Boss FAQ by Terra Ghaleon

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Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana
Boss FAQ
by Terra Ghaleon
Version 1.2

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This FAQ was created to help people defeat the bosses of Atelier Iris: Eternal 
Mana. Some of the bosses can be quite tricky/difficult to beat, and thus I 
made this guide to help people past whichever ones are giving the player 
trouble. My recommendations are not the only way to defeat the bosses however. 
Feel free to try out your own strategies against them. Also, it is not the 
purpose of this FAQ to lead you through the dungeons by the hand. That's what 
other FAQs are for, or for you to use your own brain. They aren't too
difficult anyways.

This is also my first FAQ, so forgive me if the layout is a bit... quirky and 


1.0 - First version. Finished the basic layout and all of the bosses in the
main story. Bonus dungeon to come later.
1.1 - Added a few tips from others to certain boss battles. Also fixed a couple
spelling and grammatical errors. Added the General Tips section
1.2 - Some more general tips and some spelling errors. Haven't gotten around
to Golden Pigs. Apologies are in order at some point.


This section will contain general tips from others towards defeating the


Your strategies for the bosses generally seem to rely on a lot of aggression
and healing. There's nothing wrong with that (it's your own choice of strategy)
but after looking at some of your difficulty ratings, I think you'd be
surprised at how a few well-timed Defend and Change commands can make even the
likes of Virium, Prism, Amalgam much easier to kill (and make healing less

[Kimber Boh]

A relatively easy way to defeat nearly any boss up to and including Avenberry,
is to pump lots of skill points into Lita's Rock Smash (try and get this to
Meteor Smash at lvl 5), and Arlin's Bull's Eye (forgot the max lvl for this).

Also, if you dedicate some points into both Lita and Arlin's Fast Attack, in
many of the boss fights at least one (or both) will get a free attack before
the enemy even gets a turn!

Then, just keep spamming Rock Smash with Lita and Bull's Eye with Arlin. This
takes both of them off the screen for a bit, usually while the enemies are
going. Use either Klein (for healing/Mark of Courage) or Delsus (he's a good
tank with high HP and defense) as your third character. 

Anyway, Rock Smash will usually wipe out all the minions in the first shot, and
Bull's Eye does massive damage. After this, you can switch Lita to Jump Kick, 
but keep Arlin using Bull's Eye EVERY turn. If he gets low on MP, have Klein
toss him a Mana Jar. Not only does this make nearly every boss fight easy, it
also keeps Arlin and Lita from taking much (if any) damage.

[F. Pelayo]

Critical Hits are a guaranteed way of causing Skill Breaks.  That's how people
have cancelled all of Amalgam's two-turn attacks.  Multi-hit attacks like
Arlin's Double are best to Break with since you get more than one chance for
a Critical. (and Double criticals a lot :))


Throughout the guide, I will use the following style to give details on the 
boss. For certain bosses, most notably the earlier ones, some areas are left 
empty. This is signalled with a "???" in place of the missing value. I 
apologise for this, and any extra information given by people, if accurate,
will be put in during later revisions.

NOTE: These statistics refer to the main enemy if the boss battle has numerous 

HP = Hitpoints. The amount of life ths boss has.
MP = Mana. The amount of magic the boss has.
*EXP = Experience. How much experience the boss will give to your party upon 
it's defeat.
*Cole = Money. How much you'll get for defeating the boss.
**Party = My party when I defeated the boss.
Drop = What items you MIGHT get for defeating the boss. This is not 100%.
Location = Where the boss is located.

Strategy = Everything below this is my recommendation on how to defeat the 
boss in question.

* These values will refer to the battle as a whole, not just the individual 
** The party section is just a recommendation. It is entirely possible to beat 
a boss at a different level than me, or using different characters. This is 
just for reference.


Falcon Hawk

HP - 125
MP - 45
EXP - 66
Cole - 35
Party - Klein (1) Lita (4)
Drop - None
Location - Lapis Woods
Difficulty 1/10

Strategy -

As the first "boss" of the game, the Falcon Hawk is extremely easy to beat. In 
fact, I wouldn't even call it a boss. More like... a glorified random enemy. 
The first time you encounter it, just use physical attacks. It'll flee in less 
than a round. The second time, use Bomb Ice to kill it in a single hit. Easy.


Mandragora + Punis

HP - ???
MP - ???
EXP - 130
Cole - 248
Party - Klein (2) Lita (4)
Drop - None
Location - Lapis Woods
Difficulty - 1/10

Strategy -

Again, I wouldn't call this much of a boss battle. The punies will likely die 
before they can attack. The main threat in this battle is the Mandragora, but 
it will probably die very early on as well. It has a decent amount of HP as 
opposed to the punis however, so it will be able to attack. You shouldn't have 
to heal. Physical attacks will defeat it in no time.


Ghost + Punis

HP - ???
MP - ???
EXP - 219
Cole - 383
Party - Klein (4) Lita (5) Delsus (8)
Drop - Black Mana
Location - Kavoc Sewers
Difficulty - 2/10

Strategy -

Although a bit harder than the last encounters, this will still be a very easy 
battle. As the game tells you though, there is a catch involved. None of your 
characters can touch the ghost except for Klein. Two Bomb Ices should dispatch 
of the Ghost, while Lita and Delsus defeat the Punis. The Red Puni is a bit 
stronger than the blue ones you've been facing for the last while, but it'll 
still die very quickly. However, the Ghost's skill Mind Blast can be a bit of 
trouble. It is impossible to interrupt, and will go off even if the thing 
dies. It will inflict a decent amount of damage, and has a chance of putting 
the attacked character to sleep. If this is Klein, you might be in trouble.
Lita's Force Blast and Delsus' Dark Arrow can also do damage to the Ghost, but
it's unlikely you're at a high enough level to unlock those at this point.


Beggur + Ein + Zwei 1

HP - ???
MP- ???
EXP - 220
Cole - 440
Party - Klein (6) Lita (7) Delsus (9)
Drop - None
Location - Lapis Woods
Difficulty - 3/10

Strategy -

This is probably the first battle thus far that might require you to heal. Ein 
and Zwei will most likely attack with physical strikes, which can hurt quite a 
bit. They are also capable of using a two turn attack but thankfully, unlike 
the Ghost, you can Skill Break them out of it. Beggur typically attacks with a 
charge up of his own which, if executed, can lay waste to low HP characters. 
If he starts it, try to knock him out of it and try to have Klein Wide Item a 
Healing Jar so it hits as many characters as you can. He can also use physical 
attacks, which isn't as big a threat, but if you continually take hits, it 
will add up quickly.

Ein and Zwei are probably your biggest concern as the battle begins, so make
sure to deal with them as soon as you can. They have less HP than Beggur, so
they should go downin a few turns as long as you keep the pressure on them. As
soon as they fall, you should play defensively. Remember, you can always find 
more elements, but if Klein dies, your one (effective) mode of healing is 
gone. Beggur has a decent amount of HP, so it might take awhile to wear him 
down, but as long as you don't do anything hasty, you should emerge 


Norn + Master Puni + Punis

HP - ???
MP - ???
EXP - 291
Cole - 176
Party - Klein (8) Lita (9) Delsus (11)
Drop - Puniball
Location - Poto's Forest
Difficulty - 4/10

Strategy -

This battle is quite a bit tougher than the ones you've fought up until now. 
Norn is capable of putting your characters to sleep, and the Master Puni is 
capable of healing, which is something that is definately bad. They also come 
with 7 regular Punis as backup, but if you leave them untreated, you'll be 
worn down by sheer numbers.

Your first target as the battle begins is obviously the Master Puni. However, 
the regular Punis will protect it by using themselves as shields. While you 
could simply kill them one at a time this way, it's better to use an area 
attack (such as physical attacks) to kill off numbers of them at a time. Once 
they're all gone, try to lump Norn and the Master Puni together with a Power 
Shot. By doing this, you can attack them both at the same time using the Flame 
Mana Item. After the Master Puni falls, beat down Norn with sheer numbers. If 
she tries sleep, try to knock her out of it by using Power Shot or Jump Kick. 
Be cautious though, even alone she is a threat. Remember to heal if necessary, 
and she should fall soon enough.



HP - ???
MP - ???
EXP - 0
Cole - 0
Party - Klein (10)
Drop - None
Location - Poto's Forest
Difficulty - NA/10

Strategy -

It is impossible to win this battle. Do whatever for the one round, and watch 
him one hit Klein. The battle will then end.


NOTE: After this point, Lita's MP will decrease every turn she spends in 
battle, down to a minimum of 12.5% of her maximum. As she continues to lose 
MP, she will grow wings. When this happens, her maximum HP goes down, but her 
other stats skyrocket, making her one of the most powerful characters in the 
game once her wings are full grown. Therefor, a FW Lita can be a powerful 
substitutue for many of the strategies I offer. I'll try to stray away from 
referring to this however, as I do not believe it necessary to beat many foes.


Super Puni + Red Puni x3 + Golden Puni x2

HP - 880
MP - 320
EXP - 645
Cole - 1730
Party - Klein (12) Lita (12) Delsus (13) Norn (12) Arlin (16)
Drop - Puniball
Location - Puni God
Difficulty - 6/10

Strategy -

Despite the fact that you've been fighting punis the whole dungeon, this can 
actually prove to be a somewhat difficult fight if you are unprepared for it. 
Overdrive will boost the Super Puni's attack DRAMATICALLY, while taking a 
sharp decrease in defense. If he uses Overdrive, you can be expecting numbers 
of 80-100 damage in a single shot, and even if he doesn't use it, you can 
still expect numbers of 40-50, which is not that much better. Obviously, 
keeping your party alive will be a challenge, and yet be your greatest 
priority. Wide Item Heal Jars do a fairly good job of this. Puni Drop removes 
him from the crossfire for a turn, before returning to deal good damage on a 
single character. Puni Strike is the same as always, although it is a bigger 
threat than before due to his high ATK. All 6 enemies share the same attacks, 
save for Overdrive, which is a Super Puni special.

The first order of buisiness, like all multi target boss battles, is to take 
care of the lackeys first. The Golden Punis should be your first target, with 
the Red Punis second. Wide Item Flames can hit a good amount of them at a time 
if you aim it right, so make sure to make the most of your attacks. Most of 
the infantry will probably be gone before any of them get a turn, but the ones 
that do remain may prove to be a threat. Remove them before you try anything 
on the Super Puni. Once the fodder is completely buried, continue to pound on 
the main foe until he falls. However, despite having 5 characters, he can 
likely kill the whole of your party if you forget to heal. Keep your party 
healthy, and he'll go down in no time, especially if he used Overdrive.


Beggur + Vier + Drei + Tonta + Neun

HP - ???
MP - ???
EXP - 570
Cole - 613
Party - Klein (15) Lita (14) Delsus (15) Norn (14) Arlin (18)
Drop - None
Location - Kavoc
Difficulty - 4/10

Strategy -

While there are more of them, this is basically the battle you fought in Lapis 
Woods, with some minor differences. Beggur has a new skill (Alkavana's Glory) 
that can knock a character down, leaving them defenseless to all attacks until 
their next turn. Tonta will use it's own body as a shield, preventing you from 
harming Neun, who will heal most of the knights for about 70 damage. Vier and 
Drei will use physical attacks, but Vier can use her shockwave technique. I'm 
not sure about Drei. If any of them try to use 2 turn techniques, try to knock 
them out of them with knockback moves like Power Shot and Jump Kick. Arlin's 
Double also does a fairly good job at this, because of the fact that it hits 3 

As for the actual battle, treat them like the usual multi-target boss. Take 
them on one at a time, and slowly whittle down their numbers, leaving Beggur 
for last. He's almost a pushover once he's alone. Make sure not to attack Neun 
until Tonta is gone however, as he is prone to completely blocking attacks. 
Klein should heal most of the time, due to the fact that there is 5 of them, 
and the damage will add up quite quickly. But if you ever find he has a turn 
and your party is pretty much maxed out, feel free to have him use Mana 
Synthesis if you wish. Ether Bulb is quite a powerful attack at this point, so 
if you have it, use it. Delsus should use Dark Shot, hopefully inflicting some 
status ailments, and Arlin should use Double. Lita can Jump Kick, and Norn can 
use her physical attacks, or any damage inflicting skill she has learned.


Mr. Brigand + Gunner x2 + Wolf x4

HP - ???
MP - ???
EXP - 816
Cole - 1114
Party - Klein (19) Lita (18) Delsus (19) Norn (17) Arlin (22)
Drop - None
Location - Fort Galga
Difficulty - 3/10

Strategy -

This battle doesn't pose a very serious threat, but it can be a bit tricky, 
despite the fact that you just plowed through an entire fortress and killed 
somewhere around 50 people. Mr. Brigand can use a herb, much like some of the 
earlier enemies, to heal for around 90 damage. He can also occasionally move 
twice a turn (Quick), and can call Falcon Hawks for reinforcements any time he 
pleases. Despite all these advantages though, he isn't much more than a 
palette swapped thief with a few boosted stats. The Gunners that accompany him
are the same as ever, as are the wolves.

Following the same pattern as every other boss up to this point isn't a bad 
way to approach this. Kill off the weakest part of the chain (the wolves 
first), then the Gunners, then any Hawks he summons. Once all those are gone, 
you are free to attack Mr. Brigand with relative safety. Wide Item is still 
quite useful for nuking wolves, and Double is quite capable of killing a 
Gunner/Hawk instantly if you've upgraded your equipment. Most of the Gunner 
techniques are delayed and hit twice, sort of like the Ghost you fought in the 
sewers at the start of the game, so there's not much you can do to prevent it, 
other than killing the Gunners as soon as you can. The wolves take priority 
though, as they are quite speedy. Once everything is dead, beat down Mr. 
Brigand until he finally succumbs.


Jin Rider + (Elemental x5)

HP - 800
MP - 800
EXP - 1200
Cole - 1200
Party - Klein (21) Lita (19) Delsus (21) Norn (18) Arlin (23)
Drop - Silver Mana
Location - Poto's Forest
Difficulty - w/o Elementals - 5/10
	w/ Elementals - 7/10

Strategy -

This battle is a bit more complicated than most, because of the fact that the 
boss will be accompanied by 5 Elementals if you fail to kill the 6 Growloons 
in Poto's Forest. This makes the battle MUCH more difficult than it has to be, 
so I strongly recommend you spend the 2 minutes it takes to find them all and 
kill them. However, just incase you want the extra challenge, the Elementals 
attack with Dis-Element, which lowers your resistance to magic, and Paralyze 
Kiss, which... paralyzes. The Jin Rider itself attacks with Air Slash, which 
is a single hit attack, Phaser Beam, which hits a single character multiple 
times for lightning damage, and a multi-hit attack which can knock all your 
characters back, probably Skill Breaking them. For this reason, try to stay 
away from 2 turn moves.

All the enemies in this battle are Etheral type. If you've forgotten what this 
means, it means that they can only be damaged by magic attacks. By this point, 
every character will have one, so it isn't that big of a problem. Klein has 
his physical and Mana Items, Lita has Force Blast, Delsus has Dark Shot, Arlin 
has Mana Strike, and Norn has... almost everything really. Also of note, it is 
immune to wind based attacks, so stay away from Aeroangel, unless you want to 
wait a turn. You probably won't have to heal, since the boss only has 800 HP. 
Just pound away with the above attacks until he dies.


Temple Knight x6

HP - 160
MP - 65
EXP - 360
Cole - 480
Party - Klein (22) Lita (20) Delsus (22) Norn (19) Arlin (24)
Drop - None
Location - Kavoc
Difficulty - 4/10

Strategy -

There's nothing too difficult about this battle really, but it can be a tad 
overwhelming if you treat it like a random battle. The knights will either 
attack one character, use an attack that can hit multiple characters based on 
your formation (Thrash), or defend. They can occasionally block attacks, but 
not very often, so I wouldn't worry about it. Any status ailments that you 
inflict upon them will not stick, as they will use Cureall to remove them all 
instantly. It doesn't cost them their turn either.

As for the actual fight, it's a basic strategy of "one at a time". Simply 
eliminate them one at a time, much like every other enemy in the game. 
However, if you are presented with the oppurtunity to attack more than one at 
once (Wide Item, etc.), you should take it. They don't have too much HP, so 
this battle will be over in a few turns. Healing shouldn't be necessary, but 
if it is required, don't hesitate to.


Elder Virium

HP - 3600
MP - 1460
EXP - 2400
Cole - 3700
Party - Klein (23) Lita (20) Delsus (23) Norn (19) Arlin (25)
Drop - Ice Orb
Location - Alexia Cave
Difficulty - 7/10

Strategy -

This battle marks the first time you've faced a boss that fights you solo. And 
don't expect it to be easy because of this. The boss is strong enough to 
EASILY crush your whole party if you do not approach this battle with caution. 
I STRONGLY recommend you level up higher than my party, because when I fought 
him at those level, I barely emerged victorious. Failing that, I suggest that 
you scrounge up some money by any means necessary to buy the Dragon Slayer for 
Arlin. It's about 26 or 28 thousand cole, so I recommend selling the Mana 
Stones you've been finding. They will get you a good amount of money.

The Elder Virium will attack in numerous ways. He can use Paralysis Bite to 
paralyze, and kill off characters with weaker defense like Klein and Norn 
easily. He can also use Flickering Flame, a 2 turn, multi-hit attack that does 
fire damage to all characters. Occasionally, he'll be able to move twice in a 
row, instantly casting Flickering Flame, or following it up with Tera Fire, a 
massive hit all fire spell. If those two link up, and your party is weak, it 
is quite capable of killing you instantly.

As far as the actual battle goes, make sure to try to knock him out of as many 
Flickering Flames as you can. The attack by itself will rarely knock you below 
half if you're at full, but if he combos it, it could spell a messy end for 
your quest. Arlin should always use Double. Do NOT use Berserker with him. The 
Elder Virium will quickly kill him, and you're not able to revive characters 
at this point. Klein should ALWAYS heal, but if you find a break in the 
action, either defend to protect him, or if you're feeling daring, use a 
Flame. If you're level 30 or above, use it with Power Item to score at least 
400 damage. Delsus should use physical attacks and Dark Arrow. The effect will 
wear off after one turn, but it might be the turn that saves you. Lita should 
use Jump Kick like always, and Norn should use physical attacks. If you've 
gotten her MagicalStaff skill to at least level 2, she'll be doing 100 damage 
on an average.

Always make sure to keep your party at top fighting condition. As long as you 
aren't unlucky or do anything foolish, the Elder Virium will eventually fall. 
Don't worry if you continually lose. This is one of the hardest fights
in the game, and it may take multiple tries to finish him. Good luck!

[Omega Gilgamesh]

For Elder Virum, I say that it's HIGHLY recommended that you help Veola, and
hopefully have the bomb armor on. Sure, it causes 10 damage to your characters
each turn, but it's fire defense will cut down flicker flame and Terra Flame in
half AT LEAST!



HP - X
MP - X
EXP - 0
Cole - 0
Party - Klein (30)
Drop - None
Location - Lapis Woods
Difficulty - X/10

Strategy -

If you're like me, you've been looking forward to this rematch for a long 
time. Finally, you have a chance to get back at that green haired bastard for
the beating he laid on you at Poto's Forest. Unlike the first battle, it is
quite possible to win this fight. However, unless you have Power Item, it's
quite possible that you won't be able to do enough damage before he whoops you
again. That is why I recommend you level up to 30 before this fight. It will
give you a decent shot at winning, and it will help you against bosses from
this point on.

Arlin's stats are based off of what he had when he was in your party. That's 
right, all of them. So, if you're looking to make this easier, you can unequip
him completely, so his stats are at the lowest they can be. However, I don't
recommend it. It detracts from winning. Anyways, if you get the first turn,
Power Item whatever Mana Item Arlin has the lowest resistance to. This is most
likely Lightning Rod. He'll probably die in one hit. If he doesn't, he'll more
than likely kill you in one hit. Of course, you don't get anything for winning,
but do you really want to lose?



HP - 7200
MP - 1000
EXP - 4200
Cole - 6200
Party - Klein (30) Lita (26) Delsus (31) Norn (27) Arlin (32)
Drop - None
Location - Flawless Marvel
Difficulty - 7/10


As with Elder Virium, Prism is one of the most challenging/frustrating bosses 
in the game. He has pitiful defense, but there is a reason for that. His Refuel
technique will instantly recover 700-800 damage. He is also fast enough that he
can use it twice in a row if he wants to. You're going to have to do a lot of
damage to overcome this, and you're going to have to do it fast. He has twice
the life as the Elder Virium, and his attacks aren't any weaker. He a physical
strike that can knock a character back while doing massive damage,
a 2 turn physical attack that can hit everybody (while knocking them back), 
and an uninterruptable 2 turn hit all lightning attack. And as with most bosses
at this point, status ailments don't stick. In fact, they don't do anything
at this point. They'll be healed before his turn even comes.

Despite the huge list of advantages Prism has against you, Klein should heal. 
This is a battle of endurance, and one character going down can spell disaster.
Heal Bulb hits most, if not all of your characters, so there's no more need for
Wide Item at last. If a character falls, immediately switch them out. There
probably isn't enough time to revive them, without endangering the rest of your
still moving party. However, in the off chance you get a turn without fear, use
a Lightning Rod for good damage. Use it with Power Item to boost it to massive.
Arlin should use Berserker, then Double every turn. This can cancel his attack
some of the time, and it will be doing a good 800 damage on average. Delsus
can attack, and as can Norn. Lita should be using Jump Kick as she always does,
but if she gets low on HP, you can swap it out for Stone Blast/Meteor Strike.
If it looks like Klein might die before he gets a turn to heal, use items. He
is the weakest link in this battle, but he is the most important one by far.

[Omega Gilgamesh]

Also with Veola, if you can make micro crafts (synth a nano craft, then using
the same synth formula, synth a small gear and a nano craft, you'll get a mini
craft, synth that with another small gear to get a micro craft).

These things will REALLY help you with Prism, seriously! I used six mini crafts
(which only do 850+ damage) with a few other attacks, and he went down! Micro
crafts do more than twice that amount!


Book Eater + Legion + Totem

HP - 2400
MP - 880
EXP - 3324
Cole - 2790
Party - Klein (33) Lita (30) Delsus (33) Norn (29) Arlin (36)
Drop - Angel Blade
Location - Avenberry
Difficulty - 5/10

Strategy -

This battle can be annoying at first, but all in all it's a far departure from 
the Elder Virium and Prism. Since this is a multi foe battle (the first in
three bosses if you've lost count), remember to take out the lackeys first. The
Totem can heal, making it a prime target. It will likely die in a single hit.
The Legion is a bit stronger, but it's basically just a buffed up Baphy without
Cracking Mace. Instead it has Man Eater, which knocks the character back,
converts half the damage dealt into life, and is just a general annoyance. The
Book Eater only has two attacks, but he'll use them to great effect. His first
is Nightmare, which deals medium damage and puts any characters affected to
sleep. His other is Face, which deals medium damage and poisons any characters
hit by it. He can also tack on an extra physical attack at random, so watch out
for that.

At this point, the basic strategy is getting redundant. Klein heals, Arlin 
Doubles, Delsus attacks, Lita Jump Kicks, and Norn hits things. Because of the
extra physical attack and sleep, you may not be able to heal in time and you
may very well lose a character. Revive them, and continue beating on him. If
it's Klein that dies, go full force on him. He doesn't have that much HP, so
he should die before he defeats the rest of your party.



HP - ???
MP - ???
EXP - 1200
Cole - 750
Party - Klein (34) Lita (32) Delsus (35) Norn (30)
Drop - None
Location - Kavoc
Difficulty - 4/10

Strategy -

The third fight against Beggur is probably one of the easiest you've had in 
quite a while. He's almost exactly the same, except for heightened stats and a
new move that hits all for lightning damage and can paralyze. Heal every once
in a while, and you should be fine. Delsus can use Dark Arrow since status
ailments will stick in this battle. Other than that though, normal attack will
take him down in no time. Alone, Beggur is weakest, and since he's solo this
time, it saves you the work of taking out the Alkavana one by one.


Water Guardian + Vulture x2

HP - 800
MP - 1200
EXP - 928
Cole - 1080
Party - Klein (35) Lita (32) Delsus (35) Norn (31) Marietta (42)
Drop - None
Locatio - Tower of Marcus
Difficulty - 4/10

Strategy -

The first of the elemental guardians really isn't that difficult of a foe. She 
is ethereal though, so that limits your ways to harm her. All the normal ways
still exist, plus the second part of Marietta's physical as a new one. She can
use Ice Veil, which is an uninterruptable spell that will go off even if she
dies. She also wields Curse Spiral, a formation spell which does decent damage
and lowers physical defenses. Topping it all off is Null Sword, an ice based
physical strike.

Treat her like any other multi-target boss though. Kill off the Vultures 
first, and then gang up on her. Healing might not be necessary if you're fast
enough. However, she is only the first of the guardians, and the other ones are
far more difficult than her. Don't use any ice attacks, as they are useless.


Wind Gurdian + Mega Virium

HP - 800
MP - 1200
EXP - 1456
Cole - 1360
Party - Klein (35) Lita (32) Delsus (36) Norn (31) Marietta (42)
Drop - None
Location - Tower of Marcus
Difficulty - 6/10

Strategy -

The guardian of wind is a much more potent adversary than her sister, and 
she'll make that known quite quickly. She only has one bodyguard, but it is
powerful enough to do the job solo. It will be your first target. It can use
Gnash, a multi hit all lightning attack, and Paralysis Bite. The guardian
itself uses Force Spiral, a formation based attack that causes paralysis,
Gnash, and Spark Sword, a lightning version of the Null Sword used by the
previous boss.

She's etheral as well, so make sure to only use magic based attacks on her. 
Lightning does no damage, so steer clear of that. That means Marietta is all
but useless, so use her as an extra healer. With the amount of damage the pair
will do, you'll need it. Take out the Virium first, and then concentrate on
taking her down as fast as you can. Level up if you need to, the next one will
be much harder.


Fire Elemental + Flame Cerberus x2

HP - 800
MP - 1200
EXP - 1536
Cole - 1170
Party - Klein (36) Lita (33) Delsus (36) Norn (32) Marietta (42)
Drop - None
Location - Tower of Marcus
Difficulty - 7/10

Strategy -

If there was ever a time to start loving Norn, it's this battle. The Fire 
Guardian and her dogs from hell are quite a bit more powerful than their weaker
sisters, and you should be prepared to lose a few times before you get the flow
of this battle down. The Cerberus' only attack one person at a time, but they
are quite capable of dispatching your weaker characters like Norn and Klein.
And considering how vital they are to this battle, that is a VERY bad thing.
Their physical attack hits twice, and their breath attack, while  hitting only
one person, is something to be feared. The Guardian itself attacks with Zone
Spiral, a location based attack that can knock your characters back and do
medium fire damage. It can also bust out Tera Flame, which will remind you of
the Elder Virium battle. It's damage is increased from the last time you saw
it, so you'll hate it even more now. It also has a fire based physical attack
that hits twice, much like Marietta's physical.

As strange as it sounds, Norn is basically the key to this battle. As soon as 
the battle starts, try to kill a Cerberus. They are quite powerful, and quite
capable of ripping your party apart by themselves. Once they are gone, bring
Norn out and quickly cast Magic Shield on Klein, herself, and whoever else
you're using as an attack machine. Klein should heal with Heal Bulbs until the
shields are cast,  and then move onto Power Item Bomb Ice. This will do quite
a bit of damage to the Guardian, and a few of these will put it out. Norn
should work on maintaining the shield, so you aren't destroyed by it's attacks,
and whoever you chose for your extra character should use magic attacks to do
extra damage to the Guardian. End this battle as soon as you can.



HP - ???
MP - ???
EXP - 560
Cole - 560
Party - Klein (36) Lita (33) Delsus (37) Norn (33) Marietta (43)
Drop - None
Location - Fort Galga
Difficulty - 2/10

Strategy -

Your latest encounter with Beggur is the easiest to date. He's exactly the 
same as the last time you fought him, and the only thing that's changed is that
you're stronger. His attacks will barely hurt you this time, and this makes
healing extremely rare. Simply pound on him with physical attacks. He might
knock a few characters down on occasion, but as long as you keep the pressure
on, he'll succumb before he can finish them.


Earth Guardian + Phantom x2 + Supreme Wolf

HP - 800
MP - 1200
EXP - 1926
Cole - 1276
Party - Klein (37) Lita (34) Delsus (37) Norn (33) Marietta (43)
Drop - None
Location - Tower of Marcus
Difficulty - 7/10

Strategy -

Another Guardian, another difficult battle. This one comes with two Phantoms 
and a Supreme Wolf as back up, and while they don't have a lot of HP, they are
quite capable of dealing out a great deal of pain. The Phantoms can poison you,
and use an uninterruptable technique that can go off even after they're dead,
capable of hitting two or more characters. The wolf is fast, and capable of
using Spiral Fang, a powerful single character attack, and Summon Wolf, which
unfortunately, doesn't summon a wolf. Instead, it hits a single character
multiple times for big damage. The Guardian itself uses Dark Mace, which drains
HP AND MP, Dark Vortex, which like all other Vortex skills, hits for good
damage, and Shadow Edge, the same ability the demons use.

Klein should ALWAYS be healing. The moment you relent healing, is the moment 
you die. If you find you have a hole where everybody is healed, switch in
another character to deal the damage. Klein is too important to risk losing.
Take out the enemies in any order you want, but leave the Guardian for last.
It only has 800 HP, but it can take awhile to deplete. Use anything you have 
that can damage this thing. Kill it as fast as you can.



HP - 8000
MP - 4800
EXP - 6500
Cole - 0
Party - Klein (37) Lita (35) Delsus (37) Norn (33) Marietta (43)
Drop - Tiny Gear
Location - Tower of Marcus
Difficulty - 8/10

Strategy -

Named after the Aztec god, this mechanical creature is capable of unleashing 
damage of mystical proportions. It only has three attacks, but each is capable
of dishing out the hurt in new and interesting ways. "Ein" will hit a single
character multiple times, for about 90-100 damage total. "Zwei" will spread the
hits across all of the characters, so it's less of a threat, but equally
deadly. It also has an attack that will inflict everybody with Poison and
Curse, which makes healing difficult. Considering the massive amount of damage
this thing can dish out and take, this is a very bad thing. This is probably
the strongest foe you've faced thus far, and it will be a difficult battle.

This is one of the few battles I am actually going to recommend you use FW 
Lita, as her Jump Kick, coupled with Mark of Weakness can do around 800-900
damage a shot, which may be what you need to bring the beast down in time.
Klein should use Mark of Weakness, and heal if at all possible. Never attack
with him, as Quetzalcoatl is more than capable of killing him in a hurry.
Delsus should use First Shot to get in as many hits as he can, and Marietta 
should use physical attacks and heal. Norn can as always attack, but she can be
killed quite quickly, so beware. If your party is cursed, try to switch them
out and bring in fresh recruits. Equipping a restorative Mana before the battle
can help a lot, so do it if at all possible. You will probably need every leg
up possible to win if you don't overlevel, so don't be afraid to use items or
elements that are uncommon or rare. You can always find them again.


Neun + Tonta + Ein + Zwei

HP - 480
MP - 480

HP - 1360
MP - 400

HP - 960
MP - 80

HP - 1200
MP - 80

EXP - 5220
Cole - 243
Party - Klein (39) Lita (36) Delsus (39) Norn (35) Marietta (45)
Drop - None
Location - Outdoor Theatre
Difficulty - 5/10

Strategy -

The final battle with the Alkavana at last! This is the one point in the game 
you'll have to fight multiple battles in a row, so make sure you're prepared
before going in. The knights are basically the same as the last time you fought
them, but I'll list their moves anyways. Neun can use Heal Area, which will
heal the entire enemy party for about 80 damage, as well as Boost and defend.
Tonta, the biggest threat in the battle, will Burrow, Charge (knockback) or use
Hypercharge (which also knocks back). Ein and Zwei use physical attacks and
their own two turn charge ups, but you can probably knock them out of it, or
kill them if you're fast enough.

The first order of buisiness is to thin their numbers. If you look at their 
stats, Ein will probably be the most likely target. After that, Zwei. Once it's
down to Tonta and Neun, you'll have to choose which one you attack. Neun is
only attackable once Tonta is dead or burrowed, so make sure to attack her if
you get the chance. Tonta is the more likely candidate though, as he deals a
good amount of damage a turn. Make sure to keep yourself healed, although it 
doesn't have to be maxed out most of the time. Klein attacks with Mana
Items/heals, Delsus uses Dark Shot, Lita Jump Kicks, and Marietta
attacks/heals. Norn is quite useful in this battle if you've levelled up her
Telekinesis skill. It can do about 300 damage on any one of them, so make sure
to use it to quickly kill them off. Sleep can also make this battle easier as
it will dramatically cut down on the amount of attacks you'll have to deal
with. Eventually, they'll all be defeated and you'll move onto the next fight.


The Beggur battle at the Outdoor Theatre - I could take out the healer by
using Force Blast and I think it was Telekinesis and boom she is dead before
she gets her turn. I am pretty sure I killed her in two moves but which two
exactly I can't recall (Force Blast is definitely one of them)


Beggur + Vier + Drei

HP - 2280
MP - 1200

HP - 1000
MP - 180

HP - 680
MP - 150

EXP - 4440
Cole - 1160
Party - Klein (40) Lita (37) Delsus (41) Norn (36) Marietta (46)
Drop - None
Location - Outdoor Theatre
Difficulty - 7/10

Strategy -

The second battle against the Alkavana is much more difficult than the last 
one, despite there being less of them. Vier uses physical attacks and Shock, a
two turn electric attack. Drei acts similar, but replaces Shock with Drei's
Lunch, which can heal a foe for about 100 life. Beggur is capable of living up
to his threats this time around, with a new move called Dragonlord Apocalypse.
It takes two turns to use, but if it goes off, you can expect damage ranging 
from 100-150 across the board. Other than that, he's exactly the same, except
that he deals more damage.

Despite being more difficult, you should treat this battle almost exactly the 
same as the last. Take out Drei first, since there's nothing to protect him,
and quickly deal with Vier after him. Once it's down to Beggur, you should
concentrate all your energies to staying alive. He can take awhile to wear
down, but he'll succumb eventually. Klein should heal, since a wounded party
member can be quite easily killed by Dragonlord Apocalypse. Lita should use
Jump Kick, and Delsus should continue using Dark Shot. Marietta should still
attack and act as a backup healer. Norn should still use Telekinesis to
dispatch of the knights as quickly as possible, but Sleep is still useful.
With any luck, Beggur will fall once again, and for good this time.


Baal (optional)

HP - 1500
MP - 600
EXP - 1630
Cole - 800
Party - Klein (40) Lita (38) Delsus (42) Norn (37) Marietta (46)
Drop - None
Location - Tower of Airfen
Difficulty - 5/10

Strategy -

This battle can be a pain, but luckily it's optional. Baal attacks with 
Howling, hitting a single character for medium HP and MP damage. It also uses
Soul Eater, a beefed up version of Man Eater, along with Shadow Edge. It is
capable of countering your attacks with any of these, so be cautious when

Klein should heal for the most part, since it will be dealing a good amount of 
damage. If he finds he has an extra turn though, a Mark of Weakness will do
wonders to Baal's defense, which is quite high out of the foes you've fought
thus far in the game. Delsus should be kept off the main lines for the most
part, as his Counter can easily set off Baal with a Counter of his own. This is
obviously not a good thing, so I'd keep him away from the fight if possible.
Lita should use Jump Kick once again, and Marietta should attack/heal as usual.
Norn's Telekinesis is still quite strong, dealing about 100-200 damage a shot
if fully levelled. Take your time, and the Movagain is yours.


Basilord + Basilisk x8

HP - 3000
MP - 1500
EXP - 3776
Cole - 483
Party - Klein (41) Lita (38) Delsus (42) Norn (38) Marietta (42)
Drop - None
Location - Valiant Path
Difficulty - 5/10

Strategy -

At first glance, this looks like it may be a difficult battle, but in all 
truthfulness, it's really only an average fight. The boss comes with 8 Basilisk
for backup, and while it is a daunting number, they are packed so close
together that many of them will be dying at once. The Basilisks attack with
Poison Tail, which... poisons, and Stone Breath, a two turn formation attack.
You can instantly hit them out of it with knockback attacks. Power Shot does
this remarkably well. The Basilord has the exact same moves, plus Shadow Edge.
By this point, you probably know what it does.

As the fight starts, your first objective is to clear out the Basilisks. Power 
Shot does this quite well, as does Marietta's physical and Thunder God. Lita
can use Force Blast, and Norn can use Illusion. Klein should heal, because
although they aren't that powerful on their own, there is 8 of them and a boss,
so damage will add up. Once they are all gone, set to work chipping away 
the Basilord's HP meter. If he tries Stone Breath, use a knockback move to
cancel it easily. He'll go down eventually, and this simple battle will come
to a close.


Baroness + Totem x2 + Totemite x2 + Mull Beast x2

HP - 4800
MP - 1600
EXP - 5142
Cole - 5812
Party - Klein (43) Lita (40) Delsus (44) Norn (40) Marietta (49)
Drop - Mute Staff
Location - Kavoc Sewers
Difficulty - 6/10

Strategy -

The Baroness and her minions can prove to be a powerful adversaries, but if 
you prepare adequately, you should be able to overcome them. You've seen all of
her minions before, so I don't think I should have to list their moves at this
point. The Baroness uses Mighty Fangs, a powerful draining attack that is
capable of easily finishing off weaker characters like Klein and Norn if they
have around half life. She also uses Gnash and Ice Veil, all of which you've
seen by this point. She can also go twice on occasion, by utilizing Quick. 
There's nothing you can do to prevent it, but watch out for it regardless.

The first thing you'll want to do as the battle starts is thin the enemy 
numbers. While one by one works, the combined powers of the enemy can quickly
kill Klein. And in this battle, you definatly do not want that to happen. A
quick way to knock off most of them is to Power Item a Meteor, targetting the
Baroness so you hit most of them. If you've levelled up the skill enough, it
should kill both Totems, both Mull Beasts, and a Totemite. The remaining one
should be quickly killed so it doesn't blow itself up. After the lapdogs are
dead, concentrate all your fire on the Baroness. Telekinesis still works, and
so do all of your other moves. Keep yourself healed with Heal Bulbs, and you
should be fine. If she does manage to kill Klein, just use Marietta in his
stead. It's less effective, but it works. She'll go down in no time.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you begin final battle, it would be best to switch off
the voice acting. Although you'll miss out on some quality lines, the chance
that your game will freeze will be DRASTICALLY decreased. So if you want to
save yourself some aggravation, bite the bullet and switch it off. Better to be
safe than sorry.



HP - 32,000
MP - 12,000
EXP - 0
Cole - 0
Party - Klein (46) Lita (44) Delsus (48) Norn (43) Marietta (52)
Drop - None
Location - Mull's Castle
Difficulty - 8/10

Strategy -

At last, it's time for the final battle. As expected in a game, the last
obstacle barring your path is a tough one, and is going to make you work for
seeing the ending. If you look at his HP, you're going to know instantly that
this is going to be a long battle, and any major mistake can cost you dearly.
This is especially true for this battle, as despite 3 out of his 5 moves taking
two turns to use, he can level your party in an instant if you are not

Ether Light takes two turns to unleash, does a fair bit of damage to your 
entire party, and causes Poison or Paralysis. Defaulter is cast instantly, but
it removes all positive buffs and negative afflictions while doing minor
damage. Sky Angel is another instant, doing damage based on your party's
formation, while knocking whoever it hits back. Reason's Requim is one of
Amalgam's most deadly moves, taking two turns to cast and knocking all
characters hit by it down to single digit life, and possibly knocking them to
the ground, where they are sitting ducks for any of the instant moves. However,
his most deadly move by far is Elemental Extraction. It only does medium damage
to one character and takes two turns to cast, but the deadly part is it has a
fairly high chance of tacking on instant death. This means that one of your
most powerful characters can be removed from the fight instantly. But even
worse, is that there is no defense against it. That means if Klein is hit with
it, your battle is pretty much over, since nobody else has the potential to
revive and mass heal, unless you've been doing a lot of Store Synthesis. And
since he has such a high amount of HP, taking him down without Klein isn't that
effective a plan when it comes to not dying.

Once you start this battle, get ready for a lengthy one. You should try to keep 
Klein off the field at all times, just incase Amalgam tries to use Elemental
Extraction and you can't get him to safety in time. However, this is very
impractical considering the damage he deals. A better idea would be to
try to maximize his speed, with whatever accessories and Mana you have that 
can make this possible. All he'll probably have time for is healing with Heal
Bulbs/Wide Item Elixer, but if he does find a break in the action, a Wide Item
Mark of Courage can help your damage dealing capabilities a great deal. You can
also use Mark of Weakness on Amalgam, but like all bosses it only has a 50%
chance to hit. If it does hit though, you can expect almost a 3x increase in
your damage. Lita should use Pale Wing and Jump Kick, although MeteorStrike
does good damage if it's maxed out. Delsus should use First Shot, and Marietta
should use Healing or attack whenever she gets a chance. I found Norn isn't 
much use in this fight, so try to keep her on the sidelines as a last resort.

Since this is the last battle in the main game, and nothing you use will be 
saved in your Bonus Data, feel free to use anything you have. In fact, there's
no excuse for not using an item if you need it. This is your last battle, and
if you haven't overlevelled, probably the hardest in the main game. Good luck,
it took me 3 tries to beat him with the listed levels. When you finally do
defeat him, sit back and enjoy the ending. You've earned it!


Elemental Extraction is remarkably easy to skill break. Lita's Pale Wing + Jump
Kick worked almost all the time for me. Reason's Requiem can also be "skill
broken", but you need to be able to shell out 1000-1500 damage quickly to break
it. If Lita's in Pale Wing mode and Klein has a decent alchemy spell ready to
use with Power Item, this shouldn't be too much of a problem.


Also for Amalgam, get attack comp of at least level 4 to Delsus' weapon
and have him Flare Shot and he could barely do any of his 2 turn attack.

[Brandon Strong]

Norn is a bit more useful than you think, she should have between
250-300 mana, if you level the shrink ability to 3 (the highest, and
it doesn't take long at all if you attach a mana to it that levels
shrink) it does 400 damage alone, and over 1000 damage if klein uses
the mark of weakness.  The best part is that shink only uses 6 mana,
so you can do it all day long and never run low. Another benefit is
that Norn is one of the fastest characters, so you can use the shink
ability very often, combine that with the mark of weakness and Norn
can do 2-4000 damage in a 5 turn period (the duration of the mark).


The final boss can be beat extremely easily if you use Lita and tune
her weapons and accessoires.. I had two double attacks+pierce+animal
instinct (astral claw), pierce+sky sonata+battle protect (locket of
love), and holy weapon (bioframe) on her. all of those were created
without any major mana collecting (just got the stuff that was
available in normal ways).

Using a Mark of Weakness on Amalgam and two Mark of Strength on my
team, Lita did not only skillbreak all of Amalgam's two turn attacks
cause of the high critical rate, she also hit for over 3000 per attack
(5-6 hits per attack, 3 attacks per turn), and his only attacks he
actually got through only did about 39-49 damage.. in total I lost
less than 120 HP on anyone, didn't have to heal a single time, and
wasted him in about 7 minutes. Marietta just attacked (sky sonata +
double attack) and Klein used power item + ether bulb for 1500 damage
each hit.


Here's an additional hint that can get you through Amalgam:
On the second or third round, have Klein use a mark of weakness on Amalgam.
Then throw an Extra Craft at it. This will do around 2100 damage. This cannot
be done more than once, however. 



Golden Pigs x3



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Omega Gilgamesh, for many tips on some of the bosses
PsykotikIV, for several tips on certain battles, and the always helpful Amalgam
Kimber Boh, for the general tip
Shockrave, for a few tips
Brandon Strong, for Amalgam information
Monkster112, for pointing out some spelling/grammatical errors
Arakon, for more Amalgam information
Quamp, for even more Amalgam information
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