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Crimson Sea 2 Items FAQ v0.9
By Skyrax
1. Introduction/Updates
2. Items List
3. Items Description
4. Frequently Asked Questions
5. Credits/Contact Information

An Items FAQ?
Yes, an Items FAQ. Turns out that there are people who either imported
this thing or got it without instructions and have no idea what some of
the items do, or worse yet, how to get them. This hopefully explains
what most, if not all, of the items in Crimson Sea 2 do and how to
get them.

v0.9: Initial draft. Hopefully the next update will be the final 
work on this thing.

a.B Ability                                  w.NP Capsule 3
b.Bow Rahn Doll                              x.NP Convertor 1
c.Diez Doll                                  y.NP Convertor 2
d.Elixir 1                                   z.Origin
e.Elixir 2                                  aa.Platinum Card
f.Fashion Ring                              ab.Rations 1
g.G Ability                                 ac.Rations 2
h.GigaOrigin                                ad.Replicator
i.HP Booster 1                              ae.Reserve 1
j.HP Booster 2                              af.Reserve 2
k.Medikit 1                                 ag.Shami Doll
l.Medikit 2                                 ah.Siphon 1
m.Medikit 3                                 ai.Siphon 2
n.Medixir 1                                 aj.Surge 1
o.Medixir 2                                 ak.Surge 2
p.Medixir 3                                 al.Trainer 1
q.MegaOrigin                                am.Trainer 2
r.NP Ability                                an.Vipa Rounds
s.NP Booster 1                              ao.Vipa Suit 1
t.NP Booster 2                              ap.Vipa Suit 2
u.NP Capsule 1                              aq.Vitalizer 1
v.NP Capsule 2                              ar.Vitalizer 2

Item Name
Initial cost or cost if sold and then rebought/selling price: Teos/Teos
Description of item and what it does
Personal thoughts on overall value of item

a. B Ability
Buy/Sell Cost: Cannot be bought or sold
Description: When obtained, the B Ability allows your blades to be 
upgraded one more level. This merely opens the level; you still need 
to find Origins to power it up. When you upgrade this level, your 
bladeís attack power is raised a further 50%. To obtain the B Ability,
S-Rank the mission A Town in Panic.

Thoughts: Not much to say. The B Ability is a solid item, one thatís 
definitely worth getting, if for nothing else but for the attack 
bonus. 9/10.

b. Bow Rahn Doll 
Buy/Sell Cost: Cannot be bought or sold
Description: Once acquired, the Bow Rahn Doll unlocks Bow Rahn as 
a selectable character in multiplayer mode. Thatís all. To obtain the 
Bow Rahn Doll, S-Rank the mission The Original Menace.

Thoughts: Bow Rahn makes a cute doll, but is hardly fun to play as 
in multiplayer. His cannon is strong, but heíll still be wasted by 
Sho or Feanay. You canít sell him, though. 1/10.

c. Diez Doll
Buy/Sell Cost: Cannot be bought or sold
Description: Once obtained, the Diez Doll unlocks Diez as a playable 
character in multiplayer mode. To obtain the Diez Doll, S-Rank the 
mission Diez, Woman Warrior.

Thoughts: See Bow Rahn. Just as cute, just as useless. 1/10.

d. Elixir 1 
Buy/Sell Cost: 5000/2500
Description: If a character is killed and they have an Elixir 1 in 
their possession, the character will be revived and 50% of their 
maximum HP will be restored. Elixir 1s canít be found in crates, only 
at the IAG VendBot.

Thoughts: If youíre just playing through, then the Elixir isnít a bad 
choice. But, if youíre getting S-Ranks, donít buy one. Handy, but 
ultimately unnecessary. 6/10. Note: Elixirs, of both kinds, can 
actually help in the submissions Against the Wall 1 & 2, since they 
revive you after a hit. But you can kiss the S-Rank goodbye. 

e. Elixir 2 
Buy/Sell Cost: 10000/5000
Description: If a character is killed and they have an Elixir 2 in 
their possession, they will be revived and all of their HP will be 
restored regardless of bar length. If a character is in possession 
of both, the Elixir 2 takes precedence over the Elixir 1 in reviving 
the character. Elixir 2s can only be found at the IAG VendBot.

Thoughts: Same pros and cons of the Elixir 1, but you get more health 
back. This can save your skin in the final mission, since you can take 
a full lifebar and a half of damage and still get an S. 7/10.

f. Fashion Ring
Buy/Sell Cost: 30000/15000
Description: The Fashion Ring, when worn, gives Sho and Feanay an 
alternate color scheme. This is purely cosmetic; no other benefits 
are afforded you by using the ring. To obtain the Fashion Ring, 
complete the mission Crimson Sea, and then purchase it from the 
VendBot in IAG. 

Thoughts: The Fashion Ring isnít a bad bonus for finishing the game, 
and you should have enough spare cash by now to buy it. However, if 
you ultimately hate the new color schemes, you have to sell it to 
get rid of it. You canít be selective with the colors, so although 
I personally liked Feanayís, I wasnít too fond of Shoís. 7/10.

g. G Ability 
Buy/Sell Cost: Cannot be bought or sold
Description: Like the B Ability, the G Ability allows you to 
upgrade your guns one more level. This upgrade functions like a 
slightly more powerful basic upgrade, increasing your range, damage 
and rapidfire length more than previous upgrades did. To obtain 
the G Ability, S-Rank the mission Remnants of Times Past.

Thoughts: This is a must have, at least until you can get the 
Replicator. Even then, you still owe it to yourself to get this 
item. Excellent all round, the only drawback being you have to 
fill it yourself. But what else are you going to do with those 
spare Origins? 9/10.

h. GigaOrigin 
Buy/Sell Cost: 7500/3750
Description: emblem-like items given as a reward for S-Ranking 
certain levels, GigaOrigins, when used, will randomly level up any 
one ability of the character that uses it, regardless of Origins 
required. If all abilities are already maxed, GigaOrigins cannot 
be used. To get the GigaOrigins, S-Rank both Attack on Legato Town 
and The Largo Crisis.

Thoughts: The GigaOrigin is great in theory, but is only truly 
effective once you have three or less spots to fill so you can predict 
what itíll work on. Save it for those last slots with high Origin 
requirements. 8/10.

i. HP Booster 1 
Buy/Sell Cost: 30000/15000
Description: When obtained, the HP Booster 1 restores HP constantly at 
a set rate. The rate of restoration is very slow, and is really only 
apparent when you have a very small health bar. But by the time you 
obtain it, your bar will be quite sizeable anyway, soÖ To obtain the HP 
Booster 1, listen to all 50 things that Bow Rahn and Kercak have to tell 
you in the IAG. You wonít be able to finish this till late in the game.

Thoughts: The HP Booster 1 is an oddly placed item. To complete all the 
entries with Bow Rahn and Kercak you have to virtually make it to the 
Crimson Planet, by which point you would have easily gotten the HP 
Booster 2, which makes this look fairly weak. Still, the bonus canít 
hurt and I rate it higher than the NP Booster. 6/10.
j. HP Booster 2
Buy/Sell Cost: 45000/22500
Description: Just like the HP Booster 1, the HP Booster 2 restores HP 
constantly at a set rate. Just as with the NP Booster series, combined 
the rate isnít too bad but individually the rate is fairly slow. The 
HP Booster 2ís recovery rate is about twice the speed of the HP Booster 
1. To obtain the HP Booster 2, S-Rank the mission Deadly Energy.

Thoughts: You will appreciate the HP regen more than you would the NP 
regen since you canít make health come back as quickly by shooting enemies.
As such, itís a little handier than the NP Booster series. 6/10.

k. Medikit 1
Buy/Sell Cost: 250/125
Description: The Medikit 1 restores 25% of the characterís HP. Works like
a Rations 1, but you can store for later. Medikit 1s can be found in 
crates or at the IAG VendBot.

Thoughts: Donít become reliant on these. If you do, youíll create a 
dependence that will mess you up when trying to S-Rank on levels. Good 
when starting out, otherwise leave alone. 6/10.
l. Medikit 2 
Buy/Sell Cost: 500/250
Description: The Medikit 2 restores 50% of the characterís HP. Similar 
to the Rations 2 in effect. Medikit 2s can be found in crates or at 
the IAG VendBot.

Thoughts: Better than the Medikit 1, and if youíre buying these things I 
recommend these ones over the Medikit 1, if only because economically 
they are the better buy. Still avoid. 7/10.

m. Medikit 3
Buy/Sell Cost: 1000/500
Description: The Medikit 3 fully restores the characterís HP, regardless
of bar length and how full the HP bar was to begin with. Medikit 3s can 
only be found at the IAG VendBot. 

Thoughts: Most effective healing item, but you can get Medixirs for free
if youíre patient enough and besides, these suckers are expensive. Donít
become dependent. 7/10.

n. Medixir 1
Buy/Sell Cost: 700/350
Description: When consumed, the Medixir 1 restores 25% of the characterís
HP and 25% of the characterís NP Gauge at the same time. Medixir 1s can 
only be bought at the IAG VendBot.

Thoughts: A combo Medikit and NP Capsule. Decent price. If youíre going
to be carrying something, carry these instead of the Medikits. 6/10

o. Medixir 2
Buy/Sell Cost: 1400/700
Description: When consumed, the Medixir 2 restores 50% of the characterís
HP and 50% of the characterís NP Gauge at the same time. Medixir 2s can
only be bought at the IAG VendBot.

Thoughts: Medixir 2s are stronger, but not the best deal out there. NP 
regenerates easily, so youíll actually be better off buying Medikit 2s.

p. Medixir 3
Buy/Sell Cost: 2800/1400
Description: When consumed, the Medixir 3 completely restores the 
characterís HP and NP Gauges at the same time. Outside of a reward in 
one of the missions in SunJack City, Medixir 3s can only be bought at 
the IAG VendBot. 

Thoughts: You can get one of these for free every time you play A Town 
in Panic at SunJack in Semplice, and these completely restore everything 
you need. Useful in a pinch. Best recovery item, period. 8/10.

q. MegaOrigin
Buy/Sell Cost: Cannot be bought or sold
Description: Red emblem-like item dropped by enemies. MegaOrigins are 
only dropped when an enemy is killed via a Critical Hit. If killed by 
such an attack, the probability of getting a MegaOrigin is about 93%. 
MegaOrigins are worth 5 Origins and are used for the same purpose as 

Thoughts: These things are worth the effort, and theyíre easy enough to 
obtain on Agitato. By Semplice, enemies are so many and so strong that 
Critical Hits may not kill them (Menace Commanders especially), so you 
may have to work harder for these. Useless once you max out, though. 

r. NP Ability
Buy/Sell Cost: Cannot be bought or sold
Description: The NP Ability removes your NP limiter and allows you to 
increase all NP levels by one. When upgraded, the NPs receive a 50% 
attack power bonus. To obtain the NP Ability, S-Rank the mission 
Operation Network.

Thoughts: The NP Ability gives you an attack boost. 
More power = more dead Menace = more HP gained = better combos. 
Whatís not to love? 9/10.

s. NP Booster 1
Buy/Sell Cost: 40000/20000
Description: The NP Booster 1, when obtained, restores NP at a set rate.
The rate of recovery is very, very slow, so slow in fact, that itís not 
worth waiting around for the meter to refill itself. To obtain the NP 
Booster 1, purchase it from the IAG VendBot.

Thoughts: The rate is slow. So slow it might as well not even be there.
Not worth the effort in my opinion. 4/10.

t. NP Booster 2
Buy/Sell Cost: 
Description: Like the NP Booster 1, the NP Booster 2 restores NP at a 
set rate. The NP Booster 2 restores NP at about twice the rate of the 
NP Booster 1. If combined, an empty NP Gauge will fully restore in 
about 75 seconds. To obtain the NP Booster 2, S-Rank the mission Rescue 

Thoughts: Barely better than the NP Booster 1. Still weak. 5/10.

u. NP Capsule 1
Buy/Sell Cost: 300/150
Description: A red capsule. The NP Capsule 1 restores 25% of the
characterís NP Gauge. This is not enough to fill any one section of the
bar, but gets it close enough that it will fill with the slightest
provocation. NP Capsule 1s can be found in crates or in the IAG VendBot.

Thoughts: NP Capsules are actually not that bad since they donít count
against you in rankings, and sometimes you need a session of Sonic Aura
NOW. But youíd have to use four of these to get it, so itís best saved
for a Time Extend session. 7/10.

v. NP Capsule 2
Buy/Sell Cost: 600/300
Description: A larger red capsule. The NP Capsule 2 restores 50% of the
NP Gauge, roughly a section and two-thirds. You can find NP Capsule 2s
in crates and in the IAG VendBot. The chances of finding these are rarer
than NP Capsule 1s.

Thoughts: Same benefits as the NP Capsule 1, but youíll rarely find these
in levels and not worth the money to buy. 6/10.

w. NP Capsule 3
Buy/Sell Cost: 1200/600
Description: The NP Capsule 3 fully restores the NP Gauge, regardless 
of how full or empty it is. NP Capsule 3s can only be found in the IAG 

Thoughts: The real question you have to ask is, ďIs an emergency NP 
session really worth 1200 Teos?Ē If you can answer yes to that, then grab
one of these from time to time. Useful if you have the Teos to spare. 7/10.
x. NP Convertor 1
Buy/Sell Cost: 10000/5000
Description: The NP Convertor 1 converts damage taken by the character and
uses it to increase your NP Gauge accordingly. The damage is relative to
how much damage you take, but apparently the NP bar must take quite a bit
because if you stand there to fill your bar youíll be clear in the red.
This means that the NP Convertor 1 only converts about 50% of damage
taken. To obtain the NP Convertor 1, S-Rank the mission The Poisoned Una.

Thoughts: The NP Convertor series is way more useful than the NP Booster
series, because you will get hit from time to time and the NP recovery
is much more appreciable. Still, you ideally want to avoid getting hit
to get those S-Ranks. 7/10.

y. NP Convertor 2
Buy/Sell Cost: 20000/10000
Description: Like the NP Convertor 1, the NP Convertor 2 takes damage 
inflicted on the character and fills up the NP Gauge accordingly. The 
effect is much greater than that of the NP Convertor 1, as combined 
you convert 125% of damage taken, which means the NP Convertor 2 gives
you 75% of damage taken. To obtain the NP Convertor 2, S-Rank the 
mission Fiery Seguido Base.

Thoughts: My opinion is exactly the same as before. Better than NP 
Booster but, if youíre striving for perfection, is ultimately not 
that useful. StillÖ 7/10.

z. Origin 
Buy/Sell Cost: Cannot be bought or sold
Description: Blue emblem-like item dropped by enemies or given as a 
reward for S-Ranking certain levels. Origins are used to upgrade Sho 
and Feanayís weapon and NeoPsionic abilities. 

Thoughts: Absolutely instrumental in gaining access to any and all 
abilities, You MUST get these at ALL times. Once you max out, though, 
they are useless. 9/10.

aa. Platinum Card
Buy/Sell Cost: 20000/10000
Description: A grey card. A Platinum card is a one use item. If used, 
it allows you to purchase any one item in the IAG VendBot for 1 Teo. 
Clear Explosive Gas Area and Commodo Earthquake.

Thoughts: If youíre crafty, you can use these to get a few quick Teos 
by selling an expensive item and then buying it back for 1 Teo. 
However, you only get two shots at this. Oh, and once you buy a 
Platinum Card, you canít choose when to use unless you sell it. 

ab. Rations 1
Buy/Sell Cost: Cannot be bought or sold
Description: A blue pyramid-like item. Rations 1 restore about 20-25% 
of the characterís HP upon pickup. The amount restored may differ 
depending on how large the HP bar is. It works upon pickup and cannot 
be stored for later.

Thoughts: Never look gift health in the proverbial mouth. Just pick 
it up and enjoy the free HP. 9/10.

ac. Rations 2
Buy/Sell Cost: Cannot be bought or sold
Description: A red pyramid-like item. Rations 2 restore, at minimum, 
half the characterís HP instantly. The amount restored may be more or 
less depending on how large your HP bar is. Rations 2, like the 
Rations 1, can not be stored for later use; they are an immediate item.

Thoughts: Better recovery for little effort. Beware though, these 
things appearing typically indicate that youíre going to actually 
NEED that chunk of healthÖ

ad. Replicator
Buy/Sell Cost:  /0
Description: When equipped, the Replicator gives you unlimited Vipa 
Rounds. This applies for all guns for both characters. As an extra 
bonus, your weapon can never overheat, since Vipa ammo normally 
doesnít. To obtain the Replicator, S-Rank the mission Crimson Sea.

Thoughts: Without a doubt, one of my favorite items. It makes the 
game complete cakewalk though, but still, this thing utterly DESTROYS 
everything in its path. Thereís only one drawback: it can kill things 
so fast you canít get a S-Rank on Combos. So itís best to get as many 
S-Ranks as you can on Agitato and Grarve before you get the item, or 
simply use Feanay to get everything after you get the Replicator. 

ae. Reserve 1
Buy/Sell Cost: 5000/2500
Description: The Reserve 1 increases your gun capacity by 20% The 
difference is really only noticeable when you get Vipa Rounds on a 
weapon like the Legion, as you only get 5 shots max by default but 
Reserve 1 gets you an extra shot. The Reserve 1 is found at the IAG 

Thoughts: Useful when you gain Vipa Rounds, as that is when it best 
demonstrates its use. 8/10.
af. Reserve 2
Buy/Sell Cost: 
Description: Like the Reserve 1, the Reserve 2 increases your gun 
capacity. The effect works in tandem with the Reserve 2, so you gain 
about 8 Legion Vipa Rounds if both are equipped. To obtain the Reserve 
2, S-Rank the mission Soul Of Semplice.

Thoughts: Even better than Reserve 1. Helpful when you need that extra 
bit of flame to finish off a tricky foe. 8/10.

ag. Shami Doll
Buy/Sell Cost: Cannot be bought or sold
Description: The Shami Doll, after it has been earned, will unlock 
Princess Shami as a selectable character in multiplayer mode. To obtain 
the Shami Doll, S-Rank the mission Princess Shami.

Thoughts: Shami is the worst multiplayer character of all. 
Seriously, donít bother. 1/10.

ah. Siphon 1
Buy/Sell Cost: 10000/5000
Description: When equipped, the Siphon 1 allows you to gain HP back 
whenever you damage or kill an enemy with a critical hit. The amount 
gained isnít all that much, but when youíre in the middle of a 
firefight it doesnít hurt to have a little extra health. The amount 
you get back seems to be the same regardless of who you critical with 
it and whether you used Vipa Rounds or not (as you may or may not know, 
Vipa Criticals hurt. A lot). To obtain the Siphon 1, S-Rank the mission
The Stolen IAG Badge.

Thoughts: If youíre in the habit of getting Criticals, a little extra 
reward doesnít hurt. Not too sure if it works on bosses though. 7/10.

ai. Siphon 2 
Buy/Sell Cost: 20000/10000
Description: Like the Siphon 1, the Siphon II gives you HP when you
score a critical hit. The effect is cumulative with Siphon I, so you
will gain back a decent amount of HP per critical. To obtain the
Siphon 2, S-Rank the mission An Unbeatable Menace.

Thoughts: Same benefit as Siphon 1, but you get even more this time.
Cool. 7/10.

aj. Surge 1
Buy/Sell Cost: 10000/5000
Description: When equipped, the Surge 1 increases overall attack
strength when the characterís health is low. This seems to apply to
blade and NeoPsionics, but not gunshots. The attack bonus is roughly
about 15%. To obtain the Surge 1, S-Rank the mission The Prototype.

Thoughts: You donít want to be in the red at any point in time, and as
such, this item is only really helpful if you canít stop taking damage.

ak. Surge 2
Buy/Sell Cost: 20000/10000
Description: Like the Surge 1, the Surge 2 raises attack strength when 
low. This time, the bonus is roughly 20-25%, and since the effect can 
be combined with the Surge 1, you get close to a 40% attack strength 
boost when your health drops in the red. To obtain the Surge 2, S-Rank 
the mission The Menace Hordes.

Thoughts: More attack power helps if youíre really getting thrown about
like a rag doll, I suppose. I donít really use this item in battle, so 
Iíd recommend selling it. You can always buy it back later (albeit for 
a jacked up price). 6/10.

al. Trainer 1
Buy/Sell Cost: 10000/5000
Description: Once equipped, the Trainer 1 increases the amount of 
experience earned from killing Menace. The experience acquired is 
increased 50%. To obtain the Trainer 1, S-Rank the mission Prestsite 
in Darkness.

Thoughts: If youíve only been predominantly using one character, the 
Trainer series helps to quickly bring the other character up to speed. 
am. Trainer 2
Buy/Sell Cost: 20000/10000 
Description: Like the Trainer 1, the Trainer 2 increases all experience
points gained by killing Menace. The Trainer 2 grants a 75% experience 
bonus when equipped, so combined you get an extra 125% experience per 
Menace killed. To obtain the Trainer 2, S-Rank the mission The Valley 

Thoughts: Really though, the only real effect that the Trainer series 
has is to get more max HP faster. If both characters are at LV50, then
the item is completely useless. Sell them in that case. 7/10.

an. Vipa Rounds
Buy/Sell Cost: Cannot be bought or sold
Description: Three red-and-white hexagons stacked in a pyramid form. 
When obtained, Vipa Rounds give a full clip of powerful ammo. The 
effects vary per gun. The Vulcan gets powerful flame bullets, the 
Legion get medium-range grenade shots, the Wyvern bullets paralyze the 
enemy, and the Trinity gets HP-stealing bullets in its basic form or 
explosive bolts in its lock on form. Vipa Rounds only fill up the gun 
you currently have equipped, not both at the same time.

Thoughts: Vipa Rounds are a welcome addition to the battlefield. In 
one fell swoop, you can destroy a squad of previously tough foes. It 
rips past defenses, wreaks havoc, and generally cleans out Menace. 
Fast. Invaluable. 10/10.

ao. Vipa Suit 1
Buy/Sell Cost: 20000/10000
Description: Once bought, the Vipa Suit 1 reduces all damage taken by 
about 15%. This works for all types of damage incurred except special 
damage like when youíre holding your breath in gas filled missions, 
when youíre in the Heat Ore areas in Fiery Seguido Base, or any other 
special cases. The Vipa Suit 1 can be found in the IAG VendBot.

This is actually more useful than the Vitalizer series in gaining 
S-Ranks, since it reduces the amount of damage taken. Also, NP gained 
via the NP Convertor is not affected by the possession of the Vipa 
Suit. Excellent item. 9/10.

ap. Vipa Suit 2
Buy/Sell Cost: 30000/15000
Description: Once obtained, the Vipa Suit 2 reduces all damage taken 
by 25%. The effect of the Vipa Suit is cumulative, so if you have both 
suits, damage taken is cut by 40%. Lab at Movindo.

Thoughts: Canít go wrong with a 25% defense bonus. 9/10.

aq. Vitalizer 1
Buy/Sell Cost: 
Description: The Vitalizer 1, when equipped, increases your max HP. 
The increase is independent of the HP boosts you get when you level up 
via experience. Overall, the Vitalizer 1 gives you an extra 10% HP. To 
obtain the Vitalizer 1, S-Rank the mission The Crafty Menace.

Thoughts: Useful until you start getting S-Ranks, at which point long 
HP bars mean little to nothing. Still doesnít hurt though. 8/10.

ar. Vitalizer 2
Buy/Sell Cost: 15000/7500
Description: Like the Vitalizer 1, the Vitalizer 2 increases your 
maximum HP independent of leveling up. The Vitalizer 2 grants an extra 
15% HP, which increases the total HP, if both Vitalizers are equipped, 
to 25%. To obtain the Vitalizer 2, S-Rank the mission Battle of The 

Thoughts: Itís an odd item to have, considering you gain more HP every 
time you level up. Still, you canít go wrong if youíre just fooling 
around but taking way too many hits. 8/10.

Q: How do I unequip items?
A: You canít. The only way to get rid of an item you donít like is to 
sell it to the IAG VendBot. You can then repurchase it, but beware: 
some items donít reappear after they are sold. 

Q: Can Bow Rahn, Shami or Diez be used in the single player campaign?
A: No, they are multiplayer-only. And by the way, donít use them 
against Sho or Feanay, since theyíll be beaten. Fast.

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