FAQ/Walkthrough by Aklite

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=====God of War Walkthrough
==FAQ written by Aklite

-This guide contains no spoilers.


Table of contents


I.  Introduction (GOWI)
     a. Intro
     b. Version History
II.  Weapons/magic (GOWXM)
III. Combat strategies (GOWCS)
     a.  Combos and tactics
     b.  Strategies
IV. Walkthrough (GOWWX0)
     a. The Ship to Athens (GOWW1)
     b. The Gates of Athens (GOWW2)
     c. Athens Town Square (GOWW3)
     d. Roofs of Athens (GOWW4)
     e. Athens Town Square (GOWW5)
     f. The Temple of the Oracle (GOWW6)	
     g. The Sewers of Athens (GOWW7)
     h. The Desert of Lost Souls (GOWW8)
     i. Pandora's Temple (GOWW9)
     j. The Rings of Pandora (GOWA0)
     k. The Challenge of Atlas (GOWA1) 
     l. The Rings of Pandora (GOWA2)
     m. The Challenge of Poseidon (GOWA3)
     n. The Rings of Pandora (GOWA4)
     o. The Challenge of Hades (GOWA5)
     p. The Rings of Pandora (GOWA6)
     q. The Cliffs of Madness (GOWA7)
     r. The Architects Tomb (GOWA8)
     s. The Path to Hades (GOWA9)
     t. The Temple of the Oracle (GOWB0)
     u. Mount Olympus (GOWB1)
V.    Glitches (GOWG)
VI.   Credits (GOWRC)
VII.  Legal


I.  Introduction (GOWI)


A.  Intro

God of War in an awesome game, seducing right from the start.  It's a 
short game, but the replay value is excellent, and it is still really 
fun to play over, especially on God Mode.  I wrote this FAQ while 
playing the game on Hard mode, so the strategies should work on the 
lesser difficulties.  I beat the game twice, once on hard, and once on 
God mode.  The game is extremely fun to play on hard mode the first 
time, because it really adds the action, and makes strategy necessary 
for winning the game.  

If you have anything questions, suggestions, comments, or additional 
information, you can e-mail me at Aklite1@comcast.net. If you are planning to 
e-mail about a glitch, please make sure it is not already listed in the 
glitches section.

You can quick-jump to an area of the guide by hitting ctrl+F and typing in the 
letters and numbers in parentheses (refer to table of contents) into the 
window, then hitting enter twice.


B.  Version History

3.0 (6/15/13): Resumed FAQ writing: E-mail re-added and quick-find added.

2.3 (03/02/08): Added in additional information submitted by e-mails.  
E-mail taken out. 

2.2: (02/17/07): Added in additional information submitted by e-mails.

2.1: (08/15/06): After an eternity finally went through and added in a 
bunch of the information and credits I have been getting from e-mails 
over time.

2.0: (06/23/05): Went through the walkthrough and added and fixed a 
couple things to make the last version of the FAQ, with the exception 
of small additions or corrections overtime. 

1.9 (06/22/05): Walkthrough complete.

1.8 (06/21/05): Continued the walkthrough up until the save point once 
you come to the Temple of the Oracle for the second time.  Added a 
credits section with some credits, and more glitches.

1.7 (06/20/05): Continued the walkthrough up until the save point after 
the architects tomb.  Added a glitches section at the end with a couple 

1.6 (06/19/05): Continued the walkthrough up until the save point after 
you get the green necklace.

1.5 (06/18/05): Continued the walkthrough up until after you emerge 
from the Rings of Pandora to the upper levels of the temple.

1.4 (06/17/05): Continued the walkthrough up until the next save point 
after the door you go through in the hall with all the fireballs.

1.3 (06/16/05): Combat strategies section completed, and walkthrough 
continued up until the next save point after the Challenge of Poseidon. 

1.2 (06/15/05): Continued the walkthrough up until the save point after 
you put the shields in the door after the Challenge of Atlas.

1.1 (06/14/05): Worked on the combat strategies section, and continued 
the walkthrough up until suicide bluff after the event with the oracle. 

1.0 (06/13/05): First version of the FAQ.  Made general format, 
including table of contents, weapons/magic section, combat 
strategies section, version history, legal disclaimer, and the 
walkthrough up until the Athens Town Square.



II. Weapons/Magic (GOWXM)


Blades of Chaos:  These are the main weapons of the game, and are what 
you should level up first.  Their first level is very cheap, and they 
are weapons, which you should use for the whole game, even though you 
get a more powerful weapon later on (I will describe that later).  You 
can learn all kinds of new moves for these weapons, and each level adds 
power in addition to a move.  The best idea is to level this up to 
level 5 first thing (this is the only weapon that goes to level 5, each 
other one is only level 3, but it is more than worth it).

Poseidon's rage:  This weapon is best to fully level up second.  I 
personally think it is better than the armies of Hades, because it can, 
on some occasions, do more damage than the Army of Hades, and when 
leveled up to the second level, you can use the rage of Poseidon, which 
does extensive damage to all surrounding opponents.  This is cheap to 
level up to full.  For the second phase of the last boss, the full 
level of this weapon helps a lot.

Medusa's gaze:  This magic is fantastic, and helps a ton.  It will 
freeze your opponents right where they are.  Personally I never leveled 
this up until last, because level 1 is sufficient and still works 
effectively for the later levels.  You can level this up if you want, 
but there really is not too much point because leveling up the other 
magics and weapons makes it less necessary to use this.

Zeus fury:  A long-range lightning attack.  This is the only ranged 
weapon in the game, and is the cheapest to level up.  This weapon uses 
little mana, and is really good to pick some enemies out of a fight 
before engaging them with your main weapons.     

Blade of Artemis:  This is powerful, but utterly useless.  It is 
ridiculously expensive to level up, and I never used this in the game.  
I only used the blades of chaos.  These are the only 2 weapons in the 
game.  The blades of chaos are much better because you can learn new 
and better moves for them (you still have all the L1 moves with the 
blade, which are very powerful, but slow).  The blade of artemis is 
better for some parts of the game than the blades of Chaos, but I just 
figure the blades are better overall, so that is all I use.

Army of Hades:  Some people consider this the best magic, and I would 
too if it used less energy.  You can only use it twice on a full bar, 
but it is an amazing attack.  Many different spirits come out, and run 
a muck about your enemies, bashing into them, highly damaging and 
killing them.  It does not last too long sometimes, and can only be 
used twice, but it is extremely powerful.  When you get level 5 blades 
of chaos, you get unlimited energy for rage of gods, so use your 
blades, but use army of Hades twice for free.


III.	Combat strategies (GOWCS)

A.  Combos and tactics

-Basic moves you have

Square:  Light attack
Triangle:  Heavy attack
Circle:  Grab (for some enemies)
X:  Jump
R1:  Rush (level 3) and Rush and jab (level 4)
L1:  Block
R3 stick:  Dodge-roll

Grab options

While grabbing, you can do any of the following

Triangle:  Snap them in half.  This is awesome to do, but you don't get 
any orbs.

Square:  Throw them.  Extremely useful for damaging all surrounding 

Tapping circle:  Throwing them to the ground and stabbing them 4 times.  
If they are stronger, you will beat some orbs out of them before 
stabbing them.  If you stab them to death, and in the end, have 10 
consecutive hits, then you get a Ruthless kill bonus (+10 experience).  
So make sure you have 6 consecutive hits before you stab one, or if 
they are stronger, at least 3.  


     Level 1

-Hold triangle:  Ascension- when next to an enemy, this tactic will 
shoot your enemy into the air.

-Tap circle:  Orion's Harpoon- This tactic allows you to grab your 
enemy out of the air when they are shot up and slam them back to the 
ground.  Use this with Ascension.  You can tap circle until they are 
dead to keep yanking and shooting them.

-L1:  Hades reverse (block)- Blocks certain attacks.

-Square-square-triangle:  Plume of Prometheus- you use 2 heavy attacks, 
and them slam your blades of chaos on the ground.  Extremely useful for 
large groups of enemies

     Level 2

-Hold L1+X:  Apollo's ascension- when used, you launch an enemy into 
the air with you.

-Hold L1+X (while in the air): Apollo's offensive- keep holding L1, and 
tap X to bat the enemy down, whip them with your blades of chaos, and 
continue the pattern till they fall to the ground.  Extremely useful 
for gaining consecutive hits for bonus experience.

-R1:  Hermes Rush- you dash at your opponents.

-R1 (while in air)- Hermes stomp- you stomp enemies that are on the 
ground while you are in the air.  

     Level 3

-Hold L1+square:  Cyclone of Chaos- you spin around with your blades of 
chaos to hit every enemy around you.  It is not that powerful, but you 
can gain mad consecutive hits if in a large group of enemies.  

-Hold L1+square (while in the air): Cyclone of Chaos- If you spin while 
in the air and keep tapping square, you are able to fall to the ground 
much slower, while performing this attack very rapidly.

-Triangle (x3): Spirit of Hercules- this attack starts with a heavy 
attack, then a follow-up, then a powerful slam to the ground.  This is 
a better alternative to plume of Prometheus, but it is not nearly as 
fast, so you will be using both moves throughout the game.

-Triangle-triangle-square: Valor of Hercules- the end result of this 
attack is the same one that you get when you hit square consecutively.  
Your blades whip out to the sides for a horizontal sweep.  So, in 
short, this is a faster version of that attack, and the only difference 
from the spirit of Hercules is the ending attack.

-Square or Triangle of R1: Hades revenge- hit any of these buttons for 
an attack after you block your opponents attack.

     Level 4

-Hold L1+triangle: Rising Helios- Kratos will flip around forward, 
resulting in multiple hits to a single enemy or a small group of 
enemies, ending with a slam to the ground.

-Hold L1+triangle (air): Falling Helios- used while in the air.

-R1 (x3): Hermes Fury- an addition to the dash attack.  Kratos will 
rush at his opponent, but will also jab them with the blades.

-Right analog stick + X: Achilles Flip- Used after evading an attack to 
attack an opponent.

     Level 5

-Hold L1+circle: Lance of the Furies- Hold circle, and you will slam 
the ground with massive area effect and damage.

-Hold L1+circle (air): Lance of the Furies- This is the better thing to 
do, since while charging it, you will not be sitting in the middle of 
the ground vulnerable to attack.  Do this to easily perform the attack,

-Square, then hold square: Might of Hercules- After tapping square then 
holding it, you will perform a series of powerful attacks.

B.  Strategies

-Hit and Run Strategy

This is an excellent strategy, but it only works for big enemies.  Once 
you master this strategy it is extremely helpful, and you can take down 
some huge enemies without even getting hit.  Make sure it is not the 
huge enemies with the spike balls they shoot at you, as this strategy 
will not work with them; they have ranged attacks.  Alright, so when 
you come across a huge melee enemy, stay back from them, and use plume 
of Prometheus.  It should push them back some.  Move back when your 
light attacks for the combo start to hit the big enemies.  This really 
only works for Cyclops's.  Use this strategy till the enemy is down.  
The area of effect is pretty big, so if there are 2 enemies, get them 
next to each other, and you can use it on them both.  Sometimes it 
takes awhile to kill the enemies, but it is safe and effective.

-Hit and Dodge strategy

A method of the hit and run strategy for large groups of small enemies.  
Basically, what you do is use plume of Prometheus on a set of enemies, 
dodge roll through the middle or other side, and use it again.  Then 
dodge roll again and use, and repeat.  

-Grab and throw strategy

Not really a strategy so much as a tactic.  In an attack group, grab an 
enemy you can and throw them at the other enemies.  This really is just 
a simple move, but it is the most effective move you have.  If the 
enemies are unable to throw until you get the circle above their heads, 
then focus on one enemy until he has the circle, then throw him.  Try 
to get in the middle of an whole group of enemies so the 360 whip-
around will get as many enemies as you can, because it does MASSIVE 
damage, especially to the one that is targeted.

That's it for now.  If you have any more strategies, please e-mail me 
and let me know.    


IV.  Walkthrough (GOWWX0)


For the game, I want to offer one small piece of advice: NEVER IGNORE 
OR RUN PAST ENEMIES!!  Besides the fact that you will loose a lot of 
health if they follow you, you desperately need the experience for 
leveling up, or you will be screwed by the end of the game.

-I wrote this FAQ as a played the game in hard mode.  Most strategies 
that work in hard mode will work in normal mode, but there are still a 
few things that are different.  However, the way this FAQ is written 
will not affect the way the game is played on normal.  I did not 
mention how long it takes to kill certain enemies or anything like 
that, so nothing will seem strange.

-If you want to prepare to play the game on God Mode, my absolute best 
advice is to play the game for the FIRST time on Hard mode.  I did 
this, and although it took a while and was difficult on Hard mode, God 
mode was a breeze for me, except for the boss before you get Army of 
Hades, which was about it.  All you have to do from going to hard mode 
to God mode is dodge and block a little bit more, and fight a little 
more aggressively.  Ares was not too much harder, and I defeated each 
form quicker than I did on hard mode.  By playing on hard mode the 
first time, you must use a lot more strategy than in the lesser 
difficulties.  If you play for the first time on normal, you will not 
need to use nearly as much strategy, and can win most battles with 
simply any moves and without blocking very much.  When you play the 
higher difficulties, you try this same technique and it will not work.  
So the best idea is to play on hard so you develop this technique of 
playing right when you play the game.

-At the same time, this FAQ is useful when playing on God mode.  I 
played and beat God Mode, and there is not much difference between hard 
mode and God mode, except the bosses.  You take a little more damage, 
the enemies take longer to defeat, but that is about it.  Orbs are the 
same, puzzles are the same, health upgrades are the same, just about 
everything else is the same.  

* indicates a boss battle

A.  Ship to Athens (GOWW1)

The game starts with a fight against a bunch of weak enemies.  This is 
not too difficult: you can just win with your regular attacks.  If you 
ever do have trouble, though, use square, square, triangle (plume of 
Prometheus)if your opponents are in a horde, and use triangle for heavy 
attacks against single enemies.  A really good strategy is to grab them 
(circle) and throw them (square).  It will target a certain enemy, but 
you will fling them around 360 degrees, so you can nail a bunch of 
other enemies near you also.  This is probably the best way to win with 
the most health.  The point of this fight is basically to get used to 
the controls and method of gameplay.

After the fight, you are able to open a hatch.  Open it to drop down 
into the ship.  You can open the chest with health orbs if you need it.  
As you progress through this hallway, you may want to break open the 
barrels and the bunk beds to get extra orbs.  Once you get to the end, 
you come into a boss battle.

*Hydra spawn; Difficulty:  5/20

This boss is not too hard, because hitting it will sometimes give you 
health orbs.  Block whenever the hydra backs up, because it is about to 
strike at you.  After it does this, you can either do a heavy attack 
(triangle) or square, square, triangle.  Either one will work fine.  
Anyway, just attack after blocking each attack, but only after 
blocking, because you do not want to risk being hit while in the 
process of attacking.  After wearing it down to about 2/3 health, you 
get a prompt to press circle.  Do it, and then follow the on-screen 
button prompts.  After hitting about 4 prompts, the boss is defeated 
and you get a bunch of red and green orbs.

Proceed across the beams to the other side.  If you slip, just press X 
to get back on.  Once on the other side, break open the barrels for 
some extra orbs.  Continue off to the left, and talk to the prisoner on 
the left side if you want.  It is probably a good idea.  After that, 
head up the stairs and open the chest of red orbs up there.  Continue 
on and attack the wood barricade.  Open the door ahead of you to come 
into an area with a bunch of people running around on the outside of 
the ship.  

Attack the harpies.  Light attacks will do fine here, because they are 
pretty weak.  Whenever there is a clump of harpies, however, you may 
want to use square, square, triangle.  If you get low on health, grab 
the villagers.  Kratos will stab them a few times and kill them.  
Killing them this way will give you 3 health orbs.  If you kill them 
regularly, they only give one.  After fighting a while, there will be 
another hydra spawn.

*Hydra spawn; Difficulty:  7/20

Use the same tactics as you did last time; block when he does his 
rotating attack, and when he lunges at you.  If he grabs you between 
his teeth, that is fine, because as long as you tap circle quickly and 
get out of his attack, you will grab him and slam him to the ground, 
resulting in massive damage.  Just repetitive heavy attacks are the way 
to go here.  In addition to slamming him to the ground, he will not 
take too long to defeat.  

After the fight, head to the right side, and open the 2 doors for some 
chests with red orbs.  After that, jump down into the hole that the 
boss popped out of.  Go forward, climb the rope, and fight a few more 
enemies.  Head across the beam, and when you get to where it meets with 
2 others, you probably want to head off to the right beam first to grab 
some red orbs, then head back and take the left beam.  Once you come 
onto the platform at the end, there is a save altar and a chest with 
health orbs.  Walk forward to see a short cut-scene.  After this, hop 
down and find the crate on the right hand side.

This can be tough.  What you have to do is get the crate to the end 
without getting it broken by the archers arrows.  The archers attack 
with 2 waves of arrows.  What you need to do is wait until right before 
the first archers arrow wave hits the wall, and then start moving 
right.  Only move right enough that you can kick the crate forward.  
Once there, immediately hold X, and hold it until right before the 
archers arrows are going to hit the box, then let go.  Continue kicking 
the box, but do not go near it when archers arrows are heading towards 
you.  The box will get destroyed if you let this happen too often.  
Stay away from the box until right before the second wave of arrows 
gets shot, then run to the box, and kick it (make sure you are far 
enough away from the box that the second wave arrows do not hit the box 
or you).  Run back right before the first wave of archers arrows is 
shot again, then return right before the second wave is shot.  When you 
reach the next wall, continue the pattern until you reach the end.  If 
the box gets destroyed, just try it again.  Practice a few times, and 
you will get it.  Once the crate is at the end, jump on it, and climb 
the ropes.  Kill the archers (a very easy way is jump up on one of the 
side ledges, grab one, fling it with the square button, and if it 
targets the other end, you can get all 6 archers with one attack).  
Open the chest with health orbs, and enter the doorway.

Continue and you will reach a door that you can hear women behind.  
Turn around and climb the ladder, and then climb the rope.  The best 
way to kill any enemies while on the rope is to grab them and throw 
them down.  Other attacks take too long.  If there is a line of 
enemies, though, you can use triangle, which is easier.  Other than 
that, just grab those above and beside you, and use square for those 
below you.  If they are attacking you while on your side, use square on 
them to get them off guard, and then immediately move over and grab 
them.  If you grab them in their upper-body, you can knock orbs out of 
them by tapping circle.  You can also use X to ascend or move to the 
side faster if need be.  You will reach a ledge with a second rope.  
Ascend that to reach the stern.

Kill the couple of enemies that are up here, and walk across the beam 
to the side to get some red orbs.  Go back and slide down the rope.  
Once at the bottom, smash open all 3 wooden barricades.  The left chest 
contains red orbs, and the right chest contains a Gorgon Eye@.  Walk 
forward through the doorway for a cut scene.  After the scene, you get 
the magic Poseidon's rage.  Head out the door, and use the save altar 
to the right if you want to.  Grab either of the chests if you need 
them, and head up the ladder for a cut scene.  After that, you enter a 
battle with 2 hydra spawns.

*Hydra spawns; Difficulty:  8/20

These are not too hard.  Focus on one at a time.  Use just heavy 
attacks, as with the last hydra spawn, and block whenever necessary.  
Once one is at one-third health, it will collapse off to the side.  
Climb the crates to the top, and jump onto the white circular platform 
to pin it to the deck, and get a bunch of red and green orbs.  Be quick 
about it, though, because they will get back up soon.  Repeat with the 
last one, and after that is done, climb the net in the middle to fight 
the hydra.
*Hydra; Difficulty:  12/20

The hydra has 3 attacks.  2 are easy to dodge or block, and the last 
one can be tough.  First, he will do a really loud roar which will push 
you off the ledge, but that is blockable somehow. Second, he will do a 
brief roar and then slam his teeth into the front of the platform.  
This is your queue to attack him.  Use only light attacks, because they 
will get the most damage out of him, because if you do not pause while 
attacking, you can attack continuously for a while.  His third attack, 
he will ease back, and then slam his whole head onto the platform.  
This is hard to dodge if you do not see it coming, so learn to see it 
coming (remember, he will not roar or anything, just ease back and slam 
up almost instantly), move to the back of the platform.  To make it in 
time, you may need to use the Right stick to roll out of the way.  This 
is the only place you are safe from it.  To make it in time, you may 
need to use the Right stick to roll out of the way.  If you need to, 
you can hop onto the rope.  Now, back to attack strategy.  In order for 
him to slam his teeth onto the front of the platform, you must attack 
him first while he is in one of his other phases.  The best time to do 
this is right after he is done roaring.  It seems that if you completed 
the light attack combo on him (where Kratos whips out his blades, doing 
a sweep on both sides) that the hydra has a better chance of repeating 
the phase where he sinks his teeth into the platform.  However, as the 
fight goes on, this chance seems to lessen.  If you do not start 
beating it out of him with him squealing, then he is about to slam his 
head onto the platform, so watch out.  Actually, I think whether or not 
he repeats this phase is dependent on how far you are from him while 
attacking.  If you are close, you will start continuously attacking 
him.  If you see him backing up without roaring, though, get to the 
back of the platform.  The roar is not very damaging, it will just 
knock you off.  You can just climb back up.  Anyway, once you get him 
down to a little over half health, he will collapse on either side.  
Use circle to grab him with your blades, tap circle to bring him toward 
the post in the center, and Kratos will slam him against it to break it 
some.  Repeat once to snap the post.  Do the cycle one more time, and 
he will dangle about.  Circle will appear above his head, so hit it, do 
the one button combo, then sit back and watch the sweet FMV.

After the fight, you hear some guy yelling for help.  Jump into the 
hydra's mouth, and continue to find the captain.  After the cut-scene, 
you get the key.  After that, you need to head back to that door where 
you heard the women.  After exiting the hydra, head up the crates on 
the right side, jump onto the platform, open the crates for health and 
a gorgon eye, and slide down the rope.  From there, save if you need 
to, and just head forward, following the same path you did before to 
get to the captains door.  On your way, you will encounter a few 
archers.  After defeating them, which should not be too hard, head back 
up the net, through the doorway and to the captain's door.

After unlocking the door, walk in, head down the hallway, and open the 
door at the end for a cut-scene.  After that, you are in your room.  
You can jump on the bed and enter a button and joystick combo which, if 
done correctly, will break the vase and result in a bunch of red orbs.  
Anyway, after that, head down the hall, save if you need to, and 
continue on to a chest of blue orbs and a chest of green orbs.  You can 
break the bags through this hall if you want for some extra orbs.  
Climb the ladder to exit the ship.

B.  The Gates of Athens (GOWW2)

Head to the front of the ship and talk to Athena if you want, and then 
head off the ship to the right.  Defeat the enemies here using the 
square square triangle combo as necessary, and block when need be.  
It's real easy to see their attacks coming, and you can block them 
easy, so take it slow if you have trouble.  Just watch out for when you 
hit them to the ground.  If they get back up quickly, they may do a 
spinning attack which gives less time to block than the other attack.  
So be ready for that.  Once one of them has a circle above them, grab 
and throw them into the others for some massive damage to all of them.  
This is a golden strategy which makes fighting so much easier, 
especially when the huge clumps of enemies come along.  Fight until one 
gets a circle, then throw them into the clump.  Sometimes, the others 
get circles, too, so throw them too.  Use this strategy till the end of 
the game, its an excellent one.  Defeat these enemies, then continue on 
to the next set of enemies.

Note:  If you got all the orbs that I mentioned, including the vase and 
breaking all barrels and environment objects, you will have enough to 
level up your blades of chaos.  I highly recommend leveling up these 
until their full level, but it's your choice.  I will start mentioning 
strategies with enemies using new moves that are gotten when you level 
these up first.  If you choose to do this, I will make notes whenever 
you can get another level.  You will have rage of the gods.  One word 
of advice for this: Save.  Save till you ABSOULTELY need it because it 
takes forever to charge.  

Only 3 enemies for this set.  Should not be too hard.  Fight like you 
did the last set, then head left.  There is a hole in the wall, which I 
suggest you take.  Head into the doorway at the top and you will fight 
a few enemies.  Use regular strategies to defeat them, and then head 
forward and open the chest for a phoenix feather.  Head out the right, 
grab the health orbs if you need it, and then head over the crates and 
back up to where you entered the hole in the wall.  Take the elevator 
to the left.

Head right and get the chest if you need it, which you will not if you 
got the feather.  You are now introduced to the minotaur.  These 
enemies take a while to kill.  Hit them, back up, then attack again.  
Do not get up close to them.  The best attacks to use are regular heavy 
attacks for single minotaurs, and if there are 2 or more, use the 
square square triangle combo.  When the circle appears above the head, 
you can either press it and hit circle rapidly to kill them for health, 
or you can kill them normally for experience.  After you defeat one, 
another one comes.  After that one is defeated, grab the chest for 
magic and continue right and take the next elevator.  

Head forward, watch the cut-scene, and now you get to fight a Cyclops.  
When he starts spinning his big spike ball, run in circles around him, 
but stay near him while doing this, in order to dodge it.  After that, 
heavy-attack him.  When he spins his ball again, repeat.  When the 
circle appears, hit it to enter the button combo and defeat him.  After 
that one, 2 more will appear, so defeat them too, but watch out for the 
one you are not attacking.  However, if you were quick about killing 
the one after the first one before the third one came into the picture, 
he should be about dead.  Finish him, then kill the last one. 

Head forward into the doorway, grabbing the changing chest if you need 
either health or magic.  Continue into the room with stacked boxes.  
Destroy the wooden crates below the one right in front of you, and the 
one in the upper left, and then head to the lower left and jump on that 
crate.  Jump to the upper right platform, then jump onto the one to the 
right of there to find a hole in the wall with a magic chest and a 
gorgon eye.  Head back and jump on the platform in front.  Open the 
chest for experience, and head up the ladder.  Strafe along the side to 
the left, and just keep walking right off the edge until you land on 
the platform.  Head to the left and grab the net and climb, then jump 
to the platform to the left (not by the opening) and jump again to the 
left to find a chest with experience.  Head back to the right and enter 
the opening in the wall.  Head to the right and watch the cut-scene.  
Grab the chest if you need it.

*Medusa; Difficulty:  10/20

She is not too hard.  You can block every attack except the gaze.  When 
she uses the gaze, dodge-roll around like crazy to avoid it.  Use heavy 
attacks to defeat her.  You can also use the square square triangle 
attack to cut her gaze short, or to get her on the ground.  She will 
often attack right after you attack her, so be ready to defend.  If you 
can, try using the Plume of Prometheus move on her in sequence if you 
can get her on the ground to keep her down.  If done right, you can 
continually attack her while she is helpless.  Careful if she turns you 
to stone, because if she hits you, its game over.  This will get 
especially annoying later in the game when you have groups of Gorgons, 
or a gorgon with enemies, of groups of gargons with groups of enemies, 
or anything to do with gorgons, its gonna suck.  Anyway, health is not 
too big a deal, because if you get low, you will be beating health orbs 
out of her.  Just block when necessary, use heavy attacks, dodge-roll 
the gaze, and when she gets the circle above her head, hit it and do 
the couple of joystick rotations and you win.  Congratulations.  You 
get Medusa's gaze.  This is so helpful, especially for winning 
experience.  Let me give a brief description of how to get experience 
with it.

-Breaking an enemy while they are frozen:  15 exp "crushed"
-Freezing an enemy in the air:  30 exp (they fall to the ground, 
shatter, and are "ruined")

Defeat the minotaurs.  Use medusa's gaze when they are lined up, and 
you can freeze both of them at once, saving energy.  Smash them with 
square square triangle, or heavy attacks (either one will break them 
just doing it once.  Beware, though, because later in the game, stone 
forms can require a ton of beating to break before they return to 
normal).  You get plenty of experience here, too.  

After the fight, head through the doorway, defeat a couple enemies, and 
head up the ladder.  Hit the lever to turn the arrow forward.  Shoot it 
to break the wood door. Hit the lever again to shoot the arrow to 
the left side, a crack in the wall, revealing a chest with a phoenix 
feather.  Head back to the lever, hit it twice, and shoot again to the 
right, another wall, revealing 2 chests with experience. 

Grab the chest of health here if you need it.  Then head forward.  
There is a ladder.  While not required, you should really do this.  Go 
to the left, down, defeat the few enemies there, open the chest for a 
gorgon eye, and open the gate for quick access back to the second 
floor.  After that, return to the top and take the first ladder you saw 
to the right.  At the top are a few enemies you need to defeat, and 
then there is a ladder to the left.  Climb up the wall here, but don't 
go too far.  Go until that wooden thing on the side ends, and then 
crawl on the wall onto the area above it.  Drop down here, and jump 
onto the roof to the left below you.  From here, jump forward, down 
into the area with the experience you revealed with the crossbow.  A 
double jump is necessary to get here, so make sure to do that.  After 
grabbing those chests, jump down from there and head back to the gate 
that you opened when you headed left.  Head back up there, then up the 
other ladder and back to where you were climbing on the wall before.  
Head to the very top so you can easily jump to the right.  Hold the 
right stick to the right until he dangles, and then hit X to jump to 
the next wall.  You can double-jump if you want, but it is not 
necessary.  After jumping to the other side and continuing on, you will 
see 2 enemies on the right side of another gap.  They will jump onto 
your side, so be careful.  If they are below you, just use light 
attacks until they fall off.  Hop onto the next part of the wall, and 
continue to the right where you will encounter even more enemies.  
There are a lot, so stay low so you have the opportunity to grab them.  
If they are to your side, you can beat orbs out of them, but that is 
also helpful, because slamming them on the wall will sometimes knock 
other nearby opponents off.  Continue to the right, and hop another 
gap, and once on the other side, you will encounter even more enemies.  
You need to move down for this part of the wall, so I suggest light 
attacks.  If you can get next to an enemy without getting hit, try to 
grab him and throw him down onto other enemies.

Once at the bottom, move left alongside the building.  I encountered an 
enemy here because it fell off the wall and landed here, so if there is 
any enemies here, be sure to defeat them.  Don't fall.  Get behind the 
giant statue and tap R2.  It will fall and collapse, and his head will 
provide a boost to a ladder at the bottom.  Grab the chest on the left 
side of the ledge before jumping off.  After that, you need to get down 
(get onto the ladder, because it won't let you fall off otherwise).  
Once you get down, head to the left side, and jump on the head of the 
statue to reach the ladder.

After climbing, you have to fight 2 gorgons (weaker versions of 
Medusa).  Don't bother using medusa's gaze on them; it has no effect.  
What you need to do is use a variety of square-square-triangle and 
normal heavy attacks.  Use the first combo when they are together, and 
you are further away, and use the second when you are closer and only 
dealing with one.  You have to defeat 2 now, but they are much weaker, 
but be sure to block plenty.  Their attacks give plenty of warning, 
because they usually throw their arms up and back up before attacking.  
The gaze is no problem to avoid, you just have to use the right stick 
to dodge-roll.  It doesn't matter how much you are in the gaze, as long 
as you are dodge rolling, you will not be frozen.  After defeating 
these 2, grab the chest on the left (you could get this during the 
battle if you want, but I don't suggest it because they take awhile to 
open, and plus at the end it is possible you will not have full health 
for the next set of enemies), and then head up the ladder ahead of the 
first one you came up.

Up here, you start with 2 minotaurs.  Use Medusa's gaze on them, but be 
sure you are as far away as possible; you do not want it to be 
interrupted.  Try backing to the back right corner, and using it right 
when you get there.  You can probably freeze them both at once, and 
then just use square square triangle to finish them both.  After these 
2, you need to fight another gorgon and another minotaur.  This one is 
not too hard; just get the minotaur between you and the gorgon when the 
gorgon is using her gaze, and the minotaur will be frozen by her gaze.  
Use square-square-triangle to finish the minotaur, and then go after 
the gorgon.  If that does not work for you, then just focus regular 
attacks on the gorgon, and then freeze and break the minotaur with the 
gaze.  After this, attack the two pillars on the left side until a 
platform is revealed for them both, and then climb up. 

You fight a bunch of legionnaires here.  You can try to go to the lower 
right, onto the raised platform and use the gaze when they are all 
clumped, but it is tough to do, because you are constantly being 
bombarded.  If that does not work, just use regular strategy, between 
blocking, square-square-triangle combo, and heavy attacks.  Then once 
one gets a circle, grab and throw as usual.  After these enemies are 
done, head to the right and use the crossbow.  Then hop onto the rope.

Right when you jump on, more enemies pop up on that platform.  Right 
then, hop down and take care of them.  Then get back on the rope.  For 
every enemy in reach use only the square attack (quick jab) on them 
until they fall off.  If an enemy is out of range, and only one, then 
use the triangle move.  Be aware, however, the quick-jab range is 
further than you might think.  If enemies are closing on both sides, be 
quick and quick jab on both sides, alternating back and forth.  It 
takes practice, but basically you need to be tapping square while 
moving the analog stick left and right.  Once you master that, use that 
and only that strategy when enemies close in from both sides.  Progress 
down the rope.  Health is not a huge issue, because each enemy you 
quick-jab attack off will give you health if you are low.  If an enemy 
grabs you, don't use your thumb to rock the joystick; just take your 
whole right hand and run it left and right on the stick.  Once you 
reach the end, hop down short of the ladder to save time.  Get the 
chest if you need it, and come back toward the screen to see a wood 
door getting beaten at.  From here, head left and raise the familiar-
looking door.  Raise the door and run back, aim the crossbow at the 
door, and fire away.  Don't leave once you break down the door, 
however.  Stay and use the crossbow, fire as fast as you can to get rid 
of the advancing minotaurs.  

Save if you want, and then head forward into where the wooden door was 
and descend the ladder.  Head back toward the screen, and when you get 
to the end of the hall, you will notice you are on the other side of 
the gate that you saw in the courtyard previously.  Head forward onto 
the bridge (you can break the pots here if you want for some orbs) for 
a cut-scene.  After the scene, head forward to get a first glance of 

Take the path to the right first.  Save here if you want, and continue 
down the path to the end with a gate.  The only reason you came here is 
to grab that chest off to the right with a gorgon eye.  Head back down 
the path you took, and then take the left path back at the connection 
to the bridge.  After going down it a little bit, you will see a bunch 
of debris fall into your path.  Head to the left side, break the crates 
for orbs if you want, and head through the doorway.  It closes, and now 
you are trapped.  I suggest fighting the enemies here until they won't 
give you orbs anymore, and then try freezing one on the switch in the 
back that opens the door.  Careful with these enemies, they have 
unblockable attacks.  Just freeze them, because there is a chest here 
with energy that will reset after you use it.  Head to the back and 
freeze them.  Now you have to be quick in breaking them when frozen, 
because they take a lot of damage to break, and they may unfreeze.  The 
best way to break them is only heavy attacks.  No combos, just hit 
triangle repeatedly.  3 heavy attacks breaks them.  The key to beating 
these enemies it distance.  They move and attack so slow, but if they 
hit you, it hurts.   So use square-square-triangle from distance, and 
use heavy attacks only when they are on the ground.  After they stop 
giving orbs, lure one back to where the button is, and start freezing 
him when he is in front of the button, and get him to freeze on the 
button.  Once he is on the button and frozen, RUN.  You need to be 
quick to get to the door before he unfreezes.

Note: If not now, you should really soon have enough orbs to upgrade 
your blades of chaos to the third level.  This level is wonderful, 
because you have a great new combo called spirit of Hercules.  This is 
a much better alternative to square-square-triangle (plume of 
Prometheus), but it is slower.  You will still be using the previous 
combo.  Anyway, spirit of Hercules is used by tapping triangle till you 
rise up and slam your blades down in a powerful slam.  It consists of 
starting with a heavy attack, then a follow-up heavy attack, and 
finally a slam.  I will be using this move in future strategies for 

After heading through the door, grab the chest if you need it and 
proceed forward.  There are eyes and feathers and orbs in some of these 
houses, which you get into by attacking the door, but I will state 
ones.  The second house on the left has a chest with orbs.  Grab them, 
and head forward, and you will see an archer.  Get rid of him, then 
move forward more to see a Gorgon and more archers.  Kill the gorgon 
first, then grab the archers and throw them.  After you defeat the 
archers, that house ahead of you on the corner with the second level 
has a chest with some red orbs in it.  Also, the house to the left of 
where the Gorgon was, there is a house with a chest with a feather.  
Finally, head forward and to the right there is a chest on top of that 
building on the right of the corner.  Jump on the building from the 
back, and open the chest for a gorgon eye.  Your health meter should 
now be increased.  Now, continue around the corner to find another 
archer.  To the right of him in the house is a chest with orbs.  You 
will then encounter some more of those enemies you encountered back in 
the trap.  Use the spirit of Hercules (tap triangle) to defeat them 
quickly, and keep them on the ground.  Be ready dodge if they get ready 
to attack, however.  In this area, there are 2 houses on the left side 
where the road starts to curve back right with a feather and an eye.  
After grabbing these, kill the gorgon first and then kill the archers 
around here.  When you reach the barricade, the second to last house on 
the left hand side has some orbs.  The one right behind it has more 
orbs.  There is another house across from it with more.  After that, go 
to the side of that house to find a crate.  Jump onto it, and then jump 
onto the top of the house.  Break the door and grab the chest with more 
red orbs.  That crate is destroyable, so be careful.  After getting all 
those chests, break the barricades ahead of you.

Double-jump onto the rope in front of you.  Then swing a little bit, 
just back and then forward again should do.  Once you go forward, let 
go and jump onto the next rope.  From here, move up the rope and jump 
off while pushing the stick to the upper left.  Grab the orbs, and then 
hop down to the right.  Follow the curve, and then ascend the first 

C.	Athens Town Square (GOWW3)

After ascending the first stairs, head to the left and break the wooden 
door to reveal a chest with red orbs in it.  Go to the right of there 
and break that door for some orbs.  Ascend the second set, and head 
right and break the wooden door on the right side to find a chest with 
some more red orbs.  Now head to the top, and you get to fight with 
some of those huge guys you fought where you knocked the statue over.

This fight is not that bad.  You can get health by grabbing the 
villagers and getting 3 orbs.  I do not think that the villagers ever 
run out, they just keep coming.  I could be wrong, however, because I 
never used a ton of villagers for health, and there are a lot of them.  
Anyway, use spirit of Hercules like crazy here.  If you cannot get 
close enough, then just use the plume of Prometheus.  That will push 
him back each time you use it.  Sometimes, just doing that end on end 
will let you win without getting hit or without difficulty.  When the 
circle appears, hit it to yank his eyes out with your blades and get a 
bunch of orbs.  There will be more than one after you defeat the first 
one, so be ready to dodge-roll when you get ganged up on.  Yank our 
their eyes 3 times to defeat them with a brutal kill (+20 experience 

After they are defeated, take the ledge to the left of the stairwell 
you came up on to find a chest with red orbs and a door you can break 
for orbs.  After that, go just to the left of the top of the stairs, 
and break the door there to find a chest with more red orbs.  Slightly 
ahead on the left side is another chest with red orbs.  Now you can 
head through the doorway in the upper left.  

Walk through and you will see a women panic and run.  Move forward into 
a room with a shiny floor and pictures on the walls.  Break the cracked 
one on the right side of the wall right in front of you for a chest 
with a gorgon eye.  Break another one on the left wall for some orbs.  
Finally, there is one on the right wall you can break for a alternating 
chest.  Take either one if you need it, but I suggest the magic if you 
are low on both, because another health chest is not far, and there are 
no enemies between here and there.  Continue up the stairs and through 
the hallway till you reach a balcony.  Take the health if you want, 
then head right and break the wooden door.  There is a crack in the top 
wall on the right side which when attacked, reveals a chest with red 
orbs.  There is another alternating chest on the balcony on the right, 
but you should not need either one because of the 2 chests you just got 
not too long ago.  So head back out the door you came in and head to 
the left.  Jump across, then head in to the right for a cut-scene.  
After it, head up the stairs and head out onto the balcony in front of 
you.  After she falls off, save if you want, and jump onto the ledge to 
the left to open a chest with a feather, and then jump off the balcony 
and get the key.

After you grab the key, head back in the doorway to the left, and when 
you come to the shiny room, you will have to fight some enemies.  You 
have new enemies here.  Well, they're really not new, they are old 
enemies with shields.  To get rid of their shields, use Plume of 
Prometheus.  After you do that, which you can do if they are all 
together to get them all gone at once, you can just grab-and-toss.

Head up the steps to fight a couple Gorgons.  After defeating them, 
head up the second stairs to fight one of those shied guys.  After 
that, head onto the balcony to find 2 archers and another gorgon.  
Start by grabbing the archer and tossing him at whoever you target.  
Grab the second one if he is not dead, and toss him at the gorgon.  
Finish the gorgon, which will not take long since you threw the archer 
at her, and then jump across the ledge to the other balcony AFTER the 2 
archers shoot their arrows.  You do not want to get shot in mid-jump, 
or you will fall.  You can grab and throw them, or just grab and stab 
them.  If you want, you can go into that room that is next to the first 
balcony before you jumped and defeat more enemies there for more orbs, 
but you do not need to. 

Head up the stairs and defeat the archers.  You can get ruthless kills 
if you grab and stab all 4 of them.  Do that to the first 2, and then 
be fast to the third one before your consecutive hits meter resets.  
After you grab and stab him, do it to the 4th one quickly, and you will 
have gotten 2 Ruthless kills (+20 orbs).  After that, head onto the 
balcony, and to the right, across the wooden bridge to reach a door.  
Unlock and open it, and when you get at the bottom, open that gate for 
quick access back to here.  Head forward for a save point and save if 
you want, and then head around the corner and forward to see some 
soldiers and then a cave-in.  Head left and forward and open the door.  
Continue on to go outside to the Roofs of Athens

D.  Roofs of Athens (GOWW4)

Head right and climb the wall.  Head left and up again, and then push 
the stick left, and double-tap X to reach the other wall behind you.  
Head up it, and then push the stick right and double-tap X again to 
reach the wall back on the side you were on.  Head up, and finally, 
jump back behind you to a platform with a green and blue chest.  Take 
either one if you need it, and head in for a cut-scene.

This fight is tough.  Those underground guys (wraiths) are annoying.  
Every time you see them go underground, watch for when they get to you, 
and then block.  You can grab them, but it is not an ordinary grab; you 
simply grab them and throw them in the air.  However, once they get 
damaged enough, you can grab them, throw them down, and chop off their 
head.  Do that whenever you get a chance.  When you block their 
underground attacks, you must block when they pop out.  They hit you 
twice, but if you get hit the first time, you will get hit the second 
time.  I would not advice the Spirit of Hercules, because it takes too 
long, and it that time you may get hit.  Stick with plume of Prometheus 
if you can, and heavy attacks.  If you have more trouble, you may want 
to try Medusa's gaze, as these guys freeze fast, but you need time.  
Plus that, you need medusa's gaze much more in the next fight, so you 
may want to just save it.  After you defeat a couple of them, you get 
to fight some legionaries.  Focus on the underground guys first, and 
then take care of the other enemies, because you do not want to fight 
the regular enemies with the underground guys constantly popping up 
under you.  After you defeat all enemies here, defeat the 2 archers and 
their respawns on the stairs, and then head back to the right side of 
the shielded door, and break the barricade and open the chest for an 
eye.  Head back and up the stairs to the top, and hop the ledge for 
another fight.

This fight sucks.  Not only do you have the underground guys, you also 
have those huge spike-ball throwing guys.  Once here, focus on the 
underground guys first of all.  The best tactic is to freeze them as 
fast as you can, before the Cyclops comes along.  They take less than a 
second to freeze, and only a light attack to snap.  You have to nail 6 
in about 6 or 7 seconds before the spike-ball throwing enemy comes.  If 
you can't get them all, just get as many as you can, and freeze the 
rest while dodging the spike ball.  If you get low on health, get the 
enemies to the lower right, and then get up there fast before the 
enemies catch you and attack you while opening the chest.  This fight 
is extremely annoying, especially since a second Cyclops comes.  If you 
have to freeze more of the Wraiths, then use the dodge-roll to get away 
from them to give you time, and hope they don't go underground.  Do NOT 
use gaze on the Cyclops's, they take forever to freeze and forever to 
crack, so don't bother.  When the Cyclops throws the ball, sometimes it 
will hit the wraiths, which is nice, so you might try getting wraiths 
between you and him, which is hard, but if you just run in circles 
around him, it might work.  This takes awhile, so you may not want to 
bother, but it does help when he does it.  So, this fight is hard, 
especially if you get hit once, and then they keep hitting you, without 
giving you a break to block.  Good luck, you're gonna need it.

-I also had a suggestion regarding staying behind the wall and freezing 
the enemies from behind here.

After that fight, head back down the stairs and through the door that 
was shielded before.  Head to the left first to get a chest down there 
with some orbs.  Head forward and get the health if you need it, which 
you almost certainly will from the last fight.  Continue forward, jump 
onto the ledge, and then jump forward and grab the moss on the pillar.  
Move around to the right, head down, and then move back to the left 
until you are lined up with the ledge to the balcony.  Double-jump onto 
the ledge.  Grab the chest with the orbs, and attack the wooden door.  
Head forward to find more wraiths.  Defeat them however, then head up 
the stairs and defeat the 2 archers.  Head out the doorway and defeat 
the rest of the archers.  Move to the left to the wooden drawbridge and 
hit R2 to kick it out.  Head down and back and jump onto the pillar 
again.  Move around to the right until you are lined up with the other 
pillar to the right, and jump onto it.  Move to the other side of 
there, and then jump onto the ledge.  Open the chest for some red orbs.  
Head forward and get that alternating chest only if you need it, 
because you will be back here.  

Start by heading left and walk over the left side of the bridge to the 
building.  Head left, grab the ballista with R2, and push it into the 
doorway.  From here, hold X and kick it to send it sliding down the 
incline.  Grab it again and push it into the room and then leave it for 
now.  There are 4 doors in here.  The top right one has an alternating 
chest, the bottom right one just has stuff to break for orbs, the top 
right one has the same, and the bottom left one is where you need to 
ggo. Open the door, and get ready to fight some more enemies.  You may 
want to use Medusa's gaze on these, because you can get a ton of 
enemies to freeze from one beam because there are so close.  You can 
get mad experience from doing this too.  Defeat 2 sets of enemies.  
Before heading in and pulling the lever, put the ballista on that gear 
outside the door.  Go in and pull the lever to turn the ballista.  Head 
up the ladder to find a chest with some orbs.  Go back down, move the 
ballista off the gear, and pull the lever again.  Move the ballista 
back on the gear, and pull the lever a final time so the ballista aims 
at the door.  Pull the ballista off and aim it at the door and shoot to 
break it.  Head through and walk down the hall to the right and into a 
room where you meet Zeus and get Zeus fury.  After the cut-scene, you 
can grab the chest for energy is you need it.  Head out the door and 
onto the bridge.  Use Zeus fury on the archers, 2 shots per archer.  
After they are defeated, the door on the right side ahead is unlocked.  
Go through it and to the left to enter a room with a cracked wall on 
the top.  Break it to find 3 chests with energy, a phoenix feather, and 
a gorgon eye.  You will not need the energy at all, since getting the 
feather increases your maximum energy, and fills it all the way in the 
process.  Head back out and across the bridge back to where you

Head forward into the building for a save point.  Save if you need to, 
and head into the hole in the wall at the top.  Climb the ladder and 
you will have to defeat some minotaurs and some harpies.  For some good 
experience, freeze the harpies in mid-air for 30.  They freeze almost 
instantly, which is good.  There is a later battle where you can earn a 
ton of experience because of harpies.  I will mention when, but for 
now, just use the gaze on the harpies.  You can use it on the minotaurs 
too, but it really is not necessary.  They do not take too long to 
kill.  After they are defeated, head to the upper right of this area 
for an alternating chest and a chest with a gorgon eye.  Head back down 
and move left, jump to the next building and grab the chest if need be.  
Break the wooden barricade and jump to the next building and defeat 2 
minotaurs.  From here, break the next barricade and hop onto the moss 
and climb up.  Head forward and get the energy if you need it, then 
head to the right and press R2 at the white light.  Watch the cut-
scene, and afterward, whip out Zeus fury and shoot the "coward".  If 
you want, you can go to the right side and down and kick out that 
wooden bridge for a shortcut back here.  

Go across the bridge and into the room to find 2 chests with an eye and 
a feather.  You should now have another health level-up.  Continue down 
the hall and you will encounter some more wraiths.  After defeating 
them (using medusa's gaze is real quick and efficient because they are 
close) continue down the hall and you will encounter more wraiths.  Use 
gaze on them too, and continue into a room with an elevator at the top.  
Open the chests for some orbs and then take the elevator by standing on 
the button in the middle.  Once at the top head left, through the 
hallway, and then go onto the bridge for a cut-scene.  

E.  Athens Town Square (GOWW5)                            

-Thanks to cadylacon24 for the following information:

after u cross the beam on the second athens town square part, after the 
harpies take her away, if u drop down and grab the ledge. u can shimmy 
over and jump to get alot of red orbs a gorgon eye and a feather. just 
to help everyone. don't use the rope I tried to do that for an hour and 
it didnt work, but then it dawned on me to use the ledge.

You are now above the town square you were in before.  Continue left 
across the beam and save if you want.  Ascend the stairs to fight with 
a bunch of legionnaires.  After fighting them, there is a partially 
broken wall on the top of the path with a chest of red orbs.  After 
getting them, continue left and ascend the stairs.  

F.  The Temple of the Oracle (GOWW6)

Grab the 2 chests and continue forward.  You will have to fight a bunch 
of enemies here, and I mean a bunch.  The harpies are very annoying 
because they now have an attack where they will ascend high, leave a 
ring of fire on the ground, and once you get near it, they will slam 
down on you.  You can dodge it, but it is frickin annoying because they 
all do it a lot.  After fighting some harpies, a gorgon appears, so 
focus on her until she is dead.  After she is dead, another spawns, so 
kill her.  After that, get the rest of the harpies.  After the fight, 
watch the cut-scene and then head up the steps.  There is a save point 
on the left if you need it, and a chest on each side at the top of the 
steps with an eye and a feather.  After getting these, head into the 

Note:  If you have not upgraded your blades of chaos again yet, you 
should almost have enough orbs to do so.  The next level has a move 
L1+X in which Kratos will flip around the blades and then end with a 
slam to the ground.  Also, the R1 dash attack will include jabbing with 
the blades.

I also received an e-mail regarding a ledge to the left of the leftmost 
beam to head to the next horizontal beam, which holds a gorgon eye.

Once you enter the temple, you will have a bunch of harpies attacking 
you.  This is what you do.  Ignore the harpies and head to the top.  
Grab that health on the left side if you are low.  After that, jump up 
onto the ledges on the back wall on each side of the door for a chest 
with red orbs and one with a gorgon eye.  Head forward, and once at the 
top, grab the left statue and drag it out of the wall.  Bring it to the 
edge, then get on the other side and kick it off.  After you kick but 
do not block the wall it off, get down by it and push it to the left, 
and block the hole in the wall with his shield..  Now, grab the statue 
on the right and drag to edge and kick.  Get down by it, drag it to the 
right a little, and then get behind it and kick it again.  After you 
get it near the hole, leave it close to the hole but don't block it 
quite yet.  You now have the chance to get loads of experience.  
Assuming you did not get those 2 chests at the top, which you should 
not need, you will use them for energy.  First, run around and get all 
the harpies in the air, and after it seems you have gotten them all, go 
back to where the one hole is that you left open, and freeze each 
harpie with the gaze that comes out of there. If you want even more 
experience, stand near the wall, and wait for 2 harpies to come out.  
When they do, freeze both with one beam.  Be sure you use only enough 
gaze to freeze them, which is less than half a second.  If you run out, 
go get more energy.  Using this strategy, I came into this room with 
299 red orbs and after I was done, I had 1,744.  Actually, I came into 
the room with no energy and just got it from those 2 chests, and I did 
not stand next to the wall to get 2 harpies at a time the whole time, 
so I probably could have gotten more.  After you use all energy, close 
the hole with the shield, and head into the doorway to the left of the 
entrance by the chest.  Head up the stairs and you will find you are 
above the room.  Head across the beam until you get to the first 
horizontal beam, and head left on that beam to the very end.  Then head 
up to the second horizontal beam, and head right there.  Once you get 
to a beam that heads up that does not collapse, take it to reach the 
platform.  Save and get the chest and head forward.  

You will now need to defeat some more enemies.  Quickly end this battle 
with grab and throw techniques, then continue on, defeating more 
enemies as you go.  Once reaching the end of the hall, there will be a 
cut-scene.  Now, you must save the oracle.  From the start, grab the 
statue on the left of the door and drag it onto the elevator.  Do the 
same for the statue on the right.  After this, take a statue and move 
to the right until you see a platform on 4 pillars.  Move the statue to 
the right of this platform a fair distance.  Take the other statue and 
put it to the right of that one.  What you need to do is jump from that 
platform you saw onto one statue, then from that statue to the next, 
and finally onto a ledge with a couple chests with red orbs.  After 
moving it there, head to the left and jump on top of the doorway with 
the red chest, get the chest, and then jump onto the higher platform.  
From here, jump across the tops of the statues onto the ledge.  It's 
kinda tough to estimate where the statues are from where you are, so 
just practice.  If you need to, you can re-adjust them.  That oracle is 
probably getting pretty annoying by now.  Once across, grab the 2 red 
chests, then jump down.  Take both statues back over by the elevator.  
Put one right next to the elevator, and take the other up with you.  
Once on top, push the statue you have on top of the one by the 
elevator.  Now push the stacked statue to the left of that tall 
platform evenly spaced between the ledge up on the left and the 
platform.  Now, get on the platform again (you can use that white 
circle with R2 if you want, but not much to see), jump onto the 
statues, and onto the ledge.  Hop onto the wall, and move left some.  
You probably will not have much time to read this while you are doing 
the next part, so read it before you start.

NOTE:  Before you begin this next segment, I received an e-mail about a 
chest with a feather; after the first think walkway before the second 
walkway, walk to the right.

Now, you have 67 seconds to get to the oracle (or at least I did).  
Jump across to the left on the wall, past those wheels once they stop.  
Once past all 3 sets, jump down to the ledge and head left.  Jump onto 
the moss ahead of you, be sure to be tapping X to save time, and take 
the moss left and up.  Double jump towards the rope, do 1 swing and 
double jump onto the ledge.  Go forward, and walk along the thin 
walkway only halfway, then double jump onto the circular platform.  Do 
the same for the second half.  Now, jump onto the rope, and do 1 swing.  
Double jump onto that platform on the left, and once on, run back 
toward the rope, and a cut-scene will occur once you get to the end. 

After the cut-scene, head through the doorway and descend the stairs.  
Once you come back outside, save if you want.  There is also a path to 
the left you can take, which is long, and leads to a monument you can 
examine with R2, a statue of Athena who will not speak to you, and a 
chest on the right side with a feather.  You can also walk out onto the 
ledge at the bottom of this area and press R2.  This is really good to 
do, because it gives you an interesting hint to something.  Head back 
to the save point, and walk across the sword.  Remember the sword you 
are walking on and where it is, because it will be interesting to know 
later on.

Head through the doorway at the end, and descend the circular 
staircase.  Once at the bottom, head back under the stairs to find a 
chest with a feather.  Continue forward to find 2 alternating chests on 
each side.  I recommend saving one in case you need to come back for it 
from one of the fights ahead, but if you are low on both energy and 
health, go ahead and get them both.  

G.  The Sewers of Athens (GOWW7)

Continue forward and around the curve, and up on the ledge there will 
be some archers, as well as some enemies in front of you.  Start by 
defeating the enemies on the ground (try luring them around the corner 
so the archers are not shooting at you), and after you defeat them, 
climb onto the ledge and take care of the archers and their respawns.  
Grab the alternating chest as well as the chest on the left side for 
some red orbs.  Jump back down, and jump onto the ledge in front of 
you.  There is another alternating chest up here on the right.  
Continue forward and a Minotaur will pop up, as well as another coming 
around the corner.  Try freezing both of them if you have energy, if 
not just defeat them by normal means.  After you defeat one another 
will come.  Watch out for those archers around the corner, because if 
they shoot you they can make it harder for you to dodge one of the 
Minotaurs attacks.  If you ever need health here and you saved one of 
the chests at the start, go back and get that one, because getting the 
one here is too risky.  After you defeat the minotaurs and the archers, 
you can get the alternating chest for whatever you need (it is too 
risky to do it while fighting unless you get the minotaurs far away 
from you and the archers are dead).  Continue forward and jump off the 
ledge to see 2 more alternating chests.  Once again, it is a good idea 
to save one of these, because you have a tough fight coming up.  Once 
you jump off the ledge, go backwards under the platform for a chest 
with some red orbs.
Continue on until you see another ledge and get the 2 chests with red 
orbs.  Jump onto the ledge and you now must defeat 2 Cyclops.  You can 
try to freeze them, but it takes about 4 seconds, so be careful.  It 
makes it much easier though.  They are not hard to break.  I just used 
spirit of Hercules, and he broke before the attack combo finished.  
After one is down, the second one is easy.  After they are defeated, a 
minotaur will come around the corner.  At this point you can kill the 
archers up on the ledge if you want, which might help, but be careful.  
Freeze the minotaur if you have energy.  After he is down, a second 
will come.  After you kill that one, you need to fight 2 legionnaires, 
which are not too hard.  Kill them, then kill 2 more that spawn after 
they are dead.  After that, or some point around there, another 2 will 
come as well as a minotaur.  Lure them around the corner to get out of 
the archer sight, and attack each legionnaire until they have the 
circle above their heads.  At this point, grab them and throw them at 
the minotaur.  If you ever need health during this battle, go back to 
the chest if you saved it.  After that minotaur is dead, yet another 
one will come out.  Kill him, and then kill the archers if you have not 
already.  You are now done with this long, annoying battle.

Continue forward to the corner and kill the archers on that ledge.  
After all are dead, open the chest for some red orbs.  Head back down 
and to the right.  Jump onto the ledge and continue forward and climb 
the ladder.  

Grab the alternating chest if you need it, then ascend the stairs to 
the top.  Pull the lever to release more stairs, then ascend those.  
You will now be in a very familiar looking place.  Go forward, up the 
stairs, and head right.  Save if necessary, then follow this path again 
to the end.  This time, the door will be opened, so walk through it.  
By the back wall to the right of the door is a chest with an eye, and 
an alternating chest is ahead to the left.  After getting both, head 
forward into the desert of lost souls.

H. Desert of Lost Souls (GOWW8)   

Walk forward down the path and walk up to the statue of Athena for a 
cut-scene.  After the scene, the first place you need to go is the door 
that will open once all 3 sirens are defeated.  The desert is smaller 
than it seemed during the scene, so do not worry.  All over the desert 
are chests with red orbs, but I will not guide you through them all, as 
it is hard to describe where they are.  Just look around and you will 
find them.  Anyway, to get to the door you need to go to, head directly 
right until you reach the end of the desert, then head up, hugging the 
wall all the way.  Eventually you will hear a siren, and see the 
entrance.  Find the siren at the entrance by the steps, and attack it.  
The great thing about sirens is they will not fight you unless you 
attack them first, and after you attack them, if you stop attacking, 
they will too and just go about with their song.  Anyway, for the 
siren, stick to heavy attacks, and the Spirit of Hercules.  After 
fighting her for a while, the circle will appear.  At this point, hit 
it to break her neck and send her spirit to the door.  You need to find 
2 more now.  From the temple, head to the lower left somewhat to see a 
statue buried in the sand with the hand sticking out.  Right below it 
is a chest.  Open it, and head directly left to see another chest.  
From this chest, head directly down to see a rock formation with a 
chest.  From here you can hear a siren song sometimes.  If you cannot 
hear it, just walk around and you will be able too.  Once you hear it, 
walk in different directions till you notice it getting louder, and 
then go in that direction until you see it.  Once you see it, fight it.  
However, once you fight it, a 2 minotaurs will pop out of the ground 
and fight you.  Just ignore them, because if you defeat one another 
will pop up, and they will continue too.  Focus on the siren and defeat 
it the same way you did the last one.  If you get low on health, go 
back to the door where the first siren was and get the chest.  After 
that siren is defeated, run from the minotaurs; do not bother with 
them.  You cannot afford to loose health here.  Head back to the door 
you are trying to unlock, which is generally in the upper right 
direction.  From here, just head left, and you should hear the song of 
the last siren.  If not, just run around generally in the area to the 
left of the temple.  Find it, follow and attack it while avoiding only 
1 minotaur (I guess you were supposed to kill this one before the other 
one, but it does not matter).  Once defeated, head back to the door and 
head through it.  

Once inside, save your game if you want, get the chests, and head down 
the stairs.  Once on the platform that sticks out above the belt, jump 
down to the left and open the door on the top wall.  Pull out the 
block, and some enemies will spawn.  For this part, you need to defeat 
enemies, while pushing the block forward before it gets crushed by the 
spike wheel at the end of the belt.  Advance the block, and if any 
enemies appear, stick it up against the top wall behind the nearest 
part of wall sticking out to keep the block there.  Advancing the block 
it not too hard, just hold kick all the way, kick it, then nudge it up 
a little behind a wall.  If you ever need health or energy during this, 
you can go back to the room you were in before if you saved a chest, or 
get the chest in that room with the block (you will need the block to 
get back to the room you were in before, so it may not be worth it).  
After waiting for a while, the belt stopped.  I am not sure if this is 
timed or whatever, but I just fought a bunch of enemies and it stopped.  
I only did this once, and I assume it is timed.  If you know of any 
other reason, please e-mail me and let me know.  The enemies do not 
stop giving orbs as far as I know, but if you do go ahead and e-mail me 
and let me know that as well.

After you get the block there and jump onto the ledge, open the door 
and head down the hall until you get outside.  Press R2 to blow the 
horn here to part the dust storm.  Walk through, ascend the stairs, 
grab the chests if you need them, and continue to the top and walk up 
to the horn for a cut-scene.  Now you need to battle 3 more sirens.  
Press circle whenever it appears to beat their head on the ground, 
resulting in health.  The absolute best combo here is Spirit of 
Hercules.  Use this endlessly to win the battle easily.  This battle 
takes awhile, but is not too difficult since you continuously are 
getting health and they do not do too much damage to you.  Once the 
battle is over, another short cut-scene will occur.  Blow the horn for 
a cut-scene.  After the scene, save the game if need be and head across 
the bridge.

I. Pandora's Temple (GOWW9)

After getting across the bridge, you will be at the entrance to the 
temple.  There is an alternating chest on each side of this area, but 
do not get either one, because you will have the opportunity to get 
another one before the battle here, and there are no enemies you have 
to fight to get to it.  Go to the upper left side of this area and 
descend the pathway.  Continue all the way until the end where you will 
notice a block with a handle in the wall.  Pull it out.  Now, jump up 
quickly before it moves back into the wall, and once at the top watch 
the cut-scene.

After the cut-scene, grab the chest, and then jump down.  You now have 
2 new types of Cyclops's to fight.  This is a battle where the hit and 
run strategy really shines.  Get them next to each other if you can, 
and then use the plume of Prometheus while moving back every once in a 
while to avoid getting to close.  Just use it over and over for a slow 
but sure victory.  Once your light attacks for the combo start hitting 
the Cyclops, it is best to move back some.  The area of effect of the 
finishing move for the combo is pretty big, so it is not too hard to 
hit them both at the same time.  Either way, make sure neither of them 
gets too close, but they only have melee attacks, so you should not 
have too much of a problem.  Once one is defeated, another will spawn.  
Continue killing the first one that spawned until it is defeated, and 
then focus on the second one that popped up.  Note that the Cyclops 
will give you a TON of experience (about 210), so that's real nice.

After you defeat all 3 Cyclops, head up the stairs behind the doorway 
that was blocked before.  Once at the top, turn the lever and get the 
alternating chest if you need it.  Head into the temple.  There is a 
health chest here, but first you need to fight some wraiths and 
archers.  After defeating them, grab the health and then read the book 
on the mantle if you want, and then press R2 by the door to open it.  
Head into the Rings of Pandora.

J. The Rings of Pandora (GOWA0)

Walk around the ring to the right until you see a doorway and enter it.  
Make your way across the spike crushers to the other side of the 
hallway and save if you want.  Defeat the archers and their respawn.  
Get the alternating chest in the upper left if you need it, and the red 
orbs in the upper right.  Now, go to the top of the room into the 
opening and pull the lever.  This will activate another lever in the 
ring.  Head back there and use the lever.  Do not worry about the lever 
that pops out of the gear there for now.  You need to turn the ring 
until you get to the second opening in that doorway (the one with the 
symbol you walk into to get a new power).  Walk into here, and go 
forward into the symbol for a cut-scene and the Blade of Artemis.  I 
personally think this blade to be utterly useless, although it is very 
powerful.  It does not have very many combos, and lousy range.  

K. The Challenge of Atlas (GOWA1)
Head forward and save here.  Head forward for a battle.  The first half 
is easy, the second half is annoying; there are a ton of gorgons, and 
that is it.  For the first part, just grab and throw until all enemies 
are dead.  For the second part, lots of Gorgons.  Do this.  Dodge roll 
like mad.  When you get a chance, use Plume of Prometheus on a group of 
them.  If you can get them all together, great, use this combo as long 
as you can keep them all on the ground.  Don't even bother with 
blocking; just dodge-roll around the area until you get a chance to 
attack, and if they are all not on the ground, keep dodge-rolling.  Use 
only Plume of Prometheus for this battle.  Do not try to get the chest, 
I've tried it MANY times before, and very rarely can I actually get in 
enough time to open it, and after opening it, receiving the health 
before I die.  So do not bother with that.  After defeating the 
ggorgons,which may take awhile if you are dodge-rolling everywhere, but 
at least it is safe, head up the stairs in the upper left.  There are 2 
ways to go, 2 shields you need to get, but this is the best one to take 
first, because the other way also has the door you need to go in after 
you get the 2 shields, and there is no point in getting that shield 
first then coming back here.

Grab the chest if you need energy, but not unless you REALLY need it, 
then save it, and head left to defeat a couple enemies.  If you are 
gonna use any energy on these enemies, use it only if you saved that 
chest.  After they are dead, continue to the left, up the stairs, and 
across the bridge to fight 2 more enemies.  After they are dead, you 
will need Zeus fury to kill those archers in order to get across the 
beam.  If you have no energy, and you got that chest at the start, you 
may need to go into the other room to find some, but I will not 
describe it now.  Assuming you have it, which you should if you took my 
advice above, shoot them then take the beam across.  Once across, head 
right and open the chest for an eye.  Now head back left on the 
platform and pull the lever to release a weight and a rope.  Slide down 
the rope to the bottom.  Do not jump or you will die.  Just jump on it 
and move the stick down.  Once there, climb onto the rope.  Use the 
same tactics you did back on the last rope; alternating jabbing in both 
directions when enemies close in from both sides, and use only the jab 
unless there is one enemy coming from one direction that is far away.  
Once on the other side, grab the chests and head up the stairs.  Press 
R2 and take the shield to get the shield of Hades.  

Now you have to fight a bigger number of enemies than you have before.  
There are a ridiculous amount of enemies here.  The grab and throw 
tactic is GOLD here.  In every group of enemies, find an enemy you can 
throw and throw them to severely damage or kill every enemy in the 
group.  That is all you need to do; grab and throw.  If there are no 
enemies you can do that too, then use Plume of Prometheus while backing 
up until an enemy gets the circle.  Every group will have those weak 
enemies you can throw, so go right for them, throw them all, and have a 
quick and easy battle.  If you want experience, you can use the gaze, 
which is incredible since you have a horde of enemies all lined up for 
easy freezing with little energy. 

Note:  I got an e-mail talking about a chest near the bridge with the 
harpies you can get to by double jumping into a gap in the wall. 

After this is done, head through the door and grab the chests.  Jump 
back down to the first platform and climb the rope back up.  You can 
jump off the rope to the bottom to get there faster, or you can go 
around the way you came up to get there safer.  Either way, once you 
are at the bottom, go through the doorway next to where the chest was 
and fight a couple gorgons.  After they are dead, go into the room and 
defeat the archers and their respawns.  After they are dead, go back 
into the hallway and grab that huge wooden block of stuff and drag it 
out to the room.  See that switch in the middle?  You need to get that 
block onto there while you are next to the top wall to get to the other 
side.  You can only take the block as far as the bottom of those 
stairs, so bring the block there, get on the other side, and kick it as 
hard as you can, and right after you do that, run to the top and get 
rotated to the other side.  If you have trouble, use the dodge-roll.

Once on the other side, defeat the enemies and then grab the chests if 
you need them, and then get the chest of red orbs on the other side of 
the ladder.  Climb the ladder after you get these and jump over to an 
alcove on the bottom side of the door to get to a chest with some red 
orbs.  Jump back, and walk across the bottom beam to the end, and then 
jump to the right to get a chest with red orbs.  Now head back to the 
original platform, and head across the beam to the left.  Take the 
shield of Zeus.  Jump down from there to the left and put the 2 shields 
in the door on the left wall.  Head down the stairs, through the hall 
to get to a save point.

Climb the ladder in here and continue forward.  You will come into a 
room with a bunch of saws.  Do not be too deceived here; this is really 
not that bad.  You may notice that all the saws go the end at the same 
time.  To get through safely, whatever wall you are near with a saw, go 
past the line the saw travels on once the saw is moving away from the 
wall.  Start by heading right.  Move past the line only when the saw is 
moving up.  Once you get to the lower right corner, ignore the lever 
(you have to pull it with the other one simultaneously in a short 
amount of time, but you do not need to do that now) and head through 
the doorway on the right wall.  Break the cracked wall, and defeat the 
enemies on the other side.  Stay off the belt while doing this.  You 
have a small space to move in, but just use Spirit of Hercules and 
Plume of Prometheus and throw an enemy when you get the chance.  After 
that, walk onto the belt and move down with it, avoiding the spike 
traps as you go.  Be careful, because sometimes they will "fake" going 
back, and will smash together again, so make sure that they are 
actually moving back all the way before proceeding.  The pattern is as 

When it says it will clamp together again or more than once, it means 
it will do its "fake".  For example, if it says it will clamp 3 times, 
it means from the starting position, it will clamp, and then redo it 
1st one: Will clamp together, then again, then go back.  After it goes 
back, it will clamp then go back.  Then it repeats.  
2nd one: Will clamp together 4 times, then go back.   Then it will 
together once and go back.  Then it repeats.
3rd one: Will clamp together 3 times then go back.  Then it will do it 
once and go back.  It will again do it once and go back.  Then it 

After getting to the other end, head left and up the steps.  Head out 
on the bridge and defeat some harpies.  After they are dead, head 
through the doorway to defeat some more.  Continue forward and climb 
the wall.  Jump across the gap to see an enemy.  Defeat him with light 
attacks, then continue on.  When you move down, you will see another 
enemy, use light attacks on him once again until he falls.  Jump across 
the gap to the right, and you will come across 2 more enemies.  If you 
get them close together, you can attack them both with the same light 
attack, so do that.  Continue attacking them until they fall.  Also, if 
you are quick, you can get beneath where they spawn and just throw them 
down.  Continue upward to see 3 new enemies.  After those, 3 more will 
spawn beneath you.  Quickly grab the ones above you, and use circle to 
throw them down onto the ones beneath you.  If you cannot get all the 
ones beneath you, use light attacks if 2 are close together or 1 is 
left, and in any other situation where you cannot safely use light 
attacks, quickly move beneath or beside them, and pull them down.  If 
you cannot do that, get the 3 above you, then quickly move into that 
alcove on the left hand side near you and use light attacks to the 
right to keep them away.  While in that alcove, almost no enemies can 
get to you.  Continue upward to defeat 2 more enemies, and there are a 
couple more harpies there.  Grab the enemies and throw them off, and 
then just one simple light attack will get rid of the harpies.  From 
here, you can get rid of some of the enemies on the other side by using 
light attacks when they get near the gap.  Get as many as you can, and 
then jump over and attack the harpies.  Get any other enemies there may 
be, and then go to the bottom and open the chest for some red orbs. 
Continue to the left, jump over the last gap and descend this side to 
the left to come to a ledge.  Head left, grab the chest and pull the 
lever.  Walk through the doorway and prepare for pain.

Note:  I got an e-mail stating that instead of heading left to grab the 
chest, if you continue down below the ledge, there is a gorgon eye. 

You need to defeat all your enemies quickly, or the floor will drop 
out.  This time is short.  What you must do is use Plume of Prometheus 
a lot.  First off, kill all the enemies with shields, ALL of them.  The 
easiest way is to use Plume of Prometheus right when you get in the 
doorway, and try to get them when they are together.  If you get circle 
on them, great, throw them.  It does not matter where it goes.  After 
that, and only after that, worry about the sirens.  Use heavy attacks 
on the sirens and/or Spirit of Hercules.  The sirens take forever, and 
can be most annoying, so use heavy attacks and Spirit of Hercules.  Do 
not worry about their circle prompts, just finish them off.  If you 
have trouble, but only if you REALLY have trouble, use Rage of the 
Gods.  There is nothing soon after this which you will need it on 
really, but it is very necessary to save, so don't use it unless you 
have to.  I will mention times when it is best to use Rage of the Gods.

Now you must head back to the saw room.  The chest outside has refilled 
so get it.  Jump off that balcony onto the chain and slide down.  Save 
at that new alter and grab the other chest next to it if you need it.  
Head back through the doorway and across the bridge.  Go back to where 
the belt is.  Now this is gonna suck.  You have to go against the belt 
and at the same time, avoid the spike traps.  To get past without 
getting hit, it is almost necessary to use dodge roll.  Double jumping 
also works sometimes.  If you need to know the patterns again, simply 
read above where I put them and reverse the order.  

Once across, head back into the room.  What you must do is get both 
levers activated at the same time.  Once is in the lower right, you 
should have seen it when coming through the door, and the other is in 
the upper left corner to the left of the door.  You have to be REALLY 
quick, because they will close fast.  Activate the lever in the lower 
right when the saws are in the top and right sides.  Run across 
straight to the other lever, watching out for any saws that might come, 
but there should only be one or 2 that possess a threat, and those will 
be the ones surrounding the other lever, because most likely the saws 
will be active and out of the sides as you are crossing the middle. 
Once you get to the other lever, right after it is activated and you 
have control again, there are 2 more lines you must cross to get to the 
door.  The far one should have the saw there, and the one closest to 
you should have the saw coming.  Dodge-roll before the saw on the first 
line gets to you and you can freely walk across the second one and get 
through the door.

Head forward, walk along the right side, and once on the other side 
open the door.  Walk in and defeat some archers and minotaurs.  This 
time, get the archers first, because the minotaurs will walk over to 
where you are shortly and are not there at first.  After the archers, 
defeat the minotaurs by any means, and then walk up to that incomplete 
lever there and put the handle on it.  Turn the handle to raise the 
ball.  After this, head behind the statue for a muse key.  There are 3 
in the game, so if you get this one then the last one will be a chest 
of orbs.  Walk through the doorway on the right side down a little bit 
and head up the hall.  You will need to defeat a couple enemies on the 
way, so take care of that however.  Use Spirit of Hercules for quick 
easy defeat.  Once outside the hall, head to the left and open a chest 
with a feather.  After that, head right and across the bridge, and once 
there defeat the archers.  Head back up and open the chest for an eye.  
After this, you can go back on the bridge and try to jump to the back 
right side across from the rock wall, but this is difficult to do 
because the camera view changes in mid-jump, so you need to change the 
joystick.  If you can get over there, however, move to the right and 
jump across the next wall to get a chest with red orbs.  There is 
another chest across from it.  Get to it the same way.  You cannot walk 
across that rock arch.  After you get those if you wanted to, pull the 
lever on the bridge up there to push the ball off and break the door. 

Note:  I got an e-mail from Johann Xavier stating the following:

in the cliffs/challenge of atlas level when you go from the saw room to 
the climb up the cliffs,on the walkway there is a break in the bridge 
halfway to there,if you do a double jump,you come to a place where you 
can get a feather and an eye which should be really helpful!        

Head out the door and right to the left of the door is a chest with 
some red orbs.  Continue forward, read the mantle if you want, and then 
walk up to and pull the lid off of the case.  Jump onto the top and 
pull the head off.  Now jump down into the hole, grab the chest if you 
need it, and walk down the long hallway and up the steps for a cut-
scene.  After the scene, grab another chest and open the door.  You are 
now back in the Ring you started in.  Save the game if necessary and 
then head down the hall to defeat some enemies.  After they are dead, 
head through the door at the end into the ring.  

L.  The Rings of Pandora (GOWA2)

Use the skull on that door in front of you.  After you enter, there 
will be a huge cylinder type thing with spikes rolling around.  Run 
around the ring until you find the steps that lead to the top.  They 
are on the inside, so keep a lookout for them.  Once you find them, 
wait for the rolling thing to come around, and jump onto it.  Watch out 
for the spikes on the edge.  Ride it until you find a ladder on the 
outside of the ring.  Jump onto it and climb.  Once on the ladder, the 
roller will disappear.  Climb to the top, and grab the chest with orbs, 
one with an eye, one with health, one with energy, and save if you need 
to.  Head through the hall ahead of you all the way to the end when you 
come outside.

M.  The Challenge of Poseidon (GOWA3)
Head forward into the arena.  Watch the short cut-scene, and prepare 
for a fight.  There is one key to this battle; DESTROY THE SMALL 
CEREBRUS!  First, the huge Cerberus will spit out smaller ones, and 
should they be allowed to live for awhile, they will become a huge 
Cerberus too.  The best thing to do is use the gaze on the first huge 
Cerberus.  If you freeze that one and are able to kill all the small 
ones before they become big, then you just had yourself one really easy 

Grab that chest if you need it, but unless you have almost no health, I 
suggest saving it till your health is blinking and then coming back. 
After that, head forward.  You now need to fight 2 more Cyclops.  Use 
Hit and run strategy again to defeat them easy.  There is another chest 
up here, but you should not need it yet, unless you were blinking 
before and need energy now.  Don't worry about the block for now.  

Note:  If you have not already, you should have enough orbs to level up 
your Blades of Chaos to level 5.  Level 5 has an awesome L1+circle 
combo that when you jump, you crash down on the ground with your 
blades, causing reasonable damage to all opponents around you.  Also, 
you have unlimited magic while using rage of gods, which will be a HUGE 
help in later battles. 

Now, level up Poseidon's Rage. 

Grab the chest if you need it and head forward.  You do not need the 
block, but it might be a good idea to block those arrows.  See those 
arrows already in it?  That is a good hint of what is it used for.  It 
does not block every arrow, but it will block a lot.  After you get to 
the ledge, hop up, grab one from the bottom and toss, and grab one from 
the top and toss.  You want to defeat them quickly, because a barrage 
of arrows are flying at you.  If you need any health and saved a chest, 
then go get it.

After that, jump onto the ledge to defeat some more small Cerberus.  
Head forward, and you will come across more small Cerberus and some 
archers.  First, grab that archer on the right and throw him at the 3 
archers blocking the door.  Then, get that archer on the ledge.  After 
that, destroy the small Cerberus on the ground.

After you destroy all Cerberus and the archers and respawns, head 
through the door.  Activate the lever.  Now, there are 5 chests with 
red orbs on the outside of the ring, which will stop and open for a 
short time to reveal them.  What you must do is get right next to the 
gate.  When it stops and opens for a red chest, walk to get the chest, 
open it immediately, and right after it opens, double jump back into 
the elevator (in case the gate is beginning to close).  Do this for all 
4, and you will have acquired a ton of red orbs.  

Note:  If you have not already, you should now have enough orbs to 
level up Poseidon's rage to level 2.  Level 2 has Wrath of Poseidon, 
which allows you to tap circle real fast to do massive damage.

Once on the other side, grab the chest if you need it, and get ready to 
fight a new type of enemy.  Careful of these guys, because they can 
block, but other than that they are pretty weak.  After this battle, 
head to the left side of this area, and jump on the ledges on the wall 
to the top.  Head to the right first, and jump down and grab the chest 
for a muse key.  Once you get the other one in a while, and get back to 
the ring, you can open the door the keys go in and get something.  
After you grab that chest, head back left across the ledge and around 
the side.  Once on solid ground, you need to fight 2 more Minotaurs.  
It is best and easiest to freeze them both, and continue on to fight 
another one.  Freeze it too, and continue down the hall.  Grab the 
chests, and head forward to save.  

Continue forward, watch the short cut-scene, and then walk up to the 
crank.  It will say it is missing it's handle, so head into the room 
further up and grab the handle from the right side.  Head back, attach 
the handle, and use the crank.  After you bring the cage to the ground, 
watch a short cut-scene.  You now know what you must do.  Take his 
cage, kick it off the edge.  Push the cage up the ramp, defeating the 
enemies as you go.  Put it behind the rubble on the ground to keep it 
from sliding down, and advance to each one, then defeat the enemies and 
continue.  For quick defeat, use Medusa's gaze.  If you use this, you 
can easily get more energy from the 2 chests at the top of the ramp, or 
if you saved one back by the save point.  These enemies take not too 
long to freeze, and break with one light attack.  The only problem is 
that sometimes they are hard to target.  So advance to each pile of 
rubble with the cage, set the cage behind it, defeat the enemies, and 

Once you get the cage to the top, push him to that small square 
platform to bring those fire jets around him.  Now, walk over to the 
lever, and pull it to BURN him.  Burn him alive.  

Note:  For this next part, the Nyads that give you nothing, somebody e-
mailed me saying that they do give you gorgon eyes or feathers if you 
have not already gotten them all.  However, if you got all the eyes I 
have mentioned, all you will need to do to get full health is to use 
the muse keys, so therefore there are no more eyes that they need to 
give you.  To get full health, you HAVE to get the muse keys, because 
the gorgon eyes will not work for the last level up.

Now, walk through the newly opened door and walk down the hallway.  
Once you are outside on the bridge, walk up to the trident and take it.  
You can save if you want to, and there is a chest up that ladder to the 
right if you need it, but if you do not need it that bad then you may 
want to save it.  First, jump into the right water and break a wall 
down there to find a Nyad.  Kiss her with the circle button to get a 
feather.  Now, head into the left water and head to the bottom to find 
a ladder leading up to a chest with a feather.  You should now have 
another energy upgrade.  After that, jump into the right water, and 
move to the bottom to find a hole and go down it.  Use R1 to break 
through the cracked walls, and continue on to surface.  You now must 
defeat a bunch of Cerberus dogs.  You can use the gaze to earn massive 
experience, because they freeze so quick and you can get so many with 
one gaze since there are a lot of them.  Also, a good attack is 
L1+circle while you are in the air.  It will send them all flying 

After you defeat them, grab the chest on the left hand side for a 
gorgon eye.  You should now have another health level up.  Head up and 
open the door, then pull the lever.  Now, dive back into the water, 
swim through the way, then come back up on the other side.  You now 
must start by fighting a Cerberus dog and some harpies.  Use Spirit of 
Hercules and Plume of Prometheus on the dog, and any attacks on the 
harpies.  Once you get the circle prompt for the Cerberus, hit it.  
Once that Cerberus is dead, another one will spawn, so defeat it also.  
It will have been good if you saved that health chest, because you may 
need it for this battle.  If you don't you can use Rage of the Gods, 
but keep in mind.  Never use this unless it is absolutely necessary.  I 
will let you know when there is a time you must absolutely not use it.  
There will be a tough boss coming up, and Rage of the Gods helps 
tremendously on him.  So if you use it here, do not use it at all after 
this, or you may be in trouble.

Once they are defeated, head forward, save again if you want, and head 
up the stones that came out of the wall.  Proceed through the tunnel 
and grab the chest.  Continue on and dive into the water.  Once 
underwater, head forward to find a Nyad.  Move up to her and press 
circle to kiss her.  This one does not do anything, but the other ones 
will.  Head down through the hole beneath her and then move up and to 
the right.  Straight ahead of you is a breakable wall, so charge 
through it to find another Nyad.  Kissing this one will give you a 
feather.  Head back out and to the left of that area.  You will come 
out to fight with a couple enemies.  You can freeze these first 3 since 
they are close together.  Head up and you will find 3 more enemies.  
Defeat them, and then get the chest on the left if you need it.  I 
suggest getting only magic from this chest, because you will get a ton 
of health from the pots.  Break the wall ahead of you, and then break 
all the pots to the end for lots of orbs and health.  Open the chest 
for the second muse key.  Now, head back out and back into the water.

This time, go to the right of where that room with the Nyad was.  When 
you see the face with the open mouth, you are about to swim across a 
timed trap.  You must use the charge button.  Start by charging to 
full, and rushing in there.  After charging for about 1 second, fully 
charge again, and continue this to the end.  You should get to the end 
without incident.  Continue forward, and come to the surface.

You now must fight a bunch of enemies.  An excellent magic to use here 
is the Wrath of Poseidon.  If you have full energy, you can do about 4 
of these.  Do not worry about medusa's gaze.  Use Plume of Prometheus 
plenty, but be careful with Spirit of Hercules because it takes awhile.  
You can also use the triangle-triangle-square move to whip your blades 
out, which works well, and L1+circle while in the air.  Use those 
combos, in addition to Poseidon's rage, and you should win.  If you are 
low on health and need to get a chest, then lure all the enemies to the 
opposite side than where the chest is, then run back there and grab it 
quick.  If it does not change to health when you get there, then go 
back and try again.  You need to use dodge-roll a lot; it is best to 
use it every time after attacking.  Whenever you block an attack, hit 
triangle after blocking to do a slam right then.  Anyway, first attack 
the harpies.  Their attacks where they bolt down at you are 
unbelievable, and can cause a lot of annoyance, especially since they 
are unblockable and difficult to dodge.  After the harpies are dead, 
worry about the other enemies.  The key is to prioritize.  And, of 
course, when they get the circle above their head, throw them.  This 
battle is pretty tough, so good luck.

After all enemies are dead, grab the chests and then pull the lever in 
the middle.  A door will have opened back in the water, so head back 
down.  Go back, through that huge trap (be careful because it is still 
active), and back to where that room with the Nyad was.  Now, head back 
up and to the left through the door.  Head around the corner to save 
the game.  After saving, charge through the breakable wall to the left 
and you can kiss another Nyad, though it does not do anything. Now head 
back and to the right and dive down in the hole where the statue is. 

Note:  I got an e-mail talking about a hidden area with 4 chests above 
the last of the 3 nyads that gives you 1500 orbs.

This next part can be tricky.  You need to dive down, and charge like 
mad to get to the next hole.  For this first part, go down right behind 
one of the big barricades.  Right when you get behind it, follow it 
while moving quickly to the very bottom of this area.  When you get to 
the hole, dive down there.  Be careful, though, you do not want to 
stick here for too long, because the bottoms of the barricades will hit 
you.  For the second part, after you are in the first hole, get to the 
very let side, and follow another one while sticking to the bottom of 
the waterway.  There will be another hole soon.  Get a full charge 
right after you get up, then get another full one when you start to 
slow, and that should be enough to get you to the second hole.  For the 
third one, it is not too hard; just advance a little bit and head down 
a hole.    

Head down and forward, and the door will close behind you.  You can 
surface at any time, and once you do head to the bottom of the area to 
defeat 4 minotaurs.  2 will start, and then 1 will spawn in each of 
their places once they are dead.  Defeat them by any means, grab the 
chests if you need them, save if you want, and pull the lever at the 
bottom.  Quickly ascend the platforms to the top, defeat the 4 enemies 
up there, and grab the 2 chests with red orbs.  Read the mantle to 
learn of a secret way out.  Jump back down, pull the lever again, and 
head underwater.  Swim to the bottom of the last platform for a secret 
elevator out of the room.

-And somehow Ryan, who has never played the game before or seen me or 
anyone else play it, knew that her finger was pointing to the secret 
area, and also exactly where the secret exit was.  
Once you are at the bottom, swim down the tunnel to the end, surface, 
and emerge in a familiar place. 

N.  The Rings of Pandora (GOWA4)

Save the game and head down the usual tunnel.  Defeat a few enemies 
once more, and then once at the end, run around the ring until you find 
the crank, and use it crank to turn the ring around to the opening with 
the closed door (it is the one after the hall you just came through).  
Use the muse keys in it, and walk in for a save and some real nice 
rewards.  Go into the green fountain for a health level-up, the blue 
one for an energy level-up, and the red one for orbs, which in addition 
to the 2 chests, comes out to 2250 extra red orbs.   

Note:  With those extra orbs, you should now have enough to level up 
Poseidon's rage to level 3.  After you level this up, I suggest saving 
up for the army of Hades.  Level 3 has a bigger damage area and a 
bigger damage.

After that, head around the ring again until you find that skull door 
you entered earlier.  Once in there, head up a little and climb the 
stairs again and jump into the water this time.  Dive into a hole in 
the water on the other side of the statue, and follow the tunnel there 
for a ways until you reach the surface on the other side.

Walk forward and you will emerge into a room, where you will later 
fight a boss.  But for now, head to the right and break the wall to 
enter the doorway and save the game.  Continue on to find 2 chests, but 
you will not need them since you just leveled up both health and energy 
with the muse keys room.  Climb the ladder and head to the right and 
forward into an arena.

O.  The Challenge of Hades (GOWA5)
There are 2 more chests here, but you do not need either one, since you 
still have had no enemies, but you may need them for the battle coming 
up.  Right after entering the room, head to the left and ascend the 
stones there and press R2 by the door at the top.  Accept the 
challenge.  For this battle, there are 2 rings, each one has 4 empty 
circles on it.  You need to kill 4 enemies in each ring to end the 
challenge.  If you can, you can use gaze on the enemies while they are 
in the ring to freeze them and kill them easily, but that requires some 
skill.  An easier thing to do is get in the middle of the ring, wait 
till at least 2 of the Centaurs are in there, and use Rage of Poseidon.  
Please note that sometimes, the kills will count if they are right on 
the ring.  If you have level 3 Rage of Poseidon, one shot will kill the 
enemies if you tap circle fast enough.  So just get at least 2 into the 
ring before using it, and this challenge should not be too hard.  If 
you get low on health, you have those 2 chests in the upper right and 
upper left, but they only give health, so save your energy.  I strongly 
advice against using Rage of the Gods here, because for one, it is not 
necessary if you have level 3 or even level 2 Poseidon's rage, and you 
have to fight a hard boss soon, in which is tremendously helps to have 
Rage of the Gods when you go to fight him.

NOTE:  I got an e-mail saying there was a hidden chest to get to by 
ascending the stairs, jumping on something on the side to reach a 
statue holding a pot of lava, jumping around it to get to a hidden 
chest.  Sorry if this is a little confusing, I just got an e-mail about 
-I also received additional information stating that there are chests 
on both sides and the directions are identical for each.
-I also received information about a chest containing a feather on the 
right side of the stairwell in Hades, opposite of the red orb chest 
mentioned above.
To get there,you get on the bannister at the bottom of the stairwell 
and climb up, jump to the lava pot, that the statue is holding, which 
you will hang from, skimmy across and jump to the hole in the wall. 

After the battle, grab health if you need it, then head through the 
opened door.  There is an alternating chest past this door if you need 
any energy.  Continue outside, and to the right there is yet another 
chest.  You should not need it, since you already have full health from 
those chests in the arena, so head left and open the door.  Head into 
the hallway.  This first part is not too hard, just double jump after 
the second platform begins retracts.  You do not really even need to 
land on either of the retracting platforms, but it does not hurt to be 
safe.  This second part is tough, because it will not let you walk off 
that ledge, so there is an invisible wall there that also interferes 
with your jumping.  The key is to time your double jump just right.  
Once you get past this, you need to dodge the arrows shooting out of 
the wall, which is not too hard.  Just dodge roll past the first one 
whenever you get a chance, and dodge roll the second one after it 

After this, head forward and you should not need that chest yet, since 
no enemies since the end of the Hades challenge.  Defeat the gorgon 
that shows there, and head forward and to the left to defeat an archer.  
After that, head back and to the right down the way until you see 2 
archers in front of you and another path to the left.  Take the path to 
the left and defeat all the enemies here.  There are a few Centaurs and 
a gorgon, so just get the gorgon, and then the Centaurs by any means, 
but be careful because they can block.  Use Rage of Poseidon once in 
the middle of the group for a great help.  After all enemies are down, 
head up and open the chest for some red orbs.  Head right from there to 
defeat 4 more enemies.  After they are dead, continue on, and after it 
turns right there are a couple archers to a patch to the top.  Kill 
them, and continue around back into the room, and then head back into 
the maze.  Defeat the archers here, then head down the path to the 
right to defeat the enemies here, including a gorgon, and get a health 
chest.  After this, head back and take the elevator near where the 
archers were before.  Right near the top, there is a block in the top 
wall.  Push it forward, and when it sinks down, walk onto it, and walk 
along the platforms as they appear, and when you get on the second to 
last one, jump to the end, because you may not make it.  Grab the 2 red 
chests, then walk back to the hall.  Head right, Defeat the archers, 
then head down the right side.  Push the block in till it sinks, then 
head into the room and defeat the enemies here.  After they are all 
dead, grab the health chest if you need it, and then head down the way 
to the left of that chest.  Open the door and head out.  Once out walk 
to the left, through the archway, and forward to defeat 2 more archers.  
There is a huge stone block crashing up here.  Wait for it to crash, 
then when it backs up, run out there and jump on top of it.  Now, from 
here, there are 3 cycles this stone block will do.  First it will move 
back a little, then medium, then a lot.  When it moves back a lot, you 
must be quick and get into the little room just before that end 
platform.  However, first defeat the enemies that spawn by the door.  
There should be 2 archers right on the other side of the wall, which 
you can use Plume of Prometheus to kill from this side.  After all 
those are dead, focus on the rock, and once it back up far enough, drop 
into that room, but be quick because it will push you forward if you 
are not fast enough.  You can just jump back onto the rock, but you 
have little time.  Once in the room, defeat the enemies here, then get 
back out.  This is not too hard, just be quick about it.  If you ask 
me, I think it is harder to get in the room, because you have to get 
down in front of the rock, and get into the room before it pushed you.  
After you defeat these 2 enemies, the door is opened.  Get back on the 
rock, and head forward and through the door.

Head forward and stand on the button till it is all the way down and 
the cut-scene of the statue rising up in the arena appears.  Head 
forward and jump off into the water beneath the statue.  Dive to the 
bottom, find the lever beneath the statue, and pull it.  After that, 
head back up, climb the ladder on the right side of the statue to the 
top, and turn the crank that is on his head till the head is facing 
towards the dark tunnel.  Now, jump back down, and save your game if 
you want at the save point before the stairs.  If you need health, you 
can get the chest that is through the door on the left side that you 
unlocked.  Head up the stairs, and into the tunnel. 

This next part is not too hard, there is just one major pointer: NEVER 
USE DODGE ROLL!  This may seem like a good idea, but trust me, no.  You 
will probably just end up rolling into another fireball.  Just stick to 
the middle, and every time a ball comes down the middle, go down the 
left or right, whichever is more suited with no fireball.  Once you 
come to the end, wait till the middle is clear, then head into the 
small doorway in the middle.  Once in the room, defeat the enemies, 
then grab the chests with health, red orbs, and a feather.  Read the 
book on the mantle for a riddle.  8 dead ends.  There are 8 doors in 
this corridor, and one of them opens.  It is the 3rd one on the left, 
so go to that one, wait till the left side is clear, and then open it.  

Once inside, head down the hallway, and you will emerge in a cave with 
some minotaurs.  Defeat them by any means, and when the archers spawn, 
throw them at the minotaurs.  After the fight, grab the chest and head 
down the right path to defeat a few enemies and get another chest.  
Now, head back to the room you fought the minotaurs in and take the 
left way.  You now must climb on a rope again.  Use the same technique 
as always, and once on the other side, hop into the circle for a large 

The first wave is 5 legionnaires.  Defeat them by any means, and then 
defeat their respawns.  After fighting them all, a couple minotaurs and 
a centaur will spawn.  More minotaurs will come when you kill some, and 
some archers will spawn also, and when they do, throw them at the 

After defeating all enemies, head through the door, and grab the chest 
if you did not already.  Head forward, climb the ladder, and then head 
down the hallway forward, and continue along here, heading to the right 
at the top to find a chest with red orbs.  Now head back and take the 
path to the left, head down here, and head right to save your game.  
Now head through the doorway and onto the platform out there.  

Start by walking onto that beam that is to the right, and then jump to 
the platform opposite of it.  Watch out for that rotating thing in the 
middle.  Jump to the other side after one of the arms passes by.  Once 
on the other side, walk across the beam to the right to find a chest 
with a feather.  Head back and then continue forward along the 
platform.  Walk across the next beam, and this time you must jump to 
avoid that rotating thing.  If you are good at maintaining being above 
the beam while jumping and moving, do that, and jump over the arm 
forward as it goes under you, but if you cannot do that very well, just 
double jump where you are as it heads under you.  I do this because it 
is much safer and works just as well; it is only slightly slower.  
After you see another beam to the left, take it to find a chest with 
some red orbs.  Head back and continue down the regular beam.  When it 
starts to head right, keep going right to the end, and ignore the beam 
that goes up from there for now to come to a chest with some more red 
orbs.  Now head back left and take the beam up.  Obviously, for this 
part you need to jump onto the arm that is just wood.  Stand just out 
of range of the other arms, and when the wooden one comes around, head 
forward and jump onto it.  Head up the ladder, and once at the top head 
up the other small ladder.  Continue forward on another beam, and 
before sliding down that rope head right.  Continue downward when you 
get to the end, and come to a chest with some red orbs.  Head back, and 
slide down that rope you saw.  Head down, just jump off the side that 
the ladder is on, but be sure to head straight left or you could end up 
heading off the edge.  Continue left, through the hall, and at the end 
you will see a wheel.  Turn it to get something pounding at the door of 
a room awhile back.  Head left and down all the stairs, and when the 
final set collapses, grab the chests and head down to a save point.  
After saving if you want, continue down the hall and emerge in that 
room with something beating at the door.  Walk up to the door and 
prepare for a boss battle.

*Pandora's Guardian/Temple Minotaur: Difficulty:  15/20
I don't know what the real name for this boss is, but these were a 
couple suggestions I got.  For this boss, it is excellent if you have 
Rage of the Gods, which you should as long as you have not used it 
since fighting those Cerberus dogs where you got the trident.   This 
bosses attacks are as follows.  He will slam his head into the ground 
and pull it back out (blockable, and must block when he pulls it back 
out), swiping his fist across horizontally, making a pit of fire in the 
floor (unblockable), shooting his fist into the ground, and having fire 
sprouts wherever you are (unblockable), charging at you while slamming 
his fists, ending with a head slam (blockable), swiping you with his 
fist (blockable), and then spraying fire at you from his mouth in a 
sweep (blockable).  Start by using Rage of the Gods.  Fight like mad, 
hit him like mad to get him on the ground with the circle prompt.  You 
also have unlimited magic, so try using Poseidon's rage right at the 
end before Rage of the Gods ends.  Really shortly after hitting him 
with Rage of the Gods, he should have that wound in his arm.  After 
this, use triangle attacks like crazy and end with Poseidon's rage.  
All this should bring him down with the circle prompt, and also result 
in a bunch of health and magic.  When that happens, do the stick 
movements for the prompt.  Doing this gives you a half-meter of Rage of 
the Gods. 

When he is stunned, you have 2 choices.  You can head to the very back, 
up the stairs to the right, and once up top head to the left and pull 
the lever to damage him, or you can wait for him to get unstunned, 
attack and stun him again (which will not take very long at all), do 
the stick movements again and get a full meter of Rage of the Gods for 
the next part.  Either way works fine, but if you do the second 
strategy, then you need to do it for the second phase too if you want 
Rage of the Gods for the final form.  

After you shoot the log at him, head back down and use Rage of the Gods 
again for his second phase if you got it.  If not, do not worry, 
because you will have it after this part.  If you do not have Rage of 
the Gods, use Poseidon's rage, and a couple of those should be enough 
to bring him down.  If you do not get him down with this alone, it 
should not be too much more damage to get him.  After this, do the 
whole process again, mini-game, stun, shoot log.  If you did the 
strategy where you bring him down twice to get a full Rage of the Gods 
meter, you may want to do this again because it will be the last chance 
for Rage of the Gods for the battle, but if you did not, this is not 
necessary, because your Rage of the Gods will be full. 

After you shoot him with the log, jump back off and prepare for the 
third phase.  If you have Rage of the Gods, which you should, I suggest 
you SAVE it for the last form.  That one seems to be the hardest, 
because he fights real aggressively.  During the third phase, you will 
be knocking his armor off, revealing his health bar.  This is likely 
the only phase where you will have to worry about dodging his attacks, 
because otherwise you are so focused on killing him fast with Rage of 
the Gods, which also adds a lot of armor.  Block the attacks that are 
blockable, and dodge-roll any other attacks.  When that attack where he 
slams his fist into the ground and sprouts up fire wherever you are 
occurs, just jump and run at the same time.  After the armor on the 
meter is gone, he will drop a ton of magic and health, and then you 
will fight his final form.  No stun, no Rage of the Gods experience.  
If you saved Rage of the Gods, which was a good idea if you did, use it 
now. Using Rage of the Gods with consistent triangle attacks along 
should be enough to bring him down to critical red, in which you shoot 
the final log at him.  If it is not, he should be real close to dead, 
so finish him off however.


After the fight, head down, grab the bunch of red orbs, health and 
magic, and head through the hole in the door made by his foot.  Ascend 
the whole stairway and save if need be at the altar at the top.  Head 
into the room, grab the health and magic chests, and another chest with 
red orbs.  Read the mantle if you want, and then take the top off the 
case ahead.  Jump on top, and pull off the head.  Head out of the room 
and back down the stairs, into the room where you fought the boss, and 
go to the left side with the symbol to receive the Army of Hades.  You 
should have enough orbs to level up the Army of Hades level 2 right 
when you get it assuming you have been saving them.  Defeat the 
enemies, see how awesome this magic is, and then head back through the 
door where you got the magic.  Grab that chest if it is still there and 
then jump back into the water and swim through the tunnel back into the 
Rings of Pandora

P.  The Rings of Pandora (GOWA6)

Once back here, in front of that statue should be another door where a 
skull can be put.  Open it to drain the water.  You now must align that 
diamond shaped thing with the room off the main ring that had the spike 
traps when you first came into here.  In there is a lever you can pull 
that will create a beam which needs to hit this diamond.  Work 
backwards, first.  Before you do anything, open the door by the crank 
that is in this ring.  Head out there, into the middle ring, and 
continue into the outside ring.  To line up the beam with that diamond, 
find the crank in the outside ring, and turn it to the opening where 
the spike traps were.  If the outside ring is still on the opening with 
the power-up room, then it will be the 3rd opening.  After you get the 
ring to this opening, it should line up with the open door for the 
middle ring.  Now, you must head back into the very inside ring, and 
turn it to line up with the other 2 doorways.  Once that happens, head 
into the doorway in the statue that you opened with the second skull, 
use the crank in there, and have the opening line up with the 3 
doorways that are lined up (2nd opening).  Now, head through all these 
doorways straight, into the room with the spike traps where you need to 
defeat some more enemies.  After defeating them, continue on, save at 
this save point if you want, and then head to the back of this room to 
where you pulled the lever earlier, and use the lever coming out of the 
gear on either side to push these 2 halves together.  Doing so will 
shine a beam of light onto the diamond in the statue.  Watch the cut-
scene, and then head back to the very middle of this area and pull the 
lever you saw in the cut-scene.  

Once at the top, walk out onto the hands, and when on the platform, you 
meet a new type of enemies: satyrs.  These guys are annoying, they 
block like mad, attack like mad, and take awhile to kill.  After you 
kill the first one, some more will spawn.  Kill them, and grab the 
chest if you need it and head forward, grab another chest, and head 
across the bridge.  Watch the cut-scene, and after that, head forward 
and save the game if you want. 

NOTE: I received an e-mail about a chest which can be obtained by 
heading right from the save point and breaking a wall, resulting in 500 
Q.  The Cliffs of Madness (GOWA7)

NOTE: I received an e-mail regarding some chests at the beginning of 
the Cliffs of Madness.  If you head along the ledge and creak down the 
wall, there are 2 red chests containing orbs.

Head forward through the rockway to the top where you will encounter 
some enemies.  Defeat them by any means, and then head left for a magic 
chest.  Head back to the right of there and defeat the enemies along 
the way.  Once you come to the rope, defeat the archers and harpies, 
and get on the rope.  Go ahead and head down, there are no enemies on 
this one.  Head left and defeat some archers and legionnaires.  Grab 
the archers and throw them at the other enemies to weaken if not kill 
them.  There are quite a few, so fight defensively.  After defeating 
the, head up the elevator on the very left side.  At the top is a save 
point, so save if need be and continue on up the ladder.  

Once up top, head right and up another small ladder, and continue right 
from there.  Grab the health if you need it and head up the ladder 
there.  Before you enter the cave, head to the left and defeat the 
enemies there.  After they are defeated, head to the very left side and 
grab the red chest.  Now, head back to the right and enter the cave.  
Defeat another satyr in here, then head forward to defeat a second one.  
A good strategy is to use Plume of Prometheus to get them on the 
ground, and then freeze them with the gaze.  Be careful; do not use too 
much because you need some energy up here, although there is a chest.  
It is not a good idea to do this when they are standing up, because it 
takes a couple seconds, and you will almost certainly get attacked.  
After this, continue on downward, grab the chest of magic if you need 
it, but only if you are extremely low or empty, and jump onto the 
wooden platform ahead of you.  Use Zeus fury to get rid of those 
archers on the other side.  If you need more magic, then get the chest 
before if you saved it.  If you run out of magic shooting the archers, 
you should only have 1 or 2 left, so just attempt to dodge their arrows 
while jumping, which you will do in a sec.  Now, turn that crank in the 
middle of the platform ALL THE WAY or you may not make it.  Once it is 
turned all the way, let go and immediately run to the end of that 
wooden platform sticking out there.  You need to obviously jump onto 
the other one, so just be careful while doing this, and be sure to jump 
before they pass each other, or you probably wont make it.  Timing it 
should not be too hard.  Once on the other one, just wait on it until 
it rotates around to the path you need to take.

Head down this path and defeat another satyr.  Continue into the room 
to defeat a couple archers.  Climb up and you will emerge outside 
again.  Head left and grab the alternating chest if you need it.  Head 
back right and jump onto the ledge.  Prepare to fight a couple 
minotaurs.  You can freeze them if you can avoid being attacked for 2.5 
seconds, which is the easiest way to get rid of them.  After defeating 
these guys, head right, past the 2 heads with the R2 prompts (you can 
read them if you want) and jump onto the ledge at the other end on the 
very right.  Head forward, grab the red chest for a bunch of red orbs, 
and head into the tunnel at the left.  Defeat the archers and dive into 
the water.  After heading down the tunnel, you will emerge in a little 
pool.  Break the 3 cracked walls, and open all 3 chests for a total of 
3000 orbs.  Head back through the tunnel again, head back to where you 
fought the minotaurs, and head down the ladder on the right hand side 
here.  After coming onto the platform, jump onto the very low platform 
under that.  Jump onto the ledge above that to see a couple of satyrs 
come.  Do not jump onto the platform they are on: stay here and use 
Spirit of Hercules to knock them off the edge.  After you get all of 
them, jump onto this ledge and follow it.  Defeat the archers before 
sliding down the rope, Grab the chest for some red orbs, and head down 
the rope.  Once at the bottom, head through the tunnel, into a room, 
and prepare for a fight.

This is not too hard; ignore army of Hades and use Poseidon's rage.  
Before you do anything, grab those archers in the top, and throw them.  
With luck, you can target something besides the other archer.  There 
are archers, legionnaires, and a few minotaurs in this part.  Stick 
with poseidons rage, and if you have them with circle prompt from that 
instead of dead, great, toss em'.  If you have no magic, you can try 
for that chest at the top, though it will be kind of hard.  If you have 
trouble fighting them all at once in here, head through that hall on 
the left to the other room, and when they come through, use plume of 
Prometheus like mad, because they will be forced together, and you can 
get some good damage.  This is also a good way to get the chest: after 
defeating the archers, lead the enemies in here, and after they are 
here, quickly run back and grab the chest before they come. 

Note:  Before you do the puzzle, someone let me know that you can use 
the small block and the medium block (just the short line one), put 
those on the left side of the room and jump up them to reach a ledge 
with some chests there.  Thanks to Mabus71 for letting me know this. 

After the enemies are defeated, head into the room with the necklace.  
You now have a puzzle.  You must make a wall with these stones in front 
of that wooden fence.  I will explain exactly how to do it.  First, 
grab the huge line, and drag and place it in the very right hand side 
of the area you need to put the blocks in.  Secondly, grab the block to 
the right, the irregular shaped one, and drag it onto that wheel in the 
middle.  You need to turn the wheel with the crank to make the block so 
that it overhangs on the right side.  This should be three-quarters of 
a turn.  Drag it over to the puzzle, and place it next to the other 
piece, letting it overhang and fit in with that part that is already 
there.  Now, grab the T shaped block and drag it to the middle wheel.  
Turn it so it faces forward, just a quarter of a turn, and then drag it 
and fit it next to the piece you just put it, with the top part of the 
T filling in the hole in the top of the previous piece.  After this, 
take that small piece in the back right corner, and drag it under the 
left side of the T piece.  Now for the final piece.  Take the L-shaped 
piece in the upper left corner, drag it onto the wheel, face it the 
opposite direction (half of a turn), and stick it in the left side with 
the only remaining part.  The tiny block is not used.  If it is 
complete and does not work, make sure all the pieces are snug, and if 
the end left piece still moves a little bit side to side, move it all 
the way to the left, then move the small line, then the T, then the 
irregular all to the left till they are snug.  Walk in and grab the 

Head back to the previous room where you fought the enemies and that 
had the chest, continue back up the hallway, and save the game at the 
new save altar.

Head up the ladder to the right and continue right and jump onto the 
wall.  Head up somewhat and you will see a few enemies come from the 
right.  Defeat them using light attacks if they are off to the side, 
and use the grab attack if they are more above you.  After defeating 
the 4 there, head right and up the wall more.  When it sways left, grab 
the enemy and after beating orbs out of him, throw him down.  Continue 
up and grab the enemy up there, ignore the platform to the left, and 
head right, across the gap.  You will encounter a few more enemies 
here; I suggest using light attacks for them all.  After defeating 
them, you can head down and defeat the other enemy if you want.  Then, 
continue right, across another gap, and head up.  Defeat one enemy 
anyway, then another above him, then when you get to the part of the 
wall that heads up, some more enemies will spawn.  Get below the spawn 
point and just use light attacks.  After defeating them, you can jump 
onto the platform below for an alternating chest if you need it.  After 
that, get back on the wall and head up.  Head to the very top, and jump 
onto the ledge at the top.  Open the chest for some red orbs, and then 
the one to the right for a feather.  After this, do NOT jump onto the 
right platform, because there are enemies on the wall there.  Instead, 
get onto the wall on the middle platform by simply walking off of it 
towards the screen slowly.  You will grab onto the wall.  Now, instead 
of jumping over there quite yet, defeat all the enemies that are there, 
because they will move close to the edge one at a time.  You can then 
reach across the gap with your light attacks.  I counted 4 enemies, but 
correct me if I'm wrong.  Jump across the gap, and head down and to the 
right once you are at the bottom.  Continue right and land on the ledge 
here.  Pull the lever to release a rock with a rope.  This back where 
you first entered the cave, where you fought the satyr's.  So now you 
must head back here.  Jump back on the walls, head back left and up, 
and then just jump across the walls to the left instead of getting on 
the top ledges.  Descend the left wall again and head back right, and 
this time jump across a gap to the right onto another wall.  Defeat the 
few enemies here, and descend it to the bottom to a platform with a 
chest with red orbs.  After this, jump off the platform to the right 
and you will end up at the top of the rope you slid down.

Head left across the walkway again and climb the ladder at the left.  
Once on top, head back left and jump off to the left side, and enter 
the cave.  You now must head backwards through here.  Head down to the 
right and onto the platform with the crank.  Turn the crank all the way 
again, and then jump onto the other platform like you did before.  
Continue on once on the other side, but remember there is a gap between 
the platform and the ledge, so be sure to jump.  Head through the cave 
back out the entrance, and once outside, head to the left.  Find the 
rock and rope and climb it.  Once on top, head left and save if need 
be.  After that, head into the cave.  This part is all timed.  It is 
tough.  Head to the right, but do not do anything yet.  You will see a 
lever.  Pulling that lever will open the cage, giving you access to a 
block.  Now, head to the left side, forward, and right.  Double jump in 
this room to see a ledge you need to reach on the top.  You obviously 
need to get the block over here to jump on and get up here before the 
spike traps are released.  Once tip, do not use kick.  It is useless.  
Another top, do not get right next to the wall.  Putting the block just 
to the right of that pile of blood should be close enough to jump up.  
So just be quick, don't kick, and you will do this fine.  You will have 
a 1 second warning for when the spike traps are about to activate when 
the clanking stops.  

Once on the top ledge, open the chest for a feather, and jump onto the 
wall in front of you.  Grab the necklace to deactivate the traps.  Now, 
head back out of the cave, back down the rope, back to the right, and 
back into the tunnel again.  Once you go through this tunnel again, 
jump onto the ledge to the right, head around to the front of the 
ledge, and put the necklaces on both of the heads on the sides here.  
Now, ascend the platforms, which is not too hard; it is just timing.  
You obviously have to zig-zag your way up, and be sure to jump right 
before the platforms get fully extended.  After jumping twice, grab the 
energy if you need it and a chest with some red orbs.  After that, do 
the final jump up and to the right.

Once up there, head right for a cut-scene.  After it, some enemies, 
including a couple minotaurs will spawn.  Defeat the smaller ones 
first, and then once the circle prompt, throw them at the minotaurs.  
After these enemies are defeated, continue right, over the pile of 
rubble, and you will come across some ropes.  Be sure to get some good 
swing and double jump, but if you wall chances are you will land where 
you put the necklaces at, so that is not too big of a deal.  Once 
across, jump on the wall if you are not already, and head to the top.  
Use the lever to activate the elevator at the top, and head through the 
hallway to a save point.

R.  The Architects Tomb (GOWA8)              

Head forward across the saws.  There is no need to worry about that 
button now.  It really is quite simple getting across the saws: the 
pattern is platform, saw, platform, saw, and so on.  Just time it right 
and its good.  Once across, head to the left side of the door to find a 
statue.  Drag it straight towards the screen, and shortly you will see 
a button to your right.  Do not set it there, but instead head right 
from there and stick it next to a cracked piece of ground on the right 
side.  Now, head forward from there and open the door.  Head on in and 
grab the alternating chest if you need it.  Defeat a couple enemies in 
the process.  Head forward, to the left  and up some stairs to defeat 
another couple enemies.  After that, continue on to head outside into a 

IMPORTANT:  If you used the part of the walkthrough back when you got 
the trident on 06/21/05 or after then, you will have max magic already.  
Therefore, the chest to the left of the alternating one up the left 
ladder will not contain a feather, and will not refill your magic.  
This means, for the next part, if you need magic, save the alternating 
chest for LAST and get only magic if you used any magic for the fight.  
The chest to the left would contain a feather to bring your magic up to 
full, but if you have max magic, it is probably best not to use any 
this fight, since you will need the health.  If you are good at 
fighting Cyclops, though, you will fight 3 of them shortly, and they 
give you considerable health when defeated.  So unless you are planning 
to get that alternating chest for magic, use none.  If your magic is 
not full, then you are OK to use magic for the fight and still get the 
chest for health.   

First, you will see a Cyclops.  Take the 5 seconds to freeze him if you 
want: if you don't want to use energy for that, save it for Poseidon's 
rage, and use that when the Cerberus dogs come about.  Poseidon's rage 
works well: if you attack the Cyclops at least somewhat before the 
small Cerberus spawn, then one Poseidon's rage, if you tap circle fast 
enough, will be enough to kill the Cyclops.  For Cerberus dogs, just 
use the L1+circle combo while in the air, charging it to full to send 
them flying.  Defeat them quick: you do not want huge Cerberus dogs.  
The L1+circle may not be fast enough, so if that does not work well, 
then just use regular attacks.  If you need health or magic, head up 
the left ladder, and get ONLY the right chest.  DO NOT OPEN THE LEFT 
CHEST, DO NOT OPEN THE LEFT CHEST!!!!!!  It has a phoenix feather, 
which will restore your magic to full, but wait until AFTER the fight. 
Assuming you do not let small Cerberus turn big, you got an easy fight.

-Once again, make sure that after this fight you have or are about to 
get full magic.  If you have no max energy you are fine, but if you are 
maxed already and have lower energy, you almost need that magic chest.  
A hard fight is coming up, with no more chests before the fight.

Once the fight is over, head up the left ladder, and grab the health 
chest if you did not, and then grab the left chest for a feather (if 
you did not get the feather back at the Poseidon statue from the Nyad).  
You should now have more magic.  Congratulations, you have now maxed 
health and magic.   Once you do this, head back down and up the middle 
ladder.  Turn the crank a bit on the crane until the shadow is over the 
cracked floor.  Now, head forward on the crane and pull the lever to 
drop the stone and break the floor.  After this, head back to the 
crank, turn the crane until the shadow if over that button you saw 
before, pull the lever on the crane again to drop the weight onto the 
button.  Now, jump off.  Once down to the bottom again, prepare to 
fight 2 Cyclops.  Use ONLY physical attacks.  The hit and run tactic 
works well for these 2, of course.  Once one is defeated, another will 
spawn in his place.  Continue to fight the first one that spawned, and 
after that one is dead focus on the newly spawned one.  

After they are all dead, head to the right where the new hole in the 
ground is, and push the statue in.  After that, head down the hole and 
push the statue onto the button there.  Head back up and you will see 
that there is still one more set of doors to unlock.  The button is, of 
course, the one back at the entrance.  It is timed, so be SWIFT in 
getting back here.  Start by heading back to the entrance.  Be careful, 
because it is harder to see while jumping across the saws backwards.  
Now, stand on the button, and just bolt across the platforms.  Part of 
this is luck, but still you should be agile enough in jumping to avoid 
the saws no matter what.  The best idea is to start across when you see 
a straight open chance across the first 2 platforms, so just bolt 
across those, then worry about the other 2.  The main key here is you 
have no time to wait.  Just be mobile and try to make a successful jump 
from one platform to another when they are somewhat close to each 
other.  Once across, head for the door.  

Once inside, head to the top of the table, and rip off the architect's 
head.  Put it into the skull door at the top, and head through.  Head 
down the hall, and once outside head forward and down the stairs to the 
right to get a couple of red chests.  Now, head up and save at the save 

Head up the steps and once inside, head down the rotating staircase.  
Head forward for a short cut-scene, and enter the area for a painful 

You will see why you absolutely NEED energy for this fight.  First of 
all, before I say anything, you are obviously on belts moving towards 
crushers.  Do not hit them or you sustain tons of damage.  Second, do 
not stand on the solid ground very long, or flames come out of the wall 
and insta-kill you.  You can stand on those platforms for about less 
than 5 seconds, then the flame comes.  You have enough time to throw 
the archers.  So first of all, defeat only the first 2 archers.  Trying 
to kill them all is tough with the harpies constantly charging down on 
you, and you will likely die in the process.  After defeating those 2, 
head back to the beginning, and stand in between the belts, and when 
one carries you, get caught on the solid piece of ground so you are not 
moving anymore.  Now, use Poseidon's rage once when the harpies are 
around you.  Wait for more to spawn around you, use it again.  Keep 
using it till you run out.  After this, head forward to where the 
archers are, between the last 2 solid pieces of ground, and use rage of 
the gods.  Now, go nuts.  Right when rage of the gods occurs, use army 
of Hades.  Once that happens, use Poseidon's rage like mad.  You will 
use Poseidon's rage the entire rage of the gods session, with the 
exception of when the army of Hades dissipates.  Once the army of Hades 
stops, use it again, and other than that use Poseidon's rage the entire 
time.  This should be enough to end the fight, and if it is not ended, 
then you will be very close.  Once rage of the gods is over, if the 
fight is not over, defeat the archers if there are any, defeat any 
other harpies that come, and then head forward after the door opens.

I had a strategy submitted by a player to use in the event you do not 
have energy, and here it is:

Take out the archers at the far end, then concentrate on the harpies 
using the patio as a home base; come out swinging, roll back, and 
repeat.  Roll away from the flame bombs but try not to get very far 
into the room; as soon as possible, roll back to the corner.  Once the 
harpies are through, go back for the last of the archers.

Head forward, up the stairs, kick open the door, and walk up to the big 
thing in the middle.  Pull the lever to reveal a chest.  Press R2 by 
the chest for a cut-scene.  After the cut-scene, after lowering in the 
elevator, you are back at the entrance of the temple.  Move the box out 
of the elevator for a short cut-scene.  After that, try to head out the 
front entrance for another cut-scene.  After the scene, head forward.

S.  The Path to Hades (GOWA9)

Save if you want, grab the left chest for magic if necessary, and then 
grab the health chest if need be.  That's all 3 sayings I used when 
describing the save points earlier in the guide.  After that, jump to 
the first platform in front of you.  Jump across them, and when 
platforms split, first of all grab the red chest in front of you.  
After that, head to the right (there is nothing to the left) and 
continue on till you get to an area with 2 more sets.  Grab the red 
chest in front of you, then head up the left side, because once again 
there is nothing on the right.  Once at the top on solid ground, you 
fight a few enemies.

Defeat these enemies by any means, then head up to the next platform to 
defeat more.  After these, head forward down the path and you will see 
some spinning things with spikes in them.  This particular one is easy, 
but later ones are horrible.  Obviously, dodge the spikes while walking 
across the circlular thing on top.  Not too hard, if you do not have a 
chance to get across, just jump repeatedly to keep from spinning off, 
and proceed when you have the chance.  When you get to the last 
platform on the right, jump on it and open the chest for some red orbs.  
Once at the end, defeat the archer and open the chest for some red 

Note:  If you have not already, you should now have enough orbs to 
level up army of Hades if you have been saving. 

Head across the circular thing to the right of there, and once on the 
platform, head down.  You will reach a red chest with a bunch of orbs.  
Now, head back and jump on the circular thing to the left this time.  
Head up, and last platform on the right of there has an archer and a 
red chest.  Jump there, kill the archer (suggest grabbing and throwing 
at the one to the left and up), and open the chest.  Now, jump onto the 
circular thing to the left again and head to the top platform.  Once 
there, head up on another circular thing to the next platform, and 
after that head to the one on the right and head to the top of that 
one.  First, defeat all the harpies, and then grab the 2 red chests for 
a ton of orbs.  Now, head back on the circular thing and walk on it all 
the way to the bottom.  Once on the platform there, head onto the one 
to the right and down.  Once on the platform down there, you need to 
defeat more harpies.  After they are dead, head on the circular thing 
upward.  Once on the platform there, save the game and grab the chest.

Now you need to head across these moving platforms.  What's annoying is 
at the end, archers are shooting you.  Just make sure you are quickly 
jumping across in an attempt to dodge the arrows.  If you get hit in 
mid-air, you are dead.  Once on the other side, defeat all the archers 
with a simple grab and toss, and then you need to defeat a minotaur and 
some archers.  Throw the archers at the minotaur, and then after all 
enemies here are dead, head up the ledge to the right to defeat 4 
minotaurs and get a chest.  You need to come up here to defeat them, 
because there is a closed off doorway that required all enemies dead.  
After that, head back down and up the left ledge.  There are a bunch of 
archers and a minotaur up here.  Throw all the archers (try to aim them 
at the minotaur).  Sometimes you can knock the mintotaur off by 
throwing an archer.  Throw all archers and respawns while killing the 
minotaur and his respawn, then head up the next ledge on the top.  
Defeat the 2 archers are their respawns by throwing them at the 
minotaurs, and after that finish off the 2 minotaurs.  The door is now 
open.  Grab the chest and head up the wall.

This thing is ever painful.  You get hit by a spike, and down you go to 
start over.  There are 5 sections to ascend.  The key to conquering 
this thing is nothing but practice.  Learn how to get past the 1st 
part, then past the 2nd part, the 3rd part, and so on.  You do not 
loose too much health by starting over, and to die is to respawn right 
here, so you have unlimited tries from just here.  A key to use is to 
use the X button to jump up long distance when trappped.  Jump when the 
coast isclear.  Learn what is clear and what is not by practice.  Learn 
where "safe spots" are, where you can stay and just move left or right 
in order to not get hit.  If you appear to be stuck, and cannot move up 
or to the side, move back down.  There is always some way to escape 
safely, so keep that in mind.  Actually, most of the time it is best 
not to use X, unless you are on the side and need to get out quick, to 
the next part to turn the other direction.  Eventually, when you learn 
the pattern here, you will reach the top.  All it takes is practice.

Once on top, grab the red chest.  Head right and grab the alternating 
chest.  After that, jump onto the ledge and defeat the 3 archers.  Now, 
you must ascend another one of these.  Do it the same way you did 
before, and by now you should have some idea of how to get to the top 
of these.  Don't worry, this is the last one.  Once on top, save your 
game to the right.

Head forward and jump across the platforms here.  When it splits, head 
right and grab the red chest.  Head back and to the left, jumping 
across all the platforms.  Once on the main platform, there is a 
painful fight against a ton of satyrs, but only 2 at a time.  You need 
to defeat 11 to get across.  

If you want to use magic, use only Poseidon's rage.  Army of Hades is 
too short and weak, and Medusa's gaze is hard to freeze because you are 
constantly getting attacked.  As you can see, you need to keep 
defeating them until enough platforms rise so you can get to the other 
side.  There are chests on both sides, which you can try to grab if you 
need.  You need to defeat plenty of satyrs, so use Poseidon's rage as 
well as Plume of Prometheus and Spirit of Hercules to defeat them.  
Each satyr gives you magic, health, and red orbs which will help 
tremendously.  You will have plenty of magic here because of the chest 
and magic orbs, but use only Poseidon's rage.  Once you defeat enough 
Satyrs, you can jump across the platforms.

Head forward to the second platform, and jump on the side ones from 
there to get 2 red chests.  Continue across the platforms to the end.  
Defeat the final 2, extremely tough enemies of Hades, and then continue 
jumping up the ledges to the end for a short cut-scene.  After the 
scene, climb the rope to the top and jump off it for another cut-scene.

T.  The Temple of the Oracle (GOWB0)

All too obvious, but do NOT use Rage of the Gods once you get it.

Head over to the save point and save your game.  Head right and grab 
the 2 chests, and head up the steps into the temple.  Once inside, you 
need to fight 2 Cyclops with spike balls.  Use hit and run tactic and 
kill one to spawn another one, then focus on the one that spawned first 
of those 2, then kill the last one.  After that you need to defeat some 
minotaurs.  By the way, you can use all the magic you want for any 
enemies now, because there are a few groups of enemies you need to 
fight before you reach Ares.  After the minotaurs are dead, head 
through the door that opened up and ascend the stairs a bit to fight a 
gorgon.  After she is dead, head up a little more and defeat the 
archers.  Head up the rest of the way to see some archers across a 
large gap.  Run across, jumping all the while and once to them, grab 
and throw.  After that, grab the alternating chest and head through the 
hall to the left.  Walk for a little bit and you will come across 2 
minotaurs.  It is a small space, so Plume of Prometheus is golden.  
After they are defeated, continue on around the corner to the left and 
you will see a bunch of archers ahead.  Walk forward and grab one and 
throw it again.  If it did not get the top ones, grab another one from 
up there and throw that one too.  Now continue to the end and outside 
the temple.

Head up and to the right, and jump off the edge.  Continue to the right 
and you will see a save altar and the same doorway you came through 
earlier.  Save and enter the doorway.  Grab the 2 red chests for lotza 
orbs, and continue down the stairs and grab the magic and health 
chests.  Now head through the doorway to the right outside for a cut-
scene and the final boss of the game.


Ares Form 1- Difficulty:  12/20

This form is not too hard.  Use Rage of the Gods right when the battle 
starts.  After this, use army of Hades and just keep hitting triangle.  
Remember to use Army of Hades again after is dissipated for the first 
time.  This alone should be enough to defeat his first form.  Use the 
circle prompt when it appears, then do a couple of button prompts.  The 
key is to go nuts while in Rage of the Gods, because when you are 
fighting regularly, you need to block and defend a lot, because he does 
massive damage.  You can use magic after rage of the gods is gone if 
you want, because it will regenerate for the next form.  Actually, if 
he is not dead after you use rage of the gods, you can just use army of 
hades the remaining 2 times you can, and block the rest of the time.  
Defeating this form will give you Rage of the Gods again for the second 
form.  If you end up dying a lot, then you can get the chests and then 
go back to save so next time you fight him, you will not have to get 
them again.

Ares Form 2- Difficulty:  18/20

RIGHT when it starts, use rage of the gods.  For Rage of the gods, 
start with army of Hades, use that the second time when the first 
dissipates, and the rest of the time for the Rage of the Gods, just use 
Poseidon's rage.  Once Rage of the Gods is over, DO NOT USE ANY MAGIC.  
There is an excellent strategy I came up with.  First, use physical 
attacks from behind your family towards any enemies to keep them away.  
You want to keep your health, and actually it is better for them to 
damage your family, because you use little health, and it gives you a 
lot of Rage of the Gods experience, enough to use it a second time.  
Ok, for this strategy, use physical attacks till your family is at 1/3 
or  health.  Best physical attacks are Plume of Prometheus and Spirit 
of Hercules to get them on the ground easily.  Play a few times to get 
a technique down.  Obviously, go after enemies attacking your family, 
and use Plume of Prometheus on large groups of enemies.  When fighting 
enemies, be sure to attack ALL of them instead of focusing on one at a 
time.  Use Plume of Prometheus all around to keep them down.  A good 
way to fling the enemies away is to use Triangle-Triangle-Square.  
Anyway, right after their health is low, head right next to them and 
use Poseidon's rage to get rid of the enemies around them.  After 
Poseidon's rage is done, heal your family immediately to full.  You 
should have enough time since the enemies are dead.  Repeat the 
process.  Fight with physical attacks until they are low on health, use 
Poseidon's rage to get rid of the enemies when that happens, and 
proceed to heal your family.  Keep doing this tactic till rage of the 
gods is full.  By this point, your magic should be about empty if not 
already, so here is what you do.  Keep fighting until the Kratos's with 
the Blades of Artemis come out.  Once it happens, use Rage of the Gods 
in the same way you did before.  Army of Hades twice, Poseidon's rage 
the rest of the time.  You should be able to win before Rage of the 
Gods is over, and if not, then there should only be one, or at most, 2 
enemies spawning at a time.  Finish them off to move on to the 3rd 

Ares Form 3- Difficulty: 17/20

All but 2 of his attacks are blockable.  When he dives into the water, 
head to one side.  Right when he pops up, bolt to the other side and 
jump right when they crash together to dodge 4 pillars that pop up and 
crash.  The other attack is when he rushes his hand at you or something 
like that, and that is unblockable and extremely hard to dodge.  He 
will use it in a few situations.  First of all, you are using a combo, 
and he blocks 3 attacks in a row, the game will slow and he will use 
it.  Second, he uses the Army of Hades and you are too close to him 
while blocking it.  Third, he just rushes at you and uses it.  If he 
rushes toward you, it is possible he will use it, so you may want to 
dodge every time he rushes at you.  If he is simply moving around 
attack-prone and not actually rushing, he will not use this attack.  To 
dodge it, do not block, and when you see a hint of the attack, dodge-
roll back.  Another move: while blockable, he may hit you twice with a 
sword, and then shoot his back things at you, which will send you 
flying.  His Army of Hades is blockable, so don't worry about that.  
Anyway, with all that being said, there is a tactic which is almost 
necessary to win.  Walk up to him, and after he attacks you and stops 
for a second to growl or pause, keep holding L1 and hit X.  It is best 
to do this when he roars, though, because it seems to work well when 
you do that.  You will hit him 3 times and on the 4th the game will 
slow down into slow motion.  Please note you must be right next to him 
to do this right.  Hit circle at that time to get a prompt to tap 
circle.  Tap it fast, and you will do a sword combo on him, causing 
massive damage.  Afterward he is stunned long enough for you to get off 
3 more hits at him.  It only takes 3 of these to win assuming you do 
not get hit, but that is hard, because that stupid unblockable hand 
attack which may happen sometimes.  Here starts a pattern.  After you 
L1+X and win the duel, then he will dive in the water.  After the 
pillar attack, he will rush at you again.  Wait till the last second to 
attack, and if you get hit, no big deal.  It does so little damage 
compared to what you are doing to him.  Just be quick to block if need 

So basically, the pattern here is as follows.  Dodge the opening move 
if he uses the pillar attack, and after that he will charge at you.  A 
good tactic may be just to dodge ever time he rushes at you, and just 
wait for him to start moving attack-prone.  To dodge successfully, 
dodge in the same direction that he is charging in once he gets to you.  
Be sure to Hold X or it will not work.  After you win the duel, attack 
him with triangle.  He will dive underwater after that, and do the 
pillar deal again.  Once again he charges at you, and the pattern 
repeats.  If you have trouble with those hand attacks he does that are 
unblockable and hard to dodge, then just dodge whatever attack he does 
every time he rushes at you, waiting for him to move attack prone. Then 
head back to use L1+X.  Practice this some and you will win.  You can 
win this really fast if you do not get hit.

After defeated, watch the final movies.  After them, head forward into
the doorway.

U.  Mount Olympus (GOWB1)

This is a tough part.  Head forward, up the stairs and through the door 
at the top.  Head in and save the game at the altar.  Now, sit upon the 
throne at the top.

Congratulations, you beat the game!  Now watch the final cut-scenes.


V.  Glitches (GOWG)


-I have confirmed by about 30-40 e-mails that Ares 3rd form is indeed 
the game and not the CD, thanks everyone for letting me know.

-Someone e-mailed me about a glitch in the final room of the whole 
game, after you beat Ares final form.  They had 45 bars of red orbs, 
and wanted to spend them all, and the game froze.  So, it might be a 
good idea after beating Ares just don't upgrade at all unless you saved 
at that save point, since there is no reason and if the game locked up 
you would have to beat Ares again.

-Same as the top glitch, except it was tried after saving and the orb 
count went straight to 0 and locked up again.

-I got e-mailed about a glitch where in the room with Poseidon's 
statue, when it was time to fight the enemies there, they were low on 
health, and went into the cave behind the statue to get a chest, and 
returned to fight, and after defeating a few harpies the game locked 
up.  Actually, I heard that saving a game, then going back to defeat 
the enemies will cause the game to lock up. 


VI.  Credits (GOWRC)


First, let me apologize in advance if you submitted information but did 
not receive credit.  I have received many e-mails with identical 

-Thanks to Brier Crain for telling me another name that the big armored 
boss could have been named, and a few others for making suggestions 

-Thanks to Nathaniel Ray for giving me the name of the big armored 
boss, Pandora's Guardian.

-Thanks to Chris Andrews for telling me about a 4th nyad with a feather 
located behind a cracked wall to the right of the Poseidon statue next 
to the trident, and also for contributing various glitches.

-Thanks to Layne Herrin for telling me about a glitch where the 
platforms did not lower.

-Thanks to Mabus71 for letting me know about a ledge in the puzzle room 
that has some chests on it.

-Thanks to Rafeh Qazi for telling me about a hidden chest in the 
Challenge of Hades.

-Thanks to Juan Rodriguez for letting me know about a hidden area with 
chests above the last of the 3 nyads.

-Thanks to countless people for letting me know they had the same 
problem with the game freezing on Ares 3rd form.   

-Thanks to Alen K for letting me know about a chest in the wall near 
the bridge with harpies in the Challenge of Atlas.

-Thanks to Brian Redmond for telling me about a gorgon eye below the 
ledge right before you head into the room with the collapsing floor in 
Challenge of Atlas. 

-Thanks to cadylacon24 for the input on the chests of red orbs in 
Athens Town Square.  

-Thanks to Johann Xavier for the information about the chest next to 
bridge after the saw room in the Challenge of Atlas.     

-Thanks to Matt Ayer for the energy-free tactic on the harpy fight. 

-Thanks to Michael Sharpe for the behind the wall tactic in Rooftops of 

-Thanks to ssj4gogta77 for information on a chest in the Temple of the 

-Thanks to Sylvia Young for information on a chest during the event to 
save the Oracle.

-Thanks to jonathan guy for information on a chest at the end of the 
Rings of Pandora, near the save point.  Also thanks for additional 
information about chests in the Challenge of Hades.

-Thanks to Jen Niles for information on a chest containing a feather in 
the Challenge of Hades.

-Thanks to Brian Hofrichter for information regarding a chest at the 
start of the Cliffs of Madness.




Copyright (c) 2005-2013 Daniel Halverson

This guide may not be used for any other reason than your own personal and 
private use.  It may not be used or reproduced on other websites, magazines, or 
publicly distributed in any way.