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How do I get the pieces right?

There is a book it says like my soul has been shattered, your path forward is fragmented, rebuild my soul and open the path and i don't know where to put them?

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krauser1989 answered:

It is very easy puzzle. You just have to arrange all the pieces here to a rectangle and put in the place where the necklace was.
First : You must push the highest I piece in this area in the corner of your right.
Second : Move the L piece upside down into the circle here, pull the crance 180 degree, then push it in the corner of your left.
Third : Move the piece that look like the hook into the circle here, pull the crance 90 degree. Push that piece next to the highest I piece.
Fourth : Move the T piece into the circle here, pull the crance 90 degree then push it to the middle ( next to the hook piece ).
Fifth : Push the shorter I piece here in the final empty space.
_ Notice :
+ The square piece here is not used to create a rectangle, it just used for jumping to a higher level in this area.
+ Remember to push all the piece closest to the wall. When the piece closest to the wall, you will hear a sound " KIT "
+ When you' ve done, you can get the green Artemis 's Necklace.
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