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i can beat ARES.

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dm_boozefreek answered:

Ares final guise is tricky, but not impossible it just takes patience and a cool head (I know this because every time I rush or lose it I get flattened), in Spartan mode it's hard, in God mode he can take you down seconds. Firstly get away from him, tease him into following you, but while you're doing this try to stay away from the edges of the play area if he gets you against a wall you may as well put the pad down. If he sinks into the floor to do his pillar attack, move towards the screen as far as you can once the view changes, kind of run backwards and forwards a couple of inches until the pillars appear, make sure you're positioned between the 2 closest to the screen and as they all move together they shouldn't even go near you, but remember to do a double jump as they move in together, if you're close enough to the explosion it'll knock you over. Just keep teasing him until he makes a mistake, don't face him head on or he'll eventually throw a fireball at you which is unblockable, and puts you in a kneeling position while he happily whips you with all the blades from his back, this does a lot of damage. Run from him but not too far, try to stay close enough to get him swinging. What you're looking for is him tensing up and roaring at you kinda looks like a taunt from a fighting game. He usually does this after he does 1 big swipe, and sometimes after his 3 swing combo (which is blockable if you happen to get caught up in it). When he tenses up and growls at you he's vulnerable attack with either Might of Hercules or repeatedly tapping square. Hopefully you'll slow down and go into a grapple. Hammer circle like a loon until it vanishes and get ready for a quicktime/minigame. This will take a lot of health from Ares and give it to you (don't get too cocky though you have to do it another 3 or 4 times without getting hit to kill him). After you do this you can get 3 or 4 sly hits in with square before he stands up, but when he does stand run or he'll fireball and whip attack you. Chances are he'll sink into the ground and pillar attack you after this just remember run towards the screen and double jump once the pillars move together. Then repeat the above, tease him into chasing you and swinging until he roars at you then let loose on him with light attacks, if he blocks for some reason or you don't slow and go into the grapple run he'll fireball and spider swipe you. But once again though if you're quick while he's taunting you, you should get the grapple and quicktime.

I hope this is clear, and not confusing, I've always been better at showing people what to do rather than telling them when it gets indepth lol
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dm_boozefreek answered:

If you have Army of hades maxed out you'll have an easier time. Use army of Hades on his first form, and hit him a few times. Back off and repeat, every time you stun him he'll release enough blue and green orbs to refill your guages. When the circle appears above his head quicktime him, and then you'll move onto the Kratos clones which are a pain in the arse.

To beat the clones quickly use might of Hercules or whatever it's called the combo when you hit Square twice, but hold it down on the second press (it's like an auto combo). The finisher from that combo should keep the clones flying back from your wife and kid. As soon as your family are in danger healthwise use wrath of the gods and instantly cast army of hades, Switch to medusa, and use Gorgons rage, then switch to poseidens rage and use that (when you do hammer the circle button so much it feels like you're going to break your pad). Try and do it again Army of hades, Gorgon Rage, Poseidens rage, if your rage of the gods is getting too low and you know it is don't bother trying to get the Gorgons rage out for the second time chances are it will go off as the rage ends and you'll end up losing the magic, just use poseidens rage twice instead. Go back to fighting them off again as best as you can and try and keep them away from your family. Try your best to build your rage bar up a little, as soon as your family look like they are in danger cast army of hades and hug them (the army of hades should release some green orbs to compensate for the health you use) fill their energy full, this will build your rage back up hopefully so it's full. If they haven't started coming already keep fighting until the clones with the purple blades of Artemis appear, then let loose with the rage again, use the same method as earlier, and you should still be casting spells as the narrator starts talking lol
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broken_angel_13 answered:

First ares. Quickly cast army of hades full power. Then rage of the gods, hopefully your blades are full power. Then as quick as you can cast full power spinning poseidons rage and circle like theres no tomarow, then army again and rage again. This should take all his health except for the command without you even having to hit him.

Second the kratos clones. These are nasty bastards, like kratos. First grab the closest and slam him, the cast army and start the hercules might attack, then rage. Then you have to use rage of the gods cus youll more then likely be swarmed. Cast army again and then use the stronger hercules attack ([ ], [ ], [ ])
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broken_angel_13 answered:

It may be a few close calls but if you hopefully keep your magic high cast rage because thats the greatest attack to knock them back. Hugging your family takes a skill of being fast, and remember that you can take more beatings then your family can.

Third is ares again. This isnt as hard as the kratos clones, but you have to be good at rolling. When the pillars come you have to be diagonal, it should keep you far enough away, now my strategy was always stab with the R1 button, i forget what its called or even if thats the right combination, but kratos will stab his sword forward and it does alot of damage and you can put it into a combo and roll away as soon as you do it. Cause more than likely ares will smack you with his spider leg things and hurt you bad. Play keep aways alot cause ares will follow. Keep this up and youll see ares bleeding in the lake again
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