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How do I get past Coutyard of Atropos?

I can't get past Cortyard of atropos how i can get past this level?

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INXSive82 answered:

**********SPOILERS**********This part is stuffed. First you'll need to go through the door on the bottom level. Follow this path and you'll come out at the back of the courtyard by pushing a large block away from the wall. Move this block to a "half" ladder that leads to the top level. Go right and you'll find a statue that appears to be missing something. Go back left along the tiptoe bridge and go through the top door and follow the path. You'll eventually come across Perseus who challenges you. Defeat him and you get his shield. Take the shield back to the statue and use R2 to place the sheild. Pull the lever opposite the statue to bring down the higher platform. Move the statue on the platform and pull the lever again. Platform should go back up. Get behind the statue and power kick it towards the giant eye beam statue. It should land on the raised level. move the shield statue off the top level and move it into the recess near the crank on the bottom level. Turn the crank until the platform is raised and the shield statue is blocking one beam. Now as fast as you can get back up to the top level and use the golden fleece to parry block the other beam This will blow the statue up as with the previous one and allow you to continue. If anyone feels they need to clarify this be my guest.
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krauser1989 answered:

I remember this place is in God of War 2
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