure you aim (1b/1c)
correctly :)

--2x[SQuARE]->(2)->(2a)->2x(1a)->(1b or 1c)

Kyuzo's most advanced combo. Set em up with a coupla melee hits, knock em up
in the air then impale em.

Again, as with Makita, Kyuzo's combos are flexible. You should keep an eye
out for incoming enemies and use (1b) and (1c) earlier if needed. (2c) is a
great option if you're rushed before you can impale.

So there we have it. It's not perfect, but it should help in pulling out
those fat combos :). Maya is the most fun to play in my opinion, so here a
few pointers for the last boss Troika if you're stuck :P

1) During the phases where the ghosts/wraiths pop up, The purple fireball
thingies he shoots actually do only 1 damage. It's the ghosts you have to
look out for, they do over 15 (I think). Wait for em to materialise, then
hit em once and keep shooting at Troika.

2) In his second shooting phase (shooting phase = when purple balls cover
the whole damn screen) there are actually occasional gaps in the rows of
balls, so you can weave from gap to gap. I don't mean the gaps BETWEEN rows,
but actually WITHIN them. You can stay in the gap BETWEEN two rows until you
see a gap open up WITHIN one, then move through that gap to end up BETWEEN
two other rows. As they move away from their source, the purple balls
actually disperse (ie. the rows become less concentrated) and that's when
the gaps open up.

3) In his third and final shooting phase, if you move to the bottom left
part of the screen (not necessarily the corner) you can actually avoid all
the shots coming from the left source.

4) Keep at it, it's challenging but very possible! Being a veteran of
Strikers 1945 helped a lot I'll admit, but you get the hang of dodging
bullets eventually :)