Additional AnimationCurtis Fell
Additional AnimationSimon Scott
Additional MusicSteve Croker
Additional MusicJeremy Taylor
Additional MusicRoss Tregenza
Additional ProgrammingAndrew Birdsall
Additional ProgrammingTim Furnish
ArtistsRoger Bohl
ArtistsCraig Collins
ArtistsStephen Cooper
ArtistsDan Evans
ArtistsMark Lack
ArtistsJames Mohan
ArtistsScott Robinson
ArtistsBrad Warren
ArtistsAidan Wilson
Character ArtistsNick Carver
Character ArtistsStephen Davison
Character ArtistsJake Gumbleton
Character ArtistsMark O'Kane
Cutscene AnimatorsAlex Crowhurst
Cutscene AnimatorsChad Ellis
Cutscene AnimatorsJavier Moratinos
Cutscene AnimatorsJoJo Young
Directed byDave Doak
Directed bySteve Ellis
Head of AnimationJames Cunliffe
Head of ArtKarl Hilton
In-Game AnimatorsAndrew Hunt
In-Game AnimatorsAndrew Murray
Lead ArtistTristan Reidford
Lead Character ArtistBen Newman
Lead Cutscene AnimatorAndrew Lawson
Lead In-Game AnimatorDamon Tasker
Lead Level SutupSteven Lewis
Level SetupDominic Butler
Level SetupAlex Hood
Level SetupNeil Walker
MusicChristian Marcussen
Music and SoundGraeme Norgate
Project ManagementMartin Keywood
Senior ProgrammersDamien Chin
Senior ProgrammersMiles Clapham
Senior ProgrammersCharlie Cole
Senior ProgrammersDavid Conley
Senior ProgrammersMax Dyckhoff
Senior ProgrammersMark Logan
Senior ProgrammersTom Papados
Tools ProgrammersPaul Hanshew
Tools ProgrammersAndrew Rayson
Voice TalentLynsey Beauchamp
Voice TalentMelanie Bond
Voice TalentLaurence Bouvard
Voice TalentRob Burman
Voice TalentMichael French
Voice TalentStever Hill
Voice TalentLorelei King
Voice TalentMac Macdonald
Voice TalentAlanis Peart
Voice TalentIan Porter
Voice TalentBill Roberts
Voice TalentMartin T Sherman
Voice TalentMark Sorrell
Voice TalentLee Spink
Voice TalentBen Talbot
Voice TalentJo Upton
Voice Talent (Anya)Sarah Mennell
Voice Talent (Cotez)Tom Clarke Hill
Voice Talent (Jacob Crow)Wayne Forester


Data and credits for this game contributed by necropenguin, Mookiethebold, Reinbach_III, bcks, and oliist.

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