Fan Location Guide by President Skroob

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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Fan Location Guide

Version 1.01

Author: Geoffrey Moes (President_Skroob@Yahoo.Com)
Author's GameFAQs ID: President Skroob

Copyright 2004, Geoffrey Moes.  You may use any part of this FAQ you want to,
but I ask that you give me credit, e-mail me to tell me about it first, 
and that you don't change anything. I also ask that you don't try to profit
from it, and all that other great stuff that I'm not bothering to mention, but
which applies to the law. (And thank you Dave Thomas who wrote this wonderful
copyright info.) So far this FAQ has permission to be posted only on


Version History:

1.0  (12/26/2004) - Completion date. All fan locations recorded and FAQ

1.01 (12/28/2004) - Tiny revision. Added this section and removed the string
of 79 numbers I used to gauge the width allowed for my text. I was a genius
and forgot to remove it.


Table of Contents:
I   - Introduction
II  - Beginning Suggestions
III - Format of the Guide
IV  - Fans
    1.  Niihama Pier N3
    2.  N3 Parking Garage
    3.  Multi-level Warehouse
    4.  Tohoku A.R. Residential Block
    5.  Tohoku A.R. Dam Site
    6.  Tohoku A.R. Office Block
    7.  Tohoku A.R. Anti-personnel Training Grounds
    8.  Tohoku A.R. Anti-tank Training Grounds
    9.  Tohoku A.R. Chopper Storage Block
    10. Tohoku A.R. Shaft
    11. Tohoku A.R. Underground Factory
    12. Tohoku A.R. Experimental Farm
V   - Rewards
VI  - Acknowledgements
VII - Contact

I   - Introduction

I wrote this because an awful lot of people were having trouble finding their
fans. It's a tough part of the game. There are one hundred and twenty of
these things hidden in the game and that can make for some tough hiding spots.
I found even myself getting a bit exasperated at times hunting down the last
fan in a level thinking I had looked just about everywhere. Well, anyway, here
is the solution to that problem. I painstakingly found every single one and
am now about to impart that knowledge to you. Descriptions are hard in this
game, but I will attempt to give you directions that should lead to you each
and every fan in every level. Then you can have the enjoyment of accidentally
killing yourself repeatedly with the large and powerful weapons you get as
a reward. I know I have.


II  - Beginning Suggestions

First of all, beat the game without using continues. You'll know that you have
beaten a stage without continuing because a little Section 9 (I think that is
what it is) symbol will appear next to the number of fans you have collected
for each level in the stage select screen. This is extremely important. You
will need the Sniper Rifle repeatedly in order to get these fans and having
unlimited ammo for your weapon of choice makes life a lot easier. Speaking of
that, since you will be always carrying the Sniper Rifle in your second slot,
get good with using just one weapon, which will probably be the Seburo, or get
good at taking out enemies at any range with the Sniper Rifle. I would suggest
the Sniper Rifle. If you are a decent shot it's usually a one-hit kill against
almost any target in Easy mode. Speaking of Easy mode, keep it on Easy. There
is no bonus to challenging yourself while collecting fans. In fact, it will
make certain fans that must be collected while under fire a real pain.

Allow me to summarize:
1. Beat each stage without using any continues
2. Always carry the Sniper Rifle
3. Be effective knowing you always must carry that Sniper Rifle
4. Play on Easy difficulty


III - Format of the Guide

For each level, I am going to split the mission up into different sections,
which are denoted by when you go into an area and the game stops to load.
Thus, whenever the game stops to load, you have entered into the next 
"section" of the level. You will have to remember this if you are to find the
locations that I am speaking of without extreme difficulty. For example, when
you first enter a level you are in "Section 1" and I will refer to it as such.
When you enter a door or go down a ladder which prompts the loading screen to
come up, you are entering into the next section, which would in this case be
"Section 2." Fan locations will be broken up into a small help section on each
fan and they will be listed in the order in which they can be chronologically
collected in the level.


IV  - Fans

It should be noted, since someone had a question about it, that to "collect"
a fan you have to shoot it to blow it up. Shooting the fan section can take
a couple of shots, even from the Sniper Rifle, but the base of it where the
fan is not white seems to be a "critical hit" of sorts and will usually break
the fan with a single shot from any weapon. It should also be noted that if
you die and continue in a section, any fans that you broke in the time since
your last save point and when you died will need to be broken again. You can't
die in the process of breaking a fan and still have it count.

| 1.  Niihama Pier N3 |

Section 1 - Pier Gate

Fan 1 - As soon as you begin, your crosshairs are nearly dead set on this fan.
Simply switch to your Sniper Rifle (You did remember to bring your Sniper
Rifle, right?) and shoot it. An easy beginning.

Section 2 - Pier Cargo Loading Area

Fan 2 - Upon entering this section, kill the guards that stand in your way
and jump across the first row of blue shipping crates. Before the you turn
on the crane and start it moving (or after if you want to) hop up the stack of
boxes to the top of the crane and stand on one of the long horizontal
platforms of the crane. Look at the target building you will eventually be
entering. There are four spotlights on the building. The second spotlight from
the left has a fan just to the right of it on the ledge. Take out your Sniper
Rifle and take out the fan.

Fan 3 - This section of the mission is "supposed" to end when you reach the
main sliding door controls, but they do not respond, thus forcing you to
utilize the window entrance. Go to the door operation panel that doesn't
respond and strafe to your left. Directly behind the control panel in an
unreachable alcove is a fan spinning. If you strafe as far left as you can go
without testing your swimming skills (which for a cyborg are bad, Motoko sinks
like a rock without special gear), you have a clear shot at this fan.

Section 3 - Pier Cargo Warehouse

Fan 4 - When you reach the elevator that would take you out of this section,
turn left and run straight to the warehouse wall, making sure you are inside
the warehouse and not running directly next to the ship. When you reach the
wall, turn around and the fan should be spinning in plain sight on the ground.

Section 4 - Cargo Elevator Area Place

Fan 5 - When you enter this section, run straight through the elevator in
front of you and exit the other side. Turn around and above the opening you
just exited is the fan.

Fan 6 - A tricky one to find, I think. In the area around the small building
where the stairs and button are, jump and wall jump off the fence to grab
ahold of the roof that covers the stairs. On top of the roof is the fan.

Section 5 - High Skies Above the Pier

Fan 7 - When you enter this stage, hop across the three small platforms to the
next long section as normal. When you reach it, the button you have to press
is to the left. Go right instead and jump onto the boxy object on the end. It
doesn't look like you can fit but you can. Walk to the end of the object and
turn right. On the end of the boxy object on the nearer long platform is a

Fan 8 - On the same long section as above, the first one you have to jump
across the platforms to get to, run to the opposite end as far as you can.
This would be the end farthest from where you began. There's a guy at the end
with a Unit I.D. code to obtain. After dispatching him, jump onto the boxy
object at the end and continue over onto the platform that extends outward.
Turn left and look at the same area on the center long section. There is a fan
among the boxes that you can take out with your Sniper Rifle. This can also be
done by jumping onto the lower outer platform of the center section, but the
way I described is how I did it and it works. Do it whichever way you prefer.

Section 6 - Snipers Among the Crates

Fan 9 - The crane that is towering over you when you begin has a fan on one
of the long horizontal sections. Take out your Sniper Rifle and you should
be able to take it out from any decently high vantage point.

Fan 10 - When you climb the ladder to the final rooftop, head straight ahead
and hop up onto the small structure that juts out above the rooftop, not the
one the Jameson is standing next to but the one farther from it. From this
point, look towards the ledge where the Jameson is at. Beyond that area is
another crane, on top of which is a fan. You can just barely see the spinning
white object if you stand still and watch for a moment. It is partially hidden
by the random stuff that is in that same place on the top of all the cranes,
but it's an easy shot with your Sniper Rifle.

| 2. N3 Parking Garage |

Section 1 - Floor 21

Fan 1 - When you enter the level, head forward, blasting enemies as necessary.
The first parking spaces on your right are occupied by a blue car and a white
SUV thing. Move into the corner that is farthest from where you entered the
level and closest to the center of the parking garage. Turn to look so the
blue car is on the right side of your screen and you should see the fan
spinning in a location that is blocked off from the accessible portion of the
level. Take out your Sniper Rifle and blast it. You'll have to aim a bit left
of center to hit it because the wall extends out a bit farther than it
appears, but it is a completely possible shot.

Fan 2 - On the side of the parking lot that is furthest from where you enter,
there is a large van that says "SAGAWA DENSHI." The fan is on top of the hood.
It's surpisingly difficult to hit, but not too tough if you jump and use an
automatic. Failing that, it's a simple shot with the Sniper Rifle if you take
aim from across the center chasm on the other side of the parking garage.

Fan 3 - From the console that accepts the ticket and allows you passage to
floor 22, head to the right. The second bank of parking spaces has a badly
parked blue vehicle in it. In front of the vehicle, between the bumper and the
wall, is the fan.

Section 2 - Floor 22

Fan 4 - As you cross the center chasm on the two beams to get across to the
other side, take a look to the right. There is a fan on the same floor in
an unreachable area. It's in plain sight and tough to miss.

Fan 5 - On the side of the chasm opposite where you enter and leave, there's
a console you have to operate to proceed. From the console, turn right. Above
the concrete barrier is a fan.

Section 3 - Stairs

Fan 6 - On floor 23 where you have the option of hacking into the surveillance
cameras, head to the area where the elevator is and look around. In a corner
near there is a fan on the ground.

Section 4 - Floor 24

Fan 7 - As you cross the center chasm from the area where you started to reach
the other side of the parking garage, turn right. On the floor above you is a
fan, easily spotted from almost any point on the beam.

Fan 8 - After you cross to the other side on the beam, turn left and head to
the gate that closes off the vehicular roof access. The red gates will stop
you, but if you look through them, above the wall on the left beyond the gates
is a fan. Aim high to hit it, the wall it sits on seems to cover it more than
it probably should.

Section 5 - Floor 23

Fan 9 - Assuming you walked down the vehicle ramp from the twenty-fourth
floor (I never do, but it's easier to explain this way), head straight forward
until there is an empty bank of parking spaces on your right. It's the first
bank of spaces on the right if you walk that way. Turn left and there is a
concrete barrier blocking off some parking spaces. On top of the barrier is a

Fan 10 - Once again, assuming you walked down the vehicle ramp from the
twenty-fourth floor, head straight ahead past the first empty parking bank on
your right to the second bank of parking spaces on your right. There is a
light blue car parked in the center space, you might even call it cyan.
The color of the vehicle matters little, but the fan that is in the right
corner of the parking bank when you turn right is the final fan in the level.

| 3. Multi-level Warehouse |

Section 1 - First Tri-Level Storage Area: Cargo A

Fan 1 - There is a beam that extends above you as you enter the level. On top
of the beam at the end is a fan.

Fan 2 - On the third level of the room, from the sliding door where you enter
from the stairwell-hallway area, head to the left. Jump on top of the first
shipping container. On top of the second container in the row is a fan.

Section 2 - Second Tri-Level Storage Area: Cargo B

Fan 3 - From the door where you enter, head down to the first floor and
dispatch the two guards present. The fan is easily seen in a corner by the
door that would lead to a previous area if it would ever open.

Fan 4 - On the ground level of the actual storage room, make your way across
the floor to the horizontal platform that runs on a rail along the bottom of
the center of the room. Jump over it and nestled in a corner on the left side
after you turn around is a fan.

Fan 5 - On the third floor of the storage room, enter through the sliding door
and walk straight until you hit the rail. Turn around and above the door on a
beam is a fan.

Section 3 - Connecting Hallway

Fan 6 - Upon entering the hallway, hop down to the lower level and run around
the stack of white crates. Once you've passed them and taken out the robotic
sentry, turn around and there is a fan in a corner created by the crates.

Fan 7 - From where you would press the button to load the next section, turn
right and head to the wall, then turn right and hop over the crates into the
corner. Turn yourself around and there is a fan hidden once again in a corner
created by the white crates.

Section 4 - Third Tri-Level Storage Area: Cargo D

Fan 8 - From where you enter the level, head forward a bit and then turn
around. On a beam all the way up near the ceiling there is a fan. You can
take it out from here but it's a simple shot from the third floor.

Fan 9 - From where you begin the level, head to the left and in the space
between the first and second cargo container in the row is a fan on the

Fan 10 - When facing the container that holds Fuwa's prosthetic body, there is
a fan that hides behind the open container door on the right.

| 4. Tohoku A.R. Residential Block |

Section 1 - Outdoor Descent

Fan 1 - Just stand at the beginning of the level and you should see it. It's
spinning above one of the lamp posts in your vision, the first on the left.
An easy shot with the Sniper Rifle.

Fan 2 - In the area with the three levels of catwalks and a series of ledges
for you to grab and move across holding by your hands, look towards the dam
until you see a series of concrete steps that head downward on the left end
of the dam. On the bottom step there is a fan. It's an impossible shot without
a Sniper Rifle.

Section 2 - Building Courtyard Area

Fan 3 - As you enter this area, step out of the small passage and turn right.
There is a ruined stairwell on the far wall. On the bottom remaining platform
there is a fan.

Fan 4 - Careful on this one. Grab an Assault Rifle from the officer in this
area before attempting to break this fan. After you have the Assault Rifle,
return to the area where you started. Exit the small passage, then turn left
and continue to the corner where the rails meet and beyond is a long drop to
doom. Turn around and carefully jump and strafe in the air onto the railing,
being quite careful not to fall into the abyss below. Once you are on the
railing, you should see the fan spinning behind a fence on the right of the
wall directly ahead of you. Put the fan directly in your crosshairs and open
up with a burst from the Assault Rifle. The Sniper Rifle cannot hit this fan
unless you time a jumped shot very well, but the Assault Rifle can easily take
it out. The Seburo can as well, but it is not nearly as accurate or as

Section 3 - Wall Jumping Mayhem in the Building

Fan 5 - When you exit the elevator, turn and enter the long and high area
where the wall jumping mayhem occurs. Turn left and run to the wall, then turn
right. There is a fan on top of a pedestal in a corner formed by the wall you
are next to and the wall you are facing.

Fan 6 - On the lower of the two levels of the three identical passageways that
bridge the gap between the two walls, on the ledge farthest from the button
you have to push to continue, there is a robot sentry. After dispatching the
sentry, make your way to this platform using creative wall jumps and the pipes
along the walls. Face outside. You should see a long diagonal structure that
looks like some kind of lift mechanism. Strafe left against the wall. Turn to
the right until you see the fan spinning on a ledge directly below the lift

Fan 7 - The fan is on the center platform on the higher level of the two sets
of identical connecting passageways that link the two walls. To get there, you
must hang on the pipes on the wall, jump off, then wall jump back across to
grab the next higher set of pipes. Once to the highest pipe, turn your camera
so that Motoko will face the correct direction when she jumps, that is, toward
the ledge, and once again jump off the pipe and wall jump back. If you do it
correctly she will grab the ledge and you can pull yourself up. Once you do,
simply turn to the left and the fan is in the corner. Beware, falling from
this distance is fatal.

Section 4 - Building Courtyard Area Revisited

Nothing has changed

Section 5 - Area with Stairs and Fences

Fan 8 - When you enter the area, head halfway down the first set of stairs and
jump off the side to the right. Don't jump to the nearby catwalk, jump down to
the ground. You should land right next to, or at least nearby, the fan, which
is on the ground right next to a pillar.

Fan 9 - As you head up the final set of stairs to the area where the building
entrance and the elevator are, along with a horde of guys, stop at the top
of the staircase. Look at the wall in front of you and follow it as it heads
diagonally up and to the right in a series of staircases. At the top, where
the wall meets the building you are about to enter to finish this section,
there is a fan sitting on top of the railing.

Section 6 - Rooftop Romp

Fan 10 - Right before you hit the button to exit the level, take a brief trip.
Jump on top of the structure that the elevator is in and walk to the back of
it. Below you on the level of the rest of the area you just ran across to get
here is a fan. You can either take it out from here or you can run around the
of the small structure to hit it. Your choice, both of them work.

| 5. Tohoku A.R. Dam Site |

Section 1 - There are Big Guns Shooting at Us and We Have No Cover!

Fan 1 - I'd suggest removing all opposition before breaking this fan. The guns
can even be taken out by four or five shots from your Sniper Rifle, just keep
strafing so they don't nail you with a hail of bullets. After you are safe,
Move back to where you started, then move about a third of the way forward to
the first building. Turn around. Notice the monorail tracks behind the gate
where you started. Focus on the left of the three pairs of supports that you
can easily see. On top of the left support of the rail closest to you is a
fan. It can be difficult to see because these outdoor areas are so blasted
bright, but it's there. Use the Sniper Rifle to zoom in on its exact location
and take it out.

Section 2 - Dam Underhalls Version One

Fan 2 - After you've crawled through the vents to get into the control room,
turn left and crouch from where you drop. There's a fan that lurks below the
desk right in front of you.

Section 3 - Dam Underhalls Version Two

Fan 3 - This one's easy to miss because it doesn't look like the door will
open. When you first enter the area, turn right and enter the door at the end
of the hallway. If you turn right after you enter and look to the ceiling
there is a fan hidden in an alcove.

Fan 4 - In the area where you go to activate the console to return power to
the elevator, turn right and climb up the machinery that is right in front of
you. It may take a couple tries, but on the catwalk above there is a fan which
waits for you.

Fan 5 - Another fan that is easy to miss. When heading down to the elevator
that leaves the area, there are three levels. The top you begin on, the bottom
you end on. In the middle, if you turn left as you descend and follow the
passage, will take you to a sliding door. When you enter, there is a fan to
your left on top of some equipment.

Section 4 - Different Looking Section of the Dam Underhalls

Fan 6 - When you are heading down to enter into the water intake pipes,
dropping through that red piece of machinery, whatever it is, slow down.
Underneath the set of stairs you descend before you jump in there is a fan
right where the stairs meet the floor.

Fan 7 - Right before you climb the ladder to enter the room that shuts down
whatever it is and you exit the section, turn around and head to the opposite
end of the corridor where the way is blocked by a pile of rubble. Walk up the
center of the rubble and you should see a fan through an opening slightly to
the left of center.

Section 5 - These Dam Underhalls Seem to Go On Forever

Fan 8 - When you exit the vent that you have to navigate, turn right as you
exit. Behind the vent cover a fan lies spinning.

Fan 9 - From where you exit the vent, head out to the long stairwell. Turn
to the right and descend. The first landing you come to there are two guys to
dispatch and there is a fan behind some various stuff at the end of the hall.

Section 6 - Jigabachi Takedown

Fan 10 - This fan has a simple rule. Don't shoot the Jigabachi. Hitting the
helicopter with a rocket will take it down in Easy and that will end the
mission leaving you one fan short. Instead, exit the elevator building and run
to the left. Run almost all the way to the end of the dam. On the left at the
end of the dam is a small building. To the left of the building is a reddish
vehicle that has the last fan of the level on top of it. You'll have to snipe
it quickly because the Jigabachi likes to hit you with rockets and disturb
your aim.

| 6. Tohoku A.R. Office Block |

Section 1 - Downward Descent

Fan 1 - As you begin the level, turn around. Through the gate on a piece of
machinery against the back wall there is a fan spinning silently. The gate is
a solid object according to the game, so you'll have to jump to break the fan.

Fan 2 - The third main level you jump down to is the top of a building with a
bunch of structures that look like ventilation units from the vent pieces on
top. One corner of the roof is taken up by an L-shaped unit that has a fenced-
in roof with some kind of dish and a fan. This is a tricky one to get. Pick up
the Assault Rifle you can obtain on this level before breaking it. Move into
the corner of the L-shape, facint the section so that the dish is in front of
you. The idea is to jump, then wall jump off the wall to your left so you can
open up with your automatic at the crest of your jump to break the fan. With
persistance you will be successful. I have not found a better way to do this.
If anybody finds one, e-mail me and I'll update this.

Fan 3 - Right before you press the button to end the section, there is another
fan to break. Face the button, then turn left. Run the length of the platform
you're on to the railing. Turn left. On top of a piece of machinery is a fan.

Section 2 - Wall Crawling Sniper Woes

Fan 4 - Since you have a Sniper Rifle with you, I would advise you to grab the
Thermoptic Camouflage and take out both of them before they can be a pain to
you later after you collect this fan. It is a shame to waste good Thermoptics
since you get it so rarely. After you take care of them, you'll probably be
down on the level where all the guys are. Head back to where you came from,
grab the bar, and move yourself back around. The key here is to move against
the ledge so when you jump from the bar, you grab ahold of the ledge. Once you
are gripping the rail of the ledge, you leap off that to grab the next higher
bar. The second ledge from the bottom has a fan which resides at the top of
the L shape that wraps around the building. It is inside the ledge, so once
you get inside you should have no trouble finding it.

Section 3 - Three Tiered Stairway Battle

Fan 5 - From where you begin, walk straight out, down the stairs to the left,
and turn right and walk to the edge. Notice that there is a path of trees that
lines the floor that you are on. Carefully jump out onto that strip of ground
that the row of trees is planted in. Follow it to the left and there is a fan
right where it turns to a diagonal before it ends.

Fan 6 - On the top level of the three floors where you fight all the enemies,
stand against the wall which is closest to where you entered from, so you
should be looking in a direction parallel with the staircases in the area.
Stand in the center of the main area and look up. There should be a similar
area above you and on a ledge that juts out there is a fan.

Section 4 - Dismantled Concrete Inner Office Block

Fan 7 - When you come to the first enemies you face in this section, you are
looking at them from down a long hallway. When exiting this hallway into the
slightly larger area, head into the corner straight ahead where the far wall
meets with the wall to your right. Face into the corner, then turn around. On
the level one floor above in a corner a fan is spinning in front of a grey
barrier. If at first you can't see it, move so the pillar isn't blocking your

Section 5 - Outdoor Trashed Block

Fan 8 - As you enter, descend the fire escape until there is a break in it and
then drop down to the large blue container below you. Back behind it, away
from the rest of the section, there is a small are with a fan in the corner
waiting to be broken.

Fan 9 - This one is hard to explain, and I have since found a much easier way
to break it than when I first found it. Go to where you end the level and face
outward, back towards the rest of the section which I assume you have already
laid waste to. Walk straight out and head down the passage between the blue
and grey building. You should come to a three way intersection where the
streets come in at an odd angle. If you're heading straight down the street,
there is a street that cuts off in a right angle to the left and there is a
street which heads diagonally forward and to the right. Turn around and face
the blue building, then walk backwards down the diagonal street. You are now
looking up the face of the blue building to the strange things which look like
air conditioners sticking out of the face of the building. On top of the
highest one that is the furtherst left on the building when you're facing it
is a fan. This may seem complicated, but it's an awful lot easier than jumping
up the air conditioning units in order to break it on the same level, which is
what I did the first time, not to mention that a fall from that height is
quite fatal, which can lead to a real annoyance. As it is, the Sniper Rifle
from the ground breaks it easily.

Fan 10 - This was my nightmare, the last fan that I found. I searched this
level for hours looking for this last fan. Mad props to Mikamikem457 who, in
his walkthrough and fan location guide for the Japanese version, just happened
to have the fan location that I needed listed. You are the man, Mika. Anyway,
to get this fan, once again start at the end of the mission facing outward
towards the carnage you have wrought. Walk out and turn left, heading towards
the glass tube you see at the end of your walk. When you reach it, turn right
and wall jump off the blue building on top of the glass tube. Careful, it can
be easy to jump off the cliff if you don't control your jump. Walk the length
of the tube, all the way to the end farthest from where you will end the
mission. Stand against the wall and creep as close to the edge of the cliff as
you can. Turn around and face the other end of the tube. Just to the left
there is a small ledge on the grey building. It wraps around the building off
into the distance, but from your vantage point you can see the fan that is on
this ledge. Break it with your Sniper Rifle.

| 7. Tohoku A.R. Anti-personnel Training Grounds |

Section 1 - Outdoor Area Version One

Fan 1 - From where you begin, turn around and strafe to the left. Behind the
ruined wall on top of a training dummy there is a fan.

Fan 2 - In the second large fenced area, where you first meet enemies, there
is a small entryway to the left of the path as you continue with some crates
stacked next to it. Jump on the crates to get a view on the top of the
entryway structure. A fan waits on top.

Section 2 - Underground Connecting Hallways Version One

Fan 3 - If you continue on past the door which enters the next section, there
is a hallway with two guards and a stack of metal I-beams. If you stand next
to the wall you can see that a fan hides among the I-beams.

Section 3 - Outdoor Area Version Two

Fan 4 - When you begin, there are a series of barricading walls lined up in
front of you. Head straight forward and turn to the left when you hit the
first one. In the corner of the wall that is shaped like a T there is a fan
on the ground.

Fan 5 - As you navigate this area, you'll first be entering two major fenced
areas that have enemies. In the second area there is a dirt rise that really
doesn't seem to serve a whole lot of purpose. Climb onto the rise and face the
section goal that you will have to reach eventually. From here, turn ninety
degrees to your right and look a bit up. You should see a fan spinning up near
the top of a far off wall which can be easily broken by the Sniper Rifle.

Fan 6 - Face the door that exits the section, then turn around an run back
into the center shielded area. There were two stationary turrets in this area
in shielded concrete units. There is a fan on the ground in the shielded unit
where a gun was not present.

Section 4 - Underground Connecting Hallways Version Two

Fan 7 - In this area near the end there is a hallway with a bunch of guards
and two stationary gun turrets on the ceiling at the far end. After you have
removed the threat, stand in the center of the hallway facing the gun turrets,
then turn around. There is a fan in the corner formed by the wall and a stack
of metal I-beams.

Section 5 - Outdoor Area Version Three

Fan 8 - In the first large area with the vehicular gun turret, there is a
small building. On top of the building in a corner there is an easily spotted

Fan 9 - Stand in the entryway out of the first large area. The hallway
proceeds underground to the end of the level, but don't go there yet. Turn
around a half circle and look up. In the middle of the clearing there is a fan
just above the top of a tree that is easily broken with the Sniper Rifle.

Fan 10 - When you enter the underground hallway, the first obstruction you
encounter is a group of barrels, then a little later there is a stack of
crates. Behind the crates there is a fan.

| 8. Tohoku A.R. Anti-tank Training Grounds |

Section 1 - The Entire Mission

Fan 1 - Right in front of where you begin, there are two rows of alternating
barriers. Head past the second row, then turn left. Next to the last barrier
in the row there is a fan on the ground.

Fan 2 - From where you begin, walk straight forward and jump over any
intervening terrain. Jump on top of the octagonal pedestal and in the center
on the pedestal is a fan.

Fan 3 - From the pedestal which you reached in the description for fan 2, look
at the mission goal point. Turn right and look at the supporting pillar. About
halfway up you should see a fan to break. If you can't see it at first strafe
to the right a bit.

Fan 4 - From the pillar in the description of fan 3 turn around to the right
until you see another pillar. In a similar location to fan 3 there is a fan
on this pillar as well.

Fan 5 - Still on the octagonal pedestal as described in the instructions for
fan 2, look back at the mission goal point. You should see a support pillar on
the left edge of your screen. Focus on the pillar, then look at the pillar
farther away from your position behind it. In a similar location to fans 3 and
4, there is a fan on this pillar. You need to move closer to break it, for it
is out of the range of the Tachikoma's chaingun at this distance.

Fan 6 - Back at the starting point, move forward to the first set of barriers,
turn around, then look up. On some pipes near the ceiling there is a fan.

Fan 7 - Back at the starting point again, turn right and head to the wall
before you. Turn left and walk along the wall. You'll nearly walk right into a
fan on the ground along the center of the wall section.

Fan 8 - In the main section of the room there are three of the octagonal
pedestals. The one farthest from where you start on the left side of the arena
is more of a stretched octagon. I'm an English major, not a math major, I have
no idea what the proper name for this shape is. Anyway, there's a fan behind
one of the walls that sticks up to fortify the top of this pedestal.

Fan 9 - Back at the starting point again, turn left. There is a supportive
pillar far away from you that melds with the wall at its base. Walk over to
it. On the far side away from where you began, in a similar area to the other
fans that are found on the pillars, there is a fan on this pillar.

Fan 10 - On the far side of the arena from where you began there are two of
the octagonal pedestals that meld with the walls. Move to the one on the
right. Stand a decent distance away and look up. There are two pipes on the
wall above it, and above the left pipe a fan spins silently.

| 9. Tohoku A.R. Chopper Storage Block |

Section 1 - Descent Under Fire

Fan 1 - As soon as you enter the level, be sure to take cover. You're going to
take fire breaking these fans, but it's on Easy so you can take it. From
facing the chopper, looking straight out, look down and to the left. There is
a platform there with the tops of support pillars studding the edges. Every
other pillar has a light on top of it. The four pillars farthest from you all
have fans on top of them. Where there are lights, the fans are just above the
lights. You can break them now or later when you think you have a better shot.
It's an easier shot from the bottom floor of this section, I guess, and you
can do it from behind cover, but I like a challenge.

Fan 2 - See above.

Fan 3 - See above.

Fan 4 - See above.

Section 2 - Interior of the Chopper Block

Fan 5 - From where you begin, head down the stairs and out the door to your
left. Take cover behind the first pillar and look out towards the framework
structure of the building that is to the right of the door you will be going
into. You can see a fan to break in the curve of the structure just before it
passes beyond your line of vision.

Fan 6 - From behind the pillar where you broke fan 5, head forward and take
cover behind the last pillar in the row. Look out over the edge to the next
floow below you in the same building you're standing on. Near the edge there
is a fan to break. You can also break this by heading down the stairs and then
it is just to the left when you exit the door, but you are more at risk there,
I suppose.

Fan 7 - In the control room where you hack into the missle turret there is a
fan at the base of the pillar that is nearest to the unopenable door on the
opposite side from where you enter.

Fan 8 - I hate this place. No good area to give directions from. Here goes.
From the control room, head out and go left. Take the exit to the right up the
two stairs and continue down that passage. Go left and out the door,
continuing out around the exposed side of the building. When you reach the
staircases, head down one flight. Go left and continue back along another
floor under fire from the Oniyanma. Head down another flight of stairs, turn
left, then down the passage and turn left again. The fan is right at the end
of this hallway.

Section 3 - Oniyanma Showdown

Fan 9 - I would advise disabling the weapons on the Oniyamna before getting
these last two fans. Afterwards, stand where you entered the area and turn
left. Carefully hop up onto the small platform and walk across it until you
can look down behind it to the top of one of the framework passages below and
break the fan that sits on top of it.

Fan 10 - The last fan is on top of the small structure that you exited onto
this rooftop. Go to where you acquired the Grenade Launcher and wall jump off
the wall that is to your left when facing the fence which marks the area
boundary. Take the wall jump across onto the roof of the structure, climb up,
and the fan is right before you.

| 10. Tohoku A.R. Shaft |

Section 1 - Elevator Madness

Fan 1 - From where you begin, turn right just a little bit until you have the
vertical beam in your crosshair, then look up to the top of the wall. The fan
is there.

Fan 2 - After the elevator has completed its descent, stand next to the
operating console of the elevator and turn around. Look up and just above
a beam in the shaft wall you can see the fan to break.

Fan 3 - When you get onto the next elevator after dispatching all the robotic
sentries, walk up to the control panel but don't activate it. Turn left and
walk as far as you can move, then look down and to the left. On the next floor
down there is a fan on the landing. You can hit it as the elevator is moving
but it's much easier to break it beforehand.

Section 2 - Shafted Version One

Fan 4 - This is a tough one. When you first come to the main shaft, be sure to
snipe as many guys as possible, because crawling along the wall without doing
so will net you a lot of damage. The plan here is to get to the platform on
the same level as the one you enter upon on the other side of the shaft. To do
this, you need to hold onto the bar that rings the shaft by your hands and
move around. This is complicated by the fact that every shift in the angle of
the shaft there is a verticle piece which you have to pass. To get past the
vertical support, move as close as you can to it, then diagonally up and to
the left on your control stick as you jump off, being sure to press R1 again
to grab the bar before you fall below it. It may take a couple tries. Once you
get around to the other side, stand in the small alcove and face the entrance
where you came in, then look up. Above, on one of the sections of a sliding
door which sections off pieces of the shaft, there is a fan.

Fan 5 - After you've opened up the a bottom sliding door once and proceeded
all the way to the bottom of this shaft, right before you exit to head into
the ventilation area with the fan, there is another fan to break. If you stand
at the edge of the shaft on the bottom floor, looking at the non-functional
panel which would open this sliding door you're standing on, with the way to
the next section to your right, look up and two levels up on a small ledge
there is a fan waiting to be broken.

Section 3 - Ventilation Area Into Shafted Version Two

Fan 6 - In the ventilation shaft, simply look down at the bottom fan. In the
center of the fan above the support unit lies a fan.

Fan 7 - As you enter into the next large area of shaft descent, take out the
sniper on the opposite edge below you using whatever means you desire. After
you have removed the threat, jump out of the entrance to the right and grab
ahold of the bar that is level with the highest tier of platforms in this
shaft. Move along the bar and climb onto the nearby platform. In the alcove on
the ground is the fan you seek.

Section 4 - More Elevators, Less Shafts

Fan 8 - When you reach the bottom of the diagonally moving elevator in the
first part of this section, look to the right of the elevator. Back in a
corner below you, where the shaft that the elevator travels meets the floor,
there is a fan.

Section 5 - The Final Shaft

Fan 9 - There are a lot of levels to this shaft. On the fourth section down
from where you start, there are two enemies who are in long hallways that
extend outward from the shaft. On top of the entrance to the alcove on the
right from the direction you're facing when you begin there's a fan.

Fan 10 - The third to last level from the bottom, this would be the last
crosspiece covered with a metal grating, look around in a circle. On one of
the support beams that lines the outside of the shaft there is a fan on the
level that you are standing.

| 11. Tohoku A.R. Underground Factory |

Section 1 - Sentry Security System Hallways Version One

Fan 1 - After passing through your third laser barrier, the first barrier
where the sentries actually attack you, there is a fan in the center box on
the left that opens.

Fan 2 - After dropping down the ladder and navigating the tight shaft with
nothing inside, you reach an empty elevator shaft. Before you drop down, creep
up to the edge and look up. There is a fan in the top center of the shaft to
break. It can be tough to hit because you need to be really close to the edge.
Make sure you crouch to make it a better shot. Might not even be possible
without crouching.

Section 2 - Sentry Security System Hallways Version Two

Fan 3 - At the first Y in the path here, there is a security console which
will give you an error and turn on some laser barriers later on. Face the
console and strafe to thr right and to the center of the diagonal of the wall
you're facing which would take you on down towards the end. Look down under
the piping and into the hole below. There is a hidden fan that is easy to miss
if you're not watching very closely.

Fan 4 - Near the end of this section you'll come to an X in the path. One
leads back, one leads to the elevator, and two lead nowhere. If you are facing
the direction which will lead you to the elevator, turn around and take the
left path to nowhere. Run to the door there and turn left. Between the boxes
and the wall there is a fan.

Section 3 - Tohoku A.R. Mini-tank Storage Bays

Fan 5 - Pay specific attention to the floor designations written on the center
shafts of the floors. On floor c04, from where you entered, head to the
opening you see in the center shaft just on your right as you enter the floor.
Look down below the gate which closes off the center and down one floor,
across the center space. A fan is on the ground on the floor below.

Fan 6 - In the hallway with all the doors that automatically open between c04
and b04 there are no enemies in the small spaces behind the doors. The last
door on the right, however, holds a fan.

Section 4 - Tohoku A.R. Tank Storage Bays

Fan 7 - Right as you enter this section, there are two tanks against a wall
to your right. Between the two tanks against the wall is a fan.

Fan 8 - In the room with the large quadripedal tank there is a fan right on
top of the sphere on the front of the main center section of the tank. If you
stand in front of the tank and look at it head on you can't miss it.

Fan 9 - From the console which will end this section, face the room you are in
and climb up the ladder to your right. Turn around and look on the roof of
that pod-like vehicle, whatever it is. There is a fan on top of it.

Section 5 - Tohoku A.R. Armor Suit Storage Bays

Fan 10 - When you press the button to engage the elevator, turn right and move
forward to the edge. There are two rooms that are open as the elevator
descends which you can jump onto. Both have Armor Suits to destroy. The
second open door as the elevator is descending has two Armor Suits in it.
After dispatching them, head around to the left and in the center storage bay
there is a fan to be broken. From the second door you can jump to the bottom,
but from the top door you have to jump down to the ledges that surrounded the
elevator in order to avoid a falling death.

| 12. Tohoku A.R. Experimental Farm |

Section 1 - Optical Camouflage Still Holding
NOTE: In this section I will be referring to directions, unless indicated
otherwise, with the idea that the structure you can see at one end of the
arena is forward, the other direction is back, and you are facing that
structure in terms of right or left.

Fan 1 - The easiest fan to find is next to Kei's gravestone in the back left
section of the area.

Fan 2 - There is a fan right behind the camouflage console to your right as
you start the level. It's at the edge of a cleared patch of the field, near
the Assault Rifle and its ammo pack.

Fan 3 - This one is somewhat tough. From the console described in fan 2, turn
around and head to the path that runs alongside the cleared dirt area. Turn
right and run along the path to the + intersection of the paths. Just to your
left and on the far side in the grain, there is a fan.

Fan 4 - Right in front of the structure, on the large path the leads to it,
there is a fan at the right of the end of the path, where the boundary of the
arena prevents you from moving further.

Fan 5 - On the far left side, towards the rear of the arena, there is an
area of cleared dirt. On the right side of this area is a fan, just at the
edge of the grain.

Section 2 - Optical Camouflage Disengaged
NOTE: This section is made a lot easier if you just blow up the tank first.
The game will pause to let you jump on the tank to initiate the cutscene,
giving you free time to hunt fans and aim at your leisure. On Easy with the
Assault Rifle it should take you less than a minute to take it down, so it's
no sweat.

Fan 6 - Stand in the middle of the arena and look up. On the outside of the
dome there are two levels of alcoves with what look like ladders extending
from them. Regardless, there are fans sitting in three of these alcoves. They
are easy to hit with the Sniper Rifle from the center point of the arena.

Fan 7 - See above.

Fan 8 - See above.

Fan 9 - Look around the outside of the dome for one of the ladders and climb
up. There is a fan on this ring that circles around the arena that you can run

Fan 10 - From the point where fan 9 was, it is easy to find this fan. Face the
center of the arena and turn about forty-five degrees to the right. You should
see the fan spinning in the grain below, near a path. It's the only white dot
in the sea of green.


V   - Rewards

Your reward for collecting all one hundred and twenty fans is two new weapons
to select at the weapon selection screen. The Laser Gun can be used only by
Batou, and fires extremely powerful explosive laser beams. The Napalm Launcher
can be used by both Motoko and Batou, and is basically an extremely high-
powered high-explosive rocket launcher. Both will end up killing you a lot if
you're not very careful with their blast radii.


VI  - Acknowledgements

I'd like to thank Mikamikem457 for his guide which led me to my last fan
location. Besides that, thanks to Production IG for making an at least fairly
decent game out of the only anime series that I like.


VII  - Contact

If you find anything wrong or think something should be explained more
clearly, e-mail me about it. I have no problem with that. My address is
President_Skroob@Yahoo.Com. Feel free to contact me with troubles or errors.