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Gunslinger Girl Vol.1

by stealthgiga aka Henry Lukito
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Latest update: 08 May 2004
New contents:
. H Power’s Stage 4-2 Location
. Missed points in Scoring
. Pickups section added
Coming updates:
. More Weapon Notes
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. Overview
. Basics
. Pickups
. Scoring
. Gun Collection
. Gun Level Up
. Weapon Notes
. Unlockables
. Anime DVD
. Speculation
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Gunslinger Girl Vol.1 is a Japanese region Gun Action game for Playstation 2, 
based on the Anime series that are adapted from manga series by Yu Aida. There 
will be 4 volumes of them in total.

It is bundled with DVD featuring episode 1 – 5 of the anime. The company deems 
such offer to be the first of its kind in gaming industry.

Online buyers from Sega Direct are also awarded with limited amount of 
Gunslinger Girl Vol.1 Official File, which is an illustration book.

As names can be misleading, while Gunslinger Girl indeed involves elegant gun 
action scenes with stylish blood splatters, it is not all about mindless 
action of little girls shooting grown-up men. It is more about the lives of 
those girls who have been transformed into killing machines and how they cope 
with it. Contrary to the Anime & Manga though, in this game it’s all about gun 
action, so get it as much as you can if you like the Anime/Manga & but would 
love more action. ;)

If you know about the anime or manga already, I’ll just tell you Henrietta is 
the only girl you can play as in this game, though.


Here are the basic controls:

Square button   : Concentration Mode (shortened as C. Mode)
Kill-all attack that drains a portion of C. Gauge.
Only available when C. Gauge is in blue color.

Triangle button : Lock-on
Lock onto nearest enemy automatically. Uses a little of C. Gauge.
After you locked onto enemy, you can double lock-on another enemy by using
left analog stick toward next enemy + triangle button.

X button        : Hide, Reload while hiding.

Circle button   : Come out from hiding, Shoot.

D-pad           : Switch hiding places, Move to next areas when they are

Left stick      : Move aim.

L1/R1           : Switch weapons while hiding.

. You can only switch weapons while hiding
. You can reload while hiding and being exposed. To reload while hiding, press
  X. To reload while being exposed, press circle when your gun is empty. It is 
  always recommended to hide while reloading, however.


There are several items you can get while during the stage. To obtain them, 
shoot them up.

Weapon Pickup
Yellow wireframes with the gun icon. After you pick a certain gun for the 
first time, and successfully complete the stage without dying, the gun will be 
added to Gun Collection and you can now select it before the stage. Even if 
you already have a particular weapon, getting them in the stage will let you 
use it immediately, but it’s lost after stage completion. All picked up weapon 
is Lv1. It is important to know what weapons you can pick up during particular 
stage so you don’t choose the same one in Gun Select screen.

HP Recovery
Blue wireframes with medkit icon. There are 2 types: small and large. The 
small one recovers little of your HP, while the large recovers much more.

C. Recovery
Blue wireframes with pills icon. Also comes in 2 types, this one to recover C. 
Gauge used for C. Mode and auto lock on.

Triela’s Teddy
Yellow wireframes with teddy icon. Shoot and it will jump. Keep shooting it 
while in the air till it’s gone. It adds extra scores.


. Lock on combo is the key in getting high scores in the game. First, lock  
  onto most nearby enemy by moving left analog stick toward it + triangle 
  button. Right when it flashes, lock onto next enemy by moving left analog 
  stick toward next enemy + triangle button. You’ll notice the previous enemy 
  is still locked on, and that the next enemy is locked on too with double 
  score bonus mark on top of it. Continue locking on other enemies until you 
  get the 3X, 4X, 5X bonus and so on, then shoot out. If the mark doesn’t 
  appear, then your timing when you lock onto another enemy is off. Remember, 
  lock on next enemy right when the previous lock on flashes. If you can’t 
  lock on next enemy anymore, chances are your gun doesn’t have enough bullets 
  to perform the shootout later on. Also note that not all weapons are lock 
  on-able (but they may have advantages over quickness and strength).

  You might need some practice to get the timing right at first. But once you
  get used to it, it becomes pretty easy to pull off. Note that the double 
  bonus not only doubles the scores starting from first enemy, and up by one 
  multiplication value for the next one, it increases the damage as well.  

. There are 4 types of enemies in this game: handgun-type, smg-type (weak), 
  smg-type (strong), sniper-type. Handgun-type might come in different models, 
  but they are similar. Handgun-type gives 1000 scores when killed, smg-type 
  (weak) gives 2500 scores, smg-type (strong) and rifle-type gives 5000 scores. 
  So, during lock on combo, it is better to start with one that gives least 
  scores, and build up the bonus mark to the one that gives highest scores. 
  For example, there are 2 gun-type, 1 smg-type (weak) and 1 rifle-type 
  enemies. Lock onto the 2 gun-type first, followed by smg-type, then to 
  rifle-type, so its 2X 1000 + 3X 1000 + 4X 2500 + 5X 5000 = whopping 40000 as 
  long as they carry the bonus marks. Of course it’s easier said than done. 
  You might end up locking onto wrong enemy and get hit in the process.

. When you shot enemies to death, you can still nail a few shots on him before 
  he finally drops onto the ground (I think 2 is the most) to gain 500 scores  
  for the first shot, 1000 for the second shot. If the enemy carries the bonus 
  mark from Lock on combo, it will be applied here as well. Let’s say, the 
  enemy carries 2X bonus mark, you’ll gain 3X 500 + 3X 1000 = 4500 extra  
  scores if you manage to shoot him twice even after he is dead. So, carry a 
  handgun with lots of ammo such as CZ 2nd and after a lock on combo shootout, 
  give 2 extra shots on the one with highest bonus mark.

  If we were to add this point with example found on previous point (2 gun- 
  type, 1 smg-type and 1 rifle-type), that would be 2X 1000 + 3X 1000 + 4X 
  2500 + 5X 5000 + 5X 500 + 5X 1000 = 47500.

. When a bunch of enemies appears and you know that some of the enemies are 
  stronger and  don’t die in one shot with weak guns such as starting weapon 
  P230SL, use the weak gun and normally shoot the stronger ones until the next 
  shot will surely kill them (without killing them), then finish all of them 
  off with lock on combo explained above. You get extra 100 scores for shots 
  that don’t kill enemies.

  I will refer shots that do not kill enemy but are meant to get extra 100
  scores and to get into a point one other shot will surely kill him ‘weaken 
  shot’. Here is the number of weaken shots that can be pumped into certain 
  enemies with P230SL:

  smg-type (weak)  : 1 weaken shot
  smg-type (strong): 4 weaken shots
  rifle-type       : 2 weaken shots

  The others will just die if you give them a single shot.

  It’s important to weaken the enemies first before doing the lock on combo or
  else they might not die even after the shootout, so instead of getting
  multiplied score for that certain enemy, you only get 100 scores.

. When you lock on an enemy and shoot, you’ll gain double the score if you 
  manage to kill him. Even the scores for shooting him after death is doubled! 
  This is useful to gain most scores from a lone enemy!

  For eg. a lone handgun-type enemy. A normal single shot will kill him and
  award you with only 1000. But if you lock on him and shoot, plus shooting 
  him 2 times after death, you get: 2X 1000 + 2X 500 + 2X 1000 = 5000! 5 times 

  Which one is better when there are 2 handgun-type enemies only? auto lock on 
  and 2 times shot after death, or finish them one by one using above method?

  With auto lock on + 2 shots: 2X 1000 + 3X 1000 + 3X 500 + 3X 1000 = 9500
  With this method + 2 shots : 2 X 5000 = 10000

  Apparently this method is better, but only applies for 2 hand-gun type 
  enemies. For others, weaken shots then auto lock on method, followed by 2 
  shots after death on enemy with highest bonus mark is better for higher 

  So this method is best used on any lonely enemy but remember, if you know 
  the enemy won’t die with a single shot of your weapon, you must weaken him 
  first with shots using weak guns such as P230SL so that the next shot will 
  surely kill him, then you do the lock on and shoot, followed by 2 shots 
  after death.

. Summary:

  To get the most score of lone enemy:
  Shoot until next shot will surely kill him > lock on > shoot > shoot 2 times
  before he drops completely on the ground.

  To get the most score of crowds:
  shoot stronger enemies until next shot will surely kill them > lock on combo
  in order from enemy that gives least score to enemy that gives highest score 
  > shootout > shoot 2 times on enemy with highest bonus mark before he 
  completely drops onto the ground.

. Shoot breakable objects to obtain extra 1000 scores each.

. Shoot the teddy icon dropped from enemy for several times to get extra 

. You’ll get bonus points after the stage completion in the results screen,
  depending on your speed, item collection and damage count. If you manage to
  collect more items, you’ll be awarded with more scores. When you are shot,
  you increase one damage count. The lower your damage count is, the more
  scores you get. These, three factors; Time, Get Items and Damage Count seem
  to have 30000 as the max bonus each.

Gun Collection

. Guns that are hidden in stages must have their icon shot in order to obtain
  it. As soon as you obtain it, you can start using it in the stage. However,
  if you die, or choose to end the stage by menu, you will lose that weapon 
  and won’t be able to see it in Gun Collection.
. Guns that require high scores can only be obtained in Story Mode, and is
  obtained after completion of the stage. You also can’t die and continue as
  the score will reset.

Triela’s personal handgun
. Starting weapon.
. In Stage 3-1, after you assassinated the target, when you are given a first
  option to either move up or right, choose to move right. Shoot the man in
  white suit on the left for him to drop the gun icon. You can then equip
  double P230SL if you carry one, even if it’s not maxed to level 3.

Henrietta’s personal handgun
. Get 1000000 score and above in Story Mode Stage 3.

H Power
. Hidden in Stage 4-1 & Stage 4-2.
. In Stage 4-1, when you hide below the stairs and there is enemy above,
  don’t shoot just yet. Wait till another enemy appears on the car, then
  shoot the one above the stairs. Wait for an enemy to replace him. That
  replacement will drop the gun icon.
. In Stage 4-2, near the end of stage, after the cutscene of enemy backup van
  appears, defeat the enemies quickly and a smg-type (strong) enemy will drop
  the gun icon.
. You must be quick and receive less damage before getting it, else the gun  
  icon might be replaced with HP recovery small. In short, be swift.

. Hidden in Stage 2-2.
. When you reach an open area you can switch aroung two hiding places, always
  finish the enemies on the right area first before left area, so that you end
  up on the left area after all enemies are defeated. You will then encounter 
  3 snipers on the roof before moving to next area. Shoot the middle one for 
  him to drop the gun icon.

CZ 2nd
. Clear Story Mode Stage 1 with Good Results.

. Get 500000 score and above in Story Mode Stage 2.

. Hidden in Stage 3-3
. In the garden, after Jose informs you the one you just killed is a decoy, 
  you will be given directions to advance. Choose to move up instead of left
  which would be backtrackking, until you find an area with door nearby.
  Shoot the man in brown coat on the left for him to drop the gun icon.

. Play the game for 2 hours, and you will obtain it eventually after any
  stage completion in Story Mode.

. Clear Story Mode Stage 1.

. Hidden in Stage 2-1.
. When you are chasing the Fratellos and given 2 directions, choose left. You
  will encounter some enemies. Keep on the left side while you finish them off. 
  When you are given an option whether to move up or right, choose right. You 
  will encounter 2 snipers. Shoot the left one for him to drop the gun icon.

Angelica’s personal gun
. Receive no damage in any stage, can be in Story Mode or Score Mode. After
  you complete a stage, look at its results. If the damage count is zero, you
  will get it.

. Play the game for 1 hour, and you will obtain it eventually after any stage
  completion in Story Mode.

Rico’s personal gun
. Get 1500000 score and above in Story Mode Stage 4.

. Hidden in Stage 4-4.
. Start of the stage, wait for the helicopter to fly above the fence, use
  C. Mode 2 times on it before it flies away. Move to the left and wait until
  the helicopter is near and vulnerable, do another C. Mode. A gun icon 
  should drop from it. Quickly shoot it to obtain the gun.
. Actually, C. Mode is not necessary, but I find it the easiest method for the
  helicopter to drop it. You are to shoot the left missile of the helicopter.

Gun Level-Up

. Each gun has 3 levels: lv1>lv2>lv3.
. To level up guns, you must obtain high scores in Score Mode.
. You can see the requirements by choosing any gun in Gun Collection.
. Even if you meet the requirements for lv3, you can’t skip lv2 of the gun.
. By levelling up, the guns will have more ammo.
. At lv3, you can double equip handguns (P230SL, P239, H Power, P7M8, CZ 2nd),
  but you need to use 2 slots for P230SL and P239.
. Take a look at Scoring section of this faq if you have difficulty getting
  high scores.

Triela’s personal handgun
lv 2 – Get 150000 or above in Score Mode Stage 1-2.
lv 3 – Get 500000 or above in Score Mode Stage 3-2.

Henrietta’s personal handgun
lv 2 – Get 150000 or above in Score Mode Stage 2-1.
lv 3 – Get 500000 or above in Score Mode Stage 3-3.

H Power
lv 2 – Get 100000 or above in Score Mode Stage 2-2.
lv 3 - Get 400000 or above in Score Mode Stage 4-1.

lv 2 – Get 80000 or above in Score Mode Stage 3-1.
lv 3 - Get 500000 or above in Score Mode Stage 4-2.

CZ 2nd
lv 2 – Get 400000 or above in Score Mode Stage 3-2.
lv 3 – Get 200000 or above in Score Mode Stage 4-3.

lv 2 – Get 400000 or above in Score Mode Stage 3-3.
lv 3 - Get 240000 or above in Score Mode Stage 4-4.

Henrietta’s personal gun
lv 2 – Get 350000 or above in Score Mode Stage 4-1.
lv 3 - Get 250000 or above in Score Mode Stage 2-1.

lv 2 – Get 400000 or above in Score Mode Stage 4-2.
lv 3 - Get 180000 or above in Score Mode Stage 2-2.

lv 2 – Get 150000 or above in Score Mode Stage 4-3.
lv 3 - Get 130000 or above in Score Mode Stage 3-1.

lv 2 – Get 150000 or above in Score Mode Stage 4-4.
lv 3 - Get 550000 or above in Score Mode Stage 3-2.

Angelica’s personal gun
lv 2 – Get 200000 or above in Score Mode Stage 1-2.
lv 3 - Get 600000 or above in Score Mode Stage 3-3.

lv 2 – Get 200000 or above in Score Mode Stage 2-1.
lv 3 - Get 500000 or above in Score Mode Stage 4-1.

Rico’s personal gun
lv 2 – Get 150000 or above in Score Mode Stage 2-2.
lv 3 - Get 600000 or above in Score Mode Stage 4-2.

lv 2 – Get 100000 or above in Score Mode Stage 3-1.
lv 3 - Get 250000 or above in Score Mode Stage 4-3.

Weapon Notes

. Super 90 is an exceptional weapon. It is not lock on-able and it fires one 
  shot at a time, but the scores given from enemies shot by it is different. 
  Here is how it goes:
  Handgun-type enemy : 2600 
  SMG-type enemy     : 4200
  Rifle-type enemy   : 6800

  And there seems to be a formula behind it. A shot that doesn’t kill enemy 
  gives 100 scores. Then if you can shoot dead enemy 2 times before it drops 
  onto the ground, you get 500 and 1000 respectively. So it’s like this:
  Handgun-type enemy : 100 + 1000 + 500 + 1000 = 2600
  SMG-type enemy     : 100 + 100 + 2500 + 500 + 1000 = 4200
  Rifle-type enemy   : 100 + 100 + 100 + 5000 + 500 + 1000 = 6800

  If you think you can gain more scores by shooting the smg-type and rifle-
  type enemies several times without killing them first with weak guns such as 
  P230SL before blowing them with Super 90 then you are mistaken, because the 
  scores a Super 90 shot get on weakened enemy totaled with the extra 100 
  scores is always lower to the scores received from Super 90 shot on 
  unscatched enemy by 100.

  Anyway weakening shot till next shot is sure to kille enemy + lock on and 
  shoot + 2 shots after death still gives you higher scores than Super 90..
  so it’s still nothing much in the end.


. After you beat Story Mode, you’ll gain Score Mode. Score Mode is basically 
  the same as Story Mode just that you play a portion of it, and there is no 
  voice acting in Gun Select Screen. This is the mode to level up guns.

. Also, by beating Story Mode, you can now switch between Henrietta’s 2 
  outfits in Gun Select screen of any stage, whether in Story Mode or Score 
  Mode, by pressing L1/R1 button.

Anime DVD

5 episodes of the Anime is included in the other disc. They are:

Episode 1 – Fratello (brother)
Starter of the series explaining how Section 2 operates, Henrietta’s 
background story and her relationship with her maestro Gioseffo.

Episode 2 – Orione (orion)
Recap of Episode 1 with some different perspectives, also explains further 
background of Section 2, and the continuation of Henrietta’s story.

Episode 3 – Tagazzo (young boy)
Rico’s story and her background.

Episode 4 – Bambola (doll)
Triela’s story.

Episode 5 – Promessa (promise)
Claes’ background.


In vol.1, you only play as 4 of the 10 stages Henrietta must uncover. This can 
be seen from Profile Select, which if you beat Story Mode, you’ll notice the 4 
white stars and other 6 grayed out stars. Also note that the first stage is 
tutorial stage, hence vol.1 has only 3 normal stages.

If I haven’t heard about there will be 4 volumes of the games in total, I 
would have thought there will be only 3. As in Vol.2 contains the same 
tutorial stage plus Stages 5 to 7, while Vol.3 Stages 8 to 10. Does it mean 
later volumes will contain only 2 stages each? Or it works like this: 2 stages 
for Henrietta. 2 stages for other girls each exclusive in each volume? We’ll 

Or another possibility is that in Vol.2 and Vol.3, only Henrietta is playable, 
and that she uncovers 3 stages in each volumes (totalling to 10). Then Vol.4 
will be something rather different (all girls are playable, etc).

It is also possible that all the 10 stages are there in Vol.1, just that you 
need later volumes to unlock, and that you play as different girls in later 
volumes. Chances for this are very slim though, for we are already seeing some 
screenshots of Henrietta in Vol.2. But why do I think of this? Well.. 2.1 GB 
seems too big in size for the contents shown in the game (and there are no 
pre-rendered cgs here except the 4 demo movies).

It is also questionable whether the guns obtained in vol.2 later on will be 
usable in vol.1 and vice versa. There are possibilities it doesn’t work the 
way we think it is.

Also, whether the other girls will be playable in the next volumes. While many 
people, including me, want to play as the other girls, there is bigger chance 
in my opinion they won’t be playable, looking at how the progress is displayed 
in Profile Select.

While Vol.1 include anime episodes 1 to 5, it has been announced that Vol.2 
includes anime episodes 6 to 9. That leaves big possibility Vol.3 will include 
anime episodes 10 to 13. 13 episodes are all there is of the Anime. What will 
Vol.4 include? DVD containing special episode? Again, we’ll see! XD

Well, in the end, I am sincerely waiting for Vol.2 which will be released 
middle of this June. Winchester M1897 is a must in this volume. XD

. CJayC for putting the faq online.
. Aileron and MakubeX2.
. Yu Aida, for creating such a great series.
. Marvelous Entertainment Inc., for making anime adaptation and game for it.


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