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Table Of Contents
1A. In the Huddle
1B. Play call/choose package screen
1C. Offense Prior to the snap
1D. Offensive audible menu
1E. On the Menu
1F. Passing Plays
1G. Rushing plays
1H. Offensive player control (Away from the ball)
1I. Defense Prior to the snap
1J. Defensive Audible Menu
1K.After the Snap
1L. Special Teams
2. Quick Game
2A. NFL Coaches
2B. Lineup
3. Game Modes
3A. Franchise
3B. First person Football
3C. ESPN 25th anniversary 
3D. Practice
3E. Situation
3F. Tournament
4. The Crib
5. Features
5A. Roster Manager
5B. Historic Teams
5C. Team Create
5D. Player Create
5E. Celebrations
5F. Stadium Music
6. Options
6A. Game Options
6B. Difficulty
6C. Presentation
6D. Penalties
6E. Controller Setup
6F. Load/Save
6G. Audio Test
7. XBOX Live
8. Extras
8A. Offensive Training
8B. Defensive Training
8C. ESPN Video Games
8D. Game Manual
8E. Reference guide
8F. Game Registration
8G. Credits
9. Tips
10. My Credits

I have decided to create a Guide for ESPN NFL 2K5.It is a wonderful
and I think that it has surpassed Madden 2005.
This game is a definite buy for people who love to play football games.

Questions or comments? Email me at Goldendragon9144@aol.com I respect
questions or comments, but please, NO SPAM!

Thank you, now onto my Guide

Version 1.0
I have completed everything and await to see if this is accepted 
onto Gamefaqs.

1A. Controls in the In the Huddle Formation Screen

Left Thumbstick: Up Down: Scroll formation groups by backfield 
		 Left/Right: Change receiver alignment
A: Select Formation
B: Sub Receivers (Offense)/Swap D Line (Defense) Select Screens
 (offense only)
X: Sub Running Backs (offense)/Swap DB's (Defense)
Y: Choose package screen (Offense)
Back: Timeout
Black: Flip Formation
White: Help Menu
Left Trigger: Coach's pick

1B. Play Call/Choose Package Screen
A: Select Play or Package in A slot
B: Same, but in B slot
X: Same, but in X slot
Y: Switch to choose formation Screen
Back: Timeout
White: Help Menu
Right Trigger: On-the-fly audibles (play call only)
Left Trigger: Coach's Pick

1C. Offense Prior to the Snap
Left thumbstick/Directional Pad: Up/Down: Select Player
Left/Right: Put Player in 
A: Hurry to the line/Snap the Football
B: Hard Count
Back: Timeout
Black: (Press and Hold) Players fatigue levels
White: (Press and Hold) View players' routes
Right Trigger: (Pull And Hold) View players' fatigue levels
Left Trigger: (Pull and Hold) View Players' routes
Right thumbstick+ A, B, X, Y, or L: Call a Hot Route for a receiver

1D. Offensive Audible Menu
Left Thumbstick (Left or Right): Cycle available audibles
A: Select Audible A
B: Select Aubible B
X: Select Audible X
y: Call/Dismiss Audible Menu
Back: Timeout
Black: Flip Play
Right Thumbstick Button (Click): Flip Routes

1E. Menu Navigation
Left Thumbstick/Directional Pad: Highlight an option, UP/Down:
or Decrease a selected option
A: Advance/Decrease selected Option
B: Return to previous screen
Y: Increase selected Option
Start: Advance
Back: Return to Previous screen
Black: Cycle forward through Options
White: Cycle backward through options
Right Trigger: Cycle forward through options
Left trigger: Cycle backward through options
Right Thumbstick: Up/Down Change VIP Name
Left Thumbstick button: (CLick) Maximum Passing/Player Card

1F.Passing Plays
Left Thumbstick/Direction pad: Move the QB
A: Throw to A Receiver
B: Throw to B receiver
X: Throw to X receiver
Y: Throw to Y receiver
Black: Throw ball away
White: Pump Fake
Left Trigger: Throw to receiver L
Right Trigger: (Pull and hold) Scramble with QB. You can perform 
any normal rushing moves while scrambling.
Right Thumbstick: (Behind Line of Scrimmage) QB Evade

1G. Rushing Plays 
Left Thumbstick/Direction Pad: Move the runner
A: Tap for speed burst/Hold down to charge up power for a move
B: Spin Move
X: Dive/QB Hook Slide
Y: Shoulder Charge
Black: stiff arm Right
White: Stiff arm left
Right Trigger: Juke right
left trigger: Juke Left
Left trigger+Right Trigger: Lateral
Right Thumbstick: Up: stutter step Down: Stop short Left: 
Juke left Right: Juke right
Riht Thumbstick (CLick): Hurdle
Right trigger: Pitch the ball (Option plays only)

1H. Offensive Player control (Away from the ball)
Left Thumbstick/Direction Pad: Move Player
A: Tap for speed burst/Hold down to charge up power for a move.
B: Switch player
X: Dive/Chop block
Y: Wave for the pass
Black or right trigger: Juke Right
White or left Trigger: Juke Left
B: Hurry up offense (defaults to last play 
and automatically displays the Audible Menu)
X: Hurry to spike the ball

1I. Defense Prior to the snap
Left Thumbstick/Directional Pad: Move Player
A: Switch Player
B: Switch back to previous player
X: Blitz selected player
Y: Call/Dismiss Audible Menu
Back: Timeout
Black: (Hold) View Players' fatigue levels
White: (Hold) View defensive assignments
Right trigger+right thumbstick: Right: Shift Linebackers to the 
LEFT: Shift linebackers to the left 
Up: Spread Linebackers to the outside Down: Bring Linebackers 
Pull and hold left trigger: Linebacker Adjustment
Pull and hold right trigger: Defensive back adjustment
Right Thumbstick: Right: Shift defensive linemen to the right. 
LEFT: Shift defensive linemen to the left UP: Spread defensive
linemen out DOWN: Pinch defensive linemen in

1J. Defensive Audible Menu
Left Thumbstick/directional pad: Cycle available Audibles
A: Select audible A
B: Select audible B
X: Select audible X
Y: Call/dismiss audible menu
Black: Flip defensive assignments
White: Return to original play
Right Trigger: Select Audible R
left trigger: Select audible L
Back: Timeout

1K. After the Snap
Left Thumbstick/directional pad: Move Player
A: Tap for speed burst/Hold down to charge up power for a move
B: Switch player
X: Diving Tackle
Y: Intercept or block the pass
Right Trigger: Intercept pass or Swim move (defensive linesman)
Left Trigger: Block pass or club move (defensive linesman)
Black: Linebacker strafe or Spin off of blocker 
(defensive linesman)

1L. Special Teams
left thumbstick/directional pad: Aim kick arrow
A: Press once to activate the Kick Meter. Press a second 
time to set the kick power and kick the ball.
Y: Bring up/Dismiss Audible menu

Right thumbstick: (CLick) Down the ball in the endzone
 (Click immediately after catching the ball)
Y: Call fair catch (press before you catch the ball)
Few...Ok, before I continue, I must mention something important.
 While playing the game, you may have noticed something called
VIP. VIP is a personal profile, where you earn points for doing 
well in games. You can use these points in your crib, more on
that later. At the end of each game, you want to save your VIP. 
2.Quick Game
Here you can play right away, along with your created team, 
as well as 
legendary teams. This is normally used for a quick game 
with the real roster for current teams. A cool new feature 
which was 
added in with games was Chris Berman and his shows. First,
there is a halftime show with highlights and stats, a postgame 
with highlights and stats. Finally, there is a short 
Sportcenter with Chris Berman, where they show your score and
highlight from your game, along with other stats from other
games. You can do this after any game. This is the awesome thing
 that I couldn't wait for in a sports video game, making this 
game so much better than Madden.

2A. Nfl Coaches
You can choose the playbook from all of the coaches in the NFL 
during the quick game.

2B. Lineup
You can choose the normal lineup from the teams, scramble their 
 or do a quick fantasy draft. I love this, as you 
choose one of each important position and 1 team's defense, 
this way you don't have to go into a season and do a draft when
you play your friend.
3. Game Modes
Here are the multiple Game modes
3A: Franchise: This is the franchise mode. This is a regular season,
but you can continue on with your season. Obviously, you
can do a draft, first person football (where it is as if 
you are a certain player for the whole game), salary cap, coaching
firing, etc. It also comes with roster moves available and a 

3B. First Person Football
As I said before, this a mode where you are behind the helmet of a
 real player, and play with him the whole game. This is a 
cool new feature, which I am planning on trying more.

3C. ESPN 25th Anniversary
This is an awsome mode where it is as if it is a situation game, 
but the situation is during a famous play in the history of 
the NFL. See if you can beat all 25! You can choose the difficulty, 

3D. Practice
This is just a mode where you can play and practice for fun, 
help you where you need help.

3E. Situation.
Here is where you can set up a situation of which you 
enter the game. So
you could make a situation where you are down by 7 
with 2 minutes to go. There are a few more options, but not 
necessary to state.

3F. Tournament
You can do a draft if you want to. This is where you can create a 
tournament of
 multiple teams, and see which team is the best.
4. The Crib

In the crib you spend points from your VIP that you earned to make 
it look more appealing
to you. There is also the celebiraty 
phone call, where you can play (one at a time) Carmen Electra, 
Seve-O, Flunkmasterflex,
 and a few others. They are a real challenge
as their teams are very good. If you unlock it, you can play NFL 
Trivia, darts, or air hockey.
 Also, you can change the music in
the crib by going to the jukebox. The crib is an interactive and 
interesting addition to NFL 2K5.
5. Features
5A. Roster Manager
All you do here is rearrange rosters for your franchise.

5B. Historic Teams
You can only use these during a quick game, and have 2 at a time. 
These are historically famous teams that you can play with.

5C. Team Create
Here you can create a team, along with their roster, jersey, team 
team location, etc. This is fun, but unfortunately you
can only use them during a quick game.

5D. Player Create
Along with almost every sports game for XBOX, Gamecube, or PS2 
you can create a player
. This game is no different. It is a really
in depth player create, too. In order to use him in the 
regular season, you have to
 save him to a roster, load that roster, and
then do a franchise. If you quit out of your franchise, 
you have to do this again.

5E. Celebrations
We all love touchdown celebrations. All you do here is assign a 
celebration for
 each corresponding button. It is then used whenever
you score a touchdown.

5F. Stadium Music
I love this awesome feature. What you have to do is take songs off 
of CDs that you 
like and copy them onto a soundtrack on your XBOX.
Then, you go into the Stadium music option, and assign your XBOX
 soundtrack to a
 possibility. (I.E. Touchdown, sack, interception, etc.)
This is a cool way to listen to your favorite music during a game.
 Also, the Stadium music loads right away along with your VIP,
so you don't have to constantly reload it.
6. Options
6A. Game Options
These are just the options that you can adjust during the game. 
They are: Quarter length,
 play calling, game speed, challenges, coach mode,
performance EQ, and multiple hot routes.

6B. Difficulty
This is where you adjust your difficulty, rookie being the easiest, 
then Pro, 
All-Pro, and Legend. What is cool about the difficulty
adjustments in this game is that there is a meter for categories 
that you can 
adjust, so you can go in-between two categories.
So if you are too good for pro, but not good enough for all-pro, 
then you can
adjust what you need help in.

6C. Presentation
Here you can change the volume of multiple things and turn 
on/off first 
person football,
stadium music, etc.

6D. Penalties
Like in difficulty, instead of just on/off, you can adjust them to 
however you like it.
 It includes all of the penalties in the NFL.

6E. Controller setup
Simply, all this is, is where you can change the controller to 
changed controls to how you
 like them during the game.

6F. Load/Save
Well, that's what it is. Load or save anything that you have 
 while playing 2k5.

6G. Audio Test
This is pretty cool. This is where you test your sound of the game, 
and you can listen to the
 various angles of multiple sounds.
7. XBOX Live
This game has the internet ability of XBOX live, and you can play 
online with a stranger
via XBOX Live. Now, almost all sports games
have this capability. OF course, you have to pay big bucks for XBOX 
8. Extras
8A. Offensive training
This is a video narrated by an expert to help you learn ways to play 
better offense.

8B. Defensive Training
This is a video narrated by an expert to help you learn ways to play 
better defense.

8C. ESPN Video Games
A short preview of all of the 2k5 sports games.

8D. Game Manual
This is a virtual game manual where you can learn multiple tips for 
playing NFL 2K5.

8E. Reference Guide
This is a virtual book of certain credits that were used for the 
making of the game.

8F. Game registration
Just an advertisement to get you to go to EAgames.com.

8G. Credits
You guessed it, the credits of who made NFL 2k5.
These are tips for playing the game that I can give you. 
First off, these are for people
who have never played a football game before.
When doing a draft, you want to pick a mobile QB who can escape sacks. 
You also don't need to pick a runningback until later
in the draft, because with a mobile QB, you have your running.

Always look at the defensive formation. If it looks like a blitz, 
make sure you are doing a passing play. If it looks like a cover
defense, then try to rush it.

Always look at the offensive formation while on defense. IF you think 
that it will be a run to the inside, then have your D-line
go inside. If it looks like the offense will pass it, audible to a 
passing defense.

Football video games are where I personally learned about football 
If you watch football, then this game should be twice
as easy for you.

Finally, to earn easy crib credits, play a long game on rookie. 
I've only done it once,
but I almost got 2,000 crib credits. Also
milestones are a nice way to earn more crib credits.
10. MY credits
THIS GUIDE IS COPYRIGHT  By Daniel Glass "Dragoncheese" as 
I worked my butt off on my first
ever guide. I plan on making more
in the future, but with a game with an actual walkthru needed. 

You may use this guide as a help to you or other people, 
but there will be no selling of this 
for profit or remaking of it for
profit. This is only to go onto Gamefaqs.com, and 
Neoseeker.com and my computer. 
Thank you very much.

Again, questions or comments? They are greatly appreciated. 
Email me at Goldendragon9144@aol.com

I hope this guide was a help to you, thank you for reading it.