Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana
Mana Details and Crystalization FAQ
Steven Massicotte ( 2005/07/01

I. Introduction
II. Version Info
  A.Mana Cost and Equip Bonuses
  B.Skill Bonuses
IV. Mana Crystalization
V.Stnthesizable Weapons List
VI. Combinations
VII. Weapon Ability Stats
VIII. Contact Info
IX. Credits
X. Copyright Info

I. Introduction
Welcome to the first FAQ I have ever revealed to the public. Normally I compile
information like this for my own purposes but this time I enjoyed this game
enough to want to help some other people out. I noticed that people wanted most
of this information and this is also the most useful stuff to have in one
location in a somewhat organized fashion. It's not nearly complete but whoever
feels like adding to what is here is welcome to send it to me and you will be
properly credited.

II. Version Info
Version 0.8 or so
Added everything that is included in this guide. It is mostly finished but
there is more data that could be compiled to make it 100%. Mana Guide is
finished but Crystalization could use some more confirmation and analysis but I
spent a lot of time on that as it is. Combinations and Weapon abilities are
nowhere near finished but I added those mostly as a bonus and I don't
necessarily intend to finish them unless someone else feels like contributing.

Version 0.85
I added the list of synthesizable weapons, fixed some minor errors, and added a
few things.

III. MANA guide
The following section is all of the information about the Mana. By this I mean
all of the Mana's element costs are provided along with the bonuses they
provide to your characters when equipped. This makes it easy to see which Mana
each character should have equipped based on what you think they need.

A. MANA cost and Equip bonuses

Mana Name   Cost       Bonus
 Fire       1.0        F RES Lv9
 Lighning   2.5
 Power      3.0

 Air        1.0        L RES Lv5
 Water      2.5        Speed + Lv3
 Lightning  3.0

 Water      1.0        I RES Lv9
 Air        2.5
 Spirit     3.0

 Light      1.0        Atk + Lv3
 Fire       2.0        Magic + Lv3
 Holy       3.0

 Dark       1.0        D RES Lv9
 Spirit     2.0
 Evil       3.0

 Stone      1.0        Life +Lv6
 Power      2.0        Def +Lv3

 Wood       1.0        Life Up (M)
 Water      1.5        Mana Up (M)

 Life       1.0        Life +Lv9
 Fire       2.5        Life Up (M)

 Power      1.0        Atk + Lv8
 Fire       1.5        F RES Lv5

 Lightning  1.0        L RES Lv9
 Air        2.0        Speed + Lv3

 spirit     1.0        Mana + Lv6
 Water      1.5

 Holy       1.0        Magic Comp + Lv2
 Light      1.5        Magic + Lv5

 Evil       1.0        Atk +Lv2
 Dark       1.5        D RES Lv5

 Time       1.0        Speed +Lv5
 Light      2.0        Magic + Lv3
 Dark       2.0

B. Skill Bonuses


Uru      Mace Atk +4
         Power Item +3

Silwest  Wide Item +3
         Pass Item +4

Nymph    Wide Item +4
         Magic Res +3

Eital    Ele Extract +3
         Power Item +4

Plua     Ele Extract +3
         Mace Atk +4

Diemia   Mace Atk +7

Popo     Ele Extract +7

Aion     Ele Extract +4
         Living Item +5

Luplus   Ele Extract +3
         Wide Item +3
         Pass Item +3
Grupt    Mace Atk +4
         Power Item +5

Zeilia   Pass Item +5
         Magic +4

Flay     Ele Extract +3
         Living Item +3
         Power Item +3

Paltia   Ele Extract +4
         Power Item +5

Fanatos  Ele Extract +3
         Mace Atk +6


Uru       Claw Atk +7

Silwest   Jump Kick +3
          Fast Atk +4

Nymph     Force Blast +3
          Dodge +4

Eital     Force Blast +7

Plua      Force Blast +3
          Jump Kick +4

Diemia    Meteor Strike +7

Popo      Force Blast +3
          Dodge +4

Aion      Force Blast +3
          Fast Atk +3
          Dodge +3

Luplus    Meteor Strike +6
          Fast Atk +3

Grupt     Claw Atk +3
          Jump Kick +3
          Hyper K.B. +3

Zeilia    Claw Atk +3
          Fast Atk +6

Flay      Force Blast +6
          Dodge +3

Paltia    Force Blast +6
          Hyper K.B. +3

Fanatos   Claw Atk +6
          Jump Kick +3


Uru      Sorcer Staff +4
         Magic Res +3

Silwest  Telekinesis +4
         Sleep +3

Nymph    Sleep +4
         Magic Res +3

Eital    Illusion +4
         Turn 2 Candy +3

Plua     Shrink (S) +4
         Sleep +3

Diemia   Socer Staff +4
         Telekinesis +3

Popo     Turn 2 Candy +4
         Sleep +3

Aion     Shrink (S) +5
         Magic Shield +4

Luplus   Illusion +5
         Shrink (S) +4

Grupt    Socer Staff +5
         Telekinesis +4

Zeilia   Magic Shield +4
         Magic Res +5

Flay     Turn 2 Candy +5
         Shrink (S) +4

Paltia   Illusion +6
         Magic Shield +3

Fanatos  Socer Staff +5
         Shrink (S) +4


Uru      Sword Atk +4
         Brave +3

Silwest  Halberd +4
         Thunder God +3

Nymph    Healing +4
         Couage +3

Eital    Harken +4
         DimenExtract +3

Plua     DimenExtract +4
         Healing +3

Diemia   Harken +4
         Courage +3

Popo     Healing +4
         Courage +3

Aion     Healing +6
         Courage +3

Luplus   Sword Atk +3
         DimenExtract +3
         Courage +3

Grupt    Halberd +4
         Harken +5

Zeilia   Halberd +4
         Thunder God +5

Flay     DimenExtract +5
         Healing +4

Paltia   DimenExtract +3
         Brave +3
         Healing +3

Fanatos  Sword Atk +6
         Courage +3


Uru      Crossbow +4
         Power Shot +3

Silwest  First Shot +4
         Flare Shot +3

Nymph    First Shot +3
         Spirit Blast +4

Eital    Flare Shot +4
         Power Shot +3

Plua     Dark Arrow +4
         Power Shot +3

Diemia   Power Shot +3
         Counter +4

Popo     First Shot +4
         Flare Shot +3

Aion     Dark Arrow +4
         Power Shot +5

Luplus   Dark Arrow +4
         Counter +5

Grupt    Spirit Blast +5
         Power Shot +4

Zeilia   First Shot +3
         Spirit Blast +3
         Power Shot +3

Flay     Dark Arrow +6
         Counter +3

Paltia   First Shot +5
         Flare Shot +4

Fanatos  Crossbow +5
         Power Shot +4


Uru      Sword Atk +4
         Berserker +3

Silwest  Double +4
         Fast Atk+3

Nymph    Mana Strike +4
         Berserker +3

Eital    Mana Strike +3
         Fast Atk +4

Plua     Par Strike +4
         Mana Strike +3

Diemia   Sword Atk +3
         Blocking +4

Popo     Mana Strike +3
         Fast Atk +4

Aion     Sword Atk +3
         Mana Strike +3
         Fast Atk+3

Luplus   Fast Atk+5
         Blocking +4

Grupt    Sword Atk +4
         Berserker +5

Zeilia   Par Strike +5
         Double +4

Flay     Par Strike +4
         Mana Strike +5

Paltia   Double +5
         Berserker +4

Fanatos  Sword Atk +4
         Par Strike +5

IV. Mana Crystalization
The following is imo a very helpful thing to have. This is a (mostly) complete
list of what each mana can crystalize with each Mana stone. A few of the stones
may not be complete as I may have missed some of the rarer results,
specifically with stones such as Crimson that I only had a few to work with and
I didn't feel like reloading any more by time I got to that point in the list.
This lets you easily see what mana can get the job done without wasting your
time or mana stones.
**=specialization - A Mana that specializes in a certain stone will give you a
special message and also guarantee that crystalization result.


  Uru      Def + Lv1, Life + Lv1
  Silwest  PSN Res + Lv1, Life + Lv1
  Nymph    Life + Lv1, F Res + Lv1
  Plua     Life + Lv2, Def + Lv1, F Res + Lv1
**Diemia   Def + Lv2
  Popo     PSN Res + Lv1, F Res + Lv1
  Aion     F Res + Lv1
  Paltia   Life + Lv2, PSN Res + Lv1
  Eital    F Res + Lv1, Life + Lv2
  Grupt    Def + Lv1
  Zeilia   PSN Res + Lv1, F Res + Lv1
  Flay     F Res + Lv1, PSN Res + Lv1
  Fanatos  Def + Lv1, Life + Lv2
  Luplus   Life + lv2

  Uru      Attack + Lv1, Heavy
  Silwest  Par RES Lv1, Heavy
  Nymph    D RES Lv1, Heavy
**Plua     D RES Lv2
  Diemia   Heavy
  Popo     D RES Lv1, Par RES Lv1, Heavy
  Aion     D RES Lv1
  Paltia   Par RES Lv1, D Magic Lv1
  Eital    Atk + Lv1, D Magic Lv1, D RES Lv1
  Grupt    Atk + Lv1
  Zeilia   Atk + Lv1, D RES Lv1, Par RES Lv1
  Flay     Atk + Lv1, D RES Lv1, Par RES Lv1
  Fanatos  Atk + Lv1, D Magic Lv1
  Luplus   D Magic Lv1

**Uru      F RES Lv2
  Silwest  Speed + Lv1, Slp RES Lv1
  Nymph    F RES Lv1, Speed + Lv1
  Plua     F RES Lv1, F Magic Lv1, Atk + Lv1
  Diemia   Speed +Lv1
  Popo     F RES Lv1, Speed + Lv1, Slp RES Lv1
  Aion     F RES Lv1
  Paltia   Slp RES Lv1, F Magic Lv1
  Eital    F RES Lv1, F Magic Lv1, Atk + Lv1
**Grupt    F RES Lv2
  Zeilia   Slp RES Lv1, Atk + Lv1
  Flay     F RES Lv1, Atk + Lv1
  Fanatos  F Magic Lv1, Atk + Lv1
  Luplus   F Magic Lv1

  Uru      Life + Lv1, Speed + Lv1
**Silwest  L RES Lv2
  Nymph    Life + Lv1, L RES + Lv1
  Plua     L Magic Lv1, L Res Lv1, Speed + Lv1
  Diemia   Life + Lv1
  Popo     Life + Lv1, L RES Lv1
  Aion     L Res Lv1
  Paltia   Slp RES Lv1, L Magic Lv1
  Eital    L Magic Lv1, Speed + Lv1
  Grupt    Speed + Lv1
**Zelia    L RES Lv2
  Flay     L RES Lv1
  Fanatos  L Magic Lv1, Speed + Lv1
  Luplus   L Magc Lv1

  Uru      Def + Lv1, Mana + Lv1
  Silwest  Mana + Lv1, Psn RES Lv1
**Nymph    I RES Lv2
  Plua     Def + Lv1, I RES Lv1
  Diemia   Mana + Lv1
  Popo     Mana + Lv1, I RES Lv1, Psn RES Lv1
  Aion     I RES Lv1
  Paltia   I Magic Lv1, Psn RES Lv1
  Eital    Def + Lv1, I Magic Lv1, I RES Lv1
  Grupt    Def + Lv1
  Zeilia   Def + Lv1, Psn RES Lv1
  Flay     Def + Lv1, I RES Lv1, Psn RES Lv1
  Fanatos  Def + Lv1, I Magic Lv1
  Luplus   I Magic Lv1

  Uru      Magic + Lv1, Magic Comp + Lv1
  Silwest  Magic + Lv1, Par RES Lv1
  Nymph    Magic + Lv1
  Plua     Life Up (S), Magic Comp + Lv1, I RES Lv1
  Diemia   Magic + Lv1
**Popo     Man Up (S)
  Aion     I RES Lv1
  Paltia   Life Up (S), Par RES Lv1
  Eital    Life Up (S), Magic Comp + Lv1, I RES Lv1
  Grupt    Magic Comp + Lv1
  Zeilia   I RES Lv1, Par RES Lv1
  Flay     I RES Lv1, Par RES Lv1
  Fanatos  Life Up (S), Magic Comp + Lv1
  Luplus   Life Up (S)

  Uru      Mental Curse, Atk Comp + Lv1
  Silwest  Mental Curse, Avoid + Lv1
  Nymph    Mental Curse, D RES Lv1
  Plua     Battle Lord Power, Atk Comp + Lv1
  Diemia   Mental Curse
  Popo     Mental Curse, Avoid + Lv1, D RES Lv1
  Aion     D RES Lv1
  Paltia   Battle Lord Power,Avoid + Lv1
**Eital    Magic + Lv3
  Grupt    Atk Comp
  Zelia    Avoid + Lv1, D Res Lv1
  Flay     Avoid + Lv1, D Res Lv1
  Fanatos  Battle Lord Power, Atk Comp + Lv1
  Luplus   Battle Lord Power

  Uru      Disease Curse, Atk Comp + Lv1
  Silwest  Disease Curse, Accuracy + Lv1
  Nymph    Disease Curse, L RES Lv1
  Plua     Blessing Power, Atk Comp + Lv1, L RES Lv1
  Diemia   Disease Curse
  Popo     Disease Curse, Acurac + Lv1, L RES Lv1
**Aion     Atk + Lv3
  Paltia   Blessing Power, Accuracy + Lv1
  Eital    Blessing Power, Atk Comp + Lv1, L RES Lv1
  Grupt    Atk Comp + Lv1
  Zeilia   Accuracy + Lv1, Atk Comp + Lv1, L RES Lv1
**Flay     Atk + Lv3
  Fanatos  Blessing Power, Atk Comp + Lv1
  Luplus   Blessing Power

  Uru      Battle Lord Power, Blessing Power
  Silwest  Balttle Lord Power, Sleep Resistance
  Nymph    Battle Lord Power, Blessing Power
  Plua     Battle Lord Power, Blessing Power
  Diemia   Battle LOrd Power
  Popo     Battle Lord Power, Blessing Power, Sleep Resistance
  Aion     Blessing Power
  Paltia   Battle Lord Power, Sleep Rsistance
  Eital    Battle Lord Power, Blessing Power
  Grupt    Blessing Power
  Zeilia   Blessing Power, Sleep Resistance
  Flay     Blessing Power, Sleep Resistance
  Fanatos  Battle Lord Power, Blessing Power
**Luplus   Holy Protect

  Uru      Holy Power, Poison Resistance
  Silwest  Poison Resistance
  Nymph    Holy Power
  Plua     Holy Power, Holy Sanctuary
  Diemia   Holy Power
  Popo     Holy Power, Poison Resistance
  Aion     Holy Power
**Paltia   Magic Stone
  Eital    Holy Power, Holy Sanctuary
  Grupt    Holy Power
  Zeilia   Holy Power, Poison Resistance
  Flay     Holy Power,
  Fanatos  Holy Power, Holy Sanctuary
  Luplus   Holy Sanctuary

  Uru      Spirit Stone
  Silwest  Paralysis Resistance
  Nymph    Spirit Stone
  Plua     Spirit Stone
  Diemia   Spirit Stone
  Popo     Spirit Stone
  Aion     Spirit Stone
  Paltia   Sky Sonata, Paralysis Resitance
  Eital    Sky SOnata
  Grupt    Spirit Stone
  Zeilia   Spirit Stone
  Flay     Spirit Stone
**Fanatos  Single Power
  Luplus   Sky Sonata

V. Synthesizable Weapons List
This section will be dedicated to the list of weapons that you can bury mana
crystals onto. These items of course have the possiblity of becoming your
greatest weapons and armor purely because you can make them as strong as you
need them. With the limits of the crystals that is. I'll include the skill's
each piece of equipment starts with too so you have an idea of what else you
might want to add or change.

Klein's Staff - Spirit Stone, Sleep RES
Wing Staff - PAR RES + Lv5, PSN RES + Lv5
Fairy Cane
Astral Cane - Sky Sonata
Divine Cane - Holy Power
Fairy Claw - Puni Slayer
Ebony Claw - Ancient Curse
Whip Sword
Phantom Blade - Ancient Curse, D RES + Lv9
Para Sword - Very Heavy
Eden Blade - Single Power
Galgazit Bow
Fairy Bracer
Siglis Breath
Locket Of Love - Life + Lv 5
Locket Of Wishes - Mana + Lv 5
Bio Frame - Life Up(M), Mana Up(M)

VI. Combinations
The following is a sort list of some of the combinations you can get from some
abilities. Anyone can fel free to contribute to this list because to be honest
I probably won't be putting much more work into this and the next section on my

 Disease Curse + Disease Curse = Death Curse
 (S) + (S) + (S) + etc. -> (XL)
 Heavy + Heavy = Very Heavy
 Mental Curse + Mental Curse = Mind Curse
 Atk + Lv9 + Spd + Lv7 = Double Atk
 Holy Power + Atk + Lv6 = Demon Slayer
 Demon Slayer + Holy Sanctuary = Evil Slayer
 Mind Curse + Death Curse = Ancient Curse
 Ancient Curse + Blessing Power = Single Power
 Evil Slayer + Single Power = Holy Weapon
 Sprit Stone + Magic Stone = Holy Sanctuary
 Atk Comp + Lv3 + Atk + Lv6 = Pierce
 Atk Comp + Lv3 + Spd + Lv5 = Aninimal Instinct
 Atk + Lv9 + Ancient Curse = Mana Slayer
 D RES Lv8 + Def + Lv8 = Holy Protect
 Animal Instinct + Atk + Lv6 = Beast Killer
 Def + Lv8 + D Res Lv3 = Holy Protect

VII. Weapon Ability Stats
As with the last section of this guide this isn't even close to complete but it
is rather a few that I wrote down when I remembered. I figure a few will be
more helpful than none. Once again feel free to contribute to this section.
These are mostly just the abilities that affected your stats as they are the
easiest to confirm.

 Death Curse:   HP -35  Mana +40
 Mind Curse:   HP + 40  Mana -35
 Spirit Stone:  Magic +10
 Battle Lord Power:  HP +35  Atk +35
 Blessing Power:  HP +35  Mana +35
 Holy Sanctuary:  Def +50  D RES +75
 Sky SOnata: xtra Fire Based Atk
 Magic Stone;  Magic + 40
 Single Power: D RES +100
 Holy Protect:  Def +25 All RES +12
 Heavy: Atk + 8, Spd - 25
 Very Heavy: Atk + 15, Spd - 50

VIII. Contact Info
You can email me, Steven Massicotte, or rather Shuhei as I am known on most
boards and in most games, at You can also instant
message me at Chaoace if you have aol instant messenger. As I said a few times
throughout this guide anyone is welcome to contribute to this guide to make it
more complete and you are also of course welcome to point out any errors I may
have made.

IX. Credits
As of the publishing of this guide the only credit goes to the makers of this
great game, myself and my friend Justin for pretty much keeping track of all
the information. The actual playing of the game and the commentary in this FAQ
were done by me. If anyone decides to contribute your name can be added here as

X. Copyright Info
(c) Copyright 2005 Steven Massicotte.
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
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